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"Survivor - The Greek Islands: Episode 9"
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michel 9638 desperate attention whore postings
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07-06-12, 11:43 AM (EST)
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"Survivor - The Greek Islands: Episode 9"
Previously on Survivor, the new Opa tribe had come to an understanding: Dreamz, a strong Survivor that had been playing a good social game had to be voted out.
That left those who had voted with Dreamz in a precarious position and, with Greg winning immunity, it wasn't long before Katie joined Dreamz in the Jury Parthenon.

Now, 9 are left, who will be voted out next?

A Flying Phish

There was a lot of nervosity in the air when the tribe returned from Tribal Council.

Mike: "The last vote caused distress. It was more like panic when my alliance switched ideas at the last minute. Everyone i talk to is paranoid and I am feeling worried myself.”

Ian: “The last TC caused a little bit of mayhem back at camp. I only told Mike and Mick at the last minute that we had to eliminate Katie instead of Sandra. Now, Mick is out for blood to see who cast the stray votes for him.”

Mick: “How did I get two votes? The first has to be from Sandra…I was expecting that one but the other? Someone in my alliance voted against me; who?”

Mick and Todd were designated to go get Tree mail. Mick used the opportunity to ask once more if Todd had voted against him.
Once more, Todd said that he didn’t and that it didn’t matter.
“It doesn’t matter to you because you didn’t get any votes; I got them and it matters to me.”
Todd countered: “Aras got two votes and he’s not worried.”
Mick’s reply, if any, wasn’t shown because the cameras showed the two men returning back to camp where Mick read the message:

“Searching in the sand
digging in desperation,
Somewhere in this land
you will find salvation.”

The Challenge

Jeff looked at the Survivors standing on a mat and said: “For this challenge, you will have to search this island to find 3 bags of letters. The colored bags are scattered at different places around this island. Once you have found all three of your bags, you will then unscramble the letters to form a Survivor themed phrase. Any questions… No? OK then, we will get started: Survivors ready? Go!”

The players scattered in every direction, no one having a clue where to look except for one. Ian seemed to understand where the bags would be, either by the lay of the land or the location of the camera crews, because he first went to the east side of the beach and found the rocks that covered the first set of bags. Walking quickly away before anyone could see him pocketing his green bag, he went north and saw the pile of leaves that hid the second set of bags. None of the other players saw that he had two bags before he had reached the third hiding place: Some thick vegetation that completely covered the set of bags. When he raced to his podium, the others took notice and tried to retrace his steps but it was futile: Ian was opening his three bags on the podium, uncovering the following letters:


He shuffled them around for a minute or so and then came up with: “Safe at Tribal Council.”

Indeed, he will be safe because Jeff had to admit: “Ian wins immunity!”

The other players were amazed because they were still looking around. The staff used the opportunity to get a first impression confessional from a player that was kneeling in shrubery when Jeff made the announcement:

Mike: “so i'm still looking for the bags cuz apparently i'm not smart enough to figure this out.. oh well....probably shouldn't reveal that to production but I am hoping you'll take sympathy on me. i stand zero chance on these types of challenges....oh well. as for the game, seems as though my partner in crime has won. How about that?! Good for him.”

Jeff gave the necklace to Ian, telling everyone that they would be attending Tribal Council the next day.

Day 26

Mike had another confessional after getting back to camp: “i'm playing Natalie to Ian’s Russell...i'm trying to just be nice to everyone and be a good little soldier and do what i'm told. i'm letting him make all the plans and risk pissing people off. i've made suggestions to him and others but I don't get in a snit if things don’t go my way...i can always say i told you so later, right? Ha! ha!
For the vote, the plan is to stay in this game, i'm hoping my "russell", which is Ian of course, will do my dirty work for me but I think tonight will be the last night for the alliance, if it goes our way then we gotta turn on each other.
The problem is that i think Ian's falling into both the Kim and Russell categories...i think it's gonna depend on how people interpret his motives. as for me not doing anything and being christina-like, i have made attempts at talking to the other players (most, but not all) both collectively around camp and privately. i try to leave things open so they can open up to me if they want, so i don't come off as pushy. i believe Ian's a bit more direct with his convos. so i'm hoping that as the numbers dwindle and people in the jury talk, they will realize that they've been played by him and i will ultimately win. that's my hope. and all that it is at this point.
Now we're working on a plan to oust Mick. Aras and Jenna and Ian and i were talking about it last night. course then Jenna got freaked cuz apprently Mick's been telling her something completely different so we are letting her process things. so after that Aras talks to me and is starting to worry about Jenna. now i dont know what she told Aras. so i talked to Ian and he's not too worried and i am not really either cuz if Aras and Jenna decide not to go with the plan, we still have Todd in the works. i'd prefer to work with Todd over Aras simply because i think he's less of a threat....either way, Jenna's gonna go soon. if i have anything to say about it.”

Ian: My vote tonight is meant to reduce everyone else's options. With the outsiders gone, there is very little incentive to be creative with the vote.
As for our alliance, it apparently, is good only until Final 8. We do have a pretty big alliance right now, so an early breakup is expected. The outsiders are almost all gone, which means it'll soon be time to take out the strategic threats.

Sandra: "I know that someone has been trying to get one of the other contestants to do his or her dirty work in an attempt to get me voted out. If I find out who that person is, he or she will be getting out instead!"

