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"The Players, The Game, The Editing - Survivor Phillipines"
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VerucaSalt 1577 desperate attention whore postings
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09-14-12, 02:28 PM (EST)
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"The Players, The Game, The Editing - Survivor Phillipines"
It continues to amaze me how many seasons of this show have aired and despite some recycling, I still get immense enjoyment watching this show.

Let me preface the following information with that other than the below information, I know nothing else. There are some posters that I have developed a relationship with who “look out for me” and immediately told me that this season is full of sourced information.

This thread is about the editing of the show and the clues in the editing (out of place confessionals, face time, characters and their roles that I have identified over the many seasons and so forth) and while I choose to not go outside the realm of just the show to get an idea of what may happen next, I take no issue with those who post in this thread who also know of some sourced information.

The only request I have is that the posters write about the show and its editing and the characters and their development through the eyes of the show as we watch and not discuss what is being “leaked.” As I have never subscribed to a “winner’s edit” I think anyone and everyone can discuss the editing and how it shapes the players which I have identified as “long term” or those with “longevity” or “end game”.

Kindly be respectful towards one another and don't assume something unless you know it to be true. This thread is to discuss our thoughts about the editing of the show, the development of the characters and so forth. I've analyzed this show for many years and would never presume to think I know everything. Thus, everyone should welcome anyone's thought process.

Please feel free to add any information you wish as to the contestants and your thoughts on how they may fare. I may not have correct information since I've been very careful about what I am given.

As always, there is basis to potentially assume that trouble makers, less physically capable people (young or old) self-ordained leaders and such may logically be the first to go.

With three returning players, we should now have a foundation on how they may fare. The irony that quite a few of them have done well is not lost on me. One would suspect the other contestants would not want a returning player to have even a remote opportunity to get to the end and others feel that person would be a wonderful final “goat.” The question to ask is if that returning player is truly a goat or not. One should never assume that just because the person has played before that he/she would not receive the jury votes to win the game (obvious example, Boston Rob).

Considering what we have seen in the past seasons that featured new and old players, I will have to go out on a very short limb and guess that at least one of the three returning men will probably do well in this game. Sometimes lessons are never learned.

Tribe One

Michael Skupin – Former player (quite some time ago!) Public Speaker, 50 years old. Very helpful with the living situation but I do recall there being issues of the way he conducted his leadership. However, being older and probably a bit more mellow may help in that regard.

With him….

Abi Maria Gomes – Age 32 and business student.

Lisa Whelchel – Age 49, former actor

RC Saint-Amour – Age 27, Investment analyst

Artis Silvester – Age 53, Engineer

Pete Yurkowski – 24 Engineering Graduate

I would like to think the three “older” people may bond knowing that they could easily be kicked out if they do not pull their weight. Lisa may have the biggest problem as the oldest female and perhaps the thought process of her having money due to her prior profession. There may be the possibility of Artis and Mike Skupin having issues due to the “leadership” role and RC being an East Coast girl may have some trouble mixing as well depending upon how her personality comes across.

Tribe 2

Jonathan Penner – Former player (and quite often!) Writer/actor, 50 years old. Jonathan is a personal favorite of mine; I’ve always found him witty and just a great character. He has definitely evolved since his first time playing to a softer Jonathan that wasn’t quite as grating as his early days on the show.

With him…

Dana Lambert – Age 32, Cosmetologist

Sarah Dawson – age 28, Insurance sales

Carter Williams – 24, Track Coach

Katie Hanson – 22, pageant winner

Jeff Kent – 44, former MLB player

Another interesting mix and again do we have a ready-made target in Jeff Kent due to his past “celebrity” or will Jonathan view him as someone he thinks he can really work with? I’m not sure how Carter will fare but his athleticism should be beneficial. Three young women could be a dangerous combination OR feel it’s necessary to hitch a ride to an older, stronger male.

Tribe 3

Russell Swan – Former player, attorney, 45 years old. Russell was a decent guy, maybe a bump here or there; I would say anyone taking a leadership role may have some trouble unless handling it very carefully.

With him…

Angie Layton – 20, model

Denise Stapley – 41, sex therapist

Roxy Morris – 28, Seminary student

Zane Knight – 28, Tire repair

Malcolm Freberg – 25, bartender

If any tribe serves as the “distraction” of the season, it should be this tribe. The “characters” assigned lead me to believe we will see a lot of interesting dynamics but they may not be the tribe of substance. I do not have a great feeling that Russell will enjoy Zane we may see some interesting dynamics from Denise. Background does play a role so if Russell and Roxy get along, their race and geographical location will play a part in that. This tribe may self-destruct

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tribephyl 9688 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

09-16-12, 02:45 AM (EST)
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1. "Hiya VS"
Don't have much to add at the moment, but wanted to make sure I said "Hello, Veruca!" and to let you know I appreciate your efforts with the PG&E through all of these seasons. A truly remarkable asset to BLOWS and a just amazing person.
Thank you.

As far as the show so far...
I'm intrigued to see what the overall theme will turn out to be. With the even numbered seasons usually being rehashes of (or nods to) the previous Themed Season, Philippines 'should' be a twist on One World.
Alas, it looks as if with this season we have our own "redemption" plot points to consider; with 3 med-evacs trying to outperform their last experience.
But I've also seen tons of promos for both Lisa Welchel and Jeff Kent.
I realize they are celebrities, so are receiving pre-show-buzz to hopefully gain viewers is to be expected. Yet, what do they bring to help describe the season at large?

They are both confrontational.
They are both bible thumpers.
They are both extremely self-centered.
(If ever a season Brandon Hantz might have actually fit in..)

