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"Survivor - The Greek Islands: Episode 1"
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michel 9605 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

06-21-12, 07:26 AM (EST)
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"Survivor - The Greek Islands: Episode 1"
This story is based on the game “Survivor – The Greek Islands” which can be found here:

I want to thank Agman, Belle Book, Corvis, CTGirl, Georgianna, Jbug, Krismiss, Spotthediffference, Suzzee, Taffnic and Tribephyl for their contributions. Most of the strategic confessionals are taken from PMs they send me as they played the game. I edited some of their comments in order to construct this story and added some character development scenes and confessionals to give flavor to the mix. For the sake of that story, you will notice that a few players were switched from the tribes in which they actually played. For continuity reasons, you could say I used the buff-o-matic!

The Survivors presented here are fictional: They do not represent the people that played under their name. I tried to imagine how the 22 real Survivors would have acted and reacted if they were placed in the situations that our game created. This is the result.

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 Episode 1: Part 1 michel 06-21-12 1
   RE: Episode 1: Part 1 suzzee 06-21-12 2
 Episode 1 - Part 2: michel 06-21-12 3
   RE: Episode 1 - Part 2: Georjanna 06-22-12 4
       Oh, look... Estee 06-22-12 5
 Episode 1 - Part 3: michel 06-22-12 6
   RE: Episode 1 - Part 3: suzzee 06-23-12 7

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michel 9605 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

06-21-12, 07:33 AM (EST)
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1. "Episode 1: Part 1"
With So many Alphas, I feel like a Beta.”

The show opens with Jeff standing at the prow of a trireme, a replica of an old Greek warship. With one hand holding the rigging of the headsail, he looked squarely at the camera, undaunted by the waves crashing around him.
“We are sailing the Aegean sea, getting closer to a land of immense cultural and historical significance. The story of the Greek hero Odysseus and his journey home after the fall of Troy is one of the first known works of Western litterature. Now, 22 legendary Survivors will try to make their own story as they return to play a game of Survival like no others. 20 of these players made it all the way to the end in their first season…one even did it twice! What they all have in common is that they never saw their torches getting snuffed but that still didn’t prevent viewers from criticizing their games.”

Sandra comes on screen: “I don’t have anything to prove by coming back but if they want to give me another million, I’ll take it.”

“Some came here to erase bad memories…”

Dreamz is the next Survivor that we meet: “People think that I have no idea how to play this game but I’ll show them.”

Ian from Palau also got an introductory confessional: “The last days in Palau were extremely hard on me but I played a solid game that time and I can do it again.”

“Some hope to recapture the magic of their first season…”

Jenna, the winner in the Amazon: “Winning Survivor was a lot of hard work and most people didn’t realize how well I played to get to the end.”

Chris: “Vanuatu was incredible for me. I don’t know if I can overcome as many obstacles as I did back then but *bleep*, I’m ready to try.”

- Jeff: “They don’t know it yet but these 20 players are about to meet their captains, two very popular players from this series’ two original seasons: Greg Buis from Survivor and Mike Skupin from The Australian Outback.

Greg: “They asked ME to be the leader of a Survivor tribe! I’m here for the adventure and to get to know these people. If leading them in having a good time helps my team get far then I’ll be happy.”

Mike also had a confessional: “I know Survivor has changed a lot since my time but hard work, a good shelter and a lot of food in your belly is still a good recipe for success. I’ll have to be careful around the fire though!!”

Going from Antiquity to the present in a matter of seconds, Jeff put a Water Jet Pack on his shoulders and he soon was flying high over the sea, zooming in the direction of the beach where we saw the group of Survivors standing and looking in awe. As he hovered 50 feet over the waves, his voice was heard over loud-speakers that had been hidden in the bushes that surrounded the beach: “39 days, 22 players: ONE Survivor!”

After the introduction, Jeff returned to the screen still hovering on pillars of water:

“Welcome to Survivor – The Greek Islands! If you look behind you, you will realize that the game has already started…”

Turning around in unisson, the 20 Survivors saw Greg and Mike for the first time.
The two captains had colored buffs in their hands and they called out the players that they had already decided would be part of their tribes:

Greg went first: “Sophie, Natalie Tenerelli, Becky, Susie, Natalie White and Jenna: You are with me and we are the Doritos!”
He handed each a red buff.

Mike first gave out yellow buffs to the other women, Sandra, Kelly, Neleh, Danni and Katie: “Welcome to the Nachos’ tribe! We will also have Ian, Aras, Mick, Earl and Chris with us.”
With that, he extended his right hand to the men and gave them their yellow buffs.

