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"Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 3 - "Do You Have a Bikini Bottom...I Mean, Toothpaste?""
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Colonel Zoidberg 3370 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Car Show Celebrity"

06-04-07, 09:58 AM (EST)
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"Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 3 - "Do You Have a Bikini Bottom...I Mean, Toothpaste?""
Survivor Live Excerpts: Ami Cusack

The screen shows Dalton Ross and Jenna Morasca, hosts of Survivor Live on a faux jungle background with a Survivor: All-Stars II logo.

Dalton: Helloooo again, Survivor fans, and welcome to the second installment of Survivor Live. I'm Dalton Ross, and with me once again is my lovely co-host Jenna Morasca.

Jenna: Last night's episode proved that any error can be costly, and it may take a lot to recover from an error. Ozzy cast a vote against his ally Ami just to cause trouble, and it ended up being the one that got his ally out of the game.

Dalton: That's so incredibly true, and it may have cemented Paula Stanley, a surprise pick for All-Stars, as a major player in the game. Paula found the first hidden immunity idol and didn't have to use it, so she's in what may end up being pretty good shape, at least for a while. The way it's played now means there's no guarantee.

Jenna: The victim of Paula is with us via satellite today. The second person voted out of the underdog Ta'aroa tribe was Ami Cusack, and she joins us live.

The camera expands to show Dalton, Jenna, and a screen that depicts Ami in what appears to be a cabin. She has on a light green tank top.

Dalton: Welcome to the show, Ami. I guess my first question has to do with the surprise vote. What do you think happened?

Ami: What happened was that Ozzy let Yau-Man in on the plan. The plan was that I would vote for Paula in a blindside along with Jonathan, Ian, Danielle, and Yau-Man, and that would be enough. Ozzy, having a spare vote, would vote for me.

Jenna: I don't understand why he would do that.

Ami: Really, the plan was to make Yau-Man untrusted. We wanted to make sure that they fought among themselves while the five of us ran the game. We wanted to make it look like he wasn't keeping his promises.

Dalton: Well, he wasn't, was he?

Ami: Yau-Man's very shrewd. I watched Fiji; I knew that. But I thought he was on our side because he knows the value of the immunity idol.

Jenna: So this was all about flushing the idol out in a blindside vote?

Ami: Exactly.

Dalton: So why not just have all six of you vote her out? Why the fancy vote?

Ami: We wanted to divide the minority alliance. I wanted to seal Maria's fate. Really, she still makes me mad, and so does Yau-Man. If we made both of them mistrust each other, they would work harder at getting each other out and forget that Ozzy and I were in charge.

Jenna: Did it just fail because Yau-Man was loyal to the other side?

Ami: I think that's exactly what happened. Yau-Man must have told Paula not to play the idol because she wouldn't need it. He was telling the truth, but that's what we wanted him to believe. We wanted him to act around her as if he was on theuir side but to be on ours.

Dalton: But he acted like he was on their side because, well, he was on their side.

Ami: And if I knew that, I would never have let Yau-Man in on the plan, we would have voted off Paula, and that would have been the end of it.

Jenna: Why Paula now? Why not just cripple her alliance?

Ami: Are you kidding? One person can do so much damage when they're on the ropes. Look at why I lost Vanuatu. It was that damn Chris. Imagine if he had an immunity idol; we never would have stood a chance.

Dalton: OK, I see. So it was a calculated risk.

Ami: Exactly.

Jenna: I also have to ask, why was the rivalry between you and Maria? How did that get so personal?

Ami: I don't know. I think it was just how we got off on the wrong foot, and the stuff we said to each other was pretty personal.

Dalton: Is there still any animosity?

Ami: It's hard to say. We were under a lot of stress out there, and I think that was part of it.

Jenna: Did it really start over your hockey team allegiance, or was that just editing?

Ami: That was our first fight. We went back and forth about it an awful lot, and we went on about other things as well.

Dalton: Such as...

Ami: We disagreed a lot on challenges, camp work, and I just plain didn't like her because she won her season and is going to Princeton and felt the need to remind us of that.

Jenna: Just because she was telling you all about it?

Ami: She shows up the first day in a Princeton tank top letting us all know she's in an Ivy League school. She got in and paid for it with her first season's winnings, and then she goes out and got that necklace. I felt like she was trying to rub her success in our faces.

Dalton: So how did the hockey stuff come out?

Ami: All right, all right. I hate that her team's in first place. I'm part of the best fans in hockey, and we're in last place.

Dalton: I actually have here that the Avalanche is out of last place by two points and only four points out of the playoffs. Since you left for Survivor, your team's been red-hot.

Ami: And I suppose they'll cool off once I get back home.

Jenna: It still says, though, that the Sabres are in first place in the entire league, though, so I'm afraid Maria's still got you there.

Ami: Damn. I was hoping they would go ice-cold, too.

Jenna: So who do you think's going all the way?

Ami: I think my tribe's pretty tough, and the winner comes out of our tribe. I'll go with Ozzy.

The Show Begins – air date 02/21/2008

The camera shows an overview of the Gambier Islands; the camera shot appears to move quickly.

Jeff (voice-over): Previously on Survivor...the Ta'aroa tribe came home to their new beach and immediately couldn't decide what to do.

Paula: I don't know about you guys, but I think we need to get something going tonight; I don't care if it takes us all night.

Maria: We're not staying up all night just to exhaust ourselves. What if there's a challenge tomorrow?

Jeff (voice-over): The rivalry between Ami and Maria continued.

Ami: I'm for building the shelter now.

Maria: I don't like the idea.

Ami: That's because you're a whining crybaby who won't do any work.

(confessional) Maria: I was not about to stand there and let that tramp Ami question me.

Jeff (voice-over): At the reward, Ta'aroa came close to winning their first challenge, but Ian lost control when Danni psyched him out.

Jeff: Ian getting a little nervous! Danni might be getting sick!

Danni then resumes chugging, and before Ian knows what hit him, Danni sets her glass down and opens her mouth.

Jeff: Danni's done! Fati wins reward!

Jeff (voice-over): Back at camp, tensions erupted between Terry and Charlie over fishing duties.

Terry: Give that over here.

Charlie: Uh-uh, Hawkeye. That fishing gear's mine. I'm a Navy man and I know the water.

Terry: Hey, I was in the Navy too.

Jeff (voice-over): And it escalated into something uglier.

Charlie: You're a stubborn jerk who thinks everything has to be your way.

Terry: I was right about the war, and I'm right about--

Charlie: Excuse me? The war? Don't even get me started on--

Terry: Don't tell me you're one of those damn peaceniks that thinks we need to get the hell out of--

Charlie: I know a bad idea when I see one--

Terry: And yet you still want to go fishing?

Jeff (voice-over): So Tom decided to fish instead.

(confessional) Tom: Neither one was backing down. Here are two strong-willed men my age who have a strong opinion, and frankly, I know better than to get between them. So I just walked away and took the fishing gear, and neither of them seemed to notice.

Jeff (voice-over): At Ta'aroa, the lack of a shelter floor caused problems for the tribe.

Danielle: I don't know how I slept, but I did.

Jonathan (tired): That's better than me.

(confessional) Ozzy: We slept on the ground, and I don't intend to do that again.

Jeff (voice-over): At the immunity challenge, Charlie, Danni, and Yul took out the majority of the opposing tribe, and some without them even knowing about it.

The camera shows Charlie unhooking a plug in a blue boat while the members turn around puzzled.

Charlie: Time's up, guys.

Jeff: Charlie sank a boat without them even noticing!

