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"Survivor Worlds Apart - The Characters and their Stories:"
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michel2 889 desperate attention whore postings
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02-21-15, 01:14 PM (EST)
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"Survivor Worlds Apart - The Characters and their Stories:"
LAST EDITED ON 02-21-15 AT 05:46 PM (EST)

Season 30 is just around the corner and it promises to be a hit with the fans. Of course, that is according to Jeff who, despite his claims to the contrary, isn’t really in tune with his audience.

This season starts once more with a new “creative” idea which will certainly influence the game play and the editing. The editors will probably do their best to show a White Collar being a dumb leader, a Blue Collar making the rules and a No Collars following someone orders just to make them all look stupid. With that in mind, we will have to keep an eye for the players that aren’t stereotyped; the white collar that listens, the Blue Collar that can get people to follow, the No Collar with a game plan.

After All-Stars, Panama, Cook Islands, Philippines and Cagayan, Worlds Apart will be the 6th season that starts off with more than 2 tribes, the 4th with three tribes which seems to have become Probst’s favorite format. Looking only at the last two iterations, we could agree that it prevented a simple pagonging after the merger but then Chapera proved that it isn’t a guarantee. I would also argue that the pre-merge’s story loses its focus when the scenes have to constantly switch between the three camps. With only 6 players, the tribal dynamics are almost impossible to hide so it makes for much less interesting viewing: After one vote, we know where everyone stands. So, like all twists, this one has an upside and a downside but Jeff would never admit to that!

With that being said, I had the pleasure to “sit” at a virtual roundtable with “Rob Has A Website” Bloggers, Dan Heaton, Sarah Freeman, Scott Gallagher and Catherine Lucas. We each gave our impressions of the players and the result can be read here:

These were my impressions:

Masaya (White Collar)

Carolyn Rivera (52, Tampa, Corporate Executive): For some reason, listening to Carolyn’s video, I realized why this show has been going downhill for so long. It was when she said quite confidently: “I know I will make good TV”. That’s not her job. Her job is to play the best game possible, not to give the juiciest confessionals ever. It’s one thing if someone has the wit to give good confessionals but it’s totally nauseating to think that this is has become part of the players’ plan. I blame it on the constant casting of returning players: Survivor isn’t the chance of a lifetime anymore; it’s an audition for a recurring role on prime time TV. That being said, I hope Carolyn falls flat on her face. It would be funny to see supermom crack under pressure and quit. I’m pretty sure that we will see her leaving early so that would be enough to satisfy me.

Joaquin Souberbielle (27, Valley Stream, NY, Marketing Director): The self-proclaimed bullshit artist exudes confidence. He is certain that he can discern the players that will lie to him while being able to pull one out on everyone. The guy seems himself as a ladies’ man will use flirtation to get ahead. He says he who won’t fall for any women out there because he loves money more so it would be interesting to see if he gets fooled by one of these ladies. He already seems set for a big blindside. He does have the good idea to align with a social butterfly in order to get information. Will he be able to use that information or will he be fooled by a good social player? It’s funny that he sees similarities between himself and Tony but doesn’t think he will suffer from paranoia during the game. Tony’s game was based on paranoia and how to counter every possible move that could be made against him. Instead of a second Tony, I see this recruit as the new Drew. Not that he will necessarily be an early boot but his fall should be funny.

Max Dawson (37, California, Media Consultant) : I had never heard of Max, never read anything he wrote about the show but from what I have read since the cast has been announced, I am reminded of Rafe who was a big internet Survivor poster before Guatemala. Max may have a theoretical knowledge of the game and he does say all the right things in his introduction video but I think he will have a hard time with the practical aspect of the game. For one thing, I think he will be too patient. While one can be voted out for playing too hard too fast, one can also be eliminated for missing the train. Alliances are made on day 1 and I think Max will waste time analyzing his tribe mates while some like Joaquin and So will already be making deals.

Shirin Oskooi (31, San Francisco, Yahoo Executive): She must have a lot of drive to be a Product manager at Yahoo so we shouldn’t underestimate Shirin. She says she leads by influence so that could be interesting to see how she applies this to the game. She is sure that she can befriend all the A-type personalities that she will encounter but will she be able to convince them that they need her? The first few cycles will be crucial for her. Shirin wants harsh conditions in order to break her rivals and a disgusting food challenge so it will be interesting to see if she can live up to her assurance that it won’t break her down. “Morons are great to play with” she claims with confidence, already thinking of manipulating people like Lindsey. I wonder who will be edited as the moron?! She fears the lack of sleep which makes her emotional. I do like the way she thinks about using Amanda as her favorite ally but I think she believes in editing more than she thinks: Amanda could have beaten her. I doubt that Shirin makes it to the merger but she would be very dangerous if she does.

So Kim (30, New York, Fashion buyer): She wants to prove that women can be strong and strategic but I’d like if she could prove to be less boring. Her monotone voice will probably turn off the interviewers so I don’t expect so much from So. So was very so so in her interviews. She wants to have fun but I get the feeling the fun will be at her expense. She is already afraid of starving so that’s not very promising. I couldn’t believe that she thinks it’s a bad thing that she has a hard time trusting people. She thinks that will hurt her but that’s exactly what could save her.

Tyler Fredrickson (33, LA, Talent Agent): He has the drive that got him to the NFL and to work in one of the biggest agency in Hollywood so we will have to keep an eye on this soft-spoken Californian. Then again, he was a kicker so I think Sarah may be overestimating his physical abilities. Just like a rock group is usually made up of 3 musicians and a drummer, kickers aren’t really football players. Tyler wants to be a difference maker so we should see his strategic side early on. I think it’s a safe to bet that Tyler will be there at the merger. If there is dissention in the White Collar tribe as most of us expect, then Tyler could find himself on the Jonclyn position, the swing vote. I don’t think this group will be as forgiving to the fence sitter this time. The thing that could hurt Tyler is overconfidence. He thinks he will be able to get into people’s head and he challenged Probst to mess with him. That’s not necessarily the best idea because our host may take him up on that challenge.

Escameca (Blue Collars)

Dan Foley (47, Maine, Mailman): This super fan should know what to do but will he know how? Reading his interview left me a little puzzled because, in the same paragraph, he said that logic dictates the game and that you have to follow your gut or else you are screwed. Which will he choose? He sees himself as a good poker player so it will be interesting to see if he is edited as a strategic player or not. Besides the heat he says he can handle everything so let’s see if he lasts long enough to “enjoy” Survivor’s conditions. Personally, I think he won’t last as long as previous memorable contestants from Maine.
Mike Holloway (Fort Worth, Oil and gas worker): He says he is ready to let his real life at the door and use people, especially a woman that would be sweet on him. He said he wants to be one of the elite people to have played this game just before adding that he’d like to be the villain. That shows what he thinks is required to be an elite player so I expect that he will be socially inept. He wants to show that the dumb country boy can win but they lose also...

Rodney Lavoie (24, Boston, Contractor): Obviously cast as a possible new sort of Boston Rob, this guy will keep the censors on high alert with his choice of words. While he calls Brady the G.O.A.T., it seems he sees himself as the G.O.A.T. human being. It’s rather comical that he values his ignorance of the game’s history, saying that it is better to trust his instincts than to have learned from previous strategies. This self-proclaimed big liar says he doesn’t know how to follow and that he can easily get people to trust him. This will be the key point of his game: Can he sell himself? He says he will let the others dig their own graves but I question if he will be able to keep his cool. On the other hand, the way he describes his rivals was quite interesting, he reminded me of a cruder Bobdawg.

Kelly Jo Remington (44, New York, NY State Police): She intends to let the guys flirt with her even if she is gay and she wants to say that she is a bartender instead of a police officer so she better be good at lying. Kelly is also a long time fan who understands the social game so it will be interesting to see how she puts it in practice. She has an agenda before the game starts: “I already know who I’m aligned with. I already know who I want to get out first. I know who the strong people are, who the weak people are.” She thinks it will be Brain, vs Brawn vs Beauty which isn’t far from the way it will turn out. At 44, Kelly Jo could be targeted by the younger members of the tribe but I have a feeling that the Blue Collar women will stick together. They saw what happened to the Kalabaw and Matsing women in their first Tribal Council so they will probably try to drive a wedge between the guys.

Lindsey Cascadan (24, Florida, Hairstylist): She wants us to know that she brings her wild and eccentric personality to Survivor but somehow I feel she will spend most of her time in Loser Lodge. She likes to flirt and says she is smart and sneaky but she isn’t too sure how she will handle starving and being sleep deprived. I see a train wreck in Lindsey’s future. Maybe not as bad as the previous Lindsey had but still she won’t come close to the goal.

Sierra Thomas (27, Utah, Cowgirl): She says she is very driven, focused and athletic. She isn’t afraid of sleep and food I wonder if she will say the same thing on day 10, if she makes it to day 10. It’s funny that she has to remind herself that these people aren’t trustworthy so she may already be in trouble. Somehow, I don’t think she will show the same confidence after she gets her butt kicked around a few times. Like Lindsey, her only chance is for the Escameca women to stick together and get one of the guys on their side.

Nagarote (No Collars)

Hali Ford (25, San Francico, Law Student): Reading her interview with Gordon Holmes, I get the impression that Hali is ready for the game. She already intends to align with Joe whom she sees as a second Malcolm and she is ready to boot anyone that stands in her way. That’s a tall order but I think she can just get it done. As soon as she hears Jeff say that she is on a tribe of No Collars, I’m guessing that she will lie about being a law student and come up with a more frivolous field of study. If she has the skills to be a lawyer then that twist could be a gift for her because it could hide her true colours. I’m going to say right now that Hali will go far in this game.

Jenn Brown (22, Long Beach, Sailing instructor): If her interview with Holmes is any indication, she enjoys joking around a lot so the question becomes: Will the others find her amusing or will they cut her fun early? She has no problem lying but will she overdo it? Jenn gives me the impression that she is very self-aware and knows what will work and what won’t and she also knows that trust has to go one way when she says she wants to align with someone that is very honest because she isn’t. She already likes Vince, calling him “Dances with Wolves” and also notes that there are a couple more she likes so I suspect that she will be making alliances early on but not with the women! If we don’t see her making those alliances then she could be in trouble. For now, I put her in the group of players with potential.

Joseph Anglim (25, Scottsdale, jewelry designer): He says he comes from a Survivor family, he likes Malcolm and he seems cool so Joe should be able to navigate his way around the pre-merge. He reminded me of Todd when he said: “when you vote them off, you have to say this relationship with you was real. It’s an absolute truth, but that’s the game.” I also enjoyed reading: “Everyone dies, it’s just a matter of when and how.” He cautiously mentions Vince as a possible ally but will wait to know him personally. He claims to be a lot like McGyver, being able to do anything.

During her interview with Holmes, Shirin said the following about Joe: “There’s a guy who’s like a beautiful specimen of man. He’s got Greek goddess hair and he’s tall. And beyond that, he’s friendly and gentlemanly. He’s got a first class ticket to the end. Because, in spite of being attractive, he’s also so nice. You can tell that he’s outdoorsy and skillful and has an artistic side. He’s the kind of guy I want to work with.” Right now, I have to agree with Shirin and say that I am impressed with Joe.

Nina Poersch (51, Housewife): She is deaf but can hear because of implants but she has problems when more than one person talks at once. She plans on proving herself through her work in camp but she has to ask herself if she can lie. That could become a problem once she gets to know the others.

Vince Sly (32, San Francisco and New York, Life Coach): This “complex and dynamic individual” has already made quite an impression on his fellow castaways. For example, one said: “You’ve got Pocahontas with the feathers in his hair. With his food he does this trance thing every time he eats. Some weird cult stuff, I don’t know what he’s doing.” If he is has easy going in camp as he seemed in his video than he shouldn’t have a problem aligning with others. He likes to flirt and tell stories so he should have no problem with the social game. His present work consists of helping people find what motivates them which is probably one of the best things to do in this game so that could make Vince a very dangerous player. If the conditions don’t turn him into someone that the others think is too weird then he should go far.

Will Sims (41, Sherman Oaks, Internet “sensation”, Bartender): It’s funny that the title of his interview is “I’m Not Going to Compromise Who I Am” when his “fame” comes from a video that was supposed to be spontaneous but was apparently staged. Come to think of it, he is perfect for Survivor and its “reality”. He sounds like a guy who enjoys life and wants to have fun with the others so he should be seen as a good team mate. Like he says, it is hard to vote against someone you like. He is a casual fan of the show so it will be interesting to see how much of his knowledge he can use. His limited knowledge is apparent when he says he likes Rupert because he never really got stressed out when, in actuality, Rupert stressed out more than most, especially after receiving a vote or hearing that a spear had been lost! This bartender should be able to use his people skills to go deep in the game but, in Survivor’s version of the “Peter Principle” he will reach the point where his likeability will become a liability.

I post these mostly because it will be fun to see how far off the mark some of these will be. I hope that the season will be enjoyable and I invite you all to give your thoughts on the characters and their stories after each chapter of the show.

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suzzee 5786 desperate attention whore postings
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02-23-15, 01:07 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: Survivor Worlds Apart - The Characters and their Stories:"
Hello Michel! Glad you're going to be continuing with RHAP & here. I'm looking forward to your insights this season as usual. See you around!

Bring on the carnage.

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Outsider32 338 desperate attention whore postings
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02-24-15, 04:15 AM (EST)
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2. "RE: Survivor Worlds Apart - The Characters and their Stories:"
As of now my winner pick is Tyler(who I originally had as first boot) but after the first show that could change unless he gets the alliance edit. Thats what I'm looking for.
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Outsider32 338 desperate attention whore postings
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02-26-15, 05:16 AM (EST)
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3. "RE: Survivor Worlds Apart - The Characters and their Stories:"
So first off I decided to watch Cagayan early this morning's first episode(the whole premiere) and I noticed something interesting at the beginning that I didn't see last year. When doing the three tribe introduction of their theme, they showed three each before showing a couple more. The last people shown among each three lasted the longest among their tribes. So I am going to try to use this to compare to the first episode of WA I just saw.

White Collar
Carolyn looked to have the clear winners edit but that was because she was on the chopping block. I don't know what to make of her, I think he was too OTT.

Shirin was shown making the deals and getting the last word. Shades of Natalie and Tony?

Tyler's edit slowly built up through the episode. And late it appeared he got the best edit but he did not make an alliance. The second episode though could change this as technically we saw Tony make his deal with Trish in the second episode if the premiere counts as two shows.

If the winner does not come out of this tribe based on the first episode, then Tyler or Carolyn is lasting the longest and not winning or Shirin is lasting the longest and winning.

Another thing to take note is the camera angle on Joaquin when Lindsey said the winner is on her tribe. But he did not get a good edit at all.

Blue Collar
Dan, like Carolyn, got the biggest edit but he's also the biggest target. He did acknowledge though that he put himself on the chopping block but his first introduction of guaranteeing he will be remembered. I think he's going before the merge or he's taking out the puppetmaster before it........

Rodney. Rodney is also shown with aforementioned alliance edit. He's shown making deals with the two young girls and getting the narration behind it. He also let Dan get all the focus with his OTTness and drama.

Lindsey was utr but if Rodney does not win and Dan goes before the merge, she lasts the longest but will not win. She'll finish more like Jefra as the last tribe member mid merge. Have we finally found the Lindsey that breaks the 6th out curse?

I think either of thee three could last the longest but only Rodney could be the winner or only Dan can be final four but does not win.

No Collar
This was the Jen and Vince show. No one else stood out. Will did but got nothing substantial.

However, Vince was shown very Coach-esque and that means he goes to the end and doesn't win or he gets taken out like Coach in HvV before the merge. He either had pre-merge or endgame edit. But he's not winning.

Jen was shown the most reasonable, she got sporadic screentime throughout without coming off OTT. She's lasting the longest. And she also has a deal with Vince which she got the last word after their hug and putting down his body odor and all. Which means she's the only possible winner coming out of this tribe. I sense Sophie and Coach.

Now as for the intro. The last of the three people shown in each tribal intro was Carolyn, Dan, and Vince. However, they also were the most OTT on their tribes. However, the middle intros were Max, Lindsey, and Jen. Two of them I have as contenders to last longest of their tribes. If this is the case, then episode two will have to be Max's shining moment.

After the first show the winner is Shirin, Rodney, or Jen. The second episode and I think it will be figured out. To me personally it looks like its Rodney or Jen. The two in the final four that do not win(the Kass/Spencer or Missy/Keith) I think is between Carolyn, Tyler, Dan, Jen or Vince. I think if that intro of the last ones shown of the three indicates the endgamers, I think one of them actually indicates someone's story on the tribe with the winner where he loses in the end. Is Vince Russell and Coach?

Not winning:Tyler, Carolyn, Lindsey, Dan, Sierra, Kelly, Mike, Nina, Will, Joe, Vince, and Hali

Possibly but not likely:Joaquin

The most likely winner pool:Shirin, Max, Rodney, and Jen.

Not making the final four if they don't win:Shirin, Max,
Joaquin, or Rodney.

Not making the final four at all:Lindsey, Kelly, Mike, Will, and Nina(preview).

The silent/edit underdogs:Max, Sierra, Joe, Hali. The last two runner-ups have had this edit early on.

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4. "Episode 1 - Making Decisions:"
Thank you for getting this started, Outsider. Sorry if I repeat anything you said but I make my post before reading any outside information.

The “greatest social experiment on television” is back again and we were about to be introduced to the lucky idiots that will be keeping us busy for the next few months.

We had a close-up of Vince when Jeff mentioned “approach to life”

Starting with the White tribe, Jeff mentioned that there was a Yahoo exec (Shirin) a media consultant and ex-professor (Max) and a retail buyer (So). They are used to being in charge, calling the shots to get what they want. (We see Carolyn)
So had the first confessional, introducing us right away to the first person to be eliminated. She won’t get the chance to make anyone cry in this game.

Next came Max: “...I taught a class on Survivor. There are very few things in my life that I set my mind to that I didn’t achieve. I step on the people whose assistance I need to get to the next plateau.” (Carolyn once more was shown on screen when Max said this)

Carolyn was next: “...I worked for some hardcore companies. Everybody wants your job and it’s the same thing on Survivor. Everyone is going for the same goal.” (The last part was done in voice over while we saw Joaquin)

Moving to the Blue collar tribe, Jeff mentioned the State Trooper (Kelly), the barrel racer (Sierra) and the postal worker (Dan). He added: “They are used to hard work and physical labor and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty to get the job done.

Mike was first: “I work in the oil and gas industry. I’m the one who is usually the most covered in oil, the most covered in mud. Same thing with this game: If you are not getting your hands dirty, you ain’t going to win. My hands are going to be filthy.”

Lindsey then introduced herself (was she wearing latex pants? That would be a first!): “I’m a single mom and I’m a hairstylist. Having a little girl is hard but it’s made me who I am. Mentally, there is no one on this Earth who is as strong as I am.”

Dan followed: “I’ve worked in the post office for 22 years and I am here to live my dream. I’ve dreamt of being on Survivor since season one, episode one and I plan on being remembered. One way or another, you will not forget me.”

Moving on to the No Collar tribe, Jeff mentioned the sailing instructor (Jenn), the YouTube sensation (Will) and the coconut vendor (Vince). “They use their free spirit mentally to further themselves in life.”

Jenn was first to present herself: “I’m a searcher, an adventurer. I kind of fly by the seat of my pants and I do what I want to do when I want to do it but of course I want a million dollars. Money makes your life way easier. Have you ever seen an unhappy person on a jet ski? No.”

Hali followed: “When people hear that I am in Law school, they assume that I am a corporate dog eat dog girl but that is not who I am. I’m in it for the poor, broken down people. I’m not anarchy, I’m the greater good.”

Vince ended No Collar’s opening segment: “As a coconut vendor, I seek truth; I’m a seer of real. I live life in a way where I am guided by my own decisions. There are just no rules for me. My life is like surfing a wave so let me surf this for a second.”

Jeff explained the social experiment for this season: Which way of life will prove to be most valuable in the game of Survivor.

The Blue collars were on screen when he asked that.

We then heard from three more players

Joaquin: “I always want to be the guy in charge and I am here to win the million dollars. Fast money, loose women, lots of champagne! Are you kidding me?”

Joe: “I don’t want them to think that I am a threat. I want them to think that I am here to enjoy the beaches. No! I want to beat you in Survivor.”

Rodney: “People look at me and think that I am just a meathead but, when it comes to competition, I am filet mignon and they are a bunch of steak-ums.”

Jeff said: “In the end, only one will remain to claim the million dollar prize” and right after, we heard a female voice saying: “Now it’s game on.”

Who was that mystery woman? Could it be a clue to the identity of our winner? It sounded like Hali to me.

Let’s pause the video to analyze this important first segment: While we didn’t hear from everyone, the introduction was very rich in information about these characters. It must be noted that we didn’t hear from Shirin, Tyler, Sierra, Kelly, Will and Nina. I also noticed that the players Jeff used as examples didn’t all get a chance to talk to us. Those that were introduced by Jeff and given a confessional were So, Max, Dan, Jenn and Vince. Let’s start with them:

- So’s inclusion in this group tells us that these aren’t all long term players but there could be one or two that are here for the duration.

- Dan would fit the bill of a short term player. Rodney made an alliance with the women and Sierra already distrusts him so Dan is in early trouble and he certainly has the characteristics of an early boot: He is physically unfit and an outcast.

- Max and Jenn had very interesting roles in this first episode. They both look like important players.

- This brings us to discuss Vince. I noticed that when he compared his life to surfing a wave, the camera showed us a crashing wave, the kind that would wipe-out any surfer. In his confessional, Vince mentioned his job as a coconut vendor but those words were heard in voice over. There was a slight break before we heard the rest. We know that, in addition to selling coconuts, Vince is also a personal life coach and wouldn’t that fit more with what he said next? A personal life coach would seek truth and would have to see what is real but how does that apply to a coconut vendor? I think Vince mentioned both jobs but that the editors and Jeff decided to focus only on the coconuts to make him look even weirder.

Of the other players, the camera work suggested the conflict in Masaya which centered on Carolyn. She was on our screen when Max talked about using people to advance and then Joaquin was seen when she talked about everyone going for her job. This montage could be telling us that So’s elimination hasn’t resolved the problems in Masaya.

In the Blue Collar tribe, we can say that Lindsey has a very high opinion of herself. I wonder if the mentally strongest person on Earth will suffer a mental breakdown at some point. Mike’s introduction was very interesting, especially since his words about getting his hands dirty echoed what Jeff said. If Blue Collar proves to be the best way of life for Survivor (and wouldn’t that be exactly what production wants?) then Mike has to be considered as a main contender.

It was amusing to hear Joe and Rodney using the same approach, saying the others will underestimate them. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Joaquin thought he’d be the main man on the tribe. We quickly saw which tactic worked best. Rodney and Joe could very well outlast Joaquin... and many others.

Making Decisions

Jeff delivered his speech in the middle of crashing waves and he looked like he could be stranded there for a while.
(Un)Fortunately, he made it to shore in time...

We then heard from Shirin: “As a Survivor fan this is my life’s dream. I’ve wanted to be on Survivor since I was 16 years old. Ten years of applying and yet, I’ve never been better prepared to play this game. This is fierce!”

Jeff told them about the “Worlds Apart” twist adding it would show which way of life would prove best for Survivor.

When Jeff turned to the Yellow Tribe to tell them they were White Collars, the camera focused on Shirin’s expression. She was telling us that this twist wasn’t to her advantage.

Jeff turned to Tyler who agreed with the host’s premise: “I enjoy setting team goals and usually, the best way to see those through is to take the lead.”

Tyler in confessional: “I worked in the largest and most cut-throat talent agency in all the world. I don’t believe that there is going to be any problems going from the urban jungle to the actual jungle.”

Asked about being a Blue Collar, Dan embraced it: “We built the heart of America. Blood, sweat and tears, calluses on our hands, sore at the end of the day but a smile on our face knowing we accomplished a good day’s work.”

Shirin wasn’t buying Dan’s salad.

Asked if she agreed with Dan, Lindsey said with confidence: “The winner of this show is on this mat.”

When Jeff labeled them free spirits, Vince embraced it, telling our host: “As soon as I saw these people, I knew that I was with my family.”

Asked if he felt in the right tribe, Rodney said he moves office stuff for the lazy people sitting at the desk.

Rodney in confessional: “I used to move furniture but I don’t do that no more. Now, I use my mind to outwit people. I don’t want them to know that I’m a hustler, that I am a salesman. This is what I do every single day: I got to sell myself to get money.”
Carolyn was shaking her head at the bad reputation they were getting: “We work just as hard and we have just as much free spirit as anyone here.”

Joaquin was happy with his tribe, adding: “My 9 to 5 doesn’t define who I am.”

Jeff liked that, saying: “Judging a book by its cover can be a very costly mistake.”

That ties in nicely with Joe and Rodney’s confessionals. Both said that the others will have false impressions of them; that they are much more than they appear. Taking either one to the end could turn out to be a costly mistake for someone.

When he heard Jeff asking for tribe representatives, Max had a confessional where he went back to teaching Survivor 101 (Does he think we don’t know?!): “Jeff asked for someone to step out front and take on the weighty decisions. One thing that I’ve learned from studying this game is that the biggest mistake you can make is putting yourself in a leadership position.”

Joaquin raised his hand to tell Jeff that he’d be the tribe’s representative.

After his opening confessional, we expected Joaquin to step up but maybe he should have attended Max’s class!

Dan agreed to do it for the Blue tribe, telling Jeff that it was a double edged sword.

The No Collars huddled and took so long to decide that Max spoke up, saying that, as a White Collar, he could help them decide.
(Hey Max! Acting like a jerk to the other players isn’t much better than being the leader!)

Will, the tribe’s representative, said he would let Max’s remark roll off his back.

Will in confessional: “Last year, I had a video that went viral...Just live in the moment, just let your guard down and have fun.”

Yeah Will, that may work with Leno but not in this game.

Jeff then asked the representatives to pick a second player. Mike, So and Jenn stepped forward.

So explained: “I’m with someone else so, if I’m falling, he is falling with me.”

Dan told Jeff that Mike volunteered.

Will said that he trusted Jenn and that she would make the right decisions for their team.

After Jeff told them to head out for their camps, Carolyn had a confessional: “I could see the other two tribes going: “Those White collar people who work in the offices: We want to kill them. To me, class has nothing to do with it. It’s Survivor Warfare.”

Maybe Carolyn thinks that class has nothing to do with it but the other tribes have different opinions. The White Collar tribe is doomed.

No Collar

Hali gave us a confessional: “I love being in No Collar. I could just see it in people’s eyes that they were fun kind of people so, as a tribe, the game plan right now is to be really laid back and let it flow. I kind of live life that way.”

Nina told the tribe that she was deaf and could only hear because of the implants. She gave us a confessional: “They were all extremely shocked when they found out that I am completely deaf. I know that I am going to be at a big disadvantage but the only thing I can do is to go in at 110% and give it everything I got.”

Will responded to Nina’s revelation by saying they were a team.
Jenn next said they had to go out to make the decision for the tribe so she asked what the tribe wanted if they were offered different items.

In confessional, Will explained the choice: “If we choose to be dishonest, we could have a clue to the immunity idol and take a small bag of beans or we could be honest with the tribe and take a humongous bag of beans.”

After making the decision, Jenn explained it in confessional: “Ultimately, we are making a decision for our tribe so obviously, the choice is the big bean bag. It’s not in the individual game: We are doing what is best for us as a crew.”

It seems that Jenn’s decision was well accepted by the tribe. Jenn and Will managed to surf over their early predicament.

We then went to the Blue Collar camp where Dan and Mike were already at the crates. Mike presented it as a choice between being good guys or bad guys. Dan said that it was too early to be a villain. Mike agreed.

Dan in confessional: “My inclination is to go with the honesty simply because, at this stage in the game, to throw deceit, I personally think it’s stupid. You have to focus on trying to build that camaraderie.”

When Mike explained their choice to the tribe, he made Lindsey very happy but Sierra wasn’t buying it,

Sierra’s confessional: “I don’t believe this is a full bag of beans. I think they chose the other one. That is not a big bag. What was the other one? Four beans? If you’ve given us a reason to believe that you are lying and not being honest then you have to live with that.”

Sierra told Lindsey that she thought the guys had screwed them.

Since we know that they were telling the truth, Dan and Mike find themselves in the position of Victims while Sierra is our early Villainess and Lindsey is her little sidekick.

White Collar

The tribe went with formal introductions.

Carolyn’s confessional: “I’m in training so the first thing you do in training is introductions... We are not ashamed of being white collar. They all knew what to do. It was like clockwork. ”
So and Joaquin didn’t hesitate before taking the clue. They worked on their lie. So told Joaquin that this meant they were in an alliance.

Joaquin in confessional: “So, she’s a real cutie but come on! Who the hell is honest? Are you here to make friends or are you here to win the million dollars?”

So told us what she thought of Joaquin, saying that he didn’t want to work for the tribe. She felt like she was making a deal with the devil.

We then saw Joaquin and So walk back to camp, ready to tell their lie. So knew this could put a target on her back.

Carolyn in confessional: “When So and Joaquin come back to camp, they have this bag that is tied shut. I don’t trust So and Joaquin and I think they have the clue to the immunity idol. I would have done the same thing. I can’t be pissed off at everybody else. This is a game.”

Shirin and Max came to the same conclusion.

Shirin in confessional: “As a Survivor fan, I knew that it was Honesty or Deception. They clearly chose deception so I immediately wanted to start connecting with people. I wanted to see what they think about me. I want to see if anybody there is willing to engage. Carolyn said she was just really happy to be here. So am I, girlfriend! She was down. Also, I get a really good vibe from Max based on looks. He’s like a hipster academic type. From that point, I had a great bond with Carolyn, I had a great bond with Max. That’s three of us in a tribe of 6!”

The White Collar scene mostly served to prepare us for the vote but it did reveal two interesting players in Carolyn and Shirin, two very smart women who know Survivor. Despite the terrible hand that was dealt to the White Collars, this alliance of Carolyn, Shirin and Max is extremely interesting, especially considering that Max will prove that he is not fully in with the two women. The evolution of this trio will be as interesting to watch as the one that we were soon to discover in Nagarote. I had the feeling that Max could still prefer to roll with Tyler and Joaquin, use the “big guy” and the “leader” to help him remain in the background.

Blue Collar

Sierra and Lindsey were out hunting for crabs while the guys were working on the shelter.

Dan in confessional: “We are blue collars. We saw what had to be done; we all jumped into it because we will find a way. That’s what we do.” Right then, we saw Rodney, Mike and Sierra making fire. Dan’s confessional continued: “We got a fire build within the first two hours. In one sentence: Blue collar kicked @ss.”

Next, we saw Rodney and Lindsey talking about their numerous tattoos.

Rodney in confessional: “When I saw my tribe, I was really happy. You have one girl all tatted up and I like that because...they want to express themselves. It’s easy entry to talk about something.” Rodney then told Lindsey the poignant story of his sister’s death. “Coming into Survivor, I knew that I could get into any girl’s heart with that story. It solidifies that with the tattoo I have on my arm. It’s saying that I am telling the truth, that I am being honest with them. My strategy from day one: Get the girls. Girls, they want to sit back and let the man take the leader role so I want to get the girls, I want to be their leader and I want to take them to the merge with me.”

That’s when Mike found a scorpion and thought it would make a nice, light snack. It didn’t go down too well.

Mike in confessional: “I grab this piece of bamboo...I see this scorpion... It was big enough that, if it stung you, it would do some damage. First instinct is: Protein. So, I cut its tail off and bam! Down the hatch. It tasted like crap. I knew that, if I came out here and there was an extra chance to get protein, that I was going to take that chance. It just so happens that it might not have been the greatest decision that I ever made.” We heard someone calling him a sick bastard and we saw him throwing up. Mike added: “Maybe not the best decision to eat a scorpion on the first day of Survivor but I am the type of person that, if I see an opportunity in front of me, I am going to go grab it. So, I am going to run as fast as I can, clench on as hard as I can and ride that bull as long as I can. I saw the scorpion, I seized the opportunity and I paid the consequences. That’s your boy, that’s just weakness leaving the body.”

This happy tribe feeling won’t last but it did give us quite a funny introduction to Mike. He will prove that he is able to seize an opportunity in the immunity challenge so this confessional could be quite telling.

No Collar

We heard Jenn saying: “This is our first coconut, you guys.”
Of course, it was served by the coconut vendor.

Jenn in confessional: “No Collar is a wonderful little community that is happening right now. Everything is going great, we are meshing and it’s flowing smoother than hot butter.”

Vince also gave us a confessional: “There is something about Jenn: She just seems real and that makes me comfortable, completely. Emotionally secure, physically secure and it’s wonderful.”

The two walked to the ocean, joining a pair of birds who were also enjoying the surf. They were commenting on their connection when Vince proposed going all the way together.

Jenn had another confessional: “The guy with the feathers, right off the bat, he pulls me aside and tells me he thinks we have a kindred spirit. I like your smile; I want to go to the end with you. He is everything that I expected him to be and more maybe.”
Vince had another interview: “One of my greatest weaknesses is my intense attraction to women. Jenn brought an element of herself here and so did I and I want to play with somebody that is like that. When I want something, I get it.”

While they were talking, I notice that Survivor has made an upgrade and replaced the usual water well. Now they have running water, a tap and everything. I wonder if it comes with a water heater. Maybe they’ll add a washing machine and a full kitchen for next season.

Jenn had the last word: “He is playing this game a little harder than I would have seen coming from someone with feathers. I’m wondering if it is worth it to play whatever he thinks I am to him but right now it is worth it to have allies, to have people on your side. So smiling a lot is my approach with Vince right now.”

Like the other two opening segments revealed Carolyn, Shirin and Mike, we discovered a smart player. Jenn will be someone to watch in Nagarote.

Back in camp, the whole group was working on the shelter.

Joe in confessional: “Vince said he wanted to build the shelter a certain way and I said: “Hey man! whatever you want to do. You know; very no collar of me but in this situation, I have a lot of skills that I bring to the table. I’ve worked in construction; I’ve built a lot of things. I’m not a big fan of someone telling me to do something that I know is wrong because I know what we need to do to get it secured. So, at some point, politeness goes away.”

Vince talked about this in his interview: “Watching Joe bulldoze project and say he wants to do it his way and only his way, it’s brought up a huge red flag. We are the No Collar tribe, we need to have collaboration. If we don’t have that, it’s going to be a problem.”

It seems that the problem will be Vince himself. While we knew before the season started that Vince would be a big character, I don’t think too many expected him to become the Villain. His opposition to good-guy Joe is making him look really bad. As for “MacGyver”, the fact that he considers himself as at least a part-time Blue Collar could be a key to the season. The conclusion of the experiment could very well be that the winner needs to cross-over from one class to the other, to be a free-spirit who knows how to make decisions and to get his hands dirty. If that is the case then Joe is our best contender.

Blue Collar – Day 2

Working on the shelter, Mike pointed out that they were missing somebody to make the decisions. “Let’s make a decision” he said.
Lindsey proposed a plan and was immediately shot down by Dan who exclaimed: “That’s stupid. That is the dumbest thing that you could do.”

OK, maybe the opening segment put Dan in the Victim role but we have to admit that he can put a target on his back by himself. That had to be the one of the dumbest remarks ever heard on this show. A little tact would have gone a long way in this discussion.

Lindsey had an interview: “Dan gets under my skin because he says things that are just over the top and dramatic. He’s the one person that doesn’t belong.”

Dan’s voice had a condescending tone when he told Lindsey and Sierra that the structure wouldn’t be strong enough to support him. That tone made Sierra laugh: “The way he is talking right now... I can’t handle it” she said, making Lindsey laugh right along.

Kelly commented on the situation during her interview: “Dan, with his age and being a male, he wants to prove himself and show that he knows what he is talking about but he is dealing with 20 year olds and he is twice their age so he’s going to have to listen to them but he doesn’t have the social skills to just work it out.”

When Lindsey asked for his opinion, Dan proved Kelly’s point by refusing to answer. Of course, that also got him in trouble. “Don’t be wishy-washy... don’t be freaking quiet” said Kelly.

Dan’s interview: “The whole thing started with Lindsey then I saw Sierra’s reaction, I saw Kelly so now I try to change tactics. I’m going to lay back; I am going to shut my mouth. I am in a no win situation because no matter what I do now, everyone is giving me grief. I’m am really in a bad position fast with this tribe”

That new tactic also made Lindsey, Sierra, Kelly and Rodney laugh. We then saw the foursome talking about “the guy with the beard” being bossy. “We need to get Harry Potter’s grandfather out of here” said Rodney, causing more hilarity. “Dumbledore!” said Lindsey, getting more laughs from Sierra.

Down by the ocean, Dan talked to Mike about his predicament. Realizing he was taking some heat, Mike told Dan that he had a friend.

Dan’s interview: “Mike is great. He really wants to stay positive. That man is a walking ray of sunshine. He is absolutely the glue that is holding this tribe together right now.”

Mike had a comment that must have touched the fans: “There are probably a million people that wanted to be here.” That got Dan to say: “That means it’s the best day ever.”

While this scene laid the groundwork for an eventual vote, I think the most important point was the praise that Mike received from Dan. We always hear positive comments for the eventual winner and this fits in nicely, especially since Mike could find himself alone against the other four.

No Collar – Day 2

Jenn asked Joe how he knew to make fire without flint. Joe explained that he saw how it was done on YouTube and had done it every day before getting out here.

Finally we have someone that prepared properly for the island.
When Jenn brought him coconut husk, Joe said that was prefect and he thanked his “princess” as he called her. That comment made her laugh.

She asked him if he needed help to blow on his wood which also made her laugh. Someone who wasn’t laughing was Vince.

Joe inserted coconut husk between two pieces of wood that he rubbed hard against another. He quickly got smoke and then fire.
Jenn, who is quickly becoming Nagarote’s narrator, gave us an interview that was divided into segments spread throughout the scene: “Joe says: “I can make fire” so Joe; go make fire. You say you can do it without flint. I’m going to sit here and watch you do that. I like Joe a lot. I think his personality is great and he’s a good looking dude. He is tall, he’s muscular, he should be on the cover of a romance novel.”

Like Mike, Joe is receiving some very positive comments from his tribe’s narrator.

Before making fire, we heard the start of Joe’s interview: “This game means the world to me and I have been such a huge fan my whole life. I said I could make fire so I have to back it up and make fire. For me, getting the fire was the best feeling in the whole world. It was really good. It scored me some points with the tribe.”

When Jenn offered to get Joe some water, Vince’s look told us that Joe hadn’t scored points with everyone.

Vince in confessional: “I already have something going on with Jenn but it seems like she wants to ride the wave that Joe is making. That worries me because I don’t trust him so I have to further explore this relationship with Jenn, feel out who she is as an individual, as a person.”

Vince asked directly if Jenn felt more of a connection with Joe. She told him no, that she wasn’t attracted to him. Jenn’s interview started here while we heard her saying to Vince that she liked Joe as a human being. “It’s not that I prefer him over you” she added.

Jenn’s interview: “I think Vince is jealous. One of the first things out of his mouth is: “So, do you think Joe is attractive?” What? He apparently has those puppy dog feelings that apparently he had for me, hurt but I know how to handle him though, I think.”

Jenn told Vince: “It’s still me and you.” She asked if he still wanted that because he was freaking her out. Vince said: “I do.”
Vince’s confessional: “I would really like if Jenn were an honest person but I just don’t feel that. I just feel like she is being fake.”

When Jenn asked if he was feeling less stressed, Vince said he needed a hug which turned into a clench.

We returned to Jenn’s confessional: “Vince is the most paranoid person out here. Dealing with him is a lot. Calm down, you know. He is driving me nuts. And don’t hug me for ever after. We smell bad, ok? We smell bad so do not get this all over my face. ”

It’s rare that Survivor’s social experiment includes the sentiment of jealousy. The only example I can recall came after the merger in Micronesia when Amanda felt that Alexis and Ozzy were getting a little bit too friendly. That triangle didn’t find a solution on its own because Cirie intervened and ended it early. I wonder how Vince’s jealousy will interfere with the game. Normally, Joe and Vince should be cruising in this tribe because it has two outsiders but Vince could screw himself royally.

White Collar – Day 2

We had almost forgotten about them.

After So said that the shelter wasn’t too bad, Tyler gave us an interview: “The shelter is very average. It was probably the worst night of sleep that I’ve ever had in my life. Our tribe is white collar people who run the show but the reality is that we got to grab our lunch boxes and grind things out with a blue collar like work ethic.”

Tyler and Joaquin started working on making fire but weren’t successful. Max also tried but didn’t get any embers (or is it Ambers?!)

Joaquin in confessional: “Who would have thought it would be that damn hard to make a fire? Nobody knows how to make a fire. None of us do. Why would we? White collar. We hire a blue collar to go make us a fire. We are not getting fire but it’s alright. I’m going to look for that immunity idol.”

That confessional sounded a lot like a hint that the White Collars won’t win. Fire is life in this game and Joaquin just told us that making a fire is incompatible with being white collar. He could also be telling us that the White Collars would more likely vote for (hire) a Blue Collar in the end.

When Joaquin walked out of camp, Carolyn followed. We heard her interview: “When So and Joaquin came back to camp with that bag of beans, I kind of figured that they had a clue so I watched them like a hawk because if they are looking there than maybe it’s over there. So made it so freaking obvious: She was searching in that freaking tree like there is no tomorrow. I kind of know from watching seasons past the types of things you have to look for. It’s got to be something that is different, that looks different. I saw this funny looking tree and I’m like: OK, this is the perfect place for a freaking idol. Oh! my God! I open it up and I’m like: You have found an immunity idol! Woo! Woo! The magical part of this is that everyone thinks that So and Joaquin have the clue and they are still looking. It’s hilarious.”

While this scene consolidates our impression that Carolyn has good skills for this game, it made me wonder if all the airtime she received in the premiere was simply due to her find. The editors always show us the player who finds an idol so maybe Carolyn’s big role in this episode was only circumstantial. We will have to see if she continues to get a big role in episodes where Masaya doesn’t go to Tribal Council.

The Challenge

When Jeff asked if they were ready for their first challenge, Dan showed that he was more like a contestant from “The Price is Right” than a Survivor. “Bring it on” he hollered as if it would make a difference.

Jeff told them that they had choices to make: Take keys to open locks or untie knots and, later, choose between three types of puzzles by picking between bags that had either 5 hard pieces to figure out, 10 easier pieces to assemble or 50 simple pieces to put together. “If you put the right person on the right puzzle, you can finish faster than average” he explained.

Hearing Jeff’s comments, I realized that “Making Decisions” was the main theme of this episode.

The challenge was also for reward with the first place finisher receiving a massive fire-making kit while the second place finishers would get their flint a few hours before the losers.
We saw Lindsey and Nina taking falls on the first obstacle.

Lindsey, Joaquin and Vince all went for the locks but all three soon realized they had made the wrong decision. So, Mike and finally Joe took over and attacked the knots. So was “whipping through” her knots but Mike had problems which let Joe finish in second place.

Nina took some more falls as the No Collar tribe started making ground on the White Collars. With Jeff urging the tribe to make a decision, we heard a female voice telling Vince to go for the 10 piece bag.

Surprisingly, the White collar women told Joaquin to grab the bag with the most puzzle pieces.

Jenn and Shirin were the first to assemble their puzzles. Max looked at the No Collars’ puzzle and said: “They are not, in a million years, getting that.” Jenn did have her problems with the “Tree” puzzle but she switched over to Joe who had no problems getting one piece after another to complete his tree, proving that Max had underestimated him.

While this was going on, the Blue Collars were still trying to figure out how to use the ladder to get their bag!

Joe won immunity before Sierra even got started on her puzzle and before Shirin gave way to Max on hers. After she put a first piece, Sierra gave way to Mike who managed to complete his puzzle before Max.

It was interesting to note that Joe, Jenn and Will all encouraged the Blue team, proving that the White collars have no friends in this format.

Spoiling the ending, we heard So’s confessional: “The challenge today was a disaster. A disaster. We were in the lead until the very end and it was definitely Shirin and Carolyn. They were the weakest links on our team.”

White Collar – Day 3

Vultures were feeding on a big carcass when the White team returned to camp.

Carolyn’s interview: “We were in the lead. We started our puzzle first and it went downhill from there. Shirin said from the start that she is great at puzzles but we lost the challenge which is fine because you have to step up, right? It’s going to be a girl tonight, we all know that because everyone is going to see the girls as weaker than the guys. I know we all like each other but one of us is going home tonight. Plain and simple.”
Max congratulated So for doing a good job on the puzzle. When So asked him what he thought they should do, Max asked: Where did it fall apart. So said she wasn’t considering Shirin because she stepped up. She pointed the finger at Carolyn who did nothing to help them.

She explained it to us in confessional: “Shirin was weak physically today and she didn’t perform during the puzzle but Carolyn is playing the safe role. She is not volunteering to put herself out there.”

So seemed to get Max and Tyler on board, the ex-football player recognizing that Carolyn could get far by just floating by but Carolyn saw her little game.

This segment and the images we had seen at the start of the episode add up to make us consider that Masaya’s conflicts aren’t over. Max and Tyler both seemed ready to get rid of either Carolyn or Shirin so it wouldn’t be surprising to see a switch of alliance if they go back to TC.

Carolyn in confessional: “I’m worried about So. She’s gone off with everybody. If they want to keep the tribe strong, you got to go with the weakest link. They might vote me out because I am the oldest person on the tribe.” Carolyn asked Joaquin and So who they were voting for and they told her that her name hadn’t been brought up but Carolyn saw through them: “White Collar people have inter-personal skills to know when people are lying and I think So lied about the clue to the hidden immunity idol. I don’t trust her, she is playing me just like she is playing everybody else and, right now, I don’t feel comfortable.”

Tyler confirmed Carolyn’s fears, telling her that her name was mentioned. When Tyler asked her what she knew about idols, Carolyn was very direct: “I don’t think any of them have the idol. I know that they don’t. I got the idol.”

It’s interesting to note that Carolyn told Tyler about her idol but not Max and Shirin, at least as far as we know. If Tyler tells Max what he knows, the professor may change his mind about who was less trustworthy.

In confessional, Carolyn told us she wasn’t going home but that she didn’t want to use her idol.

After hearing what Carolyn and Shirin had to say, Max gave us a confessional: “Carolyn, Shirin and I have been true to each other since day one but most of all, I want to make sure that I am with the numbers. The names on the table tonight are Carolyn and So. Carolyn stands out because she is older, that’s just the small difference that can make you an outsider on a small tribe of six members. On the other side of the equation, there is So. She has certainly put herself into a difficult situation when she chose to lie to the rest of the tribe about the choice she and Joaquin made.”

To the women, Max said they had to talk to the big man, Tyler: “He’s the wild card.”

After talking to Max, Tyler explained his thoughts: “Tonight’s vote, if it just boiled down to physical strength, it would have to go in the face of Carolyn. She is older than everyone else in the tribe. On the flip side, if it’s an integrity issue, all arrows would be pointed at So. Carolyn changed a lot in my book by telling me she had an idol. The logical argument is that Carolyn should be the first one to go. I know how dangerous the immunity idol could be. Tonight’s vote could go either way but I believe somebody is going to be shocked.”

Tribal Council

Joaquin told Jeff that So and he went for the neutral box.
Shirin, speaking as a Survivor fan, knew that there were big holes in that story. She argued that they were being dishonest and that they must have received a clue to an idol.

Max said he would have made the same decision but would have done a better job of lying about it.

Really? You admit in front of everyone that you are a good liar? Maybe the professor should think before he speaks! I guess he got star struck and wanted to impress Jeff.

So regretted that it came out this way but pointed that the four were really strong.

Carolyn wanted to know who So counted in her four. Joaquin told her.

Jeff turned to Shirin and Carolyn, stating the obvious but Shirin quoted Tarzan: “The game is afoot.”

Carolyn told Jeff that Max and Shirin were with her since day one.

Do these people hear themselves? Carolyn pretty much told Tyler that he’s the outsider yet she told him about her idol. Go figure.

A war of words erupted between So and Carolyn.

After complimenting So on her work with the knots, Tyler told Jeff that they had to make the right choice or else they would be back at TC.
Asked how he felt before the vote, Max chose to thank the Survivor gods for providing him with a downpour and drama.

With a 4-2 vote, “So much drama” was voted out. Max enjoyed the blindside.

Jeff sent them back to camp after giving them flint and asking: “No doubt you guys are players. The bigger question is: Are you good players? Did you make the right move tonight? Time will tell.”

I doubt that their decision will end their problems so it cannot be called the right move.

The Story

This first chapter gave us quite a detailed portrait of the three tribes. The beauty of the 90 minute premiere is that every player got a confessional even if the distribution was far from even. It appears that the main alliances in each tribe consist of Max, Shirin and Carolyn for the White Collars, Rodney, Lindsey, Sierra and Kelly in the Blue Collars while we have a triangle in Nagarote where Jenn is caught in the middle of a weird “love” triangle with Vince and Joe.

It’s also interesting that the opening twist had three different outcomes. Even if they chose to be honest, Mike and Dan were seen as liars while So and Joaquin weren’t able to find their idol. The players were in a no win situation; production was imposing their conditions on the social experiment. While it was the players’ fault for “stepping up”, someone was going to be screwed. Maybe instead of a clue, it would have been better to offer the idol itself. I wonder how long before the other two tribes figure there is an idol out there for them.

With the tribes having to choose a representative who had to pick a co-conspirator to decide between the idol clue and the bag of beans, this season started with as many decisions to make as Palau. That season was dominated by the guy who was most often shown making the right decisions so we can ask if the same will happen here. While I doubt that anyone can dominate like Tom, I think it’s a good idea to look at the players that made the decisions and see which ones scored points with their tribe.

The Characters

The Upper Class – They are heading for a fall:

Shirin: It was her decision to make the early alliance which saved Carolyn and she did step up to do the puzzle after telling her tribe that she excelled at them. That second decision didn’t turn out as well but it was enough to keep her safe. If So had gone along with Max’s suggestion and targeted Shirin, the outcome could have been different. For one thing, Shirin couldn’t have told Tyler that she had an idol so would he have voted with her? We know that she is a big fan of the show and a savvy player but, like all the White Collars, she has an uphill battle to fight.

Carolyn: While she didn’t step up during the challenge or the opening, Carolyn’s knowledge of the game helped her make two good moves: Following So in her search for the idol and gaining an ally by telling Tyler that she found it. The biggest question we have for Carolyn is whether she told Shirin and Max about that idol. Max voted with her mainly because he felt she had been true to him since day one. If she hid the fact that she has the idol, he could regret his choice. Like Max said, Carolyn is still the oldest member of the tribe.

Joaquin: While he did make the decisions, he made all the wrong ones, the biggest being that he didn’t search hard enough for that idol. He relished the role of leader and of being deceitful but it came back to bite him in the butt. So wasn’t the only one shocked by the outcome because he looked confident that he had secured Max and Tyler’s votes. I don’t think that he is doomed however because Max could very well turn to him to advance himself. The opening montage presented Carolyn, Max and Joaquin as the three players fighting for the same “job” so the vote didn’t really end that fight.

Max: I was nicely surprised to see that the professor didn’t take the theoretical approach to the game but he may have Shirin to thank for that. Like I expected, he wasn’t the one that stepped forward in building the alliance but, at least, he was quick to give Shirin the right answer. I don’t think that was his final answer though and that would be a great decision. As a student of the game, Max knows it is better to be the covert decision maker than the outright leader and his cover would be much better if he were surrounded with Tyler and Joaquin instead of Carolyn and Shirin. The way he listened to So and hesitated before making his decision about the vote tells us that he is still laying back.

Tyler: The “big guy” was a nice surprise in this episode. His quiet nature served him well as he found himself in the position to decide between the two alliances. Like he said, he was able to transition from the urban jungle to the real one but one round doesn’t prove that he will fully adapt. There will be other decisions to make and the biggest one he faces now is Carolyn’s idol. Will he align with her and hope that her idol can also help him or does he blindside her in order to get the idol back in play. The fact that the idols are so easily found makes the second option much more likely than it should be.

The “Get a Real Job” clan: Are they heading anywhere?

Will: Will is going to live for the moment until the others decide that the moment is over. His good nature means that he won’t be a target early on but his likability will become a liability at some point. Will is exactly who we thought he would be.

Nina: While she got the chance to tell us about her loss of hearing, Nina didn’t do anything to advance herself. For someone that planned on giving her 110%, I’d say we got less maybe 1%. That won’t do and despite Vince’s jealousy, Nina still looks like the perfect boot for Nagarote.

Hali: I thought she would be the one that would profit the most from the No Collar label, the one that would surprise everyone, but instead she embraced it. The premiere made her look like another in the long line of young women that looked great in casting but shut down once they hit the beach, the ones that Rodney described so succinctly as followers. Hali still has time to step up and it could very well have been her voice that we heard saying “It’s game on” when Jeff mentioned that one will claim the million dollar prize so we have to consider Hali as a contender.

Vince: Before the season started, I said that Vince reminded me of other “free spirits” we had seen in the past. I mentioned Peter from Marquesas, Zane from the Philippines, Aras from Panama and Fabio from Nicaragua to illustrate the fact that I had no idea how he would do. I was extremely surprised to see that he could become so jealous so quickly and that he would turn into Nagarote’s Villain.
His storyline could be fascinating and he still has a chance to stay in the game a while if he can reign in his sentiments but Vince cannot win. Just the fact that the editors and Jeff are limiting him to “a coconut vendor” is as telling as the question mark that we always saw after Phillip’s job description: “ex-Federal Agent(?)” For him, life is like surfing a wave but the image of a crashing wave tells us what we need to know about his future.

Jenn: Nagarote’s narrator was the one that decided to pick the big bag of beans and, contrary to the Blue Collars, no one in her tribe questioned her honesty. She was heard telling Vince to pick the bag with 10 puzzle pieces which proved to be the right choice. In that challenge she stepped up and tried to solve the puzzle but she quickly realized she needed to let someone else take over. From Vince and Joe’s comments, we know that Jenn has the social skills to go far in this game. Add her confessional in the opening segment and we have to consider her as a top contender.

With Vince pressuring her to choose between him and Joe, Jenn will have a very tough decision to make, one that could very well decide the outcome of this game. She appears to be stringing Vince along and she says she knows how to handle him so that suggest she will go with Joe. Will she be able to keep both happy long enough though? The tribe would suffer if either guy leaves this early.

Joe: When Jeff says that judging a book by its cover could be a costly mistake and you have a player say: “I don’t want them to think that I am a threat. I want them to think that I am here to enjoy the beaches. No! I want to beat you in Survivor” then you know you are dealing with a top contender.

In addition, when you hear the Survivor Scholar say that his puzzle couldn’t be solved in a million years yet he whips through it like hot knife through butter then you have someone that will outwit his opposition.
Then, if that wasn’t enough, this guy builds the shelter, makes a fire, he has a great personality and looks good enough to “be on the cover of a romance novel”. We have a potential fan favorite winner. Is he too good to be true? I think it would be jealousy that would have us say that!

