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"TAR Canada - 2nd season"
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Original message

PepeLePew13 25327 desperate attention whore postings
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07-08-14, 08:41 PM (EST)
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"TAR Canada - 2nd season"
If you all would indulge me, I'll keep a running tally of how things are going every week for the second season of TAR Canada, which premieres tonight. Will probably find time to do some episode summaries as well.

An early report is saying that this season will be an international season, not just in Canada as in the case of the first season. A traveler in Hong Kong apparently saw a TAR Canada team racing along with a camera crew and an U-Turn sign in the background. If so, woot! Canada's got many great locations to visit, but I'm happy to see that it appears they'll be going overseas as well.

Grand prize package: $250,000, a free year of Air Canada flights and a pair of Chevy trucks.

TAR Canada 2 teams:

Rex & Bob (Engaged Couple)
Rex Harrington (51, legendary ballet dancer, now artist-in-residence with the National Ballet of Canada) and Bob Hope (47, dental consultant), from Ashburn, Ontario.

Mickey & Pete (Hippie Best Friends)
Mickey Henry (24, owner/operator of What Wake Park) and Pete Schmalz (24, deck installer), from Seguin and Parry Sound, Ontario.

Pierre & Michel (The Twins)
Pierre Forget and Michel Forget, 42 year old twins, both former freestyle skiers and now co-run a meatpacking company, from Terrebonne, Quebec.

Laura & Jackie (Married Couple)
Laura Takahashi (28, media development) and Jackie Skinner (31, musician), vegetarians from Toronto, Ontario.

Ryan & Rob (The Bartenders)
Ryan Steele (36, bartender and sketch comic) and Rob Goddard (24, bartender and fitness trainer), from Vancouver, B.C.

Jen & Shawn (Married Couple)
Jen King (40, holistic nutrition practitioner) and Shawn King (41, partner/president/CCO of an advertising agency), from Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Cormac & Nicole (Son/Mother)
Cormac Foster (19, student in biosystems engineering) and Nicole Foster (39, director of Resident Services), from Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Sukhi & Jinder (Siblings)
Sukhi Atwal (32, entrepreneur) and Jinder Atwal (26, entrepreneur), from Terrace, B.C.

Natalie & Meaghan (Gold Medallists)
Natalie Spooner (23, forward on Canada's National Women's hockey team) and Meaghan Mikkelson (29, defence on Canada's National Women's hockey team), respectively from Scarborough, Ontario and Calgary, Alberta.

Alain & Audrey (Dating Couple)
Alain Chanoine (32, actor) and Audrey Tousignant-Maurice (31, real estate broker), from St-Hubert, Quebec.

Shahla & Nabeela (Best Friends)
Shahla Kara (29, occupational therapist) and Nabeela Barday (29, management/consulting), from Markham, Ontario.

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starshine 115 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Blistex Spokesperson"

07-09-14, 04:21 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: TAR Canada - 2nd season"
Here or should we open up new thresds?

So far my main whinge is Alain and Audrey, I am thinking there must be something in their contract that says they have to kiss every five seconds.

Athabasca Glacier - yup done that, it was a full day excursion from Calgary though.

Calgary Olympic park - Been there on a bus, it was raining so I didn't get out.

Victoria - Tea at the Empress, there was an egg in croissant thingy that I will remember until I die, a very civilised experience.

Had they gone to the bug museum I would be wondering if I had planned the route!

Glad I avoided the "drowning in freezing water whilst holding a mallet" experience though.

Query: Are the Ice Hockey gold medallists more likely to get locals working for them than the other teams?

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PepeLePew13 25327 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

07-10-14, 03:37 PM (EST)
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2. "RE: TAR Canada - 2nd season"
Thought it was a great starting location on the glacier, complete with the Ice Explorer buses to bring in the teams. I wish they would have had them to do a task along the way with a 3+ hour drive from the Icefields to the Olympic Park in Calgary - maybe something like take a kayak to the other side of Moraine Lake (although it would likely have been still frozen over during filming) as Alberta has a LOT to offer in the Bow corridor (Jasper to Calgary). Having lived in Banff, I could offer them plenty of ideas for tasks to do!

Last time I was by the Empress, I was a kid as we were living in B.C. for a year then. I don't remember it, but my father said we went there.

I thought that was an interesting challenge to plug up holes with a mallet - tough challenge, they could have made the water a more reasonable temperature but yeah the girls beat themselves by repeatedly dropping their tools under water.

