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"S21 Love/Loathe List Ep4"
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Original message

Aruba 1891 desperate attention whore postings
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10-08-10, 05:58 AM (EST)
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"S21 Love/Loathe List Ep4"
Can't think of a season where at this point you had a handful of castaways with such little TV time. Unfortunately this comes at the expense of a future Jerry Springer guest. Looks like a tribal switch next always they'll be "winners" and "losers" in that scenario.

BRENDA - Slam dunk choice this week. No one is even a close second after ep. 4. From figuring out the clue to being the MVP in the IC, and securing herself in two alliances, she is the obvious star thus far in the season.

MARTY - Spearheading Jimmy J's boot was an ego trip; orchestrating Jimmy T's exit was warranted. I'm sure there's supporting players behind the scenes, but Marty remains the central figure in Espada. But he shouldn't be so bummed in the preview about a potential tribal flip-flop. Does he want to keep losing challenges? And now his HII could come into play to try to even the numbers a little.

CHASE - The third line on the clue he found was so easy even Jud could have probably figured it out. So as tempting as it was to keep it to himself, he made the smart and beneficial move to share it with Brenda. And he was rewarded when given the vital informtion that NaOnka has the HII. The Brenda/Chase partnership has to be the main storyline this season.

JILL - I keep laughing when Jill strokes Marty by telling him she'll do whatever he says. It's even funnier to watch Marty eat it up with a spoon. She's this high for her supporting role, but will need to take some lead to move up higher.

TYRONE - Beneath his brawn we have an astute player who can read people well. That's a good combination on Survivor. But could be the biggest loser in a potential tribal flip-flop. His washboard abs and 5% body fat (and dropping) could make him an obvious anti-Darwin target on a new tribe.

KELLY B. - There's a fine line between exercising self control and needing to step up and defend yourself. I'd like to see Kelly do the latter. Actually what I REALLY would like to see is using her leg to smack NaOinker in the mouth and knock NaOnka's teeth out of her nasty black-spotted gums! (Need to take a closer look at her opening credit to see what I mean.)

IVE - Toughest player to rank. Nothing appears to be going on with her. But tapping Marty on the arm and reassuring him everything is alright has me thinking she may be more involved behind the scenes. Either way she's still the nicest to look at on Espada.

JUD - Not the victim of a hermit crab, and not getting high on fume inhalation this episode. That's enough to move our Village Idiot up a couple spots on this week's ranking.

BENRY - Has he had a confessional yet? I could understand if he's a coattail rider, but he doesn't come off as one to me. I'm still thinking Brett from Samoa. Very little TV time in the beginning, followed by an IC run, only to fall short in the end.

ALINA - I'm moving her up for being Kelly B's support. But she's not networking with the rest of the tribe. If you're going to focus on one player they better be the superstar of the season. Kelly B. is not.

MATT - In the first two episodes I pegged him as a douchbag with the potential to be a player in the game. In the last two episodes his nickname "Sash" should stand for Sasquatch...a couple sightings but existence yet to be confirmed.

JANE - Clearly out of the loop in Espada. Could benefit with a tribal flip-flop because she's a non-factor with the oldies.

PURPLE KELLY - RIP - Jenn (Palau). I think of her whenever we see Purple Kelly (which isn't often.) Can't remember the first episode Jenn had a confessional in Palau, but it was a while. So not surprisingly I have this coattail rider penciled in the F4.

DAN - As low as I have him ranked, I have nothing negative to say about his character. But physically he's a wreck. Sure he's up there in age, but I think it's more than that. I like Harrison Ford's line in Raiders of the Lost Ark..."it's not the years, it's the milage," I don't blame him for wanting to be out there; but I do blame Production for casing him.

HOLLY - It's not good when her lifeline (Jane) is as much out of the loop as she is. It's worse when at TC she plays the disgruntled Soccer Mom who's bellyaching that her kid (Jimmy T) is not getting enough playing time. Another one who may get a second wind with a tribal switch.

NAONKA - Geez, any chance she may correct herself and change the "my" idol to "our" idol like Marty did??? Yeah, right. All the negative and appropriate comments have been mentioned a hundred time by various posters in this Forum, so I won't beat a dead horse...or a pathetic nag in NagOinker's case. Anymore weak comparisons to Russell would be outright ludicrous.


JIMMY T - Getting choked up at TC and asking for a minute to collect himself was a clear indication that the game was beating him up. Hey, Survivor is not for everyone; but at least he was classy with his parting words, knew why he was booted, and credited the one who outplayed him and was responsible for his exit.

