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"TAR Lvoe List Volume 14.12 (Finale)"
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Original message

ARnutz 13792 desperate attention whore postings
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05-11-09, 08:10 AM (EST)
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"TAR Lvoe List Volume 14.12 (Finale)"
LAST EDITED ON 05-11-09 AT 08:17 AM (EST)

Who Needs Pants Anyway???

This week’s list is a little different because it is the last of the season. You may rank all 11 teams from the entire season and you may also do a separate list for the final 3, if you’d like. Me… I’m just going to do all 11.

I want to thank each of you who participated this season. Be sure to come back next time. I especially want to thank our lvoe list statistician, kidflash212, who has done a wonderful job these past two seasons! …and don’t forget to check out last week’s rankings once more. Hopefully. with enough begging on my part, he will come back in the fall for TAR 15.

This week, our teams left China and flew to Hawaii where the bad taxi cab driver karma hit Jaime square in the big mouth, Luke got stuck on a mental challenge and Tammy had no idea how to carry a pig. Mostly, it was one big long leg of bunch points. Until the roadblock, where Luke seemed to be coasting right through and then he got stuck. The other teams caught up and Victor and Jamie were both able to pass him. It was one of the most exciting finishes because all 3 teams had a chance to pull off the win.

On to the list!

Rank. Name

A1. PHIL!!! I love the fact that he learned to sign for Luke to “talk” to him at the mat – and probably other times too, loved that he stripped down to his skivvies and that he biked across America on his way to the TAR finale party. He makes this show so awesome.

B1. Mel/Mike – The race was not the same after these two were gone. I am still pissed that Mark/Michael survived over these guys. I wish more teams were like them. They had fun, appreciated the experiences and never ever asked for God to help them. Gotta love that.

02. Tammy/Victor – They did a good job overall, having many first place finishes. They also were always respectful of the locals and never got caught up in other teams drama. They are deserving winners.

03. Margie/Luke – Margie was indeed a superwoman and Luke was able to show that he could do anything. I did not like it when Margie accused Kisha and Jen of some things that were blown out of proportion, but I would not have minded them winning. They totally rocked many of the tasks.

04. Amanda/Kris – I was so peeved when they got eliminated from that u-turn. They were just nice people and I wish they stayed over some of the other teams.

05. Kisha/Jen – They did an awesome job overall. I hated the whole drama with Margie and Luke because some of that was not justified.

06. Jennifer/Preston – Sorry, but we hardly knew ya. I would've liked to see more of them.

07. Brad/Victoria – Also weren't in the race long.

08. Mark/Michael – In the beginning I liked them a lot, then by the time they left, I hated them. Tampering with stuff and those penalties should have had them gone earlier. They also got lucky with a non-elimination leg.

09. Linda/Steve – Steve was a jerk. I am glad they went out quickly.

10. Christie/Jodi – Their wheelie luggage will be remembered for a long time, as will their stupidity. Dumb luck brought them as far as they went. They also got saved by a non-elimination leg. I think TAR needs to do away with those and add two more teams in.

11. Cara/Jaime – Jaime was one of the ugliest Americans I have ever seen. The worst was when she was in China. You don’t sign up for A RACE AROUND THE FUGGIN’ WORLD and expect that wherever you go there will be someone who speaks English. I hope you go die in a hole. Alone. Beeyotch. Sorry Cara, your good does not outweigh Jaime’s evil.

Did you take part in week 1 lvoe list? Kind of neat to compare how you feel about some of the teams now!

First Week Rank. Names
1. Mark/Michael – These two look like fun!
2. Tammy/Victor – Good job on the first leg.
3. Margie/Luke – Great job on the first leg. Cool how Phil learned to sign the mat greeting!
4. Cara/Jaime – Not bad
5. Mel/Mike – Good job
6. Brad/Victoria – Meh
7. Amanda/Kris – Who?
8. LaKisha/Jennifer – Not feeling them
9. Christie/Jodi – Who brings wheelie luggage on TAR???
10. Linda/Steve - Not so much Linda, but Steve? Ugh.
Philiminated: Jennifer/Preston –

Now it's your turn, people! This is a lvoe list. You know what to do!

'nutz: Proud member of the inoffensive OT Triumvirate... and Shroomhater! - shroom go boom!
*Breaking out the retro siggie*

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emydi 13669 desperate attention whore postings
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05-11-09, 08:25 AM (EST)
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1. "RE: TAR Lvoe List Volume 14.12 (Finale)"
LAST EDITED ON 05-11-09 AT 08:25 AM (EST)

1. Margie and Luke-(3)(3)(3)(2)(2)(3)(1)(1)(3)(1)(1) ok they showed Luke's impatience all season bc that's what did him in. I liked the last cab ride though, nice mother's day present for Margie

2. Cara and Jaimie- (7)(5)(4)(4)(3)(4)(4)(4)(2)(2)(2) Ok Jaimie screamed a lot but she was the stronger one throughout...She did apologize to the last cabbie. I would have liked to see them win over the VT

3. Tammy and Victor--(10)(9)(8)(7)(7)(6)(5)(5)(1)(3)(3)--meh, now they seem even more self entitled. I hated this was so anti climactic and disappointing...



