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"TAR Lvoe List 21:10 The Last Leg"
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beau_30 943 desperate attention whore postings
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12-16-12, 04:14 PM (EST)
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"TAR Lvoe List 21:10 The Last Leg"
LAST EDITED ON 12-16-12 AT 04:15 PM (EST)

I'm not sure what happend. But things came up as usually. And I didn't have time to post one. But I hope Kidflash doesn't mind me posting it now. But I would like to see how the Final stats wouldve ranked. So Onto the rankings...I'm not good at summaries...

Now Onto the Rank:

1) James/Jaymes - Good people. Didn't like them first leg, but they came around and stayed focused and enjoyed the race...
2) Josh/Brent - Didn't race good, but won when it really counted.. Good people
3) James/Abba - Good racers, didn't take the loosing passport to hard..least they made it to the finish line..
4) Trey/Lexie - She whined too much..but he was okay.
5) Rob/Kelley - Good They made it that far..
6) Amy/Daniel - Would've been really good racers, got the chance to stay
7) Gary/Will - Not really fans of the race
8) Brittany/Caitlin - Bad luck on the second third leg..
9) Natile/Nadiya - The Screaming hurt, but good racers
10) Ron/Sheila - Didn't get to know them much
11) Ryan/Abby - Just Because Ryan was dirty..

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 RE: TAR Lvoe List 21:10 The Last L... Belle Book 12-16-12 1
 RE: TAR Lvoe List 21:10 The Last L... TARFAN76 12-17-12 2

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Belle Book 3556 desperate attention whore postings
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12-16-12, 07:33 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: TAR Lvoe List 21:10 The Last Leg"
Here is my list:

1. Josh & Brent -- really nice and won when it counted.

2. Jaymes & James -- not your typical alpha male team.

3. Amy & Daniel -- I would have loved them had they had better taxi cab luck.

4. James & Abba -- nice guys but remember, keep your passports on you at all times!

5. Trey & Lexie -- liked them okay.

6. Ron & Sheila -- might have liked them had they gotten past the first leg.

7. Brittany & Caitlin -- wish they had stayed longer!

8. Gary & Will -- very weak and got lucky several times.

9. Natalie & Nadiya -- eventually I lost my liking for them but there were two teams I liked less than them.

10. Rob & Kelly -- and this is one of them.

11. Abbie & Ryan -- mainly here because of Ryan. I was glad to see him go.

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TARFAN76 72 desperate attention whore postings
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12-17-12, 04:23 PM (EST)
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2. "RE: TAR Lvoe List 21:10 The Last Leg"
When does the next season start? I hate it when it's over!!!

Tie for #1:
Beekmans and Chips – I would have been almost as happy had the Chips won but I was beyond thrilled when I saw the Beekmans enter the room first. What an outstanding finale!! It seemed like most of their fellow racers were glad to see the underdogs prevail. It really was a nice little “you can do it” perspective for The Amazing Race to promote. There is always hope. My favorite philosophy.
I was extremely touched when Josh completely stopped his own efforts to rush over to check on Lexi when she got hit by the pole or whatever happened. I hope it was just the edit that made it appear she showed no appreciation for his concern. Josh showed so much compassion so many times. Nice guys should win once in a while! And Brent has an extremely endearing smile.
The Chips – Seemed like they had the grace to look a bit ashamed about being backstabbers when the A Team got busted on the train plotting against the only other remaining team. I felt so bad for those Beekman Boys. They showed some grace, too, and winning probably made that treatment easier to forget. Jaymes never failed to be polite and joyful and I will always remember him as a racer with a lot of class. I grew quite fond of both of them. And James showed a whole new chatty and articulate side there at the end. Both Chips’ parents must be so proud of them. I loved the way James said it was his mother’s turn for something good.
3. James/Abba – I liked these guys a lot. The one who had the sense to keep his passport sure did remind me of how I picture Jesus. I bet he’s heard that before. And he seems to exude a kind of inner peace that also reminds me of Jesus. He never seemed to get mad at his partner for his carelessness. I guess we’ll never know how much longer they would have lasted if they did not have the passport misfortune but it would have been fun to see.
4. Amy/Daniel – I was so sorry to see them get an early boot. Just being a fellow Coloradoan was enough to make me vote for them but then they showed so much character and decency , I was even more proud to know we are from the same state. They really should have had a chance to go further but maybe they will show up on some Allstar season.
5. Trey/Lexi – I wonder how silly Lexi felt when it was all over and she had been babbling about what a non-threat the Beekman Boys were and how unworthy of making it to the Top 3. I was glad they came in third. I did like Trey. I hope he does not give in and propose immediately. Make her sweat it.
6. Rob/Kelley – Yeah, he had a big mouth but he seemed pretty “good old boy” at the end of the day. I loved that he proudly proclaimed how much the Beekmans changed his outlook. Good for him and them. Kelley seemed like a sweetheart.
7. Ron/Sheila – Maybe a lower rating if I had gotten to see more of what they were all about but I will presume they are more likable than the ones below.
8. Ryan/Abby – I’m surprised to put them this high but towards the end I grew to respect their resiliency and over-confident mindset. I think that outlook takes people far in life and so I guess I begrudgingly tip my hat to them. I read their exit interview and it made me like them more. I get the feeling Ryan burned bridges on his way out the door so doesn’t seem to expect he would be welcomed back down the road. Interesting.
9. Gary/Will – The tall one was kind of mean all through the race and the short one had a very mean look on his face every time they showed him at the final pit stop. What was his problem?
10. Brittany/Caitlin – Arrogant blondes who deserved to be knocked off their high horse early on. Maybe seeing how they acted will help them to treat others with more respect going forward in their privileged lives.
11. Twins/Magpies – Sort of evil and extremely conniving. Their “bloody gay” comments were increasingly infuriating. I was so, so, so glad they did not make it to final 3. They were ring leaders who conspired very effectively and were good at getting their alliance teams to drink their Kool-Aid. It was nice to see the other two teams treat the Beekmans better once the twinnies were not right there screaming and screeching. One thing I will say, though, is that they have beautiful smiles. When they laugh at themselves or at events, they seem totally likable and fun so I wonder if they just got the evil edit of the season. Their farewell actually made me warm up to them for the first time in many weeks.

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