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 RE: S21 Love/Loathe List Ep4 iltarion 10-08-10 1
 RE: S21 Love/Loathe List Ep4 michel 10-09-10 2
 RE: S21 Love/Loathe List Ep4 PsychoKitty 10-09-10 3
 RE: S21 Love/Loathe List Ep4 krismiss2us 10-11-10 4
 RE: S21 Love/Loathe List Ep4 dabo 10-12-10 5

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iltarion 1791 desperate attention whore postings
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10-08-10, 11:14 AM (EST)
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1. "RE: S21 Love/Loathe List Ep4"
LAST EDITED ON 10-08-10 AT 11:15 AM (EST)

This season sorta sux. Frankly. You can see why the focus on Jimmy J while he was there. Maybe a tribal switch will help turn things around.

1. Marty - Takes the top spot this week, as for me, other than to look at Brenda and Yve, there was no other reason to watch this episode. His analysis of Jimmy T was spot on and hilarious. He clearly showed who has the power in Espada. Yeah, he was busy destroying his own tribe, but everyone should have known that a tribal switch was coming. Every season tribes were separated by demographics a switch has occurred. I believe it works perfectly for Marty and Espada.

2. Brenda - Still at the center of the story, but I drop her down a rung for handing the HII to a troll. She should have also seen a tribal switch coming and got that HII for herself. If she ends up on a different tribe than it, the HII does her no good. Brenda should also be paying attention to who she is aligned with, and in saying she trusts it, she is being a moron. It would probably sell her to the sex slave trade for $20. Last season the deserving winner lost because of who they were aligned with. We could see a repeat if she makes it that far.

3. Tyrone - Steady as always. He allowed Marty to get his way, which was probably wise. He will be a target after the tribal switch, but with Kelly B and Alina out there to help, I like Espada's chances.

4. Kelly B - She is holding her composure as well as you would expect for a strong woman whose life isn't as easy as it is for most of us. Standing up for herself would be the equivalent of standing up to a drunk- only a fistfight would then ensue. A tribal switch does WONDERS for her. I expect she can expect a much more humanly dose of compassion from Espada, which isn't saying much considering the pathetic excuse for human beings she is surrounded by now.

5. Jill - Is just a smart woman who always is aware of her surroundings. Great trait to have for Survivor. She is in no danger, switch or otherwise. Like Becky for Yul, she is the PERFECT ally to have: intelligent, loyal and selfless.

6. Alina - Gets a move up the charts thanks to being one of only 5 people in La Manure to even get their mugs shown: well, 4 and a half people. A tribal switch is just what she needed. Now, her and Kelly B become two of the most powerful people in the game.

7. Yve - Just an impressive woman all around. Don't coddle your children that much? Haha... I doubt that unless they are teenagers. Jill and Tyrone both wanted to vote Dan. Marty has Dan on his side. So, who is the swing? Maybe Yve.

8. Chase - Gets a little props for a shred of screen time and for Brenda deciding to be loyal to him after all, just barely. Though I'm looking forward to it this time, the tribal switch is usually the most unfair thing about Survivor. Chase is the likeliest casualty from such a switch.

9. Jane - Should be here just for the fact that no one mentions her when talking about the weakest. Amazing.

10. Jud - Not Fabio enough to make the screen this episode.

11. Kelly P - More invisible than normal, which means MIA.

12. Matt - Sash had a bye.

13. Ben - Brett and Nick thinks this guy needs some screen time.

14. Dan - Seems like a nice enough guy, just a baffling casting choice.

15. Holly - Scary. Somewhat amazing she has lasted and will continue to.

16. Godawfulbitch - Destroying Survivor. Probably more the fault of the editors than her. They knew what they were doing casting her, and they know what they are doing giving her screen time. Doubtful that her targeting of the exact person that would gain her the most notoriety is by accident. GET OFF MY TV!!

These buffs are made for walking...

Wendy - STHU
Shannon - Let me just get this out of the way right now. Are you an A$$?
JJ - Wanted to get back to living the good life ASAP.
Jimmy T - Becomes the honored #66 to talk their way off Survivor. Good work, sir.


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michel 10812 desperate attention whore postings
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10-09-10, 07:34 PM (EST)
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2. "RE: S21 Love/Loathe List Ep4"
1-Brenda: Not only do we see people coming to her for important plays in the game but she has their trusts. As Jeff noted during the challenge, Brenda kept her calm which is important in this game. Interesting that Nay wanted to keep the idol for herself and not share it with Brenda and later Brenda told Chase she was worried about Na’Onka’s reaction about her secret being out. From a game perspective, that put them in a bit of a conflict, something Brenda’s story needs.

