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"Survivor Love/Loathe List v17.5"
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Original message

garcor 432 desperate attention whore postings
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10-23-08, 10:44 PM (EST)
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"Survivor Love/Loathe List v17.5"
LAST EDITED ON 10-26-08 AT 05:14 PM (EST)

LAST EDITED ON 10-24-08 AT 07:51 PM (EST)

LAST EDITED ON 10-23-08 AT 11:12 PM (EST)

1) Matty - Shades of Ozzy with his shortcut over the obstacle course. Not so sure of the wisdom of allying with Ace, but what other choices does he have? An alliance of four going into merge gives him a fighting chance.
2) Marcus - What's not to like.
3 & 4) Corinne and Charlie - Still sitting pretty. Corinne may have found the first target when Kota has to vote off someone, presuming they ever do minus by producer twist.
5) Bob - Turtle Soup anyone?
6) Ken - As his old alliance crumbles, having Matty recruiting him can't hurt. Hustled in IC even if couldn't keep up with Matty.
7) Sugar - Purely for her smile and likeable personality. Not sure what to make of her alliance with Ace - gives him the idol then asks for it back, sorry, then takes it back?
8) Randy - The troll under the bridge didn't do himself any credit mocking Crystal's tears. And he struggled some in the IC. On the other hand, he's smart enough to let Dan continue to dig his own grave and he's certainly more valuable than Suzy.
9) Ace - Domineering personality undercuts strong challenge performances, well strong at the physical part of challenges anyway. Assume will not be given puzzle solving duties after struggles with flag assembly.
10) Suzie - Yep, she's still there.
11) Dan - Digging himself an ever deeper hole.
12) Crystal - Troll Randy meet Troll Crystal. Rapidly becoming one of the most unlikeable survivors ever. Finger given to Kelly as unnecessary as Randy's mockery. Would empathize more with her frustration over losing if she had shown more in challenges. (And she did help choose original Fang. Am I wrong or did she choose Suzie?) Unimpressive reward challenge performance. And while justified in criticizing Ace's taking it upon himself to assemble the flag, Ace had to drag Crystal's Olympic Champion self through parts of that challenge.

Gone- Kelly(i). Probably the right choice. If Fang wants to have any chance of winning future challenges, probably had to move out either Kelly or Sugar. Much prefer it be Kelly moved.

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 RE: Survivor Love/Loathe List v17.5 toddE 10-24-08 1
 RE: Survivor Love/Loathe List v17.5 Aruba 10-25-08 2
   RE: Survivor Love/Loathe List v17.5 michel 10-26-08 4
       RE: Survivor Love/Loathe List v17.5 Aruba 10-27-08 7
 RE: Survivor Love/Loathe List v17.5 Estee 10-25-08 3
 RE: Survivor Love/Loathe List v17.5 michel 10-26-08 5
 RE: Survivor Love/Loathe List v17.5 CTgirl 10-26-08 6
 RE: Survivor Love/Loathe List v17.5 SpotTheDifference 10-28-08 8

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toddE 1433 desperate attention whore postings
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10-24-08, 07:18 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: Survivor Love/Loathe List v17.5"
Well, this season seems to be Thailand redux with Ace (Brian the soft core star) controlling a bunch of idiots and Randy (Clay the hillbilly troll) as the other main player. Everyone else is either a total idiot or someone planning to ride the leader's coattails and won't try to do anything until too late (like Corinne/Helen).

This group is so dreadful. At least Thailand had Shii Ann. There is honest to God no one I can root for at this point.

Here goes nothing...

1. Sugar. How embarrassing to put her #1, because she seems like a dupe. But at least she has a bit of personality.

2. Marcus and Charlie. Because Marcus is using Charlie like Parvati used James. Totally flirting with him. Charlie must know he's being used, but he likes the attention, so he goes along with it.

4. Corinne. She seems like she may have some Natalie potential later on, but not much to go on so far.

5. Bob and Ken. the old nerd and the young nerd. Both boring.

7. Matty and Dan. The muscular dumbbells. Ugh.

9. Susie. She seems to be totally useless.

10. Crystal. Almost as useless as Susie. Worst representation of an Olympic athlete, much less medalist, ever!

11 and 12. Randy and Ace. God, I hated Thailand. And I hate Randy and Ace, too. Ace's fake accent is almost as grating as Brian's oily cockiness. Almost. The best I can say is that Ace isn't quite as bad as Brian and Randy isn't quite as bad as Clay.

Thailand was the first season I didn't finish watching. I didn't watch all of Fiji or Palau, either. Skipped the finale of Cook Islands. This could be my earliest turn-off ever, because I don't like how any of these people are playing the game and I don't really like anyone's personality either. Just terrible casting.