Don't think the gold medallists would get more locals working for them as they did not appear to be flaunting who they were; perhaps they would later in the race when the pressure is on. If anything, Rex might get more people helping him particularly with the older crowd as he seems to be the DAW-ish type with the flamboyance of him and his partner, reaching out etc. The older folks may know him from his years in the National Ballet of Canada - he was the top headliner for two decades along with Karen Kain.

Having said that... Jon said it would be a 40,000 km race, so they're going overseas (coast to coast from Vancouver to Halifax, it's only 5,900 km). It would depend on how much time they spend in Canada toward the end which would tell us whether the gold medallists or Rex/Bob get any help from the locals.

Will get an episode summary up later on - I missed a couple of spots during the episode as I had some kid stuff to do, and been made loopy the last day or so with a bad ear infection.

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Estee 56942 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

07-11-14, 09:08 AM (EST)
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3. "RE: TAR Canada - 2nd season"
So how boring do you have to be before the only tag a reality show producer can hang on you is 'vegetarians'?
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starshine 115 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Blistex Spokesperson"

07-11-14, 12:33 PM (EST)
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4. "RE: TAR Canada - 2nd season"
Well they met at about 11 fell in love straight away, have remained best friends since then, and now are happily married, so maybe the most exciting thing they have done so far is eschew meat?
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Earl Colby Pottinger 1841 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Herbal Healing Drugs Endorser"

07-11-14, 09:30 PM (EST)
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5. "RE: TAR Canada - 2nd season"
LAST EDITED ON 07-11-14 AT 09:32 PM (EST)

Well, I am placing my bets on the Hockey Girls.

They did not get those metals by being soft nor not using their brains.

Just look how well they did in the first leg.

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PepeLePew13 25327 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

07-15-14, 07:59 PM (EST)
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6. "Episode 1 - Summary"
LAST EDITED ON 07-15-14 AT 08:06 PM (EST)

First, to answer Starshine's question... think we should keep everything in one thread as I don't expect we'll go over 50 posts for the season (prove me wrong, folks!).

Anyhoo... here we go.

Episode 1 Recap:
What's It Take To Get A Cup Of Tea?

Here's Jon at the spanking new Glacier Skywalk in Jasper National Park; it's a new thing that hangs out over the cliff at Sunwapta Valley with nothing under it for several hundred feet. Sounds like an ideal location for a task such as bungee jumping or rappelling down, right? Nope. Just an all-so-brief photo op for Jon as he goes into his spiel.

We meet the eleven teams of polite DAWs (we're Canadian, after all) on the Athabasca Glacier in the Columbia Icefield area. The teams are brought in by two Ice Explorer buses and here they are in order:

Hockey girls, Mickey/Pete, Sukhi/Jinder (who are quick to tell us they've been to 29 countries, as if that is going to automatically make them favourites to win), the Twins, Jen/Shawn, Laura/Jackie, Alain/Audrey (who, as Starshine pointed out, spent pretty much the whole time smooching on camera), Shahla/Nabeela, Rex/Bob, Ryan/Rob and Cormac/Nicole.

Jon tells the teams they'll embark on the adventure of a lifetime but hoped they were ready because this race was going to be "longer, harder and more gruelling" than they could ever imagine. 40,000 km total on this race and the winners will get $250K, anywhere Air Canada flies for a year, two Chevy Silverado trucks and gas for life (perks up... that'd be a huge prize for me considering I drive 40-45K km a year for work).

After getting the go-ahead from Jon, teams race to get their backpacks and hop into cars to drive to Canada Olympic Park (COP) in Calgary. Jinder gets the race off to a smashing start by taking off first, then stopping near exit to get out and close the back door of the vehicle as the backpack was caught in the tailgate - naturally since this is Canada, all of the other teams meekly queued up behind him. In the U.S., the teams behind him would just have swerved around Jinder, possibly ripping the door off in the process.

Once at COP, teams are to pick up clues at the Frank King Day Lodge which tells them to make their way to the top of the 90-meter ski jump hill and then take the "Monster" zip-line to the bottom, where they're met by Olympic medallist Helen Upperton to get their next clue and Scotiabank Amex cards to tide them over for the rest of the race ($300 for this particular leg). Beef alert: I've been a Scotiabank client for over 20 years, howcum I never got anything like this on my credit cards from them? Think I'll go pay them a visit and demand some concessions since the only thing I've gotten from them is debt and interest payments.