Jeff (voice-over): Ta'aroa was down to one boat with Ozzy, Ami, and Yau-Man, but when Ami tried to sink the last Fati, she ended up sinking herself.

Ami stands on the boat's edge to try to flip the Fati boat. As she does this, Chris pushes down on that edge and the boat flips over.

Jeff: Ami helps sink her own boat! Fati wins immunity!

Jeff (voice-over): After the challenge, Paula found the first immunity idol.

(confessional) Paula: I solved it right away. Two Hotels and one Oscar is really two H's and an O, meaning a water source.

The camera shows Paula digging up the immunity idol.

Paula: Hello, final four.

Jeff (voice-over): Paula told Maria and Jonathan, but Jonathan betrayed her.

(confessional) Jonathan: The last time out, I aligned with Yul because he had the idol. This time, I have an even better thought. I need to blindside Paula.

Jeff (voice-over): Jonathan told Yau-Man, but Yau-Man didn't like it, so he told Paula.

(confessional) Yau-Man: I know Paula, and I know she told Jonathan in confidence, and pretty soon, it will be all over camp.

Yau-Man (to Paula): Jonathan spilled the beans.

Paula: That son of a bitch.

Jeff (voice-over): At Tribal Council, Paula denied having the idol.

Paula: I didn't have time to look for the idol, let alone find it. What the hell does an Oscar and two crosses mean to us out there?

Jeff: An Oscar and two Hotels.

Paula: Whatever the hell they were.

Jeff (voice-over): And Yau-Man covered her lie.

Yau-Man: Apparently I was sleeping when he described it to me, because I don't remember that conversation at all.

Jonathan: What, did you black out or something?

Yau-Man: I have a perfect memory, and you're full of crap.

Jeff (voice-over): Ozzy tried a bold move to cause trouble by voting for Ami.

Ozzy (to voting camera): This vote is for you, Ami, not against you. I'm just stirring up trouble. The six is solid.

Jeff (voice-over): But the six wasn't solid, and, to her complete shock, Ami became the second person voted out of the game.

Ami: Are you for real?

Jeff: Ami, the tribe has spoken.

Jeff snuffs Ami's torch.

Jeff (voice-over): And just before she left, Ami exchanged a few heated words with Maria.

Ami (shouting): You will NEVER win, Maria. NEVER.

Maria (smiling): I beat you. That's good enough for me.

Jeff (voice-over): Eighteen are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

The camera shows a quick overview of the Gambiers as the Survivor theme begins to play. The first sequence appears to be out of the Japan opening spliced with the Vanuatu opening; a cannon appears in the background, and the music appears to be an amalgamation of the past seven themes with some imagery from each. Player intros are given in alphabetical order by tribe, with Fati going first and Ta'aroa going second. All screen shots of players in this intro are from the first episode, and all are wearing their tribes' buffs. As the intro comes to a close, images of the last seven settings centered around a pirate ship appear to fade as the Survivor: All-Stars II logo is superimposed over the center of the screen. The logo appears similar to the first All-Stars logo except it reads "All-Stars II" and the dominant background color is a bold red instead of blue. The green from the old All-Stars logo is replaced with a dark blue, and the text is silver.

At this point, the screen cuts to commercial.

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 Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 3 - ... Colonel Zoidberg 06-04-07 2
 Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 3 - ... Colonel Zoidberg 06-04-07 3
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Colonel Zoidberg 3370 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Car Show Celebrity"

06-04-07, 09:59 AM (EST)
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1. "Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 3 - "Do You Have a Bikini Bottom...I Mean, Toothpaste?""
REPORT: 'Survivor' Rules Thursday Night Again

UPI News Service, 02/15/2008

Reports of the demise of 'Survivor' appear to be premature, at least if the Nielsen ratings are any indication.

The second episode of the long-running reality series, presently in its sixteenth installment, won its time slot for both half-hours, averaging an 18.6/27 rating for the 8:00 p.m. hour. NBC sitcoms "My Name Is Earl" and "The Office" finished in a distant second, averaging 10.5/17 and 10.4/17, respectively.

NBC's comedy night has been "Survivor"'s main competition so far; however, starting next week, the venerable reality series will face off with "American Idol," 2007's number-one show. "Idol" has averaged a 22.9/33 rating with nearly 30 million Viewers; "Survivor" attracted only 22.5 million in its second week.

Presently, a major source of ratings for "Survivor" has been rivalries between recently-discmissed Ami Cusack and Japan winner Maria Savovic, described by many as "the most bitter rivalry since Judd and Margaret" (in the Guatemala season) as well as the presence of fan favorite Charlie Forrest. "Idol" is led by an even meaner cast of judges, including Simon Cowell, who laughed unsympathetically as a 17-year-old girl broke down in tears at an audition.

Back from commercial.

Makaroa Island, Ta'aroa camp, Night 6. The tribe, minus Ami, has just arrived from Tribal Council, and the shelter appears mostly complete.

Ozzy immediately walks up to Yau-Man.

Ozzy: Who did you vote for?

Yau-Man: I kept my word and I voted Ami out.

Ozzy: You broke your word! You f---ed us!

Yau-Man: I did what was best for the tribe.

(confessional) Ozzy: I made a major mistake trusting Yau-Man. I should have just gone with the plan and not tried to get fancy.

(confessional) Yau-Man: It was all Ozzy's idea to vote Ami and try to fracture the alliance. He wanted to make it look like someone else voted Ami. Well, someone else did, and she went home. Ha.

Ozzy (to Jonathan): Yau-Man screwed us. He voted Ami, and--

Jonathan: Where the hell did the fifth vote come from?

Ozzy: I don't know.

Jonathan: Well, whoever it was, they screwed us, not Yau-Man. We knew he wasn't able to be counted on. Why would we trust him?

Ozzy: Look, I saw a lot of talking going on between Yau-Man, Maria, and Ian. I don't know about that.

(confessional) Jonathan: If Ian voted for Ami, he's in big trouble, and if we lose again, he's gone. If he pulled a stunt like that, I would almost consider throwing a challenge to get rid of him, except we're two members down and we might as well sign the entire game over to the Fati tribe then.

Makaroa Island, Ta'aroa camp, Day 7. Jonathan and Danielle are talking to Ian.

Jonathan: Look, are you saying you didn't vote for Ami?

Ian: That's the honest-to-God truth. I voted Paula just like the plan was. I don't know who voted Ami besides the four in the other alliance.

Danielle: You better be telling us the truth.

Ian (exasperated): I am! If I were screwing you, you would know it!

(confessional) Ian: I've gotten in trouble for my honesty before, except I actually did something wrong in Palau. Or so I thought, anyway. Here, I didn't do anything wrong, and I'm still getting hell for it.

The camera shows Paula and Rafe trying to rub sticks together to make fire.

Rafe: This will never work.

Paula: Just keep at it; the wood's dried out mostly, and I saw Charlie do it on my season this way.

Rafe: Charlie's superhuman, though. Wait a minute, so's Ozzy. Let's get him to help.

Paula: I've got a better idea.

Paula turns around and spots Yau-Man.

Paula: Yau-Man! Get over here and bring your glasses!

Yau-Man walks over to Paula and Rafe's fire pit.

Paula: Do whatever you did in Fiji to get a fire going.

Yau-Man: Is it bright enough?

(confessional) Yau-Man: In my season, I didn't actually make fire, but my tribe used another person’s glasses. I think you forget how to make fire in clever ways when you get older.

Yau-Man tries to concentrate a beam of solar energy on a small patch of tinder; it appears to catch but go out quickly.

