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"Love/Loathe List - Episode 5"
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Original message

Aruba 1891 desperate attention whore postings
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03-14-09, 06:04 AM (EST)
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"Love/Loathe List - Episode 5"
OK, did he REALLY need that tooth??? Same exact occurrence happened to me in College. I lost half my tooth in competiton and they stopped the game to look for the other half. Afterwards I went to the dentist and handed him half my tooth. He said, "what do you expect me to do with that...crazy clue it together? I'm capping it right now!" Did I have a quack dentist, or has dentistry advanced since my injury where they can now actually do something with the loose piece? Or is Jiffy hoping JT will put it up on EBAY after the season for the Elizabeth Glaser Foundation?

1) TYSON (1,2,5) - He was my #1 last week and has done nothing negative to drop from this position. FINALLY someone is getting wise to Brendan. And great effort getting the final three points for the Immunity win. Even though his effort probably saved Brendan--the player he was targeting.

2) TAJ (2,5,4) - I don't think it's by accident Taj chose Steve to be in the Alliance. She's observant to know Steve's the only player this season with a complete brain and would have called her out on the cross-tribal alliance...unless of course he's part of it. Don't know if her play will translate to a win on Day 39, but she's doing everything she can to try to get there.

3) STEVE (3,4,3) - Totally love the way he is optimistically cautious of Brendan. Would have been thoroughly disappointed if he sold Taj out. I think he made the right decision. Solid player and not the liability in challenges I thought he might be.

4) JT (6,6,1) - It seems an injustice to not rank a player in the top 3 who scored four points for his team and lost part of his tooth in the process. But my top 3 are solid, and I have some reservations about his mental game by not being able to keep his emotions in check.

5) BRENDAN (5,1,7) - For someone in great position he has made a couple blunders but managed to get away with them so far. Although it's hard to criticize someone in a promising alliance and with the HII in hand.

6) SIERRA (4,3,2,) - Perhaps it's because she's getting over her illness but I find her looking better with every episode. Has done nothing spectactular, but she is taking advantage of her position and not doing anything stupid either.

7) SYDNEY (12,9,10) - Nothing in this episode for me to call her a "skank", but I'm still putting her on a short leash in that regard. Curious to know more about this lucky guy "she can't live without"...but not sure if I want to look at his picture or read his tax return to satisfy my curiosity. Kudos for not panicking and getting her team the final point in the RC.

8) DEBBIE (7,13,14) - Not a lot happening with her this episode; so not much to say.

9) BENJAMIN (9,11,9) - now we can add meteorology to Benji's "impressive" resume? Is there any human being who could be anymore ignorant of his deficiencies? If he wasn't such a character he would be cemented in last place every week on this list.

10) ERINN (11,12,11) - The only TV time Miss "Negativity" is getting is when she b!tches about Benji. Do the viewers really need that assessment to tell us the obvious? We "need" those confessionals about as much as JT proabably "needs" the other half of his tooth. Go home!

11) JOE (8,7,13) - Your teammate is spitting out a tooth and still putting out optimum effort and you're complaining about your knee??? He's no good to his tribe with only one good knee and very little use with two. I think Joe should be wearing JT's used boxers. WUSS!!!

BOOTED) SPENSER (10,10,12) - If he was as concerned about being a total waste of space and svcking in challenges as he was about how others may perceive his sexual preference toward dudes, he may still be in this game. But I'm glad he's not.

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 RE: Love/Loathe List - Episode 5 garcor 03-14-09 1
 RE: Love/Loathe List - Episode 5 Belle Book 03-14-09 2
 RE: Love/Loathe List - Episode 5 iltarion 03-15-09 3
 The incompetant have no clue Snidget 03-15-09 4
   RE: The incompetant have no clue suzzee 03-15-09 6
 RE: Love/Loathe List - Episode 5 adricharlie 03-15-09 5
 RE: Love/Loathe List - Episode 5 michel 03-15-09 7
 RE: Love/Loathe List - Episode 5 sol 03-16-09 8
 RE: Love/Loathe List - Episode 5 toddE 03-17-09 9
 RE: Love/Loathe List - Episode 5 PsychoKitty 03-17-09 10
 RE: Love/Loathe List - Episode 5 CTgirl 03-21-09 11

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garcor 432 desperate attention whore postings
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03-14-09, 08:08 AM (EST)
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1. "RE: Love/Loathe List - Episode 5"
Tyson: For both picking up on Brendan's ties with the other tribe and for his IC performance.

