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"Finale spoiling"
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05-04-07, 12:46 PM (EST)
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"Finale spoiling"
There were actually a couple of spoilers about this earlier in the year, which also provide a background look at how the show works.

First is this one from the SurvivorSucks EZboard:

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(12/27/06 9:57 pm)

SPOILER - All Stars sighted in a stop on the All Stars Race
Got this email from a friend of a friend... enjoy!!!

If any of you are fans of the CBS hit reality show "The Amazing Race," you will be pleasantly surprised to know that GUAM will be one of the featured stops in next season's show. For those of you who are not or who have no clue as to what I'm talking about, I'll tell my groupie story anyway.

Last Wednesday, we were given a heads-up by airport security that the show was expected on-island, and although they weren't sure which airline they were going to use they wanted to ensure there were no issues with filming. Thursday came and went, and we didn't see anyone. My co-worker Edgar and I met up with the producer and two cameramen on Friday, and they told us that Phil (the host) was over at CO's counter checking on for the flight to Nagoya/Honolulu. We chatted with the staff and then, like a bunch of groupies, we went looking for Phil. We ended up missing him. Edgar and I got separated somehow, but I bumped into Joyce and Uchenna (the couple from Houston who won about two seasons ago ) in the departure lobby. Joyce talked about having to shave all of her hair in that one episode. It's growing back slowly, and the short hairstyle looks good on her. I had a pretty long chat with them and two other male winners (I don't recall their names, but they said they were known as "the jerks" in their season). They were all very nice and were only too happy to talk about their experiences on the show. When I finally said goodbye and was making my way back to the office, I met up with Uchenna again. He gave me a hug and a kiss and told me to give my regards to John (I told them earlier that John was also a huge fan of the show and that he is currently deployed to Iraq). Ladies, he is definitely attractive and is quite the charmer!

Anyhow, that's part of the season's "surprise" (having previous winners on the show). Virtually all of the footage was filmed up at Andersen Air Force Base, although they will show some island scenes. The cameramen we met said that one lady in a van drove up to them at the base. She's a huge fan of the show, too, and pleaded with them to get her picture taken with the clue box. They thought it was funny.

We were told that the contestants were going to leave the next afternoon (Saturday) on our flight to Narita and then Honolulu. Luckily, these were one-way normal tickets (the Airport Ticket Office is closed on weekends), and it's a fairly easy process if a check-in agent has a little bit of ticketing experience. One of our veteran Operations supervisors (Glenn Weber) said that rookie Operations supervisor Hank was going to be on duty that day. We nearly fell off our chairs laughing. Turns out Glenn wanted to have fun with us and that he was the one that was going to work that day. He later said that Saturday was quite hectic, and there were some pretty demanding blonde contestants. When they left the counter, the other contestants were making fun of them. Glenn was the person who issued virtually all of their tickets, so he's sure to be seen on national TV.

Anyhow, thanks for indulging me. Remember to look out for Northwest's very own Glenn Weber and GUAM on the next season of "The Amazing Race!"

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your families!


That was followed up by this post on RealityFanForum by a poster named apskip:,11991.msg185677.html#msg185677

Hello. I'm back from Australia. 24 hours and some minutes ago on Guam I met with Northwest Operations Supervisor Glenn Weber (only one "b" is correct) and his lieutenant Marie Lizama (she actually wrote and sent out the blog in December about what happened on Dec. 15 and 16 that has made Glenn a TAR celebrity). I had a 7.5 hour layover in Guam International Airport and Hakushu8, an RFF member who lives on Guam, graciously deferred to me on this.

Glenn is expecting to become a local celebrity on Guam as soon as the relevant episode airs (usually within about 10 hours after U.S. East Coast due to time difference). He got a lot of camera time when the F3 teams booked their flights to Honolulu via Tokyo-Narita on the afternoon of Saturday Dec. 16. The previous day was a big day at Guam International Airport as Uchenna/Joyce, the Guidos and Danny/Oswald all departed with Phil on CO904 through Nagoya Japan to Honolulu. Glenn told me he got a brief opportuntiy to chat with Uchenna and Joyce. Dec. 16 had Glenn as the only NW individual on the 2 ticket counters, I believe by choice since he knew what would be happening. First up was Dustin/Kandice, who booked NW 81 mid-afternoon to Narita and NW10 from there to Honolulu. Charla/Mirna actually booked the same flights through Continental's ticket counter. Last was Eric/Danielle, who had run into a NW 747 pilot who convinced them to take the 20 minute later NW73 to Narita to get the comfort of the 747. After Dustin and Kandice heard about this, they decided to change their booking to do the same. The connect time to NW10 was still quite adedquate. Their production crew of cameraman and soundman just barely made it through customs with their equipment to get on the later flight.

TV cameras at the airport caused a great deal of interest from passengers and others at the airport on both days. Recently, the local CBS station on Guam has been showing short advertising clips of some of the local TAR11 action from military bases. Glenn has not been on with Andersen Air Force Base of the Naval Base, but recent info suggests that Andersen is where the action and filming took place. I had as a seatmate from Narita to Newark today a Naval person who was not aware of any rumors about TAR filiming at the Naval Station even though she was not there at the time.


So, we also know the teams go to Shipwreck Beach on Lanai and then to SF, where they apparently end up in Golden Gate Park for the final pit stop.

And we may even have the final order on the Philimination boot list....

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