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Aruba 1891 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Herbal Healing Drugs Endorser"

10-25-08, 06:55 AM (EST)
Click to EMail Aruba Click to send private message to Aruba Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
2. "RE: Survivor Love/Loathe List v17.5"
1) MATTY (6,6,3) - Wish he hadn't formed an alliance with Ace, but sometimes you simply have to play the hand you were dealt. And this guy has been dealt crap since day one. But in the true spirit of "Survivor" he keeps on putting out optimum effort.

2)MARCUS (7,1,2) - Still like his position...for now. But still skeptical post merge. A solid player who definitely deserves a F4 spot, if not the win this season.

3) KEN (5,4,4) - Way to step up in the IC. Surprised the heck out of me, only to watch his good effort wasted by Pansy Ace. What a shame. Loved the way he talked some sense into bubblehead Sugar. Sticking with Matty might get him far in the game...I hope so.

4) RANDY (3,2,1) - Dropping him for poor sportsmanship. If you want to break down the Fang tribe even more then just keep on winning and cut out the trash-talking. Although I did get a kick out of his "Wah, Wah" crying sounds directed at Crystal.

5) CORINNE (10,8,6) - Enjoyed her confessional discussing Dan's eating habits. She's in good position for doing nothing. Would like to move her up but needs to be more proactive to move up on my list. Although I must admit she was SOOOO cute as a cheerleader during the RC.

6) BOB (9,5,5) - I dunno. Doesn't do anything for me to dislike him. But not really doing anything else for me otherwise. Perfect player to keep in the middle. Could go either way with this one.

7) SUGAR (4,3,10) - Weeping over her Dad's passing is one thing...but crying because you can eat and the idiots back at camp can't is another. OK, here's the deal...every week she cries unnecessarily, I drop her in the rankings.

8) DAN (8,11,7) - First he opens his mouth with advice last week; now he opens his mouth to stuff his face this week. This moron is finding ways to punch his ticket out of the game. Next week's double elimination doesn't look good for him.

9) CHARLIE (2,9,9) - Clearly an UTR, coattail rider. Easiest way to drop down in my rankings.

10) SUSIE (12,10,8) - What a joke. What a waste. Would be very disappointed (but not surpised, mind you) if she advances further. An embarrassment to the game of Survivor.

11) ACE (14,12,13) - Knock it off with the damn elephants already! Last season when Erik proclaimed at a tribal feast it was the "most boobs" he ever saw in his life, it was apparent he never saw the Internet. Ace having an orgasm every time he sees a stinking elephant leads me to believe this loser never saw cable TV. He's still a pussy willow in my book.

12) CRYSTAL (1,7,11) - You hate to lose but wanted to keep the middle-aged moms together when picking teams...Sorry my Gold Medal simpleton but you can't have it both ways. So we shouldn't judge you if you show emotion through your eyes? OK...I'm going to judge you for showing emotion through your mouth (and your finger). You're pathetic!

BOOTED) KELLY (11,13,12) - Gotta admit she made some sense this episode, but it was still her time to go (although an Ace blindside would have enhanced this otherwise blah season).

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michel 10812 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

10-26-08, 03:21 AM (EST)
Click to EMail michel Click to send private message to michel Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
4. "RE: Survivor Love/Loathe List v17.5"
"KEN (5,4,4) - Way to step up in the IC."

Really? I saw Matty dragging his ass! And what about his RC showing: Dropping out first before Susie and Kelly!!!!!

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Aruba 1891 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Herbal Healing Drugs Endorser"

10-27-08, 09:49 PM (EST)
Click to EMail Aruba Click to send private message to Aruba Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
7. "RE: Survivor Love/Loathe List v17.5"
His showing in the RC was poor...I was talking about the IC. From what I saw he scooted under the cargo net quicker than anyone to start his leg of the challenge. I also thought he navigated the obstacle better than most of the other players. I admit he was dragging toward the end and needed Matty's help, but overall was impressed with his IC performance.
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Estee 55194 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

10-25-08, 02:27 PM (EST)
Click to EMail Estee Click to send private message to Estee Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
3. "RE: Survivor Love/Loathe List v17.5"
LAST EDITED ON 10-25-08 AT 02:29 PM (EST)

1. Bob. Working hard, providing well, holding up in challenges, and continuing to provide an odd bit of heart for his tribe. He's doomed, of course -- at any moment, someone's going to label him as a jury threat, and that will be the end of our science teacher: taken out by someone else's essay statement on the anti-Darwin theory. But until then, he may be the most purely likeable person in the group.