Steve: Not sure he had to choose between Taj and Spenser (might have realized sentiment was to vote Spenser now and Taj next) but seems very aware of his options and of what is going on around him.

Brendan: Don't think he did anything in particular to tip Tyson off about cross-tribal alliance and performed well in IC.

JT: One person wrecking crew in IC and ever Spenser identified him as influential in (if not leader of)tribe.

Sierra: Might be a little overconfident about cross tribal alliance but might be quickest thinker/actor/improviser in game.

Taj: Not sure what outburst at Joe etc. was about but could cause her problems, especially if Steve decides he'd rather keep the idol than the alliance. Isn't there one more IC before merge?

The Weatherman: At least he was correct that it would rain. That makes him better than most of our local weatherpeople. Seemed to compete hard in RC, though wonder if any of spinners considered that if they spun more slowly the spinnees could make up any time lost by being able to walk straight quicker.

Sydney: Performed pretty well in RC and seems unobtrusively secure in position in tribe.

Debbie & Erinn: Not much going on this week.

Joe: Agree has to find a way to do a little more in IC.

Gone - Spenser: Same comment as for Joe except not being as well positioned with fellow tribesmates cost him.

JT's half tooth: Lost in a good cause.

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Belle Book 3556 desperate attention whore postings
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03-14-09, 10:39 AM (EST)
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2. "RE: Love/Loathe List - Episode 5"
For this week:

1. Tyson -- great job in the Immunity Challenge and in figuring out Brendan was up to something!

2. J.T. -- great job in the Immunity Challenge as well! Too bad you lost half your tooth in the process!

3. Stephen -- I'm glad you were cautious around Brendan. I think you'll stick awhile.

4. Sierra -- my favorite right now, but she didn't do a whole lot this week.

5. Brendan -- he should've told Sierra sooner, but no harm done there. And in any case, he did a good job with the IC!

6. Taj -- good job in the Immunity Challenge! Unfortunately, you made yourself a target with your outburst. But you're safe for now.

7. Sydney -- nice job in the challenges, and you're safe for now. But do more than just flirt.

8. Coach -- at least he knew a storm was approaching. Too bad he didn't know it wouldn't pass over.

9. Debbie -- should've been better in the Reward Challenge.

10. Erinn -- can't say much about her here.

11. Joe -- with his knee problem, he might be next to go if Jalapao loses again.

Voted out: Spencer. Not enough work plotting and scheming plus poor challenge performances equals one trip to Sequesterville.

Belle Book

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iltarion 1791 desperate attention whore postings
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03-15-09, 00:17 AM (EST)
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3. "RE: Love/Loathe List - Episode 5"
LAST EDITED ON 03-15-09 AT 00:28 AM (EST)

Very predictable and somewhat uninteresting week. Taj's inexplicable outburst and Tyson being on to Brendan were about the only reasons to watch. Spirited IC anyway.
Prior poster beat me to the punch- I also wondered why no one tried spinning their tribemate slower in the RC.