The Grunts – Working their Way to the End:

Kelly: I was expecting a lot more from the State Trooper but her only confessional served to tell us that Dan was bad a the social game. It put her on the same side as those 20 year olds. Because of her job, I was hoping for a new Amy O’Hara but, instead, we could be dealing with a new Lisa Keifer, one who, despite her age, sides with the young girls. Yet, she could be pivotal if Mike is going to be able to flip this tribe.

Sierra: While she only gave us one confessional, we saw that Sierra is very guarded to the point of distrusting the guys even if they were being honest. This could serve her well in this game but only if she can conceal that distrust. She made it obvious that she didn’t like Dan so what happens if he finds the idol or if they wind up together after a swap? She won’t be able to count on him, that’s for sure. Of course, it may become a moot point if Dan gets voted out but this fault in Sierra’s game may present itself again with other players. She did make the decision to tackle the puzzle first for Escameca but that didn’t turn out very well for her.

Lindsey: The hairstylist had a strong first episode and we saw that she is very close to Sierra and Rodney. However, the mentally strongest person on Earth showed that she can easily be swayed. She jumped for joy when Mike told them about the bag of beans then changed her mind immediately when Sierra said she didn’t believe that they were being honest. Later she fell for Rodney’s story. It is a tragic story so Lindsey’s reaction is certainly understandable but Rodney’s confessional told us that he had planned to use that to get women to follow him. The montage told us that Lindsey had been snared. When she proposed a plan for the shelter, Dan shot her down and she simply stood there, unable to answer his argument before Sierra came to her rescue, laughing at the postal worker’s tone. I’m not sure that Lindsey will break down mentally but she sure isn’t living up to her claim.

Dan: The postal worker found himself on the wrong end of the sword when his decision to step up backfired on him. We heard Kelly telling us that he doesn’t have the social skills needed to deal with these young women so Dan should last only until the tribe’s first Tribal Council unless he finds that idol. Even a swap could leave him without friends. He had a lot of airtime to present himself so he would qualify for the “Victim” edit if he continues to be Sierra and Lindsey’s punching bag. I felt like Dan’s big opening episode served his best friend Mike very well though. Dan plans on being remembered but he needs to realize that Survivor fans don’t forget anyone, not even “Souna”, so he doesn’t have to do anything to be remembered. It’s the way that we will remember him that matters and it doesn’t look good!

Rodney: Like Joe, Rodney is proving that he is more than the others expect. He had a plan and put it in motion quite naturally, gaining Lindsey’s trust and then adding Sierra and Kelly to his numbers against Dan and Mike. While I expect them to succeed in killing “Dumbledore” I think Mike will handle him better than he did that scorpion. Rodney still has to be considered a top contender because we’ve seen winners hidden in plain sight before but his position seems so safe that I would hate for the story to simply be about his coronation.

Mike: We know that Mike will get his hands dirty to win this game so, if Lindsey is right and the winner was indeed on the blue mat, then Mike has to be our top contender. He made many decisions in this episode and even if they didn’t all work out well, he stuck with it. That’s what he told us he would do when he talked about hanging on harder than anyone else. The scene with the scorpion didn’t need to be shown and while it could have been used to show him as an idiot, none of his tribe mates had the confessional that would have definitely painted him as the “Dumb Player”. We did hear someone call him a “sick bastard” but the main point of this scene was to deliver a very lengthy confessional where Mike explained himself and let us know what kind of guy he is. We also saw that he can laugh at himself which is a very endearing trait. His hard work got fire for the tribe. While Rodney and Sierra were there to assist, Mike was the only one congratulated for the effort when Dan yelled his name. He didn’t panic when he fell behind untying knots, instead he stepped up again when Sierra faltered and he won immunity for his tribe.

Dan’s predicament sets up Mike for the early underdog story. Rodney seems to have the three women on his side so, after Dan gets the boot, Mike would appear to fall in Joaquin’s present situation; alone against four. However, I don’t think Mike will follow Dan to Loser Lodge. Either he will last long enough to see a swap or he will find a way to flip the game.

The biggest indication that Mike could be our winner came from the images of the challenge which didn’t show him looking over at Nagarote’s completed puzzle. In the promos, we had this image of Mike looking over to see where his pieces fit which some people have called cheating. The important thing is that, during the episode, he didn’t seem to need that outside help, doing it on his own while listening to advice from his tribe mates. Right now, even if I like Jenn and Joe’s stories a lot, Mike would be my bet for winner.

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5. "RE: Episode 1 - Making Decisions:"
LAST EDITED ON 03-01-15 AT 00:25 AM (EST)

Good opening analysis, michel. Not much to disagree with in your analysis, and this is one of the most wide-open seasons we've had in quite some time in terms of legit game-players (and potential winners). This is going to be a season where it'll be tough to see who might be the likely winner until at least the merge, I'd say. Great cast, so far.

Based on pre-game vidcaps (which usually tells me a lot) and at who's hanging out with whom in camp, I would think the winner would come from this group: Joe, Jenn, Shirin, Mike, Hali (first to lay out her game strategy when tribes got to their camps), Max (got a real narrator's role, though), and Tyler.

Considering how gung-ho Jiffy was in his pre-game thoughts about the winner, I'd expect it be someone who is playing rather aggressive in the game (Tony, Kim, RobM, etc.). While I liked Carolyn and initially thought she was playing too hard, perhaps she should be added to the contender list after all. I don't see a Fabio/Natalie White/Sophie/Vecepia type of winner this season.

My early vote? The skinny raccoon. I like that lil' bugger.

(The raccoon appeared twice right after a No Collar said something - Hali the first time, Jenn the second time)

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6. "RE: Episode 1 - Making Decisions:"
I agree Pepe about this cast. However, I do not think a White collar can win. Maybe if one of them becomes UTR after the merge like Chris or Danni and sits next to two goats but otherwise that Tribe won't get any allies.

I noticed Rocky Racoon too but I wasn't able to determine its significance other than it was associated with the Free spirits. If only Emydi was here to help.

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7. "RE: Episode 1 - Making Decisions:"
This doesn't appear to be a goat season. Everyone getting along shows that to me.
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9. "RE: Episode 1 - Making Decisions:"
You can get along with the others and still be a goat. Take Natalie Tenerelli for example.
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8. "RE: Episode 1 - Making Decisions:"
While early boots do tend to get higher screen time. The late gamers do also.

Last year Keith, Missy, and Baylor got important screentime early on but they didn't come off as OTT like Jeremy and Josh. In Phillipines, Lisa and Skupin were at the forefront and both made finals. Some are hidden below the OTT edits like Denise and Natalie. And that could be Rodney and Tyler. That is also usually the winner. I'm questioning if Dane is like Russell, Zane, and Garrett or like Keith, Spencer, and Lisa.

Though CBS is on to edgic I think and maybe they did something different this year.

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10. "RE: Episode 1 - Making Decisions:"
Great analysis! Thanks Michel, I look forward to this every week.

Not So Much

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11. "RE: Survivor Worlds Apart - The Characters and their Stories:"
I think Will has emerged as someoen to watch. There was something about his edit. He didn't vote out Jenn but he didn't vote out Nina either. He is with her. And those girls are not even thinking about finding the idol, they are busy having fun.

Jenn did not look as good in this episode. And she continued getting another strong narrative while Dan and Carolyn cooled down. I think she's getting the Jeremy edit because I love Will now to outlast the no collars. Jenn has now not only gotten the most screentime, but she would clearly look to be the favorite right now just like Jeremy last year.

I don't think the white collars now are winning after this episode. I saw nothing that stood out but comicalness. Carolyn completely disappeared this episode which makes me believe she's set up to go far. Tyler on the other hand continues to the wise narrator but he did not improve upon the last episode. Something tells me he's probably out late pre-merge. Shirin got a confessional again and Max got one but the white collars were not the focus at all. Max probably has a juror edit to me. Only Carolyn has really had a shining episode on this tribe.

The blue collars is looking to be a high school tribe. The idol still has to be found. And so far it's set up for Rodney and the girls to take over but that can be misleading. Dan's going before the merge or going to the final five. Lindsey looks to be set up to go soon. I don't want Rodney to win but the edit is looking bigger and bigger. This tribe is heating up. I'm sticking with Lindsey being the first to go from this tribe. The power shift is being set up with Dan and Mike getting b2b bad edits and Lindsey getting the b*t*hiest edit of them all.

Three of the Final Four-Rodney, Will, and Carolyn
Other final four member-Nina, Hali, or Shirin.
Merge Threat-Joaquin is probably going to be this.
The big merge boot-Jenn
Post-swap boots-Tyler and Dan

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13. "RE: Survivor Worlds Apart - The Characters and their Stories:"
Interesting perspective, Outsider but what about Joe? I haven't noticed any hints that could put Rodney with Will and Carolyn in the F3 so maybe you can explain your thoughts on that.
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16. "RE: Survivor Worlds Apart - The Characters and their Stories:"
Its based on most confessionals without going overboard like how Keith and Missy did last year and also the long term plan that so far I have only seen clearly with Rodney and Jenn. I will add Will to this list but Jenn's edit this past show gave her the mouthy Jeremy edit and had a negative scene with Nina. I don't know how Will can win this though, he might be the Keith/Spencer of the season. If its not him, its Dan.

Also, something I have now noticed was Max "paying tribute to the Survivor greats". Why would they show Max say this unless he pays tributes to all of them? Its possible he may be the hidden winners edit but instead of making alliances he's talking about strategy not to do this or that. Makes me wonder if CBS has been on Sucks Speculation Edgic thread.

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12. "Episode 2 - Ruffled Feathers:"
LAST EDITED ON 03-07-15 AT 08:21 PM (EST)

The recap presented the following:

At the No Collar tribe, it was all about harmony and open arms (We see the tribe, led by Will, supporting Nina after she told them she was deaf) but Joe’s popularity began to rub Vince the wrong way.

For the Blue Collar tribe, it was all about hard work. They made fire and even found food. The only thing that didn’t work was Dan’s personality.

The White Collar tribe was all business but a bunch of bosses without employees just didn’t work.

At the challenge, the White Collars’ struggles continued.
At the first Tribal Council Joaquin’s ally, So, was the first person voted out.

Jeff is then heard stating: “There is no doubt you guys are players” (Shirin, Carolyn and Max shown) and then asking: “Are you good players? Did you make the right move tonight?”

While Jeff found a negative for all three tribes, he countered that with solid positive comments for the No Collars (harmony) and the Blue Collars (hard work). He didn’t make any positive comments about the White Collars. It would have been so easy to include Shirin’s alliance with Max and Carolyn but it seemed that it didn’t matter all that much. He didn’t even mention Carolyn’s immunity idol. The White Collar Tribe doesn’t appear to be the tribe of interest, the one that will get more airtime so that we can connect to their players more than the others.

For the No Collar tribe, the conflict between Joe and Vince had to be included to set the tables for this episode. We only had a quick glimpse of Joe being congratulated after making fire, not enough to remind everyone that he is a good survivalist but at least it wasn’t ignored. None of Jenn’s actions were deemed important enough to be mentioned.

In the Blue Tribe, Jeff’s words pretty much told us that Dan can’t win: His personality doesn’t work is a harsher comment than saying he had trouble fitting in. On the other hand, isn’t it remarkable that Mike’s stupid decision to eat the scorpion was presented as a big positive moment, part of the reason why the tribe kicked @ss? Even his fire making scene was shown even if it wasn’t underlined.

Ruffled Feathers

Day 4 – Blue Collars

The recap wasn’t very nice for Masaya but skipping the scene where they returned to their camp at night to discuss their vote is a bad omen..

Mike was telling everyone how to eat the crabs that filled the pot. He called out to Dan so that he could come get his share.
Dan came back without his underpants after a wave “stole” them. His replacement attire was another reason to make Sierra and Lindsey laugh.

Mike in confessional: “Dan lost his underwear and made these make-shift shirt-pants. He’s got his belt wrapped around his... waist with his shirt folded in such a way where he doesn’t show his rear or his junk.

Lindsey in confessional: “Socially, I think Dan’s game is downright dumb. I think what happened was Dan was plotting how he could become funny or entertaining because he’s starting to lose the novelty of being annoying and the “fat guy” or whatever. So he decided he would be the guy who would lose his “manties”. I think it was Dan’s next ploy. The thing is the joke is on him because I want him to leave me alone long enough for us to get to Tribal Council so that I can see your sweet @ss go home.”

Sierra was literally rolling on the ground laughing.
Lindsey is right, Dan is acting and the long term fans must remember that Dan’s idol, Rupert, also decided to ditch the jeans because of chaffing and paraded around in a dress that looked a lot like Dan’s getup. Still, Dan is shown as a fun loving guy so Lindsey could be in for a surprise and it could be her sweet @ss going home. Her relentless criticism could be a sign that the fat guy outlasts her.

White Collar – Day 4

Using flint, Tyler finally made fire for the tribe.

Max was interviewed: “It’s day four; we just got fire and barely at that. We have struggled around camp to get the basic necessities to sustain life and the fact that we don’t work with our hands sets us apart from Blue Collar. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Blue Collar tribe has been making fires, hooting and hollering and causing havoc but the one thing we haven’t struggled for is that we have a beautiful beach right out there that we can go swimming in. As a fan, student and teacher of this game, I feel like it’s only right for me to tip my cap to some of the greats that have come before me.”

Tipping his cap would have been enough but Max had more than his cap in mind! We saw “the new and improved Richard Hatch.” It’s interesting that Max figured the Blue Collars would have fire but didn’t even consider that the No Collars could have done the same. Indirectly, he was underestimating Joe.

Tyler’s interview: “Max is an interesting character. He’s got this little bit of No Collar streak in him and kind of does whatever he wants, will strip down, walk out and cruise around. He brings a little bit of levity but I don’t know how much of it is a show and how much of it is trying to distract us from how smart and how well he knows this game.”

Max’s interview continued: “I absolutely have no qualms with dropping “trou” and being in my birthday suit. It’s freeing, it’s comfortable and it gets you out of your wet survivor garb for a little while. It’s also a great way to get some time alone because, surprisingly enough, when you tell people you are going for a swim and they know you are going to be naked there; there’s pretty good odds that you are going to be taking that swim alone. So, I’m using it a little bit strategically in order to get a little bit of alone time, a little bit of private time away from the fray, time for me to think.”

When Max was naked, the words “a little bit” were heard quite frequently! It isn’t a big deal but it was a little bit funny or should I say a funny little bit.

Shirin’s confessional: “Max loves this game as much as I love this game. It’s an adventure for him and it makes me love him, it makes me relate to him more. He’s kind of a trend setter. It’s actually super convenient to be naked a lot of the time. ”
Shirin got half naked also.

Joaquin’s interview: “Max and Shirin, they walk around naked half of the time. Poor Tyler! Tyler is married and he’s like: “Oh! no! I can’t even look that way.”

Shirin returned from washing dishes @ss-naked and we could see Tyler’s discomfort.

When Max was talking about going for a swim, Joaquin was seen working. Seeing that Blue Collar ethic from him could be telling us that Joaquin has a future in this game. Not much of a future however because we didn’t hear anything from him about So’s elimination. The combination of these two factors tells me that Joaquin is probably not the next one to go from this tribe but he won’t come close to play an important role in the final outcome.

Max asked permission before going off on his own but he should know that he is leaving the door open for the others to talk behind his back. Isolating himself isn’t good. Judging by Joaquin’s question to Carolyn, it seems that it’s a frequent occurrence and that could get on the others’ nerves. Shirin, the super fan is being used as the voice of the fans. She likes Max more and that’s supposed to be the general feeling. However, this was going to be their only scene of the evening which would be a strange editing choice if they were going to dominate the end game. Maybe Max or Tyler can maneuver to the end game but, as a tribe, it seems that their story is only used to bring a bit of levity. A little bit that is.

No Collar – Day 4

Hali and Nina were out collecting firewood when Hali told her tribe mate that she had a blister on her ankle.

Hali’s interview: “I’ve been trying to get to know Nina better, to reach out to her because she is a nice woman and with her disability, she’s incredible just being out here. Unfortunately, because she is deaf, it’s really hard having a conversation with her.”

Jenn and Will experienced the same difficulty. Jenn told Hali that she didn’t know how to have a conversation with Nina.

Vince’s interview: “A No Collar person is a kind, heart-centered, compassionate human being but there are a lot of snarky remarks coming from the girls. Nina, she really wants to be part of the tribe, she wants to be there and have conversations and share things. However, it is really difficult for her and I think the girls are having a hard time going with it.”

Hali and Jenn decided to have a skinny dip so they raced off, taking their bathing suits off.

Nina’s confessional: “Ever since I lost my hearing, people have been pushing me aside because they don’t know how to deal with it. I was hoping that out here it might be different but the girls in the tribe, they have excluded me on everything since day one and the straw that broke the camel’s back is that they went swimming and they didn’t ask me to go. They never ask me to do anything with them. I mean, I knew coming out here was going to be hard but I thought the people on my tribe would at least make me feel like I belonged.”

When the girls returned, Nina commented: “It was really nice of you guys to invite me. You never asked me to go. You guys have ignored me since day one.”

While Joe, Vince and Will observed, Nina walked off after telling Hali not to touch her. Jenn’s confessional started here while we saw the continuation of the scene where Hali and Jenn realized they had made a grown woman cry. Jenn added that she didn’t think Nina would have wanted to go skinny dipping.

Jenn’s confessional: “I’m on this amazing high: Going skinny dipping with my friend. We get back and Nina is crying and angry and calling us mean girls for not including her. I was like: Are you serious? Like get it together Nina. You are crying on Day 4. I guess she is used to people coddling her a little more but you don’t do that in this game. You got to have a little thicker skin than that you know. So, I guess Nina is someone we are going to have to baby a little bit until we don’t have to anymore.”

This is the kind of touchy scene that is hard to interpret. On the one hand, it’s pretty obvious that her hearing difficulty wasn’t the reason why the girls didn’t invite Nina. They didn’t push her aside because she lost her hearing but because she is not in their peer group. She is probably older than their mothers and 20 year olds don’t usually play with their mothers. Anyway, why did Nina think she needed an invitation in the first place? It’s a free beach so she should have joined them if she wanted to go. I know I wouldn’t have hesitated to go skinny dipping with the girls but that’s just me.

Personally, I took that scene to mean that Nina was being unreasonable but the other interpretation is just as valid: While we could say that Hali’s remark about the difficulty of talking to Nina isn’t very smart, at least she told us she liked Nina and was trying to get to know her. Jenn wasn’t as diplomatic. The overall scene and Vince’s comments didn’t paint a good picture for the girls.

Of the three players that weren’t on Nina’s side, the only one that escaped that scene unscathed was Joe who observed but didn’t make any insensitive remarks.

Nina told Will that they didn’t show any human compassion at all. Will told her that they weren’t mature.

We were shown Jenn strolling along while Nina said that and Hali was right behind.

Will in confessional: “Nina is a sweet person but you can see it in her face that she is just lost. I’m very sympathetic to her problem so I just hope she can keep it together but at this point, I’m pretty sure she already put a target on her back.”

I think Will just gave us the proper way to interpret this scene: Nina is lost and she put a target on her back. So, while it didn’t endear Jenn and Hali to the audience, I don’t think they are fatally wounded by this segment. We will have to see if she can gain sympathy in other ways, both from the audience and the people that could be judging them in the end.

Blue Collar – Day 5

Mike got up at sunrise, telling everyone that they had to get water.

Rodney commented on that during his confessional: “Where I grew up, it’s all about working hard and it’s what I have been doing all game but Mike keeps on busting my balls in camp because he is the type of guy that needs to be doing something. He can’t relax. At the end of the day, we are working hard, we need to play hard. We got to have some fun over here.”

The tribe decided to play some basketball, throwing coconuts in a basket. That seemed to irritate Mike.

Playing that game turned out to be quite a good idea considering the challenge. Did they get tree mail that told them about the challenge, are they clairvoyant or do they simply love basketball? I suspect that they had a clue in tree mail. By not showing, it put more weight on Mike’s comments: They were simply playing so he could criticize them. He would have looked dumb if we knew that they were actually practicing for a very important immunity challenge.

Mike’s interview: “Coming from a background where I pretty much had to work hard for everything my whole life, it is in my nature to be a hard worker so it is very frustrating, with me being a true blue collar, looking around and the other people just aren’t. Yes, I wanted to play basketball with everybody but there’s stuff to be done out here where we have to survive. You shouldn’t have to tell adults: Hey, there is stuff to be done; get it done.”

While Mike has a point, I think it must be noted that, right when he said there was stuff to be done, we saw Sierra making a free throw, the thing that would soon prove to be more important than anything else. The shot was even underlined with a clear musical note. Was that inserted to tell us that Mike was wrong?

After returning to camp with firewood, Mike showed his frustration by ordering Rodney: “Go get wood.”

Rodney’s interview continued; “Mike is just pushing people’s buttons. We already got five feet high of firewood just sitting there so why are you so mad? I may not bring back the most firewood but guess what? I don’t start fighting with nobody. You start fighting with somebody you 100 percent got a target on your back.”

The stage is set: The Blue Collar showdown will be between Mike and Rodney, not Dan and Lindsey but somehow I feel she will be the first casualty!

No Collar – Day 5

Joe came back to camp with some good news: He had a bagful of crabs. A smiling Jenn said: “That is awesome”

Of course, that irritated Vince.

His creepy, needy nature resurfaced when, accompanied by a kooky melody on the flute, he decided to get some crab of his own.

When Nina joined him he explained his frustrations, saying that his hard work doesn’t get recognized because everyone is looking at Joe.

Vince’s interview: “I probably work harder than anybody on the No Collar Tribe but, around camp, it’s all about Joe. He’s got that young man bravado and he wants to prove himself. I completely understand that. I was young once too. I’m 32 now and I feel like my hormones have chilled to the point where I can let a lot of that stuff slide. Joe’s the center-of-attention kind of guy and it’s pissing me off.”

Vince confronted Joe. He told Joe that he needed acknowledgement and recognition. An uncomfortable conversation followed.

Showing that he hasn’t quite found the truth about himself yet, Vince showed everyone that he couldn’t let that stuff slide.

Will commented in his confessional: “Ever since we got here, Joe and Vince are just fighting for power. They are both trying to be the alpha dog and it’s getting to where it’s making everybody uncomfortable.”

Joe also had a confessional: “Vince pulled me aside this morning and pretty much said: “Look man, I need you to admit that you do this and this and this and this. I didn’t know what to say to be honest. I think that he has a lot of issues that he needs to deal with himself. I think that he wants to be the provider and he wants to be the guy who is calling the shots because that’s his personality but he’s a loose cannon and I don’t like it.”

The two guys shook hands but that wasn’t enough for Vince as we heard in his confessional: “Joe said all the right things and I want to believe him but here’s the thing: In my everyday life, I am surrounded by people who I can have a comfortable and loving embrace with them. Ten seconds of beauty, bliss, peace but with Joe? I just don’t feel that, I just don’t. I don’t trust those three at all.”

When Vince made that comment about the 10 second hug, the camera showed him with both arms in the air, as if he was about to embrace the camera and all of us at once. I could almost smell his underarms! I hope I never run into him!

Vince told Nina he didn’t trust Joe, Jenn and Hali. She agreed, saying she was totally with him and Will because they prejudged her because of her deafness. Her loyalty was with Vince so they hugged.

Out on the beach, Hali asked: “So are you and Vince like, legitimately on better terms?” Joe said that Vince didn’t trust him. He added: “His eyes are penetrating and they look into your soul to see if you are lying. That’s how I feel when he’s talking to me.” Jenn explained: “It’s because he is talking to you this close.”

Jenn’s confessional: “Vince scares me a little bit with his crazy, in your face talk. There’s no doubt in my mind that he is going to do something just off-the-wall nuts that’s going to screw up everything for this tribe. I just feel like Vince is dangerous. The guy is on another planet and I just feel that he is a little too No Collar for his own good.”

The editors wanted to underline Jenn’s comment, showing us that, indeed Vince could become dangerous. It reminded me of another creepy (or should I write “cweepy”?!) guy, Matt in the Amazon. Vince’s run wouldn’t be as deep.

Day 6 : The Challenge

When Masaya made their approach, we saw that Dan and Mike were surprised to see that So had been voted out.

These images could be telling us that those two guys didn’t think that So would be the one voted out. It could also be another indication that the White Collars made a bad decision even if they won this challenge. Just the fact that it told the other tribes that they were playing hard and fast is dangerous.

Dan didn’t want to give the idol back to Jeff and when Jeff asked who was going to sit out, Dan was adamant: “I want to do it” he told his tribe. Jeff expressed our mutual surprise to hear that Kelly would sit out. By her hand gesture, Kelly told Jeff that it wasn’t her choice to sit. The postal worker was very confident: “I am going to surprise you for a fat guy. Don’t worry about that.”

Nina, as expected, sat out for Nagarote.

Swimming the opening leg against much finer looking athletes such as Tyler and Vince, Dan did indeed surprise us all, finishing in first place. (well...Hippos do well in water!)
Vince beat out Tyler. Jeff commented on the result: “Nice job from Dan, catching Vince at the end.”

Sierra, Hali and Carolyn ran the second leg. Jeff said: “Hali ripping through this... Sierra remaining very calm... Carolyn trying to pick up some time.”

Hali gave the lead back to the No Collars where Jenn took the 3rd relay. Mike and Max gave chase to Jenn who was “flying through this.”

Still in the lead, Will hit the water...and it hit him back! Lindsey and Shirin, caught up to him at the last obstacle and left him there. (She ran a fine leg but got very little credit from Jeff)

Now in the lead, Rodney swam the anchor for the Blue Collars, closely followed by Joaquin, White Collars’ anchorman. Joe was left to cool his heels on the No Collar platform.

Will was “having an absolute disaster” while Joaquin overtook Rodney to finish first overall just when Joe hit the water.

Joaquin and Sierra were the shooters for their tribes. It may have surprised some people to see Sierra handling all the shots for the Blue Collars but, at 6’1”, she must have played some basketball in school.

Jeff commented that, despite being last, Joe wasn’t giving up. When he started shooting, apparently Joaquin had only made two shots and Sierra one. Joe still had a chance to complete the comeback but he never found his range. Vince took over but was way short.

Joaquin showed he was good at making free throws, winning reward for his tribe.

Joe was still hanging back, letting Vince take throws even if he wasn’t making any.

I wonder if, after last week where he excelled, Joe wanted a little less recognition?!

The editors once more spoiled the outcome by letting us hear Vince’s confidence in confessional: “Tonight, somebody is going to go home and, where Joe and I stand as of right now, it really is Cold War with missiles pointed. I mean, we are ready to start firing away and it’s going to get crazy.”

No Collars – Day 6

To the tribe, Hali said: “It was a group effort of failure; however you want to call it.”

Hali in interview: “So the challenge blew up; major. Now we are going to Tribal and this is going to be really interesting because this is the part where we have to make a decision and being the No Collar tribe that’s really not one of our strengths.”

It seems that Hali has listened to many coaches talk during post-game interviews because she acted as if she didn’t want to give anything to the interviewer.

When Will told Joe that he was exhausted, Vince noticed and quietly told Nina “Will is deteriorating”.

Vince in confessional: “We are all feeling the lack of sleep and nutrition but Will’s exhaustion showed itself in this challenge and it worries me. Still, this is an opportunity to blindside a power player which is Joe.”

Vince told Nina it was their one chance to take Joe out. He added: “However, if we do that, I’m not sure if we can win challenges.”

Nina had a confessional: “Me, Vince and Will, we have to stay true to each other otherwise we are all going home and I can get voted out first because, after my blow up, I know they want me out so I’m very nervous.”

Vince wondered if Will could come around to help them win challenges so when Nina said she’d talk to him, he simply said: “Please do.”

That was a major blunder because, if Vince was questioning his ally, he should have talked to him himself. If the two had openly talked about Vince’s worries, it’s possible that Will would have understood and kept trusting Vince.

Before Nina could talk to Will, Joe and Jenn were sharing thoughts with him. Will said he didn’t know what he wanted so Jenn suggested voting for Vince. “We get him ___ out of this game. I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him.”

Joe said he was worried about Nina who should be looking hard for the immunity idol. He told Will that they should keep the tribe strong and vote against Nina before Vince.

Joe’s interview: “At this point, it sucks, but Nina is the weakest link. She is 54 years old and her hearing also doesn’t help. She’s on the bottom and she knows it so she’s probably looking for the idol so we got to be careful.” That’s when Joe almost made the fatal error of splitting the votes, telling Jenn that she and Hali should vote against Vince while he and Will write Nina’s name. The plan was to vote for Nina the second time if she didn’t have an idol. Joe’s confessional continued: “I’ve aligned myself with the girls and Will as a four. I am hoping that he is being honest with me. I have my doubts just because of how much time he has been spending with Nina but, you have to trust people in this game so hopefully Will is on board with me because, if he’s not, he’s going to muddle up a lot of plans.”

Will’s interview: “Joe wants me him and the girls to vote Nina out and I don’t want to do that. We have a lot in common. She thinks she’s the odd man out because she can’t hear and I know how she’s doing because I’m the only brother in the whole game. The thing is; since we know that they are going to split the votes, then, if me Vince and Nina vote out one of them three, we control the tribe.”

Will was happy to bring that information to Vince. They could vote out Joe or one of the girls.

Vince in interview: “Will told me that those three are going to split the vote which is huge because this is a perfect time to make a big move. In my heart and my gut, I want to get rid of Joe. He’s a huge threat, huge threat. However, Joe is so strong in challenges; I feel like that asset value is tremendous. I don’t know if I am willing to let go of that.”

With that in mind, Vince told Will that he had zero trust with Jenn. When Will told him that she wanted him gone, Vince’s mind was set: “If we get Jenn out...” “We still control the vote” said Will. “Exactly” said Vince. “And we have a power player who will not want to go home.”

Will told Vince that he would not get blindsided because they had the votes.

When Will told Nina that they were voting against Jenn, she was thrilled: “It will be my revenge” she said. Then she asked him about his health, adding: “Vince is concerned that your health is getting in the way of winning challenges.”

Will in confessional: “Apparently, Vince has been going around telling people that I am not feeling well because of my performance today in the challenge and that’s bull. Me, getting tangled up in the buoy cost us the challenge? Us not making a shot cost us the challenge. It just pissed me off.” Nina reassured Will that Vince wasn’t trying to blindside him but Will wasn’t reassured: “At this point, there is so much scheming and conniving going on, I don’t know who to believe. Those three are pretty tight so I am sure that Joe came to me just because they need my vote but, at the same time, I don’t know if I can really trust Vince.” We heard Jenn saying: “I’m terrified but excited at the same time.” Will’s confessional ended the scene: “I’m the swing vote and I get to decide who goes. So, God knows what’s going to happen but I know one thing: This one’s going to be a doozy.”

Tribal Council

Asking about the group dynamics, Jeff knew to go to the outsider for her take on the alliances.

Nina told Jeff directly that Hali and Jenn were together a lot from the start and that Joe joined that twosome while she and Will hung out because they had a lot in common. She told Jeff about her breakdown after feeling alone.

Jenn said she had compassion for Nina but that it was a game.
Vince told Jeff that he was right in the middle of those two groups. He added that he was trying to be the glue that holds the tribe together.

(He may have sniffed that glue a little bit too)

Joe alluded to his battle with Vince when he told Jeff: “The person who needs to go home will go home.”

Turning again to Jenn, Jeff asked if she was with Hali and Joe.
Jenn didn’t try to hide it but added that they had to keep the numbers; that they couldn’t keep losing. She wanted to keep the tribe strong.

That comment made Jeff turn to Will and talk about his challenge performance.

Will took it in stride saying; “Water has always been the black man’s kryptonite so it got me today.”

Jenn, Nina and the others burst out laughing at that comment.

Will told Jeff that he talked to Nina and Vince but that he didn’t know who to trust.

Asked about the difficulty of the game, Vince said he was trying to go with his gut.

Jenn then told Jeff that she wanted to see their original plan set in motion. She added: “I could be on the chopping block tonight, I don’t know. The worst thing you could be in this game is comfortable. But it’s fun being here. It’s Tribal Council! I’ve been watching this since I was eight! I’m still feeling like I’m watching you on television right now! I can’t believe I’m here! I’m losing my mind. You have no idea.”

Asked what he wanted to see happen, Will said: “I want to go back to my tribe, drink some lukewarm water, let the bugs eat more of this chocolate and see less of you. I don’t want to see you till the end.”

Jeff said it was time to vote for what he figured would be a very big vote even if it was early in the game.

In a very interesting 3-2-1 vote, Vince was voted out. Nina turned to Will: “”Did you vote for Vince?” but we didn’t need to hear his answer to know he got exactly what he wanted: He used the trio’s split vote to save Nina but he didn’t want to give power to the guy that doubted him.

Jeff sent them back to camp after saying: “First vote, first blindside. Not bad and this game is just getting started.”
A smiling Joe was on screen when Jeff said “not bad” and I noted that Jeff didn’t question these players the way he had questioned the people in Masaya.

The Story

Maybe the three tribes agreed with Jenn that the worst thing in this game is to feel comfortable because they each had duos that made it a little less comfortable for the others. Some players stood out, ruffled feathers and isolated themselves from their groups. The weirdest one of all was the one wearing feathers so it wasn’t surprising to see him wind up on the chopping block.

Now we have to wonder if Vince’s departure will bring back harmony to the No Collars or send them in a tailspin. Did they cut out the cancer in time or has Vince, by forcing the outcome, already done something “off-the-wall nuts that’s going to screw up everything for this tribe”?

Despite the fact that a source of discomfort left, it doesn’t mean that all the outsiders are doomed. Some of them have a chance to make deep runs.

The Characters

The Silent Minority - They hardly seem to matter:

Kelly: Should we start calling her “Blue Kelly”? Like many of her namesakes, this Kelly isn’t given a big role. While we have heard practically nothing from her, I’d be surprised to see her stay with Rodney, Lindsey and Sierra. Not only are they much younger than her but they already form a tight trio. If Mike and Dan can count on her then they could force the hand of one member of Rodney’s alliance.

Joaquin: We saw that he is a hard worker and he won the challenge for his team so he could survive the tribe’s next vote and even make it to the swap. Even if he gave us a confessional, we have heard nothing about his plans for the game. This guy wanted to take control of the tribe but the vote tore that power right out of his hands so how does he plan to navigate the next few cycles? He must have said something but it didn’t matter. His only comment that mattered was to tell us that Tyler felt uncomfortable with all that nudity.

Carolyn: While we saw that nudity didn’t bother her, we didn’t hear her take on her allies’ display. More importantly, we didn’t hear what she plans to do moving forward. Maybe she should have been a little more uncomfortable.

The Sources of Discomfort:

Nina: It must be very difficult to adapt to life without hearing but I think Nina is dwelling on it too much. It wasn’t the reason that Hali and Jenn went swimming without inviting her and we saw that everyone tried to reach out to her so her breakdown was exaggeratedly emotional. It was quite melodramatic to hear her talk about revenge. Maybe she would have had that revenge if she hadn’t told Will about Vince’s concerns.

Shirin: She did a very good job in her leg of the challenge but considering she was going up against Lindsey and Will, we don’t know if the tribe will change their opinion about her capabilities. Like Will said, the challenge was won during the free throws and she played no role in that part while the guy that she has to outlast was the challenge MVP. Still, she is an entertaining character and her No Collar (or rather No Pants) approach to the game could have been shown to tell us that she will connect with some of the members of that tribe. The two nude scenes could have been put in juxtaposition only because they were amusing but they could be telling us that the three women will join later on.

Max: Tyler’s confessional about Max using nudity to distract his tribe mates from his game skills told us that, like Joe, the others see Max as a huge threat in this game. Unlike his No Collar counterpart, Max doesn’t seem aware that he is seen as dangerous so he happily isolates himself from the others. That can easily lead to being blindsided. It won’t happen in his present tribe but I think he will continue to show this carefree behavior even after a swap and it would cost him then.

Dan: It seems that Lindsey pegged him right: He is playing for show, not for dough. His getup reminded me too much of Rupert not to have been part of his plan to be memorable. Still, Dan followed up on his promise to surprise us in the challenge so we had been underestimating him. How far can that lead him? Right now, while he could still be the next one voted out, Dan could be a rare kind of a Journey Player, one that is on a “Journey to Have Fun”. We didn't do editing analysis back then but maybe that could have applied to Big Tom in Africa. I am certainly forgetting too many details to be sure.

Mike: Ordering everyone around could spell Mike’s demise but there are still hints that his edit is being carefully manipulated. The recap about his decision to eat the scorpion was surprising to say the least then he followed that up by serving tasty crabs to everyone. It would have been quite a coincidence for the Blue Tribe to start playing basketball without any knowledge that it would play a big part of the challenge so it’s likely that Tree Mail told them what was about to happen. If that was indeed the case then Mike’s reaction to the tribe’s practice would have made him look dumb. Since it looked like they were simply playing around then his talk about needing to get work done in order to survive is more acceptable. Still, like Rodney said, they did have a big pile of wood so maybe Mike has issues that I am neglecting. While I still see him as a contender, I’d like to hear his thoughts on the game before putting any more stock on his chances.

The Uncomfortable Ones:

Lindsey: Her story is reduced to her distaste of the post office man. Yes, Dan’s desire to be memorable can become tiring but I’d expect to hear more from her if she was to outlast him and make an impact in the end game. Since the players are intent on making big moves, eliminating Lindsey would change the dynamics of the tribe a lot more than eliminating Dan or even Mike. Kelly’s silence could be telling us that Lindsey should feel uncomfortable about her position in the game, not of Dan’s getup.

Sierra: She did a good job in the challenge and she is much less vociferous about Dan so I don’t think Sierra would be in immediate danger but her social game seems atrocious. She is comfortable in her clique but cannot find a way to talk to those outside of it.

Tyler: The “Big Guy” is in a good position on his tribe even if he probably wished he was somewhere else when Shirin adopted the nudist lifestyle. His performance in the challenge was very ordinary but he should still be seen as a valuable player. His strategy remains an unknown quantity though. We have to wonder where he stands with Carolyn and her secret about the idol.

Rodney: If he is truly a hard worker then he shouldn’t mind seeing Mike working hard also but Rodney could be turning into another Vince, someone who won’t be able to let Mike get the credit. It could lead to a confrontation where Mike could very well prevail. If the Blue tribe goes to TC, that would be quite a confrontation but it may well have to wait for the post-merge.

Hali: While she showed some compassion, Hali wasn’t too comfortable with Nina’s outbreak. It is evident that Hali followed Joe and Jenn’s lead. She wasn’t part of the decision and, editing wise, it was troubling that she agreed with Jeff’s premise that, as a No Collar, she isn’t good at making decisions.

Will: He told us that Vince and Joe’s fight for power was making everyone uncomfortable and he certainly was uncomfortable with the two options they presented. He didn’t want to eliminate Nina like Joe wanted but he didn’t want to give power to Vince whom he distrusted. He found a smart alternative to get his way, using the trios plan to split the vote to get rid of the player he questioned. Will is the true No Collar man, a “kind, heart-centered, compassionate human being” but that’s not exactly a recipe for winning this game.

Back in the Comfort Zone - They were in danger but these two players are back in control:

Jenn: For someone who had such a strong premiere, there were two question marks regarding Jenn’s presentation in the second episode. First, her lack of compassion towards Nina makes us question her ability to make the connections she would need to win a jury vote. Secondly, she didn’t have a single confessional during the voting discussion even if her name was on the block. That being said, Jenn still had great presence during the decision making process: She was the one that said Vince had to go and then she had a wonderful exchange with Jeff during Tribal Council. In the same way we related to Max and Shirin when they talked about their love of this show, Jenn’s reaction at seeing Jeff in Tribal Council connected her to the audience.

Joe: It was interesting that Joe wasn’t heard during Nina’s uncomfortable meltdown, taking on the role of interested observer. By saying he was smarter than they thought, he gave a lot of credit to Vince even if he didn’t trust him. Joe showed that he was aware of what was going on around him when he said that he didn’t trust Vince and Will, the first because of the way he talked to him and the other because of the time Will spent with Nina. Joe got rid of his big rival but he can’t be accused by fans of destroying his team because his plan was to get rid of Nina, the weakest link. It seems that Joe decided to take a step back in this week’s challenge after last week’s outstanding performance but he still remains a force and a huge threat to win the whole game. Vince said this was their one chance to get rid of Joe. Now that they missed and that he controls the vote we can wonder if the outcome of this season is already decided.

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14. "RE: Episode 2 - Ruffled Feathers:"
Good thoughts as always, many thanks. Here's to hoping "Blue Kelly" does have a story, it just hasn't begun. We should keep in mind that she may (just may) be a "girl power" player, the power dynamics in Blue Collar are and will remain uncertain until they go to TC.

Have to give the editors credit for getting it right once in awhile.

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15. "RE: Episode 2 - Ruffled Feathers:"
Thank you Dabo,
I saw a secret scene with Kelly where she talks of her one-on-one with the other players and the only player she named was Mike. Maybe her "girl power" will express itself more with women more mature than Lindsey. Kelly could still play a role down the line but will it ever be her story? We will have to see.
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17. "a little item of interest"
Within the whole hemisphere of Survivor, I can pretty much assure it don't mean nothing. BUT...

The IC has/had two different outcomes.
Or so the editing has shown.
Exhibit A
With JP claiming that she's possibly "...taking the winning shot...and she does! Escameca wins immunity and reward!", Sierra is given the win.

Exhibit B
and Escameca wins the challenge, (but that is definitely Rodney taking the winning shot this time.)

Does this spell something good for Sierra? Or something bad for Rodney?

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20. "RE: a little item of interest"
Editing manipulation at its best! Great find, Tribe. Personally, I'd say it spells something bad for Rodney and there was more in the 3rd episode as you will see in my post below.
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18. "RE: Survivor Worlds Apart - The Characters and their Stories:"
LAST EDITED ON 03-13-15 AT 11:28 PM (EST)

A little late. Free Agency was wild this week(especially for my team).

No Collar
I still like Will to go far. But I think I'm going to move him down a little lower. I'm given him the 6th place, which has consisted of Jon and Tasha in recent memory as well as Hayden.

Joe's edit completely made Jenn's look negative. I feel Joe can't win though because I don't think he's going to be able to be a dirty player. I see him out sometime after the merge still. As for Jenn, she to me now has taken on the Jeremy role of critiquing people. Jeremy would critique Drew in confessionals, and Keith, and it got him to 10th place. We're seeing the same thing with Jenn. She is also coming off too cocky and carefree(such as the wanting to have fun). She is not gonna know what will hit her when she meets the real players in this game. I'm sticking with her being out at the merge.

Hali is this season's Jaclyn, she really isn't standing out at all like Jenn and Joe and appears to be just there. I can see her going far because of that because people like Jenn and Joe are gonna put the bigger targets on their back.

Blue Collar
So much for picking Rodney to win. After that episode, can we say he wins? I don't think so. Lindsey once again getting cocky and wants to vote someone else out now. And now next week she's gonna want someone else gone. I don't think she's making the merge and believe her boot is being set up. Rodney I think could still go far but don't see him winning after this.

Mike is hard to read. I don't know how far he goes but I do not see final four. He does fit the bill for a fifth placer but also a fifth boot.

Dan got only a small bump in screentime from the previous week, he's slowed down while Rodney, Mike, Lindsey are taking the attention and getting the OTT edits. Ntm when Dan made that joke the edit made Rodney look bad. I think Dan is still the last pre-merge boot.

Sierra and Kelly........Sierra merge, Kelly pre-merge.

White Collar
Tyler has reemerged. I think to me he's getting a consistent narrative. His confessionals are also very careful He's not criticizing anyone, just stating the obvious.

Carolyn, not looking for the idol even if she had it, acting all cocky and proud of the fact she has it. That was not a good edit for her. She's looking to still be one that could get to the end but I am not sure she can win.

Joaquin's shot at winning just went away. he's now had two crappy edits in three shows where he's portrayed as a young, dumb, naive person. Even Tyler acknowledged that Joaquin isn't smart. Still a juror.

Shirin's negative edit this show has to hurt her chances. I think she's another juror.

Where was Max? He's one of the winner contenders still.

Players I see out coming up.

Merge boot-Jenn
Final Four-Carolyn, Tyler, Hali, and Rodney

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19. "Food for thought:"
A tidbit from TDT:

"It's a game ... too many people take it serious." (Tyson, episode 3, S27 Blood vs. Water)

"I don't know why everyone takes this game so seriously." (Jenn, episode 3, S30 Worlds Apart)

So... if it should happen that Jenn goes to the end and does well, we should be keeping an eye out for similar editing patterns to Tyson's season.

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22. "RE: Food for thought:"
That is an interesting find, Pepe. I certainly didn't have Tyson's quote in mind when I made my post below since I used Jenn's comment to indicate she won't win. Should I worry? I don't really think so because the context is completely different.

First, the viewers knew Tyson and that he was a jokester so the defining comment for him came just earlier in that same confessional. Here it is in its entirety (I bolded the important passage): “It was hard to see Rachel at Redemption Island. I knew she was going to be there because it’s the only move that made sense. Now, I have to get all the way to the end or I will regret not stepping in for Rachel. I think I made the right decision. When she lost, I hugged her and asked if she had fun and she said she did so for me that was enough because it is a game you know. Too many people take it too seriously and it shouldn’t be. It ruins their lives and makes them angry. A good example of that is Colton.”

Secondly, note that Tyson was talking about the after-game when he said it was taken too seriously. It ruins their lives and makes them angry and we have had many examples of that going all the way back to Lex.

Jenn isn't taking the game seriously now. While it's good for her mental state if she does get the boot, it isn't a very good sign for a player since she may not give it her best shot.

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21. "Episode 3 - Trying to Fit In:"
LAST EDITED ON 03-14-15 AT 01:51 PM (EST)

Previously, on Survivor :
- Carolyn found the idol while her white collar tribe was embracing the No Collar way of life. Tyler wondered why their camp had become a nudist colony.
- Hard work was taking its toll on the Blue Collar tribe. Mike said: “There is stuff out here that has to be done if we are to survive”.
- Will was an absolute disaster at the last challenge. Jeff even said that he “fell apart”.
- In the No Collar tribe, facing their first Tribal Council, Nina was struggling to fit in while Vince wanted to recruit Will but Will promised to go with the young alliance to take out Nina. We heard that Joe wanted to split the vote and we heard his confessional where he said Will better be on his side.
- At Tribal Council, Will decided to go with his own agenda, taking out Vince and leaving Nina on the bottom, all alone.

There was still nothing substantial said about the White collar tribe. In the Blue Collar tribe, it’s still Mike’s voice that is heard. Rodney and Lindsey’s point of view didn’t seem to matter.

For the No Collars, the stage was set for their next vote, but the recap painted a weird picture of Will’s actions. He never promised the young alliance that he would take out Nina. At most, he pretended to go along with their plans. He was much closer to voting against Jenn than it transpired in this recap.

Trying to Fit In

No Collars – Night 6

Eliminating Vince was a bigger move than voting out So but both were effective blindsides therefore we have to note the fact that the No Collars weren’t ignored like their counterparts in Masaya. While this doesn’t mean that Nagarote is the “Tribe of Interest”, it’s an indication that the players in Masaya count less than them.

Jenn and Joe’s reaction told us that they saw Vince as a snake. Joe’s confessional was inserted here. To the group, he said that things worked out.

Hali asked Will if he trusted them. Will said he didn’t know who he should trust.

Nina was very direct: “I know I’m the next one out... Can we just make it so that you don’t make me feel like an outsider until you get rid of me?” Nina’s confessional was placed here.
Everyone told her that she shouldn’t give up. “Anything can happen” said Hali. Jenn added: “Enjoy yourself, Nina.”

Joe in confessional: “I wanted to stick with the split vote plan but Will ended voting for Vince instead. Frankly, I don’t trust him as much as I did and it made me a little nervous.”
Will’s confessional: “To me, in Tribal Council, you got to think ahead. I didn’t trust Vince so I just prolonged my chances in the game. That is what it’s all about. I’m playing chess, not checkers.”

Nina’s interview: “I thought we were going to blindside Jenn tonight. It didn’t happen: Will bailed. I went into tribal thinking we were going to be a solid three but I left Tribal being an outsider again.”

Jenn’s confessional ended the scene: “Nina immediately pulls a Nina and starts crying and gets all upset. She brings in her hearing thing again too. I’m like: Nina, all you do is talk about your hearing. I get it: you’re deaf. We all understand. Stop using it as an excuse.”

From this scene, we can say that Joe is aware of the dangers that an untrustworthy player can cause but we don’t know if he will be able to deal with the big guy or if he will cause his fall. As for Will, he may be playing chess but I don’t think he could beat even Vitas Gerulaitus! I’ll call it now: Checkmate in 6 moves or less, Will. Nina continues to harp on her “disadvantage” as she calls it but did we need to hear Jenn complaining about it once again? I feel like someone should say: We get it, Jenn, stop talking about Nina. Jenn must have said something about the two votes she received but that would have shown her serious side and that doesn’t seem to fit in her story line.

White Collars – Day 7

Shirin was imitating a couple of howler monkeys and said: “Monkey teaches white collar how to live in the wild.”
She got all excited watching the monkeys mating. She raced to camp with the “news”.

Carolyn’s confessional told us what she thought: “Shirin is crazy...I’m like: What? I just don’t know where to go with that. I don’t know how you work in corporate America if you’re so crazy.”

Tyler’s confessional reinforced the point: “Shirin spent most of the morning talking about Howler Monkeys and she’s about as annoying and as loud and as intrusive as a Howler Monkey right now in our camp. It’s weird and it’s strange. She’s got this vibe that doesn’t quite fit in and she’s definitely trying to fit in and it shows. But the reality is that it’s actually painting a black X on her back.”

“Bam!” said Shirin right then, as if she was firing a shot. Her arm wasn’t pointing at her own head though; it was pointed in the general direction of Tyler.

If the monkeys are getting so comfortable that they don’t hesitate to “get it on” even with all those cameras around, then maybe Survivor has been using the same location too often!

As for the content of this scene, I think we can safely take Shirin out of contention. Annoying, loud and intrusive aren’t the required qualities in this social game. However, since the editors love irony, I wonder if Shirin will bring down Carolyn and Tyler with her. That image of Shirin shooting an imaginary gun in their direction was intriguing. It certainly could mean nothing and Shirin could be the next to go like Tyler said but I suggest that we keep it in mind.

Blue Collar – Day 7

The guys were talking about food while the girls wanted comfort in the form of blankets. Rodney scoffed at that and everyone turned on him because he apparently sleeps all night while they can’t.

Mike said: “You are full of crap. You’re the earliest one that goes to bed and the latest one that gets up.”

Lindsey agreed: “Yeah! You sleep your ##### off.”

If Lindsey agrees with Mike then it means it has to be true. Rodney’s laziness is incompatible with the Blue Collar ethos. He’s another player that we can practically take out of contention.

Rodney simply replied: “Haters”.

Mike chuckled at that while Dan said: “Just because you don’t like the facts doesn’t change the facts.”

Rodney retaliated: “Go to bed, Dan...Nobody asked you.”
Dan’s confessional set up the next exchange: “I think my best characteristic may be my worst characteristic which is my mouth. I have a very hard time keeping my mouth shut. I definitely feel that I am not as bad off as I was and I can learn from my mistakes. Sometimes it takes an anvil to be dropped on my head but I can learn”

Rodney was shown while Dan’s last sentence was heard ion voice-over. He was personifying that anvil.

Dan then told Rodney something about his mother and laughed out loud about it. That didn’t sit well with the man from Boston. Even Mike realized that a line had been crossed. “Never mention my mother, brother.”

Rodney’s confessional: “Me and Dan were joking around. I forget what I said to him but he came back with: “You’re mother’s a...” Dan is trying very hard to make us laugh...but the fact is: Dan, you are not funny, bro. You don’t talk about my mother; that’s number one. You don’t disrespect my family. Back home...then the battle’s on... and I’m going to jump down your throat.”

With tempers flaring, Kelly had a confessional: “I did not think Blue Collar people were emotional but hanging with these guys, they are pretty emotional. As a cop, you know how to sit back, watch, analyze and then know when to interject. It’s like sometimes if there’s a bar fight, we don’t rush there because, by the time we get there, they’ve duked it out and they are calm and they have settled down. We get there and we see that they worked it out. Rodney can be a drama queen.”

Rodney gave us another confessional: “Dan is picturing like he is one of my boys from back home but he is just digging himself a bigger and bigger hole and we’ll just see where he ends up at the end. I mean; he crossed the line big time with that.”

Like he said, Dan is in a better place than he was on day three but that big mouth still puts him in trouble. Like Rodney said, we want to see where Dan ends up in the end even if he is in a deep hole. Dan and Rodney’s words are big hints that Dan will have to defend his actions in the end. I didn’t think he stood a chance after the first episode but I think Dan could be navigating his way to the final Tribal Council. Of course, he probably can’t win because of his way of talking to the others but it would certainly make him memorable.

More importantly though, this scene gave us a gem of a confessional and it came from Kelly of all people. That confessional immediately puts her in contention because, contrary to Shirin, it displayed the essential qualities to win this game: Sitting back, Watching, Analyzing and then knowing when (and how) to interject have been vital ingredients in many winners’ game. If this is Kelly’s strategy, then it could very well pay off in the end. The marvelous thing about this confessional is that it explains her story up to now. We didn’t see much of Kelly because she was sitting back and analyzing.
This scene suggests that we could very well end up with Mike, Dan and Kelly sitting together in the Final Three.

No Collar – Day 7

The weather was perfect when Hali said: “It looks gorgeous out.”
Jenn asked: “You want to go surf today?”

Hali: “Yes, I do.”

Jenn: “I think that would be nice.”

Jenn in confessional: “Hali and I have been looking at these waves since we've got here. They're perfect little barrels and it's been kind of killing us not being able to surf. So, why not have some fun with it? Were using drift wood for our said surfboards but they'll make do. They're rounded on the bottom and flat on top...”

After a fun ride, Hali said: “That's perfect!”

Hali also spoke in confessional: "Body surfing was such a good idea. Surfing is like my #3 passion in life. So when she pulled that out I was like "Yeah girl I'm right with you!""

Jenn’s confessional continued: “This is exactly what No Collars do. I guarantee you the other tribes don't even think about doing stuff like this but NO Collars lives are kind of about having fun, nothing is too serious out here. I don't know why everyone takes this game so seriously.”

I was half expecting a comment from Nina that the girls didn’t include her in yet another activity but at least we were spared. The thing about this scene is that it makes Hali and Jenn look a little bit too much No Collars for their own good. If paranoia caused Vince to go over the edge, being too carefree can also be disastrous. If Jenn isn’t taking this game seriously, someone will certainly find a way to remind her that it isn’t always fun and games.

