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"S30 | SOTS | Episode 1"
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Original message

tribephyl 11291 desperate attention whore postings
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02-24-15, 01:34 AM (EST)
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"S30 | SOTS | Episode 1"
LAST EDITED ON 02-25-15 AT 02:53 AM (EST)

Title: "It's Survivor Warfare"

Well, here we go again. Another season of Survivor begins and with it an episode one state of the spoiling.

Par Usual, the Pre-Season was jumping.
Not to get into the whole chronology of discovery but this season was filmed immediately after SJDS, utilizing the same beaches, but with a whole new cast of first-timers and the overall theme of "castaway".
Filming ended in early September and by the second week peeps from the new cast were slowly trickling back to their social media lives.

Whence the devout searching began, cast members started popping up.
Then the finale promised a promo describing the new season and lo and behold we got vidcaps of a few more survivors.
Finally, a couple of days before the official cast release a spoiler by the name of Redmond revealed hacked images of the cast from the official website.

Since the official introduction to the cast, we finally had some ground to stand on with regards to the social media web invlved with the newest castaways.
Max Dawson, Shirin Oskooi, Carolyn Rivera, So Kim, Kelly Remington, Joaquin Souberbielle were amongst the first discovered and most of them followed each other. Sierra, Jenn, Joe and Rodney followed and interesting connections were introduced.
Jenn and Shirin are buddies. Jenn and Joe are buddies. Jenn, Joe, Hali and Mike spent a weekend in Hawaii together. Joaquin and So spent some time together. Rodney visited Joaquin in NY a couple of times. And without trying to read too much into these connections, it's apparent that there were quite a few cross-tribal friendships formed.
Which if nothing else, speaks to the fact that pre-jury and the jury itself are pretty fairly evenly distributed with boots.

Overall observation from pre-season social media... So as propositioned before, by survivor historians, this season likely won't have a tribe that rivals Matsing, The Brains or, dog-forbid, Ulong. So look for the boots to come from various tribe losses throughout pre-jury. My impression is that cross-tribal alliances with come into heavy play from the Merge forward.

To briefly speak to that I present a couple of Press-Images to consider when parsing the mass amount of tid-bits for this first episode.
Here is the full, two-piece, Tribal Immunity.

"The Stick-Man" being the prime trophy, given only to the tribe that comes in 1st at the Immunity Challenge.
"The Stick-Throne" being the secondary trophy, given to the 2nd place winners at the Immunity Challenge.

Here is "The Stick-Man" at No Collar campsite.

He is currently placed in the nook of a tree, upon a coconut half and is held relative with a string of twine around it's base and a branch.
Then again, 5 of the No Collar torches at that same tree with NO II but you can still see the coconut half base as well as the twine used to secure it.

Long story short, No Collar comes in first at a challenge and then fails to win anything in a subsequent challenge.

But before getting ahead of ourselves, let's focus on Episode 1, shall we?

SeeBS Teases: Minutes into the game, castaways are forced to choose between honesty or deception...
one castaway becomes ill after trying to satisfy his need for protein...

Introduction, amidst the explanation voiceover by JP there will be classic scenery shots mixed with tons of animal imagery.
Then we get shots of each of the three tribes arriving via color-coded haul-all.

Whence the castaways disembark, they form into tribes on the beach.

Now comes the introduction from JP about this season.
"You all have been split into 3 groups, first we have... those that make the rules, White Collar (aka Yellow, aaka Masaya).

Those that follow the rules, Blue Collar (aka Blue, aaka Escameca)

And finally, those that break the rules, No Collar (aka Red, aaka Nagarote)"

Before we continue, it must be noted that JP dropped some major hints with regards to this season's game-beginning twist.
Hinting at the first part of the SeeBS Tease... Much like what we saw with BvBvB, there is a "choice" given to 2 players from each tribe. A clue to a hidden idol OR a supply of beans for their tribe.
To get all of them to take the bait, a smaller supply of beans accompanies the clue to the idol, so even if they do choose to be selfish, there will be a "reward" for the tribe. A means to cover up their lie. Yet...
Also, this season promises to give TWO castaways, from each tribe, the choice to make between HI & small supply of beans OR large supply of beans. Will this bond them?
Human psychology would indicate the majority of people would opt for the tribal reward, versus they personal reward when having to make that decision in front of others.
Exact verbiage would indicate JP is excited most about White Collar taking the bait (and facing the consequences of such selfishness at the swap/merge)
During BvBvB; Garrett and Morgan both opted for the clue. While Trish opted for the rice. I see a similar thing happening with this season. But of course having two people in on the twist may counter-act the influence that the small supply of beans may have had.