1. Brendan- Still the architect of the biggest alliance in the game and a top challenge threat. His own tribe might be weary of him now, but with the HII protecting him, there isn't much they can do about it unless they pull off one of the better blindsides ever.
2. Tyson- He has his mind in the game at all times. Props for smelling out the somewhat obvious alliances Brendan was making, and big time work in the crucial IC. He is definitely making it to merge. I don't know if his story goes much beyond that. I will leave that up to better readers of the editing than me.
3. Stephen- Also is playing the game at all times. Decision to safeguard Taj is more obvious than he was making it out to be. If he betrays her, no reason for anyone to trust him. His attitude towards the HII that Taj granted to him like some Survivor genie showed somewhat questionable character, but stellar character for this game.
4. JT- Now obvious leader of his tribe, challenge-wise and strategy-wise. The loyalty game, a simple but admirable strategy, falls apart without a majority, and his tribe no longer has that. He is likely to go the route of other strong leaders before him. Great performance in the IC. Aruba is right. They will just cap his tooth. Dentistry has advanced amazingly little in 100 years. Sit down for your check up, and the dental assistant is likely to put in front of you a tray of metal devices not far different than what King George III may have had used on his teeth.
5. Taj- In strategically a better position than JT, but once again her mouth gets her in trouble. She will not win this game because of it. It is obvious she can not control her emotions or help herself from expressing them. We have seen her type 100 times before.
6. Coach - He noticed the changing wind and that a storm was coming. Props for that. Yeah, he predicted the storm would miss them, but so what? That might have just been being optimistic. He performed in both challenges, though he was as silent as Joe in the IC. His comments show his head is in the game at all times as well. The only one making any comments about his personality is Erinn. So, everyone else seems fine with him.
7. Sienna- Fell into a good spot. Did a good job at least trying to tie up JT in the IC. Seems overconfident about an alliance she didn't build. She is looking better as she gets healthier, I presume.
8. Sydney- She didn't say her man's name is Kelly, I hope? Come on, now. Her story appears to go to the merge and not much farther. Her performance in the challenges was fine. She appears to be playing JT's game, which will get her about one TC past him. No further.
9. Debbie- Decent job in the challenges, and showed good wits by pointing out that they have to keep Sienna out of it if they target Brendan. Obviously, she is aligned with Coach and Tyson. Problem is- they are only 3, and I can't possibly see Erinn on their side since Coach is in the mix.
10. Joe- Either a bad knee or Coach kept him from doing anything in the IC. One way or the other he showed nothing and was fortunate that Spencer and Taj took the blame instead.
11. Erinn- I tried to have her up higher, and she looks good at times. But her only purpose in the game seems to be to shoot her mouth off about Coach. She seems fixated on him. Maybe she secretly wants him. In my opinion, she is just making herself look like a "jack@ss".


Carolina- nice states
Candace- nice ****
Jerry - my gut hurts
Sandy- my @ss hurts
Spencer- I figured he was gay by like the 2nd episode, but his tribe couldn't figure it out? It was his decision to hide it, which is fine; no one would be in a better position to make that decision than him. I find it ironic though that afraid of being stereotyped, he stereotyped JT in the process. I don't remember sexual orientation playing a role in a single boot in Survivor history. But whatever. Props to Spence for a whole new version of Survivor hypocrisy.


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Snidget 43862 desperate attention whore postings
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03-15-09, 06:17 AM (EST)
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4. "The incompetant have no clue"
" now we can add meteorology to Benji's "impressive" resume? Is there any human being who could be anymore ignorant of his deficiencies? If he wasn't such a character he would be cemented in last place every week on this list."

There was a study that showed this awhile ago.


"People who do things badly, Dunning has found in studies conducted with a graduate student, Justin Kruger, are usually supremely confident of their abilities -- more confident, in fact, than people who do things well."

I'm sure the casting directors of reality TV all over the world rejoiced when this study was released.

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suzzee 4956 desperate attention whore postings
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03-15-09, 11:23 AM (EST)
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6. "RE: The incompetant have no clue"
This article was interesting, it nails Coach's personality perfectly. I'd feel sorry for him but I'm sure he would think I had him confused with someone else. It's always said a person rises to their highest level of incompetence. Hopefully his highest level is about a 11th place finish. Although watching him on the jury would probably be very entertaining while he explains how he is still a winner.

Suzzopolis by Tribe

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adricharlie 1242 desperate attention whore postings
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03-15-09, 09:22 AM (EST)
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5. "RE: Love/Loathe List - Episode 5"

1) TAJ - She's by far my favorite so far. The only question in my mind is whether or not trusting Steve was a mistake.

2) BRENDAN - This guy is solid and I hope he does well.

3) SIERRA - I like her if for no other reason than overcoming the early target on her back.

4) STEVE - This guy is smart but I don't think he is one to be trusted.

5) JT - Physically he is great but just not good at the mental/social part of this game. I like him more than most still though.

6) SYDNEY - She seems to be flying under the radar so far....

7) DEBBIE - No real opinion on her

8) ERINN - She is brillant....not! I don't care one way or the other about her.

9) JOE - A bit of a whiner I think.

10) TYSON - He is coach's tool and thus annoys me but at least he does have a brain which puts him above coach for me....

11) BENJAMIN - He annoys me alot and I'll be glad when he is gone....which of course means he'll be around for awhile.