1. Mel and Mike-I loved this team, probably one of my faves.

2. Kris and Amanda

3. Margie and Luke

4. Brad and Victoria

5. Steve and Linda

6. Jaimie and Cara

7. Christie and Jodie

8. Lakisha and Jen

9. Mark and Michael

10. Jen and Prescott

11. Tammy and Victor

First love list

1. Mel and Mike
2. Mark and Michael
3. Margie and Luke
4. Kris and Amanda
5. Steve and Linda
6. Lakisha and Jennifer
7. Cara & Jaime
8. Christie and Jodi-
9. Brad and Victoria
10. Tammy and Victor
Philiminated: Preston and Jennifer

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Max Headroom 10028 desperate attention whore postings
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05-11-09, 08:57 AM (EST)
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2. "RE: TAR Lvoe List Volume 14.12 (Finale)"
It's an interesting exercise to compare my week 1 list with my finale list.

My final postseason list:

Me likey:
1. Mel/Mike - These two impressed me with their positive and supportive attitudes, humor, and effort. While they got about as far as they should've in the race, I enjoyed watching them. Week 1 rank: 9 (quote: "")
2. Amanda/Kris - They were nice people with a strong, drama-free relationship. While some thought they were boring, harmonious race teams are always good in my book. Week 1 rank: 5.
3. Brad/Victoria - These two were the opposite of the typical TAR "older couple", in that they had few problems with the physical aspects of the race but were undone by a risky flight choice (a mental error). I wish they would've been around longer. Week 1 rank: 4

4. Kisha/Jen - These two grew on me over the course of the race, but I can't say I ever rooted for them. They did better than I anticipated, but I never considered them serious contenders. Week 1 rank: 8
5. Christie/Jodi - While their overall cluelessness was surprising, at least they were pleasant, and somebody had to provide a little comic relief. Week 1 rank: 7
6. Cara/Jaime - I admired their tenacity and competitive spirits, and thought they had a chance to win it all despite their consistently bad luck with taxis. However, Jaime is living proof that beauty is only skin deep. Week 1 rank: 3 (quote: "These two look to be around for a while.")

Me no likey:
7. Jennifer/Preston - Didn't see enough of them to make an impression, but I don't think I would've enjoyed watching them for long. Week 1 rank: N/A due to Philimination
8. Tammy/Victor - Watching spoiled rich kids isn't my thing, but they were clearly the best racers this season. Week 1 rank: 6. (quote: "I don't think I'm going to like these two very much. They reek of Ivy League elitism.")
9. Mark/Michael - Tweedledee and Tweedledum were horrible racers, and difficult to watch as well. I missed the boat completely here. Week 1 rank: 2 (quote: "Great attitudes, should be fun to watch.")
10. Linda/Steve - A wasted casting spot; those two had zero chance, and they were ugly to watch as well. Week 1 rank: 10
11. Margie/Luke - Despite Margie's superhuman efforts, I would've sworn off watching TAR if they had won. I thought Luke was the most unwatchable TAR contestant ever. And boy, was I wrong with my initial thoughts. Week 1 rank: 1 (quote: "Though I doubt their longevity in the race, I think they're interesting to watch."). Wrong, and wrong again.

Let me add a postseason thank you to ARnutz for hosting the lvoe lists, and to kidflash212 for his tireless efforts on the stats list. As a former stats-dude, I know how time-consuming they can be. Well done to both of you!

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mhdallas 165 desperate attention whore postings
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05-11-09, 11:49 AM (EST)
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3. "RE: TAR Lvoe List Volume 14.12 (Finale)"
Ahh - the second most satisfying win yet! (The most satisfying win to me, previously, was Season 4 when Chip and Reichen won.) What a great episode.

1 - Victor/Tammy. The best racers of the season, who definitely deserved to win. I think both of them learned a lot along the way, which should only strengthen their relationship. What a cute couple (I still don't get the complaint of them acting so 'entitled', though. To me, Jaime acted far more 'entitled' than they ever did.)

2- Margie and Luke. Excellent leg of the race for them and, for awhile, it really looked like they had it in the bag. Unfortunately, Luke gets easily frustrated and, in this case, it cost them the race. Still...hats off to Marge for carrying that pig so good.

3 - Cara and Jaime. Goodbye and good riddance.

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KwietOne 1083 desperate attention whore postings
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05-11-09, 12:42 PM (EST)
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4. "RE: TAR Lvoe List Volume 14.12 (Finale)"
Just a quick note, but did you notice the comment made by either Cara or Jamie during the surfboard task that she just didn't see Jesus (the first surfboard). I just LOL.