Meanwhile, in camp, Joe was on the hunt. He caught a small lizard.

Joe gave an interview: “With Vince gone, I feel like a little paranoia has left the tribe. It’s a beautiful day, the waves are crashing, and everything is golden. I think we’re good. I want to keep continuing to provide for the tribe, keeping everyone’s state of mind in a good frame of reference and bring that team camaraderie up, up, up.” We heard him asking Nina if she was alright and happy to be there. He told her she wasn’t on the outs. Joe’s confessional continued: “Nina, I love her but she just felt like she was alone again. I’m going to try to become a little better friends with her. My mom was an interpreter for the deaf and she taught me and my three sisters sign language. I’ve been around the deaf community a lot in my life and it’s definitely one of those things that you keep in your pocket.”

Nina had a confessional to tell us that she appreciated what Joe told her. She told us that she had been a White Collar person before losing her hearing. She added: “These people are a little more free spirited than me.”

To prove the point that she wasn’t really with them, Nina refused to try the lizard.

Adding a layer to his character, Joe gave us a glimpse into his family life. We always get that personal touch from the eventual winner so, despite the previous impression that the Blue Collars could make up the Final Three, Joe is still solidly in contention. His game still needs improvement though as we will shortly see.

White Collar – Day 8

We saw that Shirin, Joaquin and Max were searching for the idol while Carolyn stayed in camp to tend the fire.

Carolyn gave an interview directly from the shelter: “The whole tribe is out looking for the immunity idol so I’m watching the fire, relaxing! I’m enjoying it because I already have the immunity idol so I don’t really have to search! Fun!”
Shirin proposed a truce so that they could stop looking for the idol until the next challenge. Tyler readily agreed but Joaquin didn’t because, as he said: “I haven’t trusted you since day one. If you are tired, go take a seat.” She asked him why he didn’t trust her so Joaquin said she has been paranoid since day one.

Joaquin gave us a confessional: “Shirin is like a blood-sucking leech that won’t leave you alone and is the most annoying person I think I have ever met in my life. She’s like the mosquitoes at night; they are relentless, buzzing in your ear...”

Joaquin is making the same comments about Shirin’s lack of social game that we heard from Tyler and Carolyn. It’s a clear indictment of this super-fan’s failure to understand the practical aspect of the game.

Shirin also gave an interview: “Joaquin was not himself. There was a fury behind what he was saying which is turning out to be pretty great for me because it means he doesn’t know how to maneuver at all in this game.”

After we heard him telling Shirin that she could go back because he didn’t need a baby-sitter, the second part of Joaquin’s confessional was heard: “I’m on the outs right now and I can’t find this idol so I am going to do what’s best for me in the long run. Me and Tyler, we have a good rapport so I showed him the clue to the immunity idol. That’s my boy, he needs to see it.”

Tyler’s interview followed: “Joaq decided to show me the clue to the hidden immunity idol. On day two, Carol showed me the idol but it was important to me that Joaq extended this sign of trust. When you actually show somebody and go that extra mile, there’s a kind of unity that comes with it. Even though Joaquin is on the outs, right now I am really getting along with him and Shirin is at the point now where crazy is as crazy does. From the nudity to the talking to the monkeys in the trees to the incessant talking around camp, I have a strong feeling that if we were to lose this next challenge, Shirin would absolutely be at the top of everyone’s list.”

In the middle of the previous confessional, we saw the two guys hugging after Tyler said he appreciated Joaquin’s gesture, adding: “I want to win, brother.”

Joaquin’s actions contradicted Shirin’s assessment that he doesn’t know how to maneuver at all in this game. He is just about to leap over her in the pecking order and she seemed oblivious to the possibility. Shirin needs the tribe swap to happen quickly.

Tyler’s last comment could be seen as a winner’s quote but it could also be misdirection. It has to be noted that he has the only consistent story in the White Collar tribe but we have seen hints that Tyler isn’t comfortable in this game. While he is in a terrific position in this tribe since Joaquin, Carolyn and Max all value him; it seems that there is something wrong with his game. He has been keeping Carolyn’s secret for almost a week now so we have to wonder how the others will react when they find out that he hasn’t been honest with him. Will Max and Joaquin find it funny when they realize that he let them search endlessly for that idol? Carolyn’s secret can be her downfall if it is revealed but it can also hurt Tyler. If he is close with Max and Joaquin, he isn’t helping himself by keeping someone else’s secret. That idol is unlikely to help him at any point in the game.

Blue Collar – Day 8

We saw Mike, Mike and Mike (!) hard at work, chopping wood. It was a funny montage as we saw him in quick succession, first chopping trees in the woods while wearing his blue T-shirt, then he was shirtless with no buffs on his head while pruning some branches in camp and then he had his buff on his head while cutting some more wood near the shelter.

Mike’s confessional: “The man that I call dad is the pastor of my church and he taught me at a very early age that, you know, if you work hard, good things will come to you. So, you don’t have to tell me to do something because I see that something needs to be done and I just do it. But, this Blue Collar tribe, which is supposed to have the best work ethic (at that moment, we saw Lindsey, Sierra and Kelly sitting down and then the camera focused in on Rodney so that we could actually see that he was sleeping in the shelter) out of all three tribes, is failing in work ethic and I feel like Rodney is the worst.”

This confessional explains all of Mike’s antics: If you work hard, good things will come to you, he said and that is the very basis of the Blue Collar way of life. It even comes to him from a man of God so we understand the reason behind his behavior. He may look crazy but he is just more driven than his tribe mates. Contrary to Jenn, he is taking the survival aspect of the game seriously and it has brought him some good things up to now. It should continue or else what message is being delivered? What kind of story would it be if it told us that you can work only when you feel like it even if you are a Blue Collar? It makes me seriously doubt that Rodney and Lindsey will get their way and boot Mike.

Mike woke up the man from Boston, asking him for his help carrying the wood. Rodney said he needed to eat first because he was light-headed. He added: “I’ll do the work when I want to do work. How’s that? Ain’t nobody my daddy out here.”

Mike had just talked about the man that he called Dad, saying he was the source of his hard work. The juxtaposition of these two references to father figures is telling us that Rodney’s needs someone to tell him what to do.

Lindsey’s confessional came right in the middle of the argument between the guys: “Mike makes this comment and I am like: OK, this is annoying. Watch what you say because you are not the only one busting your #####.” (Note that Lindsey is seen sitting down doing nothing while we heard this in voice-over) “We have been doing stuff all morning with no thank you. Blue Collar people in general, we tend to critique other people’s work ethics because we think that ours is the best. We think that we know the best way; we think that we work harder... At the end of the day, in this tribe, I know I have the best work ethic.”
That’s certainly not what the viewers have seen. The story is contradicting Lindsey once more.

Mike then challenged the tribe: “If I’m the first one to go home because I step up and say something then I’ll step up and say something.”

Sierra was seen in close-up enjoying some rice when Mike said this.

Rodney said they would do the work at their own pace, that Mike wasn’t the captain: “Is there a “C” on your shirt, bro? Are you the captain of this team?”

Mike replied that everyone was keeping their mouths shut but that they all thought what he was thinking about Rodney’s rant.
Rodney’s confessional: “Rodney is going to do what Rodney is going to want to do. It doesn’t matter how much you are busting your #####; this is a social game. Whether you do the most or you do the less; that isn’t going to take you to the end. It’s keeping everybody happy, man! Get off my back.” We saw Dan talking to Rodney, apologizing for not noticing he didn’t feel well. Rodney was so irritated that he started imitating Mike. He made Dan smile when he said that they were out there to have fun. Mocking Mike and a whole state, he added: “Ain’t no one want to live in Texas.” His confessional continued: “Mike is the number one target right now so I got to lay low, go back on my three “C”s, my cool, calm and collective (?) and it’s going to take me to the promised land.”

Mike was talking to Lindsey and Sierra when Rodney came back to camp with three logs under his arm. He gave Mike the finger before angrily throwing the logs on the reserve pile. Mike was saying that he doesn’t get as much respect as he gives. Rodney found that comical while Lindsey turned it around: “If someone gets respect out here, it’s you. It’s certainly not us.”

Mike argued that he thanks them while Lindsey and Sierra said he doesn’t. Lindsey’s confessional was inserted here. The argument got heated to the point where Lindsey said: “We all do everything... We don’t get firewood, true or false? (Mike acquiesced) We don’t cook, true or false? (You cook all the time, he said) Tend to the fire? (Mike’s frown expressed his doubt) We don’t tend to the fire? How the f___ do you think this fire is going right now? How do you think that got there? Magic? Your God? Did your God come down and do it with his f___ beard?”

(An editor showed he has a sense of humor by giving us a close-up of Dan’s beard right then!!!)

Lindsey’s confessional from the previous scene: “Mike is being ignorant right now. It’s the one thing that I cannot take and, of course, he wants to sit there and fight with me of all people. Like, I know that you have some Bible verse on your back but that didn’t help the fire get tended to.”

Mike’s confessional followed Lindsey’s rant: “I’m not sitting here saying that I’m the best Christian in the world but I do have a relationship with God. That was very offensive to me. It honestly hurt my feelings on a personal level.”
To the tribe, Mike said: “If stepping up means I’m the first to go then send me home.”

Lindsey had more to say in confessional: “Mike always says: “If that’s why you want to send me home then send me home.” Wish come true (expletive deleted), sorry” she said while showing him the imaginary door with her hand gesture.

Mike certainly looks like he can’t fit in with his tribe because of his maniacal behavior. Logically, he shouldn’t be able to outlast Rodney, Lindsey and Sierra but that is exactly what I think will happen. Rodney is using his time in Nicaragua as a vacation while Lindsey only knows how to complain. Maybe she had a point about the fire but we didn’t see her starting it or keeping it going. In fact, we have rarely seen Lindsey doing anything more than sit and eat. If the message is that you have to work hard to make it to the end then they can’t last that far.

The Challenge

When Jeff said: “Come on in, guys” we saw that the three tribes were walking one behind the other on the beach, barely ten feet separating each. Therefore, the shock that everyone expressed when Jeff told them that Vince had been voted out meant one of two things: Either Jeff has them on such a tight leash that no one dared to look behind OR those were all faked expressions of surprise. To me, they looked fake.

Once more, Dan participated in the challenge. Lindsey was the one to sit out.

Jeff pointed out that Will was struggling early.

We heard Carolyn telling her tribe to plug the holes.

Joe told Nina to go ahead so she ran back alone. Jeff made the comment: “Joe is going to send Nina out ahead. It could be a very smart strategy for the No Collars if it pays off.”

We saw Lindsey cheering for her tribe who had the early lead.
Jeff then told us that the No Collars dumped half their water on the ground. When Nina went out again, Jeff expressed doubts about the tactic. “No Collars once again very slow and doing it with only four tribe members even if they have five. What you are doing isn’t working, No Collars.”

When it got to the third leg, the Blue Collars held their lead and we saw that Will was exhausted.

Lindsey got quite animated on the sidelines, yelling: “You have to beat them.” The White Collars grabbed the lead but neither tribe had enough water so they went back for a fourth run. When they reached the reservoir, we heard Mike telling the group they had enough, that they had to go. It put the Blue Collars back in the lead. They edged out the White Collars by a few seconds, which got Lindsey to jump with joy.

When Jeff handed out the idols we saw a nice hug between Rodney and Mike, another sign that victory is the best ingredient for team spirit. It probably won’t last and one of the two guys will regret all those immunity wins.

Before sending them back to camp, Jeff asked Joe why they didn’t let Nina participate in the challenge. Joe explained that they thought they would be quicker that way but it turned out to be a bad call.

Since the vote wasn’t going to blindside anyone, the last scene had to distract us from the obvious. That meant giving Will the confessional after the challenge: “I thought I was at boot camp; that was ridiculous. The challenge kicked my #####...The sad fact is that we have to go to another Tribal Council and I think it’s time for Nina to go.”

Joe’s tactic failed but it wasn’t really the reason for their loss. They were simply slower than the other two tribes. So, on one hand, it’s good that Joe was given a chance to explain himself but, on the other, the faulty tactic didn’t have to be underlined.

No Collars – Day 8

I noted that we saw vultures but they weren’t feeding on anything, just hovering over the tribe. It’s not really a better sign than the vultures that were feeding on a carcass before Masaya’s TC because it could mean that Nagarote is slowly agonizing.

Joe apologized to the tribe and to Nina in particular for not giving her a chance to show what she could do.

Joe’s confessional: “Man, we were so close today and I feel a little bit of the responsibility because I came up with the strategy and the game plan and I should have shut up and let Nina participate and I feel very bad about it because I screwed her over today. I know Nina doesn’t want to go home, no one wants to go home from this game so, if she wants to fight, she’ll fight.”

Will also had a confessional: “We blew it again. We tried to make Nina a non-factor and it cost us so back to Tribal Council we go.”

Will told Joe that it wasn’t his fault; that they were playing Survivor, not playing friends. He added that they made the decision as a team and that he backed him up. They all agreed to vote our Nina.

This exchange helps Joe save face a bit more.

When Nina asked Will about the vote, he told her that he had no idea who was going home. Nina knew it was between her and Will so she went to the others to see if they could eliminate Will. They told her they could, Jenn saying that Will had now cost them two challenges. She was ready to forgive one but not two.

Jenn’s interview: “Nina and Will are definitely on borrowed time. Will did not perform in the challenge, it was embarrassing. Plus, I still don’t really trust him at all. He seems sneaky but, you know, Nina is a wet blanket on the entire tribe.”

Jenn and Hali went to collect water and they used the time to talk about their options. Jenn asked if the two of them should vote against Will.

Hali in confessional: “Nina is so frail and her attitude is not there but Will is struggling like hardcore. Will voted for the wrong person at the last tribal and now I don’t trust him. I think he’s a snake. So, my biggest fear moving forward is that Will might do something idiotic and that Jenn and I will have trouble at the merge. So, we are between a rock and a hard place right now. Who is going to go home? Will it be Will or Nina?”

Now that could be an interesting piece of information to keep for the merge episode. We could see Will doing something that will cost Jenn and Hali the game.

Tribal Council

Jeff went back to the previous vote, saying that Vince wasn’t the only person that seemed to be surprised. He asked Will if there was anything to clear up.

Will simply said that he voted out the person he didn’t trust.
Turning to Joe, Jeff said that they were still in the tribe portion of the game but they were already playing the individual part.

Joe said trust was a huge factor in keeping the alliance going into the future.

Asked again about the last challenge, Joe said he was afraid Nina would stumble and fall, bringing the whole thing down. “I messed up today, big time.”

Nina said that it was because of her disadvantage which got Hali and Jenn to roll their eyes. Jeff rightly pointed out that the challenge had nothing to do with hearing but Nina insisted that it was because they saw her as having a disadvantage.

Will disagreed, saying Nina always came back to being deaf. He said he was upset because they tried talking to her.

Jeff went back to one of his old arguments: Perception becomes reality.

Joe agreed, saying Nina misunderstands them as much as she feels misunderstood.

Will refused to admit it was his fault in the latest challenge, saying they simply didn’t work well as a team.

That’s when Nina interjected: “You guys would be crazy to keep Will. You can trust me, I am strong.”

Jenn replied that Nina had been emotionally weak and that it concerned her.

Hali, like Jeff, wondered if Nina was on the right tribe because of the philosophy of taking life as it comes. She explained: “For most of our tribe, we go with the flow but Nina doesn’t have that same flow going.”

Nina said she was a White Collar before but she had changed in the last 7 years.

Hali said that she would have to make adjustments if she wanted to stay with the tribe.

Nina said she wanted to make those adjustments.

It was time to vote and we saw that Hali was willing to give Nina a chance because she voted for Will. Joe and Jenn, however, voted against Nina who was eliminated 3 to 2.

Jeff sent them back to walk in the pouring rain after saying: “Survivor is often about enduring short term losses for long term gain. Losing today’s challenge means you go back to camp without a tarp to keep you dry from the rain and down yet another tribe member. The hope is, in the long run, it will be worth it.”

Jenn was shown when Jeff mentioned the hardship while Hali was seen when he said it could be worth it in the long run. Does that tell us anything about the future of the game or was Jeff just hoping none of them quit? The problem is that we don’t know if that was the only thing Jeff said or if it was selected from a long dissertation. If we knew that Jeff had been rambling on then this tidbit would have value but, as is, it sounded like wishful thinking.

The Story

This week, the story was about the players that couldn’t fit in with their tribe. Each tribe had at least one member that gets on everyone’s nerves. Nina was one of them and she wasn’t long for the game but that will probably not be the case for all the ill-fitting players. For one thing, Nina didn’t fit in because she was too White Collar to be with the No Collars but that isn’t the case for everyone.

While everyone was very enthusiastic about this season, it seems to me that there are less interesting stories than last season. Maybe there are more players willing to make big moves but their constant acting for the cameras makes the whole production look very formulaic: Someone doesn’t fit in so that person should be voted out but something will happen to change the game and suddenly the target will emerge as the victor.

The Characters

Surfing Along: For them, the game is like a vacation:

: She finds it fun to sit back and watch everyone search for an idol that she’s had in her possession for nearly a week. Since she gained these players’ trust, she should realize that her secret could hurt her in the long run. If that wasn’t enough, she may decide that one of her close allies has to go because she doesn’t know how to deal with Shirin.

Max: By going around naked, it seems that Max scared away the cameramen because he was barely seen in this episode. We saw him searching for the idol along with the others so we have to wonder how he will react when he realizes that Carolyn and Tyler have been keeping secrets.

Hali: She expressed her opinion by voting against Will instead of Nina like Joe and Jenn did. She had been more sympathetic to the older woman than Jenn and her rogue vote will not alarm them. It may trouble Will though so maybe that will motivate him to go against the two women at the merge. The biggest problem with Hali's story is that she doesn't seem to be into the game very much. I would have liked to hear her #1 and #2 passions in life but I can guarantee that neither is Survivor.

Jenn: The recap could have reminded us that she was in danger since she was Vince’s target but it wasn’t mentioned. She was still talking about Nina which doesn’t make her an endearing character. While the surfing scene was beautiful and was nicely shot from up above, it led to Jenn telling us that she doesn’t take the game seriously, something that has to lead to her downfall.

Lindsey: She is the unhappy tourist, complaining about everything: Room service is bad and the people in her group are horrible. Even if I used to reserve the term “tourist” for players that didn’t have a story, Lindsey still has all the characteristics of a “Tourist”. We have not heard Lindsey say anything about the game except that she wants both Dan and Mike gone first. Since they can’t both leave first then maybe she doesn’t get anything done.

Sierra: It’s funny that Sierra has become Lindsey’s sidekick. She was the first to complain about Mike and Dan but it appears that Lindsey, because of her sharper tongue, has taken over the role of villainess. Like Lindsey, Sierra is only in this for the ride because she has given us nothing of substance about her plans.

Rodney: The man from Boston first appeared like someone who could be more than just a Blue Collar but instead he has evolved into the tribe’s “Drama Queen”. While he used the excused that he wasn’t feeling well and had to eat before getting to the chores, we still heard from multiple sources that he was lazy. In fact, Rodney is the worst and everyone is scared to tell him. The way he is presented suggests that he will soon get a rude awakening. One cannot win Survivor by being the first to bed and the last to rise.

Not Fitting In: While they should follow Nina, irony tells us that a couple could go far.

Shirin: She continues to be more No Collar than most of the No Collars we have in Nagarote and she is oblivious to the dark clouds forming over her head. So, either like Vince and Nina, this episode set the stage for her elimination in the next one but it could also have been telling us that she will find safety in an upcoming tribal shuffle. It seems that she would find a community of spirit with Jenn and Hali. They wouldn’t need to take the game seriously to form a nice voting bloc. Shirin could cause a lot more problems for Tyler but her portrayal tells us that her social game is too weak to win this game.

Joaquin: He is on the outs with the tribes because of his inability to maneuver in this game. In a sense, Joaquin has been much more a Blue Collar than a White one even if he can’t get the job done. He failed when it came to making fire and searching for the idol but he is learning as we saw when he earned points from Tyler because of his honesty. If Masaya loses and they consider that a swap is imminent, then Joaquin could be in danger but Shirin’s act could still save him.

Will: He is in trouble with his tribe simply because his vote made everyone distrust him. He has himself to blame because saving Nina the last time didn’t accomplish anything. Nagarote would have stood a much better chance to win the challenge if Vince had been there to carry his share of the load. A tribal shuffle could save him and we have heard hints that he could do something that would end Jenn and Hali’s games at the merge so maybe all is not lost for Will but this chess player is in danger of finding himself in checkmate.

Dan: He doesn’t fit in because he doesn’t know how to talk to the others. It was first evident when he used a terribly condescending tone while talking to Sierra and Lindsey and it was seen once again in this episode when he tried to make a joke by insulting Rodney’s mother. Still, we have to note that Dan is in a much better position now than he was during the first cycle and his story has not dropped off one iota. He continues to get a good portion of the airtime even if he isn’t enemy number one anymore. That is a terrific sign for his long term prospects even if his mouth will probably cost him the votes he would need in the end.

Mike: Of all the players that don’t fit in, Mike is too much of a Blue Collar than the others in his tribe. We have to remember that Vince was too No Collar for his own good so the same could apply to Mike in this tribe but there has been too much care given to his story for me to consider that likely. His hard work has contributed to the tribe’s success and we were given an opportunity to understand what makes Mike tick: The man he calls dad is a pastor whom taught him that hard work brings good things in the end. Sitting in the Final Three would certainly be a nice reward for this hard working man. Seeing Rodney and Lindsey triumph over him would be sending the wrong message. Of course, people will say that Mike’s craziness caused his dismissal but it would still mean that laziness was rewarded over hard work and I simply don’t think that will happen.

The Players on Alert: The Observers have an advantage in the game.

Tyler: He is in a great position in his tribe and it enabled him to get information from everyone. We know that he wants to win and he could very well reach his goal. With that being said, there is something wrong about Tyler: He isn’t comfortable in his alliance, he has to keep another player’s secret and he doesn’t want to eliminate the player that is on the outs. Shirin annoys him greatly and he doesn’t seem to know how to handle her. Like the images suggested, Shirin could very well cause his elimination.

Joe: He knows that he can’t trust Will but he had to spare him in order to keep the tribe strong and to keep the camaraderie going up in the tribe. Despite the fact that he liked Nina, she was dragging everyone down with her insecurities. Joe is presented as a likable person and he gets to explain all his decisions even if they don’t work out as he hoped. Joe’s story could be similar to Malcolm’s: The likable, athletic guy that falls just short. However, he could also turn out to be somewhat like Aras: A player that is in over his head trying to manage a dysfunctional group but still somehow finds his way to the end.

Kelly: Whenever a player suddenly gives a confessional that stands out, we have to take notice. Kelly seemed like an extra, someone that was simply in it for the ride, and would probably go far because she wasn’t a threat to anyone but she would get voted out when the others realized they didn’t need her anymore. That isn’t Kelly’s story at all. Instead, she has been sitting back, watching and analyzing everyone until it is time for her to step in. The sudden importance of her confessional reminded me a lot of Nathalie White’s episode 4 confessional where she told us she would stick with Russell because he rubbed a lot of people the wrong way but it also reminded me of Kim’s episode 2 confessional where she said it wasn’t yet time for her voice to be heard. Both women emerged from the chaos in their tribes and went on to win the game so Kelly could be following a similar path.

Kelly sees Rodney as a drama queen, the type of hot head that usually gets into bar fights. That impression was validated when we heard Rodney say that he was close to battling Dan over his unsavory comment. In Kelly’s mind, Blue Collar people aren’t emotional so she is telling us that it’s Rodney and his girls that don’t quite fit in even if they are taking up all the space. She should then side with Mike and Dan if the need arises. However, the tribe’s dominance means that she can probably continue to sit back and wait for the right moment to interject.

Right now, I think we could very well see Kelly, Mike and Dan sitting together in the Final Three and the outcome of the vote depends on Kelly’s way of intervening. If we see that her intervention is well accepted by the others then she will be in an excellent position to claim the million dollar prize. If she is seen as the strong armed cop who barges in and takes charge then Mike would be our victor.

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03-17-15, 11:27 AM (EST)
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23. "RE: Episode 3 - Trying to Fit In:"
I think you expressed this very well,

Maybe there are more players willing to make big moves but their constant acting for the cameras makes the whole production look very formulaic: Someone doesn’t fit in so that person should be voted out but something will happen to change the game and suddenly the target will emerge as the victor.

I thought about it and this sums the season up so far for me. I'm getting a little distracted with all the "look at me!" antics (Sherin, Rodney and Dan come to mind first). I wonder if we will indeed see some real Survivor being played after the tribes merge into two groups.

I wonder if Kelly's shot across the bow confessional will signal the end of the drama queen portion of our season and the beginning of the finally playing Survivor portion. Her confessional was a bit of a relief actually.

As always, thanks for putting all this together Michel.

I should be watched....closely.

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26. "RE: Episode 3 - Trying to Fit In:"
Thank you, Suzzee.

The swap almost has to raise the level of the game unless we have another "random" shuffle that puts all the strong players on one side. Tribes like NuSalani or NuHunahpu didn't have much need for game play while their opponents had easy votes.

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24. "RE: Episode 3 - Trying to Fit In:"
Good stuff as always.

Personally, I think Carolyn makes a mistake by not continuing to hunt for the HII even though she already has it. Yes, somebody has to stay back and take care of the immediate business of watching the fire and all, and she hasn't kept it a secret from everyone that she has the idol.

But it then comes down to what we were not shown, what was left out and may not even have happened. She sat back as others hunted for the idol, she did not take an active part in hunting, a clear sign for anyone who can do the math that she either has it already or knows who does.

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25. "RE: Episode 3 - Trying to Fit In:"
Almost too obvious, I'm surprised nobody commented on it. Of course someone could have but why not show it.

I should be watched....closely.

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27. "RE: Episode 3 - Trying to Fit In:"
It's funny she doesn't realize that is she is giving her sercret away but it's always like that. Even RussHell stopped looking once he found an idol. Did he even try to outbid Fincher when the idol clue was auctioned? If I remember correctly, he made one low bid and quickly gave up.

I wonder what the super fans in Masaya are thinking? Right now, there are two additional idols available and, with a swap coming, the people who know where to look, Tyler, Carolyn and Joaquin, could wind up with those idols.

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29. "RE: Episode 3 - Trying to Fit In:"
So Kim has said that she showed the clue to Shirin and apparently to Max too:

Reality TV World: Did Joaquin and yourself ever suspect someone else might've managed to find the idol without the clue or did you just think it was still out there to find?

So Kim: It wasn't just Joaquin and I looking for the idol. I mean, it was pretty obvious. Shirin was looking for it; Max was looking for it. So the four of us would actually talk about, "Why can't we find this idol?! We have the clue. We are supposed to know where it is."

So apparently everyone on White Collar knows the White Collar clue which is likely the same (though could be different) for Blue Collar and No Collar camp HII location.

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28. "Edit related"
LAST EDITED ON 03-20-15 AT 08:00 PM (EST)

LAST EDITED ON 03-18-15 AT 02:14 AM (EST)

Apparently Baseballforever aka Ghostie's Homie over at the other board has predicted a castaway to win this season. He was reponsible for predicting Derrick(BB) and Natalie to win(even though we know BB can not be edited for endgame) and picked Woo to win as well, but he ended up second(however, Woo had the game in his hands).

While its possible, I just don't know. Maybe the winner this season was based on not having an ally or plan to get to the end but surviving and perservering against all odds. If that's the case, this person could be the frontrunner. But in the first show we got too much of a narrative from someone else than he/she on that tribe.

And I'm having a hard time on that forum because I am under pressure to get the final results of the season right because I have apparently in the last few months gotten the biggest trolls' attention and am the object of redicule lately. I was trying to use the past season and the ones I watched during last season(Caramoan, Phillipines, So Pa, OW post-Colton) to find the winner and people that will go far based on the first episode appearance and second episode in some cases. I don't know if it's working. Dan and Carolyn are still there though who got such episode 1 edits. And so is Will who got episode 2.

I will give the name in sources.

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30. "Spoiler? "
Outsider, could you please edit your post to delete information that isn't based on editing analysis. If you want to create a post where people can discuss the merits of "predictions" on this board or elsewhere that could be a fun idea but I'd like to keep this for our own analysis.
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31. "RE: Spoiler? "
LAST EDITED ON 03-21-15 AT 07:33 PM (EST)

It is not a spoiler. It is based on editing, which I thought this thread was for that? Thats how I have been doing things here. He is looking at said person having the winners edit.

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33. "RE: Spoiler? "
That would make it handicapping.
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32. "RE: Survivor Worlds Apart - The Characters and their Stories:"
After this episode(s)

This tribe probably loses again based on the quality and I'm not sure who is going.

Kelly has been too quiet until the fourth episode(which is not the time to start getting screentime). If Jon could not win when his edit gets big in the fifth show, I don't think Kelly can either in the fourth. She may go further into the merge which i didn't think could happen but she could also be out next week.

Shirin is obviously number 1 target to go next but will she go? I think its possible but the final pre-merge boot is usually someone irrelevant or more memorable. Dan-memorable, Alexis-irrelevant, Laura B-memorable, Julie-irrelevant, Katie-irrelevant. Shirin has been neither. Well she is memorable in a way but we're not getting her perspective. I see Shirin a juror.

Carolyn is the one to watch out for this next one. She is a Dale/Laura B. A major character and she may be being set up to get blindsided. Otherwise she has what Dan has. Memorability that can get her out before the merge or take her far.

Hali is getting consideration from others and I don't see it. I just don't see her as memorable or in depth enough to think she has any shot at winning. She's gotten confessionals but she's just not doing it for me. I think some people are using Parvati and past young female winners to compare her to but we all know this is a different survivor now. One reason why so many younger women won in that frame was because the casting got younger but enough with that. She is not beating a guy in the finals. She can get there and be a Woo but she's not winning.

Will is looking good especially after the swap. He got some backstory this past show about his family and that can only be good for him. I think Will is going to go as far as the rest will allow him. He at least gets final six.

Jenn......the dilemma I am having is how does she go early in the merge. She's gonna get blindsided by something is what I think. She has been on too much with the negativity to boot to not be this season's big blindside. The thing is she may have the numbers so something clever has to get her out.

Sierra finally emerges this show but like Kelly, its too late. She might be the next to go and if she survives she is probably out early merge.

Dan could exceed my expectations. He's pretty much too outspoken to win and people see that but he can be taken far as a goat since he won't get the votes. Otherwise, I think it will be hard to get him out anyway if he gets to the merge because he's going to make Keith's challenge performances last season look like mincemeat. Then again, maybe that could give him merit to win but a slip-up in the final five and thats it.

Mike after the first show has been getting better and better and this episode really brought it home for him. He is now my pick to win and he may have the numbers as well.

Joe was completely ignored at the swap. Natalie was too last year but he had the blink and miss scenes in the episodes leading up. Joe's been all about being compassionate and a provider. Is that good enough to win especially when the same person, Mike, is talking more strategy and game plan smarts? That does not make Joe look good at all.

Rodney is not winning. That was evident last week and this week even more. But he could be someone to watch in the merge or be sent home next week. He could get to the end but he can get no or little votes. Is he this season's Missy and Kass?

Joaquin...can he win? He's not been portrayed in the best light. He's been portrayed as someone dumb, lazy, and a jock. He's gotten nothing substantial up to this point and even at this swap he was not even in Misch's league. He can't win and is a threat that goes at some point in the merge.

Tyler......Everything about him right. But he has one major flaw-NO BACKSTORY-what do we know about him as a person? He's the next person behind Mike with the best chance at winning but he could be out even before the endgame. He's not Carolyn in terms of editing. If anyone gets to the final four from the original Masaya tribe and does not win, its Carolyn. Tyler is that of a winner or mid-juror. He is similar to Natalie last season but without the aforementioned backstory. Getting a little something each episode.

Final Four

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34. "Episodes 4 and 5 - Cutting Off the Head of the Snake "
Previously on Survivor :

- Shirin and Max were becoming outcasts. Joaquin’s frustration with Shirin was replayed.

- While at the Blue Collar tribe, it was all work and no play. We heard Lindsey shouting about the fire, Rodney throwing a load of wood in frustration and Mike saying the tribe was failing.

- At the last immunity challenge, Will struggled, Nina was left out and No Collar lost their second challenge in a row.
At Tribal Council, Will received two votes but it was Nina who just didn’t fit in.

It has to be noted that there wasn’t any special care given to Will. He did outlast Nina but, by highlighting his struggles, Jeff makes it clear that he could have, maybe even should have gone. Besides that, all we can note is that, despite their triumphs in challenges, the Blue Collar tribe is failing. Since that comment came from Mike, we are being told that the problem is with the others.

Cutting the Head of the Snake

Nagarote – Night 8

Once more, we see the No Collars’ return from TC.

There was thunder and rain. However, Jenn realized that their fire hadn’t completely died out: “We still have embers.”

Hali had the first confessional: “Nina saw what was coming. We finally sent her home. It was pretty delightful to come back to camp and see embers in the fire. That was like a shining hope. You know; we’ve been through the darkest and now we got our embers and we got our fire just blazing.”

Hali told Will that he received two votes only because they wanted a safety net in case Nina had the idol. In public, Will took it in stride.

Will’s confessional: “We are definitely at the make or break point for the No Collars. We got the mentality of a strong unit now. This is the unit that we wanted at the beginning but I got two votes. If we lose the next challenge and go to Tribal Council; I’m gone. Unless I can convince Joe to vote one of the girls, I’m gone.”

This scene was very good for the No Collars in general and Hali in particular. They have been through some dark times but, like Nathalie White in Samoa, Hali looks to the future with hope. Fire is life and with hers blazing, she certainly has to be considered a contender. The editors have given a lot of care to her edit, giving her confessionals in every episode whether her tribe went to TC or not and they have shown her to be a little more positive than Jenn.

Blue Collar – Day 9

Rodney was starving and Dan spotted a snake in camp. With Dan cheering: “Attaboy Mike!” Mike chopped its head with the machete and then got Kelly to help him take the skin off.

Mike in confessional: “We are still unable to catch a fish, which is breaking my heart a little bit, and we are not getting chickens obviously, but we have been seeing a few snakes around camp and we have caught a snake. Any opportunity to get food, you know your boy from Texas is going to eat it. I don’t care what it is. You know what I mean? It could be a scorpion or a snake it doesn’t matter.”

Mike tasted the snake and liked it while Lindsey had a similar reaction to Nina’s when her tribe cooked a lizard. Mike offered the snake to Rodney who had a confessional that was placed here. The women weren’t getting close to that snake but they realized that Rodney was turning into a country boy. Rodney appreciated the snake.

Rodney’s confessional: “I’m starving. I will do anything I can to get some proteins. I’m a big dude, probably one of the biggest dudes out here, and I got to do what I got to do to survive. I’ll eat anything. I’ll eat things I never thought I’d eat before. Mike, he is a loyal Texan. He got me trying snake for the first time. We had a heated argument earlier in the game but that’s just men being men, just fight and get over it.”

At first, Mike’s words made me think that this scene had been presented out of sequence and had happened only once they knew that chickens were the reward but that they wouldn’t get any but we saw Kelly without her bandage so it did happen before the reward challenge... Of course, they could have caught another snake later on. This scene corrected the picture we had of this tribe after all the distortions that had been presented in the first three episodes. While Mike and Rodney clashed, the man from Boston still liked the Texan a lot.

The Reward Challenge

No one looked surprised to see that Nina wasn’t there anymore.
Playing for either 3 hens and a rooster or 10 eggs, Masaya sat Tyler while Rodney said he “and his boy Tex” would be on the bench for Escameca.

What? Is a dozen eggs too expensive for SeeBS?

Carolyn, Sierra and Joe were the callers, the paired retrievers were Shirin and Max, Lindsey and Kelly, and Hali and Jenn while Joaquin, Dan and Will served as elevator boys.

Nagarote’s strategy seemed the best because Joe’s voice was clearly heard while the other two pairs ran into many obstacles. For some reason, Sierra had her pair ducking under the gates instead of around them.

I really wonder why Escameca didn’t use Lindsey as their caller, putting that loudmouth to good use for once!

Probably realizing that there was a flaw in the challenge’s design, Jeff told Will that he had to be careful when the platform dropped, even telling the elevator boys that it was “on them” to make sure nothing bad happened. It did. On their third item, the Blue Collars’ platform fell directly on Kelly’s head, causing her to bleed. The challenge was stopped and we went to commercial break.

For some reason, the doctor left the blindfold on, not even looking to see if she was reacting properly.

A bandage was put on and the challenge resumed. Kelly said she was good to go.

It was funny to hear Carolyn yelling “to the left” at the same time as Sierra was hollering “to the right” while, you guessed it, Shirin was leading Max to the right and Lindsey was turning left!

Jeff had an interesting comment: “Kelly suffered a lot of blood loss, wants to win this.”

He also said: “Blue Collar wins nothing after a big effort.”

Whenever the eventual winner gets an injury, it is highlighted and this certainly presents Kelly as a warrior. We will soon see that there is more to her than that.

No Collar – Day 9

The tribe spotted the coop as soon as they arrived in camp and Will had a funny line: “We like you better than our old tribe mates.”

Joe said they should cook one for Will’s birthday. We saw the whole tribe hugging him while his confessional was heard in voice-over.

Will’s confessional: “Oh my God! Finally we got a win. Today is my 42nd birthday, I am happy because birthdays are always special to me. I never spent a birthday away from my family and, hum, I know it’s a game but they went out of their way to make sure that I had a special 42nd birthday and we topped this birthday off with a little fried chicken.”

Since this confessional included a reference to his family, I think Will lasts long enough to get a family visit.

With drums sounding like canons going off, we saw Joe sharpening the machete.

While he was about to turn into Skupin, Jenn was about to turn into Kimmi!

She was petting the chickens. “You’re Satan” she told Joe.
Jenn in confessional: “Back home, I don’t eat meats, I don’t like hurting animals. I don’t really see the purpose in killing this chicken; it provides us with eggs but they don’t care. They are dead set on eating this chicken.”

Jenn walked out of camp just before Hali, with Joe’s help, chopped the chicken’s head.

Jenn’s confessional continued: “Everyone is at the camp, cooking and killing and gutting and doing whatever to the chicken. It really bothers me to see that so I am out here getting firewood. Of course, I am going to poke and prod around for the idol but my confidence of finding it is at about 10 percent. All these trees look the same. Without a clue it’s like a needle in a haystack. Historically, the hidden immunity idol is either in the dry creek bed, in the wall or something or it’s going to be in a tree. It’s probably going to be in a tree.”
Right then, Joe was saying that he was so excited about the chicken and celebrating Will’s birthday. Will danced a little while Hali laughed

Jenn’s search continued as did her narration: “Idols are usually in unique looking trees, something makes them stand out a little bit.” Joe and Will were savoring their meal when Jenn found the idol in a hollow tree: “This is like a dream come true. I did it! I have a hidden immunity idol! This is amazing. I think that if I was on the Blue or the White Collar tribe, I would be worried because, in most seasons of Survivor, it’s our people, the No Collars that stir things up and mess up the game. I can screw up the game so easily with this thing. I guess killing the chicken worked out for me. Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner.”

The way she played with the idol, twirling it in her hands, I think that Jenn will really change the game for some people with that idol. Could it be Will and Joe? Seeing them so carefree and unaware while something so important was happening, it makes me think they will be caught by surprise when Jenn plays it. Will Jenn repeat the episode’s title quote at the Reunion? Her big smile, the happy music and the loud Woo that was heard at the end of the scene has to be taken into consideration.

Blue Collar – Day 9

Kelly’s injury had to be shown but it’s noteworthy that we went to their beach before we saw Masaya enjoying their reward.
Kelly told her tribe that she was good after receiving 6 stitches.

Mike in confessional: “My girl, Kel-Kel, got knocked in the head today. She ended up getting 6 stitches. This is one of the toughest girls I’ve seen in a long time, so fitting in the stereotype of the Blue Collar. I have mad respect for that and I feel we can go really, really far in this game, together.”
Maybe more people will agree with me that Mike and Kelly could be in the final three together after this week! Mike’s compliments bode very well for Kelly but the fact that he got the confessional instead of her leads to the conclusion that their alliance will benefit him more.

Back in camp, Rodney was getting on Sierra and Lindsey’s nerves, saying that women had to hold themselves to higher standards than guys.

“That is such crazy logic to me” said Lindsey.

Lindsey’s confessional: “Rodney thinks that women need to hold themselves up to higher standard than men which is what’s wrong with so many relationships because guys think that they have the right to do things that women can’t. It’s hard to live with someone so closely that has such different views because I look at Rodney and ask: Who raised you? What kind of woman would raise a man to think that?”

The fight escalated in camp and it led to Rodney’s confessional. Lindsey mentioned Rodney’s mom, saying she couldn’t have raised him that way.

Rodney (solo): “First of all, Lindsey? She looks like a female Mike Tyson here. I mean, who the hell gets a tattoo on their damn face unless you got some serious problems. So you can tell that you have some serious problems having the Mike Tyson tattoo. All I was trying to say was that girls should hold themselves to a higher standard than men. Men are dogs but we want angels. That’s how me and my boys are, man! I may not be an angel but when I settle down, I want to find one. So I got to go back to my three C’s of Cool, Calm and Collected because I can’t be a hothead in this game because that will send me out too. That’s who I am: I’m a hothead.”

So I guess the guys should feel insulted as well. In one scene last week, Rodney had insulted all of Texas. This week he outdid himself, insulting the whole planet!

White Collar

While the tribe was getting ready for crabs and eggs, Shirin had a confessional: “I’m kind of thrilled that we didn’t win the whole chicken package just because I knew that it would have been yet another White Collar nightmare. I know that none of my guys has ever slaughtered any kind of animal, let alone a chicken.”

To the tribe she said: “I’ve learned how to kill a chicken for Survivor. I watched a video... and then I slaughtered a rabbit.”
Carolyn nearly choked on that while Joaquin had one of the good lines of the evening in his confessional: “Shirin said that she slaughtered a bunny rabbit. Oh really? The first thing that came to mind was: Sociopath. The first thing they start doing is killing small animals. She probably started with a mouse at like 14 and she is at a rabbit right now by 29. It’s just insane how she tries to justify her psychotic ways. It’s alright psycho: You stay over there.”

Once she was off to wash dishes in the ocean, the group started talking about the line-up for the next challenge. Max was concerned about Shirin feeling alienated if she was told to sit out. Carolyn wondered how that would be different for her. Max replied that he could sit out. They agreed to wait until they saw the challenge.

Carolyn’s interview: “Max is pitching: “I really don’t think we should sit out Shirin because it will upset her.” Are you kidding me? On the spectrum of crazy, I think both Max and Shirin are very close to 10. Max wants to be the cult leader of our tribe. Shirin goes naked because Max goes naked. She would drink his Kool-Aid...Very dangerous. Very, very dangerous.”
To Tyler and Joaquin, Carolyn said she was a better athlete and that they shouldn’t worry about Shirin’s feelings. She added that, if they lost, Max had to go. The guys were hesitant so she told them that Max was like a cult leader and was charming them. She concluded by saying: “You cut the head of the snake off.”

We then saw Max alone in the ocean. Helicopter shot aside, it’s funny that, of all the knowledge Max acquired for the game, he chose to play the Cult Leader game. It worked for Boston Rob when he had a bunch of followers but this White Collar tribe is full of leaders. That strategy had to fail. It’s interesting to see that, just like Vince, Nina and Lindsey before, Max’s elimination was clearly put in motion in his penultimate episode. If the pattern follows it won’t be difficult to determine the following weeks’ eliminations.

The Immunity Challenge

Lindsey and Dan warmed the bench for Escameca. Shirin joined them.

Hali, Mike and Joaquin headed out first. Mike got hung up at first but he finished second, just behind Joaquin. Hali was not far behind.

It was Sierra, Carolyn and Will on the second leg and the big guy struggled once more with the ropes. Jeff noted that it wasn’t only in water that he had trouble. Sierra overtook Carolyn to give her tribe the lead.

Kelly, Max and Jenn went 3rd for their tribes. It seemed like Kelly finished just seconds after Jenn started.

Jenn seemed to run a very good leg, finishing only seconds after Max but Jeff said nothing about her performance.

Rodney ran the anchor leg for the Blue Collars. He got stuck on the second obstacle, enabling Tyler and Joe to make up some time. Joe moved ahead of Tyler on the last obstacle.

Mike had only a small lead when he started on the ropes. Jeff noted that he was using some crazy strategy. Rodney approved but it clearly didn’t work!

Joaquin figured it out and landed his ball first. Joe quickly followed.

Carolyn and Jenn went next just as Mike finished. Sierra followed him.

Carolyn, Jenn and Sierra appeared to breeze through the challenge so it was up to Hali, Tyler and Kelly on the final ball. Max took over for Tyler when he dropped his ball.
Hali won immunity for the No Collars and it looked like Kelly had it for the Blue Collars but she slipped off her beam. Rodney took over without even asking. “He forced his way in” said Jeff.

Max made a big move but it didn’t pay off. He continued to take “huge risks” but that time it paid off because Rodney was going too slow.

Funny image: When Max scored the winning point, we only saw Shirin stand up and cheer. No one came to congratulate Max. When Max and Rodney finally made it all the way back to their respective tribe mates, we could barely distinguish the losers from the winners. It made me think that some members of Masaya would have been happy to visit Jeff in his lair.

The Birthday boy was happy to collect the immunity idol.
Sierra gave a confessional: “In this challenge, Rodney was the factor that slowed us down. He got stuck and looked at me like a lost puppy. My horses are much smarter than Rodney especially when it’s competition day. For me, it’s not only in challenges but in camp life: It’s Rodney who has got to go.”

Blue Collar – Day 11

Lindsey told the tribe that she was proud of having them on her mat the first day, no matter what happened. Dan agreed while Mike, in public, said that he wasn’t ready to see Probst yet.

Mike’s confessional painted a different picture: “This loss could be exactly what the Blue Tribe needed. You do not know who your true alliance is until Jeff is reading those names.”

To prove the point, Dan and Lindsey were walking to the well when Dan asked if he was going to be voted out. Lindsey said that she wanted to talk to him, proposing to vote against Rodney.

Dan in confessional: “There are two ways to listen to people in this world: You can listen like a guy or you can listen like a girl. When you listen like a guy, you try to solve the problem because that’s what we do: We want to fix things. When you listen like a girl, you empathize: You just nod your head and agree. You just smile and nod: Yes dear! I understand. You are right.”

Even in confessional, Dan’s tone is condescending.
To Lindsey, we heard him say: “If voting out Rodney is going to bring unity to this tribe, I’m in. It will make the tribe stronger...I completely agree with that. I think that is THE best way to go.”

Dan’s empathy was emphatic. So emphatic that it’s hard to believe anyone could buy it. Yet Lindsey’s smile said she bought it.

Dan’s confessional continued: “I am so much smarter than I look.”
Another way to look at it is that Lindsey is dumber than she looks...I think Dan summed up his problem with that sentence: He thinks he’s smart.

Next, we saw Dan, Mike, Rodney and Kelly talking in the water. Dan was saying: “This is a game of numbers and they have isolated themselves into a group of two.”

Interesting camera work to start this scene as only Mike and Dan were seen. Most of the audience believed those two had isolated themselves from their tribe but we saw that it all had been editing manipulation.

Rodney said: “I love this four.”

Rodney in confessional: “I’m the leader. I’m going to be the leader no matter what. I’m the Tom Brady here. If I step on the field, all business aside, I’m Tom Brady here. So, what is going on right here is that me, Dan, Kelly and Mike, we’re a very strong four. So, it’s bye, bye Lindsey. Anything you do, you have to be a smooth criminal like Michael Jackson, baby!”

We quickly heard that “Tom Brady” could be sacked. Like Dan, Rodney has an inflated impression of himself.

Kelly’s confessional: “Rodney should not be so flamboyant about Lindsey going. He could be the next to go too. It’s funny to watch him.” At that point, Rodney was mocking Lindsey, imitating her voice when she said: “The winner is on this mat.” We then saw Mike talking to Kelly privately: “I don’t know about Rodney.” Kelly’s confessional resumed: “Mike and I are definitely together and Mike does not trust Rodney and I don’t trust Rodney either.”

After hearing Sierra say that Rodney had to go, Kelly gave us the last confessional of this episode: “Rodney and Lindsey clash. They both have attitude, they both want to be the boss and Lindsey is kind of bitchy in how she is going about it. Mike and I are in a good position tonight to go with either the girls or the guys. We can vote for Rodney or we can vote for Lindsey. Tonight is going to be huge. Someone is going home and someone is going to be pissed off but I know it’s not me.”

Too bad the promos spoiled the decision at this point. We had seen Rodney in the “drop your buffs” scene so it couldn’t be him. Nevertheless, it was still a very satisfying conclusion.

Tribal Council

Asked about the vibe of the tribe, Dan said that Sierra and Lindsey bonded very quickly.

Rodney couldn’t lie to Jeff so he told him he couldn’t get along with “this girl over here” pointing to Lindsey.

Lindsey said that she and Rodney had very different backgrounds and morals.

Sierra told Jeff that Rodney was very vulgar and very demeaning in his way of talking about women.

Kelly said she was upset about Rodney at first but that you have to bite your tongue out there. She added: “You want to say: Shut up, I don’t want to hear.”

Rodney explained that he was a mama’s boy and that women disrespect themselves. He couldn’t even realize what was wrong with his comments when Jeff pointed out he had insulted millions of women.

Jeff said that he was playing with fire with those comments.

Rodney said he was ready to face his enemies.
Luckily, he won’t be doing the interview circuit just yet but it will come!

Kelly pointed out that voting against Lindsey or Sierra would mean losing the other’s trust while eliminating Rodney would gain trust within the tribe.

Lindsey interjected, saying that she loves her tribe: “We fight for each other...Someone on this tribe, on these stools, is going to win a million dollars.”

Mike told Jeff: “We all give Lindsey a hundred percent credit. I think she unified us, day one, when she said the winner of this game is on this tribe. It sparked big dreams in all of our hearts which made us fight for each other. I do love these people. If I would have been on the No Collar tribe, I probably would have slit my throat, day one, you know what I mean? Honest to goodness. And the White Collar tribe, they just live off the hard work, off the back of good solid blue collar Americans.” (Jeff liked that) “We lost a challenge today. One of us is going home but I think we formed bonds regardless. For me, that’s massive.”

Now, wouldn’t that last sentence fit well in a speech to the final jury?

It was time to vote. Once again, the split vote tactic came into play, the first vote ending in a 2-2-2 tie. Since only Sierra and Lindsey had voted for Rodney and since neither could vote, that second vote was like a slow agony and it was easy to see Lindsey’s pain. When Lindsey’s torch was snuffed, Rodney showed disrespect all the way to the end, waving goodbye in derision.

Jeff left the tribe after saying: “Well, it’s been said more than once that the winner of this game will come from this tribe. That will require tribal unity. We will see if voting out the person who predicted it, gives you that unity.”

The Story

Once more, we only had one scene in Masaya and, while it mostly served to show that Max was their target, Carolyn emerged as a player that we have to consider. Her strategy was clearly stated: Even if Max and Shirin are equally annoying, Max is the cult leader so he is the dangerous one. Since Joaquin and Tyler were slow to realize that, it didn’t make them look very good.
In Nagarote, we heard that they have reached their ideal tribe and now that their fire is blazing, we can expect these four to last very far in the game. Was the winner enjoying chicken dinner? Joe, Hali and Will looked a bit too out of touch with the game when they were eating the chicken while Jenn seemed more interesting in screwing up the game than winning it for herself. Hali, Jenn and Joe are still strong contender and we can’t forget Will now that we have a hint telling us he lasts until the family visit.

Was the winner sitting at this Tribal Council like Lindsey and Jeff mentioned? I’ve been inclined to think so for a while now. Mike and Kelly emerged in this episode as strong players. Mike wasn’t in the tribe’s doghouse after all which is very interesting from an editing perspective. Even the secret scenes painted him as the outsider that would be the next to go so the editors had the material to show it that way. However, in that tribe like in many before it, everyone must have said the same about everyone else. The problem for the players in Escameca is that they didn’t cut the head of the snake. Rodney was the leader so he was the dangerous one yet they decided to keep him. The saving note was that we heard Lindsey was also trying to be the boss so they did cut one snake’s head. Maybe that’s why we had to hear that they had quite a few snakes in camp. We know that Mike can handle the snakes while Kelly isn’t squeamish when it comes to skinning them. Those two are still the top contenders but since there was a concerted effort to make it look like Mike was the underdog while Kelly was neglected then he has to be favored at the moment. The next episode will give us a clearer picture of these characters.

Episode 5

Blue Collar – Night 11

Sierra wanted to know who voted for her. Dan said it didn’t matter but she insisted. Mike explained that her name was written down only in case an idol was played. That way, none of these four were going home. He said that was as nicely as he could put it.

Mike in confessional: “Tribal went exactly as how our alliance planned. I am a hundred percent happy with the decision that we made tonight. I am not happy about Sierra being cut off and alienated from the tribe.”

Dan told Sierra that they wanted unity back in the tribe so he wanted to air the grievances.

It would have been a great occasion to show empathy by letting her air HER own grievances but instead Dan used embarrassment, in an emphatic display of new found empowerment.
Dan, addressing Sierra, said: “The first puzzle challenge, you couldn’t do it. You stepped out. The second challenge in the water, you nearly killed Mike and I because you missed so many shots.”

That brought Sierra to tears.

Now isn’t that interesting? The editing had made us believe that Sierra was their MVP in that challenge showing her making most of their shots including the winning one. We found out that the last part wasn’t true when we saw Rodney making the last throw in the subsequent recap but we didn’t know she missed so many shots that it nearly killed Mike and Dan who were retrieving those balls. When we saw the unedited last shot, we figured this was a bad omen for Rodney but now it appears that Sierra received special care from the editors. What does it mean for her chances? Most probably, she will outlast Rodney but can she also outlast her tormentor, Dan? Or will this beauty return the embarrassment when she delivers her final question to the loudmouthed beast?

Sierra in confessional: “Not only did I lose my closest alliance but to come back and get attacked for the player that I am; that’s tough. At this point, I can’t trust these people.”
Dan and Kelly were shown when she said that.

Sierra said that she worked hard around camp but Rodney said he should be the angry one since they tried to blindside him. “I got no sorrows or feelings for your tears coming down your eyes, sister” he said.

Rodney in confessional: “Sierra is out there crying and you know what? I really don’t care. You wrote my name down so it’s time for you get over it because only the strong survive, brother. If you can’t deal with it, pack your bag and take your ##### home.”

While technically, Rodney is right to be angry, his attitude illustrates precisely why he can’t win this game. Playing in a social game, he should at least pretend to care about Sierra. Mike showed his social game by being the diplomat at the conclusion of this scene.

Mike: “We can start building bridges...for whenever we do get split up, we can come back and work together because I don’t want these first eleven days to be for nothing.”