Paula: Damnit. Does anyone here have any jewelry or anything we can use? A pendant? A ring? Anything?

Yau-Man: Sorry Paula; all I have is a wedding ring and it has no diamonds.

Rafe: Sorry, I'm not the marrying type.

Paula: Times like this I wish my husband hadn't left me so I'd be bothered to wear my engagement ring. Now if only I had something that had a reflective face, like a watch...wait a minute.

Paula takes out her immunity idol; the idol has something small and reflective on it.

Paula: This ought to help out.

Paula bends the small, reflective stone on her immunity idol; Yau-Man uses his glases at the same time. A larger spark is generated, and immediately, the tinder starts burning.

Paula and Yau-Man exchange high-fives and begin putting bigger wood on the fire; it catches in time.

(confessional) Paula: My kids started a little fire with a magnifying glass in their rowdier days, and I remembered that I had the idol and it had a little monocle-type thing with it. I don't know why or anything; maybe they were just throwing us a bone or something, but my idol with Yau's glasses got us a fire.

Kamaka Island, Fati camp, Day 7. Charlie and Terry are sitting and talking around the fire.

Terry: So listen, man, maybe we have a lot more in common than we thought.

Charlie: Do you know what the last person who crossed me like that had to do?

Terry: Wait, she gave up her reward to you.

Charlie: And then after the show, she went on two dates with me.

Terry: Don't count on that, Forrest.

(confessional) Charlie: Terry and I had a pretty serious fight about camp stuff that turned into something about the war in Iraq. I have no idea how we got on that subject, but we spent the last couple of days barely speaking. And I thought it was high time that stopped.

Terry: I have a lot of things I believe in. But I guess other people do, too, and you have your reasons.

Charlie: Hey, four years ago, I thought it was a great idea to get rid of some bad guys over in the Middle East. But just because you're for the war and always have been, and I'm against it and mostly always have been, that doesn't mean we have to end up hating each other.

Terry: I can't hate you, Charlie. I respect you too damn much.

The two men shake hands and part ways.

(confessional) Charlie: Terry's an all right guy. I would go out and have a beer with him. But that doesn't mean he's not on my list of people that have to go. That is, if we ever have to worry about it.

The camera switches to an overview of Aukena Island, where several closed boxes in silver and blue partially surround a large table.

Jeff: Come on in, Fati!

The Fati tribe enters led by Danni; Yul is the last to enter.

Jeff: Come on in, Ta'aroa!

The Ta'aroa tribe enters led by Yau-Man; Ian is the last to enter.

Jeff: Fati getting their first look at the new Ta'aroa tribe. Ami voted out at the last Tribal Council.

Twila: Oh snap.

Jeff: Paula, how's life at camp?

Paula: A little better now that Yau-Man and I made fire this morning.

Jeff: You guys made a fire?

Paula: Yau-Man's glasses came in handy.

Jeff: Well, since you guys made fire on your own--

He reaches into his pocket.

Jeff: guys get flint for fire.

Jeff tosses flint to a receptive Paula.

Jeff: Let's get to today's challenge. This should be a fun one, especially since you guys haven't had a lot of opportunity to interact. This challenge was done in the first All-Stars. Here's how it works. You will each stand behind a box carrying some hygienic items. There are four in each box. You will call out to opposing tribe members asking if they have that particular item. If you have a match, you take your item and their item and place them on your side of the table and you score a point for your tribe. The first tribe to 17 points wins reward. Wanna know what you're playing for?

The players happily proclaim that they do.

Jeff: Well, you guys haven't had the chance to get clean yet, so we're giving you--

He takes the cover off of the table to reveal something.

Jeff: supplies. We have soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes for everyone, shampoo, and the chance to take a shower before you leave. Worth playing for?

The tribes both agree enthusiastically.

Jeff: Fati, since you have two extra members, you're sitting two people out; keep in mind that those two people cannot sit out the immunity challenge.

Terry: I'll sit out.

Yul: Yeah, me too.

Jeff: Terry and Yul sitting out for Fati. Everyone else, take your spots; wait for my go.

The camera shows all sixteen competitors filling into their stations.

Jeff: Fati won the coin toss and elected to let Ta'aroa go first. Rafe, you're first.

Rafe: OK, Tom, do you have a sponge?

Tom: Nope.

Jeff: No luck for Rafe. Danni, your turn.

Danni: Rafe, do you have a sponge?


Danni: You're so cute when you lie.

Jeff: Danni scores a point for Fati.

Rafe: Sorry, Danni; you're not my type.

Jeff: Maria, you're up.

Maria: Charlie, do you have a bar of soap?

Charlie: What the hell's soap?

Maria: It's the little square thingy.

Charlie: Nope, nothing square in here. All I have is this funny-looking thing with a handle that has these weird bristles on it.

Jeff: Parvati, your turn.

Parvati: Maria, I want your soap.

Maria: What will you give me for it?

Parvati: Find out when we're tribemates.

Jeff: I think that's an invitation, Maria. Two points for Fati.

Maria: Can we switch tribes now? Send that girl over here.

Jeff: Are you sure Laura would approve?

Maria: Oh please; she told me to go nuts out here.

Parvati: Don't say that too loud or else Jeff will ask the same thing from Julie.

Jeff: You said it, Parvati; I didn't. It's to you now, Ozzy.

Ozzy: Charlie, do you have a toothbrush?

Charlie: What, me? Toothbrush? Is that the thing with the bristles on it?

Jeff: Yes, Charlie, that's a toothbrush.

Charlie: No, I don't have one of those.

Ozzy: Well, what do you have?

Charlie: You show me yours first.

Jeff: No points for Ta'aroa.

The camera fast-forwards some exchanges in overview form; the score on the screen shows Fati ahead 8-4.

Jeff: Charlie, it's your turn.

Charlie: Paula, you got mouthwash?

Paula: I'll wash your mouth out, young man.

Charlie: I'll take that as a yes.

Jeff: I'll take that as another point for Fati.

Maria: Wow, we suck right now.

Jeff: Maria, your turn.

Maria: Parvati, do you have pumice?

Parvati: Come see for yourself.

Maria walks over to Parvati's box; as she arrives, Parvati shuts it.

Parvati: Not so fast, sugar. You'll have to wait until we're tribemates.

Maria: When will that be?

Parvati: You'll see.

Jeff: Maria gets pumice off of a very flirtatious Parvati.

Parvati: I'm just having fun.

Maria: I don't mind a bit.

Paula: I'm just amazed they both still have their clothes on.

Parvati is in just her red bikini; Maria is still in her orange tank top and navy blue shorts.

Parvati: I think someone wants to see more.

Parvati undoes her bikini top and hands it to Maria.

Parvati: That's yours to keep, baby.

Jeff: Does anyone have a problem with that?

Paula: No, I guess not.

Jeff: Anyone else?

No one appears to have a problem with it.

Jeff: We came in with a rule about nudity during challenges. As long as no one here has any problem with it, and as long as there's not a likelihood of a major problem, we won't enforce it. Parvati, is that bikini all you brought to wear?

Parvati: Yes.

Jeff: Wow.

Maria: I've been usurped.

The camera shows a fast-forward of some more actions; the score is now 15-10. Parvati still does not have a top on; Maria has tied it around her neck. Only Chris, Parvati, Danni, and Cirie are still in the challenge for Fati; only Ian, Maria, and Yau-Man remain for Ta'aroa.

Jeff: Ian, it's your move.

Ian: Chris, do you have a sponge?

Chris: Would you believe me no matter what I said?