I'm going based on memory here...

(1) Tammy/Victor
(2) Lakisha/Jen
(3) Mel/Mike
(4) Brad/Victoria
(5) Kris/Amanda
(6) Jodi/Christie
(7) Jennifer/Preston
(8) Steve/Linda
(9) Michael/Mark
(10) Margie/Luke
(11) Cara/Jamie

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Belle Book 3556 desperate attention whore postings
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05-11-09, 04:22 PM (EST)
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5. "RE: TAR Lvoe List Volume 14.12 (Finale)"
Here's my final rankings of the teams:

1. Tammy & Victor -- after the melt-down in Romania, they recovered and regained my esteem for them! Great job!
2. Mel & Mike -- really funny and I'm sorry they were Philiminated so soon!
3. Amanda & Kris -- I might've liked them more if they'd gone farther. Alas, it just wasn't meant to be.
4. Brad & Victoria -- I liked them and wanted them to go a little farther, but their gamble proved costly.
5. Cara & Jaime -- I don't like Jaime's behavior either, but I'd chalk that up to the stress of the Race. Cara helped her out there.
6. LaKisha & Jen -- they defied my expectations! Good job.
7. Christie & Jodi -- would've liked them more if they'd been more competent.
8. Margie & Luke -- I started out liking them but wound up not liking them so much. Still, there's other teams I hate more.
9. Linda & Steve -- didn't like them in the first leg, liked them more in the second.
10. Preston & Jennifer -- would've really hated them if they'd stayed in the Race any longer!
11. Mark & Michael -- Idiots. And that's all I've got to say about them.

Here's my rankings of the teams on the first leg:

1. Tammy & Victor -- I have a soft spot for Asian Americans, and this is one of them! I don't see the Ivy League elitism that others see, so for now they're up front.
2. Margie & Luke -- I've known some deaf people and know a little sign language. So I'm rooting for this team.
3. Cara & Jamie -- I like red hair on women, and this is the all-female team I think is most likely to break through and win. So I'm rooting for them as well.
4. Mark & Michael -- they look like they're going to be fun.
5. Mel & Mike -- like them so far, but they aren't my favorite team.
6. Christie & Jodi -- they were able to do a decent job early on, but they didn't get enough good info going to Interlaken and nearly were eliminated as a result.
7. Brad & Victoria -- meh but I liked the way they found out the best route to Interlaken.
8. Amanda & Kris -- don't really know them but they weren't annoying at least.
9. LaKisha & Jennifer -- okay so far, I guess.
10. Linda & Steve -- right now they're annoying. But they won't last too long.

Philiminated: Jennifer & Preston. Thank heavens this team's gone! They would've really gotten on my nerves had they stayed any longer.

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shimane22 142 desperate attention whore postings
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05-11-09, 04:26 PM (EST)
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6. "RE: TAR Lvoe List Volume 14.12 (Finale)"
LAST EDITED ON 05-12-09 AT 08:46 AM (EST)

LAST EDITED ON 05-12-09 AT 07:49 AM (EST)

1. Tammy/Victor- They deserved it.
2. Jaime/Cara- That taxi dispatcher was a #####, Jaime actually was right in that situation...
3. Margie/Luke- Sad that Luke choked (although I didn't want the to win anyway).

Overall (change from first leg)
1 (+8) Jaime/Cara- I was actually rooting for them to win last night... Yes, Jaime was cringe-inducing at times, but Cara seemed like a really cool girl and they were very formidable competitors...
2 (NC) Tammy/Victor- Deserving winners but... a little boring seeing them win since they basically plowed through like Nick/Starr version 2.0
3 (+1) Kisha/Jen- It was a bummer how they went out, and although they weren't the best racers it was still fun to watch their relationship develop.
4 (+5) Christie/Jodi- Smart girls who didn't get nearly enough credit for their savvy racing- bad taxi luck did them in.
5 (NC) Mel/Mike- I liked them, they lasted longer than I expected.
6 (-5) Margie/Luke- Good people, glad they got to complete the race together.
7 (NC) Mark/Michael- I didn't like them at all but they had a classy exit.
8 (-5) Brad/Victoria- I was rooting for them but their elimination was all their own fault.
9 (+1) Steve/Linda- Kind people who were just not cut out for the race.
10 (-4) Amanda/Kris- These two were dull, glad to see them u-turned.
11 (NC) Preston/Jennifer- Glad these vile idiots were bounced first... too bad they were featured so heavily in the elimination station videos, but better there than on the actual show.