While at COP, we get our first bit of flirting going on between Nabeela/Shahla and the Twins (who happens to co-run a meat processing facility) and this little bon mot goes on:
Nabeela: What do you do for a living?
Pierre: We kill animal. {Anyone else picturing a caveman here? Or perhaps Schwarzenegger?}
Nabeela: You do halal meat?

After the "Monster" at COP, off we go to the Calgary airport to catch one of three flights to Victoria, B.C. While still in the parking lot at COP, Rex goes into hysterics over getting lost -- with this scene combined with his "Mother of Cher! I can't see!" yowling during the cold zip-line ride at COP, well... buckle up, it's going to be a long, loud and dramatic race with him.

Now in Sidney, B.C., teams make their way to the Viscount Aero Centre to search for a vintage biplane to get their next clue. It's time for the first ... Roadblock!

Roadblock: "Who's ready to jump into the race?" One from each team is to jump 12,000 ft. out of a plane. That sound you heard is hockey girl Natalie vomiting as soon she got the clue, the first of about 15 or so vomits from her as she completed the task - apparently she's only good at going at a high speed horizontally while on ice but not vertically through icy air.

After landing at Willows Beach and getting their next clues, the teams then took off to the old Fairmont Empress Hotel in Victoria, and we've already got another ... Roadblock!

Roadblock: "Who's ready to get steeped in tradition?" Here, the team member who didn't do the first Roadblock has to do this one where they must get a lesson in the fineries of Downton Abbey British High Tea and memorize an afternoon tea menu and then recite it to a group of patrons all dressed up in the old British tradition. A Tea Master will judge whether they did it properly in order to get their next clue.

It went pretty much as predicted with most of the teams taking a long time to successfully recite the menu - well, Rex probably would have completed it a lot sooner if he didn't spend so much time playing to the camera instead of actually paying attention the the actual menu in between tries. You'd think he'd do well coming from a profession where routines have to be memorized, but I guess being a mega-DAW was more important. Meanwhile, Bob is adding to the team's drama by uttering the episode title, "What's it take to get a cup of tea around here?" while waiting for Rex to finally pry himself away from the camera.

One of the two to nail it on the first try was, of all people, Michel, who asked if he could do it in a French accent. That'll do. The other to do it on one try was Mickey, another seemingly unlikely choice to do so. Rex, Cormac and Shawn in particular take a lot of tries to do it.

After doing the tea Roadblock, teams headed off to a damage control course at Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt to put on water suits as 'navy recruits' and climb down into a simulation of a flooding navy ship's hull and plug nine holes using tools to stop the water from coming in. Most of the teams do well in this challenge, although Cormac nearly needed to use a stake to plug his mother's mouth to get her to stop barking into his ear.

On the way to the pit stop at Fort Rod Hillís Fisgard Lighthouse after completing the navy recruit task, the Hockey Girls (Natalie/Meaghan) and the Kissing Couple (Alain/Audrey) were neck to neck before the Hockey Girls arrived first at the mat - but not before Natalie puked a final time on the boat ride over - and won the Express Pass for themselves, the right to give a second one to another team by the end of episode 5, a flight for two to South America and $2000 each.

In seemingly rapid succession after the first two, the following teams arrived at the mat: Team Drama, Team Son/Mom, Laura/Jackie, Sukhi/Jinder, Hippies, Twins, Ryan/Rob, and the one team the editors held back to build a modicum of drama, Jen/Shawn.

Nabeela and Shahla ran into serious trouble, though, as they dropped their tools twice into the waters of the ship's hull -- once Shahla got soaked by the ice cold waters trying to pick up the tool, she was done for as it was a matter of time before hypothermia would set in. Shortly after going under for the second time to pick up a tool, they had to throw in the towel and take a penalty, but by then they were already in last place and eventually arrived at the mat to be Jonliminated (huh, definitely doesn't have the same ring to it as being Philiminated).

Final order of finish:
1. Natalie and Meaghan - winner of first leg
2. Alain and Audrey
3. Rex and Rob
4. Cormac and Nicole
5. Laura and Jackie
6. Sukhi and Jinder
7. Pete and Mickey
8. Pierre and Michel
9. Ryan and Rob
10. Jen and Shawn
11. Nabeela and Shahla - eliminated

ETA: This from Natalie's twitter feed about her barf-a-thon... "Tossed once in the plane; 5 times on the dive (yuck); 10 times in the cab; and even once in the boat going to Esquimalt...long after." 17 times in total. No wonder she was able to zip to the pit stop, being so light by the end...