Yul, Todd, Chase and Dreamz realized they’d be on the same team so they first shared high fives and walked over to Greg and the women of Doritos, receiving their red buffs as the got on their mat.

From his position over the coastal line, Jeff then told the group: “Hidden on this beach is a clue for your first immunity challenge. The person that finds it will give an advantage to his or her tribe. I suggest you start digging around because this season, tribal immunity will be twice as important as it was before!”

Startled, the players first looked at each other and then they scampered in every direction. At least most of them did…

Katie had a confessional: “I decided to use this time to start working on a 6 person cross-tribal alliance. I was rather surprised it was so easy: Jenna, Greg, Dreamz from the other side had a chance to talk with Mick Aras, and me. It's a loose alliance and I don't have the faintest idea of the outcome other than we want to get past the first few TC's intact. If there is a swap that puts us together or if we make it to the merge…Well, nobody has come up with a way to do that yet. I'm thinking there will be sub-alliances within each tribe and probably with the other players and everyone's promised to be cool and all that. “

As we heard Katie telling us about her new alliance, we saw Mick and Aras walking off together and, as they pretended to search for the clue, they got close to members of Nachos, their own tribe. In the group with Mick and Aras, we recognized Ian, Earl, Mike and Danni.

Mick gave us a confessional: “In Samoa, I was so worried about multiple alliances and it's an issue all over again! I'm going to have my work cut out for me trying to make sure who I am talking to and voting out. These two alliances formed rather quickly; I was asked to join each one. Aras is also in both. Quite a unique situation and I have a Final 2 alliance with someone else.”

As Mick said those last few words, the camera showed us, in turn, Ian, Jenna and Todd, letting the audience wonder who made that Final 2 pact with the doctor. Before we could get an answer, the scene cut abruptly as we heard a loud: “Motherfucker! I found it!”
It was Sandra and she was holding something in her raised left hand.
Everyone ran towards the sound to see what Sandra had found. She opened her hand to present a small green bottle on which was written: “Open at the First Immunity Challenge.”

The search was over so the group turned around to get their next instructions but they saw that Jeff had already departed, jetting across the sea and back to his ship.
The players looked bewildered, not knowing exactly what to do next. They turned to Mike and Greg for an explanation.
Mike spoke: “We were each given a map to our beach and told that a small raft will be waiting for us around the corner of the beach. We are headed to the Island of Nachos.
Greg smiled and added: “Doh-Ree-Toes! That’s where we’re going.”

The two groups separated, some thinking only of beating the other side, others thinking ahead to a possible reunion somewhere down the line.

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suzzee 4279 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Jerry Springer Show Guest"

06-21-12, 09:29 AM (EST)
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2. "RE: Episode 1: Part 1"
Oh what FUN! I'm really looking forward to this and for those who aren't going to try to read all the game posts I'm keeping my alias a secret.

I wonder if this is how a real contestant feels when watching the season? They probably go nuts when they find out what was really going on.

Good job michel, can't wait for the rest of it.

I don't get mad darling, I get even

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michel 9605 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

06-21-12, 05:55 PM (EST)
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3. "Episode 1 - Part 2:"
Day 1
Doritos Beach

The Doritos arrived at their flag, a jump in their step, a smile on their face.
The women rushed over to the box of supplies that was in the sand next to the flagpole.
They were disappointed to see that it contained very little: A bag of rice, a machete, some rope and canteens…empty canteens but a map to a water-well was also included.

Natalie White spoke up: “It doesn’t look like much but we’re used to it.”
Jenna agreed, adding: “At least it isn’t as hot and humid as the Amazon!”

Dreamz and Chase started talking about dividing the chores but they couldn’t agree on priorities.
Dreamz: “We need to build the shelter first. Having a good shelter is the key to the whole game and the effort we put on it will help us throughout the game. I think we should all start working on it, setting up a nice floor area and then building a hut on it so that we stay dry and warm at night. Now, if you want to go look around, be my guess but we’ll have plenty of time for that.”

Chase replied: “We’ll need water more than anything…”
Dreamz wasn’t done: “Go find the well, we’ll build that shelter while you’re gone.”
Yul intervened, trying to be the diplomat: “We’re 11 on the tribe, I think we can delegate jobs to everyone.”
Greg joined in saying: “The shelter will get done and we will get the water. Let’s not fight about it.”
Dreamz grumbled about people wanting to go get water only as a means to make alliances. “We’re already surrounded by snakes, ready to vote each other out.”
The women watched in amused silence but Susie was showing some concern.

