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"Breaking down the edit(second edition)(speculation-related)"
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Original message

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09-21-16, 09:50 PM (EST)
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"Breaking down the edit(second edition)(speculation-related)"
LAST EDITED ON 09-21-16 AT 10:32 PM (EST)

This year I don't really have any spoiler information. Except of one such notion regarding speculative purposes only which I will get into later(I had to edit this as it ended up maybe actually being spoiler but there is no actual spoiler on who wins this season or goes far).

Let's get into this

Two players were the stars of this episode:Zeke and David

And one of them's winning.

There was a lot going on here edit wise than Gen-X. Two things to take note of is the last confessional of the beginning three intros of each tribe. Last time this did not exactly pan out that way except for Carolyn in Worlds Apart. However the last ones clearly stood out the most. On Millenials, that is Zeke. Zeke was the counter option to the true negative focus of the tribe in Jay, Jessica, and Taylor. Those three are already written off as winners. Zeke was the narrator in a way as well, he seemed to imo have the winners edit.

Hannah's edit was too similar to Shirin in WA. Her edit was mainly strategy and not really character-based. There was no back story really for her. Now last season a person with a backstory did not win. However the positive edit is going hand in hand this year with back story. Hannah I believe will have a similar position as Shirin. Keep an eye on episode two.

As said before Jay, Jessica, and Taylor are the negative edits and are not winning. Jessica has had the better edit however of this group which leads me to believe she's going to outlast the guys if her tribe makes it to a swap or the merge without TC where it would appear as of now she's the target because of being a woman. Taylor might be the most arrogant here and likely will be the one out first of this trio if avoiding the circumstances.

Mari..........a very different edit. Cannot put my finger on it but she probably had the second most positive edit of the tribe. However I can see this going like Anna. Because the winners edit isn't here, it seems she's the co-narrator of this tribe(the Anna to Zeke's Tai). One of them has to go early and she had less depth than Zeke. Mari is pre-merge.

Endgamers:As of right now there is no clear endgamer other than who is winning.

This one had a lot of flaws and one constant which was David. David stood out from Brett and Chris who spent most of their time talking about who they want to vote out. Too much like old school playing. I believe David will screw them over and his own chance of winning. No question, David's edit made it too obvious who was really going home. Funny enough David was not part of the split vote over Cece. They made a mistake not voting him out.

Jessica had the other edit of depth. Unfortunately not like David and nothing about her backstory. Mostly all about finding advantage and who to vote out. That's how you get a negative edit when finding a advantage. Jessica has pre-merge written all over her because she can't be endgame and was too visible for this episode.

The two armchair narrators were Bret and Chris. Pre-season Chris was who I had winning. It doesn't look good now. Bret was someone I was beginning to think had a chance to win right before the show started. Nope. These two look to make the merge but are likely mid-jurors at best.

Endgamers appear to be David and Zeke with Zeke winning.

More needs to be seen.

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 Episode 2:More emergences Outsider32 09-29-16 2
 Episode 3-Big change Outsider32 10-05-16 3
 Episode 4-Did Worlds Apart change p... Outsider32 10-14-16 4
 Episode 4-Further detailing Outsider32 10-14-16 5
 Episode 5-Who really wins? Outsider32 10-21-16 6
 Episode 7-Things become clearer exc... Outsider32 10-28-16 7
 Perspective Outsider32 11-19-16 8
 What was I thinking? Outsider32 11-25-16 9
 CBS does it again Outsider32 11-25-16 10

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Outsider32 569 desperate attention whore postings
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09-24-16, 09:38 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: Breaking down the edit(second edition)(speculation-related)"
I'm having to maybe update some things.

Chris might actually be one of of the characters this season. So I may have to put him up there. If Zeke were not to win I think it will be him but there needs to be more.

That leaves three now but I'm unsure on Hannah and Figgy. As well as the two silent ones Lucy and Michaela. There were hints that Lucy could be this season's Sierra. There was one memorable footage of Michaela in the challenge dragging Hannah out of the ropes in the challenge. The next episode should make things a little more clearer(the three episode rule as usual).

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Outsider32 569 desperate attention whore postings
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09-29-16, 00:04 AM (EST)
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2. "Episode 2:More emergences"
After the first episode, I need to see more so I factored in Chris. Now this episode two more came to the forefront and one might go better than expected.