Ian: Not a chance. Give it here.

Jeff: That looks like a match for Ta'aroa.

Ian: Chris, you want my shorts as a token?

Chris: I'll pass, thanks.

Jeff: Easy there, Ian. Danni, it's your turn.

Danni: Yau-Man, gimme your soap.

Yau-Man: What soap? You mean this soap?

Danni: That's the one.

Yau-Man: Damnit.

Jeff: One more match for Fati and they win four in a row.

Yau-Man (walking to the bench): At least we have fire.

Paula: And a spare bikini top.

Yau-Man: It's not really my size; you try it on, Paula.

Jeff: Maria, go for it.

Maria: Parvati, do you have a bikini bottom...I mean, toothpaste?

Parvati: For you, anything.

Parvati walks over to Maria's box, drops her bikini bottom, and hands her toothpaste over. Before Maria leaves, Parvati leans in to kiss her.

Maria: Easy, girl; not until we're tribemates.

Jeff: Maria just shot down Parvati, and Ta'aroa can still tie it. Charlie, your turn.

Charlie: Yau-Man, I need your pumice.

Yau-Man: I'll 'pumice' you into the ground.

Jeff: That's the last match; Fati wins reward!

The seated Fati get up to celebrate with those still in the game.

Jeff: Fati, before you go, you each get a three-minute shower with soap. Parvati looks like she's already dressed for it. Parvati, are you sure you want to hand over your only clothes to the other tribe?

Maria: I'll give it back; I have one, and as hot as Parvati is, I have my own eye candy back at home.

Maria hands back Parvati's bikini; Parvati leans in for a kiss, which Maria accepts.

Jeff: A lot of camaraderie across the tribes now. Unfortunately, I have nothing for you, Ta'aroa. Head on back.

Images of a happy Fati tribe celebrating dominate the screen as it cuts to commercial.

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Colonel Zoidberg 3370 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Car Show Celebrity"

06-04-07, 10:00 AM (EST)
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2. "Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 3 - "Do You Have a Bikini Bottom...I Mean, Toothpaste?""
REPORT: Vegas closes betting on "Survivor"

UPI News Service, 02/17/2008

Sources within the Las Vegas casino industry report that all casinos in Las Vegas, as well as many in Atlantic City and some online, have stopped new betting on the outcome of "Survivor."

The sixteenth installment is, so far, completey unable to be spoiled; however, since filming has recently wrapped up, the Vegas casinos do not want to risk losing money.

"Now that the contestants are back home and CBS is done filming, spoilers can circulate like crazy, and no matter what we do, we're out of luck."

Judging by betting patterns, the odds-on favorites at the start of the season were Ami at 4-1, Ian at 5-1, Ozzy at 5-1, Cirie at 11-2, Parvati at 6-1, Charlie at 7-1, and Rafe at 10-1. No winner received better odds than 500-1; only Danni and Tom received those odds.

Of the non-winners, the odds were seen as the worst for Harriet at 160-1, Paula at 225-1, and Twila at 250-1. All were seen as either loose cannons, weak players, or surprise inclusions.

Those who placed bets on Ami to win have since lost their money, as Ami was voted out second in a surprise vote.

Back from commercial.

Kamaka Island, Fati camp, Day 7. A newly clean Fati tribe carries in its hygienic supplies. Parvati is back in her red bikini.

Charlie: I never get sick of winning.

Terry: I was afraid we might have a naked tribemate for a while.

Parvati: Oh relax, Terry; just admit you liked it.

Terry: Well, come on, Parv; I'm married.

Parvati: That doesn't mean--

Terry: You're not quite my type, but at least I know you're a lot of fun.

Parvati: I'm a flirt, and I'll use that to my advantage any way I can.

(confessional) Parvati: At the reward challenge, I decided to play the flirt card. Usually I play it with guys, but on the other tribe, I didn't have much to work with. But I had plenty to work with in Maria.

Charlie: Just so you know, Maria's lady-friend is also a good friend of mine, so don't do anything too crazy, like fall in love with her.

Parvati: Wait a minute, you didn't tell me Maria was gay.

Charlie: Well, she told me she's not, but I don't know.

(confessional) Terry: I was a little uncomfortable with the whole show between Parvati and Maria. I'm not big on the whole gay thing, but I'll keep that business to myself. What I won't keep to myself is that it was a pretty major distraction.

Terry (to Parvati): I don't think we want any more shows like that.

Parvati: Oh come on, Terry; I'm just having fun. I'm not gay and I wasn't planning on letting her keep my bikini.

Terry: I just think it might be a problem for challenges in the future. I don't want our performance to turn into a farce. We're winning; let's keep it that way.

(confessional) Parvati: Come on; we won! We're winning, and I don't see a problem with flirting a bit. It helped, and even if it didn't, it didn't hurt.

Charlie: So wait a second. We have mouthwash, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and soap, but no beer?

Tom: I think you need to quit drinking before noon, Charlie.

Charlie: When the hell is noon around here?

Tom: It's after noon.

(confessional) Charlie: At the challenge, I completely played dumb. The act of not knowing what soap or a toothbrush was...I know what a toothbrush is. But if it makes people underestimate or be confused by me, then I don't have a problem with it.

Tom: You're a pretty sharp guy, Forrest. Please tell me you were just playing dumb at the challenge.

Charlie: I can't believe they actually went for it. Maybe Parvati distracted them enough.

Tom: Well, if that helped, then I encourage you to put on the dumb act and her the naked act as much as you guys want.

The camera focuses on Charlie, Danni, and Cirie chatting near the fire, Conspicuously, Charlie and Danni are holding hands.

Cirie: So first it's Terry, then Chris, then who?

Charlie: Terry's useful. The first one to go ought to be that damn downer Yul. I don't trust the guy.

Danni: We tried to make an alliance with him, and he's shady. I say Harriet and then Chris.

Cirie: Then Terry?

Charlie: Sure. You guys want a fifth to bring in?

Danni: It sounds outrageous, but let's ask Parvati.

(confessional) Charlie: Parvati's immensely useful. Frankly, she's dumb as a box of horse manure, but unlike a box of horse manure, she does know how to control hearts and minds.

Danni (to Parvati): So we're looking at an alliance here. Five of us. I already have Charlie, and we're kind of close to Tom and Cirie. If you come with us, I will do what I can to get you, me, and Charlie to the final three.

Parvati: You're the first to offer me a deal like that. Just don't cramp my style and I'm in.

Danni: You got it.

(confessional) Parvati: I don't know what the dynamics are on the other tribe, but if we have five here, we're powerful if we stick together.

Makaroa Island, Ta'aroa camp, Day 8. The tribe is split into two obvious groups of four to do different camp-related tasks.

Paula (to Maria, Rafe, and Yau-Man): We need a fifth.

Rafe: Who?

Yau-Man: Ozzy was the dumb one who voted out Ami.

Paula: For real?

Maria: I like him already.

Paula: Don't get too close, though. Ozzy isn't the guy, and neither is Jonathan. What about Ian?

Yau-Man: I tried Danielle; she's too stubborn. She's Ozzy's new Ami, it seems.

Rafe: I'll talk to Ian.

(confessional) Rafe: We needed a fifth vote to guarantee our position if we lost. We're a tribe divided.

The camera shows Ozzy out fishing; he comes back in to be greeted by Danielle, Ian, and Jonathan.

Jonathan: King Neptune returns.

Ozzy has two large fish on a sharp stick.

Danielle: And that's without a Hawaiian sling.

(confessional) Ozzy: I was the provider on my season, but I had better tools. I work with what I have out here.