First Leg:
1. Margie/Luke- they seem like good people, glad to see them win.
2. Tammy/Victor- Upgrade from Nick/Starr and Azaria/Hendekea, I'd say...
3. Brad/Victoria- they seem to have a strong marriage, also liked how they ditched the ditzy flight attendants.
4. LaKisha/Jennifer- They seemed kind of slow considering their athletic background.
5. Mel/Mike- I don't mind them, I just think they're cannon fodder.
6. Amanda/Kris- Kind of blah, but also unobjectionable (like Kris/Jon).
7. Mark/Michael- Not especially memorable to me.
8. Cara/Jaime- Blah. Another pair of bitchy women from Texas.
9. Christie/Jodi- Really disappointed with their racing in this first leg, but at least they won the footrace at the end.
10. Linda/Steve- He's an uncaring jerk, but she gets no sympathy for coming into the race without proper conditioning.

X 11 Preston/Jennifer- Why the heck did they stop running in a footrace so he could pick her up and carry her. Not going to miss these dimwits at all!

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Seana 5044 desperate attention whore postings
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05-11-09, 08:40 PM (EST)
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7. "RE: TAR Lvoe List Volume 14.12 (Finale)"
LAST EDITED ON 05-11-09 AT 08:41 PM (EST)

I missed the first week entirely. I have never seen Preston and Jennifer except in the opening credits and possibly in the recrap.

01. Amanda and Kris: Strong Racers, nice people. Too bad Luke decided they needed to be taken out.

02. Tammy and Victor: Worked well together by the end, Victor having learned his lesson in Romania.

03. Mel and Mike: I didn't think I liked them until they were gone. Then I missed them.

04. Margie and Luke: I guess they weren't horrible. They rocked on the pig task.

05. Kisha and Jen: Childish in many ways, but strong Racers.

06. Preston and Jennifer: Indifferent to them. Never saw them.

07. Christie and Jodi: I started to like them, actually. I forget what it was that made me change my mind.

08. Brad and Victoria: Didn't care for them. Didn't miss them when they were gone.

08. Linda and Steve: Not really the team for me. Linda apologised so much that I wondered if Steve was going to beat her when they got home.

10. Cara and Jaime: If not for Cara, they'd be dead last.

11. Mark and Michael: Borderline bigots who play nasty. Pfft.

Sig by agman

Edit to add: Thanks for running this again, Nutz! Thanks for the stats, kidflash!

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Spider 164 desperate attention whore postings
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05-11-09, 10:01 PM (EST)
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8. "RE: TAR Lvoe List Volume 14.12 (Finale)"
For me:

1. Tammy/Victor - deserving winners. Spoilt rich kids maybe but didnt panic under pressure which ultimately got them to the win.

2. Margie/Luke - good racers but luke was just too annoying. His inability to chill under pressure cost them the win. Also, dont know how margie puts up with his scremaing during the whole race. I would have punched him. mmuum, aaaaagh, ppudh,....WTF??

3. Cara/Jamie - bad luck with cabs but karma for their terrible attitude. Had to laugh when they got the only cabbie in Maui with no idea and no petrol.

Not a bad season but no more deaf people please. Go back and add some gay guys, more entertaining, although i suspect Luke is gay.

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HistoryDetective 9516 desperate attention whore postings
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05-12-09, 06:29 AM (EST)
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9. "RE: TAR Lvoe List Volume 14.12 (Finale)"
Go back and add some gay guys

Hello? One of the winners is a gay guy. Although he called it a "Detour" when he was in Thailand, Victor usually just refers to riding around in a cab with a bunch of transvestites as "just another Friday night." Seriously, I watch the Race with a group of gay friends. None of us were convinced that Victor is anything other than gay ... and we all want him to switch back to the other team.

1. Mel/Mike - I didn't really care for them at first, but they grew on me. I was surprised that they made it as far as they did, but then I was cheering for them to go even further. I ended up liking them a helluva lot better than most of the Racers that made it further than they did.

2. Margie/Luke - Margie really was amazing as a Racer. Luke got frustrated too easily, but I don't think that he was the holy terror that so many others want to make him out to be. I got the impression that hanging out with both of them would be a pleasant experience. I cannot say that for many of the others cast this season.

3. Amanda/Kris - They seemed atypical of the young and attractive couples usually cast for the Race: they actually got along with each other. I wish we could have seen more of them.

4. Cara/Jaime - Yes, Jaime could be a shrew. I did not appreciate her ugly American moments ("just dance over them" or "this is why China sucks"), but there were many other times that I completely agreed with her: a taxi driver should know how to find your destination and deliver you there in a timely manner; an employee (regardless of country or language) should offer his or her services in a competent, quick, and efficient manner. I could certainly understand her frustration in some instances because if I were Racing for a million dollars I would not have a lot of patience for bumbling either.

5. Brad/Victoria - I was curious to see what these two could accomplish since they were very athletic despite being the "older" team this season. They may not deserve to be this high on my final list, but all the remaining teams certainly earned their lower rankings.