Funny thing is... Michael Skupin is too.
(Because it's been so long since his season, and because of the way he left, it's easy to forget he was definitely the most in danger Kucha at the upcoming TC, and solely for the reasons stated above.
That fire saved him from indistinction.
Jeff, Alicia and Nick (with Roger and Liz's help) were ready to cut ties with Mike at the next TC. And even though we have no idea what the IC was going to be, there was already buzz of "making a calculated loss" to rid the tribe of the 'Overlord'.)

But neither Jonathan nor Russell fall into those categories.
Both of these guys are capable of (and prone to) empathy. Feeling what others feel. A sense of why others act the way they do and what their position is if they do or don't agree with that act.
This spells trouble for me, NO, for them.
It looks like it might be a season of self-centered thought, (which speaks volumes for individual players who resemble that personality trait.) and might lead to a great season of back and forth, no pagongings and a wide open F5, but it also tends towards only rewarding those whom reward themselves.

Which side of that coin are the viewers?
I certainly don't want to bring politics into Survivor discussion but I can't help but notice the parallels to the current presidential race.
Selfless of Selfish?
Which are you?
Which is better?
Maybe not so much One World as it will be One Way, My Way.

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2. "RE: The Players, The Game, The Editing - Survivor Phillipines"


Russ should be glad if he survives another TC. Conf: I'm gonna let somebody else be a leader. Followed by nothing but despotism. Way to go Russ! Angie helped the editors by providing great facial expressions as well as commentary.

Comical contrast in alliance making. Zane with all his phony alliance attempts compared to "this-is-how-you-make-an-alliance" between Malcolm and Denise. Makes me think Malcolm and Denise stick around for a while. Denise seems to have a great social game.


Dissapointing tribe from an editing perspective. Penner vs the rest. Penner alone trying -almost desperately- to find the HII. They come back from behind in the RC/IC to win. Jeff and Carter made up so much ground (sorry, water), yet this comeback was almost hidden. No celebrations shown back at camp after their win.

Slightly interesting: Dawson's conf. She knows Jeff Kent and will use that info when it has value to her. Both their story lines might end when that happens. I did not get a Danni-Hoogeboom vibe here.


Now we're talking! Love the RC show. RC and Abi. RC, Abi, and Pete. RC, Abi, Pete recruit Mike. Which then turns into the Mike show. Mike sees he needs to follow the game, not his heart(!!!). This foursome formed during the day with younglings gets contasted with a conversation at night (contrast 1) with older Lisa (contrast 2). Followed by Mike's internal coflict - go with youth or older Lisa who he feels more connected with. This internal conflict could be the story of the season. And to make sure we keep highlighting Mike, let's sprinkle in Mike's clumsiness. It's not edited as he's a weak player though. Instead we hear RC saying they need Mike. Pete, of course, had the funny comment about Mike and fire as well.

Notice I said nothing about Artis. You could even barely see him running next to / behind the smaller RC. Seems like Artis is the exception on Tandang - no story for him.

forehead - it's fun watching this show again.

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4. "RE: The Players, The Game, The Editing - Survivor Phillipines"
I agree on pretty much all of your points. Russell is crispy toast and will be quite surprised if he lasts longer than the next two or three boots while both Penner and Skupin have definite potential to last much, much longer in the game. Based on last night's episode, Skupin had a better opening episode than Penner which may or may not be a key to figuring out who goes further.

In fact, Skupin's repeated mishaps and shrugging or laughing it off was very much Fabio-esque from Nicaragua.

I noticed that about Dawson picking up on Jeff Kent as well, let's see if not only she uses that info a la Danni, but also Skupin with Lisa.

One theme that seemed to jump out at me was all the duos that were shown. Of course, there's always been alliance talk in the first episode or two with groups and pairs bunching together, but there seemed to be quite a lot of pairs featured in particular with not many larger groups focused on. For example, while there was talk of a Skupin-RC-Abi-Pete alliance, it later became a RC-Abi and Skupin-Lisa focus. Could that be an indication of something like, let's say, a TC tie between two duos or a flip-flop involving a duo jumping alliances?

Duos that jumped out at me (didn't see enough of Kalabaw to point out any):
Skupin and Lisa
RC and Abi-Maria
Malcolm and Denise
Roxy and Angie

Even Russell and Zane seemed to be tied in (literally!) with each other this episode as a duo at odds.

Tandang definitely has the makings of being the tribe-to-watch this season and you can easily see Malcolm as being a major, major character to keep an eye on as well. Both Malcolm and Denise were shown as smart players, which bodes well for their long-term potential in the game.

Disclaimer: Not being as in touch with spoilers so far as I usually am, I do have a rough idea of who's making the merge and who isn't, but I don't know who's being booted at which times and I don't know the winner or the finalists. What little info I do know, I won't allow any of it to influence my writings in this thread.

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3. "RE: The Players, The Game, The Editing - Survivor Phillipines"
Kalabaw or 'the invisible tribe'
They had a comeback to win the challange but no focus afterwards. That does not bode well for anyone on that tribe.
The players that stood out barely are Jeff and Jonathan.

Jeff-he told us everything and he got plenty of comments from other players about him as well. De facto leader of the tribe and most likely winner from this tribe if there was one.
Dawson- She knows that Kent is a former BB player, her exposing his secret will probably be her main storyline, she doesn't talk about herself at all.
Dana-She also talks about potentially working with Kent and liking that they have Southern roots in common, but they have no scenes together to back this up. So that probably means their relationship is not significant to the endgame.
Jonathan- we barely saw him, unusual for a returnee who was so memorable in the past. He just talked about finding the immunity idol and I think that ties in with his storyline. I'm not sure whether it goes farther beyond that.
Carter and Katie seem like nice, athletic people but they were basically invisible, they aren't the winners and are not important to the story of the season.