2- Alina: I am really fascinated by Alina’s story. In what really should be a Na’Onka versus Kelly B story, Alina is getting all the best interviews. She’s become Kelly’s defender, the one telling us that Na’Onka is psycho. Now that a switch is coming and Marty has taken leadership, I wonder if Alina will be on his tribe and if she will see him the same way as she did in her season opening confessional.

3-Kelly B: I wanted to see a reaction from Kelly B as much as Na’Onka wanted to provoke one but we didn’t get it. There is a serious lack of substance in Kelly’s story but I still like her and would like to see her doing well.

4-Jane: We see that Jane can survive out there, even laughing when the whole tribe is miserable. She reminded us how Jimmy J was valuable, how their tribe needs someone to step up and we saw what she thought of Marty’s decisions. The biggest laugh I had the whole episode was seeing the editors blur her mouth as she let everyone know what she thought of that vote! Marty has some unhappy followers.

5-Tyrone: He told us that the older tribe felt confident about the challenge. He was the one that wasn’t supposed to switch to Marty’s side. He was also the one that offered an olive branch to Jimmy T but, in the end, he still voted Jimmy T out. The episode showed that Tyrone can be manipulated and can be arrogant himself. "That boy don't listen" was another funny moment in the episode.

6-Holly: So, Holly did survive the first big storm of the season and didn't quit so maybe she can get rewarded for persevering.

7- Jill: She continued to tell us about the events of Espada but we didn’t get the same hints that she could be the one manipulating Marty instead of the other way around. In fact, we heard two troubling things for her future chances: She told Marty she didn’t know if she could do this for 28 more days and she meekly gave in the Marty’s decision even if she had Tyrone’s backing. I felt let down by Jill this week.

8-Ben: The only interesting part of his edit is that he’s the one telling Jeff what the tribe will do before challenges. That means he's LaFlor's challenge leader but he gets no credit for it.

9-Chase: Finding the idol clue was the only reason to show him. We still see him as the nice guy that probably puts too much trust in Brenda even if he is aware of the dangers of trusting anyone. Now, he hopes Nay won’t come after him? Good luck! It really cracked me up to see him walking in the middle of the jungle with a fishing net!

10-Marty: I am struck by the parallels between Marty and Jimmy T. Both wanted Jimmy J voted out, both wanted to be the leader of their tribe and both were said to suffer from insecurities; Jimmy from Yve, Marty from Jimmy T himself. Now, Jimmy was loud while Marty has been acting quietly but I wonder if what we heard for one could apply to the other also. Marty’s own confessional about JT (“Jimmy T is delusional. He suffers from both paranoia and delusions of grandeur”) could certainly be repeated word for word about Marty himself. The image of Marty eating when the others were just standing there wasn’t flattering at all for him. If Jimmy T didn’t realize that calling Marty out wasn’t good in this game, Marty should have realized that eating while others were “really hurting for food” wasn’t good for his game either.

11-Na’Onka: She has the idol and she decided to play mind-games with Kelly, hoping to scare her into quitting. Russell would have been proud of his "daughter". However, she is such a big antagonist that she will have trouble finding a niche in a new tribe. That's if she doesn't quit! How funny would that be after saying she wanted to scare Kelly into quitting?!

12-Purple Kelly: All we learned was that Kelly will finally be able to sleep now that they have a tarp. I was hoping she would wake up!

13-Jud: He wasn't even good for a laugh this week. The switch should let us see if his plan to appear unthreatening works.

14-Sash: We don’t even get to see his “million dollar smile” so how can he be rated higher?

15-Yve: We only hear what she thinks of the other participant not about her own story. Why did she switch so quickly to Marty's camp after seeing how he treated her favorite player, Jimmy J?

16- Dan: He should have been voted out.

Booted - Jimmy T: He finally came to a realization but it was too late. Couldn't he tell what others were thinking?

Thanks Tribe!

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PsychoKitty 678 desperate attention whore postings
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10-09-10, 11:14 PM (EST)
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3. "RE: S21 Love/Loathe List Ep4"
LAST EDITED ON 10-10-10 AT 08:09 PM (EST)

Awesome lists and comments everyone! I don't have enough time to post my list - so sorry! But I have to give props to Marty's HAIR! It was standing straight up mid-ep and I just burst out loud laughing - too funny! And later on it was workin' the buff too!