Ken's edit has something going now. He has backstory despite his low key edit(but that is just it). He also is in favor of David who is more importantly edited than Paul and Chris. I am beginning to think Ken is challenging Zeke for the win and not Chris. Another thing going for him is the fact he will likely be a problem for Taylor and Jay dominating challenges at the merge and the people will still see them as the bigger threats.

Chris emerged as a bit of a negative with the confessional about David. Even though David had a negative focus on the Paul situation, David already is not winning. And he was more important than Paul to begin with.

Michaela's edit came out of nowhere. She may have seemed to be a bit OTT or comic relief. I get the sense that's where it's going with her. It is a three way battle between her, Ken, and Jessica for engamers number four and five.

Our sixth endgamer is hands down...........Lucy.

There's always that quiet one and she has reached Jaclyn proportions through two episodes. These are the ones who always tend to go far the less important they are. Happens every season.

Now there's one I coined as pre-merge last week. And then she has a quiet episode this week and that was Jessica L. I am not sure what to make of her still. Her first episode edit was not super positive that makes you think she's going far. Something about her does not fit well with me.

The tri-force flipped the game and I knew something had to be up with the edit of tr-force. Michelle does not change my opinion about her except make me see her as the villain. There is no way she is going to get along with the gen-xers at the merge. Zeke already has a reason to flip as well. And Hannah their goat is probably getting taken care of pre-merge. When the merge rolls around it's the tri-force+Michaela against everyone else and I could see Michaela flipping sides. To me, Michelle appears to be maybe a mid-juror along with less important edited Jay and Taylor is probably one of the merge threats taken out early. Figgy? I cannot really tell with her. I just cannot see her going to the end and think she's leaving back to back with Taylor or going pre-merge. I think one of her and Hannah are pre-merge and merge.

Hannah......her edit completely went backwards and she's shot her chance at being anything like Aubrey or even Shirin.

The question is, will we have another six person finale? If so, there are seven endgamers.

I see the following at final seven or six
Zeke-current winner
Ken-alternate but still endgamer otherwise
Michaela or Jessica(both if seven)

To me, Ken's either the winner or penultimate boot. I'm not going to compare his edit to Jon's because unlike Jon, there were few other stars on his tribe with more importance early. Also, he has NO negative edit so far despite his pre-game interview(or the one before his official one where he talked about his ! size)

And there's one I left out and it's appearing to be Lucy for obvious reasons. A Jaclyn or Sierra finds there way there every time.

Remaining Jurors(possible first merge boot not one)
Michelle(mid juror)
Jay(mid juror)
Taylor(early juror)
Figgy or Hannah(Hannah maybe mid, Figgy early)
Cece or Michaela(if not seven endgamers)

Pre-merge boots(assuming 12 at merge)
Adam(not important enough but not irrelevant)
Will(just don't see him lasting long)
Hannah or Figgy
Sunday(disappointed older woman edit)
Cece or Jessica

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Outsider32 569 desperate attention whore postings
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10-05-16, 10:56 PM (EST)
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3. "Episode 3-Big change"
LAST EDITED ON 10-05-16 AT 10:59 PM (EST)

This episode did it for in terms of who is winning. Taking a closer look at the millenial tribe, nobody is really getting the in-depth positive edit. Some positive but if a male wins they don't ever get neglected by the edit. Zeke kind of has since his episode 1. He had some material at the beginning of the episode but I am beginning to think Zeke has a big character edit but still should get to the endgame.

Michaela had one big important scene. But that was it. She had a coming out episode last week and seemed to be the important counter to the tri-force. This episode set her up to come out on top of Figgy. Her arc is appearing to be more and more about Figgy. I am not sure what importance she has when that's taken care of. I think Michaela may have set herself back from the endgame unless Figgy makes final 7 or goes before the merge where she has a chance that's diminishing. But if Figgy is pre-merge then she could still get there. I remember in Worlds Apart, Tyler was talking about Shirin putting a target on her back and brought it up more than once in that episode. Sure enough when Shirin went home, Tyler went right after. And this was TCs later. now she talks about wanting to make it right with her misfits. I just think she's unimportant. She is either going to get swap-screwed or is just another pickoff mid merge when the bigger targets are gone. It is still between her and Figgy for the merge and pre-merge.

Jay's edit just has no meat to it. I don't see how he can win. He will be out midmerge as a challenge threat.