Masting or "the Hot mess tribe"
Masting is in bad shape with a leader who doesn't want to be a leader but can't help himself. I'm not sure if they got attention just because they were the losing tribe but they do have some colorful personalities and potential winners.
Malcolm- charming, gamer and young athletic guy. A good combination to have. He seems to be in the center of the ongoings of his tribe and that is the perfect place to be. His alliances with Denise and Angie are highlighted. One or both will be significant to this game. Potential winner

Denise- an older woman but not the typical old lady edit. She is smart and strong, and knows what is going on in her tribe. Her alliance with Malcolm is highlighted as well. Potential winner.

Angie-also not the typical young girl edit that i was expecting. Although maybe they had to show her because she wanted to blindside Russel. I still feel that she will be the most in trouble should Masting keep going to tribal. Which i think they will.

Roxanne-also didn't like how Russel handled the challenge but said nothing about herself. If she was going to get an edit like Vecepia I would expect her to talk about her faith or some game talk even though she wasn't really important this episode. Because she didn't I don't think she is a winner.

Zane- self explanatory, he talked himself out of the tribe.

Russel- no chance he is winning. Making the mistake of being the leader again and shown to be a bad leader as well. He talks about idol but it's not highlighted like Penner's scenes were, so I don't think it plays a role in his story at all. Not the winner.

Tandang "the strong tribe"
Tandang had the best edit of all in terms of getting significant focus before and after the challenge. It also has a four person alliance highlighted including RC, PETE,Abi and Skupin. Usually an alliance highlighted this early means it will be a strong one that makes the merge and important to the endgame or it could be one that doesn't make it. Players of note are RC, Skupin, and Lisa.

Lisa- she got to talk alot and there were many scenes involving her position, her feelings etc. This could be a redemption edit in the same vein as Holly but is it a winning edit? I don't know. I think she is going deep in the game though, just because of so much focus.

Skupin-The returnee with the most focus and positive edit. He talks about 'going with the flow', trying to keep up with the young people but wanting to keep Lisa as well. That will be his dilemma, and which way he chooses to go may be significant for the endgame. Potential winner

RC- she is another smart, young athletic woman. Similar to Malcolm but more aggressive in forming her alliance. Potential winner.

Abi- she is RC's sidekick but the distrust between them is highlighted. So i think that might play a role later. I have to see more of her before deciding whether she is another Sandra.

Pete-is in the four person alliance, but doesn't talk about it. For a nice,strong athletic guy, he should have more to say in the premiere. I don't think he's the winner just based on this alone.

Artis- besides cracking a joke about Skupin cutting himself, he was totally irrelevant. Not the winner.

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5. "Spot's observations"
As y'all know, SpotTheDifference (a.k.a. Spot) is from the Philippines himself and has been providing some cultural observations that most of us might not be aware of, so his insights have already shown to be valuable.

Here's one that I think is worth monitoring from an editing perspective - Spot commented that the opening episode was rather chicken-centric. Might be nothing or might be real intriguing ... as we all know, Tandang is the Filipino word for 'rooster' which is a type of chicken.

So, this could very well be a hint that one of Skupin, RC, Lisa, or Abi-Maria is the winner. Pete wasn't featured much and Artis was completely invisible.

From the East Coast Spoiler Thread:

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6. "Episode 1 Editing Thoughts:"
While Jeff made his opening comments, the camera showed us Lisa, Dana, Zane and Angie.

Then Kent had the opening confessional, complete with images from his MLB days: “…I’ve seen pressure. This will be a challenge, no doubt. I hope people won’t recognize me.”

He was immediately followed by our first boot, Zane, talking about his Frankenstein tatoo, using it as a metaphor for his dual personality.

Lisa had an introduction: “..I’m a huge fan of Survivor…I am not going to say I was on The Facts of Life…”

The introduction of the3 returning players was set by showing scenes of previous injuries to illustrate the dangers of the adventure.

Russell: “…Survivor smacked me in the chops. This time, I am smacking back. Either these people run with me or I am going to run them over.”

Jonathan: “I got injured in a challenge…Do you know how much fire I have to win this thing? Do you know how much I can taste it? 39 days from now, I’ll make a million dollars.”

Mike: “…The Australian Outback was an amazing adventure…I think the whole world saw that falling in the fire was my biggest failure but I didn’t see it that way. To dwell on what if would cheat what the adventure meant to me but I’m in love with the fact that I am able to come out here and do it again.”

Probst then asked: “Will the veterans have what it takes to be the Sole Survivor or will a new castaway emerge to claim the million dollar prize?”
The new castaways shown then were Artis, Katie and Carter.

Reaching the end of the introduction, we realize that it only featured the “stars” and Zane, the first boot. Is it already a sign that the others will be ignored or irrelevant? Hopefully not but, with Zane being shown right after Jeff first comments, I’d be worried for the unknowns that were shown at that time, namely Dana and Angie.

The three castaways featured when Probst asked if a newbie would emerge were nearly invisible characters in the premiere so should we assume that a veteran will win?

Of the 3 returning players, Russell and Jonathan sounded really arrogant while Mike talked more about simply enjoying the adventure. We know that Russell will soon find himself in hot waters with his tribe so, once more, arrogance isn’t a good thing. Maybe Jonathan’s quote will be seen as a winning one by many but I don’t think so.