Mike’s confessional: “I would really like to pull Sierra back in but I don’t think that she will ever trust us.”

Like an ex-girlfriend after a break-up, Sierra told Mike: “I just thought we had something.” Mike simply answered: “I think we still do have something.”

If Jeff was right at the last TC and all this tribe needed to have the winner was finding their unity back, we can say that Mike took on the role of peace-maker, of unifier. Will it work or is Sierra definitely lost?

The Switch

In a bit of trickery, production had three catapults in place for the upcoming reward, hiding momentarily the upcoming swap. The announcement of Lindsey’s departure didn’t receive many reactions. Shirin sort of whistled but that could have been force of habit.

Sierra had a confessional right after Jeff announced the switch: “There’s a switch-up which I am really excited about. I’m going to go in and I’m going to find new alliances because my tribe is absolutely dead to me. Dead!”

Like a cliff-hanger, this led directly to a commercial break. This kind of attention to a player is often a hint that one way or another, Sierra will play a major role in the outcome of this season. Not that I think she will win but she will side with the winner, help him or her greatly along the way. We also have to keep in mind that this sets up a new dangerous situation for Mike. He had just gotten out of the doghouse according to the edit and now he is right back in trouble.

The new Escameca consisted of: Mike, Dan, Rodney, Sierra, Joe, Joaquin and Tyler.

The new Nagarote had: Jenn, Hali, Will, Kelly, Carolyn, Max and Shirin.

I wonder if the decision to abandon Masaya’s camp was due to their poor shelter or was it simply the location. The beach itself could have been less practical for filming the action but I’d like to think it was because the White Collars’ shelter was really bad!

Once more, the random draw gave us two really unbalanced teams, making it easy to see which would lose and who would be eliminated.

Sierra knows how to act because she looked all excited to see that she was sharing the same color buff as Dan and Mike.
Sierra had another confessional: “I feel like my old tribe are crappy people and I had to pretend like I was excited when I saw that I was with three of them but I have three new people and I’m going to find new alliances. It’s a whole different ball game.”

Kelly gave us her first impressions in confessional: “No way can this be happening right now. I’m the only one from my tribe that is going over to the other tribe. You just spent eleven days building these alliances and now you are starting over. I am definitely scared to death.”

The reward was a kitchen surprise and also included all of Masaya’s rewards gained up to now since the tribe had been dissolved.

Since three members of Masaya were now in Nagarote, I think it’s dumb to have them compete for items they had already won. Those items should have been simply split between the tribes, especially the tarp since Escameca already had one. Jeff said it would give one tribe a massive head start but it’s simply a massive advantage to a tribe that is already massively advantaged, physically. This is why Survivor Blows.

This challenge had proven to be very physical in the past and it wasn’t different now: The match-ups showed the unlevel playing field: Jenn was facing Joaquin, Joe was guarding Max, Mike squared off against Will and the ex-NFL player Tyler would be running to catch deep balls against Kelly. (OK, the guy was a kicker but even kickers get to throw the ball around with the real Tom Brady!)

The first round saw very loose defense since Max caught one ball, but in order to do that, he left Joe free to catch the other.

That showed us once again the old maxim: You can’t win without defense!

The second round showed Escameca’s dominance: Joe scooped one up despite tight coverage from Max while Tyler ran away from everyone and, like Darrelle Revis, he intercepted a throw from Carolyn.

The third round was much the same: Joaquin pushed off to get separation from Jenn in catching Dan’s pass (I would have thrown a flag for offensive pass interference!) while Joe was the only one that came close to Hali’s deep ball.

Jeff sounded surprised that Escameca was dominating this challenge but really, it was like the lowly Jaguars taking on the Super Bowl champion Patriots (and I am being unkind to the Jaguars who are closer to their rivals than Nagarote was to Escameca!)

The 4th round saw another defensive break down: Will made a nice play to cut in front of Joe and score a point for his team but Max didn’t switch over to Will’s assigned receiver, Mike, who was left free to catch the winning point.

As part of the losing tribe, Carolyn had a confessional: “When I heard we were switching teams, I was so excited and I open it up (her face dropped) ...and I’m with Max and Shirin. What is this: Survivor gods trying to kill me?”

Nagarote – Day 12

After giving everyone a tour of the new place, Hali had a confessional: “So we got three No Collars, three White Collars and one Blue Collar, Kelly. So, it was like immediately, we got to get Kelly on our side. But I want to take things slow and feel people out because our camp was so laid back, the No Collar camp, we could sit back and watch and our plan just comes to us.”
While the events this time would prove Hali right, she was playing with fire when she didn’t get Kelly right away. It may not work out so nicely the next time.

Jenn explained the way they used to ration beans and rice, Max presented Shirin as an excellent Survivor cook which got Shirin to tell everyone that she is a big fan of the show and how they’ve cooked coconuts over the years.

I noted that no one commented on the size of the bag of beans!

Shirin in confessional: “I know this game really well: Not just the historical facts but the strategy. We got three No Collars, three White Collars and a Blue Collar. I’m in one of the power trios so the simplest route is to stick with White Collar and pull over the Blue Collar.”

Shirin’s actions are now part of those historical facts. Or should we say she is part of the hysterical facts? One thing she should have known is that your best route isn’t the same for someone else.

Kelly’s confessional: “I am an undercover cop and this is like going into a house to buy drugs from people you totally don’t even know. You have to start talking; you have to start building their trust. You don’t have time to wait because your life depends on it. This isn’t as bad as I thought. Maybe I will be in a good position right now because I am the swing vote.”

This is another tremendous confessional from Kelly. However, since we both heard Hali and Shirin say that they need Kelly, it was impossible to make it look like she was in danger. It does show her as a strong player though.

Shirin’s confessional resumed: “I talked to Kelly, I threw a little bit of bait, she bit and then we just solidified something. It was very wink-wink, hush-hush, we will talk more later but yes!”

Escameca – Day 12

Arriving at their new camp, Joaquin remarked: “This looks like the Ritz Carlton compared to where we were.” That pleased Dan.

And it pleased me also. Now if only someone could have compared the ex-Masaya camp to camp Nagarote...

Mike had an interview: “The new Escameca is basically four Blue Collars, two Blue Collars and a No Collar. We got the majority so the numbers couldn’t have worked out better in our favor. But, with Dan and Rodney cutting into Sierra last night, it definitely is a cause of concern. These three guys could woo Sierra over. I am going to have to make sure that she doesn’t get too close to somebody and her mind gets mixed up and then swayed over to the other side.”

When Mike was saying that, we saw Sierra talking to the smiling Joaquin and Joe, making us realize that Mike’s job won’t be easy!
Rodney was telling everyone about his mother and his sister, explaining his tattoo once more.

Joaquin in confessional: “Rodney’s been through a lot of struggles but his mind is straight just like a bunch of my friends back home. I’m going to feel them out for the rest of the night, trying to learn as much as possible about them and work them, just like I have been working everybody on my last tribe.”

Yes, because that worked so well for him the first time. Joaquin is about to repeat with Rodney the same mistake he made with So; exposing their power couple status to everyone.

Mike, Rodney and Dan all went out together to get some water.

Shouldn’t one have stayed with Sierra at all times? With three people, it wouldn’t have been hard to take turns without appearing to be spying on her.

It didn’t take long for Sierra to spill the beans: “Are all my tribe mates gone?” she asked. When she got confirmation, she spoke frankly to Joaquin, Tyler and Joe: “I’m just so grateful that you guys are here. You have no idea: The second I threw my buff on the ground, I was so excited to get away from these people and I happen to get stuck with three of them again.”
Laughing, Joe said: “You got three new ones!”

Sierra: “Glory! Glory! I am latching on to anything I can grab on to because these people suck and treat me like (sh*t) every day.”

Tyler was silently listening and observing the whole exchange.

Tyler in confessional: “Sierra seems to be kind of the broken puppy. These things are good. As I have always said: Bring me your poor, your tired, your huddled survivors. I want the broken people to come with me and be on my tribe.”

Coming back to camp, Mike had a confessional: “I see Sierra talking to the three guys which makes me a little bit nervous because, if Joe, Joaquin and Tyler can flip Sierra then it’s me and Dan and Rodney on the outskirts. We need her as a number because, in this game of Survivor, if you do not have the numbers, you go home.”

All this was presented solely to make us doubt that Mike can make it to the merger. Two strong contenders were finally in the same scene and we can easily see that the story was not about Joe. Only Sierra and Tyler had a presence that rivaled Mike’s, giving us confessionals that set up their game plan nicely but since Escameca is unlikely to go to Tribal Council, this is more smoke to hide Mike’s chances.

Nagarote – Day 12

Shirin was singing the National Anthem.


Jenn had a confessional: “The chick with the long hair; I don’t know her name, but I don’t like her. I don’t know, I just don’t like her. Maybe it’s her voice... I haven’t even been around her for twelve hours and I know most of her life and I know things that I never wanted to know. She doesn’t stop talking since we got here. It’s driving me insane. Just shut up, man! Just sit!”

We had figured that the four nudists would come together at some point because their scenes had been juxtaposed but instead of a community of spirit, we wind up with a conflict of personality. Now that Nina is gone, Jenn has found a new source of irritation. While once again we can say that she has reason to be irritated, it still puts a slightly negative spin to her character.

Shirin’s next surprise was to tell everyone that she is a professional whistler.


The next scene showed Max limping as he returned to camp: “I got a stingray in each foot.” Jenn took charge, getting some hot water for Max.

Max in confessional: “I was stung by a stingray not once but twice. So I hobbled in off the beach, I got blood pouring out of my feet. Fortunately for me, we have a former life guard on the tribe. Jenn immediately sprung into action and she took a pot of boiling water that was meant for drinking, pulled it from the fire and said put your feet in there and don’t take them out. Sitting there with my feet in scalding water I suddenly forgot that I had throbbing animal inflicted wounds because my feet were on fire from the boiling water they were sitting in.”

That’s when Hali and the others saw that he had a big wart under his foot. It grossed them out.

Hali in confessional: “So Max dunks both of his feet in our drinking water pot and spends about an hour soaking in it and then he lifts his foot up. He’s got a plantar wart the size of a quarter in our drinking water. I’m like: Max! Warts are contagious. That’s disgusting. Anyone who would soak their wart feet in the tribe’s drinking water for hours when we are thirsty has his mind on one person: Himself and his stingray feet. That’s disgusting.”

No, the White Collars and the No Collars nudists will not be bonding during this game. At least the scene gave Jenn an occasion to shine after her negative comments.

Will and Carolyn were bonding over Max getting on their nerves.
Carolyn’s confessional: “Max and Shirin are so annoying and they may think it’s three and three: No Collar against White Collar. It’s not happening. So, I’m thinking: Alright Carolyn, patience is a virtue, don’t go crazy but to blindside them would be so sweet. You just can’t even imagine.”

It’s interesting that we saw Carolyn bond with Will first over her frustrations with her old tribe mates but she did not talk about the vote with him. Was it omitted? If we could find out that she did talk to him about the vote before Jenn, then that would tell us a lot about the relative importance of Jenn and Will. If she did talk to him but it was deemed not significant to show then we would know that the editors don’t see Will as a player which would be much more damaging for him. As is, we still can suppose that Carolyn does not see Will as a player but that she can make plans with Jenn.

Escameca – Day 14

Once more, we skipped a day!

Mike and Dan were walking on the beach, worrying that Sierra was a swing vote. Mike expressed his frustration with Dan and Rodney’s attitude towards her: “You already had it set in your minds that she was gone.”

Mike in confessional: “Dan, just listen to what I am telling you: Shut your mouth, apologize and let’s move forward.”
Dan told Mike he was going to explain himself to Sierra but Mike told him to simply apologize. “In my experience with women, they don’t want the explanation; they just want to hear you say you are sorry so they could be right.”

Dan had his own confessional: “Dude, you are half my age, OK? I have talked to so many more girls than you have, it’s silly. Dude, Dude, I got Sierra, I got this.”

That set up a really funny moment. I wonder if this confessional was truly addressed to Mike who is obviously not half Dan’s age. It seemed more like something Dan would have said about Rodney who is practically half of Dan’s age. Still, just looking at Dan and Mike’s physique, I get the feeling that Mike has had not only his share of women but probably also a big part of Dan’s share!! The image of clouds moving in quickly told us that Dan wouldn’t be successful!

Dan tried his approach with Sierra, he agreed that he picked the wrong time to attack her but he added: “What hurt me was you attacked me and that was Ok but when I gave it back it was not. I see what we did as exactly the same thing.”

Dude, Dude, you got nothing!

Sierra in confessional: “If you’re sorry, you don’t go into an apology saying I’m sorry that I made you feel that way but you did it to me so that’s why. It was THE crappiest apology that I have ever received in my life. I have two separate alliances coming at me saying that we need you in our four. I want to go where I’m wanted and I don’t think that’s with the Blue Collars.”

Survivor can be so damn funny at times!

The Immunity Challenge

It wasn’t even close.

I don’t know if it was his idea but Mike went through the obstacle course with Sierra which was a good idea. Competition brings people together... Especially if you win!

Fittingly, Dan was the wrecking ball for Escameca.

Going back to the obvious, the editors gave the confessional after the loss to a very confident Max: “The hardest thing about that challenge for me was not smiling too big after we lost it. I’m really happy to go to Tribal Council and change the dynamics around my camp.”

School’s out, Max. I guess it’s true: Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach! The interviewer’s questions should have alerted Max, told him that he was in big trouble. They always love it when a player expresses over-confidence before being blindsided but apparently Max’s lectures didn’t cover production’s tricks!

Nagarote - Day 14

Max’s confessional resumed: “I am really excited to get on with the game of Survivor. It’s the blindsides, it’s the double-crossings; that’s really what I signed on for and finally I will get another chance to do it tonight.”

Max demonstrated his Survivor trivia knowledge to Jenn.

Jenn in confessional: “I’ve seen every season of Survivor and I’m a huge fan of the game but Max knows every little detail about everything that’s ever happened on Survivor. It’s crazy like: Why do you know this much? Why do you remember every little detail? It’s like people remember the ‘96 Bulls game against the Heat on like October 13th or whenever basketball happens.”

Taking a stroll on the beach, Hali and Jenn talked about the vote. They agreed they had to get Kelly but didn’t know if she would go with them.

Hali in confessional: “Tribal tonight, it will come down to Kelly because she is the swing vote between White Collar and No Collar. So, Kelly being the swing vote is in the power position.”

Hali’s plan was to get rid of Shirin, keeping Max for challenges. Jenn agreed.

Max and Shirin told Kelly that it had to be Will because “Jenn was a beast in challenges.”

Max gave his last lecture, stating the obvious: “White Collar was more aggressive in pursuing Kelly...”

Shirin in confessional: “At the end of the day, we have the brains over here (herself and Max shown), we have skinny girls which are great in so many challenges (Hali and Jenn shown) we have great swimmers (Ozzy not shown) Will can’t do any of those thing. I think that without him, we actually have a really strong chance of winning. I’m pretty sure I am in the power seat tonight, I’m pretty sure that I am the one who orchestrated everything that’s going down. I am the one that decided it’s going to be Will.”

It’s amusing that Shirin was already thinking of her position in the after-season lists ranking winners!

Carolyn gave an interview after being told about Shirin’s plan: “On paper, Kelly looks like the swing vote and Max and Shirin think that I am 100 percent with them but I’m a swing vote. I can take that power away from Kelly be four strong with the No Collar and we are good to go. I think a fabulous blindside may be in the making.”

Talking to Jenn, Carolyn flatly stated: “I am not part of that three.” Jenn was relieved to hear that Carolyn wanted to go after the power duo on her former tribe.

Jenn in confessional: “I’m excited because it sounds like everyone hates most of the White Collars. No one can stand Max, no one can stand Shirin and we have Carolyn so we have numbers and we can control the game.”

After hearing the new developments, Kelly had an interview: “The No Collar tribe, they are tight. Carolyn is not tight with the White Collars so it wouldn’t benefit me to stay with Shirin and Max.”

Will had an interview: “The debate is between Max and Shirin: Who is the most annoying. I think it’s about neck and neck because neither one will shut up and they won’t stop strategizing.”

Jenn gave a similar interview: “Who is more annoying? Max or Shirin? It’s exactly like a horse race. Is it Shirin? No, here comes Max with his foot wart but here comes Shirin with her annoying facts about Survivor. Oh but here is Max again. Who is going to get voted out tonight? Who is the most annoying? I don’t know, we’ll see! We’ll find out tonight at Tribal!”

Now that had to be one of the funniest confessionals ever delivered just before Tribal Council.

Shirin told Jeff that they gelled quickly in a way that White Collar never did.

That got a strange look from Hali and, apparently from Jeff also.
“You’re making a face like I’m delusional” said Shirin to everyone’s surprise.

Kelly mentioned that some things have been uncomfortable. When asked about it, Kelly could only laugh which intrigued our host.
Max answered for her: “On paper, this tribe is a disaster. It’s like the swap from Survivor One tribe ended with Colton and Leif and Tarzan and they self-identified as Misfits... Maybe we are tricking ourselves into thinking we still have a chance.”

Asked why that made her laugh, Jenn said it was his knowledge of previous seasons. “I have a hard time remembering everyone here’s name.”

Max explained that he loved Survivor.

Shirin hoped everyone could appreciate her super fandom.

Max said it wasn’t healthy but that he hoped his mandatory relaxation would save him from a coronary.

The vote means that Max will relax to the max.

Will said that their behavior frustrated him.

Hali said the vote could be about strategy, loyalty or quality of life. She added: “After tonight’s vote, I think it will be a much more pleasant camp life for all of us.

Will told Jeff that the vote would be a blindside, Shirin agreed saying it could be her which would certainly be a blindside. She said that blindsides are sometimes necessary for tribal unity.

It was time to vote.

When asked about an idol, Max said: “Hold up, bro” but it was just for fun.

When then 4th vote against Max was read, the camera focused on Shirin’s face, showing her surprise.

Jeff somewhat tongue in cheek said: “If blindsides do indeed bring more tribal unity then you guys should be one very tight group.”

Jenn was seen laughing all the way out of the Council area.

The Story

With the swap giving us two imbalanced teams, it was very interesting to note all the attention given to the dynamics of Escameca, a tribe that is unlikely to go to Tribal Council. With Dan and Rodney both portrayed as “Dumb Players”, we know that the doubt has to be created solely for Mike’s story. The viewers had been given indication that he would be the next to go if the Blue Collars went to Tribal Council but, like all the players, we only discovered the truth when Jeff read the names. Mike was not only safe, he was, with Kelly, the one that decided that vote. So, to keep the story going, we have been given more doubt in the person of the previously insignificant Sierra. Certainly, we have noted that she received some care from the editors so she may play a role in this game but it’s more likely in deciding who wins than being that winner herself.

We also saw the dynamics in Nagarote where Carolyn emerged as the power player with only Jenn presented as a co-conspirator. How will these two get along? If Carolyn can unify the White and the No Collars, then that could spell big trouble for Mike and Kelly. It will be an interesting merger where Carolyn, Joaquin, Tyler, Joe, Hali, Jenn and Will could dominate but will they be able to work together?

The Characters

The Stories of Failure

Rodney: “Mr Gisele Bündchen” may think that he is the leader but he is a “Dumb Player”. (I usually only talk about the characters presented on TV when I use these roles but Rodney may actually be that dumb!) His antics will certainly play a part in the upcoming episodes but, being the head of the snake, he will have to be cut sooner or later.

Shirin: It was funny to hear her confessional about being the one in charge as if she wanted the viewers to know just how good she was, how high they should rate her as a player. It must be hard for her to hear all the comments made by her fellow castaways, realizing how low she actually is. Since all the episodes have set up the vote for the following week, we have to say that Shirin is in grave danger.

As an aside, it's funny to remember that a theme of the first fan versus Favorites season was: "Survivor fans are dumb." This time, production is correcting the insult: "It's the super fans that are dumb." Hey!!!

Joaquin: He got in trouble with his first tribe when he hooked up too closely with So and he seems to be repeating the same mistake with Rodney. If he really had learned more about these people, he would have realized that Rodney was the weak link, the one that could rally Sierra to his side but he seems to want to align with him instead.

Dan: He may think he is smarter than he looks but he may just be dumber than we thought which is saying something! We have been shown over and over again that Dan’s problem is his mouth so that sets the stage for a huge Final Tribal Failure.

The Players With a Story but Without a Game

Will: It was nice to see Will getting a nice birthday “party” and hearing him talk about missing his family. Often, when the editors let us hear a player talk about his family it means that they will be there for the visit. Since Will also had been in danger, we could then ask why it is different for Mike. One difference comes from the fact that Will should enjoy a nice ride in the upcoming weeks while new doubts were created around Mike’s story as soon as the first ones dissipated. More importantly, Jeff paints a different story, telling us over and over again that Will is struggling. That leads to a Journey type of edit, Will managing to make his family proud of him.

Hali: We know that Hali sees a bright future and she fits in perfectly with the No Collar story of being laid back, enjoying the experience and letting the game take care of itself. Nagarote has gone to three Tribal Councils and, while Hali has received a very consistent edit, she is continually ignored during the scrambling portions of the episodes. Hali isn’t there when the votes are being decided. Her intervention during Tribal Council was important but it talked more about enjoying camp life than pointing to the end game.

Joe: A strong contender up to now, Joe completely disappeared in this crucial episode. Even more than Kelly, he found himself in a terrible situation after the swap because he can’t even be the swing vote. It would be easy for the 4 Blue Collars to vote him out without creating an outsider like they would if they voted against one of the two White collars but we didn’t hear anything from Joe. That brings us back to his mistakes during his time in Nagarote and we realize that his game doesn’t match his story. Maybe he was ignored only because Escameca wasn’t going to Tribal Council so we still have to keep our eyes on Joe but his chances took a hit this week.

The Players with Game but Without a Story

Tyler: He had a very interesting confessional about gathering the Misfits but it doesn’t seem that Tyler knows what to do once he’s gotten them. It should also be noted that we heard Max talking about Misfits in this episode, saying they didn’t have a chance so that can’t be good for Tyler’s game plan. As for his story, we heard he wants to win but not much besides that.

Sierra: The events have given her an important role in the game and the editors have protected her from much of the craziness that was found in Escameca. They even made her look much better than what Dan described. That tells us that we need to keep an eye on Sierra but more for the effects that her action will have on others than for what it can bring her.

Carolyn: Twice, Carolyn found herself in a situation where she had to play the game and she shined both times. Since that occurred during the premiere and the swap, then we can say that Carolyn shined at crucial times. Unlike Kass and Cochran before her, she flipped the game at the right time: Her real allies, Joaquin and Tyler, knew about her plan to eliminate Max and the professor will not be poisoning the jury against her. The problem is that, at other times, Carolyn is a player without a story, being too often ignored by the editors. We have had very little personal moments with her except for her irritation with the players that first aligned her. Carolyn could still emerge later on as our winner but, for now, we have to look at the whole picture and say that it’s lacking. Even from a game perspective, she was completely ignored during this Tribal Council.

They have Game. They have Stories.

Jenn: The woman with the idol can certainly change this game and I wonder if her alliance with Carolyn will hold or if it was just an alliance of convenience. Jenn is an independent woman and I doubt she would stay with a White Collar even if Carolyn hasn’t shown signs of bossiness. Jenn should realize that someone who is so willing to flip on people shouldn’t be trusted in the long run. Now that Nagarote and Kelly have gained the numbers, it would be a great time to eliminate Carolyn, cutting her from Joaquin and Tyler. Keep Shirin is much less dangerous but I doubt that Jenn’s game is as strong as her story.

Kelly: The undercover cop lessons are certainly more valuable than knowing Survivor trivia and Kelly should go far in this game. She is Jenn’s opposite: Her game is much stronger than her story. We know that she sits back and analyzes the players before intervening but that approach can lead to the same problems Stephen faced in Tocantins: No one sees her in action and they would credit Mike more for the results. Can she get out from under the covers and convince a jury that she made the decisions? The outcome of the season could depend on that answer.

Mike: He has been presented as being in danger from the moment Sierra said she didn’t trust him and Dan in the premiere. Yet, most of that danger has been complete fabrication. His actions certainly rubbed people the wrong way but his name didn’t even come up when Escameca finally went to Tribal Council. In episode one, Dan said that Mike was the glue that held the tribe together and his attempt at diplomacy showed that he was the only one that could hold the tribe together. Now, he faces the dangers that Sierra’s plans could cause but it’s unlikely that Escameca will go to tribal Council so that could be more fabrication. Since the No Collars aligned with a White Collar, there is a danger that a new alliance could form at the merger because almost all of these characters will make it there. There’s probably only one more vote before that all-important step and way too many players left outside of Mike and Kelly’s alliance for them to have the numbers and, as Mike said, without the numbers, you can go home.

Because of all the doubts that have been created around him, Mike is my pick for Sole Survivor.

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35. "RE: Episodes 4 and 5 - Cutting Off the Head of the Snake "
Fantastic analytic commentary, Michel, as per usual. The fact that we've now had the Lindsey-originated The Sole Survivor is going to be from this tribe quote brought up a number of times now, as well as the America, hell yeah! foundational work ethic that Probst clearly delights in deeming the Blue Collars to espouse, has me agreeing with you that the tattooed lady's prophecy will hold true, and almost definitely via Mike or Kelly's ticket-punching. I also believe that since Probst was so stoked about how this season plays-out, it's going to be a post-merge unfolding of two power blocs in neck-and-neck maneuvering right up until the end. Although Joe and Tyler did not have particularly noticeable presences in the dual-episode, I still think they survive until the merge and impactfully reconnect with the Jenn/Hali/Will remnant from the Weak 'Uns, while Kelly, dangling promises to the latter, will readhere to Mike and Dan, with Carolyn serving as a roaming free agent whose ultimate idol-bearing siding will help the one side to triumph against the other. This means that Rodney/Joaquin/Shirin/Sierra, IMO, are the disposable pawns whose fall will come ere the merge and the clash of git-er-done Gruntdom versus an alliance of tie dye and tie sly making chaotic-but-smart use of their idols - and while I'm (momentarily!) convinced that a Blue Collar will win, I think a Joe/Tyler/Hali led opposition could make things very interesting right up until the final Immunity Challenge...
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36. "RE: Episodes 4 and 5 - Cutting Off the Head of the Snake "
Thank you, Tyrone.

I agree with you that we have the ingredients for a roller coaster ride after the merger.

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41. "RE: Episodes 4 and 5 - Cutting Off the Head of the Snake "
Tyler was not a no collar. He is with Joaquin.
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43. "RE: Episodes 4 and 5 - Cutting Off the Head of the Snake "
LAST EDITED ON 03-23-15 AT 04:17 PM (EST)

He meant once they formed the new tribe.

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42. "RE: Episodes 4 and 5 - Cutting Off the Head of the Snake "
welcome tyrone slothrop and jims03! I read every week, but hardly ever seem to have anything to add. so glad to see new blood on the board, while still respecting the fabulous long-time contributions of Michael, outsider and others. I just wish there was a way to "like" posts...
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46. "RE: Episodes 4 and 5 - Cutting Off the Head of the Snake "
LAST EDITED ON 03-23-15 AT 10:09 PM (EST)

Haha, one hacked account on this website and suddenly I'm a new guy again!

I want my original post count back.

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37. "RE: Episodes 4 and 5 - Cutting Off the Head of the Snake "
LAST EDITED ON 03-22-15 AT 05:59 PM (EST)

As usual, great analysis, michel. It's interesting this year, after a sneakier edit with Natalie that wasn't that well received overall, the editors seem to be going back to the well and spreading the winner edit around. I was honestly expecting an overly obvious Josh or Jeremy real winner edit, but none have emerged so far.

I think we can pretty safely write off the following:

Rodney - Too negative an edit, personality-wise.
Shirin - Same as Rodney. Either an ouster soon or will be the Eliza of this season.
Joaquin - Slightly too negative edit, although not insurmountable, but they haven't given us enough strategy or really anything else to make up for it.
Dan - Repeatedly shown to not play the Social Game well enough. Thought he could turn the corner maybe, but it's clear that he's not.
Sierra - Just too invisible in the early going. And not even a Kelly-esque or Natalie-esque, "Just say one smart thing in the episode" kind of invisibility. Seems a little Jaclyn-esque since the swap.

Probably not

Will - Has the potential to be a sympathetic player (like a F5/F4 boot like Denise) but they harp on his physical weakness too much. If they boost his strategic talk soon I could see him turning it around, but I doubt it.
Hali - Jenn's presence ruins her. Her story is the exact same as Jenn's so far and they've constantly pushed her aside in favor of her ally. I've seen some people kind of like a sneaky winner edit here, but I don't see it. Not enough POV.

The Contenders

Mike - Kind of feels like the Jon Misch of this season. Fairly sympathetic player with some significant faults but is a pretty sound strategist when it gets down to it. I think we're supposed to like Mike overall but not be too surprised/upset when he loses. Very Jon Misch-esque. Have to admit, the work ethic stuff kind of scares me away from Mike. I don't think Mike came off well at all. I feel like there was too much disharmony going on at Blue Collar that they could have cut out that subplot completely. Why did they have to show it? The story kind of died there. It's so unnecessary. He had a great swap episode so he stays in the contenders for me, but I'm nervous.

Joe - Really quiet swap episode. Not necessarily dooming him (since there wasn't much to do for them that episode), but I've arched one eyebrow. The main thing for a Joe argument is that I feel they cushioned him during the Nina episode. It could be Survivor trying to cover themselves a little but it could be them just making their winner look good in an ugly situation.

Carolyn - What Carolyn has going for her is POV. We were supposed to view Max/Shirin as annoying previously, but she (along with Jenn) really pushed the theme home. If Carolyn thinks Max is pompous, then the audience is supposed to view him as pompous. They're giving her a decent amount of screentime when they don't need to. She also stole some of Kelly's thunder by taking the swing vote away from her (in a strategic sense), yet managing to not look like a total Kass. My gut says she doesn't have a strong enough social game to get there, but we'll see.

Jenn - Jenn has the most interesting edit this year. It's a little Palau Katie-ish in a way, with all the snark. Or maybe All-Stars Boston Rob, with making fun of everyone. Not a good comparison for a winner pick, but unlike Katie, we get a lot more POV from her. She dictates the Vince story, was involved with the Nina stuff, and dictated the Max story. Also a lot of game talk from her. She does make me nervous because she came off the worst during the Nina stuff, but the audience tends to have a short memory. She might be peaking too early. If other people start taking over the edit after the merge, she's probably screwed.

Kelly - The best thing Kelly has going for her is that she was completely shielded from all the Blue Collar drama. Lindsey says a Blue Collar will win the game, yet all of the Blue Collars are trainwrecks (or invisible like Sierra). Kelly, they just have making smart comments about bossiness when building the shelter and stuff like that. The last two hours had her negotiating a lot pre and post-swap. The one thing that worries me (aside from the slow start) is that Carolyn stole a lot of her thunder in the Max vote. I question whether Kelly made up her mind against Max earlier and Carolyn just saw the writing on the wall. Kelly was supposed to be the one who gets to decide the vote, but instead they empowered Carolyn. I feel they could have edited this situation differently. Kelly's definitely on the upswing, but I'm trying to not overreact to a surge away from UTR.

Tyler - Just solid little stuff in every episode. Important in the So vote. Shown to bond with Joaquin and being the middle person, which is good. Kickstarted the awkward Max/Shirin story. He also seems to be the main person on White Collar with the theme of, "Hey, white collars work hard and aren't like that" going. His Rob Cesternino-esque comment about the huddled masses also sounded really smart. Could be the Josh of this year. Very easily could be the winner.

I kind of like Tyler so far because of his consistency. I feel like the predilection from the editors are to sell their winner more this year, which pushed me away from someone like Kelly, but they might be doing another sneaky edit this year.

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38. "RE: Episodes 4 and 5 - Cutting Off the Head of the Snake "
It's great to have you on board, Jims. As always, a very solid analysis. Maybe I am too negative about the White Collars, maybe the other two tribes will let Tyler or Carolyn slip by but it seems so unlikely. Tyler was a big part of the tribe's failure in episode one. He has impressed me though.
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39. "RE: Episodes 4 and 5 - Cutting Off the Head of the Snake "
Jeff's eagerness to crown the Blue Collars as the heroes of this season and the White Collars as the villains makes me think, like you, that it doesn't look good for them in general. At the same time, if the winner does end up somehow coming from that tribe, it's going to be the person who most clearly bucks that stereotype... Which is clearly Tyler at this point.

Kinda like how during Cagayan, Tony was the Brawn who demonstrated the most use of his Brains. Tyler is the shown to be the hardest working (game-wise) White Collar.

(By the way, the manner in which Jeff characterizes White/Blue/No Collar really rubs me the wrong way... The format has given me literally no one to self-identify with. I think Jeff forgot that there are a lot of people with office white collar jobs who DON'T make the rules.)

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40. "RE: Episodes 4 and 5 - Cutting Off the Head of the Snake "
It reminds me of Gabon where the Eden theme was pushed hard even if it didn't fit: We.Must.Make.It.Work.

The funniest thing about this theme is that casting Vince gave Jeff the "idea". Now that he has been voted out so early, there really isn't much left except to reinforce that Blue works hard, Red is laid back and white is ruling each other out of the game.

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44. "RE: Episodes 4 and 5 - Cutting Off the Head of the Snake "
Mike is Jon? he says next week power couples need to be broken up immediately. Jon was part of a power couple. Mike works hard, Jon layed around. Maybe the somewhat narration is similar though not the screentime or character. Tyler is narrating like Josh but he's not being OTT like him.

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45. "RE: Episodes 4 and 5 - Cutting Off the Head of the Snake "
LAST EDITED ON 03-23-15 AT 09:49 PM (EST)

Nah, I don't mean he's like Jon in a more literal strategic sense. I mean, they play Mike for laughs (the scorpion scene) but also play him more serious (his discussion about his faith). And he's also just a little dumb. Reminds me a little of how they showed Jon's dumbness around the Drew vote but still mixed in his dead father stuff into his storyline. Both players are also regularly shown to play a pretty good social game with others and make bonds quickly.

Not the perfect comparison, obviously, but Mike's complex/uneven edit reminds me a little of Jon's. Not too flawed to be a Dumb Player, not too likable to be the Season Mascot, not too smart to be the Mastermind, but given a bunch of screentime.

Comparing Tyler to Josh is more about me seeing him as the possible merge boot. I feel like people didn't like how much the editors shilled Josh last year, just to sweep him away at the merge. He and Jeremy made the overall narrative feel weird and disjointed. I feel like Tyler could be getting the Mini-Boss Edit, but they're pumping the brakes a little this year.

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47. "Re-evaluation"
I'm beginning to question my analysis a bit. I have been using too much SJDS comparisons and that might be a bad thing.

So I'm going to go back to the drawing board here of the three tribes and gonna use the three tribe comparison of Cagayan and Phillipines airtimes determing how far someone went instead of doing things the way I have. Starting after tonight.

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48. "Episode 6 - A Walk in the Park"
Previously on Survivor :

- After a surprise switch, Kelly was the only Blue Collar member on an undermanned Nagarote tribe.

Kelly’s confessional: “I am definitely scared to death.”

- The rest of the Blue Collar tribe enjoyed a 4 to 3 advantage but not all of them were happy

Sierra’s confessional: “I feel like my old tribe are crappy people. I have three new people so it’s a whole different ballgame.”

- Back in camp, Joaquin and Rodney grew close while Sierra tried to distance herself from her former tribe.

Sierra: “I want to go where I am wanted and I don’t think it’s with the Blue Collars.”

- At the last immunity challenge, Nagarote just couldn’t keep up.

- Facing Tribal Council, allies Max and Shirin were battling each other for the title of most annoying tribe mate.
Jenn’s confessional: “Who is most annoying? It’s exactly like a horse race. Is it Shirin? No; here comes Max with his foot wart.”

- At Tribal Council, Max won... leaving Shirin all alone.

I cannot remember one of Jeff’s recaps making me smile more than this one. If it isn’t the best ever, it can’t be far! Not only did we hear Jenn’s funny confessional but the fact that Jeff said: “Max won” was absolutely perfect. It tells us that production enjoyed Jenn’s confessional so much that they adopted her horse race narrative.

That being said, we still have to analyze what the recap tells us: First, it must be noted that only Rodney and Dan were shown when Sierra said that her old tribe had crappy people. The camera didn’t show Mike so whether or not Sierra meant to include him, the editors didn’t. Also, I found it interesting to see Rodney and Mike coming back from the water reservoir and getting closer and closer to Sierra when Jeff was saying that she was trying to distance herself from them. It made me think that Sierra is stuck with them, maybe all the way to the end.
It also seemed that the only important player in Nagarote was Kelly. Nothing was said about Carolyn’s big move or Will’s precarious position. Jenn is certainly presented as a character but they didn’t include her role either in Max’s “victory”. Besides Shirin and Max being annoying, it seems we only had to remember that Kelly was scared about her position. Her position in Nagarote would play a role in this episode.

A Walk in the Park

Nagarote Day 15

If we go by the absence of a night scene then we can assume that Shirin didn’t make a fuss when they returned. That was the best thing she could do.

The episode started when Shirin woke up to give us an interview: “Tribal Council was shocking for me. Max was a friend of mine and my closest ally in this game. I was totally blindsided and it’s a little bit of a heartbreaker. Is anybody left in this game willing to play with me? I don’t think so and that’s a sad realization because is that something about me and my personality? I mean; what do I have to change? It’s really hard for me because I constantly find myself in this game in a position that is analogous to where I grew up. I grew up in a rich Orange County suburb where majority of my classmates were beautiful and skinny and I stood out for not being any of those things and I was constantly fighting for people to like me and I was fighting for people to see the good qualities in me and I think there’s probably a lot of this scenario tapping into that. I’m trying to do now what I was incapable of doing back then which is: Deal with it. Adapt. Fix it.”

During the voice-over portions of this confessional, we first saw Shirin talking with Carolyn, asking her if she was ever going to work with her again. Carolyn said that she didn’t know if she could trust Shirin because she had only been talking to Max, adding that she was his little puppet and they treated her like she was nothing.

Later we saw Shirin and Hali at the water reservoir. Shirin said she thought it was going to be Will but Hali explained that Max did annoying things. She added: “If you want me to be straight, they’re saying you did some annoying things too.”

The scene with Hali and Shirin was preceded by the image of a bird eating a red-legged crab. A close-up of the beautiful Hali was also shown and the music was very melancholic when Shirin mentioned her beautiful and skinny class mates, suggesting Hali is a lot like Shirin’s tormentors. Hali had been the one telling Nina that she needed to adapt if she wanted to stay in the game and now Shirin was heard using those exact words in a very personal moment. That forces us to reassess Shirin’s character: Form this moment on, Shirin isn’t the “Dumb Player” anymore; she is the person fighting for people to see the good qualities in her. There is a redemption arc in this Journey-type edit and it should lead Shirin far into the game. Maybe the woman who can whistle like a bird will be the one eating the red-legged crab, meaning she could help eliminate the Red Tribe.

Escameca – Day 15

Dan was talking about the time when a wave took away his underwear.

Rodney in confessional: “I’ve been on this beach with the same people telling the same goddam garbage over and over and over again. It’s making me miserable. I was hoping for the switch up so I could get some new energy, maybe get matched up with some people that are like me. I was so happy that Joaq was one of those faces because let’s face it: Nobody is connecting with the East Coast kid. You got one guy who is a bible lover from Texas, a hick from Maine (last I checked, Maine was on the East Coast!), you got another who is from Utah. I feel like I have been waiting for some kind of connection in this game. I was looking for a bromance, maybe a homie to chill with.
Joaquin...he’s a potential dude I could work with. We’re both about girls, we’re both about having fun, partying, not settling down. I’m going to be Batman, he could be Robin. I’m going to screw people over eventually but, in the mean time, ain’t nobody know what I’m doing. So all the fools out there who think I’m dumb, that I’m the dude who talks like an idiot; wait until you see what I got planned for this game.”

Rodney told Joaquin that he didn’t trust Mike because he goes to church every Sunday and has been celibate for 8 years. He asked: “What in common do we have? You don’t drink, you don’t party.” Rodney then told Joaquin: “We’re developing a relationship, brother; we’re like apples and oranges.” The two dudes agreed that the money would be staying on the East Coast.

I guess Mike holds himself to a higher standard than you, Rod! Also, I don’t think Rodney fully grasps what it means when people say it’s like apples and oranges! On another note, if the money is staying on the East Coast, that could mean that Dan is our winner!

The Reward Challenge

Once more, Nagarote was walking only 10 feet or so behind Escameca when they entered the challenge arena and we are supposed to believe that not a single one of them peeked to see who had been voted out!

When Jeff said that Max had been voted out, Joaquin had a great reaction. He said “Yes!” approving the decision and letting everyone know that he wasn’t with the Survivor Scholar.

The camera showed Jenn who loves animals when Jeff explained the excursion to the “turtle sanctuary”.
It was nice that she won that reward.

Dan sat out for Escameca, the tribe that looked like the clear favorite to win this challenge.

At first, Nagarote was only trying to keep up because Escameca was “burning through this” while Will was bringing up the rear for his tribe.

Rodney was the first launcher but he was “just short” so Jenn put her tribe in the lead when she hit on what looked like her first attempt. Kelly kept her tribe in the lead but Hali had problems, opening the door for Sierra who quickly gave the lead back to Escameca. Hali gave way to Carolyn. Joe just missed so Shirin tied the score again. With Joe and Will making their shots, the challenge was tied with only one target left. It was between Tyler and Jenn. Jenn made the shot, earning the reward for her tribe.

Once more, it looked like Jenn hit the target on her first shot but a careful look at the images showed that she missed at least twice. We saw her loading the catapult and, while we never saw a ball miss, we did see the elastic swinging back a couple of times. The editing made her look unbeatable. The tribe’s joy was fun to watch. It reminded me of the little Mara’amu when they finally won an immunity challenge.

The tribe rejoiced and chanted: “I believe that we can win” while Will showed he still had some moves!

Shirin had a confessional: “Winning the reward was huge for me because that gives me the chance to bond with these people better. At this point I kind of have to, because my butt is on the line.”

I really enjoyed that little dance and maybe we should believe that one of them can win!

The Picnic

Hali had the first confessional: “Winning the reward was beautiful. It was like David and Goliath: All you needed was to put a slingshot in our hand and we took down that giant. And then, if that weren’t enough: Eggs, macaroni and cheese, tons of beef stew. It felt like my first child was born, like that’s how excited I was about this reward.”

Hali is quite liberal with the use of the pronoun “we” because she was the only one that didn’t hit a target.

Carolyn also had a confessional: “Being the underdogs that we are, we were down and out and then we picked ourselves up and we won. The team is definitely gelling, even Shirin. We’re tolerating her at this point.”

Shirin imitated Rodney’s voice, imagining what he would have said about the food. That led to a comment by Jenn: “What a tool.”

Poor Rodney: He can’t win with anyone!

Shirin in interview: “The reward was certainly very good for me. I was super excited to bond over a meal, maybe all get sick together which didn’t happen. It gave me a chance to bond with them on a human level. That’s like my best shot of staying in the game right now... I think we all had a magical time together.”

By nightfall, a guide brought them to the turtle sanctuary. The turtle expert told them that it lays about 120 eggs but that only one will survive.

Jenn had a confessional: “The turtle guy told us how the sea turtle haul their giant selves up this beach, dig a hole, lay a hundred and some odd eggs and then only one of those eggs, maybe, will make it to the ocean. It was really awesome. I was fascinated and it made me realize that the turtle’s chances in life are way worse odds than me winning Survivor. I have a one in fourteen chance at the million dollars as opposed to a one in a hundred chance at living so that’s cool.”

This was a marvelous winning quote! By my count, her chances were one in thirteen at that point and they would soon go to one in twelve. The sea turtle is seen during the Intro so maybe we should consider this as a big clue to Jenn’s victory... or it could all be great misdirection.

Escameca – Day 16

Rodney, Dan and Mike went to get water while Joe went fishing. That gave Joaquin a chance to talk with Sierra. He thought her issue was with Dan but she corrected him, saying she had issues with all of them.

Joaquin in confessional: “I’m so excited. I walked in here and the Blue Collars, you know, they were in shambles and Sierra was the odd woman out which is perfect. It’s basically like: Here you go, Joaquin, you have all the ammunition. It was like an easy lay-up for me.”

How about that?! The episode’s title quote was said about Sierra. We certainly considered this possibility but Shirin looked a lot more like “The Odd Woman Out.” Too bad Joaquin missed the easy lay-up!

To Sierra, Joaquin said that he was close with Tyler who was the most trustworthy and genuine person in this camp. He added that Joe was too strong, that they couldn’t bring him too far. He figured that she and Rodney were tight. When she said no, Joaquin expressed his surprise. She told him that Rodney was like a loose cannon. Joaquin pointed out that they needed four so she asked: “So, I gotta suck up to Rodney?” He told her he’d take care of Rodney.

Right then Sierra’s comments about Rodney should have sounded all sorts of alarms in Joaquin’s head. He should have realized that his plan to get Joe out first had to be scuttled. His best chance would have been to temporarily distance himself from Rodney, give in to Sierra for one round by proposing to vote against Dan and then he would have had all the ammo he needed to go after Joe. It’s incredible that so many players still don’t realize that the best way to get someone to flip is to vote the way THEY want instead of imposing your plan. Once the game has flipped in your favor then you can do it your way. Sierra told Joaquin that it would be hard for her to suck up to Rodney so why did he force him on her?

Sierra in confessional: “I feel like the people in my old tribe suck. I don’t trust them so my biggest connection at this point is with Joaquin. He makes me feel comfortable. He looks at me straight in the eyes. He’s like one of my bros from home. He’s also tight with Tyler and those two seem to be the most trustworthy people I have met to date. However, Joaquin is tight with Rodney who is just awful and I just don’t know if I can play this game with him.”

Soon, Rodney walked back into camp and saw the two talking. He asked if Sierra was still mad at him.

Rodney’s confessional: “Sierra is mad at me because I said some bad things about her but guess what? This is a game and the tables turn and time heals all. In order to win this game, I got to put myself in the best position and look at the numbers. If it’s me, Sierra, Joaquin and Tyler all on the same page and when the time comes, I can flip and take over this entire game. At this point, I’m in a great position. I got so many numbers, it’s not even funny. I feel so confident that I can see my hand being raised like Rocky Balboa winning this damn thing at the end.”

While this also could pass as a winning quote, it’s easy to realize the irony that it contains. Rodney is always wrong so how can this be any different? We even saw that Sierra didn’t say one word that could be interpreted as meaning she was on board. Rodney saw what Rodney wanted to see.

On a different storyline, Mike was shown entering camp when Rodney talked about taking over the entire game. That is a way of putting doubt in Mike’s chances.

We were back in Escameca after the break.

Rodney was walking on the beach with Mike, telling him that he had gotten very close with Joaquin. He had him on a string “like a yo-yo.” Rodney added: “We got to make certain the challenge gets thrown so Joe’s going first.”

Rodney’s confessional: “This was my idea and I presented it to Mike: If we throw the next immunity and we get Joe out of this game before we go to the merge, who do we got to deal with?”
Mike gave us his thoughts: “It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if we lost. Rodney’s great, vast plan of: “I’m such an amazing strategist and I’m so good at this game”, he thinks we should throw a challenge so that we could get rid of Joe. Very rarely in the game of Survivor does it work out in your favor to throw a challenge but in this particular instance, I think we have a very special situation. My real alliance is with Kelly who, the poor girl, is on the other side all by herself but I think Kelly is a fighter enough to find a way to make it to the merge especially if we can throw a couple of challenges and keep her safe.”

The Immunity Challenge

I don’t think production showed us everything that went down on the island: The memory game was a 3 out of 5 contest even if Nagarote had 6 members. Jeff asked Escameca to name one person to sit out but if the game could go at most for 5 rounds, he should have asked for two players to sit on Escameca and one in Nagarote. I’m pretty sure the challenge had more than 5 rounds.
Joaquin sat on the bench.

Carolyn (where did she get those glasses?) faced off against Rodney and she easily won.

Did anyone have the feeling that Rodney couldn’t win even if he had been trying? Maybe the idea of throwing a challenge came after reading tree mail, when he realized he’d look like a fool in a mental contest!

Hali won a second point for Nagarote, edging out Sierra.
Joe beat Will, keeping his tribe in it.

The 4th matchup was Shirin taking on Dan. The big guy didn’t get the memo about throwing the challenge because he beat Shirin who once more is performing below par in mental challenges. Not only was she slower than Dan but she had the wrong order.

The “final” match-up had Mike going against Kelly (meaning Jenn and Tyler didn’t participate according to what we were shown). Right away, the subtitles told us that Mike was encouraging Kelly. We read: “Come on, Kel.” After Kelly pulled the curtain, Mike stayed behind, still staring at the curtain. That surprised Jeff. Both Kelly and Mike were wrong.

When they returned for their second shot, we heard Mike saying: “Listen to me. I’m giving it to you.” We heard him naming the items for her. Joe was getting impatient, gesturing that Mike should be pulling the curtain down. Finally they raced back but both were wrong again.

In a rare show of mercy, Jeff made it easier by removing an item. Mike made it even easier for Kelly, telling her she could copy his display but switch the two bottles. It certainly looked like Tyler realized what Mike was doing.

Maybe Tyler knew already though. Rodney probably told Joaquin who would have told Tyler. It was weird that the editors prolonged the last round when it was obvious that Nagarote was going to win. Kelly looked bad, being unable to remember the items. Could her head injury be causing some problems? Showing that she needed three rounds is a big indication that she will not win. But showing the 3 rounds made it possible to show Tyler and Joe looking strangely at Mike, giving us the impression that they may not appreciate his tactic and could try to make him pay for it later on. More doubts...

Kelly in confessional: “When I knew Mike was throwing the challenge and helping me out, that was the first time in my life I think that I totally trusted somebody, wholeheartedly like they got my back. I can’t wait to get back with my Blue Collar tribe where I belong.”

Escameca – Day 16

We heard Mike telling his tribe that he choked and was sorry. Joaquin said that he could have done the same so that Mike shouldn’t feel bad.

Mike in confessional: “By throwing the challenge today, a little something inside of me died in this game. I’m not going to lie to you. But here’s the deal: I am starting to not trust Rodney. Joaquin is just grabbing Rodney in, every second, more and more. In this game, when you start showing that you are too close to anybody, you become a power couple and the power couple have to be split up before they can start making power moves.”
Talking to Mike, Rodney said that everybody was on board with booting Joe. The two guys shook hands.

Rodney in confessional: “Today in the challenge, we came to do one thing and one thing only and that was to blow it and mission accomplished. Mike looked like an absolute idiot which was hilarious but it worked out perfectly and we are going to get Joe out of here. He’s a threat so he’s going home now.”

After talking to Rodney, Joaquin had a confessional telling us that he was very excited because it should be a walk in the park from now on.

Meanwhile, Mike and Dan were having a talk with Joe, asking him about his thoughts. Joe said he was willing to do anything and everything. He also said that he tried to talk Joaquin but he couldn’t because he was always with Rodney, his puppy dog. Mike said: “I think those two White Collar boys are playing us for a fiddle. They reeled Rodney right in and I’m afraid that they are going to be reeling Sierra in and us three are going to be on the outs. Rodney came to me and said: We got to get Joe out first.”

Joe in confessional: “I was hoping to reach out to Tyler and Joaquin but they don’t talk to me at all. I thought the three of us could work together but it seems like they are gunning for me so I’m kind of screwed. At this point, my options are limited so you have to make the best of the worst scenario and hope it works out.”

Mike told Dan and Joe that they could send Joaquin home if they had Sierra.

Dan in confessional: “At this time, Joe is with us. Unfortunately, Sierra and I have definitely hit a rough patch. I blew it, hands down, no excuses, no getting around it. I screwed up and now we need to bring her back into the fold.”

Dan and Mike talked to Sierra, saying they had to separate Rodney and Joaquin.

Sierra in confessional: “At this point, I have two separate alliances saying: Come with us, we will take care of you. It’s nice, it’s refreshing to have people want me. However, to have my old tribe hurt me so bad and now say they need me, it makes me sick to my stomach. I hate Dan and, at this point, I am just very angry. The Blue Collars, they don’t care about me, they are not going to keep me around. They are just using me for the moment.” After seeing her on the beach with Joe, Sierra gave us another confessional: “At this point, I am playing both sides. I don’t know not only who to trust but who is going to be better in the long run. I may choose one path and it might take me to the final three, you never know. I still, at this point, do not know which route I am going to take but, either way; it could change the whole game.”

Sierra certainly did change the whole game so maybe she is on the way to the Final three. It looks like, much like Natalie in Redemption Island, she will have to spend 39 days with someone she hates.

Tribal Council

Asked about the Blue Collars after the swap, Joe said that they looked like a big happy family but he, Tyler and Joaquin tried to find cracks.

Mike shook his head in disagreement when Joe said the Blue Collars were one happy family.

Dan agreed that there had been some opportunities to exploit because there was dysfunction in their tribe. Dan said he was concerned.

Asked what he had to do, Tyler said he didn’t have to do anything because he found that there was bad blood and animosity revolving around Sierra.

Sierra told Jeff that she felt mistreated after the last council. She said that they picked on her for being bad in challenges and not helping around camp.

Mike interrupted, saying that it wasn’t everyone that picked on her.

Sierra agreed, saying that Mike told the other guys to stop but that she still felt more appreciated by the new comers.

Mike made Tyler laugh when he said that it didn’t feel like they were a foursome of “impenetrableness”. Mike said he was afraid.

Rodney said that he had been looking for the best opportunity for himself ever since they threw their old buffs to the ground.

Joaquin said it couldn’t have been easier for him since people were quick to tell him their reasons to hate each other.

Joe admitted that the 4 Blue Collars could be lying but he was more concerned about being on the bottom, having no one with him.
Sierra told Jeff that she couldn’t trust people who attacked her personally.

Jeff tried to convince her that they had four right there so they could stick together for a few more votes even if she didn’t like them.

Sierra said that she wasn’t stupid and was looking at the whole picture.

Jeff told Mike that it was like dating when someone does something bad and you have to woo her back even if some other guy was trying to woo her.

That tied in nicely with the words exchanged between Sierra and Mike by the fire in the previous episode when she said she thought they had something.

Mike and Sierra were smiling when he hugged her. Mike said he hoped he could believe in the trusts that were made early on and the trusts that were made with new friends.

The camera indicated that Mike was pointing at Joe when he mentioned “new friends.”

Jeff sent them to vote and the cameraman looked over Sierra’s shoulder when she wrote: JO

I really enjoyed that little tease.

In the end, Joaquin was sent packing in a 4-3 vote. Joe showed his relief while Rodney looked around, as if trying to find the intruders who had come in to vote. Tyler looked resigned while Mike and Sierra were smiling.

While it looked like the vote was still not registering in Rodney’s head, Jeff said: “Tonight’s conversation centered around cracks. Your success in this game depends on your ability to repair or exploit those cracks day by day.”