Susie gave us a confessional: “With all these Alphas, I feel like a beta, the one that will be sent home even if they’re the ones creating this chaos.”

Dreamz also found himself being interviewed: “I tell ya, Fiji; we had 19 people working on that shelter and it took a lot of time to get it right even if we had people taking charge and plenty of supplies. Here, no one seems interested in stepping up. I don’t want to put blame on anyone and Greg’s a great guy but he isn’t leading us in the right way.”
As he said that, we saw Greg walking towards the beach, a small group following him as they took a dip in the ocean.

Day 1
Nachos Beach

Over at the Nachos’ campsite, the players were already at work. Mike was setting the tone for the tribe and no one was complaining.
While everyone was gathering wood, Aras walked towards Ian and signaled him to the side: “We have to talk.”
Ian replied: “We will but not now: Too many people around.”
Aras: “You’re right.”

Aras was then seen giving a confessional: “While Jeff had everyone running around to find that challenge clue, I had a chance to talk with Jenna, Greg and Dreamz. They made an alliance with Katie, Mick and me, an alliance unknown to the other people on my tribe. The problem I have was that Mick and Katie seemed too happy to have that secret alliance. It makes me suspicious. My real alliance is with the Nachos: Ian, Earl, Mike and Danni. I want to let Ian and the rest of our Nachos’ alliance know about it. That way, we can keep an eye on Mick and Katie.”

The rest of the day showed us the Nachos’ shelter getting built and Mike bringing a bunch of ripe banana into camp.
Seeing that, Sandra started laughing: “I hope we won’t have to worry about banana etiquette in this tribe!”
The group started laughing as they each took a fruit.

Day 2 – Tree Mail

The sun was barely up but the camera crew was getting ready to start shooting.
A member of the staff approached the Nachos’ newly built shelter and woke everyone.
“It’s time for you to go get Tree Mail. We want Aras and Ian to go get it while the rest of you stay here and wait for them to return.”

Used to being told what to do, Aras scratched his head, getting the cobwebs out after what had been a short night. Even with a good shelter and nothing to disturb you, it’s still tough to get more than a few hours of sleep.
Ian didn’t have cobwebs to worry about because he hadn’t slept at all. He was used to it because it had been the same in Palau. Even when the game was in control you still can’t get your mind to shut. Relaxation? Well, you can lay there and rest your body but the thoughts are always swirling, always lingering, coming back to the same question: “Who can I trust?”

As the pair walked off towards the tree mail area, the cameras started filming the little group that got things ready for whatever breakfast they could manage without fire. No one had tried to make fire even if it had been done in the past without flint.

Earl had a confessional: “It’s pretty Spartan conditions but we all expected it. At least the mood is good in camp and we have a good work ethic. The guys in this group work well together and the women are contributing a lot also. We’ll be fine; I certainly don’t think we’ll have to lick the leaves to get a few drops of water in our system.”

The cameras then switched over to Aras and Ian as they made their way deep into the woods. The crew knew that these two would use the privacy that had been arranged for them. This moment was going to be a "money shot".

We saw Aras and Ian taking the message and turn back towards camp, Aras was telling Ian what had happened during the opening scramble for the clue.

While we saw them walking and talking, Ian gave us a confessional: “The first thing I did in the game is to try and create a stable alliance. I tried to establish a majority alliance as quick as possible. I had previously met some other players Aras, Danni, and Mike, and I had talked with Mick, so I decided to also bring him in. I knew I had to bring someone else as a sixth member of our alliance. I went with Earl since I’ve also worked with him before.
But now, I just learned that Aras and Mick actually have a side-alliance with basically everyone else outside of our alliance: Katie, Greg, Jenna, and Dreamz. So, instead of being 6 strong, I could find myself potentially in a 6-4 minority!
Still, Aras has assured me that the other alliance is not their main alliance, and that they just couldn’t say no after they had already been asked. While I trust him, I’m a bit leery about Mick. He’s already proven that he’s a strategic player…So there. I needed to vent. I’m still trying to figure out what to make of all of this.”

Back in camp, Aras was the one that read the weird message:

Being in Greece, some may have the notion
That they can just slip n’ slide
But if you lose this competition
you will have nowhere to hide.

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Georjanna 1051 desperate attention whore postings
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06-22-12, 00:16 AM (EST)
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4. "RE: Episode 1 - Part 2:"
LAST EDITED ON 06-22-12 AT 01:05 PM (EST)

"I want to thank Agman, Belle Book, Corvis, CTGirl, Georgianna, Jbug, Krismiss, Spotthediffference, Suzzee, Taffnic and Tribephyl for their contributions. Most of the strategic confessionals are taken from PMs they send me as they played the game ..."

