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"S32|Ep 8|State of the Spoiling"
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Flowerpower1 1540 desperate attention whore postings
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04-05-16, 12:00 PM (EST)
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"S32|Ep 8|State of the Spoiling"
LAST EDITED ON 04-06-16 AT 09:01 AM (EST)

SURVIVOR 32: Koah Rong, Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty

Welcome everyone to yet another attempt to re-vitalize Survivor Blows STATE OF THE SPOILING, where we try to collect all the data from around the boards to spoil the episode before it airs. Please feel free to digest, support, or refute, but always remember the immortal words of S1, Colleen Haskell... BE NICE AND PLAY FAIR!

Last week it was a fight to gain the favor of the beauty's, or at least Nick and Michele, as the Brawn + Tai were vs. the four Brains. Jason and Scot woo'd Nick by revealing information to him that Tai and Neal both had idols. Debbie tried so hard she turned her Greek god against her, and Aubry was unable to woo him back.Nick loved being the pretty girl between the quarterback and the valedictorian! But, Aubry had a rollercoaster ride when she started the episode as persona non grata, all brains must fend for themselves, to feeling elation with reuniting with Debbie and Neal, to an all point low, knowing Debbie spoiled the effort to gain their favor, back to elation when Neal revealed he had an idol, to rock bottom when her closest alliance mate, Neal, was medivac'd and took his idol with him. Life on the Survivor trail, aka the Oregon Trail, means you have to pave your own way. So, the 3 people who were the most confident and cocky were in this order: Jason, Scot, and Nick, while the ones that were rock bottom were Aubry, Debbie, and Joe. 10 remain, who will go this week?

The Jocks vs. the Pretty People

Sounds like it will be Aubry that gives us the title as we hear her in a promo: Aubry: the jocks - see Scot - and the pretty people - see Julia - are not going to sit pretty forever.

Misdirection Clues:

This week Jiffy dropped a few hints along with CBS...Jiffy told us:

1. Sometimes one event can change everything and Nealís evacuation is definitely a turning point.

So, if the event, Neal's medivac, changes everything we can ASSume that the people who were on the very top are now at the most risk.

2. Youíre going to see moves start to be made from here on out.

In the promo this week, we hear this....Michele: I want to make a move. Michele wants to make a move and Jiffy tells us that moves will be made. Done deal.

3. The merge creates a power struggle between the remaining members of the brawn and beauty tribes.

So, this tells us that the brains are up for grabs and that they are deciding between the brawn or the beauty...last week it was the brawn + Tai and the brains vying for the beauty's, this week it's the brains deciding to go with the brawn or the beauty's. This tease makes it sound like these two groups that were seemingly more together last week, are now going to become more polarized.

4. Rumors of an all-girl alliance cause problems for one castaway.

In the promos we see Michele suggest to Cydney that the girls stick together, and then later we see Cydney lashing out at Jason. Could she be the one that gets called out by her alliance mates Jason and Scot?


The vidcaps give us some verbiage to think about:

Jeff Probst: Next time on Survivor, the Brains are on the outs and hoping for a miracle...
Aubry <camera confessional>: The jocks and the pretty people aren't going to sit pretty forever.
Proust: ...but just when things seem set in stone...

This tells us that the brains, who were at rock bottom, will now manage to pull out the miracle.

Jason: I just want us to be careful.
Cydney: No, I asked a question.
Jason <camera confessional>: Paranoia is going to kick in at a certain point. all starts to crumble.
Cydney <talking to Jason>: Like, don't check me.
Cydney <camera confessional>: Irritating Cydney will blow the whole game up.

The above notes that it will start to crumble when Cydney is pi$$ed off at something that Jason did, and is driven to make new arrangements and alliances that better serve her.

The next promo:

Announcer: It's been the most physical season of Survivor, ever.
Jeff Probst <previous episode>: We're going to have an evacuation!
Announcer: On CBS, Wednesday...
Interesting when they say this that we have these pictures, some of Cydney and Michele working together, one of Cydney exposed, and one of Tai crying after his BFF gets removed....

Next we hear what Jason, the boss of the Brawn, thinks is going to happen:

Jason <camera confessional>: We're pretty united together, the Brains all gotta go.

Announcer: The Brain game is on. The announcer tells us that the brains will turn this around, they will NOT be going as Jason, the boss, wants, because...
Aubry <camera confessional>: If I find a crack, I might be able to find my way in.

Next, we get Michele's thoughts...

Michelle: I just feel like us girls should stick together.

She's planting seeds with Cydney. Offering her another alternative path. Then we see Cydney, Debbie and Aubry...

Cydney: We need to strike now.
Debbie: I like the idea that...

So, on first sight, it appears that the girls, Michele, Julia, Cydney, Debbie, and Aubry are on the same page, but are they? We see that Michele mentions sticking together with the girls to Cydney, but later it's Cydney plotting something that requires striking now to Debbie and Aubry. They could all be together, or Cydney could be plotting something against the beauty girls/beauty's.

Announcer: And what these castaways do at Tribal Council...
Michele <camera confessional>: I want to make a move.

Announcer: ...will blindside...
Julia <talking to Michele>: We're going to have to do something at some point.


This definitely tells us that Michele and Julia have decided to make a move on their own, fueled by Michele. And, what they do, will blindside us at TC. Then Cydney has the last words:

Cydney <camera confessional>: If it backfires, oh well.