6. Kisha/Jen - These two had some fun moments of humor ("You're going to scare lots of children."), but I had the impression that they likely exacerbated a tense situation during the confrontation at the Pit Stop. I wish we could have seen the entire footage instead of the abbreviated version cobbled together by the editors.

7. Christie/Jodi - Their luggage was ridiculous. I couldn't believe they lasted as long as they did. This is one of those teams that I did not bother to learn which was which. One of them needs to back off on the surgeries or she is going to look like Joan Rivers by the time she is fifty.

8. Linda/Steve - Wow, they offered some truly excruciating moments. The producers thought they struck gold with the inspirational backcountry couple in a previous season. The formula didn't seem to work this time.

9. Jennifer/Preston - This team was a train wreck waiting to happen. I was so happy they were eliminated on the first leg so they could go bicker off camera.

10. Mark/Michael - I never bothered to learn which one was which, but I did think the one with the scary pointy nipples in the yellow shirt was the more decent of the two. Of course, "decent" is a very relative description considering that his partner was a real tool.

11. Tammy/Victor - Entitled may or not be an accurate description, but snobby and spoiled certainly fit (although those words just do not feel harsh enough to describe these two). It's not a surprise that Victor attended law school in Massachusetts: he acted like a huge Masshole throughout the entire Race. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Victor orders his boyfriends around just as much as he does his younger sister.

"We must scrupulously guard the civil rights and civil liberties of all our citizens, whatever their background. We must remember that any oppression, any injustice, any hatred, is a wedge designed to attack our civilization." --- Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 9 January 1940

And this?

mmuum, aaaaagh, ppudh,....WTF??

is extremely offensive. I'm not deaf, but I did have to undergo speech therapy for other reasons for a year or two in elementary school. Please let me apologize to you on behalf of every person not as physically able as you are: I am sorry that we are not able to enunciate and articulate words in exactly the fashion that you would like to hear and understand them. (Perhaps that is even more frustrating for us than it is for you.)

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sica077 523 desperate attention whore postings
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05-12-09, 10:06 AM (EST)
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11. "RE: TAR Lvoe List Volume 14.12 (Finale)"
The imitation was in very bad taste.

Not a bad season but no more deaf people please. Go back and add some gay guys...

Seriously? Again... bad taste.

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ARnutz 13792 desperate attention whore postings
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05-12-09, 04:46 PM (EST)
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14. "RE: TAR Lvoe List Volume 14.12 (Finale)"
Luke IS gay. As a matter of fact, there were at least 4 gay contestants this season: Mel, Mike, Luke and Kisha. Who knows who else. The PRODUCERS chose not to focus on that.
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Tazluli 141 desperate attention whore postings
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05-12-09, 08:50 AM (EST)
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10. "RE: TAR Lvoe List Volume 14.12 (Finale)"
First of all, thank you ARnutz and Kidflash! You two do a great job, and I have fun participating.

My over all rankings for the teams:

1. Mel & Mike - I loved them. They had great spirit. I just wish they were on the race longer.

2. Tammy & Victor - I was very happy they won. Other than that melt down early in the race, they came back and were excellent racers.

3. Kisha & Jen - I didn't have much of an opinion on them in the beginning, but they grew on me. Kisha's patience and gentleness with Jen was amazing. I wish they were in the final 3.

4. Brad & Victoria - Bad mistake with the plane, but I really liked them and thought they were competitive.

5. Amanda & Kris - The only thing I remember about them was they worked together. There was no drama.

6. Christie & Jodi - I couldn't stand them at first, but they also grew on me.

7. Jennifer & Preston - Although I thought they were the trainwreck couple the first week and was happy that they were Philiminated, they are here because they didn't annoy me as the rest of the teams did.

8. Linda & Steve - I don't think Linda had any business being on the race. She wasn't prepared in the least. I also hated the way Steve treated Linda.

9. Mark & Michael - Idiots! That's all, just idiots!

10. Cara & Jaime - Cara, you were great. However, your choice of friends stinks. Jaime, you are the Ugly American. No, you are just plain and simply ugly.

11. Margie & Luke - Margie, yes, you did a great job on the tasks. However, you just ended up being a nasty woman didn't you? You took offense where there was none. You blamed Jen & Luke's altercations all on Jen. Your precious baby had nothing to do with it, did he? And, then, you kept bringing it up. Move on!!! You were nasty to your precious baby. Luke, it is time to grow up. I cannot begin to imagine what it is like not to be able to hear. That being said, your deafness does not give you carte blanche to act like a baby, nor to push someone and not take responsibility. Both of you were wrong.

Below is what I had on my first week. I said that Mark & Michael seemed to be a lot of fun, and loved watching Margie & Luke work together.