The Story

With a reference to David and Goliath and a chant of “I believe we can win”, we have a fun underdog story developing for the members of the new Nagarote tribe. That tribe has some very likable players but it feels more like they are being used to distract us from the real story that is happening in Escameca.

Like Casaya, their dysfunction hasn’t prevented them from reaching the merge with more members than the opposing tribes. Of course, with three tribes, that doesn’t give them an absolute majority.

There are many variables in this merge and it should make for very fluid game play. By saving Joe, Mike may have built the foundation for a Blue-Red coalition that would regroup the season’s positive characters and they wouldn’t even need Rodney. On the other hand, there was already a Red-White Coalition in Nagarote that could use Joe and Sierra or Tyler to have the majority.

The Characters

Left Hanging High and Dry – They thought they had it made:

Rodney: He was sure that we would come to see him as a smart player but he proved that we were right in seeing him as an idiot. Rarely has a player in such a powerful position fell so quickly. Players have often thought they were in a powerful position but they were simply unaware of the schemes surrounding them. Rodger in the Amazon was a great example of that type of hubris. Rodney is different: He really was in a great position, having aligned himself with the Blue Collars and the White Collars in his tribe. It was his impatience that killed him. He was tired of hearing the same stories over and over again so he wanted to get creative. He thought that Joe would be too dangerous after the merger so Rodney had to act immediately. He came up with the “brilliant” idea of throwing a challenge. His confessional absolved Mike of any wrong-doings even for those viewers who are very strict in their definition of fair play. Rodney wanted to throw the challenge, not Mike who simply saw an opportunity. Jenn is right about Rodney: “What a tool”.

Tyler : His whole story was summed up in his answer to Jeff during Tribal Council: He didn’t do anything to save himself, thinking he had it made because there was animosity in the Blue Collar group. It was funny that he could let his game rest on Joaquin’s plan. If there was animosity inside the Blue camp why did he think it was a good idea to use two of them against someone that wasn’t in that group? He should have used Sierra to vote against Dan or went with Rodney to vote against Sierra. Joe was ready for anything and everything but Tyler didn’t even talk to him. We expected such a terrible mistake from Joaquin but figured Tyler would be smart enough to right the ship. Instead, he let it slam into the reef. The merger will give him a chance to save himself but he’ll probably miss the opportunity again.

Coming in from the Cold - They thought they had lost it:

Shirin: This was a huge turnaround episode for Shirin. It marked the end of her “Dumb Player” role and it gave her a substantial personal development, one that may encourage many viewers (and some tribe mates) to say that she isn’t so bad after all. She has embarked on a Journey to prove that she can deal with it, adapt and show her good qualities. That kind of redemption arc should carry her far into the game. It was especially interesting to hear that confessional in voice over while she was talking to Hali, one member of Nagarote who tried to get Nina to adapt. Nina couldn’t but we’ve seen that Shirin is trying. This doesn’t mean that Shirin is a contender for Sole Survivor because there was a lot of damage done to her character and I don’t think we would have heard the “I grew up in a rich Orange County suburb” part of her confessional if the intent was to truly endear her to us. However, we shouldn’t be surprised if Shirin finds a way to get the “beautiful and skinny” Hali out of the game. A little bird told me that she could do just that! (No, I’m not talking about inside info, just referring to the bird that was feasting on the red crab)

Sierra: Even if she hadn’t fallen as low as the professional whistler, Sierra made a strong comeback in this episode. After being attacked by everyone, she turned into the popular girl, the one that everybody wanted. From a game perspective, we can ask if she made the right choice. After all, she was the one that said she trusted Joaquin and Tyler the most. She even knew that the Blue Collars were only using her. We saw that she talked with Joe on the beach but we didn’t hear what they had to say. It’s possible that Joaquin and Rodney lost Sierra vote when they asked her to vote against Joe but it looked like it was the conversation with Mike and Dan that helped her decide. She may think that she has no future with the Blue Collars but her last confessional made me think that she will make it to the end with Mike and Dan. She will have to suffer their presence in order to make it to the end. She will get her prime time story like Rodney promised! She just doesn’t have to share it with him.

Joe: The swap episode’s storyline didn’t put Joe in any danger. In fact, it seemed that he had it made in the new alliance of Joaquin, Tyler and Sierra but that never materialize. Like Joe said, Joaquin and Tyler never really talked to him but we only heard that in this episode. In the swap episode, all the dangers were placed on the shoulders of the Blue Collar men, a storyline that would not have been shown if Joe was our winner. The events and the confessionals would have been presented in a way to make us think he could be going soon. Then, in this episode, Joe would have been shown acting proactively to save himself instead of relying on the roll of the dice. “You have to make the best of the worst scenario and hope it works out” isn’t exactly a winning strategy. If we had heard just a bit of his talk with Sierra on the beach, it would have been enough to suggest that he gained her trust and made her turn the tables on Joaquin. Despite the importance of the moment, it seemed as if they were only relaxing on the beach.

Cogs in Cogs – They Fit in Someone Else’s Story

Will: It was fun to see Will’s dance after the challenge win but we heard once more that he was dragging his tribe down. There has been very little of substance to Will’s story since his big move in the second episode so he can’t be considered as a possible winner. He could still go far because he won’t be an immediate threat but, at some point, the others will realize that no one hates Will. That’s when he will be taken out.

Dan: Once more, Dan seemed to put his foot in his mouth when he was talking to Sierra. At one point he said something like: “Close your mouth, open your ears and see what happens”. I thought that would anger Sierra and push her away but she didn’t. Dan is lucky that things worked out for him because his social game is still atrocious. On the other hand, it’s quite good for the third place check. That way, some of the money will stay on the East Coast!

Carolyn: Carolyn didn’t get the memo that Shirin doesn’t stink anymore! Her negativity looked like a bad sign for her future. No one else complained about Shirin in this episode and we even heard that she was trying to fit in, but Carolyn was still pushing her away, saying she couldn’t work with her anymore and was barely tolerating her. Since Carolyn is also in the red tribe, the animal imagery could apply to her. Shirin could get her revenge and catch Carolyn unaware of the danger.

Hali: Seeing Hali taking time to befriend Shirin has both positive and negative potential for her game. On the one hand, that scene could be telling us that Hali will be receiving Shirin’s vote in the end because she was the only one sympathizing with her. On the other, it could have been telling us that Hali is too naïve: She doesn’t realize that Shirin could flip the game on her. She told it straight to Shirin and that could be an indication that there isn’t enough deceit in Hali. The girl could be too nice for this evil game.

Kelly: We keep hearing glowing reviews from Mike about his girl Kelly but we don’t see much from her to back it up. I think it’s presented that way mostly to show that Mike is trustworthy even if he doesn’t hesitate to blindside his allies. Will Kelly regret putting so much trust in someone? It was strange to hear that she trusts him more than anyone else in her life. She shouldn’t trust anyone in this game and it makes me wonder if Mike will betray her down the line. He could come to realize that she is much too well liked to take to the end when he could take Sierra instead. This episode showed that Kelly isn’t our winner. The immunity challenge really made her look dumb when Mike had to tell her the correct order. We probably wouldn’t have seen her failing twice before finally getting it right if she was our winner.

The Contenders:

Jenn: Now that her chances of winning Survivor are up to one in twelve and that she compared herself to the sea turtle that is part of the show’s introduction, can we say that Jenn will be our Sole Survivor? The editors love her confessionals so much that they used her narrative about the horse race to say that Max “won” his way out of the game. Like Mike in the first challenge and Sierra in the second, Jenn got the benefit of editing cuts to look good in the reward challenge. However, there is still a lack of strategy discussions coming from Jenn to consider her the winner. Even if she is using the laid back attitude about the game that has been typical of her tribe, she must have looked at her options when she talked about her chances of winning. It didn’t really matter in this episode since they weren’t going to Tribal Council but she could have said something about the approaching merge. With her alliance of three facing three solo players in Nagarote, which one did she think would give her the best options? Was she worried about Joe being all alone on the other side? There are so many moving pieces in this game that it’s reasonable to expect to hear the Sole Survivor talking about options and that hasn’t been Jenn’s role up to now. She is a strong contender but she needs a very strong merge episode to overtake the player that has been looking at these options lately.

Mike: Losing a challenge intentionally has usually been presented as terrible strategy. The Zhan Hu women were immediately ridiculed when they threw a challenge to get rid of Aaron. Zapatera was hit by bad Karma after choosing to end Hantz’s game. While there is no question that throwing a challenge can be great strategy after a swap, it’s understandable that production wouldn’t want everyone to use that idea. You can’t run a game when everyone is throwing it! With that in mind, it’s important to note that we clearly heard the idea was Rodney’s and Rodney’s alone. The scene could have simply shown Mike and Rodney walking on the beach, saying they had to throw a challenge and then the camera could have cut to Mike saying he was doing it to save Kelly. That would have led many viewers to criticise his lack of fair play. Instead we heard that it killed him a little to resort to Rodney’s vile tactic but that he saw a redeeming side to it.

Mike is adapting his game week to week, repairing some cracks, exploiting some others day to day. That is the key to success according to Jeff. While we still have to look carefully at the upcoming merge episode, Mike looks like he is edited as this season’s Sole Survivor.

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49. "RE: Episode 6 - A Walk in the Park"
LAST EDITED ON 03-29-15 AT 00:29 AM (EST)

Yep those are my top two as well. More on that.

I'm starting to see Hali as the merge boot if Rodney wins immunity. If Rodney doesn't, its obvious he has to go first. Then, at f11 I think is when the fireworks start. Something about Hali isn't right. She has not been as quiet as a finals pawn would be but she just is not getting the best upclose editing but we see her too much in these little scenes acting like you did that wrong, you need to change or you are going. And for some reason just imagine the look Hali would give if she got blindsided. She would have those blue eyes open wide with that grin thing she does. Also, it makes me realize as well that all of Jenn's heavy early screentime was not going to be her demise, it was going to be her closest ally's.

Kelly I think while she will help Mike get to the end, I don't think the two remaining tightly aligned white collars will let that get too far. I would not be surprised if Tyler finds the third idol and he and Carolyn use their underdog statuses to shake up the game at f6. Kelly I think finishes 6th. Dan started off great the first show but slowed down since getting 1 or 0 confessionals per show. He's getting confessionals however during deliberation scenes. I think he might be this season's Trish(neither really played the game enough rode coattails of the winner, both extreme personalities). And since he survived the pre-merge he could finish the same place as the only time a Dan made the merge, Dan Lembo(?) in Nicaragua, which is fifth.

I decided to go back to the drawing boards of Cagayan and Phillipines and pick the ones that have been the most emphasized mixed or positive on their tribes to make it to the endgame(although Penner didn't but that was obvious).

That would be Mike, Jenn, and Carolyn. But I'm throwing in Tyler to outlast Carolyn. Mike and Jenn are getting edits of both players and narrators. Carolyn is getting a player edit. Tyler is a narrator. Narrators usually make it the furthest on their tribes in most cases so I think Tyler will outlast Carolyn barely.

If Mike, Jenn, Carolyn, and Tyler make the final four...I think Jenn would be the first one gone of that unless she won immunity and if she did, Mike would be gone. And this is what I am seeing.

There will be no Woo this year in the finals, Mike wins over Tyler and Carolyn.

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50. "RE: Episode 6 - A Walk in the Park"
LAST EDITED ON 03-29-15 AT 02:33 PM (EST)

I came to the same conclusion that you guys did. It was actually one of those really clarifying episodes, editing-wise.

To be honest, it's been awhile since I've seen an episode shill for one contestant that this one did for Mike. It was like, to use a Star Trek analogy, Wesley Crusher levels of shilling. The message about throwing a challenge has been a constant one for the past 10-15 season. YOU NEVER THROW A CHALLENGE. Even if people like Ethan (and others) successfully did it, the show's political stance has always been, "Never, ever throw a challenge."

So seeing the show bend over backwards to justify Mike's challenge throw... Is very, very, very curious. Right from the previews, they underlined how Kelly was the odd Blue out. It kind of felt like they were prepping us for a Kelly boot, actually. But it's clear that Kelly's main role (probably for the whole season) is how she fits into Mike's game. She's not really a player, she's just a tool used by the editors, at this point.

How do we make it look like the challenge throw was justified?
Let's lean heavily on the idea that Kelly could be in trouble.

Even though she might not be. Even though, IN THE SAME EPISODE, they're illustrating why Shirin feels like an outsider. It's actually a really weird strategy by the editors, trying to keep these diametrically opposed messages apart.

They also really drove home why Mike (the celibate hero) is the foil for Rodney (the sexist villain).

I usually try to give the editors more credit and assume they're not going to just give away the winner on a silver platter, but even I have to admit that they really went out of their way to make Mike look golden. Once again, maybe it's just be a reaction to the uneven Natalie edit, I dunno?

The only things that give me pause are that 1) Mike might be peaking too soon, and 2) some of his negative edit from earlier (which, to reiterate, was super-unnecessary). Still tough to argue against this past episode. If there is even one sniff in the next episode that throwing the challenge was a bad thing, maybe this was just the honeymoon episode.

Jenn is clearly the alternate pick. In the past two episodes, her edit has significantly softened and been more easy-going in general. It's actually reminding me a little of Parvati's these days. They never really sold Parvati's strategic sense with scenes of her deliberating and doing scenarios and stuff. They would just do a lot of social game stuff, and show how Parvati is the Social Leader of the team. Jenn is a lot like that. She's the queen bee, but she's the queen bee because she draws people in. And she gets confessionals about turtles to put the whole thing in perspective.

If Mike isn't our winner, then it's Jenn.

My official darkhorse pick is Tyler. I liked him before this episode but am not completely discarding him yet. This past episode reminded me an awful lot of how much Natalie disappeared during the Jeremy boot episode. There was a definite emphasis to not implicate Tyler or make him look stupid. The invisible edit is obviously a HUGE RED FLAG for him being the winner, but the fact that they completely shielded him (and basically blamed Joaquin for everything) is interesting. The only way Tyler is our winner is if Mike and/or Jenn either go home or their edit disqualifies them. And that's got to happen SOON.

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51. "RE: Episode 6 - A Walk in the Park"
Nicely thought out Michel, Outsider & Jims. Enjoyed all the thoughts. This is turning out to be a fun season for me.

I should be watched....closely.

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52. "RE: Survivor Worlds Apart - The Characters and their Stories:"
This race was between Mike and Jenn but after last night Carolyn is back. She is telling the game story so far on most things like Mike, talking about strong bonds not going to the end, and she basically said in that confessional that Jenn and Hali cannot get to the end together and its a foregone conclusion Joe will not. Even though I mentioned narrators making it the furthest, I think the editing has been somewhat unique with Carolyn with how she's been highlighted in the premiere, swap, and merge episodes.

Dan is looking to be a goat to the end, or get to the last episode if he doesn't fall victim to Rodney in his move to get out Mike. The editing also made it look that way with Rodney getting more screentime than Mike(not during the deliberation though) last night, maybe his boot is building up but when they showed Rodney about to fall and then Mike suddenly falls(maybe thats coincidental) that may have been forshadowing or something close to it.

Mike is still my choice but now I have him in a f3 with either Tyler and Carolyn(Carolyn runner-up) or Jenn and Dan(Jenn runner-up).

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53. "Episode 7 - Power Couples"
Previously on Survivor

- After a surprise switch, Kelly was the only Blue Collar member on the new Nagarote Tribe. Kelly: “I’m scared to death.”
- But, in Blue Collar fashion (we hear Mike telling Kelly that he is giving the challenge to her) her old tribe decided to throw the immunity challenge in order to protect one of their own and keep the Blue Collar numbers strong. Kelly: “I trust the Blue Collar tribe... I can’t wait to get away from these people.”

- With Escameca facing Tribal Council, all eyes were on Joe, the biggest threat in challenges... but the Blue Collars began to notice Rodney and Joaquin’s budding bromance. Mike: “Rodney and Joaquin are a power couple. Power couples have to be split up immediately.”

- At tribal Council, Rodney was shocked when his new ally was voted out. The camera went from Rodney’s bewilderment, Mike’s satisfaction, Tyler’s reflection to Joe’s calmness.

The recap, like most of the story up to now, is all about the Blue Collars. Compared to the elaboration of Kelly’s predicament, Joe’s situation is noted without frills. It is particularly noticeable that the act of throwing the challenge wasn’t presented as a devious scheme or even a game move but like an act of solidarity that is an essential characteristic of Blue Collars. It is said to be in their fashion to protect one of their own. That leads us to the interesting question: Was Jeff implying that it is only a Blue Collar characteristic? The recap paints a more accurate picture of the decision to throw the challenge: Rodney and Mike had been the only ones shown talking about the plan to throw the challenge but all the Blue Collars had agreed.

With the results of this episode, we know that the care wasn’t for Kelly’s personal benefit but because she figured prominently in Mike’s bigger story. Another very interesting aspect of this recap was its focus on the power couples, something that will be a recurring theme in this episode. Jeff set up this episode with the traditional: “...Who will be going home tonight?” However, this episode asked the more important question: Mike is about to lose his closest ally so is he doomed?

The Power Couples

Escameca – Night 16

Tyler congratulated the tribe on their “first juicy blindside.” Joe simply stated: “It’s the game.”

Tyler gave the first confessional: “Tonight, I experienced my first blindside. Myself, Rodney and Joaquin were completely bamboozled by the other guys. So, I’m on the bottom. Despite all the trouble the Blue Collar tribe seems to be having, they sure voted with a lot of symmetry tonight.”

Mike’s interview: “I knew by the look on Rodney’s face that he was pissed. There had to be some damage control done. This is the second time that we had to have one of our members on the outs because they were too close to the situation. Anytime that you blindside somebody, it can cause a big riff in this game so, hopefully, he doesn’t take it too personal.”

At Mike’s suggestion, the two guys took a walk to discuss the situation. Rodney was upset that they went behind his back. Mike explained it from their perspective, that they could see Joaquin reeling Rodney in. Rodney said he was acting in order to find out everything that was going down in the White Collar tribe, that it was a fake alliance to help Blue’s game. Mike told Rodney he had done such a good acting job that he had them fooled. Rodney compared himself to DeNiro.

Rodney’s confessional: “I feel like I got played. I’m really pissed right now. I just seen Mike emerge as a hardcore leader, saying he’s worried about me. Bro, don’t worry about what I’m doing, worry about yourself. You think I was going to get trapped in a bromance? This game is about numbers; you should know better. You go behind my back, thinking I don’t know what I’m doing? Disrespectful. Now, all of a sudden, I have to be Mike’s b*tch until we get to the merge. What else am I going to do now? People that did me wrong today are going to pay for it in the future.”

Unlike Shirin, Rodney didn’t take the elimination of his closest ally lightly. Mike had just recovered from Sierra’s threat to abandon the Blue Collars and immediately a new threat is placed on his road to the end. Rodney clearly identifies him as the leader of the Blue Collar tribe so Mike’s success is tied to the tribe’s unity but how can they be united when they have to deal with such a loose cannon?

Nagarote – Day 17: Tree Mail!

After Carolyn read tree mail, Kelly was the first to say that the message meant it was time to merge. Will said it was only talking about reward while Hali thought it could go either way.

Was this presented this way because of its symbolism: Kelly is right, Will is wrong, Hali is wishy-washy?

Kelly’s confessional: “If today is the merge: Alleluia! I will be smiling from ear to ear.”

That’s the type of ironic confessional that the editors love.
Carolyn told Nagarote: “We pick off Blue one by one.” Kelly agreed. Jenn expressed surprise to hear that that Kelly wasn’t tied to them at all, not even Mike. Kelly said she wasn’t with them but, in confessional, she was quick to set the picture straight: “When I came to this tribe, I had to go deep undercover and make them believe that I am going to be with them but I am definitely with the Blue Collars all the way to the end.”

The show did very little for Kelly’s reputation as an undercover police officer by reminding us that she had approached the swap like an assignment to infiltrate a crime gang. She did such a bad job that Jenn saw right through it. The vote had to be explained but it could have been presented in another way unless the goal was to show Jenn’s astuteness.

The Beach

We’ve had some very interesting mergers in the show’s history. This wasn’t one of them. Jeff didn’t even bother showing up.
Rodney’s confessional explained: “We were walking into a challenge but there was nothing there. We see the other tribe... there’s no Jeff...I guess that means we are merged...The first thing I was thinking was strategy...Let me see what I can piece together to put myself ahead in this game.”
It didn’t take long for Kelly to blow her own cover because she immediately went to hug Mike.

The group soon found the food, the note and the new buffs. The note told them they’d be going back to the old Escameca camp.

(The one with an idol yet to be found of course)

Tyler’s interview: “My entire future has changed; I’ve got new found hope that I’m no longer on the bottom of something and that I can go out and test the water with people that I have never met before. It’s a whole new life and it smells so sweet.”
Dan and Hali gave us the fluff confessionals. First Dan: “Merge time, baby! That means food! We got a crateful of food!”

Then Hali: “I felt like a Greek Goddess when all that was laid out. I was like: Give me the grapes: I’m in heaven.”

The question of the last vote soon surfaced with Shirin saying: “Tell us about Joaquin. I thought Rodney and Joaquin would bond.”

Mike didn’t skate around the issue: “That’s part of the reason for the vote.”

That led to Carolyn’s confessional: “It’s clear that anyone who has a strong bond with one other person is not going to make it. Tyler and I have been together since day three. He’s the only one who I told that I have the idol so I trust him but we are not going to be a pair that anybody knows about. You cannot show any strong bonds at all or you’ll be out of here. Game on, baby.”

Like we heard Mike saying, the vote reveals everything about alliances so it shouldn’t surprise anyone after this cycle that Carolyn and Tyler are close. Still, the editing went to great lengths to show that they were keeping a safe distance between them. And it wasn’t only the editing that kept them apart: During the merge feast, we saw that they sat on opposite sides of the blanket while Kelly sat right between Sierra and Rodney. Also, Rodney didn’t even include Tyler in the group he wanted to form with Carolyn. So we can say she succeeded so far. How far can she go with that success? It could certainly lead her to the victory.

The Merged Tribe

They played the old Fiji trick on the players: The old camp was gone. If we look back at Fiji, the losers were given the confessionals that complained about the absence of the luxurious shelter while Earl took it in stride.

This is what Alex said during Fiji's merge episode: “Thank God, after 7 days of hell at Ravu, I get to eat rice, potatoes…toothbrush, toothpaste, a shower, I smell like crap, I know. Finally…Finally, things are looking up, until… What the hell? This is so messed up! Bastards! We got Nothing…Nothing!”

Cassandra: “I was so elated to be going back to Moto Island. I had been thinking: How am I going to make it on Exile Island? There was going to be the snakes, no bed, no couch. Lord! Please! What are we going to do?”

Compare this to Earl’s confessional and it was easy to see who would be the winner: ““We had…Nothing. I felt OK with that. I kind of laughed; I had a smirk on my face. I’ve already been trained. Being at the old Ravu for 13 days. Hey! I’m just back home again.”

So, how did our players react?

Arriving first, Carolyn asked: “Wait... where is everything?”
Sierra exclaimed: “Oh! my Gosh! What happened?”

Dan had a confessional: “So we merged and we walked in with our hands full of stuff, all the food that we didn’t eat, we walk back into camp and we’re all excited to show what our camp looked like and it’s GONE!”

Joe said they’d have to start from the bottom while Carolyn said it would be a team building exercise. Joe said he didn’t mind.

Carolyn’s interview: “Are you kidding me? I mean, this was rough. It was like Day One all over again and we were like: No.”

After asking the White Collars to line them up, Mike said: “You know me: I’m a worker bee.”

Mike in confessional: “Now, it’s one tribe and we’re left with the responsibility of making a new world for ourselves. One people battling it out for a million dollars.”

If we can rely on the Fiji model, then this segment would eliminate Carolyn, Sierra and Dan while Mike was given Earl’s role. Poor Carolyn! We never considered Sierra and Dan as contenders even if they look to be heading for the Final Three but new hope had been given to Carolyn’s story but then, right after it took a great step forward, she is heard complaining about the harsh conditions. Shouldn’t you expect that on Survivor? The complainers are always relegated to the editors’ doghouse. Despite that, these players were seen doing the work: Mike, Hali, Joe, Rodney, Will... and Carolyn, if you want to count someone that was practically hidden behind Joe. It would be funny symbolic trickery: The winner was hidden behind one of the season’s big character! I feel like I am the one being wishy-washy on Carolyn but I’m going with what the editors are showing! One great premiere followed by a series of meaningless episodes and now a surprisingly good merge episode.

Kelly was then shown gathering wood with Mike, telling us how happy she was to have made the merge. She added: “Mike and I are like one. He is like a family member so Mike and I are definitely the tightest out here.”

Mike in confessional: “Right now, strategy wise, it looks like the five blues are still strong so all we have to do is pull two and we run numbers in this game but we’ll see how it all plays out because who knows who is really together and who is forming new bonds at this point.”

Jenn was quick to point out to Hali: “I’m more concerned about what’s going to go on now. We don’t have Kelly. I saw her talking to the four.”

Hali had also seen it: “I knew she was going to flip in a sec.”

Jenn’s confessional: “I don’t trust Kelly at all. I haven’t since the beginning. I knew she would go back to the Blue Collars. Now, all I have to do is try to grab all the White Collars and take out the Blue Collars because I’d rather play with the White Collars than Blue Collars at this point.”

Jenn agreed with Hali that Shirin was with them.

Next, Joe told Jenn and Hali that he was happy to see them because he thought he was going home.

Joe’s interview: “You know, I dodged a bullet the night before. The Blue saved me but I was really excited to see all three of my tribe mates because, in my gut, I trust the No Collars.”

Will was shown when Joe mentioned trusting the No Collars. While it shows that Joe isn’t aware of Will’s plan to defect, the scene featured Jenn’s cleverness once again. She wasn’t fooled by an experienced undercover agent and she would soon take action to eliminate the threat. One thing to consider though: Jenn only saw Kelly as being loyal to the Blue Collars. From what we were given to hear, she didn’t notice that Mike and Kelly formed a power couple. I think the distinction is important.

Jenn asked if Rodney was smart. Joe’s expression gave the answer.

At the same time however, Rodney was talking to Will. In confessional and in discussion, Rodney threw out his plan. To Will, he said: “We go me, you, Kelly and Carolyn: That’s four. I am sticking to this “Blue Collar strong” thing. So, if I stick to the “Blue Collar strong”, you, me, Kelly and Carolyn sneak in and dissect them three at the end. So, we go in with seven, we get the numbers then we dissect them out then you, me, Kelly and Carolyn are sitting there then we make the move.”

Rodney then exposed his plan to Carolyn and Kelly. He told Carolyn: “I loved Joaquin. That dude was loyal. If you liked Joaquin then Hey! You’re looking at his clone from Boston. It’s a little different. This isn’t New York but if we can get over the Yankees-Red Sox hate. Ha! Ha! Ha! We got five blue and we got you two. That’s seven. Then guess what? At the end, when they least expect it, me, you, Kelly, Will chop off the blues.”

Here is Rodney’s confessional: “When they voted out Joaquin, I felt extremely disrespected by these Blues. Now, I am looking at it like this: Let me get some numbers and get out the three who screwed me over in the beginning. I was the first to get to Will: Come with me, bro, I got your back. I’m always riding numbers, baby, so I’m going to have four people to ride on against Sierra, Dan and Mike. I’m going to slowly chop their heads off and I’m going to have the numbers. So, if I can build these bonds then it’s looking beautiful for Rodney, isn’t it?”

Carolyn also gave an interview after hearing Rodney’s plan: “As soon as we got on the beach, Rodney, he’s like: “Final Four: It’s us. We’re tight. We are going to go there. In his plan, he’s got me, Will, Kelly and Rodney: Final Four. The thing is; he’s still a blue and he’s still going to vote with them but it’s nice to hear that I’m wanted in a Final Four.”

Rodney plays Fantasy Survivor. He makes an alliance much like a player does his fantasy baseball draft: He doesn’t consider their likes and needs, their prior affiliations or their motivations; he just fits them in his roster and hopes for the best. We knew this plan wasn’t going to work the minute we didn’t hear Kelly say in confessional, something along the line of: Rodney thinks I’m with him and will help him chop off Mike’s head but I’m with Mike so Rodney’s head is the one that will get chopped.” It’s funny also how Rodney always starts his enumerations with “me, you, etc...” It sure tells everyone who he thinks has to come first! Despite all this, Rodney did get Carolyn and Will to vote with the Blue Collars so we can’t even rely on Rodney always failing!

Tyler and Carolyn had a talk: “You and I are arguably the tightest alliance in this game but we have to stay apart because that’s exactly why they targeted Joaquin.” They agreed to work with Rodney and realized that their votes were needed.

Carolyn gave us another interview: “I have the No Collars on my side right now and Tyler is telling me that we should go with the Blue Collars so I’m kind of smack in the middle now. Tyler and I are going to decide which way we want to go, going forward.”

Merged Tribe – Day 18

Dan was having trouble walking on the beach when he came across Jenn. He told her that he had been stung by a jellyfish. She told him to put some hot water on it.

Interestingly, Jenn was also limping and she had removed the bottom of her bikini and had something tied on her upper thigh so this scene happened after the immunity challenge where she would get stung by a bee in a very sensitive spot. Why transpose this scene? I think the editors decided to create an impression of hectic scrambling after the immunity challenge, something that wouldn’t have worked as well if we knew the challenge actually happened a day before Tribal Council and that the players took time to go alone in the ocean. The resulting montage gives an even better impression of Jenn’s play: Despite the little time she had to decipher the craziness, she still was aware that she was the target.

After telling Shirin he didn’t need her to pee on his ankle, Dan had a confessional: “I was taking a morning dip and I got stung by something. I wasn’t sure what it was, whether it was stingray or jellyfish. It felt like I got sliced. But you know; I am way smarter and way tougher than I look: I’m not going anywhere.”

That’s when Mike proposed “Merica” as their tribe name. Some liked the idea.

Mike’s confessional: “Our tribe; “Merica” is fitting because you have the White Collar, the No Collar and, obviously the best, the Blue Collars. We are all part of the melting pot which makes America so great so that’s our tribe name: “Merica!”

Hali gave us her approval in confessional: “I love our tribe name so much because I’m going to be a criminal defense attorney and, as a criminal defense attorney, you are part of the Constitution...the greatest blueprint for government that was ever devised. I really believe in it, it’s like a religion of America.”

Shirin had a different opinion: “Oh! My goodness. We have the worst tribe name in Survivor history. We didn’t go with America; we dropped the A and went for “Merica”. Like a bunch of rednecks idiots who don’t know what our own country’s name is. I’m horrified and embarrassed and Mr. Texas himself, Mike, is so proud of this name. Even Sarah Palin... All kind of crazy crap comes out of her mouth, I never heard that woman call America, “Merica”.”

While Shirin may be more in tune with the internet fan base, I doubt that the editors’ intent was to have the audience agree with her. If it was, we wouldn’t have been given Hali’s seal of approval which included an impassioned opinion of the country’s constitution. It feels more like the scene was telling us that Shirin still doesn’t fit in. However, Shirin’s mention of the “redneck idiots” is a red flag for those who, like me, think Mike is going to win. Is that how we are supposed to see the Blue Collars now?

Next, Mike and Rodney agreed that Joe would be their first target. “If he doesn’t win immunity; he’s out.”

Mike in confessional: “The game plan, at this point, is to run the game all the way to the end with the Blue Collars. We got some numbers to knock out Joe, being at the top of that list but I definitely need Rodney as numbers right now so I got to do Rodney maintenance. I’ll go do Rodney Maintenance.”

Rodney’s confessional: “I love Mike to death but he voted out my boy Joaquin. If my tribe would have stuck to the script, got rid of Joe, we’d be sitting so pretty right now. I’m putting my hustle pants right now. I’m going to let Mike quarterback it but, when the game matters, I’m going to come in full fledge, Tom Brady in the fourth quarter and make this one epic. I’m going to cut his head off.”

Once more this could be seen as putting obstacles in Mike’s journey to victory but if the Blue Collar tribe is turning into “redneck idiots” then it’s possible that Mike is heading for an epic failure. We just saw that Rodney doesn’t always fail and Mike’s plan to do some Rodney maintenance didn’t work.

The Immunity Challenge

Dan, Will and Tyler went down early, so Jeff commented that this challenge favored the lighter players over the heavier ones.

That’s when Sierra started losing her grip so I guess Jeff was calling her fat!

Sierra, Shirin and Kelly dropped out in quick succession. Just before the half hour mark, “Hot Rod” asked Mama C how she felt because he had to drop out. She told him she was doing fine. Joe seemed to realize that the White Collars were with the Blues. Mike and “Hot Rod” fell off their poles, leaving Carolyn as the only Collar left against the three No Collars.
That’s when a bee stung Jenn.

The bee must have been carrying a microphone because we heard it buzzing and biting!

It led to this funny exchange:
Jeff: “What’s happening, Jenn?”
Jenn: “I got stung by something. Are you serious?”
Jeff: “Where did it get you?”
Jenn: “Where my hand is, Jeff.”
Everyone laughed. Well, Jenn laughed and cried. Still, she soldiered on.

When Hali fell off, Joe, Jenn and Carolyn were left to battle it out through a rain storm that suddenly appeared.

Considering that this challenge had been won by Ozzy twice, Tyson, Twila, Danielle and Laura, it wasn’t too surprising to see them at the end although I expected Hali to do a lot better.

Jenn got off the pole just before the hour mark. In a reversal of situation from the episode one challenge, we heard Rodney hoping for Joe to let go. In the end, it was too much for the valiant Mama C who dropped out. Mike and Rodney exchanged disappointed looks.

Jenn had the post-IC confessional: “Joe won immunity. That is awesome. The plan that I want to enact today is get the No Collars, get the White Collars and then take out the actual threats: The Blue Collars.”

Mike was on camera when she mentioned the actual threats. We then saw Sierra and Dan, the trio that I feel are going to be the Final Three. The scene ended with Kelly, the eventual boot. Was this telling us that Jenn’s plan will come up short? It could be that she only manages to eliminate Kelly.

Day 19

While Joe was being congratulated, we heard Carolyn, with a tint of humor, say: “You couldn’t let me win this for my kids, you son of a b*tch.”

After telling everyone to go talk, we saw Mike discussing the vote with Dan, putting the target on Jenn and saying they had to appease Rodney.

Mike told Rodney: “We’re telling Will “Hali” but we’re voting “Jenn”.”

Will agreed to Mike’s “plan” of going after Hali, Joe’s right hand woman.

Mike had the first confessional that was spliced up and presented throughout this scene: “Of course, the golden boy, Joe, wins the first immunity so we got to switch up the plan...I’m thinking: Why not switch it to vote off Jenn or Hali then we break up a power couple and the five Blue Collars are still running this game. Rodney thinks he’s got Will but I don’t trust Will at this point. We are telling Will to write down Hali’s name and the rest of us write down Jenn. When I see Hali’s name written down tonight then I’ll know that I can trust Will.”

While Mike was appropriately cautious not to trust Will, his trickery isn’t foolproof. Seeing that Will did in fact vote for Hali means that Mike could have trusted Will for this vote, not that he can trust him in the future. The deceit could in fact break that trust but Will is going to have a lot more problems going back to the No Collars this time.
The funniest thing is that Mike's plan would have worked better if Will had been lying to him! Had he gone back to the No Collars, he would have told Jenn that Hali was the target so Jenn would probably have given her idol to her ally and been voted out, sparing Kelly.

Will’s confessional: “Since Joe won immunity, they are trying to vote off Hali now. My choices are: Either stay with my tribe, No Collars and try and convince the White Collars to go with us or join Blue Collars. I mean, that’s a huge risk. When you are merging with twelve people, it’s hard to know who you can trust so I think the first vote is going to determine who is loyal and who is not.”

Unfortunately for Will, that first vote didn’t show him any loyalty.

We saw Kelly and Carolyn talking about the vote. They agreed that Jenn and Hali had to be split up.

In confessional, Kelly told us that she bonded quickly with Carolyn after the swap. She added that Carolyn didn’t like the No Collar tribe.

To Hali and Shirin, Jenn said that she didn’t like the Blue Collars and didn’t trust them. They agreed that they trusted Kelly the least and that voting her out would cripple the Blue.

Shirin had an interview: “There are five of them and four No Collars with three White Collars as swing votes. If Blue Collars win the vote tonight, I’m afraid that Blue Collars will have the votes to the end. So right now, I’m swinging No Collar.”

Before Hali could get to him, we heard Tyler telling Mike that it would be hard to trust him. He wanted to be in the loop or he’d go to people who would put him in the loop. Mike said he would love to work with him but Tyler pointed to the obvious.
Tyler’s confessional that is presented below, started here, before his talk with Hali.

We heard Hali saying to Tyler that the No Collars wanted to join with the White Collars and that the vote was going to be Kelly. We then heard her say: “Join with me, Jenn, Shirin...”
Tyler responded: “I’m a swing. I can’t trust the Blue, they already stabbed me. I’m in way over my head with those guys but I don’t know you guys either.”

And people say that today’s players are savvier than the old players! Tyler’s response to Hali reminded me of Big Tom in the All-Stars’ final 5 when he was so proud of his new found swing position that he openly flaunted it in Boston Rob’s face.

Why didn’t this happen to Tyler as well? Of course, it’s a little more complicated at 12 than at 5 but the principle is the same: Get rid of the player sitting on the fence.

And what should we think of Hali? Instead of securing Tyler’s vote by making him an offer he couldn’t refuse such as a Final three deal, she tells him to “talk to other people” leaving him a total free agent.

Tyler in confessional: “I don’t know what I am going to do yet but I have options and options are always a fantastic thing to have especially when I thought, just a few days ago, that I was the next guy going home. The original tribes are definitely sticking together. It seems to be Blue versus No Collar. I can go either way. Either I vote with No Collar and vote out Kelly or go with Blue Collar and target Jenn. So right now, Carolyn and I are the swing votes. We have been hiding since day one, wherever we go will change this game dramatically.”

Tyler explained the situation to Carolyn, telling her that the No Collars wanted to go after Kelly and that Shirin was with them.

To Hali, Jenn said that they could be on the bottom; that they could be trying to get them voted out. She added that it would be important to know which one of them was the target because she had an idol. That surprised Hali who wanted to know how she got it. Jenn simply said: “Magic!”

Jenn in confessional: “No one is going to thinks that I have an idol so if I get an inkling that things aren’t going to go as we planned on getting out Kelly, I’ll just play my idol. I’d rather not use my idol when there are still twelve people left in the game. I’d rather use it when there are five people left in the game but I don’t know how tribal is going to go. I’m terrified. No Collar is together 100 percent and we plan on staying that way as far as I know. Blue Collar? It seems like they are sticking together too but I think anything can happen tonight and I have no idea what to do.”

When Jenn was saying she didn’t know how tribal was going to go, we saw Tyler getting a massage from Mike, telling us how it was leaning! While this episode turned out great for Jenn, I fear that she will regret not having that idol at final five. When we hear someone stating a number so clearly, it always makes me wonder if that is where then journey will end. Will Jenn miss out on Final Five because she was forced to play her idol so soon? She still has a long way to go before that point.

Tribal Council

In a way to express the uncertainty of the vote, Will said: “Jeff, who may get voted out tonight. Ain’t nobody safe so I hope you have an idol.”

Kelly told Jeff that they were all nervous but that it was exciting.

Joe agreed that everyone knew it was a game. They all had a knife and it was “stab or get stabbed. Someone’s got to go and don’t take it personal, it’s just a game and that’s what makes it fun.”

Will said that his vote would show that people can count on him.

Jeff asked Mike if the White Collars could be the swing votes.
Mike said it certainly could, that the vote would boil down to the people you could trust, making a decision and living with it.

Tyler said he was approached by many people and was trying to find out where he could fit in. He added that someone would put an ice pick in the tribe’s back.

Interesting that two of our main themes for the season returned in consecutive quotes. Mike talks about making a decision, Tyler wants to fit in.

Asked to comment on Tyler’s ice pick comment, Carolyn said that the lines would be drawn tonight. She said: “Once that line is drawn, it’s hard to go back the other way.”

Will was shown when Carolyn made that comment but like the No Collar “traitor”, Carolyn and Tyler have also shown where they sit.

Shirin told Jeff that she didn’t see herself as a swing vote.
That pleased Jenn.

Jenn said that she was scared but that they all had an idea of what was going on. She was hoping that her idea was the one that got the most.

Jeff asked Rodney about the Hidden immunity Idol.

Rodney said he didn’t know if anybody had one, that he was waiting to see what happens.

Jenn said that she didn’t know who is on whose side.
Dan said that pleading wouldn’t help at this point because people knew where they were going to go. He said that the line would be drawn with a chain saw, not an ice pick.

Satisfied with this graphic description, Jeff sent them to vote.
Not a single vote was revealed before Jeff went to tally them.

He asked if anybody wanted to play an idol and that got Jenn to simply say: “Jeff”. She held up a finger as she went to her bag. Walking over to the podium, she said: “I really don’t want to go home tonight.”

I guess Jen didn’t see Rodney’s expression because she thought she had made a mistake when the first vote turned out to be against Hali but her mood changed quickly when the next 7 went against her. Shirin started clapping while Hali and Jenn embraced and laughed. When Kelly was voted out, Joe called Jenn “savage” while Hali said she was a genius.
Will looked lost while Rodney was fuming.

Certainly happy with the result, Jeff commented: “You used the words knife, ice pick and chainsaw to describe the vote. Based on the reactions, I’d say it was more like a bomb.”

The Story

In an episode where the danger of the power couples was amply discussed, it’s noteworthy that no one mentioned that Kelly and Mike were the power couple in the tribe with the numbers. Hali and Jenn were mentioned as the power couple in the No Collar tribe and, while a first attempt to split them failed, they should remain on everyone’s radar. Tyler and Carolyn want to keep their strong connection quiet but can they now that the lines have been drawn?

Like Foa Foa and Aitu before them, the No Collars with Shirin acting as an honorary member, are now the underdogs facing a big disadvantage big numbers. We have heard quite a few times that this is a numbers game but that could be to hide their comeback. As it has been for most of the season, a lot of the story depends on what Rodney will do. His impulsiveness can destroy the game for the Blue Collars. He is certainly as undependable as Shambo was for Galu. Can Mike do some effective Rodney Maintenance? He will need to keep him under control if he is to be our winner. The main thing that plays in his favor is that we keep hearing how dysfunctional the Blue Collars are as a tribe yet they were the only tribe to vote in unison during this episode. Jeff said that the tribe’s success depended on staying united and they showed that they could do it. Will that resolve continue now that they lost one of their own?

Looking at Jenn's idol, we get an interesting new perspective on an episode 1 scene:

Like the scorpion he ate, Jenn's scorpion idol put Mike in a lot of pain!

The Characters

Swinging in the Wind: Their decisions didn’t get the expected results

Will: He made his choice and his vote let everyone know where he stood but, unfortunately for him, no one trusted him enough to tell him about the real plan. He won’t be trusted by his former allies and that could cost him dearly if they manage to reverse the votes in the next Tribal Council. If the Blue Collars implode, Will is going to find himself abandoned by all sides. His only hope rests in Rodney’s hands and that can’t be a comfortable position.

Shirin: She made it clear during Tribal Council that she was throwing her lot with the No Collars. That’s wasn’t surprising since most of us figured she should have been cast with them from the start. The problem is that she now stands on the wrong side of the division. Even if Shirin was to make it to the end, who would vote for her? She’s on a journey to prove that she isn’t as bad as we first thought but she still barely fits in.

Tyler: From what was shown, Tyler gave his vote to the Blue Collars with nothing more in return than a shoulder massage. Unlike Carolyn, he didn’t get a Final Four deal and he knew that Mike’s desire to work with him was mostly due to circumstances. His decision put him in the majority so it will give him time to maneuver... if the majority remains intact. I wonder if Shirin’s inclusion in the No Collars’ plan had anything to do with Tyler’s decision.

Sailing into the Wind: They Attacked the Game Forcefully but Suffered a Setback

Rodney: Frustrated that Mike didn’t give him the chance to get Joe the last time, “Hot Rod” had to cool his heels once more after the Immunity Challenge. His frustration with Mike is growing everyday so it creates a natural narrative that puts the Texan in danger while hiding the fact that Joe, Jenn and Hali have little chance of making it to the end. Or do they? Can Rodney blow up the game for Blue and White? Coach’s hatred for Brendan and Erinn caused Timbira’s fall while Galu’s division opened the door for Foa Foa so maybe history can repeat itself. Those previous minorities had an advantage that the No Collars don’t have: Erinn and Shambo liked their new friends a lot more than their original tribe mates and their votes helped greatly. We heard that Carolyn doesn’t like the No Collars, no one can stand Shirin besides her new friends and while Joe is liked, he is the main challenge threat that no one wants to keep. Rodney’s temper will cause his own downfall but that doesn’t mean that it will give the game to his rivals.

Sierra: The previous episode had put Sierra in a very tricky position, having to decide which way to go but we didn’t hear her talking about that decision. It tells us that, having chosen her course of action, Sierra’s impact on the rest of the game will be minimal. She had some affinities with the No Collar Women and she seemed to get along with Joe but absolutely nothing came of it. It seems that Sierra is committed to the Blue Collar ship and she will sink or sail with them to the end.

Dan: We had another indication that Dan won’t be our winner when he complained in confessional about the lost shelter. While he seems committed to the Blue Collars, Dan’s desire to be memorable could lead him to see if the grass is greener on the No Collar tribe. His vote would be welcomed by the minority but I doubt that he will betray Mike because those two have been together in every strategy discussion.

Mike: Jenn’s “scorpion” idol certainly took a bite out of Mike’s game but, like the scorpion in the first episode, it didn’t kill him. Should we infer that it will make him stronger? While others complained about production’s trick with the shelter, Mike was heard saying: “We’re left with the responsibility of making a new world for ourselves.” He even ended that confessional with a reference to the million dollars so he still has to be considered the top contender. Rodney identified him as a leader and while that is a dangerous position, Survivor editors like to show the players using Game Theory to their advantage so that’s something that plays in Mike’s favor. Some red flags were raised when Shirin referred to him as a “redneck idiot” but it’s doubtful that this will be the lasting impression of the tribe that represents Blue Collar America. Or should I say “Merica”?! This episode made it look as if Mike was doomed but I still think he is our winner.

Sailing close to the Wind: They Took a Risk and it Paid Off.

Hali: Once more, she is taking a back seat to her closest ally, simply agreeing to all of Jenn’s ideas. She gave us some nice comments about the reward and the tribe name but that is a very light content in such a vital episode. She was also ignored during the Tribal Council. Putting all this together, we can conclude that Hali won’t win even if the No Collars make a comeback.

Joe: While his win saved him for this week and paved the way to Kelly’s elimination, his strong performance during a very physical challenge is going to keep him on everyone’s radar. He will need to go on an immunity run or find an idol but both should lead to the elimination of his partners.

Wind of Change: They Raised their Game to a New Level

Carolyn: For someone that had remained in the background for most of the pre-merge, Carolyn certainly took center stage during this vital episode. She was the first to realize that she had to keep her alliance with Tyler secret and she got a Final Four offer from Rodney. She was the one that said the line had been drawn so does that mean she is committed to the Blue Collars? Besides Carolyn’s dislike for the No Collars, there’s also the problem of Shirin and those two don’t seem capable of working together. Mama C has earned the respect of everyone with that challenge performance. This episode has put Carolyn in serious contention for the title of Sole Survivor but can she make it to the end with anyone else than Rodney and Will? I’m not sure anyone else would want to take her to the end so she will have to make her own way.

Jenn: For a player that didn’t have much of an impact on the strategy of the game, Jenn certainly changed that with a great showing this week. She immediately realized that Kelly was lying to them and that she was going to go back to the Blue Tribe. The editors showed Dan’s injury scene out of sequence to create a greater feeling of frenzy during the post challenge discussions. The result was that it appeared as if Jenn had less time to realize that her plan to get the White Collars on board wasn’t working even if Shirin had joined them. She brilliantly played the idol to save herself, hurting her opponents at the same time. Will it be enough or was this just a one week reprieve? She has always looked like a strong contender and, from an editing perspective, this episode solidified her story. The problem is that her game needs a lot of help and there doesn’t seem to be many openings. Her best hope is that Rodney and Mike were both closer to Kelly than they are to each other so maybe Kelly played a big role in keeping the tribe united. Will Kelly’s elimination lead to Blue Collars’ implosion like it did when Erik was voted out in Samoa? The outcome of the season depends on the answer to that question.

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Georganna 452 desperate attention whore postings
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04-04-15, 03:31 PM (EST)
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54. "Carolyn"

Of the original 'White Collars', it is only Carolyn who seems to currently earn her living as a senior executive in a conventional, hierarchical corporate structure. In contast, Shirin, Max, Joaquin, Tyler and So seem to be impressive entrepreneurs.

Too, her edit (and other factors that I won't belabor here ...) seem to me to indicate that following So's, Max's and Joaquin's exits, in Tyler and Shirin (at the very least) she has/had two or more followers in search of a leader. Yet, after Max's boot, she rejected Shirin's overtures and seems content to market herself and Tyler as pawns in someone else's game. In particular, in Rodney's game!

So, I didn't see anything positive about the lady's obviously 'flattered' reaction to Rodney's obviously superficial hustle. Because, I would think that the show's editors would have expected - as I did - that Carolyn would be about establishing her own dominant alliances rather than relying on the charity of others. And I suspect that their choice of clips was not a good thing for the former New Yorker.

And now that I've said all of that, she will almost certainly be the Season's winner.

In any event ...

Thank you once again for your insights. I look forward to them each week.


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55. "RE: Carolyn"
Thank you, Georgianna, I appreciate your feedback.

From a game perspective, I thought Carolyn's approach was much better than Tyler's since she got that offer while he got nothing. She got Rodney to open the door and that's always the priority, whether you are a young candidate looking for a first job or a senior executive trying to get people to invest in your ideas.
From an editing perspective, Rodney is dumb so that's the best ally possible.

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56. "RE: Carolyn"
LAST EDITED ON 04-04-15 AT 05:47 PM (EST)

But ...

There was no saving grace in that clip. We didn't hear Carolyn say that she considered an alliance with Rodney to be a 'foot in the doorway' to her own control of events.

Instead, we were left with her apparent endorsement of Rodney's plan - “As soon as we got on the beach, Rodney, he’s like: “Final Four: It’s us. We’re tight. We are going to go there. In his plan, he’s got me, Will, Kelly and Rodney: Final Four." And what seemed to me to be her somewhat needy - "The thing is; he’s still a blue and he’s still going to vote with them but it’s nice to hear that I’m wanted in a Final Four.

Now, there is no Kelly. And there may not be a Will (who has, I think, some hope of being welcomed back into the No Collar fellowship). But, if we are to take the edit at face value, there is no way back for the Non-Blue, Non-No Carolyn. And, ultimately, I don't think that Mike, Dan and Sierra are going to be any more enthusiastic about the May/December dalliance of Carolyn and Rodney than they were about the bromance of Joaquin and Rodney (who couldn't hide a clandestine relationship with a bushel basket of plausible denial).

All of which suggests to me that the person most likely to benefit from Carolyn's and Rodney's back-of-the-beach liason will be Tyler. And that, in the end, we will have in the two - The Dumb ... and ... The Dumber.

However, if I should happen to be right, it will sting. I wanted Carolyn to win this Game.


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04-05-15, 06:47 PM (EST)
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61. "RE: Carolyn"
I think I want her to win too. I always tend to root for the older people. But this season who knows.
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57. "RE: Episode 7 - Power Couples"
The Shirin confessional is weird.

I feel like, in a lot of circumstances, they would put that Shirin confessional about Merica in there to make her look bad. She is a player that got the "annoying edit" for a decent amount of time, after all. But after giving her a personal story last week, it felt like they were trying to spin her into a spunky underdog type. So then they turn around this week and give her the confessional slamming Hero Mike.

What's the deal?

What her confessional really did was open up a dialogue with the audience about whether the tribe name is stupid. I don't know if the editors felt it was too stupid to not at least mention, but they very easily could have left it alone. Why even bring it up?

There are still shades of the Jon Misch edit about Mike that still gives me pause. It's ridiculously great for him (from an editing perspective) that they didn't rehash the challenge throw and make it look like a bad thing. Especially considering what Joe ended up doing. That fact alone makes it looks like he has it in the bag. But this constant theme of "Mike is kind of a dope sometimes" is eyebrow-raising.

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58. "RE: Episode 7 - Power Couples"
You could be right, Jims. That confessional could have been a way of asking us what we think about the name. I think Hali's confessional coupled with the approvals that we heard from others (namely Kelly, Joe and Dan) were meant to tip the opinion in Mike's favor.

You see some of Jon Misch in Mike and that could be where he is heading but I see a lot of Tony: All over the place, playing in a way that should get him voted out but always one step ahead of the others.

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59. "Mike"
... but I see a lot of Tony: All over the place, playing in a way that should get him voted out but always one step ahead of the others.

So do I. And it would seem that next week we're going to be treated to this Season's version of Tony's Spy Shack.

I do think, though, that it's probably going to be some time before we will see another duo of players or a Season as entertaining (and as valuable to the franchise) as were Tony, Kass and Cagayan.

I actually replay some of its Episodes. And that is something that I've never done before.


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60. "RE: Episode 7 - Power Couples"
I already pretty much said what I have regarding Jon.

Mike definitely is a little bit of Tony and Jeremy.

Now with Shirin, some people think she's getting a redemption/endgame edit like Kathy in Marquesas. But I thought editing is way different now.

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62. "RE: Episode 7 - Power Couples"
LAST EDITED ON 04-05-15 AT 07:05 PM (EST)

Nah, Shirin is full-on Eliza from Vanuatu. It's almost shocking how much she resembles her, in a lot of ways. Eliza didn't get a sympathetic backstory like Shirin did, but she got the spunky underdog edit around the Final 8 or Final 7.

I was actually kind of rooting for Eliza going into the finale that year. Vanuatu was a weird season.

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63. "Episode 8 - The Battle Is On:"
Previously on Survivor

- After 17 days, Escameca and Nagarote finally merged. Mike’s confessional: “Now it’s one tribe battling it out for a million dollars.”

- At the first immunity challenge, Joe outlasted all the rest.

- Facing tribal council, Mike wanted to test Will’s allegiance. Mike’s confessional: “When I see Hali’s name written down tonight, then I will know that I can trust Will.”

- The real battle for power was Blue Collar who were targeting Jenn versus No Collar who were targeting Kelly with White Collar in the middle deciding who gains control. We saw Carolyn talking to Tyler: “They need our votes” followed by Tyler’s confessional: “Wherever we go will change this game dramatically.

- At Tribal Council, Shirin stuck with the No Collars while Carolyn, Tyler and Will sided with the majority but numbers don’t matter when an idol is played at the perfect moment. We see Jenn telling Jeff: “I don’t want to go home.”
- In the end, Kelly was sent home.