Ozzy begins scaling the fish by the cooking pot.

Ozzy (to Danielle): So who should we try to flip from over there?

Danielle: Now that Ami's gone, Rafe's a thought.

Ozzy: You want to go talk to him?

Ian: I'll do it.

(confessional) Ozzy: So we went ahead and sent Ian to swing Rafe. They should be able to relate to each other.

Ian and Rafe are shown talking on the beach.

Ian: You know you're number four in their alliance.

Rafe: I was about to say the same to you.

Ian: So wait, your alliance sent you to swing me?

Rafe: I take it yours sent you to swing me.

(confessional) Rafe: Ozzy sent Ian to convince me to vote with them. At the same time, Paula sent me to swing Ian. And naturally, we got some ideas of our own.

Rafe: Look, we need the leaders gone. I'd vote with your alliance on one condition.

Ian: Talk to me.

Rafe: Your alliance is run by Ozzy and Danielle, it looks like. If we get to five and have to vote, I want you, me, and Jonathan to take out Danielle and Ozzy.

Ian: I might be able to do that.

Rafe: Or you could vote with us, and when we're down to five, we can get rid of Paula and Maria.

Ian: Paula has the idol, though, doesn't she?

Rafe: Since when do you trust what Jonathan says about that?

(confessional) Ian: Jonathan says Paula has the idol. Yau-Man says she doesn't. I don't know what to believe.

Rafe: I don't know; this might be easier to just go for a tiebreak.

Ian: Hopefully we don't have to worry about it.

Images of Rafe and Ian continuing to chat dominate the screen for a second from a distance as the screen cuts to commercial.

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3. "Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 3 - "Do You Have a Bikini Bottom...I Mean, Toothpaste?""

Results are listed as of the end of Week 2. Viewers were asked who their favorite Survivor was.

Charlie 16.0%
Chris 0.2%
Cirie 11.8%
Danielle 4.4%
Danni 7.3%
Harriet 0.8%
Ian 6.0%
Jonathan 1.9%
Maria 3.5%
Ozzy 10.1%
Parvati 6.4%
Paula 1.0%
Rafe 5.5%
Terry 1.8%
Tom 4.9%
Twila 0.6%
Yau-Man 8.9%
Yul 5.3%

Ami (2nd out) 2.7%
Sandra (1st out) 0.9%

Charlie Forrest of the Japan season was the favorite, getting 16% of the vote. The least popular was Chris Daugherty of the Vanuatu season with a mere one-fifth of a percent.

Forrest has been exceedingly popular since the earliest days of Japan; he peaked in popularity the week after his medivac, gaining 69% of the "Favorite Survivor" vote. At the end of Japan, he got 46% of the vote.

Back from commercial.

Kanaka Island, Fati camp, Day 9. Tribe members are hard at work.

Tom (to Cirie): So what's going on here? Do we have five yet?

Cirie: Not that I want it to matter or anything, but yes.

Tom: I take it Charlie and Danni are in it with us?

Cirie: I got Parvati.

(confessional) Tom: Parvati's a loose cannon of sorts. She could be very good for us, but she could also be big trouble. I'll keep her at a distance for now.

Tom: Do you think that's a good move?

Cirie: Hey, we have five for now, and if she wants her safety in the game, she will go for it. Danni talked her into it.

(confessional) Cirie: My number one ally is Tom, and even if we lose, he's safe, so I can count on him. But if I have to, I will ditch him.

Makaroa Island, Ta'aroa camp, Day 9. The tribe has just received tree mail.

Paula: We got tree mail, guys!

Paula grabs the tree mail and hands it to Jonathan, who recites it.

Jonathan (from Tree Mail): Loot, rob, pillage, steal, victory can be assured. Whoever takes the most stuff wins; the losers may be voted out third.

Ozzy: I think we have a chance to take out a lot of frustration today. I say we harness that frustration into a big win.

Ian: Tell it, Ozzy. Tell it.

Ozzy: Everyone gather in here; I want to go into that challenge fired up as all hell.

The tribe gathers around Ozzy.

Ozzy: Today...we're no longer the loser tribe. We're no longer winless. We turn the tide and we make them choke on their arrogance. We're not going down this time! the day we end the losing and we go out and WIN! the day we wipe that smirk off Parvati's face and tell her to take her naked ass back to her own beach! We make Tom use that immunity necklace the way Maria had to use hers! We make them scramble for that immunity idol! We come back home after the challenge and we enjoy the evening while they get their asses grilled by Probst! Today we kill Fati!

Entire tribe (in perfect unison): KILL FATI!

Ozzy: Everyone take a knee.

The tribe, except for Ozzy, takes a knee and joins hands.

Ozzy: Pray not to win, but God willing, we will. We pray today...that you give one hundred percent of your body! We pray that no one on either tribe is injured. Good luck...God bless...and I love you guys...LET'S GO!

The tribe charges up, roars in unison, and jumps in their boat to head to the next challenge; everyone appears very focused as if they are ready to play an important football game.

The camera switches to Aukena Island, where a balance beam grid is set off just off the shore.

Jeff: Come on in, guys!

Fati walks to their mat quietly; Ta'aroa arrives at their mat hooting and hollering, appearing extremely anxious.

Jeff: Ta'aroa looks like they've been ready for this for weeks.

Ozzy: We're taking their cocky asses down right here and right now.

Jeff: That kind of confidence could be either the best thing for you or the worst. First thing's first, though - Yul, give it up.

Yul passes the idol back to Jeff.

Jeff: Immunity back up for grabs. Let's get to today's challenge. You may notice the Survivor: Thailand flag behind you. This is arguably the most famous challenge from that season. It's called Pilfering Pirates, but most people know it better as the Attack Zone challenge. Here's how it works. On my go, one member of each tribe will begin crossing the grid made of beams that are no more than eight inches wide. There are platforms between grids; you can rest there and regain your balance. Your job is to reach the other end, retrieve a basket, and get it back to your tribe's boat. If you fall in the water, you have to give up the basket and go back to the start. In addition, this time, there are two Attack Zones.

The camera shows each of the two Attack Zones, which are a bit longer than the one from Thailand.

Jeff: You cannot get from one end to the other without going through an Attack Zone. These are the only two points on the course where a direct attack is permissible. You cannot punch, kick, knee, or elbow an opponent, nor can you attack from the neck up. If you do any of that, or if you attack without at least one foot in the Attack Zone, you're out of the challenge and the person you attacked gets a free pass to the end if they have a basket. In addition, since this came up at the last challenge, I am going to ask you to keep all clothes that you're wearing on for the duration of the challenge. If you lose something by accident, that's OK, but there is to be no intentional removal of clothing. If you do so, you're out of the challenge. Everyone clear?

The tribes give various gestures indicating that they are.

Jeff: The first tribe with ten baskets in their boat, or the last tribe to have all members eliminated for breaking the rules, wins immunity. For the losers? Tribal Council tonight, and someone's going home. Everything make sense?

The tribes acknowledge Jeff.

Jeff: Also, Fati, since you have two extra members, you're sitting two people out; Terry and Yul sat out last time. Who is it this time?

Cirie: I'm out.

Harriet: Me too.

Jeff: Cirie and Harriet sitting out. Everyone else, head on out and wait for my go.

The tribes row out and hook their boats up to the beginning platforms.

The camera immediately focuses on Ozzy in the center of a circle of Ta'aroa members.

Ozzy (intensely): Everyone get a hand in and let's get a win on three. One, two, three...

All Ta'aroa: WIN!