BOOTED) SPENSER - I was kind of sorry to see him go and strategically speaking I don't think he should have been gone but alas......goodbye!!

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michel 10812 desperate attention whore postings
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03-15-09, 05:05 PM (EST)
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7. "RE: Love/Loathe List - Episode 5"
1) BRENDAN (2,2,5)- Playing a game that should bring him to F4. Now that Coach is targeting him, that seems like a sure thing!

2) STEPHEN (4,5,6)- An alliance is much more useful than an idol. At least, he's thinking ahead.

3) SIERRA (1,3,2)- She seems too confident about the EI alliance but Taj and Brendan are getting the attention.

4) ERINN (7,1,1)- "He's an accountant who never left Nebraska!" The line of the evening.

5) JT (3,4,3)- Last week, Sydney was on the block now it was Taj. When you get close to the merge, you need loyal players and putting people on the block doesn't get you loyalty.

6) TAJ (9,6,4)- She tells her tribe to put emotions aside and then she has an emotional outburst. Not smart.

7) TYSON (5,10,12)- If I thought Brendan was making friends with the other side I would try to be Brendan's best friend. There would always be time later to put the target on him.

8) SYDNEY (11,9,7)- If your strategy is to flirt, revealing that you are in a committed relationship isn't very smart.

9) DEBBIE (12,13,8)- She's sticking to Coach all the way to loser lodge.

9) JOE (14,7,9)- This big guy is falling apart.

10) Coach (8,8,11)- Everything he says is proven wrong.

Booted) SPENSER (13,11,10)- Never a player.

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sol 219 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Network TV Show Guest Star"

03-16-09, 08:36 PM (EST)
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8. "RE: Love/Loathe List - Episode 5"
With Jello Pow going to TC the drama seems to be happening at their camp, but they aren't as divided as Tim Bits. At Tim Bits we have 2 solid factions emerging which will lead to blindsides if they enter merge with a 6 - 4 advantage before the IC.

1 - Tyson (1,2,1) - recognized the dangers of Brendan always going to ESB. Coach talks the game, Tyson is playing it ... and adding comic relief - if not for fans, at least for his tribe. And he's a confessional hog.

2 - Stephen (3,3,2) - looked perplexed at TC, but in a position of strength with the HII, and strong allies with targets.

3 - TJ (2,7,1) - a real try guy, best on his team but a target after merge. I wonder if Stephen might help him out with the HII??? Naw too risky with the secret alliance.

4 - Sierra (5,4,7) - in a good alliance, playing smart right now, but will she get too cocky and meet her demise too early?

5 - Brendan (4,1,4) - well positioned, but Tyson sees what is going on and wants to target him. JP said there were a lot of blindsides ... could Brendan be one?

6 - Taj (6,5,5) - taking unnecessary chances. Emotion and passion aren't bad, but some people (Joe) take it negatively. Taj and Joe are heading for a showdown.

7 - Debbie (9,12,13) - her comment to Tyson not to talk to Sierra told me she is more in the game than what the editing had previously let on.

8 - Erinn (7,11,10) - has a mind of her own, and is the antagonist to Benji. She'll probably play a role in some blindsides.

9 - Sydney (8,9,8) - mostly UTR but shows some social game. Won't be any challenge or help in physical challenges. Once Joe is gone she could be carried as a vote.

10 - Joe - doesn't have a winners edit, another visit to TC before merge could send him to LL.

11 - Benji (12,13,14) - I interpreted his comment that the wind was changing as a symbol that the game was changing. The guy will always be a fantastic success in his own mind.

Boot - Spencer - more proof that being a great fan of Survivor isn't enough, you need life skills through experience to succeed at this game.

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toddE 1433 desperate attention whore postings
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03-17-09, 04:52 PM (EST)
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9. "RE: Love/Loathe List - Episode 5"

1. Taj and Brendan--two of the best players ever, they actually came up with a new idea. Too bad it is being pounded way too hard to actually succeed.


3. Sierra--Because she is smart enough to go along with the good fortune that has befallen her.

4. Erinn--because she hates Coach and isn't afraid of him.


5. Steve--I like him because he seems a bit goofy-smart and did go with the alliance, but I dislike him because he seems to be going to make a stupid traitorous move soon.