Adam fits the bill as this tribe's overnarrator. He just might be Jeremy'ing his way to a early merge boot. But I have reserved that role for Taylor. Could I be wrong? I don't see both making merge.

Michelle disappears after her strategic edit last episode. The edit says she comes out on top of the tri-force. But am not buying her getting to endgame.

Cece survived this episode but I don't see how long she lasts. To me, she is no Cirie or Tasha. She's not important. She was part of the importance of David and Ken's story.

Sunday, Bret.......they can take a seat.

Chris had one interesting edit at the meet-up. His confessional about paying attention and all and then completely shut out the rest of the segment while the attention focused on negating Paul. That's good for his chances going far. He's not winning but he's going to be in the endgame.

Jessica re-emerges after the first show. The first and third episode visibility has been very favorable for endgamers. Examples are Keith in SJDS, Carolyn in WA, Dan in WA, Tasha in SC. This is another one. And she once again talked about her advantage. And then she makes the move she makes tonight, completely surprising me. I'm putting her in endgame.

David is still a big character for the end. No change here.

Now the quiet Lucy. She was seen talking but still has no confessional and still says nothing at tribal and now we see why. She comes out next episode squaring off against.........


Yes, Ken is officially my winner pick for the season. He has had unnecessary material for two episodes now about providing and he has had NOT ONE negative edit. We all know when a male wins they get edits like this. Lucy set herself up as someone who inevitably will not come out on top against Ken. Does this change her endgame chances? A mute player has to get to the end and she's the only one who has perfected that role so far.

But the editing favors gen-x more positively than millenials and it's why I have changed my pick of Zeke to Ken.


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Outsider32 569 desperate attention whore postings
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10-14-16, 08:06 PM (EST)
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4. "Episode 4-Did Worlds Apart change production?"
This is something I have recently thought on especially in light of the latest preview making it seem like TayFig is a real contending force. It made me wonder, if CBS is telling us one of two things................

1.Is CBS telling us this is the next big villainous couple after Romber?

2.Did the popularity of the no-collars, including the not-so-nice Jenn and Hali(due to their aligning with JOE), make production consider the fans would be rooting for this couple or the Tri-force?

Sadly, on the former, if being douchey is considered villain then that's honestly pretty sad. You can still be a villain and not have to get a edit of a spoiled brat. Which makes me believe CBS thinks this is as popular as the no collars if any. It could be the former though.

All are really scary to think about. Now I need to reflect more on this season's current edits and invisible/unimportant replacement.

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Outsider32 569 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Reality Show Commentator"

10-14-16, 10:17 PM (EST)
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5. "Episode 4-Further detailing"
LAST EDITED ON 10-14-16 AT 10:22 PM (EST)

The first big hit I take is Lucy going home. Which pretty much leaves Cece or Will as this season's token non-factor replacement. But.....

I believe CBS has a new trick we aren't thinking about and it's happening on millenials . Zeke looked like the biggest character in the edit the first episode for millenials. Since then it's been Adam who has also been narrating heavily(just like past early merge narrators too such as Debbie). And it is clearly misdirection to hide Zeke, who happens to be Adam's biggest ally. CBS has done something similar to this before with allies but not like this. It's clever they did something like this too but one of my goals this year was to try to expose any new editing tricks. Furthermore, Adam could be getting a edit that gets him a exit like Varner rather than Debbie. Zeke is in the endgame on the millenials for sure.

What are we to make of Michaela. Is this the winner and not Ken? It's difficult to understand really? I don't think she is the winner. But her edit is somewhat interesting and yet one of the more unique edits we have seen in a while. She didn't do anything the first show, the second show she's given commentary on the Tay-Fig showmance, Figgy, the third show her one confessional was about deciding her future plans, and recently this episode was a bit out there. Basically about her challenge prowess and stripping down. Apparently she is going to be a big character and someone important on the season but her edit is not as in-depth as say David's, Ken's, Zeke's , Adam's, even Figgy and Taylor. Yet they are reminding us about her each episode. I'm not changing my winner pick of Ken so I will assume she's getting to the endgame. I will say she is possibly going to be Tasha-like in challenges and somehow she will end up robbed. Also, she might be a pot stirrer which there are already signals.

The other two stars on this tribe in terms of the heavier editing is none other than Tay-Fig. Figgy is more important here based on the more strategic edit. Is she a endgamer on her own or with Taylor? Or neither are and one of them could be gone pre-merge as in right before the merge?