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PepeLePew13 25327 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

07-15-14, 10:00 PM (EST)
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7. "Episode 2 - Play by Play and Summary"
LAST EDITED ON 07-15-14 AT 11:25 PM (EST)

"There's a Fish in My Pants"

Here we are with episode 2!

A recap of last week's happenings going from the snow of Alberta to the mild weather of Vancouver Island, mixed in with Downton Abbey stuffiness and plenty of drama from Rex/Bob.

We're in Victoria to start this leg, site of Western Canada's oldest city. Natalie and Meaghan are first to leave at 4:18 am. $100 for this leg. We're off to the airport for a short hop to Tofino, which is halfway up Vancouver Island and the site of epic waves for surfers. Hockey girls talk about how it's just been a short time since they were over in Sochi for the Olympics and now competing in the race. There are three flights to Tofino, an hour apart.

Rex/Bob and Alain/Audrey are the first to arrive at the beach in Tofino. Detour time!

Sharp Knives (slice fillets perfectly up to thirty pounds)
... or ...
Sharp Eyes (go through a bin of 1000 pounds worth of fish and separate five types of fish into their own bins).

Rex and Bob elect to do Sharp Eyes and sort the fish. Alain and Audrey do the same. Looks like it's going to be tough - many of the fish look pretty much the same. Rex is flinging the fish while Bob's head is down in the tub eyeing the fish. It doesn't take long for Alain/Audrey to bail out and go to do Sharp Knives. Doesn't look any easier with having to fillet them perfectly without chopping it up.

Rex and Bob fail on their third attempt while Nicole/Cormac fail to do it on their first try. The second plane teams are just now arriving at the detour.

Getting the full profile look on Jen and Shawn ... is that foreshadowing of who's being eliminated tonight? Dun dun dunnnn.... It doesn't help that they went in reverse and almost hit the fence when they meant to drive forward after getting off the plane.

Alain and Audrey finish the detour first and head off to the Surf Shack at North Chesterman Beach for their next clue. The Twins have just arrived at the detour and they talk about how the Sharp Knives one is perfect for them considering the line of work they're in.

Rex and Bob are now on their tenth attempt on the Sharp Eyes part of the detour.

Back from commercial... Rex and Bob say they're not going to change detours, and they finally get it! Despite the ten tries, they're still in second place at this point. They eventually pass Alain/Audrey along the way as the latter pulled over to apparently ask for directions.

The vegetarian couple get almost half of their fillets tossed as being unacceptable and they bail out to do the Sharp Eyes one.

The first two teams arrive at the Surf Shack and are to look for the clue, ride a bike with surfboards and then suit up and one of them will catch a wave for three minutes while the other films the ride. Alain and Audrey don't realize they have to look ON the surfboard to find their clue so they end up running off into no man's land, while the Dramas keep their lips sealed.

Sukhi has a fish go into her pants and they're one short... she finds it, and she/Jinder get it done on the fifth try!

Alain and Audrey are squabbling as they go around trying to figure out where the clue is. They go right by the surfboards with the clue very clearly visible on it and go further down the coastline in search.

Rex and Bob are the first to go out into the surf. Rex said it's all about balance as a dancer, but he's not doing well thus far.

Finally, Alain/Audrey see the clue and off they go on their bikes.

Sukhi/Jinder have to find a garage as they think their electric car, the Volt, is out of juice. After plugging it in, they find out they actually still have 453 km worth left and they didn't need to do so. Wasted time there.

Son/Mom and Twins finish up their detours. Bob is filming Rex on the surfboard and Alain is doing the same for Audrey. Audrey finishes quickly.

Roadblock! "Sittin' Pretty" Teams will have to collect materials (driftwood, netting, etc.) from the beach to create a functional chair to sit on - i.e. a chair that won't collapse when you put your weight on it.

Ryan and Rob are struggling with the Sharp Eyes part of the detour. Jen and Shawn are still Sharp Eyes.

Several teams are now arriving at the surf beach. Rex snidely comments that the Hockey Girls probably have a gold medal in surfing. Maybe you could pay attention to what you're trying to do instead of watching when other teams are arriving, eh Rex?

Jen and Shawn finish the Sharp Eyes detour. They're in 8th at this point.