Aras: “I tried to help Greg stay a few more rounds, but then Jenna gets wind of it. If she starts telling my alliance that I'm aligned with Greg... I couldn't help him after that and risk my own neck.”

Mick: “This vote has to be against Greg; everyone likes him too much; players were talking about how hard it would be to vote against him cause he is such a nice guy; so he can not stay any longer. Besides, he knows more about survivor games than anyone else and that is dangerous!
Is it just me or do the days between the end of challenges and Tribal Council seem to be getting longer and longer? decisions decisions; do I wait and take the chance that something new happens? what if I change my mind? what if someone else changes my mind? what if I lose my mind?”

Jenna: “I wanted to vote Mick out because he seems to be the "Kim" of this game, and if by some chance I do make it to the final 2, I will need to have more in my backpocket than my award winning smile. He has controlled the game and it would be smarter to get rid of him. I may not do it because I have planted a few seeds, but they need to take root a bit more. This is going to take careful planning and perfect timing or I will be the one leaving.”

While everyone was scrambling, trying to get some privacy to determine the vote, Greg casually went for a walk. The cameras followed him and recorded his words: “What I liked most about the first season; it truly was an adventure. We had to get to know everyone and discover our surroundings in order to survive. This time, we all know each other and we aren’t even allowed to roam the island. Well, I am going to explore and nobody can stop me.”

He continued walking in silence for a while, admiring the beautiful scenery. The ocean was on his right and the woods on his left as he and the crew members strolled on a rocky beach. Suddenly Greg pointed towards the sea: “Hey! A flying fish!”
The crew turned around but didn’t see anything other than the crashing waves. They realized that they had been tricked but they weren’t fast enough: Greg was nowhere to be seen, engulfed by the woods…

Back in camp, it was time to leave for tribal Council. The Survivors noticed that Greg hadn’t returned from his walk.
They spread out and started shouting his name but didn’t get a response.
Jenna asked: “I wonder if a monkey ate him.”
Todd looked at her and said: “I hate monkeys.”
Not seeing Greg, the group was told to go to Tribal Council anyway.

Jeff was pacing behind the Tribal Council set. It had been hours since the Survivors had arrived and they had been told to stand in the “waiting room”; the small clearing maybe 100 yards away from the TC set. The Survivors were used to waiting there but it usually was because they had been called in early and had to wait for the sun to set. Today, the schedule was all messed up as the sun had set hours ago and the Survivors were still left in the dark.

Jeff couldn’t understand it: His crew had lost a Survivor… Where was Greg? What could be done about it? Hold a fake Tribal Council where the players would simply cast their votes to eliminate Greg? Jeff guessed that many of them would be all too happy to cast that vote and it would be lame anyway. In his mind that was a lose-lose situation: The players would be happy but the audience would yawn. How could he turn it into a win-win situation. For Jeff, a win-win situation is when the promotional department has something special to announce and the Survivors have an unexpected twist to shock them. There had to be a way…Yes!

He ordered his staff: “Bring them in!”

Tribal Council

Jeff started as usual: “Welcome to tonight's Tribal Council and please have a seat.
We also welcome the jury; Dreamz and Katie who was voted out at the last Tribal Council.

As you can see, there are only 8 of you. That’s because one player had to be removed from the game. Therefore, this vote will be cancelled. The Survivor removed from the game is Greg. As of right now, I cannot disclose anything about Greg or even say if he will participate on the jury. We will update you as soon as we can.

All the Survivors wanted to know about Greg’s health but Jeff could only say that he had no reason to believe that Greg wasn’t in good health.

Since there were no more answers to be given, Jeff told the Survivors to head back to camp and added: “The last vote showed that you were a divided tribe so you came to this Tribal Council seeking answers. The vote is the only moment in this game where the truth is revealed but you will not get any truths at this time.”

PS. A couple of days after his disappearance, Greg turned up at the Jury house saying: “okay. wtf? I head to a different island, then to the embassy, then board a plane which ends up landing... right outside the Juror House? So much for reliable Greek transport. I’ll have a drink first and then settle in. This looks like a good place to spend my Greek vacation.”

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SpotTheDiffference 374 desperate attention whore postings
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07-06-12, 12:36 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: Survivor - The Greek Islands: Episode 9"
So how again did I play a game comparable to that of the most heinous person to ever appear on Survivor? :-\
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krismiss2us 699 desperate attention whore postings
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07-06-12, 02:14 PM (EST)
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2. "RE: Survivor - The Greek Islands: Episode 9"
I didn't mean it in a bad way! I actually admire Russell's game play a bit. He was great at planting seeds of doubt in other people's minds, when he wanted someone gone, he got it to happen. The only thing he sucked at, which you CLEARLY do not, was the social aspect. You got that goin' on, my friend!

IN this case, I meant that I was fine with you doing all the talking to everyone, making plans, suggestions, etc. Just as Natalie did with Russell...he planned, she followed. So don't take offense to that comment I meant only compliments by it!

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suzzee 4303 desperate attention whore postings
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07-07-12, 05:51 PM (EST)
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3. "RE: Survivor - The Greek Islands: Episode 9"

Suddenly Greg pointed towards the sea: “Hey! A flying fish!”

Call for Greg, paging Greg to the brown phone.

Tribe is my HST hookup.

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