The first thing that stands out in this recap is that it already frames the contest between Mike’s Blues and Joe’s No Collars. The White Collars decision wasn’t presented as a way for them to take control of the game but deciding who they were going to put in control. It paints them as the enablers, not as our protagonists. Reinforcing that view, Jeff didn’t mention Carolyn’s valiant effort at the challenge. Had Jeff said that it came down to Carolyn and Joe, it would have muddled the message: This season is going to be all about Joe versus Mike.

The Battle Is On

The players returned and were all commenting on the game getting real. Mike said: “Well played, Jenn.”

Rodney’s confessional: “Seeing Kelly go, it broke my heart. It shouldn’t have been like that. I’m really mad about that and I kind of put it on Mike. Mike is the leader and he changed up the vote. It was supposed to be Hali but at the last second he changed it to Jenn to test Will’s trust. Mike’s an idiot redneck, straight out. You got Mama C Carol, Will, me and Tyler. All of us are on board. I do love my Blues but we could be witnessing some very interesting stuff when it gets down to seven.”

Once more, Rodney’s confessional is used to let us think that Mike is in danger. It reminds us of Natalie vow to avenge Jeremy’s elimination last year so some will say that Mike is going to pay for his “mistakes” but Rodney isn’t Natalie! He is so focused on the events that will occur at Final seven that it seems like foreshadowing: He could be witnessing the vote of the Final Seven from the Jury box!

Having to explain the vote, Rodney told Will that Mike was running the show. He added: “We got me, you, Tyler and Mama C but Mike is running the show. We’re gonna keep on letting him run it. Once Joe, Hali, Jenn and Shirin are gone, we’re gonna run the ship.” Will was happy to hear that so he walked off.

Will may have walked right off the island because he was practically unseen for the rest of the episode!

Lying on the beach with Jenn, Hali, Joe and Shirin, Mike said: “Great job. It definitely didn’t go with what I wanted to happen tonight obviously.”

Jenn interjected: “Sorry that I’m still here to disappoint you, Mike, but...pfiiit!” (Jenn’s confessional started here)

Mike went on: “But I respect that play. That was sweet.”

Jenn in confessional: “I knew they were going to vote for me so I played my idol. Then Kelly went home. Joe, Hali, Shirin and I were so stoked, just stoked while the rest of the tribe was like mouth open, shocked and sad: Oh! Poor Kelly. Who gives a (censured). I thought it was great. The No Collars are back in town and ready to win. I love to mess with the other alliance. I believe there’s still fun to be had and little things to screw up for everyone else. I want to mess with things because it provides me with entertainment.”

Considering the content of this confessional and Jenn’s absence in key moments later on and we can definitely take her out of contention. Her nice story was ruined by the same lack of compassion we had seen when Nina was voted out and by the fact that she isn’t taking the game seriously. She enjoyed messing with the other alliance, it entertained her but it didn’t really advance her own position.

Day 20

The tribe was preparing breakfast: Dan was working on a fish, Jenn was cutting some of the leftover salami while Shirin and Sierra were cooking a pot of rice.

Rodney wanted to know how many scoops of rice were in the pot. He was told three and that everyone agreed on that. Rodney wanted them to throw in a little more. He then put his hands on the salami that Jenn had cut. That irritated Shirin.

Joe’s expression and the music told us that Rodney was being ridiculous...again

Rodney in confessional: “Ever since Joe and his stooges came over here, they run the food, they portion out the food. But, you know what? Every time I get mad, I’m just going to walk away, punch a tree or something and walk back in there with a fresh cool, calm and collected mind state. The way I grew up, respect is not given, it’s earned so, out here, it’s tough for me to be a fugazi. I can’t be fake. I got to respect you in order to give you respect and if I don’t respect you, you are going to know it. Cherie or Shiri, whatever her name is, she’s the most pointless person in this game. She shouldn’t even be here. Nobody can stand her but at the end of the day, we are running the game. We got seven to their four. The game is pretty much over for them. We just have to weed out all the garbage.”

Seeing Shirin on camera for much of Rodney’s rant, you have to expect that she will outlast him, especially since everything that Rodney said about Shirin could apply to him. He could have been voted out instead of Lindsey and nobody can stand him.

The Reward Challenge

When they walked in for the challenge, Will and Hali started applauding.

It was probably because they were surprised to see that Jeff bothered to show up this time.

Joe was flying through this challenge, Shirin didn’t quite figure out the proper technique while we heard that “Carolyn fell short.”

Joe, Mike and Hali moved on to the puzzle portion of the challenge

Twice, Jeff said that Mike was having problems with the puzzles and twice Mike commented. First, Mike thanked the host and then he told himself to settle down.

After a bit of a hesitation which opened the door for Mike, Joe completed his puzzle and won the reward.

Jeff made the comment that Joe was undefeated in individual challenges and that could be a hint that he is just starting. While it wasn’t surprising to see Joe win, the players he picked to accompany him were. Surprising and interesting!

Joe picked: Tyler, Will and Carolyn (because of her performance in the previous IC). When Jeff said he could add one more, Rodney started pleading, saying that he was starving more than everybody but Joe told him he had been eating more than everybody. Despite silent pleas from Hali and Jenn, Joe chose Shirin because she was a super fan and it would be an experience of a lifetime.

Rodney continued to complain even after they left. That caused Jenn to say: “I (censored) hate you.”

Joe’s picks must have frustrated Jenn so maybe she was transferring some of her anger over to Rodney. The thing we have to consider is that Jenn wasn’t given a confessional to let us know how she felt. Was she angry? Was that anger balanced by knowing he chose players that they needed? She certainly had something to say but that wasn’t deemed important.

Mike gave us a confessional: “Joe winning this reward was devastating because he’s probably getting a clue to the Hidden immunity idol on the reward. The kid is amazing, man! I don’t know how I’m going to beat him so this is where the rubber meets the road.”

Even a simple reward is used to build the storyline that Mike is in danger. The epic battle is underway so we have to hear that Joe is a formidable opponent in some way despite his numerical disadvantage.

The Reward

Joe’s interview was heard while he was flying down the zip-line: “...It felt fantastic floating over the jungle! I’ve never been zip lining before.”

Joe enumerated his companions but he never told us why he chose them. The choices were obviously strategic but the thoughts that led him to that strategy weren’t detailed at all. It could be telling us that Joe will never get the numbers on his side, that he can only hope to Outplay everyone.

Shirin in confessional: “I just couldn’t believe my luck: I got to go zip-lining with Carolyn and I’m like; Dang it! I don’t like her and don’t want her to eat pizza and have a cool adventure.”

The zip –line was another occasion to show that Shirin doesn’t understand technique! She didn’t even realize that she had to brake. It also told us that despite a good moment following Max’s elimination, Shirin isn’t very likable herself.

This episode showed that there is a lot of animosity, even hatred, between these players. It’s starting to give a bad flavor to the season.

Carolyn’s interview: “I was so excited...If you look at it, Joe’s picks are kind of interesting because he picked no Blue Collar because obviously the Blue Collars are out to get him. I was happy about it: Smart move!”

Right after saying that, we all saw that there was something inside Carolyn’s soda bottle.

Joe in confessional: “I looked over and thought I saw something in Carolyn’s bottle of soda.” To the group, he said: “I wish I had more soda.” Carolyn handed him the bottle that she had just put down. Joe’s confessional continued: “I grabbed it and as soon as I looked inside, I saw that there was a note in the bottom. I tried to just chug it and put it in my mouth but I saw Tyler looked over at me. Tyler saw me so I’m trying to figure out our plan to read it together, what we are going to do.”

I would have liked to see Carolyn’s reaction at home while watching this, thinking she easily could have had two idols!

Tyler’s confessional: “Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Joe almost choked on an immunity idol clue. I could have outed him right then and there but I sat on it, silent. I just figured that the clue was something that definitely opens up new options. If Joe finds the immunity idol then that also opens up new options.”

Once more, this episode will show that Tyler talks a good game but cannot follow through with actions.

Day 21

The sun wasn’t quite up yet when Joe walked over to where Tyler was resting. It happened to be right next to Mike.

Joe’s confessional: “It wasn’t even twilight and Tyler was wide awake. I think he was waiting for me to get up. I’m going to share the clue to the hidden immunity idol with Tyler and that’s going to make him and I close now and bonded.”

As soon as the two started gesturing, we saw that Mike wasn’t really sleeping.

Mike’s confessional: “I’m sitting in the chair with my eyes half-way open to see what is going on. I’m acting like I’m sleeping so Joe and Tyler get up, they go around the corner, bring the dishes like they are going down the river. I knew today was going to be a mad dash because I figured they were getting an immunity idol clue at the reward. The whole time, I am tracking them down the beach from tree to tree. I’m like spy versus spy! I’m jumping in bushes, climbing up this tree, I’m peeking through leaves, you know, trying to stay camouflaged where they can’t see me.”

Right after he said this, we saw Joe, nervously looking around. Thinking that he wasn’t being observed, he opened up the tiny cylinder and read the clue.

If the similarities between Mike and Tony’s edit weren’t evident to everyone before, I’m sure this gave flashbacks of the “spy shack” to many viewers. If Mike is going to win this game as the editing suggests, let’s hope that he seals the deal in a more satisfactory way than the cop.

The clue told Joe and Tyler to look around a “tributary” near a “sea of green”. They’d have to defy gravity and look in a hollow.

Considering that the word “pace” baffled her, Sandy would have had a hard time with this clue even if it wasn’t as difficult as it should be.

Mike’s confessional continued: “Why would Joe be showing Tyler an immunity idol clue unless he is trying to woo him over.”
Mike walked right up to the boys who told him they couldn’t sleep.

Tyler’s interview: “Joe reads the clue and within moments, Mike is upon us. I don’t know what he saw. He could have seen me reading the clue with Joe. I’ve got to be very, very careful about alienating the group that I am in. So, what do I tell Mike? I told him about what the clue read. Thus began a mad dash trying to find where Joe is and Mike was leading the pack of insanity.”

Tyler didn’t look too brave when he told Mike everything. The Texan didn’t even have to ask or say anything. The scene made it abundantly clear that Tyler hates taking risks, always choosing to play it safe. He won’t be using these new options.
Mike told Rodney and Carolyn about the clue and that Joe was looking for the idol.

Mike’s next interview: “Joe just takes off by himself. He is out looking for the idol right now while no one else is watching Joe. I got to find Joe before he finds the idol so that we can send this guy home and it’s not me. I honestly feel that once Joe is out of the game and I don’t have something in my back pocket then I’m the next one to go home. So, I’m going to look for Joe.”

Tyler was on screen when Mike mentioned “it’s not me”. I wonder if that means the idol’s next victim will be Tyler. It was also funny to note the impatience in Mike’s confessional. He was telling his interviewer: I’m kind of busy right now. Can I call you back later?! As for Mike’s comment about his fate after Joe is gone, it shows that he is aware that there are other dangers. That should continue to be the theme of his story.
It apparently didn’t take Mike long to find Joe who was still looking for the idol.

Mike returned to his interview: “Sure enough, I find Joe and it downs on me that I want a bigger target on Joe’s back. I didn’t see him grab and idol, I didn’t see him put an idol in his pocket so I head to the river.” With Joe washing his hair in the river, we saw Mike walking out of the woods and yelling: “Good job, baby brother.” To the others, he said: “He’s got it.” Joe denied it. Mike’s confessional continued: “I basically screamed out: Hey man! Good job on finding the idol. He tried to play it off and I’m not going to let him play it off. I’m going to say that I believe that he found it and that I saw him putting it in his pocket.”

Joe’s confessional: “Mike comes over: “You dog! I can’t believe you got it. Blah-blah-blah.” Mike kind of spoiled my plan.” Joe told Hali that he didn’t have the idol. He added: “Everyone thinks that I have it which is good. So, if I just lay back then if it’s like I have it.”

That was a very interesting tactic from Mike and Joe’s confessional gives us the full impact of Mike’s play: He practically forced Joe to stop looking for the idol and he didn’t have to worry about the others thinking he was going out to look for it himself! If the mad dash had continued, anyone could have stumbled on that idol but now, Mike had an open field.

Strangely, the editors gave us an interlude from all this idol considerations to present a discussion between the two super fans.

Dan told Shirin that he was surprised by her lack of game: “You’re like me, a fan. Why is it that fans can’t do basic maths? You are just one of Joe’s minions. Your game is done.”

Shirin answered: “I think that you just don’t understand my game.”

Dan laughed at that: “You are right, I don’t.”

Dan’s confessional: “Shininny or whatever her name is - I can’t remember her damn name because she annoys me so much – Somebody slap this woman. For the love of God, just slap her and shut her up already. Dear God in heaven! Do us all a favor. I cannot wait till her torch goes out.”

Shirin’s answer was delivered in confessional: “Dan just tries to rip me apart. He just flings insult after insult at me. I actually felt sorry for Dan so I just kind of sat back and thought: What else?”

Dan described two types of people: “Those that don’t do anything and get voted out because of it and people that do too much and annoy everybody and they get voted out. Case in point: You did it to yourself. I’m just trying to be nice, I truly am.”

Why show this scene? Was it simply to create a possible second vote option? I think there is much more to it than that. First, I think the editors took a jab at us, presenting the two super fans in an argument like so many have on this and other public boards. Didn’t they sound like Sucksters arguing about Survivor?! Of course, there was more to it than that because, like Rodney before, everything that Dan said about Shirin applies to him also. He is one of those that don’t do anything and he says too much and annoys everybody. Could Shirin outlast both Rodney AND Dan? If she does, that practically gives her an ticket to the Final Three. The scene could have been shown to show why Dan wouldn’t be receiving a vote from the other super fan.

Finding the Idol

To the sound of very rhythmic music, we followed Mike in his search through the woods: “I’ve been running around trying to find this idol all day...I found a little termite’s nest, trying to get some sustenance in my belly ...Still no luck finding the idol for Mike. This is such a mind beating, exhausting game (Seeing him with tears in his eyes reminded us of Jeff’s words during the last episode: To win this you must want it more than the others) It’s tough, it’s a tough part of the game but I got to find it. So, I got work to do... Don’t think you’re going to come out here and you’re just going to find an idol because it’s that easy. You can’t (we saw him scrapping his hand on a tree trunk.) You got to keep searching in every nook, every cranny. People who find idol in this game are the people who work the hardest in this game.” (Well, I’d remind him of Ralph!)

That’s when he found the idol but it was totally on the ground and it was the Blue Escameca idol. That means that there is another idol, Jenn’s replacement idol, hidden up in a tree somewhere.

Holding the idols in both hands, Mike started crying. Then he said: “That’s what we do, baby: We do the happy dance. When you are feeling like everything is going against you, you keep digging within yourself when you have nothing left and this right here: This is what you find... I’m not going to share it because I need that protection for myself. Right now, I have a chance to get rid of Joe so, if Joe doesn’t win individual immunity, Joe has to go. That’s just plain and simple.”
I think this scene showed that the Blue Collar ethic was the best way to play least for this season. Working harder than everybody else has to be Mike’s winning storyline. The only troubling part of his story is the focus on Joe who didn’t leave even if he had to go.

Day 22 - The Immunity Challenge

For some reason, Jeff turned to Shirin after describing the challenge. Since it was a puzzle, she felt she had a good chance of winning but since she didn’t, was this only to laugh at her or to set the table for a win by Shirin down the road?
She wanted to bring it, put all her energy into it. Jeff had fun imitating her gestures.

Joe had the lead throughout the puzzle but Dan caught up on the slide puzzle. Shirin, who thought she was good at this, was shown looking at the pieces instead of sliding them. The strange sound effect clearly told us she was stuck. One player who wasn’t stuck was Dan who was moving his pieces around very quickly. Jeff said: “You will know when you have it” but twice Dan thought he had it but was wrong. Joe didn’t miss his chance.
It was funny that Dan got the “Outplay” portion wrong!

Jeff told everyone: “Joe is undefeated in three consecutive individual challenges. If you weren’t a threat before, you are definitely a threat now.”

Rodney in confessional: “Joe won. All he does is win challenges like he’s a protopitypical (sic!) all-American white boy. Who wouldn’t want him to win Survivor? So, if it was my decision, Joaquin would have made it and we wouldn’t be dealing with this drama. We would just be sitting back eating rice and beans. Right now, we have to run around and hustle because of the decisions that Mike made.”

Back in Camp

Shirin in confessional: “Today, I got handed an immunity challenge on a silver platter...Joe wins everything. I’d love to win a challenge. It would be like a life achievement for me but, at this point, everybody thinks that I am so not a threat, I’m so weak in every way and I hope that buys me a few extra days in this game. I’m not too concerned.”

Ironically, the group was talking by the water and we heard Carolyn saying: “Shirin, right?”

Mike said he’d go with the group, Tyler pointed out that he didn’t think she had the idol from the White Collar camp. He added that he saw her scrambling, looking for that idol.

Dan in confessional: “If every camp has an idol, where is White Collar’s? Carolyn and Tyler seem very confident that Shirin does not have the idol probably because she hasn’t said anything about it and I don’t think her game is good enough to keep her mouth shut. I don’t know: Maybe it is. Maybe she’s an idiot savant. I’m leaning more toward the idiot side.”

When Dan mentioned that Carolyn and Tyler were very confident that Shirin didn’t have the idol, I thought he was going to make the connection and say that one of them must have it but he didn’t say anything about that. It doesn’t mean he didn’t think it or even say it later in this confessional but the audience still has to believe that no one thinks Carolyn could have an idol. Didn’t anyone make the connection?

Mike told everyone that Shirin wasn’t going to win anything. He wanted to target one of the three No Collars because they were so tight. Carolyn and Mike both said “Hali” at once.

Next, we had Hali, Jenn and Sierra listening to Shirin complaining about Dan. Hali said that Dan was messed up, that she would trust her kids with Rodney before Dan.

Sierra’s confessional: “Getting rid of Dan would be amazing. He said some very hurtful, unnecessary things for a grown man and I haven’t forgiven him for it. To hear the other people feeling the same way about Dan makes me feel a lot better because it reiterates to me that I’m not crazy. We need another vote. My initial Blue Collar alliance is going to go for a girl but that isn’t what I want to do because I want girls in the end. I have to decide: Do I want to go with the girls or do I want to stick with my Blue Collar alliance?”

The subject of a girls’ alliance was brought up by Sierra.

In confessional, Hali said she liked the dynamics of the girls banding together. She wanted to go after the misogynistic Dan.
Shirin talked to Tyler about eliminating Dan and getting rid of one of Blue collars’ players.

Tyler in confessional: “Some of these guys in my alliance are big threats. I want nothing more than to target Mike and Dan. I’m hoping to strike before Blue Collar knows what hits them.”

Tribal Council

Asked about the tribe’s reaction to the previous Tribal Council, Tyler said that a lot of people were bummed out because Kelly was well liked. He added that lines are blurred that it’s just a big group of Survivors.

Sierra agreed, saying that the line wasn’t completely drawn in the sand at this point. “I can go with whichever alliance I want to.”

That remark worried Mike.

Mike said that he knew 150000 percent what he was doing tonight but that he was sitting with a bunch of gamers. He asked: “Are you going to go with someone who gave you pizza or are you going to go with someone that has been providing the whole time for you?”

Dan said you have to expect the bombs to drop and hope it doesn’t drop on you. He told Jeff his three magic words: “Flippers never win.”

Shirin was quick to point out: “Jeff, that’s flat wrong. Flippers do win. Tony flipped a million times and won epically. It’s like a fear tactic that he is using against his alliance so that nobody will vote against him.”

Asked about Dan’s message, Hali said: “We’re tribe America and if you look at history, what if the colonists never flipped on the greatest Empire in the world?”

Jeff, Jenn and Joe liked that and even Shirin suddenly seemed to like the tribe name.

It was (already) time to vote.

The vote was tight between Dan and Hali but as soon as a fifth vote appeared against the No Collar girl, we knew that no one had flipped. Hali let out a “what the (censored)”. The first juror was caught completely off guard because she wasn’t even carrying her bag.

Jeff sent them back to camp with the following message: “With ten players left, lines drawn in the sand tonight can be washed away by the tides tomorrow.”

The Story

The brevity of the scene that followed the Immunity Challenge, the scrambling scene as I call it, and the very short Tribal Council prove that this is a two person race. Last week, Joe and Mike were on camera when Jeff mentioned that it only took two people to have an epic battle and we can see that this battle is on. The editors spent just enough time on the scramble and we saw just enough of Jeff’s Council to make us think that Dan could be going home but the body of the episode was spent on Joe Outplaying everyone while Mike was Outwitting them. Who will Outlast?

The story has been reduced to this: Mike has the numbers, Joe has the challenge wins. Which will prevail? Mike’s numbers don’t appear to be solid but a lot of that is editing manipulation. Last week, many were quick to say that Mike would pay for testing Will’s trust but the big man voted with the Blue Collars again. Some players have made impressive immunity runs and Joe seems very capable but no one knows when they will be forced to balance on lily pads! Wouldn’t we have seen some great foreshadowing if Shirin were to win the challenge that would send Joe to the jury house?

The Characters

The Bullies

Rodney: Everyone hates Rodney but he is a very dangerous player since he is able to align voters. It seems unlikely that he will call a truce and change his plan of taking over Mike’s leadership position so it will come to a showdown between the two. Rodney is so focused on waiting until Final Seven that I wouldn’t be surprised to see Mike getting rid of him at Final 8.

Dan: We saw once more that he can’t control his mouth. He has said some mean and unnecessary things to Sierra before and now he is insulting Shirin to the point where the women considered voting him out. We have to realize that this plan was more than just smoke screen from the editors because Hali was so sure it would work that she didn’t bring her bag to TC. So, either Sierra is a good actress or she truly was going to vote against Dan up to the last moment. The argument between the two Survivor super fans confirmed that Dan doesn’t understand the social game and didn’t change now that he is talking to potential jurors. In fact, he could become so insufferable that he could wind up on the jury himself. He’d become one of those that do nothing but annoy everyone so much that they get voted out, a category that he somehow didn’t mention.

The Goat:

Shirin: It’s not gracious but she is hanging on! Her argument with Dan reminded me of the arguments I’ve had on these boards about this game. “Shininny” said she felt sorry for Dan but her words to Hali, Jenn and Sierra showed that she truly resented him. The problem with Shirin is that Dan isn’t the only one she hates. The reward gave her an occasion to patch things up with Carolyn but she was more interested in bashing her former White Collar ally. It probably would have been useful to count on Carolyn if the women wanted to band together... Just saying. When it came time to find the extra vote, Shirin had to go to Tyler instead. That was never going to work for her.

The Sheeps:

Will: Veni, Vidi, Willy? He came, he saw, he left. That was about the extent of Will’s role in this episode. As soon as the tribe came back to camp, he had a talk with Rodney about being left out of the loop. Satisfied with the explanation, he walked away and wasn’t heard again even if he was part of the reward and held an important vote. This was the episode that finally broke the No Collar group and we didn’t even hear Will’s side. We can say that he falls in Dan’s first category: He does nothing and will get voted out because of it.

Sierra: We see that Sierra could be a player. Her limited social game reduces her options but she can give interesting confessionals where she explores her different options but it seems that those confessionals air only when it’s time to put danger on Mike’s path. She chose to stay with her Blue Collar allies when she eliminated Joaquin so she will stay the course. Voting with the girls would have meant giving the game to Jenn and Hali, if not Joe since they were still very much attached to him.

Tyler: The scene where we heard him revealing everything to Mike about the idol clue showed that Tyler is playing scared. He didn’t want to try anything that could alienate his ally so he spilled the beans. Mike’s tactic of telling everyone that Joe had found an idol was risky when it came to Tyler. We saw how quickly he sided with Carolyn when she told him that she had an idol so he could have explored his new option with Joe, thinking he’d be aligning with another player that has an idol. The problem with Tyler thinking that Joe had the idol is that he’d become too powerful. Joining such a powerful player would be very frightening for Tyler. The safe plan is to eliminate Joe’s allies until the numbers allow for a split vote to flush the idol. Tyler chose, once more, the safe road.

The Fading Players

Carolyn: Sometimes a big participant in the action, Carolyn can also look like just another sheep at times. The best thing about her story is that the others continually skirt around her big secrets. First, everyone talked about the dangers of power couples but no one tied Carolyn to Tyler. Now Dan realized that there had to be an idol in Masaya and that Tyler and Carolyn were very sure that Shirin didn’t have it but he didn’t make the connection that the best way to be sure someone doesn’t have the idol is by knowing who does. There could be a very interesting story to build around Carolyn but it seems that it doesn’t concern the editors very much so we must conclude that she will continue to ebb and flow. We heard her say that Joe’s picks were smart but she wasn’t given the airtime to elaborate. We can assume that she meant Joe realized he needed these people’s votes to advance his own game. What is smart for Joe isn’t smart for Carolyn so she was thinking of her best interest except we don’t hear her talking about her own game. Is it because she is simply going along with Rodney’s plan? If so, then we should have heard her take on Kelly’s elimination and how it affected her game.

Jenn: This episode meant the end of Jenn’s chances of usurping Mike’s winner’s edit. She reverted to the inconsiderate person that we had seen when Nina was still in Nagarote. She may not have cared about Kelly but it wasn’t necessary to hear her gloating over her demise to the point of saying that it was simply done to amuse her. It was also very troubling that we didn’t hear her thoughts about missing the reward. She could have said that Joe was doing his best to gain people to their cause but she was probably angry at being excluded, perhaps even cursing Joe a little. The story has changed now that individual challenges are a factor so Joe is now the main obstacle in front of Mike, not Jenn. He has become the golden boy so there’s no place for Jenn in the main story anymore. The only thing that remains is her exit story and hopefully it will be nicer than what the previews suggests.

The Fighters

Joe: During the pre-merge, Joe was ignored in some key moments so he doesn’t have a traditional winner’s story. However, since his road to victory requires an unprecedented steak of immunity wins, he wouldn’t need a traditional story to become an epic winner. Of course, Joe could also find a way to the end if Rodney votes out Mike but that plan won’t be set in motion as long as Joe is in the game. If Joe keeps up the bluff that Mike imposed on him, he may miss the idol hidden in a hollow which could be his best chance of success.

Mike: This episode tied most of the themes that we had seen in the pre-merge. Mike worked harder, wanted it more, than everybody else. His disheveled look during that memorable confessional showed how demanding the game could be for those who don’t sit around doing nothing. He is getting his hands dirty and he is aware that he faces dangers once Joe leaves. Could it lead to an understanding between the two fighters? I really enjoyed his tactic of telling everyone that Joe had the idol since it practically forced Joe to lay low while getting everyone else to stop the search. The thing we have to remember is that Mike didn’t need to “defy gravity” to find this idol so there has to be another one somewhere under the jungle’s canopy. That idol could change the game but we still have to say that Mike has the story of a Sole Survivor.

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64. "RE: Episode 8 - The Battle Is On:"
Excellent stuff, Michel. I suppose it speaks to the power of ingesting years of your Survivor analyses, but I find myself more or less in full agreement with the way you've parsed the latest episode and how it portends for the various remaining players.

I'm more inclined, then, to muse about what I've gleaned not just from the show itself, but the various interviews and assessments outside - and one of the themes I'm picking up is that Mama C is tight with Rodney, whose obnoxious behaviour seemingly but endears him to her further; and I'm trying to recall her making a confessional or comment that casts Motor Mouth in a bad light, and am failing at such (which doesn't mean it hasn't happened!) This leads me to believe that Rodney and Carolyn's side pact is viewed with more solidity than was apparent from her throwaway comment at the time of its cobbling together, and I'm presuming that Will and Tyler view it as a serious option as well.

From Hali's comments as Ponderosa, she seemed convinced that it was Shirin who betrayed the women's pact and allowed scabrous Dan to escape, meaning that she either (and unbelievably) felt Will had been brought back into the fold, or, more likely, that Sierra held true and it was the White Collar who backstabbed her. That's interesting, and speaks to the generally dismal way in which the No Collars have been able to assess the potential for, and table, alliance propositions that others will want/need to uphold. It's also curious in that Hali admitted that she spent a considerable portion of her social and strategic energies on trying to bring Mike into her alliance, at least in the effort to oust Dan—clearly a key component of the former's power arrangement. Why that would strike her as a likely avenue of collaboration escapes me—but it also makes me wonder if Mike, who clearly has a good relationship with Joe, is maybe poised to try and make an accommodation with at least the challenge stud. More on that below...

The inference I've gathered with Carolyn is that she not only actively dislikes Shirin, but also the No Collar ladies, and presumably it was the presence of these three (now two) that most prevented Joe's very capable reward challenge selectivity to bear any fruit—as least for the nonce. It's curious, because so many seasons feature those challenge winners opting to take along their alliance members, and which leads to much fan grumbling about the strategic failure inherent to such maneuvers—you need to work on the swing votes and bottoms of the dominant power alliance; whereas in this case Joe made the correct and difficult choices, but absolutely nothing was revealed to us as to its potential for present or future success—and not only in that there was zero strategy talk between the foursome, but no hints or rumblings of acceptance or anger on the part of Hali and Jenn back at camp; nor any indications if they used the time to try and work on the likes of Sierra and Mike. That such a well-considered reward selection garnered bupkis is the way of advancing any potential strategy leads me to believe that Carolyn's adamancy in refusing to align with Joe's three ladies left the show editors with no discernible storyline value in the revelation of any of its details.

Which all means that I find myself uncertain as to how the remaining episodes are going to play out in a manner that would uphold Probst's pronounced enthusiasm for this season. Statistically, Joe is doomed: he cannot win a run of seven or so immunity challenges (can he?!) and his edit, apart from his winning qualities, just doesn't seem right to me for someone who makes it to the final stretch. However, I wonder if there is a real possibility for Mike, in uncovering the existence of Rodney's four-pact, expediently using Joe as a vote-buffer/voting partner in a effort to pare down that particular opposition, and finding it's a pairing that has some legs? Or perhaps, if Jenn and Shirin become the next two Ponderosa tenants, Carolyn (and, hence, Tyler) will have no aversion to linking arms with Joe so that, together with Rodney, they can oust Mike, Dan, and Sierra and then, fingers-crossed, cut out the blue-eyed boy ere the final immunity challenge. There must be some way for Joe/Jenn/Shirin to all or in part remain for a spell in the game and as a thorn in the side of the Blue Collar Bloc, but it's tricky to try and envisage its unfolding: Joe's too much of a threat, Jenn is seemingly too strategically apathetic, and Shirin is just too damn chatty and odd for them to have any legs unless they've been pared down to one remaining individual to be used for their vote against the Rodney/Carolyn coalition...

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66. "RE: Episode 8 - The Battle Is On:"

>Which all means that I find
>myself uncertain as to how
>the remaining episodes are going
>to play out in a
>manner that would uphold Probst's
>pronounced enthusiasm for this season.

We saw how Probst described last week's episode as the "best one of the season so far" and it certainly wasn't. I'd be careful about applying anything Probst says at all to this entire season.

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67. "RE: Episode 8 - The Battle Is On:"
We saw how Probst described last week's episode as the "best one of the season so far" and it certainly wasn't. I'd be careful about applying anything Probst says at all to this entire season.

Amen ...

And it seems to me that introducing a major twist after the Jury phase has begun would be grossly unfair to those players voted out post-merge but before its initiation.

So, I'm beginning to think that this second (to the Season's tribal configurations) 'twist' that we've all been awaiting was the fact that the merged players were required to re-construct their habitat (initially, JP did say of it that 'we thought this group could handle it') and it fell so flat that it's being tacitly ignored. And our host can't always be trusted to keep track of what 'twists' have - and haven't - been done before.

Of course, fairness is certainly not a requirement for the Game's manipulations, so we could still see some game-changing innovation.

But, I doubt it.


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65. "RE: Episode 8 - The Battle Is On:"
LAST EDITED ON 04-12-15 AT 07:13 PM (EST)

Sierra: We see that Sierra could be a player. Her limited social game reduces her options but she can give interesting confessionals where she explores her different options but it seems that those confessionals air only when it’s time to put danger on Mike’s path. She chose to stay with her Blue Collar allies when she eliminated Joaquin so she will stay the course. Voting with the girls would have meant giving the game to Jenn and Hali, if not Joe since they were still very much attached to him.

It is probably only my imagination, but there seems to me to be a 'Danni' aura about Sierra's edit. She is always quietly there. Intently focused. And her vote has been pivotal on more than one occasion. So, I do wonder if Mike's determination to keep that vote will be his undoing. Because, I think that her allegiance to him is much more a matter of temporary convenience than the product of friendship, comraderie or loyalty. And she has been given ample editorial cover for her betrayal of Rodney and Dan. Actually, also for her betrayal of Mike.

However, unlike Danni, it would seem that Sierra doesn't inspire friendship, comraderie or loyalty. And, at the moment, it is difficult to imagine an F3 contest that she would win.

But, for all of that, I do think that Sierra will be at the end and that, if anyone is responsible for Mike's defeat, it will be the barrel racer.

A note about Joe and the Idol: I think that Mike found the HII in the location described in Joe's clue.

I put together a series of screencaps that show the HII "in a hollow" - of a tree - and wedged upward into the hollow as though it was "defying gravity". And Mike told us that he was going to search "by the river". Too, there does seem to be a "sea" of green ground cover around the site ...


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69. "RE: Episode 8 - The Battle Is On:"
LAST EDITED ON 04-13-15 AT 11:53 AM (EST)

Not sure where to post this question, so attempting to here. Have any of the posters been on the show or know someone who has. Just wondering how the finale works.

I moved my question to
Thanks Pepe for the info where to post the question

P.S. Hi, I'm a long time lurker. I've watched Survivor since Season 4 when Neleh from Utah was on.

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70. "RE: Episode 8 - The Battle Is On:"
LAST EDITED ON 04-13-15 AT 11:44 AM (EST)

Welcome, SuperGr0ver!

That is great info, a potentially huge spoiler and thank you for bringing this to our attention.

I think it would be best if you could post the information on this thread here:

That would be a better place to put it as this thread is for the editing analysis of the show, so posters here prefer to not know of any spoiler-ish information. If you do put it over on the other thread, you should click on the edit button on your post here and take out the relevant information so people won't be spoiled.


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71. "RE: Episode 8 - The Battle Is On:"
>That would be a better place
>to put it as this
>thread is for the editing
>analysis of the show, so
>posters here prefer to not
>know of any spoiler-ish information.

Thanks Pepe! I lurk a lot and always go to the SurvivorSpoilersForum and look at the threads there. I see posts with things y'all bring over from other forums, but I naively thought that since this thread is on the spoilers forum it was a spoiler thread. I moved my comments. Thanks. I've especially loved reading your posts and tribe's posts over the years!

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68. "RE: Episode 8 - The Battle Is On:"
Hey Michel, I've read your column for a couple seasons. I can't see Mike winning. I gave his edit the benefit of the doubt for the pre-merge episodes, but the last two episodes have confirmed my doubts. Mike's decisions are being repeatedly doubted by the edit usually by Rodney, and his edit leaves gaping holes. A couple examples:

- Mike has been called dumb several times by different people (mostly Rodney), and it never seems to be countered and often seems to be supported. When Rodney has been called dumb, like in Ep 7 with Joe, it is countered immediately with a scene of Rodney stealing Will from the No Collars. In Ep 6 he even tells us that people should not think that he's just a dumb kid.

- Mike and Kelly's alliance came out of no where and when she was booted Mike got zero reflection on supposedly his closest ally. In contrast, Rodney mourned Joaquin and swore revenge. Not only did he not mourn her but he was tagged as being the reason she left at the start of the episode, supported by the scenes of him (incorrectly) not trusting Will in Ep7. In fact Rodney is the one who gets the Kelly confessional, where he blames Mike for her going because Mike targeted Jenn to see if he could trust Will (when he could) by having him vote Hali. Mike is called an idiot redneck and tagged with being responsible for slaying his closest ally.

- Why don't we know Mike's end game plans? By this point we knew that Natalie wanted to go to the end with Missy/Baylor, we knew Tyson wanted to go F3 with Gerv/Monica, we knew Kim, Chelsea, and Sabrina had a F3 solidified, etc. Mike's only end game plan seemed to involve Kelly and she got booted with no insight from him. In fact the only contestant who seems to have mentioned long-term plans seem to be Rodney and Carolyn.

- Mike is being shown completely oblivious to Rodney's plotting against him. Whenever he tries to do "damage control" with Rodney it is usually countered with a Rodney confessional planning Mike and the BC's demise. We even heard Tyler say that he wants to target Mike and Dan.

- Mike's decision to save Joe at the Joaquin vote off is being depicted as an incorrect decision. When Mike says Joe has to go we see Rodney reminding us that Joe should already be gone, which is capped off with Rodney's post-IC confessional about Joe being a golden boy and how Mike's decisions have made this game harder for the Blue Collars.

And this is all post-merge stuff, looking back a lot of his pre-merge stuff has some serious flaws as well.

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72. "RE: Episode 8 - The Battle Is On:"
Hello Big Man and welcome aboard. It's always nice to hear from people who have been reading for a while.

I understand your reservations towards Mike but I'd like to address them:

1) I think all of his dumb moments have been countered. He was first called dumb because he worked too hard. Not only did we hear that Escameca did well pre-merge because of their hard work but Mike himself attributed finding the idol to hard work. Shirin called him an idiot because of "Merica". Hali immediately give it her seal of approval and even Shirin showed she changed her mind about the name when she said "Yeah Merica" during TC. Next, we have Rodney's complaint of keeping Joe over Joaquin. Now that could be Mike's downfall if Joe runs the table BUT keeping Joaquin wouldn't have helped Mike, only the WC and Rodney.

2) I think the recap put it correctly: There was nothing to do against a well played idol. Mike's alliance with Kelly wasn't shown to make us believe that he was in danger. That's a positive, not a negative. As for not reflecting on it, it doesn't worry me at all. We heard him complimenting Jenn on her good play so that's enough. It showed that he was a good sport.

3) I think you are jumping the gun on Mike's Final 3. At this point last season (2nd person out after the merger) Natalie was still playing with Jeremy who was about to be booted. Tyson's connection to Monica was certainly not spelled out when we were at F10. The editors left us in the dark just like Hayden and Ciera. We knew that Kim was close to Chelsea and Sabrina but, in the 2nd episode after the merger, she was still exploring her options. In fact, she hadn't yet exploded the Salani alliance because Mike's boot was done with Troyzan and Jay. She would keep her options open until F5 when we clearly heard that she was was hesitatring between Chels and Sab or Alicia and Christina. She also seriously contemplated booting Sab instead of Kat but couldn't pass up the opportunity that Alicia offered when she said ket had to go.

Mike is a lot like Earl in the sense that he lost an important ally but didn't mourn her just like when Earl lost Erika, Anthony and Michelle. Earl's final 3 deal was also well hidden, his day one alliance with Cassandra and Dre was never mentioned.

4) Mike said that he knew he'd be the targer once Joe is removed so he is aware of Rodney's threat. That's why he wanted the idol.

5) Keeping Joaquin would have been dumb and I think Rodney's alliance with Carolyn and Tyler shows that. The three WC would be extremely powerful if they had Rodney in their pocket. Rocney may grumble but he's the Dumb Player, not Mike.

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73. "RE: Episode 8 - The Battle Is On:"
LAST EDITED ON 04-13-15 AT 09:36 PM (EST)

I've reached the point where I am actively rooting against a Mike win because they have made it so ridiculously obvious with his coronation edit. I think he's playing a good game but I think the editors' love for him is detracting from the rest of the cast. It's a bit much for me. How over-the-top it is gives me a little hope that maybe he's just the Fan Favorite who goes out at F4.

Seems obvious that the Rodney plan isn't going to work, since they've telegraphed a Rodney/Will/Carolyn/Tyler Final 4. I suspect Mike is going to foil his plan either via Jenn/Shirin or his idol.

Joe is toast this week.

Looks like Shirin is definitely going to outlast Dan. You don't put that scene in the show if she doesn't get the last laugh. Kinda got Eliza vibes from her earlier this season, really starting to believe that Shirin is one of the most important characters this season.

Carolyn seems pretty irrelevant these days. The story dictated more Tyler in general, but it was weird how much she was discarded this week.

Think you're still sleeping on or being too critical of Tyler in general. The way he handled the Joe situation on the reward was clever and when things went south, he basically had to tell Mike. He already has his sub-alliance setup, so there's no need to make himself a target from Mike. It's better for Mike to be fat and happy. I didn't think Tyler came off that bad. I think Tyler is someone we are supposed to like, but they're not hitting us over the head with it. Still the Natalie darkhorse of this season.

Sierra is either a useless Jefra-type edit, or just a Final 3 goat at this point.

Ditto Will, although I doubt Final 3 is in the cards.

Jenn is getting a bit of a nihilistic chaotic edit, especially lately, where she just seems content to mess with people's plans. It'll be interesting to see how they handle her misery next week. If they use it as fuel to soften her and make her more sympathetic, we'll talk. The problem with Jenn (from an editing point of view) is that she's not sympathetic enough. Still picking her as the alt pick.

I'm at something like Mike 70%, Jenn 20%, Tyler 10% as my equity pie.

Kinda seeing Joe going this week and then some fireworks next week. I could see Dan going next week (in a 3-3-3 idol flush?), with Shirin getting her revenge, although I don't know how Mike gets out of that pickle. Could very easily be Rodney, though. Seems pretty obvious we're not going to have a straight Pagonging, since the Mike vs. Rodney F7 scenario won't happen.

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74. "RE: Survivor Worlds Apart - The Characters and their Stories:"
I have to say only Mike or Carolyn can win. That is evident. Jenn appears to be this season's last juror and one of Mike/Carolyn or Rodney is the first major ax to fall. I think we are seeing one of two things:

Mike wins

Rodney loses to Carolyn.

This could be why Carolyn has had these big episodes in spurts. They don't want the audience to be disappointed if she won like Sophie or Natalie so they have to show her side of some things or maybe the reason Carolyn isn't given full editing credit for a win is because they want to tell Rodney's story more like Coach and Russell.

There's also this possibility with Shirin/Carolyn. Can Shirin get Carolyn out? That would also put a dent in Rodney's plans and change the game.

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76. "RE: Survivor Worlds Apart - The Characters and their Stories:"
I wouldn't put Jenn entirely out of the running but she is a dark horse at this point.

If Shirin can stay in it long enough she should get a redemption story out of this. A possible come from behind victory? Not against Mike, certainly.

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75. "RE: Survivor Worlds Apart - The Characters and their Stories:"
I'm changing my stance on Dan. I think he is the Missy and Kass of this season. If he was calling the shots like them he'd have more attention. But his pre-swap was similar to Missy's. Carolyn is too off the wall imo to be this season's third place goat. I think her story may be about Shirin also. Once Shirin goes, Carolyn could be done or she could go right before Shirin. I think they finish alongside each other. But Carolyn makes sense for the fifth place type of edit. Shirin makes sense for the sixth as she was a mid bloomer like Jon where she was not important pre-swap then suddenly became important. But they could be flipped around.

My boot order
8-Tyler(Shirin's big black x/ fake gunshot aim in the third show)
6-Shirin or Carolyn
5-Shirin or Carolyn
2-Dan(Rodney throwaway vote preventing a unanimous win)

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04-17-15, 09:39 PM (EST)
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77. "RE: Survivor Worlds Apart - The Characters and their Stories:"

6-Shirin or Carolyn
5-Shirin or Carolyn

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78. "Episode 9 - Hope and Despair"
Episode 8 Recap :

- After the merge, Rodney had control of the majority alliance and had a secret alliance with Will, Tyler and Carolyn. Rodney was heard in confessional: “I’m always riding with numbers...Looking beautiful for Rodney.”

- For Joe, it was a different story: His No Collars and Shirin were on the bottom (Jenn was heard saying that her group was staying together) ...and even though he found a clue to a hidden immunity idol, the majority alliance wouldn’t let him out of their sights. Mike’s confessional: “I got to find Joe before he finds the idol so we can send this guy home.”

- But it was Mike who beat him to the punch.

- At Tribal Council, sparks flew between Dan and Shirin. (We saw that it started when Dan said: “Flippers never win.”) But it was Hali who was sent home.

The recap is clear: Rodney is going to win this game. He’s leading the majority alliance and even holds the numbers inside that majority so how could he possibly lose? Well, Shirin gives us the answer: Someone will have to flip against him. And who would that be? The recap doesn’t give the answer to that question but it does tell us who was one step ahead of the immediate threat.

Hope and Despair

Night 22

Shirin was still saying that Dan was wrong. Mike tried to calm things but Dan insisted: “I don’t know how a fan like you doesn’t know the difference between a flip and a blindside. Kass flipped. Sarcastically, Shirin said that he was right.

Actually, Dan has a point. Tony made moves against individuals in his alliance but never flipped to another and he was always able to get back in his own alliance. Maybe it will be this season that will show us that a flipper can win.

Shirin’s confessional: “I am definitely on the wrong side of the numbers but the hope is that Blue Collars will start fracturing sooner rather than later. I still think that I can go to the end but the only way I’m going to get to the end is by taking big risks and the big question is: Are any of them willing to make a move against the others? If they are, I will benefit from that. So, all I can do is shake things up.”

To the tribe, she said she’d vote for Mike if he makes it to the end. Dan said she would definitely be on the jury. She agreed and said her vote would be for Mike.

Rodney gave us an interview: “I don’t agree with Dan when he said that flippers don’t win the game. Flippers win the game at the right time with the proper blindside. They think I am Blue until I die but I ain’t Blue to nobody. I got my boys back home; I don’t need no more friends. What I need is zeros in my bank account. So, guess what? Rodney is going to take down the Blues. Mike, Sierra and Dan, they aren’t going to see it coming. I’m just waiting for my time, waiting for my moment and I’m going to hit them with a Mike Tyson punch.”

Rodney deserves to get zeros in his bank account but, unfortunately, even the first person eliminated gets some money. If, like I suspect, Mike makes a move against Rodney, it will be the guy that has been the bluest of Blue Collars that first flips on the guy that doesn’t consider himself a Blue Collar. Wouldn’t that be ironic? Shirin could be proven right: If Mike is willing to move against Rodney, she will benefit from that and a flipper will win.

While we saw that a storm was approaching, we heard Jenn say that she was stoked about being voted out.

That led to Shirin’s confessional: “Jenn was really close with Hali and now she doesn’t want to be here. I don’t harbor any resentment toward Jenn, wanting to quit this game because I completely understand why she dislikes these people. For selfish reasons, I don’t want Jenn to go because I want to stay in this game and I want to go far. Because of the position that I find myself in right now, I need to prove myself to gain a new alliance.”

Right then, we saw Shirin and Joe standing together just as lightning lit the sky and we heard thunder. A sign of what was to come for Joe because of Shirin’s new alliance.

Day 23

Talking to Mike and Sierra, Shirin said she needed a new option. Mike was willing to entertain the idea of working with her but that he needed to trust her first. His confessional started here and right after we heard him asking Shirin who she would want to eliminate. Without hesitation, she said Carolyn because she had Will, Rodney and Tyler in her pocket. Mike said he saw it as well but he said he would give her a name at Tribal and that he’d want her to write that name down. She said she was in.
Mike’s confessional: “Pulling Shirin in, because no one would think that I would pull her in, is a perfect strategy to get rid of some of these other threats that are in this game. Shirin’s smart enough to realize that there is a group within our group. Well, I see it. You can’t hide: There’s only 10 people here.”
Shirin’s confessional: “The biggest thing right now is to hitch my vote onto somebody else’s game plan and just go along with whatever they say for the next vote. But, once I’m in and once people trust me, maybe I’m not in the driver seat right away but I’m in the passenger seat, back-seat driving.”

That scene probably gave us a sneak peek at our Final Three. With Shirin’s help, Mike and Sierra should wrestle control of the game out of Rodney’s hands. The irony here is that, as soon as the story shows that Mike may get out of one danger, he may find another. Shirin may help him out of Rodney’s trap but she would then become his next threat. One thing players can learn from Mike is that he asked Shirin which player she’d want to see eliminated. Too often, players try to recruit new allies by imposing their target and that rarely works. In this episode, it will become clear that Joe has to go so Shirin will go along but Mike may repay her for that vote by going after Carolyn sooner than we’d expect.

The Reward Challenge

Once more we were not given the opportunity to witness the school yard pick ‘em. It would be much more interesting to see that than most of the stuff we were shown instead. Instead of simply naming the players, Jeff should identify the captains and the order of the picks so that we can get an idea of what the players think.

The Red team had: Joe, Rodney, Will, Jenn and Carolyn.
The Blue team had: Mike, Tyler, Dan, Sierra and Shirin.

Mike and Rodney swam the first leg and both were “giving 100 percent” according to Jeff. Mike took a nice lead by diving off the platform instead of using it as a slide.

Dan and Will followed. Dan took a huge fall on the platform (Ouch!) while Will’s slide looked very awkward. The two made Jeff laugh. Dan kept Blue’s lead.

Tyler and Carolyn followed. Tyler was the first to realize that it was better (and probably a lot less painful) to run over the net crawl than to dive on it. Tyler fell off the balance beam once but Carolyn needed three tries, giving Blue a bigger lead.

Then Sierra went into the water and that lead quickly evaporated, Jenn caught up to her at the balance beam and then overtook her by making it across on her first try.

Dan and Mike’s frustration at Shirin was evident.

With Joe doing the anchor leg, Red finished the race well ahead of the Blue team even if Sierra ran a good leg. She made it across the course before the red team retrieved their first ring.
While Carolyn took over for Joe, Mike got the first ring. Sierra, using her rodeo experience, took over for Mike and got the 2nd ring. From there, Mike took over and gave his team the victory with some nice tosses and with what Jeff described as “an incredible grab” of the last ring.

While the Red team was relishing the idea of eating chocolate, the camera focused on Jenn’s frustration.

Jeff turned to Jenn after Mike had essentially given us a Snickers’ commercial. She told Jeff that she didn’t necessarily want to be there: “This is nothing that most people want. Unless you’ve played this game, you have no idea what this feels like.” Joe shook his head when he heard that: “This is what we signed up for... I’m still happy to be here” he said.

Joe expressed the thoughts of all viewers. Very few will have sympathy for Jenn right now.

Day 23 – The Product Placement Segment

Sierra, like many other beautiful castaways before her, gave us the publicity confessional: “We walked up to a chocolate bar... It was amazing.”

Mike also played the spokesperson’s role: “ really brought me back to my childhood. It’s really strange out here when you are so deprived of the little amenities how much a (chocolate) bar truly means to you.”

Sierra told the group that she loved every one of them.

That included Dan!

Shirin’s confessional: “I am the luckiest person out here right now considering where I was coming from at the previous Tribal Council to all of a sudden winning this chocolate paradise reward and having a door open strategically with Mike and Sierra. It’s literally night and day. I see the game from a new angle and now I’m charging forward.”

Mike and Sierra were on screen when Shirin said that a door opened for her but there was a clear break in the recording just before “With Mike and Sierra”. It’s not sure that Shirin was that specific during this confessional, the two names seemingly spliced in, but that’s what was important for us to hear. This episode will remind many of Natalie’s late game surge last season. If she manages to break up the Blue tribe, gets rid of her old White Collar tribe mates and makes it to the end with the right combination (Dan and Will maybe?) she would certainly deserve the title. It wouldn’t work if she is there with Mike and Sierra though.

Camp – Day 23

After agreeing to Joe’s suggestion of fried chicken, Rodney had a confessional: “Not winning again. The worst thing I can do is to sulk in another loss and to get mad that I didn’t get a reward. What I need to do is to look at the positive things. We have a chicken here that we are going to eat because my stomach needs to taste something different, other than rice and beans. Jenn doesn’t like killing the chicken because she doesn’t like eating the meat and I guess she wanted them as her little buddies because she lost her buddy Hali and I guess the chickens are her little friends.”

This is trivial but even here Rodney has it upside down. Most people don’t eat meat because they don’t like the idea of killing animals, not the other way around as he put it.

Jenn’s interview: “This would suck less if the people sucked less. No one asked me if we could kill a chicken even if they are pretty much my chickens at this point. They just grabbed one of my chickens and ran off. None of this is fun. I’ve got nothing out here except for despair.”

Once they were eating, Rodney started doing a very good impression of Mike at Tribal, repeating his answers to Jeff. He was so good that everyone, including Jenn laughed when he used a Texan accent to say: “...My name could come up five or six times, Jeff. It could be me going...” They cracked up even more when he switched to a Maine accent to imitate Dan. For a moment, Rodney, chuckling so hard, couldn’t continue but then he said: “Jeff, you got to appreciate good people when you come by them.” Switching back to impersonating Mike, Rodney added: “I agree 110 percent to what Dan said.” Will corrected him: “One hundred and fifty thousand percent!”

Joe’s interview: “I’m here with Rodney and there’s a part of him that doesn’t like Mike. If I can use that to my advantage; absolutely, I’m going to freaking use it! Hopefully, I can work a little magic and stay in the game a little longer.”

The things we can learn through humor. Even if he was mocking him, Rodney gave us a very good indication of Mike’s story: He is in danger but he should be appreciated because he is “good people”. Also, when Joe realized there was a crack between Rodney and Mike, he went to Mike for new hope, not Rodney.

Day 24 – Tree Mail

Joe’s confessional: “Going into the immunity challenge, I feel a ton of pressure. I really have nobody out here but I’m going to give it all I’ve got...”

We saw Joe, Jenn and Shirin doing some stretching exercises.
We, I’m not sure you can call it an exercise in Shirin’s case. It looked more like testing her legs to see if they could hold her!

Jenn’s confessional: “Me, Joe and Shirin are all at the bottom. The more I ask to leave the less likely I am to leave. So, if they are going to plan on keeping me around, I’m going to give them a reason to kick me out.”

To Joe, she said that he should let her win so that she could give him the necklace at Tribal Council because that would be hilarious.

In confessional Joe told us he had doubled his chances of getting immunity since Jenn was set on leaving.

The Immunity Challenge

When Jeff took the necklace from Joe, we heard Carolyn say: “Take it away.”

I guess she won’t make friends with Joe. She was the first to drop put so she didn’t do a thing to take immunity away from Joe. Was it to show that she will be talk but no action?

Jeff really focused on Joe’s problems but he outlasted everyone except Mike, Jenn and Tyler.

The camera showed Rodney when Jeff said “a lot of people would like to see him fail today.” Joe did fall, ending a battle that was epic only in Jeff’s sales pitch.

In the end, Tyler outlasted every one, beating Jenn and thus ending her shot at giving Joe the necklace.

I was a bit surprised to see Dan’s excitement when Jenn lost the block. It was as if he knew about her plan to give the necklace to Joe. Did she advertize it?

Jenn’s confessional: “Is it really sad that I fought so hard in that challenge today so that I could have a ticket out.

Everyone is going to vote for Joe but I really think that I can do something to protect him and screw up everyone else’s game.”