2. Matty. There are virtually no circumstances where I'd normally put the strategic idiot this high in the rankings, but I'm giving him this spot for three reasons: his instinctive and beautiful destruction of the challenge, lingering empathy for his little-boy-found look with the elephant, and my personal deep suspicion of 'Migawd, they cast Tony Tirello.' (Seriously: if he gets victimized by a fake showmance, he's just about there.) He does not quit: the anti-GC, and pretty much the anti-Fang for his entire tribe. That gains him sympathy -- but sadly, there's something else he doesn't do: 'play'. The innocent series virgin is not winning this game, and when he finally finds himself deflowered, it's not going to be consensual. (And BTW, you can't play the idol at F3. Moron.)

3. Ken. Still alive. Hasn't crumbled. Doesn't seem to have any intention of quitting. Is probably eating better than he does when he's gaming all day. May develop a crush on Randy and by doing so, get him off the show. Doing better than I thought he would simply by being at this stage and breathing. And if he gets through a few more Councils,

4. Ace. No, I don't like him: the comparisons to Thailand are ringing more true with every passing week, and this is our Brian if I ever saw one. But he's also the only person who seems to have an idea that there's a game going on -- although for some reason, he's concluded that his job is to keep money out of the pot by invoking lots of red thumbprints. (Is he actually this stupid at challenges, or has he decided his best chance is to throw absolutely everything and make himself look like the last, best hope of a weakened tribe?) Congratulations on talking the idol into your pocket -- but talking us into enjoying it is going to take a lot more work.

5. Charlie. In this position by default. He's not doing anything -- and this week, it means he's not going anywhere. Another one where I'm not sure he has any actual game, as he might just throw himself into a hippo's mouth on Marcus' request -- but since eleven of the twelve don't seem to have any idea what show they're on, he's got plenty of company.

6. Marcus. He still bothers me. I still can't put my finger on it. I just know I don't want him as my doctor, because I'd never be willing to grant him that much power over me -- much less let him get that close. Every note he sounds is half an octave off, and I don't know why...

7. Suzie. Who? (No, really. Who?)

8. Dan. Single-handedly proving that sometimes, all you need to pass the bar exam is a forty-eight hour cram session and the ability not to forget any of what you forced in until the second after you stagger out of the room. Now if only he'd forced himself into a series-viewing marathon...

9. Corinne. Realizing that she hasn't had much of a chance to let the be-yotch flag fly when her tribe keeps hoisting up the victory one every week -- but the lack of screen time isn't helping her cause. If you say you're evil, then do something evil. The camera will always move to evil, no matter what the other group is doing. Either commit to the role or pick another part.

10. Crystal. Thank you somewhat taller, much louder, total-breakdown-in-progress Alicia. What was your Olympic sport, exactly: the 100-decibel denial? You should be a challenge force, you should be the most physically capable person in the pool, and what you are is another one in a very long series of practical jokes from the casting department. What's bothering me more than anything else right now is that I'm sure you're going to make the jury -- and your final vote will be based in everything except thought.

11. Jeff. (Honorary) He's been more than a little out of control this season. The 'elect a leader now before I kill you all' bit was just the tip of a very large iceberg, and serving the pastry Reward to Kota on the spot just ripped a deeper gash in the hull. Our host needs to have some touch of neutrality, and the only aspect of it we've seen so far is what's rapidly turning into a near-loathing of everybody. I wonder if he's starting to get a little bit fed up with the casting department too...

12. Sugar. Yes, Sugar is being placed this low, because Sugar's mistake was bigger than anyone else's. So far, she's misplayed the idol from first moment to the soon-to-come last: you don't think she's ever getting that thing back, do you? No attempt at concealment when she knew the others would search her bag, not so much trying a pass play as falling for 'give a token of your loyalty', not knowing that switches generally only work when there's an immediately, predetermined, locked-in target... Sugar has committed show suicide, smiling all the way into the bear trap. And while it's nice to see you feel so sorry for your tribe's food situation, does the word 'smuggling' mean anything to you?

13. Randy. Freefall from challenge genius to unnecessary self-made outcast. There was no need for that little non-speech after the Reward challenge, and all you've done is put a very large target on your sternum: trust me, they'll want you to see it coming. Yes, making yourself look like the ideal F2 partner because no one would want to vote for you can be a semi-viable strategy -- but right now, you're assuming that people could put up with you for that long, not to mention that you'll be able to keep from offending your own tribe. Everyone saw your jerk side during that display -- so what are they going to do about it?

Out: Kelly. Well, that ought to shut her up.

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michel 10812 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

10-26-08, 12:38 PM (EST)
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5. "RE: Survivor Love/Loathe List v17.5"
I first want to note that Matty was talking about F3 in Fang, not F3 overall. If they merge at 9 and Fang continued to lose, he figured that Ace, Sugar and himself could be the last Fang at TC and then the idol could be used.

1- Matty(10,7,6,5): Imagine how much better this season would have been if Matty had been in Kota in place of Marcus. Nice guy but he may not be around for Jaime to pay him a visit in Gabon.