Will keep on watching and am rooting for Jill to step it up! She's the only sane one out there, and Brenda is doing well too - but should NEVER trust NaOnka (gag, that woman is horrible!.)

(Gosh where IS everybody? I'm just working all the time. Must be watching the Playoffs!) ;)

Not that I have an opinion one way or another ;)
Signature by tribephyl

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krismiss2us 768 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Fitness Correspondent"

10-11-10, 09:51 AM (EST)
Click to EMail krismiss2us Click to send private message to krismiss2us Click to view user profile Click to send message via ICQ Click to check IP address of the poster
4. "RE: S21 Love/Loathe List Ep4"
OK, I've never done this before, so here goes:

TYRONE - insighful; sees marty for who he is

JUD - Freakin' hilarious! I think there's more to this dufus than meets the eye!

BRENDA - Only ranked high because people trust her; whatever is going on, she could go far b/c of people trusting her

JANE - Smart lady; knows what she's doing out there, but needs to get off the bandwagon and DO something!

KELLY - would love to see her go farther and beat NaBonkers with her leg...or take Nabonker's leg and throw it in the fire!

ALINA - nice of her to "defend" Kelly, but, start making some plays!

CHASE - don't know who this guy is...

IVE - She needs to do something
Purple Kelly. - So does she!

BENRY - who is this guy?

MATT - and this guy?

DAN - he needs to go.

HOLLY - she's just plain nuts, but not as nuts as some.,...

JILL - she's an idiot for following Marty

NAONKA - flat out just a &(&*(^*&%$##$. Words cannot describe what I think of this waste of air space

MARTY - the only one worse than NaBonkers simply b/c he thinks he's the smartest, etc. And that is far worse than being mean in my book.


JIMMY T - He made valid points at tribal; too bad they didn't listen.

Thanks Tribe!

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dabo 25344 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

10-12-10, 11:14 AM (EST)
Click to EMail dabo Click to send private message to dabo Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
5. "RE: S21 Love/Loathe List Ep4"
LAST EDITED ON 10-12-10 AT 11:16 AM (EST)

Oops, meant to do this sooner, let myself get busy with one thing after another.

1. Brenda. Her game is coming together, should be interesting to see how she plays out her advantages. Risky move letting NaOnka claim the HII when she could have had it for herself, but she's into solidifying her alliance right now. (#1 last week)

2. Kelly B. Playing smart for someone on the outside of the strong alliance, having NaOnka as a foil could be turned to her advantage. (#4 last week)

3. Jane. Love her no nonsense attitude, she has positioned herself well as a valuable contributor/worker. (#5 last week)

4. Tyrone. Losing a little ground as he needs to step up a bit, allowing Marty to call the shots could backfire on him as Marty isn't playing as smart as he thinks he is. (#3 last week)

5. Jud. Not much from him this week. (#2 last week)

6. Yve. Proving to be a smart reader of the other players, good handle on the situation, but like Tyrone she needs to quit letting Marty lead. (#7 last week)

7. Chase. Bumped back into the game, playing on more solid ground, shared secrets with Brenda could work for or against him depending on what he does with the information he gained about the HII. (#8 last week)

8. Alina. Not in a good position but playing smart otherwise. (#10 last week)

9. Marty. Has done well to position himself at the top of his tribe but he's letting his pride and arrogance show too much and keeping Dan around for his vote is simply a losing game when your team is getting over-run. (#6 last week)

10. Benry. Good in challenges, otherwise sitting back and letting others have their drama. (#12 last week)

11. Jill. Once again proves she is just too smart for this game, at some point she has to quit enabling Marty or get him to play smart or she's just backing a losing horse. (#9 last week)

12. Holly. Back on her feet and managing to play well, could pay for going against Marty but at least she's cracked open that door. (#16 last week)

13. Dan. Either get on your feet and play or admit the game has you beat, can't really fault him for not quitting but he needs to step up. (#13 last week)

14. Sash. Nothing much from him this week. (#11 last week)

15. Kelly S. Nice to look at, otherwise she's just another player with a vote, not even playing the game. (#14 last week)

16. NaOnka. Got to admit, the scare tactics stuff with Alina and Kelly B., ridiculous and entertaining. At least she's smart enough to realize there are some people she wouldn't want on the jury, but she's not getting rid of them or doing anything to rectify that situation, just keeps digging her own grave. (#17 last week)

Good-bye Jimmy T Jimmy T Jimmy T. Could have been a great character, a perfect finale goat, and it really should have been Dan who went to LL, but at least he actually was contributing to his tribe's welfare. (#15 last week)

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