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"The PMS ratings: Samoa."
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Original message

Estee 55194 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

12-21-09, 08:31 AM (EST)
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"The PMS ratings: Samoa."
Rank this season's contestants on a 1-10 scale in the following categories:

Physical includes: performance in activity-based challenges (and public perception as a challenge threat), the amount of gruntwork contributed to the tribe, raw strength and endurance.

Mental incorporates: understanding of both the game's dynamics and the players in it, logic-based plays, performance in thought-based challenges, innovation, knowledge of local environment and hazards, idol usage (where applicable), raw intelligence and perception.

Social can factor in: the ability to construct and maintain alliances, emotion-based plays, food providing (more of a social play than anything else), relationships with other players, raw charisma and presence.

The full cast list:

Marisa Calihan
Mike Borassi
Betsy Bolan
Ben Browning
Yasmin Giles
Ashley Trainer
Russell Swan
Elizabeth Kim
Erik Cardona
Kelly Sharbaugh
Laura Morett
John Fincher
Dave Ball
Monica Padilla
Shannon Waters
Jaison Robinson
Brett Clouser
Mick Trimming
Russell Hantz
Natalie White

Remember: these are extremely subjective. This is your personal perception for the contestant, and ratings are going to vary. Oh, are they ever.

Rank 'em and rank on 'em to justify the numbers. It's sort of cleansing.

(I'm mostly doing this again to see what people put down for RussHell's Social.)

Previous PMS threads:

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 RE: The PMS ratings: Samoa. PepeLePew13 12-21-09 1
 RE: The PMS ratings: Samoa. LionChow 12-21-09 2
   RE: The PMS ratings: Samoa. Estee 12-21-09 3
   RE: The PMS ratings: Samoa. iltarion 12-21-09 5
       RE: The PMS ratings: Samoa. Estee 12-21-09 6
 RE: The PMS ratings: Samoa. KuwabaraTheMan 12-21-09 4
 RE: The PMS ratings: Samoa. Belle Book 12-21-09 7
 RE: The PMS ratings: Samoa. Aruba 12-23-09 8

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PepeLePew13 24731 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

12-21-09, 09:38 AM (EST)
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1. "RE: The PMS ratings: Samoa."
I'll save you some time...

RussHell: 7 for Physical, 9.5 for Mental (loses half a point for forgetting to understand the players in it at the end), and 0 for Social. He gets a 10 for his alliance-building but a -10 for providing (i.e. sock-burning, water-dumping and no food gathering) and jury charisma so it is a wash in the end.

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LionChow 2033 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Roller Coaster Inaugurator"

12-21-09, 11:57 AM (EST)
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2. "RE: The PMS ratings: Samoa."
Can I just give Natalie and her bikini a 10 for "Physical" and leave it at that?

or did I misunderstand the question?

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Estee 55194 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

12-21-09, 12:00 PM (EST)
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3. "RE: The PMS ratings: Samoa."
Nah. Physical isn't so much about how you feel the body comes across as it is whether that body managed to do anything.

BTW, I know what your first six answers to that rejoiner were. Consider them all censored.

How is she not the latest in the long line of 'until she opened her mouth'?

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iltarion 1791 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Herbal Healing Drugs Endorser"

12-21-09, 03:33 PM (EST)
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5. "RE: The PMS ratings: Samoa."
yeah, Natalie looked great in the bikini in the end, and looked A LOT different at the reunion. There has to be something wrong with thinking a woman looked much better when she was starving. What is up with that? But, there it is.


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Estee 55194 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

12-21-09, 03:48 PM (EST)
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6. "RE: The PMS ratings: Samoa."
It means you missed your true calling. Clearly you should have been a fashion designer.
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KuwabaraTheMan 47 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Beauty Pageant Celebrity Judge"

12-21-09, 02:22 PM (EST)
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4. "RE: The PMS ratings: Samoa."
Very subjective, but these are my thoughts.

Marisa Calihan (Physical: 5, Mental: 6, Social: 3): Can't remember much about her, but she was the first to perceive Russell as a threat. I mark her down in Social for being dumb enough to confront someone on Day 2, though.

Mike Borassi (Physical: 3, Mental: 4, Social: 4): He got evacuated, and failed to leave any impression.

Betsy Bolan (Physical: 5, Mental: 6, Social: 6): Was perceived as a strong mental player who saw what was going on early, so I'll give her props for that. She could have been a tough player if not for Russell getting rid of her.