Camp – Day 24

Joe’s confessional: “I lost so I was rooting for Jenn...Go on Jenn, keep going I thought...It didn’t work out...I’m living on the edge again...I’m going to fight to the bitter end.”

We had a nice visual of a fish in a surfer’s position, swimming high on a cresting wave when Joe said “Go on Jenn: Keep going.” In one sense, Jenn, who is our surfer here, will still be going since she wasn’t voted out.

Shirin’s confessional: “Nobody knows the game as well as I do and I’m running the numbers constantly. I figured out this numbers loophole. Because of the immunity idol and because of the way the numbers shake out, with seven people on the Blue Alliance and three people on the outs, the Blue alliance can and will split their votes but if Joe votes for Jenn, there’s a four-four tie between Joe and Jenn. Jenn can’t vote for herself and she’s not going to vote for Joe because she wants to go home. That leaves me as a swing vote to decide between Joe and Jenn going home.”

Joe told Shirin that he had an idol and was planning on playing it but that didn’t prevent Shirin from saying that she could vote for Jenn to get her out. Jenn was all excited to hear that Shirin could vote her out.

Jenn’s confessional: “If Shirin and Joe vote for me, everyone gets screwed over because I keep Joe in the game. It’s sounds pathetic to ask people to vote for you but I don’t care.”

Back in the shelter we heard that the alliance was planning to split the vote. Mike was heard saying it should be 4-3 Joe over Jenn and he asked Tyler if was in agreement.

Mike’s confessional: “The scary thing about splitting the vote is, literally, one person could make the difference in who you wanted to go home and the goat going home. So, I want Shirin to vote Joe tonight in order to get Joe out of this game.”

We then saw pelicans flying over a wave and the sound editor included a very ominous sound effect. Was that to tell us that surfers aren’t safe?!

Mike told Shirin about the plan to split the votes and that she had to vote against Joe if he was going to trust her. Before the end of the scene, he would tell her: “The next vote determines if we go to the Final Four or not.”

By saying that Joe could vote for Jenn, sending her home, Mike blocked any loophole that Shirin thought she could use. Even if she says she knows the game better than everyone else, it was Mike that put her in a zugzwang position. He would later do the same to Joe and his fake idol. The episode showed us that Mike was the best player out there but that he still has dangers in front of him. For one, Shirin may not always be as easily manipulated. Still, it certainly looks like we are headed for an ending that will include Mike, Shirin, Sierra and Dan. Could Jenn still be there to screw that part of the game for Mike? If so, Mike could see his goat, Dan, going to the jury.

Shirin’s confessional: “The thought of voting between Joe and Jenn: On the one hand, I never thought I would be in a position to vote an actual friend of mine out of this game, even though she wants it. I want to respect her wishes and let her leave this game in peace but the opposite point of view is that Joe is a much bigger threat. I am being tested and little does everyone know that I could really rock the vote tonight.”

Joe then revealed to the viewers his plan to make a fake idol. Being a jeweler, he only needed the opportunity and a few items to make a very nice copy.

He found some time alone after going into the jungle to talk with Dan who simply said there was nothing he could do to sway the vote.

Being a jeweler, Joe didn’t find it too difficult to make a presentable fake idol out of the items he has stashed away.
Learning that Dan had let Joe go, Mike went out to look for him saying: “We cannot let him find this idol.” He ran into him before he could get back to camp.

Didn’t Dan get the message that Joe had to be shadowed at all times? The scene reminded me of One World when Chelsea let Jay and Mike walk out of camp alone to discuss the vote. Kim had to save the situation by running after them. In a similar fashion, we saw Mike running after Joe to fix Dan’s mistake.

Joe’s confessional: “The more confusion the better...If no one has found an actual immunity idol then this is sellable.”
Unfortunately, he was talking to Mike who had a real one as comparison.

Joe tried to make a deal: If they sent Jenn home, he would give his idol to Mike. Mike was firm: “I’m going to have the idol before Tribal.”

Why would Mike fall for Joe’s offer? If Joe had a real idol then he could simply play it for himself. That would even be better than giving it to Mike because it would probably go back in play and Joe would have a chance to find it again.

Mike’s confessional: “I have the hidden immunity idol to his clue that he got but if he has a different hidden immunity idol, you give it to me tonight and, you know what? Legitimately, I would switch my vote...maybe!”

Tribal Council

As soon as the tribe took their stumps, we saw Joe leaning over to Mike and say: “Here you go. Good luck, buddy.”

Jeff first addressed Jenn. He didn’t understand her determination at the immunity challenge because he didn’t know if she was enjoying her time or not. He asked: “Can you not want to be here and want to be here?”

She answered with a straight face: “Yes, absolutely.” She pointed out Rodney who she didn’t like but now considers one of the funniest and craziest people she knew. She said it would have been cool to win the necklace. She then said she would have given that necklace to Joe just to see the look on everyone else’s face. “They would all be so pissed."

We saw the look on Mike and Rodney and Dan’s face and none looked pleased even if they were smiling.

Jeff asked why she didn’t just get up and walk off the set.
Jenn said that would be quitting and that she doesn’t quit.

The rattling sound told us that the difference was minor. Most viewers will still see her as a quitter unless she makes a serious rally.

Joe said he was rooting for her because he wanted to be there: “I waited my whole life to be here.”

2nd chance, here he comes!

Joe added: “Someone may want to sit with her at the end because she didn’t even play the game.”

Shirin said she understood Jenn and that she had been able to strategize with her in a way she hadn’t with Joe. She added: “It’s to my benefit to have her stay and to have Joe go because she is a better strategic ally to me. But, the fact that she says she doesn’t want to be here makes her look less threatening; makes them want to keep her over me.”

Maybe Jenn says she wants to go to get away from Shirin!! If it weren’t for her confessionals, we could say that Jenn was using a smart tactic to stay longer.

Jeff was about to send them to vote but Mike had a question: He wanted to know if Jeff could verify that the idol was real.

Jeff said he couldn’t verify that until Mike decided to play it.

Mike said it was the determining factor in someone staying or going home.

Jeff sounded impressed.

We heard Tyler and Rodney’s voting confessionals and they practically said the same thing even if they voted differently!
Tyler voted for Jenn and said: “I have no idea what is going on.”
Rodney voted for Joe: “I have no idea what is going to happen tonight.”

I guess that sums up nicely the two guys abilities in this game!

Mike did play Joe’s idol but he said it was for Will who simply thanked the Texan.

Mike’s smile told us that he expected Jeff to reject the idol but I wonder if it crossed his mind to play it for Joe? It would have been even sweeter, somehow saying “you wanted to buy your life in this game with this, let’s see what it buys.”

In the end, Joe, Carolyn, Tyler and Will voted for Jenn, the Blue Collars and Shirin voted for Joe while Jenn threw her vote away on Dan.

Jenn’s vote proves that she wanted to leave. The 9th parchment that Jeff revealed was a vote for “Joey Amazing”. Joe had to know right then that Mike had voted against him so he looked over at him. Mike’s face said it all: “Got you.”

Joe got up and shook Mike’s hand while Shirin leaned over to Jenn and said: “I still have you.”

Then we heard a loud moan inserted in the melody by the sound editor who was obviously pained to see “Joey Amazing” leave. Another moan was heard when Joe walked off the set.

Jeff said that the vote illustrated a very basic Survivor strategy: “Take out a threat whenever you can. Which means: If you are perceived as a threat, you better watch out.”
Mike was up close and personal when Jeff said the words “If you are perceived as a threat.” The implication is clear: Mike is in danger...but what else is new!

The Story

The episode’s main theme of Hope and Despair was illustrated by the opposite paths that Shirin and Jenn followed. They had lost a close ally but, where Jenn lost all interest in the game, Shirin looked for a new alliance and she found one. By putting so much emphasis on Jenn’s despair, the episode showed that few players were in a position to make decisions. The only recourse Jenn found was to commit Survivor Suicide. Many players are letting the others make all the decisions for them so they could all be seen as goats if they make it to the end. We also saw that Rodney could have played a much better social game if one of his three Cs had stood for “Comical”. But the main development was in showing that Mike was always one step ahead of everyone. Can he keep that pace all the way to the end?

The Characters

The Goats – They are Letting Others Run the Game

Will: Early on, Will made one of the biggest moves of the game and it nearly ended his own game. Since then, he has faded in the background. He hasn’t created any waves and has been friendly enough that his name didn’t come up. It should...soon.

Carolyn: She has received one of the most uneven roles ever: She was the star in a few episodes but was completely neglected in the others. While her alliance and her idol could put her in a position to make decisive moves down the stretch, it seems that her recent downturn could lead to her exit. She is Shirin’s first target and since Mike now owes Shirin, Carolyn could pay for being in Rodney’s group.

Jenn: Her despair came from losing her ally and, with her, any chance of controlling the game. Her rebellious act may have cost her many fans but I think she will get redemption. In this episode where she was treated just like Shawna, some will hope that she turns it around like another of the Amazon’s cute girls, Jenna. I think she will fall somewhere in the middle of those two extremes: She will play a role in future episodes but won’t win. In fact, the main question could soon center on her: Where will Jenn go? Will she side with her new found friend, Rodney, the guy that makes her laugh? Will she strategize with Shirin against Rodney’s group? Will she even still be there to help Shirin turn the tables on Mike? If she had left during this episode, Jenn’s Survivor legacy would have been awful but she was such a fan favorite before this week that I think they let us see her despair because there will be a renewal.

Tyler: In this episode, Tyler was part of the team that won reward and he won the immunity challenge, defeating “Joey Amazing” yet he was totally left in the background. His only brief moment was to let us know that he agreed on the plan to split the votes 4-3 against Joe and Jenn. His Survivor game is much like his role in the NFL: Play for field position. That’s what good punters can do after all. In a defensive struggle, the good punter can gain yards for his team at each change of possession. The problem is that Tyler wasn’t a very good punter! He hasn’t shown much on Survivor either!

Dan: In the strict sense, Dan is right: A true flipper has never won but he probably only considers players like Brandon, Neleh, Shii Ann, Frosti, Cochran and Kass who completely abandoned their original tribe and tried their luck with the opponents. The fact that his opinion is being discussed and opposed by Shirin opens up two possibilities for this season. First, since Dan has been shown to be obnoxious and condescending, Shirin should show him that she is smarter about this game than he is. It could also be telling us that this season will be won by a flipper and since only the Blue Collars have remained loyal, the true flipper can only come from that tribe. So, which one will it be?!

Sierra: She was the first Blue Collar threat to flip and she could still find an advantage in forming a female alliance but this episode showed that she “loves” her Blue team and that she has attached her wagon to Mike’s locomotive. Showing her listening in silence to the vital discussion between Mike and Shirin and using her as the spokesperson during the reward reveals the extent of her role if she makes it to the Final 3: She will look good on the set during the Finale.

The Decision Makers

Rodney: The game should be his since he has the numbers. He is even starting to show his social game so he could be the flipper who becomes Sole Survivor. He even told us that he has no attachment to his Blue Collar tribe so flipping the game should be easy. The problem is that his plan hinges on Final 7 while the game may be turned against him before that. His core group adds up to 4 votes and we now have 9 players so that should alert him. I expect that his group will lose one member this week.

Shirin: Mike said that no one would expect that he could work with Shirin and the opposite is also true. By showing hope and making the decision to work with Mike, Shirin has changed her game and the opinion of many viewers. Her pattern has closely followed Natalie’s last season: Losing her closest ally gave her a new resolve. Can she continue in the path that was laid out before? Natalie’s greatest skill was to wait for the right moment to strike and Shirin expressed the same idea when she talked about doing some back seat driving. The problem is that Mike has shown much more game knowledge than Jon. He won’t be as easily manipulated.

Mike: Many said that we had already seen what would eventually cause Mike’s downfall: Rodney’s confessionals about the stupidity of eliminating Joaquin over Joe meant for many that Mike would pay for it. People will now say that Mike made a mistake in booting Joe since the jeweller was ready to work with him. The funniest thing is that it will be the same people! While he continues to avoid the dangers that are on his path, more are laid in front of him. Adding Shirin to his alliance could be the key to his victory or it could turn into a poisoned gift. It’s so much easier to deal with dumb allies than smart ones. Mike did one thing well when he recruited Shirin and that was asking her for her opinion about the person to eliminate. He should realize that eliminating Carolyn is like killing two birds with one stone: It will rejoice Shirin and hurt Rodney. He should find many other targets that will keep Shirin happy and advance his game. This episode has given us a clear hint that Mike should make the Final Three with Shirin and Sierra where, like Shirin said, he should get the win.

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04-19-15, 09:27 PM (EST)
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79. "The Shirin"
LAST EDITED ON 04-19-15 AT 09:32 PM (EST)

Another great write-up, as usual, Mr. Michel.

That sure was an illuminating episode in terms of the edit, huh? Only, like, half the cast were even in the episode. I can't remember the last time when they had literally half the cast go invisible. I think Tyler winning Immunity, but still not even getting a confessional, says all there is to be said about Tyler's chances. So much for being the darkhorse.

Thought it was a pretty poor episode for Jenn too. I was curious to see how they would handle her despair (maybe making her sympathetic) but I don't see much upside to how she was characterized. She's just kind of checked out, and is only relevant because of her relationship to Shirin, ironically enough. I was thinking about my earlier impressions of her, where she seemed a little Palau Katie or Boston Rob'ish with her confessionals. She might actually be a Final 3 goat.

Mike is sitting pretty as usual. The only thing I didn't like was that Rodney's impressions came off good instead of obnoxious, so it struck me as another seed of dissent (edit-wise). Still hard to argue against the rest of the edit, however.

The main thing I wanted to talk about was Shirin.

Okay, what's the deal with Shirin's edit? Since when is she the main character of the show? Obviously, there's an emphasis on Mike's story still, and Shirin is fitting into his plans. But this past episode, the way they framed it, Shirin was the protagonist of the story. The story was, Shirin needs to save herself and go to Mike. It wasn't, Mike needs more allies and pulled in Shirin. It was told from Shirin's point of view. Shirin gets to make the choice to get rid of Joe. Jenn is only around because Shirin needs her. All of this stuff revolves around Shirin.

Shirin can't win. Everyone hates her.

So why aren't they actually showing it? They were showing it earlier. It still seems to be true. Will is even going to call her out next week. So why don't we get "annoying Shirin whistling" scenes anymore? All we got was an argument with Rodney over deli meats.

She can't win, right? Everyone hates her.

Something's up, and I can't figure it out. You don't give Shirin a godlike edit for no reason. Normally, I would say, duh, she is probably your winner then. But the social dynamics don't make sense where Shirin could win. She would need a very, very specific Final 3 for that to even be viable. Maaaaybe she could win a Shirin/Jenn/Sierra or Shirin/Jenn/Dan kind of combo. But even those would be a pretty big stretch.

My only guess is that we're supposed to root for her because we want to be happy when Rodney/Will/Carolyn/Tyler get supplanted this week. We're not supposed to care about someone like Will, so we won't have any problem when Shirin and Mike turn the tables on him. Ditto for Dan, but that's probably down the road. Maybe the Shirin thing is a little like Missy last season. A player who can't possibly win because of social dynamics, who still somehow gets the kid gloves in the edit.

If Mike doesn't win, who else possibly could? Probably not invisible Carolyn, Tyler, Will, and Sierra. Jenn's nosediving. Rodney and Dan, don't make me laugh. And everyone hates Shirin.

Will looks like he's toast this week, huh? Completely invisible guy shows up as focal point of the previews? Not a pretty combination.

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80. "RE: The Shirin"
Right now, I think Shirin could simply be another example of post-merge confusion. Look at the pattern up to now: In the merge episode the stars were Mike and Jenn. Then it was Mike and Joe in episode 8 and now, it's Mike and Shirin. Jenn looked like a contender after that big move andJoe looked almost unbeatable before this week. Shirin could simply be the "flavor of the week", the current distraction to make us think Mike won't win. Since she is probably heading for the F3, she may get more "flavorful" as we go along but the edit doesn't forget. Her role during the pre-merge should be telling us that she can't win but we will have to pay more attention to her.
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81. "RE: Shirin"
I agree Jenn did not look good. I’ve seen a couple of occasions where she disappointed me & makes me think Jenn’s not the winner. As a young sailing instructor, she likely has a good bit of competitive sailboat racing experience & it would not surprise me to see her become competitive & her winning a few challenges. She’s already got 2 votes on the Jury & seems impressive enough that no one should take her to F3 as a goat.

Everyone goes to Mike: Tyler, Joe & Shirin. Didn’t Carolyn’s F4 commitment come from Mike? Mike seems like not just the winner to us, but respected by the rest of the group, imitations aside. It was interesting when Shirin basically painted a target on Mike announcing she would vote for him as sole survivor.

Shirin I didn’t see as ever being edited as the main character of show. I think it has become consistently the Mike Show. Shirin is not that entertaining, so I can only interpret her as being instrumental in Mike winning, & likely making it a long way in the game. Her being annoying is not the same as her being hated. Dan & Will are not ones we’ve seen any reason to place any faith in their opinions. Both Dan & Will seem to attack her pointlessly. She does come across as a goat to take to the finals, as do Will & Dan.

Carolyn’s edit I find interesting. 1st episode she came across to me as overbearing & very unlikeable. That has disappeared & we’ve seen nothing about how she’s become “Momma C’ to Rodney or otherwise seemingly accepted by Blue Collars. They have shown her smiling & enjoying seeing someone get voted out, not a smile of victory, but one of enjoying seeing someone else's loss & disappointment.

I’m with you on the Will as toast this week! Dan & Rodney’s arrogance is offensive, but Will’s sudden show of arrogance strikes me that he will be the target. He turned on No Collars which may give Mike both Shirin & Jenn’s vote. That should be enough with his, Sierra & Dan’s. Plus, gotta break up that Rodney/Will bro-mance!

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82. "RE: Shirin"
I'm not so sure I see it like that.

Mike, Dan, Sierra, and Shirin appear to be a new final four. Jenn is pulled in probably by Shirin unless she doesn't want to work with her.

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83. "RE: Shirin"
Well, I think Will & Tyler are not long for this game, & that Rodney & Jenn are on the jury. Likely Dan & Carolyn are jury too, so we may end up close to the same ending from different perspectives!
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84. "RE: Survivor Worlds Apart - The Characters and their Stories:"
I was dead on early on about Jenn. She was in deed overnarrating to a early merge boot.

After the second show Rodney was the frontrunner. Then his negative edit the next show took all of that away. I had even had Tyler as a top contender but the excuse is his lack of backstory and not enough screentime consistently. But.....

His confessionals is very game-related, he's also shown constantly being very stalkerish lurking around. He's also shown to have a keen eye based on thinking Dan flipped back. I am wondering if he needs Carolyn to leave to advance his game? He is all game narrative and nothing else.

Carolyn almost went two straight without a confessional but she got one late about possibly playing her idol. But this episode showed she was smarter than people thought. Her move at the auction was true to the character she's been from day 1. She's playing the game hard. But I don't know if I can keep defending her. She is my favorite but she's slipping. Word to Survivor editors, only a few players per season can be fan favorites. If you intend to showcase these players early be consistent with the story. Carolyn may be a victim of the editing this year where they thought she would be a villain/univerally unlikable and Shirin the underdog. But Carolyn is not the villain/univerally unlikable. And thats how you get people that love/hate someone like Shirin. I had Carolyn making final five, now I think she may be the next to go.

Dan is a finalist, no question. No one is wasting a vote on him now. And the very first show gave us this indication. And if you look closer the person who suddenly had a gradual spike in the edit since the merge started without being in complete overkill is Dan, like Jaclyn last year.

Mike is still the winner but its obvious his path is cluttered. Tyler is someone who can win these challenges and if Mike is in the finals with him, it will take Shirin being on the jury to help Mike win. Tyler is also Mike's only threat in the remaining challenges. So Tyler or Shirin has to go before the final three.

Shirin....sigh. Her edit is in high gear right now, and usually that is not a good sign for her chances of making the finals. We don't usually see someone who start to jump up dramatically after the swap sitting at the end. Last year was Jon and later Reed. Cagayan didn't give anyone a boost but the winner who already had a strong edit. Caramoan spiked up Andrea, who went out seventh. Phillipines spiked up Abi-Maria who went out fifth. When her edit slows down, it will be when she's done.



6-Shirin or Carolyn
5-Carolyn or Shirin

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85. "Episode 10 - A Lot of people Suck:"
Previously :

- Joe, Shirin and Jenn were stuck on the bottom, (Jenn is heard saying: “We’re all f…ed”) against a majority of seven. Next, we had Shirin’s confessional: “The only way I can get to the end is by taking big risks.”

- Shirin had a plan to shake things up. She warned Mike about a secret alliance within the seven. Shirin: “Carolyn’s got Will in her pocket, Rodney, and Tyler’s with them.” This was followed by Mike’s confessional: “Shirin’s smart enough to realize that there is a group within our group. Well I see it.”

- At Tribal Council, it came down to two No Collars; Joe versus Jenn. In the end, they took out Joe, the biggest threat in challenges.

This recap focused the story on Shirin and Mike. Even Rodney was reduced to a member of the majority, having fallen in Carolyn’s pocket. We know that Shirin’s opinion is biased against her White Collar rival but presenting it without any counter point isn’t a good sign for Rodney. The recap is setting the stage for Shirin’s big risks paying off and Mike finding a way out of his dangerous position. The only problem is that this stage has been set for a few episodes now and, since then, nothing has happened. The liquidation of the No Collar core alliance has increased Rodney’s strangle hold on the game and put both Shirin and Mike in a seemingly untenable position.

A Lot of People Suck

Day 25

Rodney was talking to his close allies, saying he had a real solid plan: “We get Mike out right now...He’ll never know it. He’ll be frantic, making moves...”

Behind some bushes, we saw that Mike was listening.

Tyler’s confessional: “We got rid of Joe last night, the biggest threat in the game and right off the bat, Rodney approached me this morning with a new tactic which is: Why don’t we stomp on Mike before he pulls his numbers and his charisma and he jumps on us? Rodney’s idea could be a really good idea.”

To Rodney, he said: “Good thought, pause it and we’ll come back to revisit it.”

Rodney told them: “You’re looking at the final four.”

By including Tyler’s comment that they should revisit this plan, it tells us that Tyler is still too cautious. What was there to revisit? To Rodney, he should have simply said: “Let’s do it” no matter his own apprehensions.

For Mike’s story, I think it’s important to note that the scene included him from the start. As viewers, we saw that Mike knows with certitude so he isn’t simply being paranoid. It could have been presented differently if they wanted us to think of Mike as a frantic player. Instead, like Sandra and Tony before him, we saw that Mike was smart enough to spy on his rivals. His problem will come when he tries to deal with that information.

As for Rodney, we have to say that he was right on the money about Mike making frantic moves but it was because he knew about it. As for his final four, it would be funny if they all wind up on the jury. So, the question is: Was his comment included for its irony or for its accuracy? This episode certainly didn’t alter the course for Rodney’s group.

Mike’s confessional: “I overheard Rodney, Will, Tyler and Mama C. And there’s definitely been a power shift in this game.

Rodney has flipped on the Blue Collars and he is no longer in my alliance. So, I know that they are coming for my head. That’s why I have to start doing a lot of work, starting today.”

So, Mike thinks he hasn’t really started working yet? Despite his gauche approach, we will see that he has energy in reserve. Will that be enough to overcome the alliance of four?

The Survivor Auction

Trader Jeff welcomed the players. Shirin and Jenn were happy to see the auction.

The bidding started on a covered item. Will’s $100 bid was too much for Shirin and Jenn. He received a new twist: An immediate trip back to camp.

Everyone thought he had bought a clue to an immunity idol but, since no one can be sent to Exile Island, production had to think of another way to kick a player out of the bidding. The cameras caught the desired shocked expressions.

Jenn asked Jeff if anyone else would be kicked out, adding that she would not forgive him.

Seeing fried chicken, Shirin immediately bid $300 and no one challenged her. Jeff was surprised (as were all the posters who thought Shirin would be the one smart enough to wait for the advantage.) He said: “It’s the most expensive chicken you ever bought.”

Shirin told Jeff: “I didn’t want to bid for an advantage in this game so, for me, it was just a matter of: Go for it.”

The “sliding trombone” sound effect told us that Shirin’s comment wasn’t very smart. If this decision costs Shirin a place in the final three then it will prove to be the most expensive chicken she ever bought.

Jeff asked Sierra what she thought about what Shirin had said. She answered: “A lot of us feel like we are in danger so I think there are a couple of people who are going to hold out.”

The camera identified those people even before Jeff asked: Dan, who had been nodding his head next to Sierra along with Mike and Carolyn.

When Jeff asked who was holding out, we saw Mike, Dan, Sierra and Carolyn raise their hand.

Sierra either quickly changed her mind or her hand gesture was simply meant to indicate which players were holding out. The first impression was that she intended to hold out but couldn’t.

Mike’s confessional started here but continued over the auction of the next 3 items: “I came into this game knowing that whenever it was Survivor auction time; that I’ll starve today. That is all there is to it. / 1st break / Some if not all of my alliance have flipped on me. / 2nd break / No food in this world is worth what an advantage is worth in this game to me.”

During the first break in Mike’s confessional, we saw Jenn leaping at the opportunity to buy a giant cocktail for $100.

(Tip your bartender!)

During the second break, Sierra bid $100 on a plate of meat and then Rodney bought a nice steak.

The editors were in such a hurry to get to the advantage that we didn’t even hear how much Rodney paid for his steak and glass of wine. That must be a first. We heard Jeff say: “This is what you bought” so the steak had even been a covered item so, after Will’s misadventure, Rodney had to be somewhat bold and he was rewarded with the best item we saw. By fast-forwarding through this, we didn’t share in Rodney’s happy moment. I even noticed that we saw Rodney carrying his tray back to his seat with a big smile when Mike said that food wasn’t worth as much as the advantage. So, instead of feeling happy for Rodney, the montage’s intent was to show that he was dumb.

There are also two more factors of importance to note: Carolyn or Dan had to have equivalent confessionals since no one can doubt that they were as determined as Mike to get that advantage. Why not let us hear their point of view? The simplest answer is that Mike’s point of view was more important than theirs. Even more than Dan’s thoughts who actually got the advantage. The second thing is that we’ve rarely, if ever, heard such a confessional superimposed over a scene that featured Jeff. Mike’s thoughts preceded the auction and then they overshadowed all the action including the show’s star. He wasn’t only narrating the events because, while it told us exactly what was going to happen, it was said from a tactical point of view. We heard that it was Mike’s plan from day one and that he was ready to suffer for this.

Since everyone who wanted food had gotten something (Strangely, we saw that Tyler didn’t have a plate on his lap yet he didn’t bid for the advantage either.) Jeff tempted them with something else: Letters from home. Immediately, Dan broke down and started crying. We’d learn that his wedding anniversary had been on day 2. Shirin knew another loophole: She said that Jeff always let the other players get their letter for the same amount as the winning bid. Jenn said: “Someone just do 20 bucks.” Sierra was the first and no one challenged her. Carolyn turned to Mike and Dan, saying that they should all put $20 so they’d still have the same amount left. Dan and Mike agreed with everyone else.

Well, Shirin and Jenn broke that for future players. The rules will have to be changed.

When it was his turn to hand the money to Jeff, Mike let Dan go in front of him, saying: “I’m going to go. Why would I displace trust?” And then Mike went back to his seat without giving his money.

Everyone, including Jeff, was shocked and we went to commercial break.

What a contemptible move. The worst is that Mike knew exactly what he was doing but this isn’t a way to outwit the others. He knew he’d lose trust and trust is the most important thing in this game. This single action could cost him the game.

Back from break, Carolyn said it was BS so she wanted to give her letter back. Dan added: “So much for your trust Mike.”

It was interesting that we didn’t hear if Jeff was going to give her money back or if he was going to say that all sales were final. I wouldn’t be surprised if he said exactly that, escalating the fight between Mike and the others. Instead, it simply came down to Mike’s conscience. Will his change of heart be enough to repair the grave act?

Mike realized he had made a mistake so he paid up and said: “I can’t do it...That wouldn’t go with my conscience. That goes against who I am as a person.”

Jeff finally brought out the advantage so all three paid $480 for the privilege to draw rocks.

Showing once more that Jenn wasn’t taking the game seriously, we saw (and heard) her taking a big sip of her drink which seemed more interesting than watching this crucial moment in the game.

Dan won.

Dan’s confessional: “I told Mike; go before me. He turned around, went back and it broke my heart and he might have just lost my trust.”

This tells us the gravity of Mike’s dickhead move. It put him behind the eight ball, snookered.

Camp – Day 25

Will’s confessional: “I’m so upset...I was devastated. I’m walking back to camp and, Oh! my God! There’s a clue for me. Wow! I just got a has an X and it says “dig”. They are getting burgers and fries but maybe I got something better. It’s shocking how this game can change in your favor just like that. I thought it was the worst day ever but this could be huge for me... It’s a big box...You bought yourself a personal stash of rations... Mama says it’s better to give than receive so I’m going to take this back to the tribe. Even though these snacks are for me, we’ve all been out here for 25 days. Everybody is starving so I’m going to go ahead and share. Maybe this will give me some brownie points when someone wants to vote me out. I don’t know but I think it’s going to be a nice gesture when they see that there are no hard feelings.”

When the tribe came back, Will showed them the note first and then the snacks.

Before we comment on Will’s gesture, let’s wait for the next change in the game. There are no nice gestures with these people.
This is when Mike decided to tell Sierra that Rodney had flipped and that was why he almost didn’t buy his letter.

Mike in confessional: “I screwed up big time at the auction but I know that there was an alliance formed that was coming for me and I’m not going to just sit there and watch it. If I don’t out this alliance immediately, Dan, Sierra and myself are going home.”

At least, we are clearly told that Mike knows he screwed up. Within the story, this is often enough to salvage a dumb move but Mike will soon compound his mistake.

After warning Dan about what he was going to do, Mike confronted everyone, saying they had flipped Rodney. He pointed to the four that were gunning for him: Tyler, Carolyn, Will and Rodney. He said he overheard conversations and added: “Flippers never win. Great game Rodney: He flipped.”

Rodney exploded: “You’re still here so who did I flip on? You are making yourself an idiot. We all got our love letters... and you are bringing the moment down because you are going nuts. You better relax.”

Sierra’s confessional: “When we get back from the reward, Mike is telling me that there are four against me and Dan. Rodney’s flipped on the Blue Collars. Mike feels the urge to let it all out. This is a symptom of being exhausted and paranoia and he had the worst timing ever. We have letters from our loved ones. We just want to sit down and read them.”

It’s hard to get someone to trust you if they think you are being paranoid. Mike will have an uphill battle to fight to regain Sierra’s vote.

She told everyone that she was going to read her letter and Rodney told her to go ahead.

Everyone followed suit and they were all smiling, laughing and crying at the same time. All except for Mike who stood up and apologized for bringing all that up.

Mike’s confessional: “I just outed the alliance that was trying to get me out today and now they are all mad at me because I ruined the moment for everybody but this is a game and I’m here to win. Hopefully, my strategy works. It may not but at least it’s out in the open.”

When Mike said he was there to win, we saw Dan putting down his letter, overcome by emotions. That was telling us that there is more than a game going on. This whole episode could be telling us why Mike is going to lose.

Rodney’s confessional: “What Mike was saying was true but I have to use it to my advantage so I’m going out to what I need now which is Dan’s vote. If this wasn’t Survivor, I’d go tip, top, toes with Mike and battle it out with him like real men do in the streets but this is Survivor and I just got to beat him with my mind. I got to beat him with my wit and because of what he’s done, he made my job easy.”

Catching Dan at his weakest moment, Rodney hugged him, said he loved him and, talking about Mike, he wondered what was “his problem” adding: “it was so uncalled for. He almost didn’t let you get this experience.”

Dan said that Mike was going over the deep end.

Being perceived as crazy is another thing that will make it hard for Mike to regain trust. Rodney’s slimy confessional shows us all the problems that Mike created for himself. I have to ask though: Does it make you a “real” man if you fight in the streets like an alley cat? Rodney’s crudeness may appeal to his boys back home but it paints him as the antagonist even as the bully despite his good game move. He can’t be our hero, can he?

Dan’s confessional: “Mike took a really nice moment and ruined it and that hurt me because Mike is my friend but he is convinced that Rodney has flipped which now puts Mike, myself and Sierra on the bottom end of the food chain. Who’s right? I don’t know.” That’s when he read what $480 bought him. The case held a blank parchment which he could use during Tribal Council, giving him an extra vote. He explained: “I couldn’t have imagined this in my wildest dreams. I was expecting an advantage in the next immunity challenge but to get a second vote? Do you have any ideas what this means to me? (End of democracy maybe?!) It’s like the Willy Wonka golden ticket!”

Either some of Dan’s words were cut or he was told to mention only an advantage in the next immunity challenge because I can’t believe he would have been so determined to sacrifice food just for an advantage in a challenge. For three reasons, he had to think it was a clue to an immunity idol, maybe even a super idol. First, Dan didn’t need immunity. Also, having food to eat is in itself an advantage for the next challenge. Then, considering his athletic deficiencies, why would Dan think an advantage would be enough for him to win? I think production wanted to have many players going for the advantage to show the drama of the stone draw so Jeff must have said that it wasn’t just a little advantage but something really, really big. The editors aren’t the only ones that manipulate “reality”.

Day 26

Lying close to Jenn, Mike was questioning Will’s nice gesture: “He said he had to dig down, open this box and there was all kind of stuff in it and he brought it back to camp. Well, where is the box?”

With Shirin joining them, Jenn said that she thought there was more food than Will was saying.

Mike’s confessional: “Supposedly, Will shared all the food with us, these rations that were supposed to last him until the end of the game which is a little suspect to me.”

Back in camp, Jenn wondered aloud about Will’s hidden food. She said: “Will has a ton more food...He just gave us the (blank) that he doesn’t like.”

Tyler then told Will about Jenn’s suspicion, calling it rumors that were being spread by everybody. Will asked who and Tyler told him it was Shirin, Jenn and Mike.

Will’s confessional: “I just heard that those three are saying that I am lying, that there is more food and that I’m hiding it which is a crock. I’m already on nine because I didn’t get a letter from my family but, when I do a generous act and you question that and you question my integrity. Oh! it’s on!”
He showed Sierra and Rodney the empty box and then brought it back to camp where only Shirin was present to suffer his wrath.
Shirin’s confessional: “Will came back to camp, freaking out. Mike was missing, Jenn was missing and Will just starts tearing into me like a crazy person.”

Rodney joined in, ordering Shirin to keep her mouth shut if she wanted to stay longer. That’s when Mike walked back in camp and put out his hand to tell Shirin to walk away, telling her: “You’re not gonna sit here and get attacked.”

Will continued to attack Shirin, saying she had no one who liked her back home.

From what we saw, Will acted like a coward only attacking Shirin and not saying a word to Mike. Even when Mike said to stop the personal attacks, Will said he could say what he wanted and that he wasn’t talking to him. He did tell Shirin to “go with your ##### Mike” but he didn’t repeat that when Mike asked what he had said. The important point was that the scene made Will look exactly like a male molester, attacking only the weak. By association, Rodney’s words didn’t make him look much better while the others appeared more like interested spectators than innocent bystanders. Bring on the popcorn? I think I need disinfectant instead.

Shirin’s confessional continued: “Then he continued digging in with the personal attacks. Having grown up being torn apart by domestic violence and then verbally assaulted my entire childhood; I get worked up about it. I think the worst part is that, other than Mike, everyone is just sitting there like smiling and being like: “This is fun, isn’t it. To allow that to’s disgusting.”

What would be really disgusting is if production forced Shirin and Mike to stay in camp to prolong the fight. It seemed that both were determined to leave right away but they stayed. Why if not because of some production edict?

Tyler and Rodney were shown individually when Shirin mentioned those that were having fun with Will’s tirade. The clear intent is for us to be disgusted by those two also.

Finding Jenn in an alcove by the ocean, Shirin told her what happened. Jenn couldn’t understand why it was getting so personal. Mike confirmed that it was brutal and that it wasn’t right.

Jenn’s confessional: “The last couple of days, I didn’t want to be here but those people suck so bad (Will and Rodney are on camera at this point) I think I will stick around just so I can f... up their game.”

If this confessional is Jenn’s legacy in the game then it is very possible that Rodney’s group makes it to the end. The only way now that she can mess with their game is by voting against them and the only two that weren’t part of this disgusting display were Carolyn and Dan so she’d vote for one of them instead of Will, Rodney, Tyler or even Sierra. We have to remember that Shirin said Mike and Jenn weren’t present so it’s possible that Carolyn and Dan were there but that the editors protected them from being seen as letting it happen.

After giving Shirin the hug she wanted, Mike had a confessional: “At this point, me, Shirin and Jenn, we only have each other but we’re still in this game and I’m going to keep working every angle I can until either something breaks or I go home.”

Well, now that Jenn is out, can the other two last very long? In the upcoming TC, Mike will be voting against Jenn so maybe that was the angle he found. It would prove to Dan that he was still with him since Jenn was their target before this week. For one thing, this confessional was nicely placed right before the immunity challenge that Mike really needed to win.

The Immunity Challenge

Before the challenge started, Will told Jeff he wasn’t doing well. He asked if he could sit out the challenge, giving up a chance at immunity so that he could get his letter from home.
Jeff told him that everyone would have to agree to it before he could give him his letter.

Asked for a show of hand, no one objected...except Shirin. She told Jeff: “That’s the way the game works.”

Looking at Will’s track record and his position in the game, we can say that he wasn’t giving up much for that letter. He probably wouldn’t have bet that $20 on himself anyway! On the other hand, Shirin wasted a chance to be generous.

I’d also like to comment on Jeff who probably knew exactly what was going to happen. He could have helped smooth things over but I bet he relished this open animosity. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if he set it up. At the auction, it wouldn’t be a stretch to think that someone offered to pay for Will’s letter and that Jeff refused because of the no sharing of items rule. Maybe the idea of giving up immunity came right there: Jeff could have told everyone that Will would have his letter if he sat out of the challenge and they agreed to let him have it. He presented it as being fair and preserving the integrity of the game but it looked more like a way to create drama.

Tyler had the early lead but Mike was close behind.

Jeff’s comment was interesting: “Dan dropped. He was all the way to the end.” Dan? Out at final four?

Another: “Mike’s got it figured out now.”

Mike took the lead when Tyler failed on his second trip. Mike kept his one ball advantage to the end.

When Jeff declared the winner, we saw Rodney’s mouth being blurred to hide the obscenity he let out. Jenn had the best reaction: “Yeah! Mike! No one else get too excited.”

Mike thanked Jenn and hugged Sierra saying: “I needed it”.

He said the same thing when Jeff handed him the necklace under Rodney’s somber gaze.

Before going back to camp, Will told Jeff: “Bring the popcorn baby! It’s going to be the best tribal ever.”

Another one who is all hype and nothing to show for it!

Rodney’s confessional: “One of the worst things that could happen is that Mike won immunity. My game has taken a huge hit. This camp has turned into a damned circus and, no matter what happens, tribal is not going to go exactly how we wanted it to go.”

Day 27

Mike’s confessional: “When you win immunity, you do the happy dance...It felt amazing and it could not have come at a better time in this game because I was 100 percent on the chopping block tonight.”

Despondently, Will and Rodney talked about the vote. Will didn’t want to vote out Shirin because he wanted to make her life miserable. Jenn was the bigger challenge threat, he said.

Will’s confessional: “Tonight is going to be a very important tribal because we need to break up those three. Personally, I would like to vote out Shirin. She just has no soul, no worth, no nothing but Jenn? She’s good at challenges so she’s got to go.”

Rodney was shown laughing right then as if he was approving Will’s words that made him sound like he was living in the XVIIth century.

To Sierra and Dan, Rodney and Carolyn explained Survivor 101: They would split the votes 3-3 between Shirin and Jenn. Carolyn added: “We got six strong. They can’t win.”

Right then, we had a close-up of Tyler dubious expression. Was it telling us that they could win?!

Mike asked Jenn and Shirin if they wanted to see Tyler or Mama C go. Jenn said it should be Carolyn because she didn’t like her. Shirin agreed.

So much for Jenn voting for Carolyn in the end!

Mike was 99% sure that Sierra had turned because she wasn’t even looking at him but he wasn’t so sure about Dan. If they had him, they could blindside Mama C.

Jenn’s confessional told us that she thought Dan was as dumb as a box of rocks. “My entire game,” she said, “is in dumbass’ hands.”

Mike had a talk with Dan: “Brother, man: Those four, you can’t tell me that you don’t see them as tight.”

Dan replied: “I can tell you that I saw us all as tight. All of us have talked about final 5, 4 and 3. All of us have. We are all looking at the end game. It doesn’t mean they are going to make the move early.”

In camp, Carolyn wondered if they had gotten to Dan. Rodney was confident: “They don’t got Dan.”

Mike was telling Dan: “I understand that I put you in this position. I understand that.”

Dan replied: “But you’ve aligned yourself (with Jenn and Shirin)”
Mike: “I had no choice to align myself but you and Sierra are the only two that I have given my word on I want to go to the final three with and I would still honor that one million percent because we are blue strong. I’ve been blue, blue, blue since day one.”

Carolyn’s confessional was inserted here: “At this point, I’m like: Is Dan in? Is Dan out? Dan has not proven to be that smart in this game but I do have my idol and if Mike gets to him I might have to use it.”

Mike asked Dan: “Who do you trust in this game? Rodney who is all of a sudden everybody’s best friend now? Who, you yourself have said, is the most despicable, vulgar and foul human being that you ever met. And Will, attacking a 29 year old woman, coming into camp calling me a #####. I have your back, they don’t have your back, Dan. They are using you. You and me built this camp that we’re living in with our bare hands. I’ve sweated and I’ve bled with you in these trenches. Danno, you do you trust? Who has developed trust with you?”

We didn’t hear Dan’s answer.

Mike’s confessional: “I gave it my best shot. I don’t know if he’ll come around to my way of thinking or not. I would like to think that deep down in his heart of hearts, Dan still wants to work with me.”

Dan’s confessional: “It could be that Mike is right. The four of them are about to sell us down the river. Or maybe he’s lost his mind and what obsesses me the most is that I am the swing vote tonight which is my worst nightmare.”

With Sierra and Carolyn listening, Tyler told Dan that everyone was questioning him.

Dan told everyone that he had enough playing games: “If I go with them, that’s my choice. I make my own destiny. Nobody dictates my future but me.”

Dan’s confessional: “If I go against Mike and I’m wrong, I’ll never forgive myself but you have to try to put your emotions aside because it’s a game. Either way, I am about to make a million dollar decision or a million dollar mistake.”

I wonder if Dan really decided. With this vote against Jenn, he could have been using Mike’s tactic of testing him. Dan’s main hesitation was caused by Mike’s alignment with Shirin and Jenn so maybe he asked Mike to prove that he was still going with the Blues to the end. Since it should be even easier for a “strong six” to split the vote against only two opponents, it’s possible that Dan could go back with Mike without using his second vote but that would require getting Sierra back on their side.

Tribal Council

Will explained why he exploded, mocking Mike along the way.

Shirin said he went too far, attacking her personally which Will denied.

Jeff let her explain and Will deny.

Jeff let a whole slew of people watch as if it was entertainment.

Sierra said: “Jeff, we are worlds apart. You can completely forget how this game started because we are nine individuals who are deprived, starving and want a million dollars. We are all fighting for ourselves at this point.”

Dan said it would be very tough to vote against a Blue Collar that it’s impossible to put your emotions aside.

Tyler was troubled by that comment while Rodney dismissed it.

Mike told Jeff that these people see him as a massive threat. He added: “There is a four core alliance right now: Rodney, Mama C., Tyler and Will. Those four will walk to the end of this game. Sierra, Dan? You two are going home 5th and 6th.”
Sierra didn’t appear to buy that.

It was Rodney’s turn to explode: “This maniac, at the auction, almost made it so Dan, Tyler and Carolyn couldn’t get their love letter because he took his twenty dollars back. Then, when we were about to open our letters, this dude comes up and says: You are in an alliance... This dude just went off in a manic state so that’s why he is on the chopping block so I don’t care what he has to say no more. I was going to keep it cool but I’ll come at you with facts. Everybody is nodding because they know it’s real.”

Jeff, at first, could only say: “wow!” Then he turned to Shirin, asking if she expected to get votes.

She explained that the votes would be split between her and Jenn. She said it wasn’t 6 versus three but 4 plus 2 versus three.

Carolyn’s expression told us she wanted Shirin to shut up.

Carolyn talked about being six strong and that it was a no-brainer to pick out those that weren’t part of the six.

I wonder if she ever talked to Dan and Sierra before they were made part of that “strong six”!

Dan said he was listening and weighing his options because it wasn’t just about getting to the end of the game but how you get there and who you put over there.

It was time to vote.

No Idols were played and Dan didn’t use his extra vote.

In the end, Jenn was voted out 5-3-1 with Mike and Shirin both voting against her while she voted for Carolyn.

After hugging Shirin, Jenn told everyone to play nice.

Colleen tried that 15 years ago and these people are well beyond that.

Jeff sent them back to camp after saying: “The good news is: You made it this far. The bad news is: You are left with 8 people who want it so badly they will stop at nothing to win.”

The Story

This had to be one of the ugliest episodes ever. I think I’d put it alongside the All-Stars episode where Sue quit, Ted and Ghandia’s altercation and the Brandon-Philip confrontation. In fact, it was more what I’d expect if I ever watched Jerry Springer instead of Jeff Probst’s Survivor. At the reward challenge and at Tribal Council, Jeff acted like those garbage-TV hosts that only care about drama. He saw Shirin’s injury and he acted just like the others in camp by not putting a stop to it. Instead he reopened the wound, scratched it hard and forced us to watch it fester.

Rarely have we seen a group of people that hate each other so much. Usually the hatred is directed at one person in particular but, much like Thailand and Guatemala, most of these people hate each other. Those two seasons had funny characters to offset most of the negativity. In Guatemala, we even had Rafe who, with Danni’s help, destroyed the “axis of evil” but there is no one like Rafe inside Rodney’s alliance and no one like Danni on the opposite side either. We hear that these players are game savvy and will do anything to win but we keep waiting to see something happen. Instead, we are left with Survivor 101. Pop, pop, pop: Three No Collars eliminated in quick succession. We even heard Jenn say that she wanted to screw with their games and the only way she can do that now is by voting against the people she hates the most. Is that our program?

The Characters

The “Strong Six”, also known as the Ones that Suck

Will: Watching this episode, it felt strange that I used to think Will would be voted out because he was too likable. While he had reasons to be upset that his nice gesture was perceived as an attempt to deceive, he went way overboard in defending his integrity. The sad fact of this game is that he may have increased his chances of making the end game because he certainly scored some brownie points in the goat department.

Rodney: While we knew he was a hothead, we had never heard that Dan saw him as the “most despicable, vulgar and foul human being that he ever met.” Mike had to be quoting Dan verbatim since he was trying to convince him that he couldn’t work with Rodney. Rodney’s words during the fight between Will and Shirin showed his true colors. The only thing funny about Rodney is that, after being unable to beat Joe in immunity challenges, he was equally inept against Mike. Maybe he sees them as threats only because this supposedly strong, proud man is a choker, a loser.

Tyler: While he didn’t say anything, his smiles and his posture during the fight showed that he was one of those that enjoyed the vulgar “entertainment”. We also saw that he held out at the auction for some reason but his explanation didn’t merit airtime. Even without this, his cautious game play is highlighted in such a way that he would make a very unsatisfactory winner. It would have been so easy to remove the “pause it and we’ll revisit it later” to leave us with a more forceful impression.

Sierra: She blindly followed Rodney because of Mike’s actions. Contrary to Dan, she didn’t even seem to question the fact that she was being used. Sitting right next to Shirin, she was in the best position to tell Will to cool it but she was one of those that were shown enjoying the scene. It’s hard to believe that she would abandon Mike to join people that hardly talked about the game with her. Suddenly, they just happened to consider her part of the “strong six”. She should realize it’s too good to be true.

Carolyn: At least she wasn’t shown when Will and Rodney were bashing Shirin but she was still the one that Jenn hated the most. If the game continues rectilinearly as it has for the last three weeks, then she’s the only one of Rodney’s four that could win. She certainly looks less slimy to us than any in Rodney’s final four but we can’t say that we have been following her story. What case would she present to the jury? They wouldn’t care that she got rid of So and Max and now she is simply following Rodney’s lead and isn’t even liked by the jurors.

Dan: Maybe he didn’t want to be the swing vote but it gave him his best episode of the season. We saw his determination to get the advantage and he had a good moment with the love letters, telling us about his wedding anniversary. He explained why he had trust issues with Mike but he wasn’t completely blind to Rodney’s manipulation. Whether the six stick together or Mike and Shirin find a way to change the game, Dan could wiggle his way to the end. Like Carolyn, he wasn’t seen taking part in the distasteful scene. If we had a way of knowing that one of the two was actually present but kept intentionally off camera, then we could make a good case for them. The problem is that Dan looked very bad before this week. We can’t simply erase that. In one word, Dan is uncouth. There are no subtleties about Dan’s role in this story: He is made of one block and will not bow to anyone which makes it impossible for him to play this social game. Even when Tyler confronted him, when he had probably already decided to eliminate Jenn, he still had to bark, still had to assert his independence.

The Targets - They seem to have everyone against them:

Shirin: The victim of Will’s bullying, she missed an opportunity to bring some peace to camp when she refused to let Will have his letter. Her objection was understandable but counter-productive. It was part of the game she said but showing compassion is also part of the game. The story has prepared us to see people flipping, told us that these players are individuals that will do anything to get to the end. If all that build-up isn’t simply a smoke screen then Shirin may still make it to the end but will she get enough votes? To her credit, she already has two, maybe three votes in her purse and Mike could also vote for her but she is unlikely to make the end game if he winds up on the jury. Just like we did for Dan, we cannot forget her earlier portrayal. Shirin was the laughingstock of the whole tribe and the audience so she would make for a weird winner.

Mike: When he heard the four conspirators, Mike had better ways to use the knowledge. He could have simply informed Dan and Sierra about it and told one of them to talk to Rodney about his thoughts on the next vote, hinting that they were entertaining the idea of eliminating Mike. Rodney needed a fifth vote so he likely would have made the offer that would have proven his disloyalty. He could also have made it less personal: Since Rodney only had four voters; he could have gathered Jenn, Shirin, Dan and Sierra and simply voted out one of Rodney’s minions just like he did with Joaquin. It would have been so easy.

Mike’s accusation against the alliance in front of everyone was asking for trouble. If that had been his only mistake, he could have recovered but his stupid move at the auction made it much worse. In public, one has to be honest when it comes to tactics. If he really wanted the advantage, he should have directly told them that he wasn’t going for the letters. That would have forced Dan and Carolyn to decide what they wanted to do but no one would have questioned Mike’s honesty.

So, is Mike finished? From a game perspective, most will say he doesn’t stand a chance but the story is still being told from his perspective. Even when he acted like a maniac, we knew why, we heard his reasons, felt his dilemma and even heard his apologies. The auction’s presentation was done in an unprecedented way to make sure we saw it through Mike’s eyes.

His long talk with Dan was very touching so it would be surprising for two friends not to get back together. From episode one, they have been the most important tandem and could still be our "hero" and his "sidekick".

The vote against Jenn presented a marvelous opportunity for the editors to leave us in suspense but I have a feeling that Mike went along to prove his loyalty to Dan. Now, Mike has three more days to show Dan and Sierra that they are indeed outside of the core alliance of four. From our vantage point, Will, Carolyn and Tyler have not talked much about strategy with the other two Blue Collars. Also, Rodney doesn’t hide how close he is to his true allies, always sitting next to Will and Carolyn. Even Tyler should be able to see that he is the expendable 4th but in his case that’s only one challenge win away from the goal. It should be easy to show Dan and Sierra that the six are strong only until Mike leaves. With his additional vote, Dan should do the math and realize that he is much better with Mike, Shirin and Sierra than inside Rodney’s six.

Like Jenn, Mike’s whole game rests in dumbass’ hands. Unlike Jenn, he also needs Dan to convince Sierra to follow him back to Mike’s side. Is this still the predictable outcome that some have mentioned?! I’m guessing some people have jumped off Mike’s bandwagon but I still see him as the winner.

In reality, I’m not sure there is even a palatable winner at this time and I am fully aware that this season could continue to belong to people that suck but I still believe in Mike’s hard work.

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coldbrewer 155 desperate attention whore postings
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04-25-15, 02:55 PM (EST)
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86. "RE: Episode 10 - A Lot of people Suck:"
I still have that comment about Probst saying we'll have the most satisfying winner. The only satisfying winner at this point is Mike. I could see Tyler, but he's not getting the edit. Is Probst thinking Rodney? Is Probst just talking out of his butt?

Then you've got the social media posts with Tyler, Sierra, Dan & Mike hanging with each other. Heck, Mike seems to be hanging out with Jenn and Joe too. I wonder if final 3 will be Rodney, Will, & Shirin. Could Shirin be the satisfying winner?

I shutter at the thought. I don't want to be right.

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87. "RE: Episode 10 - A Lot of people Suck:"
Jeff used an even more positive phrase than "satisfying, Jeff said "favorite winners of all time"

"but it would not surprise me if the winner of Season 30 became one of the favorite winners of all time. I do think when this season is over, the audience will feel that whoever has won has absolutely earned it, and this is a very good season of Survivor played very hard by very good players. That’s why I like this group. They play. There is no monkeying around. There won’t be anyone saying, “Well, there wasn’t really any strategy this year…” No. There’s strategy from the get go."

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88. "RE: Episode 10 - A Lot of people Suck:"
You have Jeff's take and then you have Jenn's: "It's probably one of the most un-strategic seasons I've ever seen."

Jeff is a salesman, Jenn lived it so which should we believe? I limit myself to what I see and this season stinks even compared to BvW II.

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89. "RE: Episode 10 - A Lot of people Suck:"
LAST EDITED ON 04-25-15 AT 07:39 PM (EST)

Shirin was the laughingstock of the whole tribe and the audience so she would make for a weird winner.

Agree. But this is why I'm rooting for a Shirin win at this point. Shirin winning would be amazing. It would be akin to Kathy coming back and winning Marquesas, that's how amazing the story would be.

The thing that gives me pause is that I don't know if I can give Survivor enough credit to craft a nuanced story like Shirin if she wins. The show is good at telling stories in general, but when it comes to their winners, they have a track record for telling the most simple story possible. If there's anything they don't like, they'll just sweep it under the rug. They don't usually give the audience the credit to say, wow, the winner isn't perfect but they sure turned it around!

I am going to be really ticked off if Mike or Shirin doesn't win, because it's just plain bad storytelling if they don't. It would be Jenna winning Amazon again. It's like, what the heck are you doing, editors? Why are you dragging your winner through the mud during the Will/Shirin feud? I talked about a more complex edit being nice, so they don't necessarily have to make the winner look golden in this situation. Maybe just have them comment about at the macro level using generalities. But, given what they showed us, it seems pretty clear to me that we're not supposed to be sympathetic to the 4 + 2.