2- Marcus(2,5,2,2): He's all about the team and making Kota as strong as they can be. Will Kota be there for him when he needs them?

3- Randy(3,3,1,1): Who is snarkier? Randy for laughing at Fang or Jeff for forcing Fang to watch Kota sampling a pastry because they had "plenty to take back to camp"!! Each week gives us a new step in Randy's end game plan. Crystal calling him a troll reminded me of Colleen's lyposuction confessional for Hatch.

4- Corinne(4,1,3,6): This cute cheerleader seems to know that the Kota train is the way to go. Her eye roll during the confessional about Dan made me laugh.

5- Sugar(13,2,4,4): Did you notice her look at TC when Crystal, Kelly and Ace were arguing? Matty and Ken looked extremely uncomfortable but Sugar was having fun. It's nice to have someone showing emotions. I also loved Ace's look when she told him she took her idol back from his jacket. Yes Ace, Sugar probably realized she has used you as much as she needed to use you.

6- Ace(8,6,7,3): Reigning supreme is the dream of every villain. His fall will be amusing. Did anyone else remember Greg Buis' flying fish when Ace interrupted his confessional to look at the elephant?

7- Bob (1,9,5,7): He's showing that age isn't preventing him from playing a good game. Maybe you noticed that, in addition to telling us that Dan was annoying, Bob also told us he was sharing a plate with Susie. As soon as I heard that, I was reminded of Tina Wesson who told us that the way to spot hidden alliances was noticing who sits with whom. Can Bob use Susie?

8- Charlie(6,4,8,9): It seems that, when we don't need to hear a commercial to Marcus' greatness, Charlie doesn't have a role to play.

9- Dan(9,8,11,8): He is his own worst enemy.

11- Ken (12,9,11,11): Poor Ken. First, he lost his "brother" GC and now, his tool Kelly. I hope he realizes that he went from a good position in Fang's alliance of 3 to being #4 in an alliance led by the snake.

12- Crystal (13,13,12): Yes, Ace was with you for the last challenges but you lost 8 in all. With that poor attitude, I can ask how are you benefitting me and my viewing enjoyment?

13- Susie (15,12): She's enjoying turtle gumbo soup.

Booted- Kelly (10,10,10): Nice boobs

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CTgirl 7073 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

10-26-08, 09:20 PM (EST)
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6. "RE: Survivor Love/Loathe List v17.5"
1. Matty – He gives it his all and he’s making the most of what he has (which on Fang, isn’t much!)

2. Marcus – He’s a strong competitor and he’s in a good position on his tribe.

3. Sugar – There was something intriguing about some of her facial expressions this week, she reminded me of the Cheshire Cat. I want to know how game savvy and smart she is – or if she’s just happy-go-lucky and doesn’t really care what happens. It could go either way…

4. Bob – He did an awesome job in both challenges especially compared to some other younger athletes (coughCrystalcough). I love the way he is still wearing his buff as a bowtie.

5. Corinne – She isn’t doing much at the moment but she certainly has presence in the game.

6. (tie) Randy – He pulled out his crusty old man shtick this week. It didn’t bother me because Crystal is a whiner not a competitor.

6. (tie) Kenny – “We need to blindside Ace to make merge…Ace is sneaky.” He has some game; let’s see what he does with it.

6. (tie) Charlie – A great team member and has good endurance, but he won’t outwit anyone!

9. Susie – I’m glad she’s enjoying her trip to Gabon now that she’s on Kota.

10. Ace – He’s way overconfident in his Position of Supremacy. He totally blew the IC for Fang.

11. Dan – Mr. Piggy

12. Crystal - Could you imagine any Olympic athlete being more worthless? She has moments where I think she understands the game but she doesn’t have the social game to be a good strategist, plus she just cries and whines. She’s next…I hope.

Booted: Kelly – I am so happy I won’t have to listen to her speak anymore.

Creeped out by Tribe with help from Icecat

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SpotTheDifference 906 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Fitness Correspondent"

10-28-08, 01:15 AM (EST)
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8. "RE: Survivor Love/Loathe List v17.5"
Consolidating my love lists for the last two weeks. I might add reasons later on.

1. Ken (1, 2, 7, 4)

2. Matty (10, 7, 3, 2)

3. Marcus (3, 4, 1, 1)

4. Bob (2, 8, 8, 6)

5 Ace (8, 14, 12, 10)

6. Sugar (15, 3, 4, 5)

7. Randy (9, 5, 2, 3)

8. Corrinne (11, 9, 6, 9)

9. Charlie (4, 10, 5, 7)

10 Dan (7, 6, 9, 8)

11 Crystal (6, 1, 10, 11)

12 Susie (16, 13, 11, 12)

Kelly (13, 12, 13)
GC (5, 15)

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