Hannah.......I see a swap-**** coming her way.

One more editing trick I assume is keeping a unimportant player out of the endgame. Lucy had this edit basically locked up but she is out. And Will and Cece are the other two low edits yet I cannot see either of them getting that far. And here may be yet another clever trick of editing, having no invisibles at the end.

David....could he be Gen-X's over-narrator? It's hard to see this but he is getting as much attention as possible. Something tells me his edit may be a prop for Ken more and more. He's got a character and strategic edit. Dare I say he fits the same mold of male winners being overexposed. But there's been some calling him a Hantz. In other words big player who loses at the finals. It's going one of those two ways.

Like Natalie in SJDS taking over Jeremy's edit, Ken could take over David's.

Right now there really is no room for Taylor in this endgame because Jessica has not been accounted for. She's had three out of four episodes of attention, was ignored the second episode after a decent first episode like Carolyn in WA, Keith in SJDS, and Tasha in SC. Also, you could maybe count Aubrey in KR. This edit has beena traditional final four every time. But where does Jessica fit in this? Does she indeed make it to day 36, as she said she would? As of right now I cannot see Jessica meshing well with millenials at all. But she has that advantage. Maybe she gives it to David when she's voted out?

Sunday........I said she was unimportant. But the first three episodes she has at least gotten a confessional. That says something. But she's been blink and you miss. And there's no room for her. If Ken does not win, she maybe is the winner. Because she's being protected as well. I am waiting to see something from her regarding David if anything. She does get a lot of scenery on one hand. Shades of Missy.

CBS should be given great kudos for this. They absolutely threw everyone's edits all over the place to cause one big complication for edgicers. I am looking at so many situations here.

Endgamers certain
Two of David, Jessica, and Figgy.

Mid-merge players appear to be Michelle and Sunday(until further notice). Michelle's quietness for two episodes now says she is going to do something that gets her taken out.

Taylor is likely a early juror and now I'm going to say Jay ends up paying the price for aligning with him. Then one of David or Adam with the 12th placer not being a juror at all. I'm giving this nod to either Jessica or Will.

Cece, Hannah, Adam/Will, and Bret are in no particular order the next four boots before the merge.

Sigh it's not easy this season.

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Outsider32 569 desperate attention whore postings
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10-21-16, 02:16 AM (EST)
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6. "Episode 5-Who really wins?"
I'm having to reevaluate my winner pick. It seems I never get the winner right and I'm now going to do something that may not be fair but I need to keep my eyes open here.

I have a co-winner pick. Meaning I am deadlocked on two players for the win.

Ika Bula

Let's start with this one. When two tribes merged into three tribes on SC, these were the standouts the first episode:Tasha, Kelley, Jeremy, and Spencer. And for Ika Bula, that is Michaela. That whole scene was unnecessary. It was honestly like a soap opera scene with her emotional moment. She had what looked to be a negative edit when she threatend to flip off Probst but suddenly erased that when she started the fire. She is the millenial that has actually worked hard like a gen-xer.

Bret is not important and that's the only thing Jay had going positively for him, he negatively ruled out Bret's chances while simultaneously ruling out his own. For one, maybe Bret was uncomfortable with the tribe because he did build his shelter on gen-x, better than the one millenials had. He's still a merge choice for me while Bret is not.

Who were the irrelevant ones? Sunday, Will and Hannah. This swap saved Hannah because I had her going pre-merge. Unless she does something stupid she's safe but she's got another factor in her corner:Michaela. And that scene after Michaela came back from crying of Hannah with Michaela could be forshadowing this is a pair down the road.

Out of Sunday, Bret, and Will. Up to this point we have heard more from Sunday than the other two and Bret got a knock on his chances. Sunday is the fourth to make the merge.

As I said Cece I could not see going far and this episode proved it. The standout on this tribe is who else? David. Chris got a bit more character here but still David's the star.

Chris was next in line and I and he was the only second best edit to be highly visible. He's been a narrator all this time and was one again today. This scene however may have made Chris look better in David's perspective, getting David to vote out Cece. Chris has been a endgame pick of mine since the start.

Zeke's been less shown since the first episode but looked a little better tonight. Because of the first show he's been a endgame pick of mine. He is third best here so it's concerning.

