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"Survivor 20 - Players most likely to win"
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01-15-10, 07:09 AM (EST)
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"Survivor 20 - Players most likely to win"
LAST EDITED ON 01-15-10 AT 10:48 PM (EST)

Based on previous All-Stars and Fans/Favs' thinking player's with the best chance to win are those like Amanda or Cirie. Players who aren't obvious targets because they've either won before or are big Immunity Challenge threats; but who are easy to live with and are adept at making a number of different alliances. Add in some ability to strategize.

Seems like that's mostly women from this group of players. No Todd or Rafe on the male side, though JT would fit except having won before (with a one sided vote) he should be a big early target.

Placed roughly into groups:

Strong chance:

Amanda - Add that haven't performed badly twice before juries, she's an attractive choice to bring with you to finals.
Cirie - Might have shown too much strategic ability in previous seasons as several of the other female players have mentioned her as their number one target.
Sugar - Presuming her previous season's emotional volatility was largely from recent death of father.


Colby - Doubt anyone will be afraid of going to finals with him but still likely target.
JT - Should be biggest target next to Tom. Will see if he is really that good at playing people. If he allies with Tom or Colby could be hard to break up until late in game.
Rupert - Likely perceived as good to have around and easy to move out when needed so could stay a while.
Stephanie - Hard competitor and hasn't won before.
Parvati - Has most of skills needed, but as past winner too likely a target.
Sandra - Good enough at staying low that she may go a way before targeted for past win.
James - Can't see him winning as not a good enough strategist.

Likely early outs:

Tom - Should be biggest target there. But everyone needs allies and he's already proven a good one. If is part of successful alliance (wonder how respective tribes stack up against each other in challenges?) might hang around long enough to win immunities.
Boston Rob- Reputation will likely precede him. Doubt can maintain enough trust with allies to get to finals.
Russell - Can't see this group needing him or being fooled by him the way player's from previous seasons were. Likely will tick off to many people to go as far as last time.
Coach - Tempting to take to finals for easy win, but too off the wall to win unless last time out was a total act (hard to believe.)
Tyson - Think he's more interested in providing entertainment than in winning.
Randy - Like Russell, too likely to clash with other players to last too long even if he could appear a good finals opponent.

Out of time and memory.

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