Each of the tribes will then somehow choose 2 players to receive the map to their camps.

Jen and Will for Nagarote
Mike and Dan for Escameca
Joaquin and So for Masaya

Now, whether these pairs pick 2 more people or they themselves are somehow privy to the opening twist choice, I do not know.
But I can say that the bean pot may look like so...

Notice the round jug sitting next to the crate?
Also notice the smoke?

The tribes will get to know each other while building a campsite. And of course, early storylines will begin to appear.
Also look out for "Million-dollar quotes". The early episodes pretty much always contain them but separating them from the rest of the introductions can be tricky. Also of note during the first episode is keeping track of where the storyline may go.
Without straying to far from the story at hand, production is fond of laying out crumbs, in the form of alliances and rifts and arguements, to lead seamlessly into the next episode. So, while we will hear from the tribe that loses IC#1, an unusually large number of confessionals should come from the losers of the next IC, the next tribe to visit TC.

Fire is attempted at each of the camps but it appears from the caps provided that only Escameca and Nagarote achieve the coveted smoke.

Doesn't stop Masaya from trying though...

Also, let's delve briefly into the other SeeBS Tease, "one castaway becomes ill after trying to satisfy his need for protein."
I present these images of Dan...

While most other shots of castaways are of them working or talking, there is only a few shots of "lazing" survivors. In fact there is only shots of Dan in horizontal.
Not to say that there aren't images of him working and or talking, but he is the only one seen showing signs of illness due to possible protien supplementation.
My thought is that the tease is the beginning of another's storyline, not the ep1 bootee's story. Dan makes a rash food decision, gets a tummyache and lives to see another day.

The tribes will then gather for the first Immunity Challenge.
The first challenge has the tribes starting from the top of a large ramp, running down into and through a large pile of hay.

Running through an obstacle...

then untying and unlocking a ladder...

(Vince and Lindsey Un-Locking, with So Un-Tying.)

In the closeup we can see that Masaya's Key Ring is still hanging from the post...

(Joe, Mike and So (still) Untying.)

using the ladder to climb up a platform...

and then using it to get down from the same platform...

Then they'll have to manouver the ladder through a maze/puzzle...

Using the ladder one last time to retrieve 1 of 3 bags...

1 bag contains 50 puzzle pieces, another contains 10 pieces and the last contains 5 pieces...
choose an easy 50-piece puzzle, a medium 10-piece one, or a hard 5-piece one

Here is Joaquin going for the big guns...

dependant upon which bag was chosen, a person will solve the corresponding puzzle.

50 piece, as Joaquin has picked and Shirin is solving, versus 10 pieces apparently both Sierra/Mike and Joe are solving.

A 50-Piece Puzzle – Basically a picture puzzle made of squares.
A 10-Piece Puzzle – A tree-shaped puzzle (similar to the one used in “Survivor: One World.”)
A 5-Piece Puzzle – The player must use five flat shapes to create a perfect, 2-D square.

As evidenced below...
Nagarote wins the first IC!

Leaving Mike (after taking over for Sierra) to try to use Red's finished puzzle as a guide for his own tribe's undone version...

and Shirin trying to figure out a flat picture puzzle.

Who will win 2nd place and the "Stick-Throne"?

For that, it is still up in the air... kinda.

Figuring out the boot this first week will require a dip into the future and deductions because of those future facts.
Visible (and discernable) from future vidcap evidence...