Ozzy runs up to take his place at the starting line.

Jeff: Up first for Fati is Tom; up first for Ta'aroa is Ozzy. Remember, you can go once the person before you drops or gets a basket. Survivors ready? GO!

Tom and Ozzy immediately take off; Ozzy appears to work a little more quickly than Tom.

Jeff: Remember, once they reach the other end, you can send someone new out!

Ozzy flies through the course, leaping through the rightmost Attack Zone, and taking as few as one step on a given beam.

Jeff: Ozzy making quick work of those beams!

Ozzy reaches the other end and grabs a basket.

Jeff: Ozzy has one! Go, Danielle!

Danielle takes off a little more slowly than Ozzy had.

Jeff: Tom has a basket! Go, Charlie!

Charlie begins making up ground on Danielle as Ozzy heads back.

Jeff: Tom looks like he's on a collision course with Charlie!

Tom diverts his course to another beam, where he's trailing Ozzy.

Jeff: Tom hot on Ozzy's heels!

Ozzy stops and falls to his hands and knees; Tom runs over him and into the water.

Jeff: Ozzy takes out Tom!

Tom smacks the water and swims back to the start.

Jeff: We have Parvati and Ian out of the course now, and waiting in the wings is Danni and Rafe!

After Ian reaches the other end, Rafe stands in the attack zone waiting for Charlie.

Jeff: Rafe wants a piece of Charlie!

Charlie: I'll take the whole thing!

Charlie runs head-on into Rafe, who falls in.

Jeff: Charlie wins that one! We're tied at one basket apiece!

Charlie catches his breath as Yul takes off.

Jeff: We have all kinds of people out on the course! Remember, once everyone's been on the course once, it's a free-for-all!

Danielle and Ian arrive one after the other back at their boat with baskets.

Jeff: Danielle and Ian score! Fati has some catching up to do! They're down three-one!

At this point, Parvati arrives unchallenged.

Jeff: So far, not much Attack Zone and a lot more strategy! Fati pulls to three-two!

Danni arrives at an Attack Zone, where Paula's waiting for her.

Jeff: We have two ladies going at it!

Danni drops her basket but throws Paula in.

Jeff: Paula goes down but knocks the basket out of Danni's hands!

Paula gets back to the platform while Yau-Man departs.

Jeff: Chris out on the course for Fati! Maria out for Ta'aroa!

Twila arrives at the basket boat and starts running back.

Jeff: Twila wants to pull Fati even! She has to outrun Ozzy! Not too many people can!

Ozzy dashes back with a basket before Twila reaches the Attack Zone.

Jeff: Ozzy scores for Ta'aroa! His team's up four-two!

Chris reaches the end and grabs a basket; he runs back but falls in.

Jeff: Chris has to go back to start!

Yul gets back to the boat with a basket.

Jeff: Yul pulls Fati to within one!

Ian and Tom both arrive with baskets at the same time.

Jeff: Ta'aroa still up five-four!

Tom runs back out and stops Jonathan in an Attack Zone.

Jeff: Tom looking to take down Jonathan!

Tom takes down Jonathan with one throw.

Jeff: Tom dunks Jonathan! Ta'aroa can't take a bigger lead!

Terry gets back through the other Attack Zone.

Jeff: Terry pulls Fati even! We're at five-all!

Terry runs back out and immediately runs into Paula carrying a basket.

Jeff: We have another match that seems to favor Fati!

Terry runs head-on at Paula and grabs her by the throat.

Jeff: NO CHOKING, Terry! You're OUT! Paula gets a free pass!

Terry storms back angrily to his boat.

Jeff: With that, Ta'aroa is up six-five!

Parvati bumps into Maria, who also has a basket.

Jeff: Parvati and Maria flirted a lot during the last challenge! I'm guessing they're not flirting now!

Parvati charges Maria and throws a boxer's punch that connects with her shoulder. Maria falls down.

Jeff: I said NO PUNCHING! Fati getting very undisciplined! Parvati's out! Maria gets a free pass! Ta'aroa up seven-five now!

Chris is tailing Tom on his way to the baskets, but he trips and falls. On his way down, he grabs Tom's ankle. Tom falls down and both end up in the water.

Jeff: Chris just took out his own tribemate! Both Chris and Tom need to go back to start!

Tom (shouting): Watch where you grab already!

Chris (shouting back): Come on, man; gimme a break!

Jeff: Clear the course, guys!

Tom (ignoring Jeff): You're killing us! We're down enough as it is!

Jeff: Last warning, guys! Clear the course!

Chris (also ignoring Jeff): Give it a rest already! We'll get those back!

Jeff: Chris! Tom! You've been warned! You're both out! Get back to the boat!

Ozzy shows up and takes a basket.

Ozzy: That means you, guys. Head back before he--

Chris: I heard him, assh---.

Jeff: Chris not happy with the decision, but if he doesn't get back soon, Fati forfeits!

Ozzy soon races back and, right behind Maria, he brings in another basket.

Jeff: Ta'aroa is way ahead nine-five! Fati has a big hold to fill!

Charlie heads back with a basket and immediately heads for an Attack Zone.

Jeff: Charlie brings it to nine-six! We might have a game!

Ian comes back with a basket, and he runs into Charlie; Yul is guarding the other Attack Zone.

Jeff: Charlie trying to protect Fati's last chance.

Charlie charges Ian and forces him in, falling in behind him.

Jeff: Charlie with the sacrifice! Twila come in right behind him! It's nine-seven now!

Maria arrives at the other Attack Zone with Yul waiting.

Jeff: Maria has one obstacle left!

Yul charges, but Maria ducks and Yul goes in.

Jeff: Yul's down! Nothing stopping Maria now!

Maria scampers to the end and places the basket in her boat.

Jeff: That's ten! Ta'aroa wins immunity!

The Ta'aroas out on the course dash back to celebrate with their tribemates. Jeff walks over with the idol.

Jeff: Ta'aroa, your first challenge win.

Ozzy: Won't be the last.

Jeff: Enjoy this tonight; you don't have Tribal Council. Fati, I can't say the same for you. Head on back.

Images of a jubilant Ta'aroa tribe celebrating their win dominate the screen as it cuts to commercial.

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4. "Survivor: All-Stars II Episode 3 - "Do You Have a Bikini Bottom...I Mean, Toothpaste?""
Blog Entry, 02/22/2008
Authored by: Laura Dean, sensitivenakedgirl

This season's definitely getting good. The bitch is gone, my girl's winning, and it looks like we have a battle for control of Ta'aroa. Paula's cooler than I thought she was, what with finding that idol and using it to help Maria out. If everything holds up, Maria should have the target off her back for a while now and sneak her way back into the top 10.

That immunity challenge was almost as much fun to watch as the reward challenge. Charlie kills me every time, and the only thing better than keeping that weirdo Terry out of the challenge would be if he had to participate. Even if Maria's tribe lost the challenge, it's OK; she still looks good dirty.

Good going on Parvati's part, though. Before the show, I told Maria to go flirt-crazy on the show. I wanted her to have as much fun as she could. And I'm glad she's doing it, even if she had to flirt across tribal lines. Charlie was right about Parvati being dumb, but I don't think Maria or I mind one bit. I might be Maria's girlfriend, but with all the talking they did, I am waiting for a tribe switch. I want to see them together.

Maria? Go wild. Go nuts. Play the whole game naked if you want to. Kiss everyone out there. I love seeing it. But keep your eye on the big prize; you're there to win. You went there because you thought you could do it twice. Prove us all right.

Love always,


Back from commercial.