For the introduction of a premiere, it was lacking the cultural connections that you’d expect in a new location, especially one with such a rich history as the Philippines. The fake shipwreck was fun but not new. When will they actually sink the ship, forcing them out for real instead of giving them a Probst countdown?

I would have titled the first episode:

Go With The Game

Jeff first talked to Kent who said having 3 tribes meant immediate panic: “We only got 5 team mates. If we go to tribal council there will be a lot of panic real quick.”
RC agreed.
Zane said he was happy with 3 tribes.

Lisa had another confessional about wanting to keep her identity a secret.

Jeff asked Roxanne about the scariest thing she’d seen on the show.
Without naming him, Roxanne told the story of Russell’s medevac.

Dawson had a confessional about the returning players: “As a huge fan of the show, I am thinking to myself: Are you dreaming?”

Jeff introduced the returning players as leaders with valuable experience.

Mike: “The yellow tribe caught my eye immediately. I recognized Lisa from a show that I watched when I was growing up. Her show name, Blair, almost came off my lips.”

(For once, it’s the returning player that is starstruck!)

Jeff turned to Skupin, asking how it felt and Mike simply said it felt like the first time, that it was amazing.

More evidence of Mike enjoying the adventure.

When Probst mentioned the hidden immunity idols, the camera switched to Dana and a sort of warning sound was heard. Let’s keep this in mind; it could mean that Dana either finds or falls victim to the idol.

During the scramble, we heard Jonathan saying: “Get the Chicken” which is funny if we think back on his first episode in the Cook Islands and considering that Tandang is the word for rooster in the Philippines. Will Jonathan regret not getting the Tandang buff?

Kent: “We’re in the game with players returning from injury and, 3 minutes in, I hear my knee pop…If my team mates smell blood, they’ll kick me out real fast.”

Matsing - Tribe 1

(Really? We need numbers to identify tribes now? Or is it an indication that Matsing was first to go to TC?!)

Rusell: “I’m thrilled to be here, I’m blessed. The last time I…was in the leadership role but this time the leadership ain’t going to happen…There’s always some guy that’s an idiot who says “I think I should be the leader…Just watch him crash and burn. Dummy!”

He proceeded telling his tribe that they were all one team yet, immediately, Russell was shown leading the tribe, an editor’s kiss of death. Russell was shown as being the idiot.

To make sure the audience knew Russell was the Matsing idiot, we heard Malcolm talking to Angie: “What’s Russell wants to do is kind of how today is going.”

Angie: “Russell keeps telling us that he’s not the leader but he’s the one sitting there saying (what we should do) We do need a leader but we should work together, not for him.”

Malcolm said he lived in Micronesia for a year and knew how to make fire.

Malcolm: “I can do the fire, do palm fronds, chop coconuts, things like that…(we saw him teaching Russell how to make fire) “

Zane: “We made fire in the first 45 minutes we were here.”

Malcolm: “Day 1, we got the fire. Russell made it which worked out well because he wants to be the leader so bad! A target went off my back because I am not a threat to him.”

Kalabaw – Tribe 2

(will they be next to attend TC?)

Kent: “I think I left my knee on the boat… I don’t want to let anybody know I’m hurt so I’ll play it out the best I can for now.”

Jonathan: “This is a marathon because there are so many crazy twists to the game.. This is so much fun for me…It’s moving to be doing this again.”

This confessional felt much better than Jonathan’s first one, much less arrogant. The next scene would put Jonathan in danger which could be could for his development… if he survives!

With Jonathan alone in the ocean, Kent gathered the tribe and said: “If anyone’s going to win this game, it ought to be one of us. Do you want a veteran to win or one of us to win?”

Dana: “Not that Jonathan isn’t a good guy but it’s his third time so I’d like to see one of us win it. So, he’s out as soon as we can get him out.”

Tandang – Tribe 3

Mike: “When I looked at the 3 different tribes, my tribe is the one I would have picked. We have a good mix of brains and brawn. A lot of people have said you shouldn’t play again because now you’re opening yourself up to the legend of what I was to what I am today. It’s a huge risk but it’s what drives me.”

Immediately, Abi and RC went into the jungle together.

RC: “I definitely am all or nothing type girl and I’m here to play the game no matter what. I click with certain people and Abi is one of them. I trust her. I know you’re not supposed to trust anyone but you have to trust someone at certain times. I’m telling everyone that I am an executive assistant because I don’t want them to know that I am a banker. There is such a negative connotation about bankers and Wall street but, to be a great investment banker, you need the killer instincts because you always have to be on your toes in New York…If I can handle Wall Street, I can certainly handle Survivor.”

The two women talked about forming an alliance.
RC said she liked Skupin.
Abi added Peter because: “He is strong but a little bit dumb.”

RC: “Abi and I connected on a good level so hopefully that will help me in the game but who knows how long it will last.”

It’s nice to be able to eliminate someone so early. Peter may go far but with an introduction like this, he will not be our winner! I will however suggest that we should keep an eye on RC! Personal development, alliance formation and a positive connection to a returning player spells a possible end game story.

Abi: “I came to the United States 12 years ago, I have this very strong Brazillian accent. Hopefully, I can use it as a flirtatious tool.”

Peter: “Abi keeps staring at me and I think that’s going to be a big advantage. I think she’s ready to play some evil games. Pretty hot! She could definitely do some damage.”

It was RC that talked to Peter about an alliance.

RC: “It’s me, Abi and Peter. We already have an alliance and I think it’s a pretty solid alliance but I am looking for a strong four so that we have the majority.”

She grabbed Skupin, telling him she was a fan of the show and that they can’t lose with him on their team. Mike agreed to the 4 person alliance.