Ben Browning (Physical: 8, Mental: 4, Social: 0): An extremely tough competitor, but his social play was simply atrocious. He never seemed to get along with anyone, he made racist comments, and he just had a complete lack of understanding about how the game worked.

Yasmin Giles (Physical: 6, Mental: 4, Social: 1): Better than Ben, but only barely. Consciously not doing work around camp to 'save yourself for the challenges' is one of the dumbest ideas ever, and it's only made worse by the fact that she walked around camp with a sense of entitlement.

Ashley Trainer (Physical: 4, Mental: 3, Social: 5): Seemed to trust Russell way too much, and never contributed to the challenges in any way.

Russell Swan (Physical: 7, Mental: 8, Social: 9): A great player who held together a tribe like few others ever had, and gave it his all. If he hadn't been evacuated, he has a strong shot at winning it all.

Elizabeth Kim (Physical: 7, Mental: 7, Social: 5): Definitely one of the strongest female challenge performers in the season, and also a very mentally perceptive player. However, she never gelled enough with her tribe to make it far.

Erik Cardona (Physical: 7, Mental: 7, Social: 4): He found the idol and did alright physically, but he got voted out because he was incapable of making a deal with Foa Foa not sound condescending to them.

Kelly Sharbaugh (Physical: 5, Mental: 6, Social: 7): Voted out because everyone liked her, and I think she was the one who recognized the guys had brought Shambo into their alliance, but I can't remember much else.

Laura Morett (Physical: 10, Mental: 7, Social: 6): A dominating performer who was very smart and perceptive, and lost largely because she came up against a smarter player in Russell.

John Fincher (Physical: 7, Mental: 9, Social: 4): Incredibly smart with numbers, and incredibly stupid with people. "Does anyone want Pie?" "Yes!" "Yes! "Yes!" "You know what, Jeff, I'll keep it for myself."

Dave Ball (Physical: 7, Mental: 6, Social: 7): Decent performer who seemed to be well-liked by the non-Shambo members of the tribe. Absolutely no concept of strategy, though.

Monica Padilla (Physical: 4, Mental: 6, Social: 7): She was the weakest person out there, but she at least managed to perceive what was going on and stir things up. Too many of her tribe mates disliked her, though.

Shannon Waters (Physical: 7, Mental: 3, Social: 1): A decent performer, but she had no concept of strategy and rubbed everyone (except, apparently, Erik) the wrong way.

Jaison Robinson (Physical: 8, Mental: 4, Social: 6) He had great potential, but he wound up giving up too easily. He showed signs of being ready to make a big move, before just giving up when Brett went on his run.

Brett Clouser (Physical: 10, Mental: 6, Social: 10): A great player who was hurt by his own tribe self-destructing. He still very nearly won the million dollars in spite of that.

Mick Trimming (Physical: 7, Mental: 6, Social: 8): He performer decently and got along well, but he was a strategic no show and couldn't even convince the Jury that he was more deserving than Russell or Natalie. Amanda would be proud.

Russell Hantz (Physical: 7, Mental: 10, Social: 5): For every boneheaded social move, he also made a good one, so I don't think he was horrible in that department, although it was his weakest. He played the game as hard as anyone, but he wasn't able to put himself in his best situation, and failed to realize how liked Natalie was.

Natalie White (Physical: 6, Mental: 7, Social: 8): She had a good game plan and stuck to it, and was never a problem for anyone. Her only great move was getting rid of Erik, but it was a big one.

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Belle Book 3556 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Thong Contest Judge"

12-21-09, 07:29 PM (EST)
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7. "RE: The PMS ratings: Samoa."
LAST EDITED ON 12-23-09 AT 08:21 PM (EST)