Safe up to Ep 2
and tribes at beginning of Ep2 IC
Will, Hali, Joe, Jenn, Vince ~ Mike, Lindsey, Sierra, Rodney, (?) ~ Shirin, Max, Carolyn, (?)

Sierra, Mike, Lindsey


Safe up to Ep 3

Shirin, Tyler, Joaquin ~ Dan, Rodney, Mike

Jenn, Joe, Will, Hali, (?)

Without consideration on the finality of the immunity challenge in episode 1, The above means that for episode 1's TC only, the following people can be considered in danger...
Nagarote: Nina
Escameca: Kelly
Masaya: So

However, using the cap of Nagarote celebrating at the puzzle, it's assured they will not be going to TC1.
This leaves Kelly and So as the biggest contenders for Episode 1 bootee.
Dependant on which tribe comes in second, will further pare the list down, but I'll leave that up to you.

Edited to add...

I feel confident now that it will be SO as our first boot.
With the following images, we can assure ourselves that Shirin, Tyler, Carolyn, Max and Joaquin make it to episode 2...

(from ep 3)

(from ep 2)

(from ep 2)

(from ep 2)

And to boot, here is a celebrating Kelly at Ep1 IC...

for reference...

tribe's SOTS bullet-list:
* HI Clues: Jen/Will from Nagarote - Joaquin/So from Masaya
* Extra Beans: Dan/Mike from Escameca
* SeeBS MisDirection: Dan eats something that doesn't agree with him.
* IC #1: Nagarote (#1) and Escameca (#2)
* TC #1: Masaya go to TC
* Bootee: So

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 RE: S30 | SOTS | Episode 1 suzzee 02-24-15 1
 RE: S30 | SOTS | Episode 1 michel2 02-24-15 2
 RE: S30 | SOTS | Episode 1 Sheldor 02-25-15 3
   added confirmation tribephyl 02-25-15 4
       RE: added confirmation Sheldor 02-25-15 5
           RE: added confirmation PepeLePew13 02-25-15 6
 RE: S30 | SOTS | Episode 1 CTgirl 02-25-15 7

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suzzee 5663 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

02-24-15, 12:37 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: S30 | SOTS | Episode 1"
Sweeeet! Another finely crafted SOTS Tribe. Thanks for all your pre-season hard work. I would so hate for my BTS avatar So to be the first boot but I've picked them before

Not So much. Ha!

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michel2 575 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Reality Show Commentator"

02-24-15, 06:26 PM (EST)
Click to EMail michel2 Click to send private message to michel2 Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
2. "RE: S30 | SOTS | Episode 1"
Great job, Tribe. You've set the bar pretty high for those of us that will follow. I like your analysis even if I am not sure we can rule out Max for the first boot. So does make sense though since she was picked right off the bat.

I hadn't seen the speculation about Dan being ill before so that was particularly interesting.

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Sheldor 593 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Reality Show Commentator"

02-25-15, 01:28 AM (EST)
Click to EMail Sheldor Click to send private message to Sheldor Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
3. "RE: S30 | SOTS | Episode 1"

I hope it is okay to add some comments on your SOTS. If not, let me know and I'll remove this message.

I totally agree that the first boot must be:

Escameca: Kelly
Masaya: So

As everyone else is accounted for in IC2 or IC3 screen caps.

I originally missed this photo link in your post above! Which you also posted in the screen cap thread for the S30 season:

and tribes at beginning of Ep2 IC

I cropped the photo to show just the Blue (Escameca) and Yellow (Masaya) tribes and zoomed in 2x:

I am convinced those are not Kelly's legs diving into the water but rather Dan's legs diving into the water for the Blue team.

1) Those do NOT look like a woman's (Kelly) legs.

2) Look carefully at Blue's platform. It is leaning *heavily* I believe because big Mike is at the opposite corner balancing the platform for Dan's weight but when Dan dove in the platform immediately tilted heavily to account for Dan no longer standing on the platform. Also look at how all the Blue team members are leaning forward to account for the sudden lean. I don't think Kelly diving in would have caused the platform to lean that much.