Angakauitai Island, neutral camp, Day 9. The Fati tribe arrives for the first time since leaving on Day 3.

Terry: Well, I see the other tribe hasn't made any improvements around here.

Harriet: Not one bit. Our place is way nicer.

Twila: Hey, they left us flint and a machete. At least we can make fire.

(confessional) Twila: At least we have fire here. I'm not going without fire any longer than I have to.

Danni (from idol clue): A pace from a tree that's a pace around. Look at the setting sun and then look down.

Parvati: Just one clue doesn't mean anything. I wonder if the other tribe found it.

(confessional) Danni: I wonder if the idol was found on the other tribe and that's why we don't have more clues. Either way, I don't have time to measure one pace around and find the stupid thing.

Tom (to Cirie): So who goes first?

Cirie: Well, you can't go, but there's a few people around here who screwed us.

Tom: Yeah, I should have let it go, but come on; I want Chris gone after that.

Cirie: Fine with me.

(confessional) Tom: Chris tripped me at the challenge. I hurt my knee when he did. If anyone needs to go, it's him.

The camera shows Chris talking to Harriet and Yul.

Chris: That challenge was a joke. I tripped Tom on accident, and we weren't winning anyway. I want Parvati out.

Yul: She's nuts. She goes and takes her clothes off at challenges. Trust me, I saw her antics on my season, and it's not fun.

Harriet: As long as it's not me or one of us going, that's fine with me.

(confessional) Chris: I think the consensus is Parvati. She's just so aggravating and useless. Plus, she helped lose the challenge.

The camera shows Charlie talking to Danni and Parvati.

Charlie: So we have five. Who's six?

Parvati: I don't care as long as someone outside the alliance goes. Should I flirt my way into a sixth?

Charlie: Maybe. Don't try it on Terry, Chris, or fact, don't try it at all. I'll send Danni.

(confessional) Charlie: Here comes Parvati wanting to charm a sixth voter. As if this shouldn't be a slam-dunk anyway.

The camera shows Terry talking to Tom and Cirie.

Terry: Parvati needs to go. Plain and simple.

Tom: Well, with all due respect, you did the same thing.

Terry: I didn't take my clothes off and hand them to the other tribe. I swear, she wants to be over there.

Tom: She just wants to bring Maria over here. Flirting is what she does, and she found a willing target.

Terry: Well, it's a problem. She needs to go.

(confessional) Cirie: I was thinking about it, sure. But I can't say it's a sure thing by any stretch of the imagination.

Charlie (to Danni): Parvati's solid with us. Chris needs to go. Chris was almost voted out first on his season, so he needs to know what that feels like.

Danni: He's tough. We need to squash him now. Don't give him a second chance; he'll use it any way he can.

(confessional) Danni: It's no secret that the winners are under attack, and it's no secret that people who don't do their jobs are under attack. That would hurt me if I didn't have an alliance. I'm not about to give that security up. I'm voting Chris.

The camera shows a setting sun and ten Fati members walking into Tribal Council. They all gather around the flame.

Jeff: Behind each of you is a torch; take it and dip it in the fire to get flame. This is part of the ritual at Tribal Council. Fire represents your life in this game. As long as you have fire, you're still in the game; when your fire is gone, so are you.

Everyone puts their torches behind them and takes a seat.

Jeff: Charlie, you're part of a tribe that wins four challenges in a row, and all of a sudden, you lose. And you lose badly. What happened?

Charlie: We played catch-up the entire challenge, and when we thought we had them, we didn't.

Jeff: Chris and Tom, it looks like Chris dragged Tom into the water there. What happened?

Chris: I lost my footing and I grabbed the first thing I could find. That turned out to be Tom's ankle.

Tom: I fell and I banged my knee. Even if I hadn't been thrown out of the challenge, I wouldn't have been very useful.

Chris: It was a complete accident; I acted on reflex.

Tom: You need to be more careful. You don't get to the end by grabbing people and taking them down when they're on your team.

Jeff: Why were you guys on the course arguing afterward? I asked you guys to clear the course three times and I had to throw you out.

Tom: I was just getting carried away. That's kind of my bad, though I don't know how much it would have mattered.

Chris: I had a lot of energy and needed to blow off some steam.

Jeff: You could have argued just as much at the platform or after the challenge.

Chris: Yes, I see that now, but I didn't then.

Jeff: Parvati, I have to ask about the reward challenge. I've seen people get naked before, but I've never seen anyone give their clothes to the other tribe.

Parvati: I'm just having fun. I wanted to be crazy out there.

Jeff: That was the craziest I've ever seen. You almost had to go naked because you gave Maria your bikini!

Parvati: I would have done it, too.

Jeff: You would have had to sit out the next challenge, you know.

Parvati: I probably should have.

Jeff: Yeah, one minute you're kissing Maria and giving her your clothes; the next, you're punching her in the arm. What gives?

Parvati: I did what the situation called for. I tried to distract the other tribe and joke about tribe switches during an easy-going challenge. At the immunity challenge, I wanted to fight.

Jeff: That punch was against the rules.

Parvati: I know, but it was a reflex. I'm a boxer, you know.

Danni: Well, at least she isn't going on into a speech about her encounter with Maria being love at first sight.

Parvati: Oh, but it was, Danni.

Jeff's expression is one of shock.

Jeff: Are you for real or are you playing around?

Parvati: I'm playing, Jeff. There's no love at first sight. As I said, I'm having fun and I'm trying to help my tribe.

Jeff: So how are you trying to help your tribe tonight?

Parvati: My vote is based on who caused the most problems for us.

Jeff: Twila, is that a fair assessment?

Twila: I am voting the same way.

Jeff: Harriet, what about you?

Harriet: I am voting in the same way. I want to make sure I don't go anywhere.

Jeff: Yul, what are you basing your vote on?

Yul: Whatever helps the tribe the most. Come on; is there any other correct answer?

Jeff: What if what helps the tribe most is for you to be out?

Yul: That's their decision as much as it is mine.

Jeff: Cirie, are there any alliances?

Cirie: I think so, but there's no big alliance. Right now, the weak have to go before the threats.

Jeff: Terry, is there any reason to believe you're on the block right now?

Terry: A few days ago, I had a heated argument with Charlie that really shouldn't have gone anywhere. I brought up some things that really should have been kept quiet.

Charlie: That's dead and buried, Terry; give it a rest.

Jeff: What happened?

Charlie: Oh, we got into it over fishing duties, and somehow, our positions on the war got into it.

Jeff: The war? The war in Iraq?

Terry: That war, Jeff. I'm in favor of it and always have been; I accused Charlie of some pretty unpleasant things because he's not.

Charlie: And I called him some names, too. It's resolved; we didn't talk for a couple of days, but it's worked out.

Jeff: So there's no reason for any animosity over this?

Parvati: There better not be. Terry ripped me for what I did during the reward.

Terry: Oh, come on. What is this, bash Terry day? It's like everyone has a problem with me.

Charlie: I even said I didn't have a problem and that the issue was buried. Don't go digging up old bones, man; it's not good for you. The last time I got into it like that, I ended up in the hospital.

Jeff: There are a lot of old bones to be dug up. What you do with them is your decision. That said, it is time to vote. Yul, you're up.

Yul gets up to vote; he goes behind the curtain, but his vote is not shown.

After Yul, the next to vote is Parvati; she writes down Terry's name.

Parvati (to voting camera): Just trying to get the bad apples out while I can.

After Parvati votes, the next to vote is Charlie. His vote is not shown.

