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"Wanna Play? The Amazing Race Cartoon Race!!!! Episode 1) Brazil.."
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09-29-09, 06:10 PM (EST)
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"Wanna Play? The Amazing Race Cartoon Race!!!! Episode 1) Brazil.."
I've created 12 Teams that are from cartoon series. Each series can only be used once. Your job is to vote the order of arrival. There will 4 Female Teams, 4 Male Teams and 4 Male Female Teams.

Here are your 12 Teams:

From New New Jersey here is A One Eye Cyclops and a 21st Century Guy - Fry & Leela- Futurama

From the city of bedrock who loves to run around barefooted, best friends Fred & Barney - The Flinstones

One is a Earth Binder and the other is a water binder coming at you are close friends Toph & Katara - Avatar - The Last AIrbender

One is a moose and the other is a squirrel welcome Rocky & Bullwinkle - The Rocky & Bull Winkle Show

They have magic, their voices are annoying, they are married couple Cosmo & Wanda - The Fairy Odd Parents

You know these bestfriends very well one loves honey and the other is a scaredy cat welcome Pooh & Piglet - Pooh & Friends

Here is an Aunt and a Niece hailing from the good ol'state of Texas Peggy & Luanne

Here comes good old lovable couple Rocko & Heff - Rocko's Modern Life

Best Friends One who loves to bust her brother while the other goes along Candace & Stacie - Phineas & Ferb

Twin Sisters who are geneist and created a talking Dog Susan & Mary - Johnny Test

Dating on and off again couple, the guy is allergic say hello to Stan & Wendy - South Park

She is a unstoppable and is a teenage spy with her newly dating boyfriend/sidekick - Kim & Ron - Kim Possible

Here are your Teams.
The Teams
1) Fry & Leela
2) Fred & Barney
3) Toph & Katara
4) Rocky & Bullwinkle
5) Cosmo & Wanda
6) Pooh & Piglet
7) Peggy & Louanne
8) Rocko & Heff
9) Candance & Stacie
10) Susan & Mary
11) Stan & Wendy
12) Kim & Ron

How to play!
Each Week On Tuesday One Team Will be Eliminated, Mondays are the last day to put your teams in order. There may be twist, there may be yields. and they may be non eliminations, who knows.

Your job is to pick the order of what team comes in first, second, third, etc.. until the last place team who is eliminated.

I will tell you when there is a leg with a yield, I will tell you when there is a non-elimination so you are prepared. This is a 14 week game. 2 Non-Eliminations. 2 Yields. 3 Fast Fowards. Oh Yea you get to pick the team who gets the fast foward.

Now order the teams on how you think they do.

Depending on how many people play, it will be based on the position that paticular team is in to recieve that placement. Say 4 people pick Fry & Leela for first, and 3 People picked Kim & Ron for first, Fry & Leela will get first, when Kim & Ron will get 2nd place. etc..

Any confusion, please ask.

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