Michelle once again let us know of her situation, but she played a bad hand this time......targeting David. That either does two things:she actually is the one that gets David out or David gets her out. I have said it before her edit said she would be a villain but maybe she just really actually met her match. If this tribe loses again before the merge, she is going bye bye because David knows she targeted him. This tribe is the weakest even without Cece, so they probably will be going back to TC. Also, her strategic edit can be explained better now because she's been saving people nobody wants saved such as Figgy. Seems her arc has come up some and her overstrategicness is gonna cost her a idol blindside.

I like David, Chris, Zeke for merge.

This tribe did not get as much focus. There was only one showcase of them before IC. And Figgy nailed Taylor's chances further shut than hers. She seems to be the smarter one here but her preview shows her plan goes awry. Something tells me Figgy may turn on Taylor to save herself.

In terms of positiveness, it was Ken, but he was less emphasized than the others. But they had one segment. His one confessional was about complimenting Adam. There was not enough definition on this tribe to really know anything but that Ken, Adam and Figgy were the only postive standouts. But from past episodes, Figgy's already a negative. This episode was terrible for Jessica. She got the least attention on this tribe. The first boot here is between Jessica and Taylor. But with Ken the muscle and Figgy the brains on this tribe they might not lose a challenge. But I'm beginning to wonder about Jessica being the first merge boot and giving her legacy to Ken and if Ken does not win, he's giving that to David. Adam I think meets a fate similar to Jeremy and Jenn after all.

David, Chris, Zeke, Ken, Michaela are five of the endgamers. I am unsure between Figgy and Jessica.

But here is my merge list
The seven mentioned above plus

Merge boot is Jessica or Taylor.

Assuming the finalists are Michaela and Ken with David. Michaela will get Hannah, Zeke, Figgy for sure and because of Figgy probably Taylor and Jay. That's enough for her to win. In any other season this is a Ken win.

Ken and Michaela are a deadlock right now and what happens in the edits from this point on will determine my decision. Ken needs Michaela out of the finals. Michaela's story is she's gonna be a challenge beast and that could be her undoing if she falls short in any one in the endgame stage.

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Outsider32 569 desperate attention whore postings
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10-28-16, 11:29 AM (EST)
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7. "Episode 7-Things become clearer except winner"
This episode and the preview for next week set one thing up well. There is a rivalry that has not really boiled over yet between David and Chris. And this is leading me to now think David may leave before Chris. Chris I thought was the one who was negative toward David early on and it has been that way. David's had the better edit for certain but now David looks to have the numbers at the merge and Chris is going to be stuck with him.

Chris's story is about getting David out and David's story is not about getting Chris out. I think once it gets down to finale, this will come into play. Either Chris gets David out or David survives Chris.

We see David and Zeke could be a new power alliance and that will involve obviously Ken and Jessica. If Adam sticks with them, it's a six person alliance(including Hannah). Chris is not gonna flip and vote with the tri-force, and Bret or Sunday(likely Sunday) know they can't work with them either and has no choice but to work with the rest of the gen-xers.

Zeke's edit this episode set things up well......he's going to be a villain. He's put down the gen-x once, then says David put his life in his hands in the preview. He was stupid enough to target Michaela after Figgy which is why Mari left. He knows he cannot get to the end with a millenial alliance only. But he's going to overplay his hand and get caught. Zeke's gonna be involved in some blindsides and if it's a six person finale, he fits the 7th place(penultimate) unlikable/long-awaited boot edit that the likes of Dan, Jon, Abi, and Jason(because of all the medevacs he would have otherwise been the penultimate though that season was done differently with the bigger edits going earlier) experienced.

Jessica's legacy has to be big by day 36. My theory is this legacy will be upending someone's immunity win........

Does Michaela get robbed and that's how Ken wins?

Endgame became clear after Figgy's is Ken, David, Jessica, Chris, Michaela, Zeke, and Will(the invisible one).

We see Adam could think about flipping back but it makes no sense to do that. The tri-force and Michaela will not have the numbers at the merge no matter what. If Adam does try to flip back it will be his downfall.

If Michaela was the winner, she would have to win her way to the end . But we knew that. However, she showed one she is a one-sided player, and does not appear to consider options outside of the millenials. This could ultimately be why her journey to the money will be difficult. If she makes the finals she wins. She's already put a target on her back to go along with her challenge prowess by being about millenials.

If seven people are in the finale, a 13 player merge makes sense but something has to give. I think Bret(or Sunday) and if one more Michelle does not make the merge.