Charlie sits back down and the next to vote is Harriet. Her vote is not shown.

After Harriet, next up is Twila; she votes Chris.

Twila (to voting camera): Just getting you back for the finale of our season.

Twila sits back down; next to vote is Terry, who writes down Parvati's name.

Terry (to voting camera): I know you're writing my name down. Just canceling your vote out.

Terry sits back down, and up goes Tom, whose vote is not shown.

After Tom sits back down, Danni votes; her vote is not shown.

The next to vote is Chris; he writes down Terry's name.

Chris (to voting camera): It's either you or me at this point.

The last to vote is Cirie; her vote is not shown.

After Chris sits down, the camera focuses on Jeff.

Jeff: I'll go tally the votes.

A few shots of the contestants are shown as Jeff arrives back with the urn.

Jeff: Once the votes are read, the decision is final; the person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately, unless someone plays an idol on their behalf. I'll read the votes.

Jeff opens the lid and takes out a vote.

Jeff: First vote...Terry.

Clearly Parvati's handwriting.

Jeff: ...Chris. One vote Chris, one vote Terry.

Twila's handwriting.

Jeff: ...Parvati. One vote each for Parvati, Chris, and Terry.

The vote is in Terry's handwriting.

Jeff: ...Terry. That's two votes Terry.

That vote is in Chris' handwriting.

Jeff: ...Terry. Three votes Terry.

The screen focuses on Harriet, who nods slightly.

Jeff: ...Chris.

The handwriting is hard to make out.

Jeff: ...Chris. We have three votes each for Chris and Terry and one for Parvati.

Again, no one knows whose handwriting.

Jeff: ...Chris. Four votes Chris.

Chris starts shaking nervously.

Jeff: ...third person voted out of Survivor: Japan...Chris. That's five votes; that's enough. I'll check for idols now.

Jeff opens the side pouch of the urn after turning it toward the contestants...

...he lets the side flap drop...

...and there are no idols in it.

Jeff: No one played an idol; Chris, you need to bring me your torch.

Chris silently walks up and places the torch in the holster.

Jeff: Chris, the tribe has spoken.

Jeff snuffs Chris' torch.

Chris: Come on, people; what did I ever do to you?

The tribe enjoys a laugh as Chris departs.

Jeff: It's hard to say if Chris saw his departure coming. One thing's for sure, though - this loss was hard to swallow for a lot of you. If you want to start winning again, you need to get your act together. Grab your torches; head back to camp. Goodnight.
The nine remaining Fati file out of Tribal Council, torches in hand, and the credits roll.

Jeff (voice-over): Stay tuned for scenes from our next episode.

The screen cuts to commercial.


Candice: Finally! Ta'aroa wins a challenge! We've seen enough of one tribe dominating to get too excited about any underdogs. My own Raros in Cook Islands got our butts handed to us seven rounds in a row by those machine-like Aitus, and then comes Fiji, where the season was practically designed to have one team own the other. Then comes Japan, and Minamoto, or should I say Charlie, ran that season. Charlie was even controlling things from behind the curtain. He kicked off Kevin for waffling, Paula for being too sure of herself, Billy for losing focus, and Becky for backstabbing. He was the invisible hand of justice. His number one ally even won despite having no apparent clue how to win the game.

Hopefully, this season becomes the first since...well, be more balanced. Ta'aroa might bet their act together and pull something off. I don't know what the next challenge will be, but Ta'aroa looked more fired up than I've ever seen any tribe ever. Aitu had some of that spark, and I think Ozzy was part of it. He's pulling it together more than in the Cook Islands, though, and if he does that, he's virtually invincible.

I voted for Ozzy to win in his season. I know that he didn't win simply because his opponent was also a Superman. Honestly, if you put him in the final vote with almost anyone who ever played this game, including the majority of winners, Ozzy walks out with a million-dollar check. And I would extend a million-dollar endorsement his way if he could find a way to make up for that boneheaded move in Episode 2. It's as if Ozzy needs an entire week on the islands to find his game.

Scout: The people from my season are dropping like flies. If Fati loses next week, I fear for Twila because she doesn't fit into anyone's plans. She's smart by staying under the radar and not ruffling feathers, but there's an alliance of five on her tribe, and they can pretty much vote off whomever they please.

My guess is that things stay pretty much normal, and the rivalry between the tribes probably puts us merging at 10 after both tribes go to Tribal once. That so-called spoiler was obviously completely wrong; no one knows what's going on out there, including us. I had Ami going far as well, but one little mistake puts her out and an unknown from Japan in.

If I were Fati, I would watch out for Harriet. I can't imagine playing the game against someone as ruthless and sneaky as she is. She has the potential to go far if they don't snuff her out right now. Concentrating on voting off the winners is the best thing that could happen for someone like her, and I have a feeling it will propel her to the top.

Abdullah: I was initially asked to All-Stars and I almost made it. But seeing Harriet out there makes me glad I didn't go. She has a score to settle with me, and I have one to settle with her. It would have ended badly; I guarantee it.

Right now, I'm not quite sure what to make of the last episode. I have to admire Maria's seemingly newfound professional attitude. Maybe Princeton talked some sense into her. Don't get me wrong; I'm not a prude and I don't think she needs to be covered up completely out there, but the whole naked thing from her first time out got old after a while. She was a one-trick pony. Now, she's at least being creative and not feeling the need to show her assets just to get ahead. She actually sounds like someone who's fun to hang out with. I like that.

I can't say the same for Parvati, though. All she brought was that bikini, and she almost gave it to another girl on the other tribe? Come on. Although I liked her cracks about "love at first sight" at Tribal. If she shows she can have fun without getting naked and in-your-face about it, she might be a force to be reckoned with. Of course, I lost to the naked girl on my season, so what do I know?

Brian: I'm going out on a limb here. I really am. I am endorsing Tom Westman as my favorite to win the game. But he's a winner and he hasn't been able to be voted for? Yes, I know this. I also know that he should have been voted off twice last season, and those boneheads didn't. He has a way of making people keep him around. And he will find a way to make sure the others have to give him the million dollars.

He basically played the Palau season wearing body armor. He was only eligible to be voted out three times. The first time, his name didn't come up once. The second time, it was all misdirection. The third time, his tribemates decided that Caryn was a bigger threat than he was...and they couldn't even get rid of her. He actually took a page out of a rival's book and talked his biggest threat into quitting. There's only one man who could equal him in thta game, and he hasn't shown his mettle yet.

If Tom doesn't win, Charlie will. Mark my words.

Back from commercial.

Jeff (voice-over): Next time on Survivor...Parvati turns up the heat in more ways that one.

Parvati (shouting): I'm taking you guys down one-on-one, and the cute one's coming back with me. Right, Ozzy?

Jeff (voice-over): The players get to take out their frustrations.

Jeff: This challenge is all new, and it's perfect for you guys.

Jeff (voice-over): And Charlie makes it clear he's over Paula.

The screen shows Charlie getting very close to Danni.

Voice-over: Stay tuned for a new episode of CSI coming up next.

Chris (final words): I have to believe that getting me out felt really good for my tribe because of my reputation, and that's why they did it. I can't blame my tribemates a bit for it, and I don't have any hard feelings. I hope my guys get back on track and start winning challenges again. If there's anyone I don't want to see soon, it's Twila, and that's because I hope she lasts a long time in the game and carries the Vanuatu banner for the rest of us.

6 votes Chris: Charlie, Cirie, Danni, Tom, Twila, Yul

3 votes Terry: Chris, Harriet, Parvati

1 vote Parvati: Terry

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