Mike or Shirin basically have to turn it around at this point, because the editors can't be this incompetent.

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90. "RE: Episode 10 - A Lot of people Suck:"
Shirin has made an amazing turnaround going from the Girl From Planet Weird to a determined underdog to now a sympathetic character. It is the one remaining bright bit of storytelling in a season that has just gotten progressively uglier.

Mike is now an underdog, he has starting making some poor decisions, yet before this he was edited as one of the most game savvy players ever. Sure, the game is designed to get the players unhinged if possible, but I do not know how they can justify that previous edit unless he somehow gets it together again.

Other than those two, Carolyn is the only other one who seems capable of winning, though she is a hard-ass. Rodney is a big city punk, Dan is a pathetic chauvinist, Will just gave a horrible performance in front of the jury, and then we have the virtual nonentities of White Tyler and Blue Sierra.

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91. "RE: Episode 10 - A Lot of people Suck:"
Ironically, the only player in the 4+2 that came out of it okay (or non-invisible) was Rodney, at least in an argumentative Tony way. Him getting in Dan's ear made him look like a smart player, taking advantage of Mike's sucky play.

But unfortunately, he kind of ruined himself around the Lindsey boot. If Rodney does somehow win, that whole incident is going to be a huge WTF moment with the editors.

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92. "RE: Episode 10 - A Lot of people Suck:"
But would the editors not show a winners POV from the negativity they had early on? I mean did Kathy not get screentime early in the show and she portray herself as delusional? I don't want to compare Shirin to Kathy because Kathy was robbed and Kathy had the most likable edit possible that season. We have not seen all of that with Shirin. I would think the winner would at least get to demonstrate what their gameplay was going to be. There can be positives to outweigh negative, it happened with Keith last year. It happened with Baylor.

But go on sucks, everyone is convinced the edit means Shirin makes the final three. Well, did Kass and Spencer make the finals? Last season at Cagayan at this point the three with the biggest edits were Jon, Missy, and Reed. Reed was going out the door, and Jon's boot was building up. In Cagayan at this point it was Tony, Spencer, and Kass. Only Tony made the finals.

And this isn't a great season at all and I'll give one good reason why:the no collars. Had Nina, Vince, and Will pulled off that vote week 2 Mike probably would not have had the numbers. Kelly would still be in the game and Nina would most likely be in as well. That would have kept the blue collars from taking over early on because of the age difference. I feel like Nina and Vince were robbed.

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94. "RE: Episode 10 - A Lot of people Suck:"
LAST EDITED ON 04-26-15 AT 02:54 AM (EST)

Kathy's early portrayal in Marquesas was nothing like Shirin's. If anything, she was more like Mike. She was trying to get her tribe to follow her lead, trying to be their provider, but they weren't listening. She was considered "Bossy".

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96. "RE: Episode 10 - A Lot of people Suck:"
The main point about Kathy I was making was about the character arc, not the nuts and bolts of her specific personality. They're obviously different people. Shirin is a person who, five weeks ago, had very few people really rooting for her or thinking she could possibly win a jury vote. Now, there are a ton of people pouring out the sympathy and hoping she turns it around.

It's the reason people rooted for Kathy and the reason people rooted for Holly. The audience loves a comeback story.

Granted, as I alluded to earlier, Kathy didn't actually win. Neither did Holly. Because the show doesn't traditionally edit their winners that negatively for an extended stretch of episodes. (Except for Jenna, for some reason.) Which is why it's still way more probable that Mike takes it.

But if Shirin, by some miracle, got the finals and actually won a jury vote, it would be amazing.

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97. "RE: Episode 10 - A Lot of people Suck:"
I'm sorry Jims, I should have been more specific. I was addressing Outsiders comment that Kathy's early portrayal made her look just as delusional as Shirin. I agree with your comment that they have similar overall arcs: Both rejected by their tribes, both making a come back after the merge. The only difference I'd see is that Kathy's arc started on the upswing right at the swap while Shirin's nosedived for an additional episode after.
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93. "RE: Episode 10 - A Lot of people Suck:"
The shielding Carolyn from the negativity the most is interesting. Last season on SJDS Jaclyn was invisible on the highly negative Coyopa tribe and was not involved with Nadiya, Val in all the negativity.

I'm hoping Carolyn decides to flip on the others and ask Mike to let her make the final five where she could then play her idol. Remember that premiere? It was all Carolyn from every angle even from the beginning to the end. She is the only one left of the first three WCs introduced and she gets a confessional right before the first break after the tribes start the game and head to camp for the first time saying the title quote, setting off a story that started with her. Maybe also with Jenn gone, now Carolyn's edit can pick back up.

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95. "RE: Episode 10 - A Lot of people Suck:"
The problem with Mama C is she is unforgiving. She got it in her head early on that Shirin was just an annoying weirdo, nothing has changed in that regard.

Can she now soften her attitude and give Shirin a break? Even if she does why should she abandon her final four group?

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michel2 889 desperate attention whore postings
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98. "Episode 11 - Stay The Course:"
The Recap of Episode 10:

- Mike knew that he was in trouble: “I know that they are coming for my head.” He tried to buy an advantage at the auction but Dan was the lucky one. We heard Dan saying that he has an extra vote.

- At the Blue camp, Mike had no intention of going down without a fight. We saw Mike telling everyone that Rodney flipped on the Blue Collars and Rodney telling the “whack job” that he didn’t flip on anyone. We then heard Rodney’s confessional: “What Mike was saying was true but, because of what he done, you just made yourself the next one out.”

- With the Hidden Immunity idol already in his pocket, Mike won individual immunity.

- Facing Tribal Council, Mike tried to warn Dan and Sierra about being on the bottom. We heard Mike talking to Dan: “Those four don’t have your back, Dan. They are using you. You are the only two that I want to go to the Final three with.”

- Will made things personal with Shirin. We heard Will’s remark that she has no one at home that misses her.

- At Tribal Council, Shirin opened up about her past: “I don’t have a family because my biological father verbally assaulted me just like you.” We also heard Will say: “I didn’t verbally assault you.”

- Jenn was voted out.

This recap is extremely tilted in Mike’s favor. It completely ignored his faults only focusing on the fact that he was right but that no one is listening. We didn’t hear anything about his dumb move at the auction, the terrible timing of his accusations towards Rodney or even that it was his distrust that led to the confrontation between Will and Shirin. If the recap was our only evidence, then we’d have to say that the fight came out of the blue. That’s certainly an efficient way of throwing Will under the bus of public opinion, especially considering we heard him denying doing what we had just witnessed. Going back to the main story, we could even say the only story, Mike is alone, abandoned by his previous friends and allies, forced to fight a seemingly hopeless battle only because no one else is aware of what is really happening. That’s a nice underdog story.

Oh! and if anyone cares, Jenn was voted out. It certainly sounded as if Jeff didn’t care about that at all.

Stay the Course

Day 28

In the shelter, Dan asked Sierra if Mike was still planning to turn them. Sierra simply said: “Hard.” Dan’s confessional started here.

We then heard Sierra say: “You almost feel bad for him.”
Dan agreed, adding: “But he just believes it so passionately.”
Tyler, who was half-asleep in the background, commented: “He just freaking flipped.”

Dan’s confessional: “When Mike blew up, he lost everybody’s trust. / He can say that Sierra and I are at the bottom of the barrel but does it make it true? No. I do not believe that I am at the bottom of my alliance. I know it looks like I’m playing a passive game but it doesn’t mean I don’t have schemes brewing.”

How ironic to see Dan yawning just at the end of this confessional! The editors were telling us that Dan’s game is so boring that he puts himself to sleep! Through Sierra’s words, this scene encourages the audience to feel bad for Mike and to yell at Dan that, if he believes it so passionately then maybe, just maybe, it’s because he knows it’s true. Dan may be telling us that he has schemes brewing but the audience will be shown that his schemes are chimeric.

Dan then walked over to Shirin who looked melancholic. She told him that Will verbally assaulted her. She wondered if Will was that dumb or that cruel.

Will was shown sleeping then, the image telling us that his conscience wasn’t bothering him at all. He looked like he didn’t have a care in the world. At least, he’s making it easy for that bus to roll right over him.

Dan told Shirin that he was sorry about what happened during the council.

Shirin asked which part.

Dan answered the one that made her cry.

Shirin’s confessional had been inserted during the previous scene: “I am not one to cry in real life but I have this Pavlov’s dog reaction to men yelling at me...All this drama makes Will an excellent person to take to the end and yet, me and Mike are on the bottom.”

Dan’s confessional: “So, at Tribal Council, one of the things that came up was the blow out between Shirin and Will. Apparently, there’s violence in her history. If that’s the case, I feel very bad for her. However, that being said, Shirin is a drama queen, she is a two faced liar, she looooves to play the victim. For Shirin to say that Will is worse than her, that’s hypocritical. Did he go overboard? From what I heard, yes he did, but when she is calling him names, when she has no gratitude or appreciation; I call that karma.”

The sound of a drum roll was heard during Dan’s pause after “however, that being said...” The military snare drum led us to the execution of Dan’s character. We even heard Dan telling Shirin once more: “I’m sorry, I really am” after we heard the part where he said Shirin was being hypocritical. That was specifically intended to crystallize the opinion in the viewers’ mind that he is the one being hypocritical. I believe that Dan will learn firsthand all about karma. He outlasted Shirin, something we had previously debated, so now the expectation is that she will have the last word during Final Tribal Council.

We returned from the commercial break to Jeff’s order: “Come on in, guys.”

Indecently, this episode’s structure stripped the story to its bare essentials. We only witnessed the repercussions of the previous TC, the challenges and the discussions that led to the next vote. Do you remember when Survivor used to be about the forest fire getting closer to camp, the hunt for pig, the flood, the famine, the fight against cursed turtles to catch fish and the race across fields to catch grasshoppers that would serve as bait for those fish? And that was all just a very small part of what happened in just one season. Today? There is no time for any of that. Our scope is practically limited to the scenes that feature Jeff.

The school yard pick was once more ignored. The sad part is that we all knew it would.

We were told that the Blue team had Mike, Shirin, Sierra and Rodney while the Red one consisted of Tyler, Dan, Carolyn and Will.

They were given 4 barrels, two planks and a rope.
No one seemed to know what to do with the rope except Shirin who looked like she was going to hang herself!

Jeff had some interesting comments:

- Mike doing a lot of work...A nice save.
- The Red team, led by Carolyn and Tyler, taking a more conservative approach.
- Blue with a lot of momentum right now, working together very well.
- The Red team not panicking at all.
- Mike giving up his entire body for this challenge.
- Mike, in trouble, and he recovers, almost doing the split.
- Mike with a big push. Blue has extended their lead.
- The Red team has been very careful, taking their time and it has paid off.
- Mike’s got to be exhausted. Something is going to have to change for Blue.

The Blue team suffered a huge setback when Mike let the planks touch the ground.

We then saw the four going with Sierra’s gamble: Racing on the barrels! Sierra told them to start doing something.

The viewers have been telling her that she should start doing something for weeks now!!

Jeff called the barrel rolling an incredible strategy...if it works

Mike and Shirin didn’t have Sierra’s balance so the gamble failed.

The Red team won reward.

It would have been so funny to see all four rolling their barrels to the end!

While the team was congratulating each other, we heard Tyler saying: “I can’t believe we won that.”

This challenge symbolized the whole season: Mike tried and fought desperately just like he has played the game since day one while Carolyn and Tyler have played much more conservatively here and in the game. This challenge could be telling us that only Mike, Tyler and Carolyn have a chance to win this game while all the others are just standing there, doing nothing, until Sierra’s takes a huge risk late in the game. Was the challenge also telling us that the conservative approach will win in the end? Will Tyler say: “I can’t believe I won” at the reunion? Even symbols can serve as misdirection.

Dan explained their subdued demeanor by saying they feel bad. “Rodney has been on no rewards. I feel very bad right now.”
Jeff told Dan that he could give his spot to Rodney.

Rodney took him off the hook by saying: “I’ll get mine.”

Dan’s expression showed that his love for cheeseburgers his much bigger than his sadness for Rodney.

Carolyn’s confessional was heard when the Red Team left for reward: “Dan’s got options in this game and he’s a loose cannon. We want him to feel comfortable so that inkling to go back to Mike never crosses his mind and being on a reward with him is a perfect opportunity to get that point across.”

As she said that, we saw Dan, all smiles walking right behind Carolyn, rubbing her shoulders. The image was clear: Dan was with her all the way. Even more than Carolyn could hope for because “Dumbass” would soon be leading the bashing.

Day 28

A frustrated and hungry tribe walked back in camp which was a bad sign for Jenn’s last chicken.

Mike’s confessional: “The reward challenge started off really, really good. We had a lead but lost it. It was me doing the work while three other people stood around and watched. It ended up being the losing strategy. I just got to take full credit for that. If my tribe mates are mad at me, I mean how much more mad can they be? I’m already their number one public enemy so I got nothing to lose at this point.”

Rodney in confessional: “I haven’t been able to leave this beach once. I didn’t go on one f*** reward. I’m f*** pissed, I’m miserable, I am not eating enough food, I’m shaking, my beard is itching, I haven’t showered, my nails are nasty. Did I say I’m miserable? Everybody has had a break but I’ve just left with myself 24/7, not being able to burst out and have some fun. I need some Rodney time. For my sanity, I need to get out of here.”

Hey Rodney! This is your chance of a lifetime! I couldn’t figure out exactly what he said to Sierra in the middle of his confessional but it sounded like he was hoping for an individual reward so that someone would have definitely taken him since his birthday is coming soon. Poor guy! He only had one steak the other day. If he wants to win, maybe he should try harder. On the other hand, I’d want a break also if I had to be with him 24/7. This confessional reminded me of Jenn’s spiraling arc so maybe Rodney is going to crash soon. We are at Final 7 and he had talked a lot about that number before so maybe it’s his turn.

While Mike was busy with the chicken, Sierra got serious and told Rodney: “Tyler is going to win this game. If he keeps winning immunities and gets any further, he’ll win and everyone on that jury now will vote for him. He’ll win. He will win.”
Rodney confidently said: “We’ll get him out.”

Sierra replied: “That makes me nervous that you’re not willing to. It makes me feel like you have something with them.”

Sierra was so close to the truth but she didn’t follow through on her feeling...

Rodney reassured her: “If you want him out at seven, I’ll get him out at seven. I’m trying to get him out at six though because I don’t trust Shirin.”

Sierra’s thoughts were heard in her interview: “At this point, Tyler not only can win immunities but he schemes and plans. I’m well aware that Tyler is a threat so we can use Shirin’s vote to get rid of Tyler before the six because these tough guys that are threats, you have to strike when you get the chance. I can’t to say too much because I don’t want to scare them and be another Mike.”

Sierra sees Mike as a guy who cried wolf instead of realizing the real danger.

Sierra reinforced her point to Rodney: “If, for some weird reason, Tyler makes it, we would not win. I am telling you. But if Shirin came with us, we would win. No one would vote for her. It’s not that Tyler is a threat it’s that they see he is playing a good game and they are going to give him a million dollars.”

Rodney’s interview: “Tyler; people think he’s a threat but I am the biggest threat because I am running the show. I got the numbers, I got the relationships, and I got the personalities on my side. I am a little concerned with Sierra. We have to stay cool, calm and collected like I said since day one. My next move is to get Mike and Shirin out of here, get to the “strong six” and then Rodney works his magic.”

Tyler is suddenly presented as someone that played a good game, a schemer but we really haven’t seen enough to agree with Sierra. If what she says is true then the editors didn’t tell us his story. That would be understandable if it led nowhere but if it leads him to victory in the end, we should ask to see the other version of this season! Is Tyler making a late surge or is he just another distraction? The funny thing is that those who are pulling for Tyler would be doing so in large part because it would give us a surprise winner but for him to get there we would have to follow a very predictable boot order!! As the “expected” winner, Mike would need to follow a very surprising route. So which is it? Will we have an “expected” winner with a surprise boot order or a surprise winner after the expected boot order? It seems like the editors painted themselves in the corner and that neither ending will be satisfying to most viewers! All I can say is that we’ve had very predictable votes up to now and I’m bored. Survivor’s usual formula is to favor the surprise boot order whether it leads to an “expected” winner or not.

We then went out to sea and the people on the catamaran

Dan was telling the group: “We won this challenge because there is no Mike in team.”

Carolyn gave him a high five.

There may be no Mike in Team but there are no teams in Sole Survivor!

Dan’s confessional: “I am not going to lie: Winning that reward was awesome!”

Dan told the group that the game was on pause but Tyler replied: “I will say that if we do want to un-pause the game, we are in a good place to un-pause it. There’s no Mike, there’s no Shirin, there’s no non-sense.”

He made a circular gesture with his hand, indicating that the four should be together.

Dan’s interview continued: “Now that Mike is on the outs, the fact that I got to go with these three, Carolyn, Tyler and Will, just made it even better because they are my alliance right now. The only reason why Mike is still here is because he’s won immunities. The next immunity he loses: Pfit! Smell you later.”

Dan just told us that he flipped on Rodney and Sierra!! Poor Dan! Now he can’t win. (Ok, we were pretty sure even before now but it’s always fun when players eliminate themselves!)

Dan continued to talk about Mike to the group: “Mike has been like Teflon. It doesn’t matter how he screws up, he finds a way to fix it. Mike believes with all his heart that the four of you plotted against him to get him out at nine and Rodney turned.”

Tyler said: “Mike is right about one thing, he is a threat but to say that we were plotting to vote him out three or four votes before we agreed, it would be stupid of us.”

It would be stupid of you to say it but not to do it!

Tyler’s confessional: “Dan doesn’t get it, Mike was correct: Our group was going to target him but my goal is to keep Dan focused on the others, on the evils, on the guys like Mike; the flippers that don’t belong. Dan should be worried because he needs to be thinking further along in the game. All he can see is top six and that is a perfect place for his mind to stop. I love the fact that Dan cannot see beyond top six.”

Tyler asked the others: “What snapped in Mike Holloway’s brain four days ago that made him want to throw everybody under the bus and team up with Shirin?”

Carolyn answered: “He went psycho crazy.”

When Tyler said that Dan’s mind had stopped, we saw the mail man bursting out laughing, proving Tyler's point.

The scene concluded with Dan saying: “You know something? This boat is fitting: Stay the course.”

Did they really only talk about Mike? Rewards used to be fun times where the players let loose and we got to see some funny moments outside of the game but here it was all reduced to their plan of getting rid of Mike. Like Rodney said, this was an occasion to burst out laughing but our only laughs came from Dan’s stupidity. He is the one that told Shirin she could do simple math but it’s Dan that doesn’t add the numbers correctly.

Day 29 – The Immunity Challenge

We had no follow-up in camp, going straight from the reward to the next challenge. It used to be that we’d hear about the reward and see the winners make fools of themselves by telling the others all about it. Were the winners upset that the last chicken was eaten while they were gone? How should we know? Those scenes used to amuse us but those funny moments don’t matter anymore, only the game matters.

As for the challenge itself, the producers really wanted to give both Mike and Shirin a chance to stay because they decided we would have two immunities at Final 8. That’s very late in the game, especially considering there were also two Immunity idols in play. I’m wondering if they considered the idea of making it a whistling contest. Would that have showed their intention too clearly?!

Mike asked Jeff to bring the necklace back but Jeff told him he’d have to earn it.

Sierra was the first to get drenched shortly after the 15 minute mark. She was soon followed by Tyler, Will and Dan.

Dan apologized to Rodney just as his bucket tipped over.
We were down to two women and two men: Carolyn, Shirin, Rodney and Mike.

The facial expressions were pretty much telling us the outcome of this challenge: While we saw Shirin and Rodney’s grimaces, Carolyn and Mike looked unperturbed. After cheering for Carolyn, Dan showed his true colors when he openly and abundantly encouraged Rodney in his battle against Mike. He was sounding just as annoying as Jeff! In the end, it didn’t help Rodney. Mike must have felt sick to hear Dan openly cheering for his opposition. Mike showed that a life time of hard work is better than pumping iron in a gym. Interestingly, his win wasn’t accompanied by excessive celebrations like the ones that turned the viewers (and the opponents) against Terry and Troyzan. Mike simply gave a fist pump instead of yelling at the top of his lungs. I wonder if his celebrations were as subdued as we saw or if most of his expressions of joy were hidden.

Jeff congratulated Carolyn and he told Mike that he did in fact earn it. Rodney could only spit in disgust.

Shirin had the “nice game, good effort” confessional: “I held on as long as I could but it wasn’t enough...It would have been epic...we would have seen the “Axis of Evil” scrambling all day but it wasn’t meant to be. I have now got to scramble.”

After all the comparisons I made between this season and Guatemala, it was nice to hear Shirin referring to Rodney’s alliance as the “Axis of Evil.”

Camp – Day 29
The scene opened with a spider weaving its web.

After congratulating Mama C. Rodney told her he was this close.
To console him, Carolyn said they still had an easy vote.

Carolyn’s confessional: “I wanted that necklace more than anything on this planet but, more importantly, is the fact that Shirin didn’t get the necklace. If Shirin got the necklace, one of my alliance members could be going home tonight. Mike winning throws a little bit of a wrench in our plans tonight because we really wanted Mike to go home. The plan for tonight is everyone is voting for Shirin. There is no splitting votes because we’d have to split with one of our own and that just doesn’t make sense.”

Shirin talked to Dan alone in the woods: “I think you’re all incredibly stupid to vote me out. I’m not a threat in challenges and I’m not a threat to win this game. You know it and yet you have huge threats out here, namely Tyler...If you had any power in this game, if you were truly strategic, you would figure out a way to not vote me out.”

As if in response to this we saw Dan spitting out water from his canteen.

Dan’s confessional: “In a dream scenario, of course I’d love to sit next to Shirin in a Final Three. I mean: Who wouldn’t? Nobody likes her.”

You’d still lose, Dan!

Shirin’s confessional: “Dan, because he doesn’t like me, he is going to vote me out instead of voting out the threat. Dan, you are being stupid. You are going to have to make a move. Open your eyes, bro.”

Shirin tried a similar approach with Sierra, telling her: “I can’t think of a single good reason for you to vote me out.”
Sierra said her alliance was her reason.

Shirin cut in: “Your alliance, by definition, is not with you to the end because there are six of you. Presumably, you have some internal alliances in there but I have nothing so I really am with you to the end.”

Asked who she wanted to eliminate, Shirin told Sierra that Tyler should be the one going. She added that she would go with Sierra and Carolyn all the way to the end.

Sierra’s confessional: “Shirin should be taken to the end because she won’t get votes, she won’t win immunity challenges. I’m not dumb, I’m not blind, like I know Tyler’s a threat. If I had two people backing me that were comfortable with it of course I would get rid of Tyler tonight.”

Tyler’s confessional: “We know that Dan’s got an advantage in this game, it’s in his bag so it completely piques my interest and it plants a seed in my mind. What’s in his bag? I realize: Game on! I got to find a way to get into his bag so I walked up and grabbed the bag and raced off towards tree mail in order to understand what the heck is going on inside his bag...Dan has essentially a vote multiplier. What makes me nervous is the Dan-Sierra combination. If they actually saw how dangerous our four is, they could flip, rejoin with Mike and Shirin and use the advantage to vote me out.”

He informed Carolyn of his find. She agreed that it was a big advantage.

The timing of this sequence is interesting since Dan’s extra vote didn’t come into play. The only reason I can think for showing Tyler’s search now was to paint him as a despicable player. There has been general disapproval whenever someone went through someone else’s belongings. Most viewers feel that personal belongings should be respected.

Mike and Dan took a walk towards the water reservoir.

Dan said: “It would be easy for you guys to whip out an idol, protect both of yourselves and kill me.”

Mike said that it was a possibility.

Mike’s confessional: “I won! It feels pretty good, feels pretty awesome and today I don’t have to worry about anything because I’m safe but I’m not guaranteed to win the next immunity. So, I got some work to do in order to get myself further in this game.”
Mike asked Dan: “What if tonight is the last night you can get Tyler and you don’t do it? If you get to the end of the game with Tyler, you lose.”

Mike’s confessional: “There was a time in this game where I would have said: Danno is my strongest ally but I screwed up and I wish there was a way I could convince him how loyal I truly am to him but Dan is unwilling to give me a chance. So, now I see what kind of person he truly is and it’s sad that you put your faith and trust in someone and they turn out being a lot different than you thought they were. This whole game, I’ve been playing ninety to nothing and there is definitely some strategy to be thought of about using the Hidden Immunity Idol tonight for the simple fact that I can get a big threat out of this game. Everyone is going to be voting Shirin. I could literally give the idol to Shirin and shake this game up again. Who knows? Let’s see where the chips fall and maybe those chips will fall in my direction.”

This confessional removes the last irritant in Mike’s edit. Usually, the viewers have favorable opinions of both the Hero and his sidekick (Earl and Yau Man, Tom and Ian and Kim and Chelsea come to mind) so I felt that Mike’s close association with such an uncouth player as Dan hurt Mike’s overall story but now he disassociated himself from the misogynist dumbass. It took a lot of time but, like us, Mike finally sees Dan’s true character.

Tribal Council

Jeff wanted to revisit last week’s TC.

Maybe his PR guy made him realize what a bad job he did, letting Will off the hook!

Shirin explained why she has problems trusting people.

Dan said he was a lot like Shirin because he was adopted.

Jeff told Dan that there was a very big difference between his situation and Shirin’s.

At least this time he sees that he has to intervene and stop the idiots.

Shirin told Jeff that the others don’t realize that Will was wrong.

Dan said he wasn’t there when it went down but he told her he was sorry when he heard what happened.

Shirin commented that no one is telling Will he should apologize because he crossed a line.

Jeff finally turned to Will and asked him why he doesn’t apologize.

Will explained that his apology would have to be sincere.
Turning to this Tribal Council, Shirin told Jeff he would see the dumbest thing when they vote her out instead of Tyler. “Everybody knows that I am not a threat and (pointing to Tyler) we actually have someone who has won an immunity challenge....somebody who will take a million dollars from every other person here except for maybe Mike. They simply want to follow the numbers and not take risks and, for that reason, they will lose a million dollars.”

Jeff told Tyler that she put him on the hot seat with a compliment.

Tyler said: “At the end of the day, my alliance knows that I stand with them, I stand strong with them and that without them; I’d be right over there.”

Jeff asked Sierra about the timing of eliminating a threat and taking someone that isn’t a threat to the end.
Sierra sais she understood but that she only had one vote.
Shirin interjected: “If you don’t have the power to change a few people’s mind perhaps you’re not in the strong position in your alliance that you thought you were in.”

Carolyn pointed out that they did have a six strong alliance. She added: “Timing and moves in this game are critical but you don’t want to make moves too early in the game because, when you do, you could make the worst decision of your life.”

I’d have pointed out that the same can be said of waiting too long to make a move but I’m not Jeff.

Jeff asked Mike about the importance of the vote, that without Shirin he will have to keep winning.

Mike answered that he only had to win the necklace one more time for the alliance to start cannibalizing itself. He added: “I’ve been Blue Strong all the way and I’m asking the Blues, Sierra, Rodney and Dan: Please write a name that starts with a T and you guarantee yourself a spot further in the game.

Tyler cut in: “And they are listening to you because your loyalty has been spot on.”

That made Rodney and others laugh. Since we know that it was Rodney’s loyalty that hasn’t been spot on then we can say that bullies are always stronger in pack. Or should I say “only stronger”?

Mike wanted to reply but Tyler interrupted: “Being the smartest player in Survivor history doesn’t mean that you scramble. Sometimes, looking at an alliance and realizing that we got a guarantee to the top six and all we got to do is shut up, put blinders on, tune out the non-sense and just eliminate people. We play ball with people who are smart enough, patient enough, to sit back and wait.

The Jury, representing the audience at this point, didn’t buy Tyler’s pitch. That recipe, which is what Boston Rob served to Ometepe, works for one person, not six.

This time, Jeff didn’t let that pass by without challenging it: “Or, if somebody realizes that they are on the bottom (the camera moved in close to Dan and Sierra) they would make a move because going out at six makes no sense. This game is way too hard.”

Rodney told Jeff that they originally had a strong seven but that Mike flipped and made himself a target.

Dan concurred: “Mike’s action, at that moment, was the start of everything that fell before him so now Mike is having to answer for the consequences of his actions and likewise, so is Shirin. They’ll say anything at this point to stay in the game because that is what desperate people do.”

That sounded nauseating to Shirin.

Jeff offered the two “desperate” people a chance to plead their case.

Searching in his boot, Mike said: “I know Shirin and I are not going home tonight. I’m pulling out this immunity idol, Jeff.” The jury loved that so much that Jenn clapped and Joe gave a fist pump! “We are going to see where this six is divided.” He showed the idol to Shirin and added: “Here’s the plan, Jeff: Shirin is voting for Tyler (who looked like he needed some Pepto Bismol right then) I’m voting for one of the other four who doesn’t have immunity and you take your chances. Three people can vote Tyler and guarantee themselves a spot because it’s only going to take four when I play this.”

Jeff called the plan Survivor Russian Roulette: “If you want to make sure there isn’t a bullet in the chamber with your name on it, Mike is saying you better vote Tyler because, otherwise, it could be you.”

Tyler’s eyes were throwing daggers at our host when he sent them to vote.

Shirin was so excited she hopped, skipped and jumped to the voting booth and the jury smiled at her.

Shirin voted against Tyler saying: “Just sit there and look pretty.”

His expression didn’t look pretty to me!

Tyler’s parchment was hidden but we heard him say: “Oh! Boy! I hope this works.”

Twice we’ve heard Tyler’s voting confessionals and those were the two times when he didn’t know what was going to happen. It doesn’t make him look too good.

Mike, who had been playing with the idol, stood up when Jeff asked if anyone wanted to play an idol. The camera left him to show the jury’s reaction and that of the other players but all Mike did was tell Shirin that he loved her and put the idol back in his pocket.

Strangely, we saw no expressions of relief from Rodney’s alliance. Judging by the quick looks left and right by both Will and Rodney, it was as if they didn’t know what happened.
In the end, Shirin and Mike voted for Tyler.

Tyler and Will voted for Dan who looked pained when he saw the second vote against him while Mike and the jury were all smiles.
The other four didn’t buy Mike’s bluff and voted for Shirin who had to get her torch so that it could be snuffed.

Led by Dan, the group applauded the result. Rodney showed his relief, Carolyn her satisfaction but, with a smirk on his face and captions to highlight it, Mike said: “Dan still got two votes.”

Jeff sent them back to camp after saying: “I don’t know if I’ve ever been this confused after a vote.” (Tyler, Sierra, Will and Carolyn were shown enjoying themselves at that point.) Then Jeff added: “Because, for all the talking of a tight six, the votes say otherwise and yet nobody from the six seems to mind.”
Maybe those words should have sobered them up but Dan was still smiling.

In her final words, Shirin said she didn’t have bad feeling towards Mike. She was even heard saying he would have been dumb to play it for her. She summed up the strategy nicely by saying that they got two people to flinch showing Dan were he stood and that it could be his wake-up call since he doesn’t like getting votes.

The Story

We usually have many stories to consider after an episode but this one was strictly about Mike and there really is only one question to answer: Did the editors redeem Shirin in the viewers’ mind? Were the viewers rooting for her to stay or did they want Tyler to survive? The question is rhetorical and I’m not asking for a poll. I’m just using the question as the starting point for my analysis. One thing is certain: A vast majority of the audience would have been rooting for Tyler if this vote happened a few weeks ago, at the time Max was voted out for example. If Tyler had been on Nagarote instead of the professor and the vote had been between those two, Shirin’s exit wouldn’t have upset many viewers. That shows us the big effort that was done for her redemption.

With Tyler’s name surfacing as a likely winner, we have another angle to look at the same question. The show has rarely presented the eventual winner as a desirable elimination possibility, especially since it became story driven. Maybe Shirin wasn’t the fan’s favorite to stay over Tyler as much as I think but everyone will agree that there was a lot of ambiguity. I can only think of two occasions when there was some ambiguity: When James left instead of Todd or when Troyzan was booted instead of Kim. In both cases James and Troyzan were fan favorites. It would have been nearly impossible to tilt the balance completely in the eventual winner’s favor but it would have been simple to do it this time. They just had to ignore Shirin after Max’s elimination instead of neglecting Tyler for the whole season. Shirin’s redemption story should convince us that Tyler cannot win.

The Characters

Playing with Blinders

Will: He is so blind that he can’t see that he was wrong to attack Shirin. Jeff’s remark that he could regret not saying “I’m sorry” could be telling us that Will is going to pay for it during Final TC but we never saw him as a finalist so the conclusion of that story should come at the reunion.

Dan: He would have loved to take Shirin to the Final Three thinking she wouldn’t beat him but that just shows his complete lack of self-awareness. Every time he said that Mike is wrong, we had someone telling us that Mike is right. Dan is likely to get a lesson in Survivor during the Final TC. One could even say that it will be a lesson in life. I’m betting he won’t be laughing then.

Carolyn: She certainly isn’t as delusional as the previous two but she knows Tyler a lot better than them. For instance, she knows that he can keep a secret since her idol hasn’t surfaced. Therefore, she should be wondering if he is keeping secrets from her. The ease with which he lied to Dan during the catamaran ride, the way he convinced him that they were Final 4 should also trouble her. Carolyn was just going to keep Dan happy but Tyler went much further. Hearing Shirin say that Tyler will take the million away from her should also ring some alarms but Carolyn is staying on course, even if she is certain to lose against her ally. She threw away a good opportunity simply because she can’t stand Shirin, not even if it meant a million dollars.

Overestimating their Game:

Sierra: Like Dan, Sierra thought Shirin wouldn’t get any votes but at least Sierra would have made a better impression on the jury if she had flipped the game and kept her. She thinks she is in a solid position with Rodney but his refusal to boot Tyler should have alerted her. Is Tyler the only member of her alliance that could beat her in the end? Even Rodney could cause her problems because he is much more liked by the other castaways than by the viewers. Dan’s reaction after winning reward showed that Rodney is respected. There are only 4 votes left before the F3 and Sierra needs to eliminate Mike, Tyler and Rodney to have a chance. That’s a tough program to execute in such a tight schedule.

Rodney: He is also overestimating his game by saying that he will have smooth sailing after Mike’s elimination. He should realize how easy it is to turn the others since he turned them against Mike. What’s to stop them from turning against him? His connections and his personality won’t help him when a million dollars prize is on the line.

The Challenger also known as the flavor of the week!

Tyler: Like I explained at length above, Tyler could come up with the season’s late surge but it would mean a very linear game play. He knows that his best chance is for everyone to play with blinders and while they have been doing just that up to now, the game has been shaken not stirred. Mike bluffed and Tyler flinched. Will it be enough to destroy his careful, slow game construct? The season’s narrative certainly leads us to believe it will.

The Sole Survivor

Mike: Jeff was wrong about the vote being like Russian roulette. That term should be used only when the players draw rocks. Here, it was much more a game of poker and Mike was bluffing them all. Despite Shirin’s final words, I know many will say that Mike should have given his idol to Shirin. The inclusion of her final words tells us that the editing intent is to make us feel like it was the right thing to do but was it? Terry came under a lot of criticism for not saving Sally so Mike will face the same here even if he did more with his idol than the ex-fighter pilot. Giving his idol to Shirin would have left him without recourse at the next TC and the players would have been even angrier with him. This way, their reaction after the vote showed they think they outwitted Mike so maybe he will frighten them a little less. They have three days to decide who goes first in their six. It could get ugly...I mean uglier.
At the time, Mike couldn’t have known for sure but giving his idol to Shirin wouldn’t have eliminated Tyler. With two votes, Dan, the one he was trying to rally, would have been eliminated on the revote. What he should have known though was that he was giving a free pass to Sierra to vote against Shirin. She could safely vote with her alliance and still hope to see Tyler get the boot. Mike wanted to shake the alliance and his bluff worked perfectly. He knows that the vote is the only thing that reveals the truth so Dan should be much more inclined to listen. If not, maybe Tyler could rally to Mike’s side. Of all the players, he should be the least threatened by Mike’s challenge skills so maybe he will side with the player with the other idol. It’s the only way Mike won’t vote against him at the next TC. Suddenly, Mike has options.

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99. "Episode 12 - I'm the One in Charge Now"
The Recap

Rodney was putting together a strong alliance…but being in charge doesn’t always lead to happiness.

Tyler and Carolyn discovered the power of Dan’s advantage.

After exposing Rodney’s secret alliance, everyone was targeting Mike. Rodney was heard saying Mike will never know if they get him out while Mike told us that he knows they are coming after him.

He was unstoppable at immunity challenges and, at Tribal Council, he revealed his idol to shake up the majority of six.
Even if Tyler and Will changed their votes, Shirin was sent home. We saw Rodney and Dan celebrating while Mike said “Dan still got two votes.”

Besides reminding us that Tyler and Carolyn knew about Dan’s advantage, this recap was once again centered on Mike. Even if he is in a great position, we had another example that Rodney wasn’t a very smart player when he told us that Mike would be caught unaware just before we heard Mike say he knew all about Rodney’s plan. This episode will feature a new power player so Mike will face a new contender.

I’m the One in Charge Right Now

Night 29

Coming back to camp, Carolyn said she thought Dan voted for Tyler while Tyler voted for Dan.

Dan was quick to point out he voted for Shirin as planned. Sierra confirmed that she recognized his handwriting.

Will told everyone that they shouldn’t argue about this.

Smiling, Mike said: “One of you is going home next time so you better start scrambling.”

Mike’s confessional: “When we got back to camp, they called a little team meeting of the six and it was kind of fun. It’s kind of fun watching people start to scramble because, for the past three votes, I’ve been scrambling. Right now, I am safe with my hidden immunity idol so that target is taken off of me and they’ll start turning on each other. The fall out of all of this is going to be interesting to watch, that’s for sure.”

Mike is going to need to do more than just watch...unless he winds up on the jury. This was just the first hint that he could be slipping.

We joined the argument between Tyler and Dan. Dan was telling Tyler that he should have known it was a bluff.

Tyler’s confessional: “I put down Dan’s name thinking that I got to do whatever I can to stay alive.”

In the end, Dan told Tyler that he was fine with the vote. That seemed to encourage Will who told Dan that he also wrote his name in order to split the votes. Dan thanked him and shook his hand and said: “You and I are going far. We are not going anywhere.”

In the middle of his talk with Will, we heard Dan’s confessional: “The fact that I got two votes gave me reason for pause. That’s bad on Will and Tyler because they did flinch. Mike is still public enemy number one right now but here is the problem: Mike has an immunity idol. He is guaranteed one more trip.”

From a game perspective, it is very troubling for Mike’s chances that Dan was so quick to forgive Tyler and Will, especially hearing Dan assuring Will that they were going far together. We speculated that Mike could make it to the end via Dan’s advantage. The two would somehow make up after Dan’s near death experience and rejoin his old friend but that road had already been permanently shut. This scene opened the door for a final three that would include Dan and Will and who else would be there with those two but Rodney?

Tyler’s confessional resumed: “Last night’s vote showed that the six are willing to vote for each other and that Dan is most likely on the bottom which is why he got votes but I was on the chopping block as well so I don’t have too many lifelines remaining. I voted for Dan and I plan on doing it again. I don’t know if I can call Dan extremely gullible. I call him extremely loyal and, in this game, they are one and the same.”

As a viewer, I’ve been saying the same about loyalty for a long time now and the Tocantins’ version of Coach was the perfect example. Too bad Tyler waited for his exit episode to say something of substance. Maybe I would have enjoyed him a little more. Then again, Tyler would have impressed me more if he had followed up on his own assessment by getting as tight as possible with the loyal dumbass instead of targeting him.

Day 30

Will walked over to Rodney, saying it was his birthday.
Rodney’s confessional: “Today is my birthday. Hopefully we get a reward and hopefully I can get out of here. I’ve been stuck on this beach for 30 days doing the same damn thing over and over again.”

Carolyn and Mike brought tree mail. Will told Rodney that he’d give up his place if he can.

Rodney’s confessional: “People don’t know how tight me and Will are. And Mama C., she has a lot of love too and they are going to take me on this reward. If I don’t go on the reward, it will be a sad, sad day. My whole game will change but guess what? The chance of that happening is 0.000% chance because that is how much faith I have in these people.”

Instead of counting on his tribe mates, Rodney should have known his future depended much more on production. I wonder if they switched challenges just so they could have the one that was played in pre-determined teams. I mean, this challenge could have been planned at the F6 instead of forcing one to witness it from the sidelines. I won’t need to make many comments on Rodney’s behavior because one of his allies will explain it perfectly in just a bit.

The Reward Challenge

This time Jeff told us how the picks unfolded.

As the first captain, Dan chose Rodney and Tyler while Carolyn picked Mike and Sierra.

See Jiffy, you don’t have to waste “valuable” airtime on the picks to satisfy us, just give us the details.

Mike, Sierra and Carolyn held a lead for most of the challenge, especially when the other team was wrong in assembling their ladder and when Rodney forgot to bring his balls through the net sling.

Despite his huge lead, Mike couldn’t get the balls in the goals. It opened the door for Dan who quickly gained the lead and was launching the winning ball but it just missed. Carolyn and Sierra begged Mike to switch and let them try it but it fell on deaf ears. Jeff said: “Sierra wants in but Mike won’t give her a shot.” Down 4-2 at one point, Mike made a comeback and won it for his team.

This is the second hint that Mike’s game could have reached its zenith and is on a downward trajectory. Using the catapult required practice so changing players could have wasted even more time when Dan was practically making every hit. Was it necessary to include another example that Mike isn’t a team player at this late date? Maybe it was to show that he can still pull out the victory but it made me cringe.

Sierra and Carolyn hugged and they were jumping with joy at the thought of the reward.

That told us they weren’t going to let Rodney take their place.

I’d like to know what the camera man was thinking right then: We first had an overhead shot of the challenge arena then it seemed like we were taking a plunge towards the trees but the camera quickly flipped around and we came right back to another overhead angle of the same arena. The montage just looked weird, amateurish even.

After Rodney told him that it was his birthday, Jeff tried to help Rodney: “Are you hoping one of these three will feel for you on your special day and give up their reward for you?”
Rodney said he didn’t want to pressure them.

Yet he repeated that it was his birthday three times. The song “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to...” came to mind.
Rodney’s confessional was more of the same: “They just turned me into the psychotic person that I am.”

The Orphanage

Mike’s confessional: “Carolyn, Sierra and myself get to jump into the back of this truck loaded down with toys, bats, balls, school supplies and we get to go to this orphanage where we can be ambassadors of goodwill for Survivor. To see the faces of all these little boys and girls when we pulled up filled me up inside because I just enjoy being around kids and being a kid because I’m a big kid.”

Sierra told the kids that she was a cowgirl and had horses. We then heard her confessional: “This is one of the coolest experiences that I ever had. To come here and meet these amazing children who are so grateful and spend time with them; I couldn’t ask for a better reward today.”

When they sat down to eat, the trio had a thought for Rodney but Mike said it was also a special day for them.

Carolyn’s confessional: “Rodney is going to be pissed off at me because I didn’t give up this reward but, when you think about it, this is not a horrible birthday: You’re on Survivor for God’s sakes. I hadn’t been on a reward with Mike before so I got a chance to see him in a different light. Mike has a lot of power in this game right now: He does win challenges and does have an idol. So, he is not going home and we have to vote one of the six out. That’s why I’m worried about myself. Yeah, I’m thinking about aligning myself with the people I think are going to take me further in this game. So, maybe it’s time to join forces. Who knows? It could happen!”

First, we have to thank Carolyn for bashing Rodney, saying what every viewer was thinking about the spoiled brat. Next, we have to realize that Mike’s confessional was the kind we usually associate with Journey players instead of winners. It can be said that his words fleshed him out even more, humanized him in such a way that even Carolyn saw him in a different light but Mike’s confessional had the same value as Sierra’s. Sierra isn’t exactly edited as a winner yet her words gave us just as nice a glimpse into her personality as Mike’s. The one that had the important confessional was Carolyn because it returned the focus on the game. It also served as misdirection, making us think that Mike could have a new option but Carolyn cannot be thinking of joining Mike for the long term, can she? Still the scene ended by showing Mike and Carolyn locking arms over Sierra’s shoulders.

Back in Camp

We returned to camp accompanied by a sad melody and then, suddenly, something disturbed the bee hive. From melancholic, the music changed to feature heavy drums. It wasn’t hard to imagine what was coming next...

Rod’s confessional: “___Washing dishes on my birthday. Nine miserable days left...0 for five in reward challenges and a bunch of scumbags who neglected me on my birthday, who claim to be Survivor family...All bets are off now. Carolyn and Sierra: They ain’t going to the end.”

Could Rodney wind up making the decision for Carolyn and Sierra, pushing them directly into Mike’s arms? Those two are evidently playing to make it to the end with players they can beat but they could switch if they realize they aren’t part of Rodney’s Final Three.

Dan told Tyler that Rodney wasn’t about to cool off: “It’s who he is.”

Rodney told everyone that he was pissed at Mama C.

We saw that Tyler heard him loud and clear. How much did he tell Carolyn? We didn’t see them talking about it but Tyler must have told Carolyn that Rodney would be gunning for her after this.

Dan’s confessional: “I understand him being hurt...being upset but even in my opinion; that was a bit much.”

Rodney then came up with a new plan: He was going to say he wants to be voted out so that Mike doesn’t play his idol and they can blindside him. He assured them that Mike was going home.

Dan’s confessional continued: “I do not think for a second that it’s going to work. I really think Rodney is slipping off into that abyss! That’s alright with me. Let him have his moment of explosion. Hopefully, he’s on the chopping block and they won’t see me as a target. We’ll see how it all plays out.”

Tyler’s confessional: “We sat around and essentially watched Rodney storm around, kick the dirt, curse, spit like he’s lost it; he’s going crazy which is scary because Rodney is in my alliance. I certainly can’t rely on him and Mike most likely will play his idol. It would be stupid for Mike to buy this story and I’m the first one wants gone. I’m going to be the one he votes for. If we just leave it in Mike’s hands, I am out of here.”

In the middle of the confessional, we heard Tyler asking Rodney what would happen if Mike played his idol and voted for him. Rodney refused to even consider the possibility that his plan could fail.

Night 30

It was such a scary, stormy night that even the bats were going bat-sh*t crazy!

Rodney was going through with his act.

Rodney’s confessional: “I’m telling them that they can vote me out; that I’ve had enough. Hopefully, Mike doesn’t play his idol and we pull up the biggest blindside of the game. We’ll see what happens.”

With one sentence, Mike showed Rodney the problem with his plan: “It totally makes more sense to keep you right now.”

Mike’s interview: “I see right through the plan; trying to make me feel like I’m safe so I don’t play my idol. That ain’t happening, brother. I’m not an idiot. Just because I talk slow, it doesn’t mean that I think slow.”

Will gave us an interview: “Mike didn’t buy Rodney’s act for a second. He just stopped that conversation. Mike has his immunity idol and we are back to square one.”

Tyler and Carolyn had a conversation away from everyone one. She told him that Mike would vote for him or Dan so he had to win immunity. Tyler asked her about the idol. She said: “We will use it when we need it.”

Tyler’s confessional: “Would Carolyn be willing to put down the White Collar idol to save me? I hope so. My trust is in Mama C. I’m also her closest alliance member and as things get down to the wire, you got to trust people in order to get further.”
Carolyn’s interview: “From a strategic game perspective, I’m playing the game hard. I know that Tyler trusts me but I think Mike doesn’t really have anybody else to work with so I actually do feel like I’m the one in charge right now.”

Right then, we saw a frog take a leap and turn into a blue bird. It was a nice camera trick and it makes me think that Carolyn just made a transformation, from a follower to the leader. I’d really like to know if that particular bird as symbolic or mythological importance in Nicaragua. Frogs usually turn into prices, not princesses. Or was it just to show neat camera work?

Day 32 - The Immunity Challenge

Rodney started complaining as soon as the challenge started but Will was the first to drop. He was quickly followed by Dan. Sierra and Rodney didn’t last much longer. Mike made it to the first transition but he couldn’t hold up.

Dan was particularly happy about that but I noticed Sierra’s expression also. Her face showed surprise but maybe also disappointment.

Tyler also let go so Carolyn won a second immunity in a row. Sierra was particularly happy for Carolyn.

Sierra’s reaction makes me think that the two had already decided on eliminating Tyler.

Despite the fact that a woman won this particular type of challenge every time they ran it, we must admit that Carolyn is building up a nice résumé to present to the jury.

Dan’s confessional: “The good news is that Mike has to play that idol. Bad news? I got two votes at the last Tribal Council and right now there is a lot of talk about my advantage which makes me an easy target.”

Back in Camp

Carolyn’s confessional: “I won my second immunity challenge in a row. Woo-woo! I’m so excited! It’s not cut and dry how to play this game now because there are so many options. So, you have to make sure you figure out the right move.”

Dan’s interview: “Does it put fear into me that my name could get written down? Of course it does. I feel like one of three people are going home tonight: Me, Mike or Tyler. Mike is probably going to play his idol so the odds are on either Tyler or myself because they see Tyler as a threat and my name keeps getting written down.”

To Rodney, Sierra and Dan, Carolyn proposed: “Guys vote Mike, girls vote Tyler?”

Carolyn gave us another confessional: “As far as Dan is concerned, we are voting for Tyler but voting for Dan is not really a bad idea because we get rid of the advantage.”

This scene brings up a huge question: We heard that Carolyn wasn’t being completely honest with Dan. She was just paying lip service to keep him happy BUT was she doing the same with Rodney? Did Rodney expect her to vote against Tyler or was he also just going along to appease the mail man? He wouldn’t be too happy to see that she left him out of the loop but we have to assume that he was on board with eliminating Tyler. That would close another door for Mike.

At the water reservoir, Tyler and Will were plotting against Dan.

We heard Tyler’s plan in confessional. He wanted to get rid of Mike’s idol and of Dan’s advantage by a splitting vote.

In the hammock, Mike told Carolyn that he was voting against Tyler.

Carolyn’s confessional: “Mike is gunning for Tyler and this could be the only opportunity for me to side with him but I don’t know if that’s the right move to make right now.”

Mike’s interview: “I really, really hope that Mama C. is 100% on board with me right now because my options of who to work with at this point are a little bit limited.”

Tyler talked to Carolyn and they agreed to vote against Dan. The plan was for Carolyn and Will to vote against Dan. Tyler repeated that the advantage was going to haunt them if they didn’t get rid of it.

As they prepared for TC, Carolyn gave the last confessional of the evening: “It’s a toss-up between Dan and Tyler as to who needs to go first. Tyler and I have a bond. We’ve been together since literally day three but he is the only one who knows that I have an idol so he could blow up my game but Dan’s advantage gives him an extra vote so that’s a big threat. This is a game for a million dollars and I’m here to play the game so: Game on, boys and girls.”

The only positive point for Mike in all of this is that Carolyn’s move isn’t clearly presented as a good move for her. Her hesitations added to the episode’s suspense but the power of the advantage was clearly stated as a big threat. Tyler wasn’t really a threat for Carolyn and her only concern was that he could tell everyone that she had an idol. Hearing Tyler’s confessionals, the viewers know that he wasn’t thinking of betraying her trust so it could be said that she made her move too early. It really doesn’t matter that I think it was a terrific move and could reward her handsomely when she makes her case to the jury. The editing is much less decisive.

Tribal Council

Jeff immediately turned to Mike who jokingly pretended to look through his pockets but then assured him he had brought his idol. He said it guaranteed that one of the six was going home.

Dan told Jeff he found out who had voted for him and that it showed him who was on the bottom of the six.

Tyler said he didn’t really scramble after the challenge but that he touched base with everyone.

Dan’s quick head turn told us that Tyler may not have touched base with him.

Mike told Jeff that there had been some talk about Dan’s advantage, adding that he hoped it was worth $480.

Carolyn told Jeff she was worried about Dan’s advantage, saying it could be a super idol like the one Tony had.

Dan said everyone approached him about his advantage.

It’s curious that we didn’t hear any of those talks.

Sierra agreed with Jeff that it was the perfect time to make a big move and that it will shock everybody. “I’m keeping every option open” she added.

Tyler said it was time to look at the people you can beat in the end. Tyler said he would be surprised to leave.

It was, already, time to vote.

Since Jeff had gotten Tyler to admit he would be blindsided, there was no need to prolong the council.

Once Jeff had tallied the votes, Mike jumped to his feet and played his idol, making sure to tell Jeff he was playing it for himself.

The jury was smiling but Rodney wasn’t. Mike was also smiling when Jeff read the four votes against him while, from the jury box, Joe showed that he was anxiously waiting for the first vote against someone else than Mike.

The 5th parchment read Tyler.

That was Mike’s vote so it didn’t tell us a whole lot. If the 6th vote was against Dan then the 7th would also likely be against Dan, but if it was Tyler... You could tell that the same thought ran through Tyler’s head just before Jeff spoiled it by saying: “The 12th person voted out and the fifth member of our jury” before turning the parchment.

Carolyn had a wry smile on her face. Besides Will, everyone looked happy with the result. I found it funny that Tyler watched his torch get snuffed with the same serious look on his face that made so many think he was being portrayed as the “observer”.

Jeff sent them packing after saying: “If there is one thing that should be most concerning it’s the admission that everybody wants to take the weakest to the end.

We’d expect that the camera would have shown Will and Dan when Jeff said this but it showed Sierra, Mike and Carolyn instead.

The Story

In his last word, Tyler told us that going after Dan was the right move but that his alliance didn’t follow suit. Was that intended to present him as being delusional or was it telling us that Carolyn will regret not getting rid of the advantage? It sounded like it fit in with the narrative that Carolyn didn’t make quite the best move. From a game perspective, she eliminated someone that could have beaten her in the end but it was also someone that wasn’t going to target her. Rodney, Will and Dan, the trio of losers, have to be aware they need to stick together. Even Jeff realized that the weak players are looking to take each other to the end. That means Mike, Carolyn and Sierra are not going to break into that group easily.

The Characters

The Bad Final Three: Say it ain’t so, Jeff...

Will: It was funny to hear Will telling Dan that he had also voted against him after Dan told Tyler that he had no hard feelings. Will’s first intention was to avoid that discussion all together but coming clean just earned him a spot in Dan’s Final Three. So why was he still gunning for the mailman when he talked to Tyler? Since Will eventually voted against Mike, it seems logical to assume that he was in on the plan to blindside Tyler. Since we didn’t hear his thoughts on the matter, it paints him as a player that is completely out of the loop.

Dan: He may say that it broke his heart to vote against Mike but he certainly healed quickly. In Will, Dan has found his perfect companion to take to the end and he would beat him...if it was a Final 2. I don’t believe I am going to say this but I’m glad for the Final three just to remove this possibility.