This could be taken that Cydney is with the girls and their plan to blindside one of the boys, Scot or Jason, OR, Cydney is really pulling in the brains to blindside one of the beauty's, Nick. It will alienate Cydney from the boys, Scot/Jason, OR, it will alienate her from the girls, Michele, Julia.

Reward Challenge

The RC, posted here, by Tribephyl, tells us this is a recycled challenge from Fans vs. Favs, where you have to transfer one teammate from one platform to two others by using only two small poles. I think James lifted Eliza up and carried the whole pole and Eliza across and won. But, these daws aren't doing that, perhaps they were told they couldn't do it that way? I dunno?

Two captains, Julia and Aubry pick teams. Team Julia: Julia, Scot, Nick, Tai, Debbie; Team Aubry: Aubry, Jason, Joe, Michele, Cydney.

Immunity Challenge

The IC was posted last week by CBS, d'oh! It can be found here, also posted by Tribephyl. They have to go on a small plank and hold their arms above their heads in a very uncomfortable position for as long as they can, another endurance challenge.


This week the RC and IC are almost non-events. The real action is how the game is going to shake out at the merge which will determine the end game players. I think this is how the events may shake out: We know that Michele and Nick both think that the boys, Jason and Scot, are way too over-confident. Last week Jason noted that he was unstoppable and Michele noted that she thinks that Jason thinks he is on top. Michele seems to be the one that is behind this "move". So, I think that Michele's observations of Jason and Scot continue to bother her and annoy her, especially since she and Cydney are left at camp with him as the others go off on reward. She notices all the big brawny guys in this game and thinks that her best path to the end is with the girls. She tries to get Cydney on board, and she is receptive.

I can see how the girls band together plus Joe and Nick, and split votes to eliminate one of Jason and Scot, while Jason is the primary target. The announcer told us it's what these castaways will do, shows Michele and Julia, that will blindside you. So, that makes me think that Michele and Julia will succeed at what their move is.

I think that if they wanted the biggest blindside it would be Jason going home, but Jason has the idol and will most likely play it (or will he?), and therefore boot Scot. But, I could make a case for Jason, thinking he's unstoppable not playing his idol, and then turning to Tai after the vote to play their idol's together, and Tai refusing, (because that would mean his BFF would go home), therefore sending Jason home with an HII in his pocket! Not so unstoppable. **I am editing this to add that I now believe this is just what will happen. I think Cydney will go along with the girls and want to target Jason. Jason is so cocky at this point that he will not play his idol. See ya!

Or, Jason plays his HII, and Scot ties with whoever Jason/Tai/Scot voted for, and then there is a revote, and Scot goes. Clues that lead me to think it will be Scot going:

Furthermore, with these two vidcaps:

We see Michele working well together with Cydney:

Then, we were shown what happens to Tai when he loses his BFF...

....and Scot is his new BFF. He'll be crying again. Without Scot, Tai is not likely to stay with Jason, imho.

Lastly, I do want to mention is Cydney sticks with Brawn and reels in Aubry/Debbie/Joe then bye bye Nick...but, I do think that Nick will live to see another TC.

Reward winner: Team Julia: Julia, Nick, Scot, Tai, Debbie
Immunity winner: Tai

Scot, when he's blindsided at TC!

Now Tai will be a free agent and line up with someone new! I also think, believe it or not, that Nick will get even more arrogant later when the big boys start to fall and he's still around...aka more ripe for a big downfall.


Jason, as he contemplates where he went wrong with an HII in his pocket...

~Confessionals point to one of Jason, Scot, or Nick going
~Don't forget to vote in the vote thread
~Check out the editing with Michel and company!

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 RE: S32|Ep 8|State of the Spoiling kingfish 04-05-16 1
 RE: S32|Ep 8|State of the Spoiling michel2 04-05-16 2
   Jason... Flowerpower1 04-06-16 3
 RE: S32|Ep 8|State of the Spoiling CTgirl 04-06-16 4

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kingfish 18922 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

04-05-16, 02:58 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: S32|Ep 8|State of the Spoiling"
Great job as usual. And also as usual, very entertaining.

I swear I did not read this before I voted.

But it looks like our thinking is parallel except with me opting for your alternate scenario of Jason going.

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michel2 1495 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Beef Jerky Spokesperson"

04-05-16, 04:05 PM (EST)
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2. "RE: S32|Ep 8|State of the Spoiling"
I hadn't seen the promo where they show Michele and Cydney working at that previous challenge together. What makes me think you are right that it's telling us they work together is that they could have shown an image of what happened to them just a bit later when the weight proved too much for Michele and she had to drag the pole with the fishes, losing alot of ground.

I'm not sure yet if it's Jason or Scot but to blindside US it would have to be Jason, no?

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Flowerpower1 1540 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Peanut Festival Grand Marshall"

04-06-16, 09:03 AM (EST)
Click to EMail Flowerpower1 Click to send private message to Flowerpower1 Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
3. "Jason..."
Yes.....You guys have persuaded me. I'm all in. I think he'll go home with the idol in his pocket, and in order for him not to play his idol, he has to be very very comfortable and confident. How much more confident can he be than he was this past week calling himself, "unstoppable"!

I also think it would be more feasible for Cydney to jump to the girls alternative if they are aiming for Jason.

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CTgirl 7664 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

04-06-16, 05:30 PM (EST)
Click to EMail CTgirl Click to send private message to CTgirl Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
4. "RE: S32|Ep 8|State of the Spoiling"
Fantastic job breaking down the episode FloPo! Thanks!

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