3) Also, check out Dan's Dark swim trunks in this photo and compare to the legs/Dark trunks diving in above:

If I'm right, that means either Kelly is Sitting Out or was Voted out in TC1.

Also, I've been confused as to why we only see 3 players on the Yellow platform and 1 Diving In when this is the start of IC2 and all the tribes should have 4 players on the platform.

That appears to be Max in Yellow trunks kneeling (note Tyler has Dark trunks in the photo above and while Joaquin has Yellow trunks Joaquin has very dark hair and his skin is darker than Max so I think that is Max on the platform), Shirin standing/stooping behind Max, and Carolyn kneeling.

I believe Max figured out that the platform is going to lean as each person dives in and so he and Carolyn are kneeling to lower the center of gravity. Possibly someone also jumped in on the opposite side to balance someone diving in and hence only 3 players on the platform. I noticed when the Dream Teamers were doing this 2 tribes had a person *IN* the water holding onto the platform:

So I'm thinking possibly say (Joaquin or Tyler) dove in and (Tyler or Joaquin) jumped in at the back to balance the platform so it would not lean and knock anyone over.

If that's true then So Kim is either Sitting Out or Voted Out in TC1.

(Of course So Kim could be Diving In, or IN the water hanging onto the platform; and Tyler or Joaquin Sitting Out)

So this long comment doesn't prove which one of Kelly or So Kim was voted out in TC1 but it does provide something to ponder...

Would the Blue Team sit out Kelly in lieu of Dan in this IC2 or was Dan forced to compete because Kelly was voted out in TC1?


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tribephyl 11291 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

02-25-15, 01:50 AM (EST)
Click to EMail tribephyl Click to send private message to tribephyl Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
4. "added confirmation"
Shirin, Tyler and Carolyn can be added as safe...Here are Max and Joaquin @ IC2

and to nail the coffin shut on So, here is a celebrating Kelly @ IC1...

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Sheldor 593 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Reality Show Commentator"

02-25-15, 03:24 AM (EST)
Click to EMail Sheldor Click to send private message to Sheldor Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
5. "RE: added confirmation"
Thanks Tribephyl!

However, what is Kelly wearing on her Right wrist? That looks a lot like a RED Buff! I suppose it could be buf-o-matic color change but I've watched that video of Kelly in the opening credits several times now and it certainly is not a Blue Buff on her wrist. I also don't recognize the background.

Kelly walking into IC1 with something THIN on her Right Wrist and Blue Buff as Tube Top

Kelly, Sierra, Mike (and Dan in other photos) have Green leaves in their hair. Kelly and Sierra using the Green leaves to tie back their hair. Whereas in the credit video Kelly has something Yellow tying back her hair.

Kelly with Sierra attempting the IC1 puzzle

Kelly after Mike takes over IC1 tree puzzle from Sierra

At the end of IC1 you can clearly see that Kelly is still wearing her BLUE Buff as a tube top and she has NOTHING on her Right wrist!

So I don't think that video of Kelly in the credits is her celebrating IC1 win so it must be a latter IC and possibly after a tribe swap?

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PepeLePew13 25538 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

02-25-15, 12:07 PM (EST)
Click to EMail PepeLePew13 Click to send private message to PepeLePew13 Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
6. "RE: added confirmation"
LAST EDITED ON 02-25-15 AT 12:08 PM (EST)

>Kelly after Mike takes over IC1
>tree puzzle from Sierra

Look at the left wrist - it's some kind of a thin material, more or less a similar thickness as the one Kelly had on her right wrist in the credits. It's too thin to be a buff.

I think it's nothing more than a little fraternization between the ladies sharing accessories that one of them could have brought from home or cobbled something together while in camp.

Oh yes, and I mustn't forget to pass along my kudos to Tribe for a great opening SOTS (I already did so in the vote thread but got to do it here too) and to Sheldor for his observations as well!

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CTgirl 7286 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

02-25-15, 04:31 PM (EST)
Click to EMail CTgirl Click to send private message to CTgirl Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
7. "RE: S30 | SOTS | Episode 1"
Great job Tribe! What a way to start off the season!

W00t W00t!

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