1. Tammy & Victor - I like their attitude.

2. Mike & Mark - They seem to be a lot of fun.

3. Margie & Luke - I enjoyed watching them work together.

4. Mel & Mike - Although Mel seemed to struggle a bit, I think that they will do well together

5. Brad & Victoria - Yeah! Athletic older people! Oh my! I just looked and Victoria is younger than me and I am just a shade younger than Brad. I am an older person!

6. LaKisha & Jennifer - I don't really have an opinion.

7. Cara & Jaime - I haven't formed an opinion yet.

8. Amanda & Kris - Who? Were they on the show? I don't even remember them.

9. Linda & Steve - Yikes. I don't like the way he speaks to her. She is going to need to get tougher if they want to go far on this show.

10. Christie & Jodi - Are they on vacation? Are they working? Why not back packs?

Philiminated - Jennifer & Preston.They seemed to be this season's trainwreck couple. Is there a reason why she couldn't run to the pitstop? Does he have to carry her all over the place? I did not like the way they treated each other in the small amount of time we saw them.

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05-12-09, 10:49 AM (EST)
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12. "RE: TAR Lvoe List Volume 14.12 (Finale)"
1. Margie/Luke
2. Tammy/Victor
3. Mel/Mike
4. Amanda/Kris
5. Brad/Victoria
6. Cara/Jaime
7. Christie/Jodi
8. Jennifer/Preston
9. Linda/Steve
10. LaKisha/Jennifer
11. Mark/Michael

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13. "RE: TAR Lvoe List Volume 14.12 (Finale)"
LAST EDITED ON 05-12-09 AT 01:04 PM (EST)

Final Lvoe List of Season 14

1) Mel & Mike - WOOOHOO!! I loved them. They were awesome.
2) Amanda & Kris - Of course Kris & Jon Vs. 2, but I liked them.
3) Cara & Jamie - Jamie whined.
4) Margie & Luke - Luke whined.
5) Tammy & Victor - Victor spoiled it for leg 8. He was to smug
6) Brad & Victoria - I like the older couple.
7) Mark & Micheal - The Dummies.
8) Kisha & Jennifer - There were okay. But they didn't need to call them b***hes.
9) Christie & Jodi - I forgot them. And number 9. So I put them there.
10) Linda & Steve - Steve was such a cry baby
11) Jennifer & Preston - Didn't like them from the beginnings.

First Lvoe List of Season 14
1) Margie/Luke, Mark/Michael, Tammy/Victor = I like them. So I can't really choice between the three. Thats why they are first.

4) Mel/Mike = There not the typical gay's we have seen like Lynn/Alex, so I actually like this team.

5) Amanda/Kris = Don't know much about them

6) Chritie/Jodi = They out ran Preston/Jennifer

7) Cara/Jamie = Woohoo Redheads. I'm rooting for them

8) Lakisha/ Jennifer, Brad/Victoria = Not sure yet

10) Linda/Steve - That Steve is a really bad Hick.

11) Jennifer - Preston YUCK YUCK

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15. "RE: TAR Lvoe List Volume 14.12 (Finale)"
1) Mel and Mike - just loved them. Missed them and it was hard to care as much about the Race after they left. They have great energy, and appreciated the Race and each other.

2) Tammy and Victor - yes, they've had advantaged lives, but they worked it - especially Victor - to win. He was really focused throughout, especially during the roadblock, and helped her to "show up" and complete the challenge. He did not let fatigue get in his way - nor his shorts! I can't believe how much trouble EVERYONE had with the pigs!

3) Margie and Luke - I was really impressed - especially with her - during the finale and found myself rooting for them. But yet again his frustration got in the way. I hope he is able to stop that behavior. He will go much farther in life. Margie Rocks!!!!

Who else was here? . . .

4) Brad and Victoria -
4) Amanda and Kris - both teams seemed like great people in healthy relationships, and seemed like they could have gone far. Sorry they got eliminated so soon - would have liked to see how they would have handled the other challenges, etc.

6) LaKisha and Jen - Had some great moments and some ridiculously stupid, inept ones (leaving their packs and shoes behind, etc.); and also showed some very poor communication skills with each other and with other racers. And they NEVER should have used the "b" word. Women especially shouldn't use that word IMHO - it puts women down no matter who you say it to.

7) Christie and Jodi - inept racers. And yes the luggage was ridiculous. They had the occasional good moment (painting the elephant. . .), and Christie was a trouper running in Siberia, but they made SO many mistakes! They were never contenders.

8) Mark and Michael - (I love someone's comment about "the one with the scary pointy nipples! - too funny!) I really liked them in the beginning and thought they had a chance; and I think Michael is the nicer guy, but their "game play" was awful! They made alot of mistakes anyhow, and to stoop so low as to sabotage other teams and possibly cause Margie's heat stroke - they should have been eliminated earlier on. Mark is VERY unpleasant.

9) Preston and Jennifer - What the f### was that with him having to carry her to the mat? Their personal dynamics are ridiculous and SHE is incredibly wearing. Run Preston Run!