"Dreamz also found himself being interviewed: ... 'I don’t want to put blame on anyone and Greg’s a great guy but he isn’t leading us in the right way.'”

During Greek Islands, Dreamz/I was never - in or out of Confessionals, PMs or Posts - critical of Greg/Tribe. Ever.

And roll on, reality. Roll on.

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Estee 51276 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

06-22-12, 06:41 AM (EST)
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5. "Oh, look..."
...we've already got one trying to blame the editing.
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michel 9605 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

06-22-12, 05:42 PM (EST)
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6. "Episode 1 - Part 3:"
The Challenge

Jeff greeted the two tribes on Tostitos Island, the arena for all future challenges. Everyone noticed that in the middle of the clearing was a replica of an old building, probably a place where soldiers could survey the sea all around.

Jeff said: “The challenge is for immunity and flint and, as I told you before, it will be twice as important as before because the losing tribe will have to eliminate TWO players at Tribal Council.
The Survivors looked at each other, the surprise evident on their faces.

Jeff went on: “The challenges is called “You have to Dig Deep.

Greece is a place where you can find incredible archeological treasures if you know how and where to dig. This building has nine rooms identified by colored badges. Each tribe will be given 3 badges directing them to 3 different rooms where they will have to dig and find 3 artefacts. You will be going by teams of 3 so that means two players from each side will sit out.
Sandra: you received an advantage for your tribe; you can open the bottle and read the message now.”
Sandra tried unscrewing the bottle’s cap but finally bent over and broke it on a stone. The paper dropped out so she picked it up, unfolded it and read: “This is a plan of the building. The three rooms that your teams needs to access are clearly identified in this plan.”

Jeff continued: “That’s right: While the Doritos will have to find their way to each of their three rooms, the Nachos will know where each are located. A huge advantage in such an important challenge.
I’ll give you a few minutes to strategize before we get started.”

The players huddled and soon the groups of three were ready to go.
Jeff gave us the information: “Going first for the Nachos will be Sandra, Ian and Mike. They will be followed by Aras, Danni and Chris then, finally, Mick, Earl and Kelly, meaning Katie and Neleh will sit.
For the Doritos, we have Dreamz, Todd and Natalie White going first, then Yul, Jenna and Chase finishing with Greg, Natalie Tenerelli and Sophie, leaving Becky and Susie on the bench.
Survivors ready? GO!”
Led by Dreamz, the Doritos rushed into the building, running around to find a room that would match the color of the badge they had been given. Knowing where they had to go, Ian, Sandra and Mike took their time and reached their room first. They soon started digging to find the artefact they had been told would be somewhere in this room. It didn’t take long for Ian to put his hand on it and dig it out. They headed back to the exit, hoping to give their second team a lead in the search.
Despite the nice work by the Nachos, Dreamz’s quick work enabled the Doritos to close the gap and the teams were tied with one artefact each.
That’s when communication started breaking down: Aras looked over to Sandra to get the building’s plan but Sandra had forgotten it inside the first room.
“Don’t worry” said Ian. “Your room is the second on the right after the staircase.”
With that, the Nachos were quickly on their way.
Things weren’t going as smoothly with the Doritos as Jenna brought her team to the same room that Dreamz and his team had searched. They had to head back out to get the right clue but they had trouble finding the exit, lost as in the building’s maze of corridors.
Aras and his team had time to locate the room and dig up the artefact before Jenna and her team made it back inside the building with the right colored clue.
Mick had received instructions from Ian as to the location of their room so they confidently headed out and reached the 3rd room by the time Jenna, Yul and Chase found their second artefact.
Heading back out, the Doritos became quite lost so Jenna improvised and started looking in the closest room, finding a second artefact even if each team were only allowed one. Jeff had to tell her about her mistake. Then, as he revealed the color of the room the Doritos needed to reach next, Jenna yelled out: “I know where it is!” She rushed back into the building, not realizing that it wasn’t her turn to do so. Greg, Natalie and Sophie couldn’t enter the building until Jeff was able to tell Jenna bout her newest mistake.
By that time, the challenge was over: Mick had retrieved the 3rd artefact that the Nachos needed.

“Nachos win immunity” said Jeff enthusiastically.
He handed them the Immunity Idol; a small statue of Zeus sitting on a throne.
He then turned to the Doritos: “You guys had a good start but after that it was a complete communications breakdown. You better work on that or you will have trouble winning immunity. You have until tomorrow to think about it and to decide who will be leaving because you have a date with me at Tribal Council where two of you will be voted out.”