Mike: “My strategy coming in to this was make sure that you go with the game. If your tribe is moving slow, move slow with them, don’t jump out in the lead… The three younger people move fast so I feel that I have to move fast with them or I’m in big trouble.”

The next segment was all about the Celebrities:

Kalabaw – Day 1

The scene started with centipedes going in every directions

Dana and Kent talked about being from the South.

Dana: “Looking at the group…I don’t see any other punks with spiky hair. I like Jeff…I would fight any boy that would challenge me. Maybe me and Jeff can pull some southern roots and bond on that.”

Kent: “Being a baseball player could be a disadvantage to me…This game isn’t about…who needs the money. I’ve been a fan of the show and I want to play the game…I love to compete. I don’t need the million bucks but I’d sure like to be the Sole Survivor.”

As this was being heard, we saw Jonathan giving Kent the thumbs up on his shelter work which could be a hint that Jeff does well in his quest if not for...

Dawson: “…I know who Jeff Kent is. There’s been no mention of him being a former professional athlete…I don’t think the other tribe members know and I think Jeff likes it that way. I will tell him that I know as soon as it becomes valuable to me.”

This could be the start of a Hogeboom-Danni story but Dawson seems much more blunt about what she will do, especially considering that her confessional ended with a shot of her eating the coconut that Jeff had just opened and she had his machete in hand!


Note that our trip over to Tandang was accompanied by 3 dolphins swimming together. It looked like a sign of unity

RC, Abi and Lisa were in the ocean together.

Lisa: “I always wanted to be on Survivor…I won’t volonteer that I was on a television series because…people will think that I already had my 15 minutes of fame. I don’t know if I have what it takes to play the game in a cut-throat way so I’m trying to play to my strength: I’m trying to connect with each person on a one-on-one basis...I’m excited about the game…but I’m more excited about what’s going to change inside of me.”

With that, Lisa has been sent on a Journey edit. Her story will be more about personal changes than a quest for the title. We will see that her journey will be challenged early as others plot against her so it could be a short story.

Lisa stayed behind to tend camp while the others took a walk.

RC: “Lisa…doesn’t hang out with us…So I think it’s hard to trust Lisa and it’s easy to make her a scape goat.”

RC said so to Abi, Pete and Mike and that led to Mike’s confessional: “Lisa is famous…She should be playing that trump card because young, impressionable people might be like wow! I’m a little wowed. Maybe her show is so old that they wouldn’t know who she was. I don’t know her strategy fully for not revealing who she is but I want to.”

That confessional was heard over images of the four reafferming their alliance and a shot of Lisa with Artis in the background, an indication that, if Lisa does wow the young crowd then we know who is the alternate target!

That night, Mike told Lisa he was a fan. He asked if she thought it would help to let others know.
She replied that it would be hurtful.

Mike: “I love Lisa. From an age standpoint, I fit with her more and I’m waiting for her to start playing, to start bonding. If her name comes up in a discussion about who should be voted out first, I don’t want it to be her but, if I want to be with the team that’s playing the game, I got to go with the game as opposed to your heart.”

Another Hogeboom-Danni story and Mike seems very smart about it. The audience has already been given a reason why he would vote her out if he had to but we also are prepared to see him help her get her footing in the game. Just like Gary’s fame became moreof a story for Danni, it seems that Lisa’s fame is more important to Mike’s story. He’s the one that got the confessional to explain their night time discussion.


They were pictured by a lone Monkey

Denise was talking with the guy that I will always remember as inZane.

Denise: “I’m a licensed sex therapist so, being a therapist, I’m really curious about Zane…This guy has some story.”

The two made an alliance.

Zane: “All the jobs I had gave me a chance to interact with everybody. The jobs make me the perfect Survivor player.”

InZane proceeded to make alliances with Roxanne then with Angie and finally with the 2 other guys. Roxy had a confessional about Zane.
InZane even told the two guys that he had an alliance with all the others. (!!)

InZane told us he was a superstar! He was convinced that it was up to him to pick them apart.

Malcolm went to Denise, telling her that Zane said he had an alliance with everybody.

Malcolm: “Zane walked up and said: “Listen, I already made an alliance with everybody on this beach”!! Thanks for coming to me last. Denise is a therapist in real life and she is practiced at keeping her emotions out and drawing them out of others. She’s a good person to have teamed up with. It could very well turn out to be an alliance that I end up staying in a real long time.”

Denise asked about the long term but Malcolm would only comment on the immediate and not wanting to keep Russell around too long.

Denise: “I have this gut instinct about Malcolm. He’s young but he’s wise and instantly we just clicked…As long as my alliance with Malcolm holds true, I’m good.”

Tandang – Day 2

Mike: “I’m not happy with our progress so far…So I knew I had to take on a real strong leadership role right now and say let’s get on this.”

That’s when he first cut his finger.

RC, after telling Mike “We need you” had a confessional: “I think Skupin gives 110% constantly but, doing that, he misses the little things like the twigs or the bamboo shoot that’s going to hit you in the head. I think it’s more understandable what happened in the Outback and falling in the fire now! He doesn’t worry about injuries. He thinks he’s Superman…but maybe we need to take the machete away from him.”

Sure enough, Skupin cut his head and then his foot which looked the worst.
(I was expecting Varner to appear between two trees saying: “Mike’s an idiot” but alas…)

Mike: “…It’s the way I go through life: Act first, think second. But nothing is anywhere near an issue. I’m still good.”

Note that, after telling us who she was as a person and showing what she can do as a player, RC also narrated this little segment of tribal life. That’s rather a great start for a non-star.