10) Linda and Steve - He is awful and she was unprepared and neither of them has any self-esteem. Someone said they wondered if he beat her? I hope not, but she's so overreactive I wonder that too?

11) Cara and Jaime - Yes, Jaime is driven! Yes, she is easily derailed by the slightest delay by any person, place or thing on the planet. Jaime should never have left home, and I hope every cab driver in the world recognizes her and refuses to pick her up. As someone else said, "Beauty IS only skin deep." But it was a good moment when she helped Luke at the roadblock.

Cara is a saint for tolerating her chronic outbursts and was a good racer on her own (the way she powered through the eating challenge in China was amazing!) Cara - run for your life! And find some NEW, DESERVING friends!

I guess I didn't post the first week - so these are from week #2 (no mention of the piggy backing Jennifer/Preston - They would have gotten VERY annoying, VERY fast! Elimination Station sure shows that aspect!

1. Margie/Luke - didn't like Luke's petulant behavior at the pie throwing and don't know why it took them so long - probably just because he was upset about it Good racers and Mom is awesome!!! Great attitude and in great shape!

2. Tammy/Victor - good racers. Learn to speak up Tammy or else just go with the flow. So far they are doing really well. Though I could do without the sing songy voice too - pretty weird!

3. Brad/Victoria - seem really cool and in good shape with good attitudes. I think they will go far. Really don't consider them an "old team." They certainly aren't as old as Teri/Ian or Gretchen/Meredith!

4. Amanda/Kris - seem to be doing well and seem like nice people. Get VERY little air time!

5. Mark/Michael - feisty and athletic and smart. I hope they get it together and stick it out. Bad mistake not calling ahead, but usually few teams do that. This time, everyone did. . . Glad they did the Segways too. Thought it was awful when the other racers called them the "little people" or whatever it was, when they got up to the hangliders.

6. Cara/Jaime - Don't want to like them because of the major dye job on the matching hair (I'm a natural redhead!), but they seem to have game, and inspite of their intro as being b####$$, don't seem to be using others, etc. So far, I'm liking them.

7. Mel/Mike - I like them on principle, and I like Mike's work, but they are a little dull to watch on the race. Didn't understand why as soon as his dad was about to hanglide, Mike didn't rush down the hill. They don't seem to be racing very fast.

8. Kisha/Jen - want to like them, but they get lost alot and there's a fight brewing. . . that might really sink them.

9. Christie/Jodie - Yep, the Dandrew of the race. What the ### was that, trying to find the woodcutter? They were wandering EVERYWHERE!!!! And I had to laugh when they started carrying the wood around, and when they "walked to the finish line" - too much! How long do they have to go in circles before they realize they are screwing up? Get a clue ladies!

Philiminated: Steve & Linda - what a train wreck these two were! Seem like nice enough people when he's not making her feel bad, but hapless and amazingly didn't get eliminated the first leg. Never should have been cast.

Not that I have an opinion one way or another ;)
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16. "RE: TAR Lvoe List Volume 14.12 (Finale)"
Thanks Arnutz and Kidflash for this season!

1. Tammy/Victor - They deserve the win. Thank goodness it was Tammy who lost her pants on the mat. I'd rather see her without her pants on than say, Luke
2. Margie - bionic woman indeed. Her son is a big baby period.
3. Uhh.. was there a third team in the finale??

1. Mel/Mike
2. Tammy/Victor
3. Margie/Luke
4. Christie/Jodi
5. Kisha/Jen
6. Brad/Victoria

7. Amanda/Kris;Jennifer/Preston;Linda/Steve - meh

10. Mark/Michael
11. Cara/Jaime

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17. "RE: TAR Lvoe List Volume 14.12 (Finale)"
1. Tammy & Victor - The team I wanted to win.

2. Margie & Luke - As much as I couldn't stand 'em, ability-wise, they deserved to be in the Final 3. I can't (can) believe that Margie carried that pig like it weighted a pound.

3. Cara & Jaime - Here because of the harpy beyotch Jaime. Maybe I can understand the taxi cab frustration but what about the non-taxi incidents? I still remember how she screamed at the herb shop man in Thailand or her screaming in Russia because no one understood English, how China sucks, etc. Do us a favour Jaime and stay home.


1. Mel & Mike - Entertaining, smart and respectful of the locals.

2. Tammy & Victor - They didn't annoy me, except for the Romania episode, as much as they did everyone else.

3. Amanda & Kris - Would have been a force to be reckoned with if not for the stupid u-turn. I don't think they would have been the typical annoying dating couple.