The merge is setting up these alliances

I can't put Michaela with the tri-force. She can't be that stupid to do that. Hannah has already foreshadowed she hated everyone on "that stupid alliance" back in episode 3. And she is pro-Zeke more than the tri-force. Michaela may have no choice but to go with Hannah's side. This sets up the tri-force on the outs big time at the merge.

The millenials downfall is partly because of Michaela herself and Zeke. Zeke should have never said Michaela should go after Figgy and Michaela should have known better than making an impulsive decision like that. Looks like Mari's boot will haunt the millenials.

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Outsider32 569 desperate attention whore postings
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11-19-16, 08:53 PM (EST)
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8. "Perspective"
I have had to elaborate on things. I saw how I was all over the place in the pre-merge constantly changing my mind.

Confessionals/visibility may not matter much this season over what is said.

I had Ken winning all this time, now I need to rethink this. Chris maybe can actually win. What needs to be closely analyzed is strategic sense of edits. While Chris does appear to have had his bad moments, when it comes to David. But it's hard to justify. He was one of the first three intros for Gen-x. His narration has mostly been about David because David is his obstacle in getting to the end. That the edit has told us. Chris was listening at the Summit and taking notes, then talked about his plans for Cece to go home. The gas scene may have been another indication. Because of the one who went home next. He's gotten a lot of closeups too.

And something I just noticed is during the reunion show last season when they previewed this season when they showed millenials vs gen-x. They showed Taylor as the rep for millenials vs Chris as a rep for gen-x.

As hard as this is for me I would absolutely hate myself for this if Ken won but I am changing my winner pick to Chris.

Now the one thing I did get mostly right was the endgamers. Chris, David, Zeke nothing's changed those are endgamer. But maybe there was something to be made of Sunday's edit early on. I'm picking her as this season's actual goat. Brett will likely be the first hit CBS take.

Now who are the other two? With Taylor gone, this one became hard to figure out but you had to weed through all the clutter of the tri-force to find that Jay was more narrative than Michelle. So maybe despite such weak content, Jay is in the endgame....and so is Hannah.

Hannah did paid behind Zeke the first show but we didn't look at this good enough. Hannah had a confessional reping millenials and was the first to notice the tri-force. She's gotten visibility early on but in small doses.

And with Jay's edit, he is this season's Jon Misch. The really weak one early on that was the most positive of the negative alliance. Jay will be this season's penultimate boot.

As hard as it is one of Ken and Jessica is out of the endgame. I acknowledge Jessica's 1st and 3rd episode visibility. And that's been a consistent pattern of endgamers. Because of that, Ken's going earlier.

So Chris wins over David and Sunday in the finals with Zeke, Hannah, and Jessica representing the finale and Jay bringing the rear.

Now, Ken is not this season's big character out before the endgame. That is Adam. And if past seasons are any indication, Adam will be 9th place. Ken and Taylor each had the less strategic edits of those with substance, and that's why they're the early merge reps for their tribes. Ken's gone next episode I think sadly. They were what I call leftover edits.

There are essentially four merge caricatures
The winner
The endgamers with story
The goat
The big character that is narrative, overly strategic or unstrategic. These make their presence known in a way that annoys some.

I could be so wrong about this but I think this is how it turns out.

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11-25-16, 01:35 PM (EST)
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9. "What was I thinking?"
That had to be the worst pick I ever did. I cannot believe that I made that pick.
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Outsider32 569 desperate attention whore postings
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11-25-16, 02:27 PM (EST)
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10. "CBS does it again"
CBS has no care for the feelings of the fans it's all about protecting their product. They don't want their creation exposed whatsoever.

This is the second straight season where we are beginning to see bigger edits leave earlier than the endgame.

So who is endgame? How is endgame determined in the edit now?

I'm going back to Ken as my winner pick.

Zeke, Bret, Hannah, Adam, and Will are not winning. Jay and David are on the cusp. And in another season Sunday probably wins in the finals if sitting next to a villain. But she's not winning this season either.

When it comes to seasons like this, the best way to pick is the winner. And it's going to be someone that gets a small first episode introduction and then is heavily focused from there.

It's sad to say that we will not know the outcome until the season's over for the non-winners. CBS is doing something. But a completely unpredictable season of placements in all actuality does NOT make for good tv. People watch for their favorites and who they get invested in.

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