Peter seeing Mike cut his finger, had a confessional: “Mike’s a complete mess. It’s not funny that he gets hurt but it’s funny that it happens over and over again. We haven’t gotten into a situation where he can really get injured but we’ll see when we get fire!”


Now the little monkey was over at this camp where Jonathan set his sights on finding the idol. The monkey seems to indicate foolish behavior because everyone in camp knew what Jonathan was up to.

Katie: “I already don’t like the shady stuff that’s going on with Jonathan. We all stick together, we are like a family and he’s just off doing his thing and I don’t feel like that’s unity. He’s dangerous.”

Jonathan: “I have been looking for the immunity idol…Nowhere…Then I remember that we had a…big box with rice. It’s in the rice! I found the clue. It’s there, it’s waiting for me. I just need to find the thing.”

(With the clue saying that the idol is right under their nose, I think the idol is the square plaque that decorates the box’s cover that was shown when Jonathan said “it’s there”)


Now we saw a snake which fits for a tribe about to blindside one of its members. The snake made it seem like Russell would be the target though.

Russell after finding the clue hidden in their bag of rice, had a confessional: “I go to cook the rice and there’s a piece of paper in there. That’s the clue, I’m good. Sheer luck!”

Russell noticed that Zane had seen him reading the clue.

Zane: “I asked Russell if he had been looking for the idol. He’s like: No, No, No. We are team mates; if I see someone looking for the idol, I’m voting them out. He’s so calm and charismatic, I kinda believe he’s already got it. If we lose the first round, we are going to get rid of Russell.”

The Challenge

The castaways appeared with war paint but we didn’t see the scenes of body painting. Another little thing that was missing from the premiere.

The strategy for the challenge seemed clearly decided by the 3 returning players although RC was heard saying that Mike and Peter should do the paddling because they were the strongest.
In Matsing, it was a horrible display by Russell who imposed his will.

During the first leg of the challenge, I noticed that a lot of blame was placed on inZane for slowing down even if they were well ahead of Dana and Katie. The two girls were still being encouraged by their tribe even if they were last. Not hearing anything negative about the pair is a good sign.

For the paddling, Carter and Kent caught up to Malcolm and Denise but there weren’t any praises for the Kalabaw pair even if they were the reason their tribe eventually won. There wasn’t any negative comments heard about Malcolm and Denise even if they were the ones that lost it. That’s good for them.

When Matsing’s box finally made it to shore, it appeared that Angie really wanted to show Russell he had been wrong by not putting her in the first leg. She was, by far, the first to come to Malcolm and Denise’s help.

Jonathan and Dawson were faster than Lisa and Abi on the final leg, winning the reward for Kalabaw. Angie took one more shot at Russell: “I told you I’m not good at puzzles.”
Russell told Jeff that he messed up but added: “There’s always a next time.”
Jeff disagreed: “There’s a next time for 5 of you. There’s not a next time for all 6 of you.”

Malcolm: “Russell Swan took over and didn’t listen to a single word anybody said so I got to see tribal on night 3.”


Zane told everyone that he didn’t have what it takes to play these challenges.
That’s pretty much all that needs to be written about this segment except to note that despite this, Russell was still on the chopping block! Zane told us he was trying to fool them, give them some honesty so that they rally around him and convince him to stay. That tactic may very well have worked on a tribe of 9 that had one extra guy but not on a tribe of 6. If he was playing chess, he should learn that you can’t sacrifice your king!

Angie: “I’m a former Miss Utah…I don’t like to lose. I am so annoyed because Russell keeps saying he’s not the leader but in the challenge he made those calls…I like Zane, he’s so funny…I’d like to keep him around.”

Just when Zane’s move started gaining momentum, he told Malcolm that he thought Russell had the idol, assuring himself that the vote had to go 5-1 against him!!!

Malcolm: “Zane is already going home but the thing is that we think Russell has the idol. The funny part is that the information comes from Zane of all people. If we vote out Russell, we are already down muscle wise…”

Denise: “The feeling is that Russell has an idol so Zane has a shot at staying but, nothing against Zane but this isn’t the point where you can have weak players. It sucks having to make those decisions.”

It’s always good to be presented as the one having a moral dilemma about the vote. Denise’s concern in such a clear cut decision is something to remember.

Russell: “I think I’m Ok but I made my first mistake today. I clicked into this chief mode if you will and thought I had to make this call. I didn’t have to.”

Tribal Council

Besides Zane’s onion, one thing that came out of Tribal Council was Denise saying that returning players are an asset, expecially with the bad weather.
We also learned that Roxy has a military background and she used it to follow orders while Angie ran track in addition to being a beauty queen.

Zane was genuinely surprised to be voted out!

The Story

Two themes stood out for me:
- Kent’s comment about the smell of blood being a reason to get booted accompanied by shots of sharks infesting the waters and the way Zane was dispatched tells me that one of this season’s theme could center around the dangers of Survivor and how people eliminate themselves from the game.
- Mike’s comment about following the pace of the game holds even more promise with players shown not playing the game yet, others going too fast too soon and others cruising at just the right speed.

Stuck in The Parking Lot

We had very little from these players. It’s possible that one or two of them will soon find the right gear and get back in the race but, for now, their story seems lacking.

Artis didn’t have a single confessionnal and he was pictured as the alternate boot if Lisa manages to bond with the others.Being presented as an outcast in the tribe isn’t good when it isn’t part of an underdog story.

Carter is lucky he wasn’t in the Amazing Race because he looked like someone that couldn’t start his car’s engine.

