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"S32|State of the Spoiling~SOTS|Finale"
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Flowerpower1 1657 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Peanut Festival Grand Marshall"

05-18-16, 10:51 AM (EST)
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"S32|State of the Spoiling~SOTS|Finale"
LAST EDITED ON 05-18-16 AT 10:56 AM (EST)

SURVIVOR 32: Koah Rong, Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty

Welcome everyone to Survivor Blows STATE OF THE SPOILING, where we try to collect all the data from around the boards to spoil the episode before it airs. Please feel free to digest, support, or refute, but always remember the immortal words of S1, Colleen Haskell... BE NICE AND PLAY FAIR!

The last episode began with Michele grilling Tai as to why he voted for her....twice, while Tai was scratching his head wondering why he was out of the circle and that Aubry, she pulled a fast one! The reward winner, the old dog, chose his BFF Aubry to go on reward, and she chose Cydney to join them, leaving Tai and Michele to realize that they are on the "outs". Upon arriving back at camp post reward, Tai suddenly realizes, Oh no, he's got to spend 24 hours with Michele....d'oh! Oh well, he'll air it out with her. They go in the water and he explains that he doesn't have chemistry with her, but they can use the day as their own poor man's spa day. Tai gives a heck of a Thai massage, Michele says she now has an option, but Tai wants to use his idol to vote out Cydney, but Michele can use her too. (Michele labels Aubry and Joe as her biggest threats).

Upon returning from the reward, it's crystal clear to Aubry who now identifies Cydney as her biggest threat and needs Tai back on board with her and Joe to take her down. But, much to Michele's good fortune, Joe ate too much, got constipated, which is blocking his urethra, and he has to go. Once again, Aubry has the last words, deja-vu, all over again, what will happen next?

Not Going Down Without a Fight!

Squid Pro Quo noted first that it's actually Aubry that utters the title this episode. I take that as a positive sign....but, also a sign that she most likely doesn't win an IC at F4 or F3? Jiffy teases a lot for this is what he said:

*a very exciting finish
*the drama is definitely not over
*more surprises
*another Survivor first
*a very fulfilling final Tribal Council


In addition to Jiffy, there are wild rumors around the boards that Squid noted...

*Redmond at Insider Survivor had posted this rumor: a twist involving the Jury. While not 100% verified, it is strongly rumored that someone will gain the power to remove a Jury member, thereby taking away their voting privileges at the Final Tribal Council.

*Also rumors around the boards that it's an F3, not an F2, but here are the teases from Jiffy last week:

BONUS QUESTION! We have five players left and two episodes. Im doing a little Survivor math on the fly here, and does that mean we are possibly looking at a final two this season?
Could it be that we finally listened to you and my friend Mike White (School of Rock, Enlightened) and went back to a final two? I mean, with all the evacuations weve had, it would make sense. And all your fans know you are an ardent supporter of the final two. Plus, you know that we here on the show think you are the cats meow and we only want to please you. So is it possible that we are, at least for this season, going back to a final two? Yes, it is possible.

So, I believe it IS indeed an F2. After all, the teases all week are promoting 3 Tribal Councils! First one is the F4, next at F3, giving us an F2. Then the final TC where they make their case to the jury. Three TC's!

Misdirection Clues

The clues are pretty weak this episode, telling us that:



~The remaining castaways fight for a game-changing reward to help determine their fate. Clearly, this must allude to the "Survivor First", the rumored jury tampering? Snort.


Vidcaps and press images help us with the episode timeline:

Final four seen walking into the reward arena:

This is the challenge where there are many obstacles - netting to scale under, structures to climb over, teeter totters to balance on, slide tiles to collect, then carry them on a spatula to another table, then complete a puzzle and open up the combination to unlock the key that unlocks your flag to win. This challenge most likely leads to the advantage in the game that is a Survivor First, the one that is rumored to involve jury tampering.

Here are the vidcaps:

Because of this picture:

Most speculation believes that Aubry wins the reward challenge and the advantage. We can see she is well on her way with the puzzle and tiles, while Cydney is falling all over the place.

Next, we come to the F4 IC...

Here is the challenge:

Lots of running, retrieving, unlocking, climbing then finally solving the Layer cake puzzle. We can see here that they get 3 colors of blocks. Yellow, Orange, then Red for Michele. Here's Michele at the start of the puzzle, you can see the first layer is her yellow layer:

Then, here she is completing the LAST layer. We see the orange layer, then the red, and final, layer.

You can see Tai, who is working on his yellow layer, which is either his second or third layer. Regardless, Michele is ahead, she has 4 columns to his three. Sure looks like Michele is winning the F4 IC.

This confirms it:

Most likely this is Michele at F4, with the IN around her neck. We can see that Aubry and Cydney are also present, leaving Tai out of the frame.

Next, we have TC at F4, going down to F3.

At F3, there is another IC...let's look at Jiffy for a moment:

This is when he says, "nobody saw that coming"...

If you look closely, he's sweaty when he says, "Nobody saw that coming", AND he's wearing a blue hat in the picture! So, I suspect that he says, "nobody saw that coming", for the REWARD challenge at F4. There are no pictures of Jiffy in the frame from the RC, so we don't get to see what he's wearing. I suspect he's wearing that light blue shirt with that blue front hat.