Marisa Calihan (Physical: 6, Mental: 6, Social: 3.) She was smart enough to mistrust RussHell. She just didn't realize she shouldn't challenge him that early or that openly.
Mike Borassi (Physical: 1, Mental: 3, Social: 7.) He just couldn't cut it in the physical department but I don't think he understood the strategic aspect either.
Betsy Bolan (Physical: 6. Mental: 5. Social: 4.) She also realized RussHell was sneaky but didn't realize she should form a counter-alliance to outsmart him.
Ben Browning (Physical: 5. Mental: 2. Social: 0.) He had no clue that he needed to adapt in the social game or how to really strategize.
Yasmin Giles (Physical: 3. Mental: 3. Social: 1.) Almost as bad as Ben socially and mentally but even less physically adept than he was.
Ashley Trainer (Physical: 3. Mental: 4. Social: 6.) She trusted RussHell too much but what really got her was the physical aspect of the game.
Russell Swan (Physical: 7. Mental: 6. Social: 8.) He was the glue of Galu but he failed to take care of his body.
Elizabeth Kim (Physical: 7. Mental: 7. Social: 5.) She was stronger than Natalie but didn't have Natalie's social skills and also failed to form a counteralliance against RussHell early. Too bad -- I wanted her to win.
Erik Cardona (Physical: 8. Mental: 6. Social: 5.) He made some significant mistakes in his social play that played into Natalie's hands.
Kelly Sharbaugh (Physical: 7. Mental: 6. Social: 8.) She was more likeable than Monica, that's why she was the target.
Laura Morett (Physical: 8. Mental: 7. Social: 6.) A really smart player but she should've kept her mouth shut around RussHell -- and she should've focused on Foa Foa before Erik.
John Fincher (Physical: 8. Mental: 6. Social: 6.) If he hadn't been the first one to think of getting rid of a Galu before turning on Foa Foa, things might've been different.
Dave Ball (Physical: 8. Mental: 6. Social: 6.) He wasn't too bad. But he contributed to the downfall of Galu.
Monica Padilla (Physical: 3. Mental: 8. Social: 4.) If Galu had listened to her when she suggested working around RussHell's Hidden Immunity Idol, things would be different.
Shannon Waters (Physical: 6. Mental: 1. Social: 2.) She had no clue how to play!
Jaison Robinson (Physical: 6. Mental: 5. Social: 5.) He didn't have enough social skills and was too fearful of turning on RussHell.
Brett Clouser (Physical: 8. Mental: 5. Social: 9.) He was too likeable and Galu self-destructed.
Mick Trimming (Physical: 7. Mental: 4. Social: 7.) He was okay physically and socially. He wasn't so good with the mental game, as the jury statements proved.
Russell Hantz (Physical: 6. Mental: 9. Social: 2.) He's an excellent strategist, but he ignored the social game and he paid for it in the end.
Natalie White (Physical: 5. Mental: 6. Social: 10.) It was her social game that won it in the end, although she had some strategy as well.

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Aruba 1891 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Herbal Healing Drugs Endorser"

12-23-09, 08:56 PM (EST)
Click to EMail Aruba Click to send private message to Aruba Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
8. "RE: The PMS ratings: Samoa."
MARISA (P-6, M-3, S-5) - Could've helped Foa Foa in the challenges but I doubt she would have been a difference maker against Galu's dominance. "Messing with the pitbull" gives her a low mental grade especially when it was Marisa who stated in the premier to NOT mess with the pitbull. Given her statements pertaining to the opposite gender, perhaps she should seek out Ami and they can start dating.

MIKE (P-3, M-3, S-3) - Simply stated a casting debacle. Low grades across the board. If I was a finalist in LA and just missed out on being selected only to watch Mike rowing into the game in ep. 1, I would have put my head through the TV.

BETSY (P-6, M-3, S-6) - I'll always have a soft spot for a castaway victimized by the greatest divide in the game--Age. But gotta give her a low mental grade for also "messing with the pitbull."

BEN (P-5, M-5, S-1) - Average physical grade. And I'll also give him an average mental grade for understanding how ghetto people talk and acknowledging much of the cast as "candy-a$$es." But socially he was a train wreck.

YASMIN (P-4, M-2, S-1) - Lazy woman who used challenges as an excuse to be lazy around camp. I'm not giving her a pass on being a mental midget because she's from "the hood." Although she loves to play that angle, one has nothing to do with the other. Her and Ben share more than a Reunion Show kiss...they also share the lowest grade (1) given in my rankings.

ASHLEY (P-5, M-5, S-5) - I thought she held her own in the challenges up to the episode she was voted out. But many times in Survivor it's "what have you done for me lately" and her performance (or lack of it) in her last two Foa Foa challenges was her demise. I'll give her average grades across the board.