4. Kisha & Jen - Not great racers at all but seemed like okay people.

5. Christie & Jodi - Dim wits but they got a long and didn't scream at the locals.

6. Brad & Victoria - Didn't know these two at all.

7. Margie & Luke - Yuck.

8. Linda & Steve - No red-neck magic this time.

9. Cara & Jaime - I can't believe I started liking them.

10. Preston & Jennifer - I missed the first episode and so I don't know anything about them. I just know that they hogged the cameras at the elimination station and so it's just as well that got eliminated right away because they would have been the annoying dating couple.

11. Mark & Michael - I said that Margie and Luke were my most hated team ever... I forgot about these two. They weren't worth thinking about after they got eliminated. Incompetent, rule-breaking, mouthy idiots who lasted way too long.

A Gift from Agman

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18. "RE: TAR Lvoe List Volume 14.12 (Finale)"
1. Tammy/Victor - They deserved to win. And I liked how Victor was supportive of Tammy during the pig carry. He pushed her, but not in a way that put her down.
2. Margie/Luke - They rocked this leg. I felt bad for Luke having done all of that preparation, and then falling behind. I'm not sure what Margie was thinking, though. I think instead of yelling, "Keep trying" she should have suggested he stop and think a minute. Once he was putting random boards up you knew he was in real trouble.
3. Cara/Jaime - Jaime was not supportive of Cara at all while carrying the pig. And then berating the poor taxi driver - if the road only goes in two directions, pick one and then ask for directions when you see someone. Don't just stop on the side of the road.

1. Amanda/Kris - I thought they worked well together, and seemed to be having fun. Would have done really well if not for the U-Turn.
2. Tammy/Victor - They also did well, and learned from their mistakes. While they were priveleged, I didn't see the entitlement that others saw. It was just matter-of-fact - we've been there, we've done that. I also liked how they tried something different and stepped out of their comfort zones to be on the race.
3. Mel/Mike - A little whiny sometimes, but overall I liked them. They had fun on the race, and didn't try to play the God card.
4. Margie/Luke - While the continuing drama annoyed me, overall they were great racers. Margie rocks, and Luke did well too, as long as he didn't get frustrated.
5. Brad/Victoria - They didn't stay long, but I enjoyed them. I also liked that they took a risk on the other flight, even if it didn't pan out.
6. Kisha/Jen - While they were good racers, something about them just always bothered me. Maybe they were too cocky, I'm not sure.
7. Mark/Michael - I liked them at the beginning, but their incompetance combined with their arrogance kept pushing them down on the list.
8. Christie/Jodi - I don't remember much about them, except for the wheeled luggage.
9. Jennifer/Preston - They didn't last very long, but I have a feeling that if they did I really wouldn't like them. At least in the one episode, Preston really bothered me.
10. Linda/Steve - They also didn't last very long. She harped on him a lot, and then couldn't follow directions.
11. Cara/Jaime - Wait, we're going to go to other countries, where they don't speak English? And have a lot of foreigners? Well, maybe if I yell a lot and make strange gestures, they'll understand.

Didn't do week 1, but here's week 2:

1. Mark/Michael - Seem to be having fun, and hopefully learned their lesson about taking it easy.
2. Margie/Luke - Still good.
3. Cara/Jaime - Doing well.
4. Tammy/Victor - I like them, but they are right on the line between self-confident and arrogant, and I'm afraid they're going to fall over it soon.
5. Amanda/Kris - Was it just me, or did it seem like he was always correcting her? Other than that, they were good.
6. Mel/Mike - They're okay.
7. Christie/Jodi - They're okay too. Hopefully their difficulty finding the wood cutting was just because it was dark. Hopefully.
8. Brad/Victoria - They're okay.
9. Kisha/Jen - Maybe it was just editing, but Kisha, Jen can't listen to your ideas if you never offer any.

Philiminated: Linda/Steve - I liked them okay, but when you aren't athletic and also can't follow directions, you won't last long.

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19. "RE: TAR Lvoe List Volume 14.12 (Finale)"
1. Mel/Mike - The race wasn't the same when they left. (Week 1 Rank: 6)
2. Tammy/Victor - Deserving winners. (Week 1 Rank: 3)
3. Amanda/Kris - Seemed nice, but unfortunately got screwed by the U-Turn. (Week 1 Rank: 7)
4. Kisha/Jen - If they hadn't stopped for a pee break, they would have been higher. (Week 1 Rank: 8)
5. Brad/Victoria - Don't remember them that much, but they seemed OK. (Week 1 Rank: 5)
6. Cara/Jamie - Jamie's "Ugly American" pushed them down a bit. (Week 1 Rank: 4)
7. Preston/Jennifer - Not sorry they left early. (Week 1 Rank: N/A)
8. Steve/Linda - Ditto. (Week 1 Rank: 10)
9. Christie/Jodi - Didn't care for them. (Week 1 Rank: 9)
10. Margie/Luke - I'm definitely glad Luke didn't win. (Week 1 Rank: 1)
11. Mark/Michael - By far, the worst racers this season. (Week 1 Rank: 2)
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