Hockey Girls struggling and debate switching on the surfboard. Hippies fly right through and nail it on the first try. Hockey Girls get it done.

Laura/Jackie and Ryan/Rob are the last two still doing the detour. The veggie ladies do it on their 8th try, leaving the bartenders behind in last place at the moment.

Natalie/Meaghan are first to build a suitable chair and head off to the pit stop at the Crab Dock in Tofino. It's the site where fishermen bring in their day's haul for counting and selling.

Rex and Bob are whinging about being too exhausted to continue so they decide to take a 2-hour penalty. Seriously, you're going to tell me a legendary ballet dancer can't find balance long enough to stick it out on a surfboard for more than a few seconds?!?

Sukhi and Jinder arrive at the beach on their bikes and both promptly crash onto the sand. Jinder makes the most acrobatic flops off the diving surf board.

Hockey Girls finish first at the pit stop again. They win two tickets to Hong Kong and another $2000 on their Scotiabank Amex card. I want $2000 to magically appear on my card as well.

Ryan and Rob finally get the detour done.

Alain and Audrey finish second at the pit stop for the second episode in a row.

Shawn heads out to ride a wave. Nicole is still out there on her surfboard. Disaster strikes... Shawn flips off his surfboard and is holding his shoulder; they call for a medic. Nicole must have heard something as she's also running over to Shawn.

You can see the shoulder joint has completely popped out and the bone is jutting out of place, gah really looks nasty. He's being taken away in an ambulance.

Oblivious to what is happening elsewhere, Mickey and Pete are third to finish building a beach chair and head off to the pit stop. Bob is still trying to put his chair together.

Nicole soldiers on after the ambulance leaves and finishes the task. Laura/Jackie and Ryan/Rob soon arrive at the Surf Shack. Bob asks a puppy for help in building his chair. Cormac successfully finishes his chair and moves on, and soon after the Twins also move on while Bob is still struggling with the chair. The drama queens discuss taking another penalty.

Jinder is still doing dramatic flops off the surfboard while Jackie starts surfing - and nails it on her first try. Jinder does another twisting 180-degree pirouette off the board. 10.0 for creativity, 3.2 for execution.

Mickey and Pete are team number three while Nicole and Cormac are team number four.

Sukhi/Jinder finally get approval from the judge who is trying to hide her laughter while viewing the video.

Twins are team number 5 at the pit stop while Rex/Bob are the sixth team to arrive and are assessed a six-hour penalty in total for not doing two tasks.

We're now at the Tofino hospital and Jen fills us in on what's happening with Shawn as he just had his shoulder popped back into place, not sure if they're going to go back out there again ... and we cut to commercial.

Back on the beach, we see Sukhi/Jinder and Laura/Jackie putting their chairs together at the same time. Sukhi/Jinder, Ryan/Rob and Laura/Jackie complete one right after the other and they finish in 6th, 7th and 8th, respectively.

Jon calls over Rex/Bob and informs them that Jen/Shawn have withdrawn due to Shawn's gruesome injury and that they're still alive in the race. Jon goes over to meet Jen/Shawn outside of the Tofino hospital and they discuss wanting to keep going but know they couldn't do so. Shawn thought it was cool to hear the words, "You have been eliminated from the race."

Final order of finish:
1. Natalie and Meaghan
2. Alain and Audrey
3. Mickey and Pete
4. Cormac and Nicole
5. Pierre and Michel
6. Suhki and Jinder
7. Ryan and Rob
8. Laura and Jackie
9. Rex and Bob - 6 hour penalty
10. Jen and Shawn - Withdrew due to injury

Next week... we're off to Hong Kong! We've got posing as Bruce Lee wannabes and a gross food challenge coming up - eating the heart of a snake. Mmmm.

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starshine 115 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Blistex Spokesperson"

07-18-14, 09:17 AM (EST)
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8. "RE: Episode 2 - Play by Play and Summary"
The way Shawn was saying if I pop it back in before the ambulance arrives we can carry on, but Jen will have to do the surfing made me feel a touch unwell.
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Earl Colby Pottinger 1841 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Herbal Healing Drugs Endorser"

07-21-14, 09:00 AM (EST)
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9. "RE: Episode 2 - Play by Play and Summary"
Well, he had to try to pop it in as soon as possible.

If you do not then inflation occurs that makes the shoulder more and more painful and interferes with how quickly you recover.