RUSSELL S. (P-7, M-3, S-8) - Deserving of the highest social ranking this season. Likable guy and physically dcecent for a 40+ competitor. Low mental ranking though. Choosing luxury items over practical items was a bad mental choice Galu paid for dearly. Also entering a marathon race but running it like the 100M dash is just plain dumb.

LIZ (P-7, M-6, S-5) - Hey Girlfriend...WHERE WERE YOU ON THE REUNION SHOW??? Physically the strongest woman out there. By making more out of her Asian background she may have taken herself out of the game socially a little bit. I think she understood the game but even the most astute student of the game would not predict a tribe of 10 going down to 5 in just 12 days.

ERIK (P-8, M-3, S-3) - Physically a strong competitor. But mentally and socially? Talking smack to the Foa Foa tribe at TWO TCs is pure idiocy. He took the rope, made the noose, and placed it around his neck. Sure the Barbie Dolls helped drive the nails in his coffin, but it was Erik himself who ultimately pulled the lever on the gallows.

KELLY (P-6, M-6, S-7) - Decent grades for her. OK, maybe some of it is "pity points" because I always feel bad when a player is voted out at TC without getting the most votes. Too bad she was a follower because I personally feel she had more to offer to the game.

LAURA (P-8, M-7, S-5) - Easily the best female challenger this season. Huge plus for handling Jeff's question on the Reunion Show. She made it clear her and Shambo will never be friends, but ended her answer on a positive note. Socially her lowest ranking for how she handled Shambo in the game. I don't care who started it, but both having to get in the last word created a rift that contributed to fracturing Galu. BTW, you don't need to keep playing up the Grandma angle. 39 is not old and there are other 39-year olds who are hot-looking and in great shape. You're a "grandma" because you and your children had kids early.

JOHN (P-7, M-6, S-6) - Decent across the board but not outstanding in any discipline. Kudos for being the only Jury member to vote in the true spirit of the game. Some criticize him for not taking a chance with the purple rock. But rest assure he would have been criticized a hell of a lot more if he took the chance and HE drew the purple rock.

DAVE (P-8, M-4, S-7) - Fared well in the challenges. Socially I admired how he handled Shambo...Laura should take notes. But he did make some mental blunders that cost him and Galu the game.

MONICA (P-2, M-6, S-6) - The worst physical player this season. Easy to fit in socially when you're gorgeous, but it was more dumb-a$$ luck than social game credited for her advancement. Want to give her a higher mental grade for suggesting Russell could have found a SECOND HII without any clues, but had to drop her mental ranking a little for trying to convince Russell that Shambo would get more Jury votes. Even Russell confirmed how dumb that was when he wrote down her name.

SHAMBO (P-6, M-2, S-4) - Decent physical competitor. Socially she didn't have a prayer fitting in with Galu, although she was accepted by Foa Foa. Low mental ranking for not even trying to fit in with Galu even though it wouldn't have made any difference.

JAISON (P-6, M-4, S-5) - The "could've been" Kid this season. Could've been a stronger physical player if he didn't flat out give up in some challenges. Could've been a better social player if he wasn't such a whinny crybaby when things didn't go his way. I contribute this "could've been" status to a bad mental game.

BRETT (P-9, M-4, S-7) - Many times it's not how you start, it's how you finish. Credit his high physical grade to his endgame IC run. Socially was likable but mentally was kind of a fish out of water.

MICK (P-7, M-4, S-7) - Physically he wasn't great, but he wasn't poor. Socially he wasn't loved, but wasn't hated. His FTC performance was disappointing thus his low mental ranking.

RUSSELL (P-7, M-10, S-5) - No one has played a more thought-provoked, manipulative, and hard-working game than Russell. Never was a hinderance in any challenge and did win the classic showdown at the end. Socially he had to have something to make people believe his lies and manipulative tactics, but his opinion of women and lack of charisma will never garnish more than a 5 from me. All a higher social ranking would have done is force the Jury to admit they're sore losers instead of using his disliked behavior as an excuse.

NATALIE (P-6, M-7, S-7) - She had her moments is some challenges so overall a slightly better than average physical grade. Like many before her she played the social card by backing into that "strategy" after realizing her only play was riding coattails. Want to give her a higher mental grade but got more credit than she deserved for the Erik boot. And erroneously stating without the Erik boot Foa Foa would be down to three doesn't say much for her mental game. But I found Natalie a very likable castaway in a season taylor-made for a Southern Belle.

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