For the F4 IC, he's wearing this:

Then, for the F3 IC, he's wearing another light blue shirt with a black faced hat:

At the F3 IC, we have this press image, showing the red colored player to be leading, but the red colored stack looks to be a bit crooked, so later, that could fall...

Thanks to Sheldor, who put the screen grabs in order, he's noted that this picture of Tai fits in post F3 IC...suggesting that Tai is indeed one of the F3....? Food for thought!


F4 RC: Aubry wins and wins the advantage, whatever that may be. IF, it involves removing a juror, I would guess that she would remove Julia.

F4 IC: Michele

F4 Boot: Well, if Tai does indeed live to beyond the F3 IC, then he's safe. Tai and Mark are the only 2 we see after the F3 IC. Michele is SAFE, because she wins the F4 IC. So the F4 boot is either Cydney or Aubry. Michele has ties to Cydney and Tai. She's seemed more aligned with Cydney. But, Aubry and Tai could stand firm and refuse to vote out Aubry, so in order to avoid a tie, Michele could vote with them and get out Cydney. Or, there could be a tie at F4. I am firmly in the camp that believes Aubry moves beyond F4. Also, it's likely that Aubry has some kind of an advantage that could possibly be used at TC...and she may threaten Michele that she'll use it to her advantage.

F4 Boot: Cydney

*If the screen grab is not correct, then I suspect Tai could go out here...Michele wins IC, she and Cydney are adamant to get Tai out, Aubry goes along. F3: the girls

F3 IC: Between Aubry, Tai, and Michele...Idk, but it could be Michele again?

F3 boot: If Michele wins the IC she can choose between Tai and Aubry, and I think she would boot Tai, and his little chicken too, Mark...

F2: Michele and Aubry

Sole Survivor:


Thanks everyone, this was a crazy season with lots of great characters! It really had us guessing and wow, they kept it unspoiled for the longest time ever! Here's to a good finale!

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 RE: S32|State of the Spoiling~SOTS|... tribephyl 05-18-16 2
   Kingfish and Tribey... Flowerpower1 05-18-16 3
 RE: S32|State of the Spoiling~SOTS|... michel2 05-18-16 4
 RE: S32|State of the Spoiling~SOTS|... Puffy 05-18-16 5

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kingfish 19064 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

05-18-16, 11:37 AM (EST)
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1. "RE: S32|State of the Spoiling~SOTS|Finale"
I'll drink to that!

Thanks for this and all that you do to make Survivor enjoyable. If I were Jewish I'd say you are a mensch. However I'm not so I don't think I'm allowed to use that word, or even know what it means.

Thanks, you are the best and most beautiful Flower here.

I also especially enjoy that this was an unspoiled season, at least as far as I knew. And I like it like that.

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tribephyl 12087 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

05-18-16, 01:28 PM (EST)
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2. "RE: S32|State of the Spoiling~SOTS|Finale"
A Flower by any other name than yours pales in comparison to what you have, had and will have contributed to this community. I LVOE you, FloPo!

This was a great season for keeping us spoilers on our toes and I congratulate everyone who contributed whether through authoring SOTS or discussing in the myriad of other threads your opinions and insights.
But if an MVP were to be crowned I gladly lift above my head Flowerpower as the eternal queen of SOTSing. Thank you sooo much for all you do to keep us informed.

*smooches galore*

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Flowerpower1 1657 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Peanut Festival Grand Marshall"

05-18-16, 01:53 PM (EST)
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3. "Kingfish and Tribey..."
Kingfish and Tribey: you guys really know how to turn a flower red! You are FAR too kind, I love you both, dearly! But, my contributions pale to those by you both. Tribe, no one puts the PH in PHUN around here like you do...your creativity knows NO bounds. And, your spoiling is second to none, you are indispensable!

King, you are the King of prose, and no one quite expresses themselves like you do. I love what you bring to our collective table as well. Keep it coming, my friend!

But, before I leave this thread, I have to say I have been pondering the outcome for tonight and I think I am cashing in on my selections. I decided to work backwards with what I really think will happen, along with clues that we have been given.

First of all, we know that Michele is going to win the F4 IC, by these vidcaps, (I am ASSuming that the IN is for F4 seen on Michele here:

Voted out at F4: Cydney

F3: Here is what I think is interesting. I think Aubry could possibly pull a Hatch. I think if Michele wins she will take Aubry, cause she doesn't like Tai, he tried to vote her out, and I think that Tai would also take Aubry. He follows his heart. So either way, Aubry is winning.

I think each of the daws has a 33.3% chance of winning the F3 challenge. This is a balance and building challenge that requires a steady hand. It's not a puzzle, so I will give the odds to Aubry and Tai collectively. If either of them win, I think Michele is voted out at F3

So, F2 could indeed be Tai and Aubry, and this makes it easy...


F1 and Sole Survivor for S:32:

I see no reason that Michele gets a leg up on the F3 challenge...just saying!

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michel2 1600 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Peanut Festival Grand Marshall"

05-18-16, 03:04 PM (EST)
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4. "RE: S32|State of the Spoiling~SOTS|Finale"
Great work, FP. You did an outstanding job all season long. Let's hope we have a goof finale.
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Puffy 6676 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

05-18-16, 07:31 PM (EST)
Click to EMail Puffy Click to send private message to Puffy Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
5. "RE: S32|State of the Spoiling~SOTS|Finale"

Thanks for all your efforts. And thanks to all the other regular posters, too! You all make Survivor so much more enjoyable.

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