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PepeLePew13 25327 desperate attention whore postings
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08-12-14, 09:01 PM (EST)
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10. "Episodes 3, 4 and 5"
A placeholder for summaries of these episodes to come in the next few days. Been out of town for the past three weeks.
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PepeLePew13 25327 desperate attention whore postings
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08-12-14, 10:00 PM (EST)
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11. "Episode 6 play-by-play and summary"
LAST EDITED ON 08-13-14 AT 09:13 AM (EST)

Greetings folks... I'm back after being out of town for three weeks!

Recap: Nicole endured a grueling (but heroic to not give up) 22 tries before completing her biathlon task, and she & Cormac were eliminated.

We're in the Yukon. First clue tells the teams to fly to Winnipeg, Manitoba, and find the Golden Boy to locate their next clue. Each team will get $200 on their cards to use for this leg.

Hockey Girls talk about the fact they didn't start in first place for the first time all game. Sukhi/Jinder comment that Winnipeg was where their dad landed from India to start a new life in Canada.

Rex and Bob play up the fact that Rex has danced in Winnipeg numerous times during his National Ballet of Canada career.

The Golden Boy is on top of a building and as teams arrive there, they find out it doesn't open until 6:00 am. Bunching point!

Teams must now travel to the Royal Canadian Mint where hundreds of millions of coins are minted, including those for 72 countries. Teams will get 10 international coins and have to figure out which countries they match up to by placing coins on top of flags laid out on a table. They go outside to look at flags waving with country signs under them, then go inside to try and match up the coins.

Hockey girls are first to arrive, and they fail to succeed in their first try. Ditto for Rex/Bob and Alain/Audrey. Hockey Girls succeed on their second try.

Clue tells them to go to Winnipeg's famed intersection, Portage and Main.

Sukhi and Jinder arrive last because of a terrible taxi driver, yet they nail the challenge on their first try. They credit their frequent travels together while growing up. Alain and Audrey try again and get the clue. Rex and Bob are next up and get it done.

Hockey Girls arrive at a train crossing and we go to commercial as they make it sound like they could be in trouble with being stuck in traffic while there is a train going by. Please. There's 48 minutes left in the hour. They're still in the lead.

Back from commercial... Pierre and Michel get it done and move on.

Hockey Girls miraculously survive the delay at the train crossing and head over to Portage and Main. The clue tells them there's a Detour and, oh are you KIDDING ME... one of the Detours at the MTS Centre, which is, yes, the home of the Winnipeg Jets. Has there ever been a task more slanted in favour of one team in the history of the Amazing Race in any edition than this one? This is going to be easy for the Hockey Girls.

Detour: Puck It (stickhandle around cones and score five goals through five slots in a board covering the goal net) or Pinch It. (locate an Ukrainian Cathedral and prepare 74 perfectly pinched pierogies). Boy, they really want the Hockey Girls to win, no?

Mickey and Pete complete the task at the Mint and move on. Sukhi and Jinder debate going for the Fast Forward, but head to the arena. Alain and Audrey consider the Fast Forward but know they're the third team to that point and believe one of the other two would have gone for it.

Tough decision for the Hockey Girls... umm, which detour should they go for? Ah, let's go for the Puck It one. Doesn't take them long to score the first goal. Or the second ... the third... and the fourth. Miss on the fifth try, aiming for the five-hole.

Fun fact: Meaghan's father, Bill Mikkelson, played four seasons in the NHL and holds the unofficial record for the worst plus/minus in NHL history at a mind-numbing -82 with the Capitals.

Sukhi does the Puck It and can barely stand at all on skates. From ten feet away, she misses the net by a good five feet. Your Canadian citizenship has been revoked, Sukhi.

Rob/Ryan are the last to complete the Mint task.

Audrey/Alain realize that the first two teams didn't go for the Fast Forward, so they hightail it out of the arena to go for it. At the Exchange District, they will have to search a neighbourhood and locate 7 vintage billboards painted on the side of buildings.

Rex/Bob do the Pinch It and start work on pierogies.

Hockey Girls still struggling to score on the five hole. Gee, did the producers perhaps pay them to miss a few to build up drama? Mickey/Pete and Pierre/Michel score a couple to put a little pressure on them and even Jinder pots a couple. Nat and Meaghan are now up to try #46 (!!). Pierre/Michel gets it done on their 11th try and are currently in first place. Well, I don't think anyone saw that coming.