Day 3 - Doritos Camp

The tribe had mostly avoided talking about the upcoming vote. On the surface, they seemed confident, even Becky who had sat out during the challenge.

Becky : No real strategy for the first TC. I think I'll go by personal preference at the moment, just to have a feel of what the others are thinking. I think it's going to be difficult to manage alliances right now. I've approached people for an alliance, and some of them have responded. We haven't discussed any in-depth strategies yet, but we do know who we want to vote for during the first couple of TCs. It's hard to manage… It's difficult to throw out a name, not knowing if the others agree. We're unanimous so far about a Susie vote but it's the second person we're having a bit of trouble with. It's likely that we're going to settle for one of the Natalies though.

Natalie T: “Anybody's name but mine is the going strategy. I can see that Dreamz is a total strategist! He is making this way way confusing for me.”

One guy was worried though. Chase tried to get reassurance from the other guys: “There’s more women on our tribe. They could take over.”
Dreamz replied: “We have to stick together and get at least one woman on board.”

Dreamz had a confessional: “It’s nice to know that Chase is out of the loop. He could be going soon but we need him now. The same applies to Yul who everyone sees as a real threat. We need his strength right now but we are keeping an eye on him and those that he will try to get on his side will be eliminated. I have Jenna and Greg on my side and most people like those two so we should be able to control the vote going forward.”

After this confessional, a couple of staffers looked at each other. The senior staffer told the other: “We could give this tribe more time but I don’t think we’ll be seeing anything susprising coming from this bunch right now. May as well get them moving to Tribal Council right now. Maybe Jeff can get something out of them.”

Tribal Council:

Jeff greeted the tribe, told them to get a torch, light it up and take a seat.

“So, let’s talk about leadership. Has anyone taken over or are you still feeling each other out?”
Natalie T was the first to speak: “Dreamz pretty much took over, directing everyone.”
Jeff seemed surprised even if he knew everything the tribe had been saying: “Dreamz? Greg, weren’t you designated as team captain? How do you feel about Dreamz taking over?”
Greg: “Think of me more as the cruise director, Chief Jeff. I take care of the fun times and Dreamz has shown quite an ability to get things organized.”
“Really? Dreamz, you always surprise me! So how’s the shelter coming along?”
Chase was the one to step in: “It’s terrible. We can’t all fit in so I spent the night half in the shelter and halfway out of it.”
Dreamz couldn’t let that go: “Maybe if you had worked more we would have finished the shelter by now. Anyway, Jeff, those that are complaining won’t be here very long.”
Jeff replied: “You seem pretty confident but you do have many players here that may not agree with your methods.”
Dreamz wasn’t deterred: “Many? I’d say some don’t agree with me but I wouldn’t say many.”
Susie spoke up: “Yeah! Dreamz set up his alliance on day one and those of us that aren’t in it will be going quickly.”
Jeff turned to Yul: “What do you say about all this?”
Yul’s expression was quite neutral: “The important thing at this stage is keeping the tribe strong and Dreamz is trying to do that.”

Jeff realized that he wouldn’t get more out of this bunch so he told them it was time to vote.
“Each of you will be writing two names and the two players with the most votes will have to leave Tribal Council area immediately.

After everyone had taken their turn in the voting booth, Jeff went to tally the votes.
The Survivors had to sit in slience while he and his staff looked at the parchments. With so many votes going to the same two people, it really didn’t matter how they arranged the ballots, there would be very little suspense.
“That was a frustrating vote” Jeff said to no one in particular.
Maybe partly because he was upset by such a straightforward vote, He made the Survivors wait a bit longer than usual.
When he came back with the urn and read the votes, his gestures showed he was just going through the motions.

While Chase and Sophie received a couple of votes, Susie and Natalie T were the overwhelming choices to see their torches snuffed for the first time.

Trying to end the evening on an upbeat note, Jeff said: “The good news is that the Doritos have a leader. The bad one is that I am not sure everyone is following.”

The episode ended with Susie’s last words: “22 players and I get to be the first one out. Pretty embarrassing.”

Natalie also gave us last words: “I wanted to follow Yul but it seemed that he isn’t making the decisions. I wish my tribe luck because I think they’ll need plenty of it.”

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suzzee 4279 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Jerry Springer Show Guest"

06-23-12, 07:46 PM (EST)
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7. "RE: Episode 1 - Part 3:"
“It’s nice to know that Chase is out of the loop.

Oh absolutely, on many levels...........>snort<

Tribe is my HST hookup.

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