6. Debbie--because she has had so little development there is no way for me to have an opinion of her.

7. JT--I like his competitiveness, but his aw shucks manner is just as affected as if he were pompous.


8. Joe--He thinks he's the cocke of the walk for no good reason.

9. Sydney--I hate when looks are the only trick in the bag, and she seems like an unpleasant person.

10. Tyson--Also so very fake in his own way. "I'm a wacky Mormon" UGH! I do give him credit for some level of intelligence.


11. Coach--I think I hated Linda from Africa more than him, and I didn't much care for Ozzy either, but this guy is in the running for most. despicable. Survivor. ever. God, I just HATE him.

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PsychoKitty 678 desperate attention whore postings
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03-17-09, 08:47 PM (EST)
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10. "RE: Love/Loathe List - Episode 5"
1)TYSON - He is a riot. I can't figure him out - if his whole "anti-stereotype Mormon" thing is a put on or not, but he's alot of fun to watch. And he's good at a poker face, and trying to figure the game out. I think he really doesn't care for Coach as much as we do! And I love his asides to the camera. Also strong in challenges and spirit.

2) BRENDAN - I like him - and nice eye candy too! He's trying to play the game and contributes at camp and in the challenges. I hope he goes far.

3) TAJ - Am enjoying her energy and optimism. And she works hard at the challenges. Has some real drawbacks - I think she really hurt herself by talking about her husband, and getting upset last week, especially since she's rarely in camp. But she is trying hard to stay in the game.

4) SIERRA - Really lucked into an alliance and maybe is too confident. But she seems to be a good person and is trying hard - hopefully she'll stick it out.

5) STEVE - Kind of weasely, but trying hard to figure the game out and make good choices. And he's working hard at the challenges and with his teammates too.

6) JT - Kicked a$$ in the challenge - sorry about his teeth! But emotions might be the undoing for him. Not into the Southern charm either myself, but he is a hard working guy!

7) SYDNEY - Pretty, not much else there it seems. I love that someone pointed out she shouldn't talk about her boyfriend she "can't live without" when she's trying to work the boys!

8) DEBBIE - Rarely see her. . .

9) ERINN - Very negative person. Don't think she's long for the game.

10) JOE - Not enough footage to have an opinion. It's a shame he hurt his knee, but that was awfully fast! hmmm.... needs to toughen up?

11) DOUCHEBAG - A legend in his OWN MIND. . . ! How wearing it must be to spend time with him. It's funny what Erinnnnnnn said about him - what if everything he told them was a lie?

BOOTED) SPENSER - I was a little sorry to see him go too. Seemed undeserved. Oh well, he probably wouldn't have lasted much longer.

Not that I have an opinion one way or another ;)
Signature by tribephyl

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CTgirl 7073 desperate attention whore postings
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03-21-09, 12:27 PM (EST)
Click to EMail CTgirl Click to send private message to CTgirl Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
11. "RE: Love/Loathe List - Episode 5"
1. Stephen – He’s in my top spot this week because he’s the only one in Operation Top Secret that is not putting all his stock in one alliance.

2. Brendan – He's very likeable, plus he's good at the social game and good in challenges.

3. Sierra – Loved the way she set-up talking to Brendan in private and then called him out, “Dood, you didn’t tell me!” She’s really cute and animated when she loses her model’s ennui.

4. Tyson – Good observation about Brendan bonding with the other team and great job in the immunity challenge too.

5. JT – he took a tooth for the team! He’s a great athlete but I didn’t understand most of what he said this week!

6. Taj – I like her but she blabbed way too much about having the game in the bag.

7. Debbie – She’s kind of invisible, but she’s in a solid alliance.

8. Sydney – She’s kind of invisible, but she’s not in a solid alliance.

9. Joe – nice but boring, and his body is starting to fall apart.

Co-10 – Coach – I actually should put him higher because he’s entertaining. How did he ever survive his kayak trip reading the weather the way he did last episode, lol! He’s a tool, not a meteorologist.

Co-10 – Erinn – Coach is annoying, but she’s just as annoying with her animosity towards him (although her crack about him being an accountant from Nebraska was pretty funny!).

Spenser – nice kid but blew it in the challenge. It’s actually pretty sad that they kept Sydney over him.

Tribe's Perspective

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