Annnnnnddd... Mickey/Pete get it done on their 9th try. Hockey Girls are now on try number 52. From my experience playing hockey, the mistake I see from the girls is that they stickhandle through the cones and then stop on the line before shooting. Personally, I'd have shot while still skating before the line - you get more oomph on the shot and be more accurate. This should be fun at the next women's Olympic team gathering - they're going to get razzed about this for the rest of their careers.

Shot #57 is the magic one, and they finally move on. The teams now move on to Whiskey Dix, a rockin' bar, where they encounter a Roadblock!

Roadblock - One person must dress like a rock and roll legend (picking out three accessories to wear), memorize the lyrics of a tune and then perform it in front of a crowd. When they win over the crowd, they'll get their next clue.

Rex/Bob and Ryan/Rob are having a hard time with the Pinch It detour. Drama queens only get 30 of their 74 pierogies approved by Helen the "Pierogy Poobah", as named by the drama queens.

Sukhi/Jinder get it done on shot 39. When even these two complete it in 18 shots fewer than the Hockey Girls, you got to wonder if the fix is in... reminds me of when non-swimmer Gervase beat out river guide Kelly in the original Survivor season.

Pierre and Michel decide to use the Express Pass as they feel the tune is too difficult for them, considering English is a second language for them. The Express Pass allows them to go directly to the spanking-new Canadian Museum for Human Rights {note: my sister works there!} located at the Forks, where the pit stop is located 330 feet above ground level in the building.

Alain and Audrey are still doing the Fast Forward... and they finally finish it, allowing them to go to the Pit Stop. We have a race for the mat with both teams now inside the building.

Pierre and Michel finish first. They win a trip for two to Los Cabos and $3000 on their card. Alain and Audrey are not far behind as team number 2, and they're disappointed, expecting to finish first with the Fast Forward.

#RockOnRacers ... Mickey is first to go up onto the stage and perform his tune. His wig falls off midway and the crowd is jeering him as he loses his place mid-song.

Ryan and Rob get 37 of their 74 pierogies approved.

Jinder is up to do the song. He is actually doing well at first, then abruptly forgets where he's at and gets booed off the stage. Natalie goes up and promptly gets booed off. Mickey on his fourth try also gets jeered off. Natalie goes into meltdown mode and says she doesn't think she can do it anymore as we go to commercial.

Rex and Bob are up next to have their pierogies inspected ... and they have 74 approved! They move on to the Whiskey Dix.

Mickey finally gets his performance approved. Jinder on his fourth attempt...done! Natalie still fighting with herself. Ryan/Rob get all 74 perogies approved. Nat goes back out for her fifth attempt...and nailed it! Rex says since it's performance-related, he'll do it ... and bombs on his first attempt. Ditto for his second attempt. I'm sure he's not used to being booed, considering the patrons aren't known to boo during ballet performances.

Mickey/Pete - team 3.
Sukhi/Jinder - team 4.
Natalie/Meaghan - team 5.

Rex ... "Get off the stage!" Rob has just started to dress up for his performance, and he's now making his first attempt....and gets it done right off the bat! Rex/Bob definitely in trouble now. Rex gets it done and they head off in a taxi, thinking they could be in third place. Waaaay off.

Ryan/Rob are team number 6.

Rex greets the ballerina at the pit stop as apparently he knows her. Rex/Bob gets the news that they're the last to arrive and have been eliminated. Finally! They didn't deserve to be there that long considering they had quit on several challenges in past episodes... entertaining at times, yes, but rather lackadaisical in tonight's challenges.

In fact, Rex clearly was more bothered by his wardrobe choice during the rockin' Roadblock, dressed as a hybrid of Cher and Madonna, than he was by his elimination - go figure.

Next week... we're in Normandy, France! Nice touch to see them at a Canadian soldier graveyard where many soldiers died fighting to save France during the war. The jet lag is going to be a killer, though -- going from Macau/Hong Kong to the Yukon to Winnipeg to France in a matter of 3-5 days. Oof.

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12. "RE: TAR Canada - 2nd season"
Now on looking at emigrating to Canadia (in an half hearted manner) it is made clear that Canada is bilingual and knowing French makes getting in a heck of a lot easier. So why are so many teams having trouble?

My parents used to have an house (Well 1 1/2 up, 1 down) just outside St. Lo, so I have been to Bayeux often, the tapestry is very important to us British (as you can see the book 1066 and all that is even named after the date), and submitted in 1930 that it is one of only two the English can remember, now I would say it was the only one.

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