Lisa, being a star, is difficult to assess. Unlike Artis and Carter, she certainly had a story revealed to us but was it significant? I put her in the parking lot because Mike said he’s still waiting for her game to start. She said she’s good at bonding with others but, except for a quick scene with RC and Abi in the ocean, she hasn’t been able to bond with the younger members of her tribe. Avoiding the first TC could enable her to find her footing which would give her a good cruising speed to go far. Still, Lisa seems more destined for a journey edit than a winning one.

Katie had one confessional but it only served to further Jonathan’s story, letting us know he has one more person targeting him.

Roxanne had more airtime simply because her tribe went to Tribal Council. The rest of her story was meaningless, the only good thing being that no one compared her to Cleopatra when the tribe’s raft first reached their beach.

Dawson had two confessionals including an important one about recognizing Kent but her story didn’t take off. Her confesionals were about the tribe’s stars.

Angie, the teenage beauty queen, showed some sparks but it was only to make us doubt the outcome of the vote. It’s good that we got to hear a bit of her personal story but it felt flat, the running track comment only serving to bash Russell.

Speed Kills

Their actions have been noted and these players could have made their moves too early and Zane was certainly the poster boy for that!

Russell was remembered as a team player in Galu but not a smart strategist. Here, it was amazing how quickly he was turned into a dumb player; his confessional about avoiding leadership being linked immediately to his actions as leader of the tribe. Actions speak louder than words!

Jeff had the first confessional and his story started very quickly. His injury could lead to his exit and we saw him leading the charge against Jonathan which could also come back to bite him, especially if Jonathan finds the idol. His desire to keep his identity a secret has already been busted but we don’t know how that will unfold. It doesn’t sound promising though.

Jonathan has always shown a gregarious personality so it was troubling to see him as a loner. His search for the idol could lead to his elimination but it could also signal the start of a come back story. It will be interesting to see how Kalabaw is portrayed when they go to TC: Will Jonathan and Kent continue to be the two targets or will one of the women find the hot seat?

Heading The Wrong Way?
These players had interesting starts but there was something in their story that’s cause for worry:

Dana wanted to bond with Kent. He could be the villain on Kalabaw so that could be bad for her. Like him, she led the charge against Jonathan which could prove to be her downfall.

Abi Maria was right there with RC every step of the way but, like with Chelsea with respect to Kim, there was an inferior quality to Abi’s portrayal. She was, at best, RC’s sidekick. More than that, we heard her mention her intentions of using her feminine assets as a weapon. The role of femme fatale has often been a death blow in Survivor

Pete is part of the main alliance of Tandang and we heard he was strong but mostly we heard that he was dumb. That wasn’t a promising introduction.

Cruise Control

Denise received personal development and we saw her forming an alliance. Malcolm also told us how her job could help her in this game. A very good start for someone that, demographically, could have been the tribe’s first target.

Malcolm was presented as a strong, wise, quiet player. He already has a very interesting alliance with Denise. It’s mostly interesting in that it is rare to see the young bond with the older players so quickly. He also told us how Denise could help his game by getting the others to expose their emotions. He appears to have a good read on his tribe mates but it’s a little troubling that his fire making skills weren’t mentioned at Tribal Council however.

Michael had a great opening and we saw that, for someone who had always left the old time viewers questioning his strategic abilities, he had a good perception of the game. Moving at the same speed as his tribe is one of the most eloquent explanation of how to play the first few days that we’ve ever had. Being accident prone gave the audience a chuckle but it never really came close to being an issue so he escapes the Dumb Player label (much to Varner’s chagrin!)

RC had a wonderful premiere where we got to know her as a person, why she is lying about her real job and how that job can help in the game. We saw how she plans to play, making a quick alliance for the majority and getting everyone on the same page…almost. Her only worry would be Mike’s crush on Lisa. Despite that, we also heard RC narrating with some humor the tribe’s story. One way or another, RC is going to be an important character this season.

With Mike talking about Tandang being the team he would have picked, RC saying that with Mike on their tribe they couldn’t lose then it seems reasonable to look for our Sole Survivor in Tandang first, with RC and Mike having the best start of the 6.

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7. "RE: Episode 1 Editing Thoughts:"
You found the idol

I do enjoy your posts in this thread michel you make some points that I missed this week, too much distraction at Casa Snoozie Wednesday night. I'm in the same boat as the second show rolled around.

Anyway I like Denise, Malcolm's chances. RC too, it will be interesting with her and Abi's alliance to see who ends up "dead to whom".

I'm grateful for no Exile, Redemption or second chance island this season, much better. The 3 tribe set up isn't much better then the other times they multi-tribed the show. I don't see that lasting long if Matsing loses another tribe member I don't want to see everyone sitting out of challenges just to make teams even.
ta ta and nicely done. S

The Coconut Gallery
We're just hanging around (temporary tag)

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8. "Episode 2 - Editing Thoughts "
First, thank you Suzzee. It's quiet in here but hopefully it picks up. Here is what I saw this time:

The recap, predictably, focused on the 2 stars and the returning players.
Swann was the last to be introduced and we heard him repeating that his tribe mates will have to run with him or be overrun by him.
Kent mentioned his injury.
Jeff told us that experience was key because it enabled Swann and Penner to find the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idols.
But for Penner, we heard Kent saying that they shouldn’t let a veteran win.
At Tandang, Jeff told us that RC and Abi were all smiles and we heard RC saying: “We could win together.”
We saw the formation of the alliance of 4 as they made Lisa the early target.
<Mike was shown frowning>

At the first immunity challenge, Russell’s bossiness backfired.
However, Zane shifted the blame on himself.
<Denise was heard saying that they couldn’t have weak players>
Malcolm and Angie called out Russell at Tribal Council but, in the end, Russell barely escaped.

The picture we had of Russell during episode 1 was correctly reflected in this recap so the viewers are told to expect his early elimination.

What I found most interesting was Jeff’s narrow view of what experience meant. To him, it meant that the two veterans found the clue to the idol but those two veterans were the ones in trouble. Mike’s experience served him well to get in the majority alliance but that was barely mentioned.

In Tandang, we heard that RC and Abi could win together but this episode would show that they aren’t 100% together. That puts an interesting twist on their long term potential and we’ll have to come back to it after their big scene.

It seems that Lisa’s fate in the game rests on Mike’s shoulders. That’s what his frown indicated when RC targetted the former teen star.

We weren’t reminded that Dawson recognized Kent but Denise’s importance in Matsing was shown as we saw the confessional she gave just before TC.

Crash and Burn

Matsing – Night 3

Russell had a confessional after thanking his tribe for keeping him: “I knew my head was potentially on the chopping block. I got into this tribal chief thing where it was my way or the highway and it almost got me booted out. My strategy going forward is to step back and let them rise and fall on decisions that they make. If we crash and burn, they will be on the chopping block instead of me.”

We stayed with Matsing to set up the episode’s elimination: The rains arrived and Angie needed Malcolm to keep her warm. Roxy noticed.

Angie: “It’s so cold. If it wasn’t for Malcolm, I would have frozen to death. There’s nothing going on between us, it’s just that you need to cuddle up to someone.”

Malcolm: “When I first saw Angie, I told myself: “Don’t get booty blinded. You’re here to play Survivor and make a million dollars and go home.but there’s no denying that she’s a good looking girl.”

Roxy: “I wake up in the middle of the night and Malcolm and Angie are cuddling. It’s the same game that’s set up every time and, with Angie, it’s a boobie trap and Malcolm’s falling for it. As a tribe, we need to know what’s going on because those two are dangerous. One has got to go, period.”

It didn’t take long for someone in Matsing to make a decision that would lead to her elimination. Maybe Roxy should have decided to go with the couple instead of against them!
As for the editors, they weren’t very subtle in presenting this week’s story. Can we find something inside this episode’s “crash and burn” theme that will help us for the long term? If there were some subtleties in this episode, we’ll have to dig deep to find them!

Tandang – Day 4

RC: “The weather is horrible. Everything is soaking wet. I was nervous about the rice getting moldy so I put my hand in to make sure. I had looked inside before to find the clue but I didn’t see it but this time I found it right away. Lisa was looking over my shoulder so I hope she didn’t see my face or that I didn’t give anything away.” RC told Abi to meet her at the well because she had found the clue. Her confessional continued: “Sometimes I feel that Abi could potentially use me in the future but I feel that I can use her, get her on my side, solidify her with me then that will be the strongest twosome, at least in our tribe.” The two agreed that they trusted Peter and Michael but that this was just for them. We then had another confessional from RC who was now wearing a different bra. That montage tells us just how important this scene was: “Me and Abi, we clicked from day 1 but since we haven’t had Tribal Council, our alliance hasn’t been tested. I shared the clue with her so that should be proof enough that I really trust her and no one else in this game.”

Splicing Confessionals Together.

Abi-Maria: “It’s great that RC wants to share the clue with me. I was very lucky to catch her finding the clue because she had no other choice but a side of me tells me to be careful.” She spotted RC with Mike as her confessional continued: “I don’t know if I can trust RC all the way because I feel she is getting a little too close to Mike. I catch them whispering a little too much, I catch them switching conversations when I walk in. If she screws me over, that’s it, she’s dead to me.”

Abi confronted RC who replied that Mike was like a father and she added that Abi and Peter were also close.

RC had a confessional from a different spot than the previous two: “I thought Abi was my number two, I thought she could handle it but she can go off like that and it really makes me nervous. She thinks I could be making sub-alliances but I’m not. I don’t know how to prove that to her.”

If we apply the crash and burn theme to this scene then we can have serious doubts about RC and Abi-Maria winning together. Paranoia is one of the biggest cause of crashing in this game and, as RC pointed out, they haven’t been to TC yet. Abi’s temper could cost her the game or it could bring RC’s game to a crashing end. However, Tandang didn’t even go to TC in this episode so their story could take time to play out. RC’s expression at the end was one of resignation. Can she handle Abi? That could be her story.

Kalabaw – Day 4

Kent: “I’m struggling a little bit with this weather...Survivor is going to be a long season for me…I know how to wait people out… The way things are going with my knee, sitting around and watching the rain fall could be good for me right now.”

The girls proposed making a checkerboard in the sand next to the shelter, much to Jonathan’s chagrin.

: “The down side of all this rain is that the idol is right in our camp and I can’t get them out of our shelter. I need 10 minutes just so I can dig around and find that damn idol. It’s there, it’s waiting for me but I can’t get to it!” Soon after, the tribe decided to go to the cave, leaving Jonathan behind. “Luckily, they are so concerned about the rain that they all went to the cave. The camp is empty. I’ve never had an immunity idol, I never had individual immunity at all… This is a clue to this game. I got to find this thing before they come back to camp.” The women came back to camp, looking for the flint so Jonathan had to explain what he was doing: “Dawson comes up to camp so I made up this insane story that I lost my glasses and I had to get them because the rain washed my contact lens out which was a ridiculous lie. Can’t find it, it’s right under my nose. I’m getting more and more frustrated until a light bulb comes on: If I had opened the clue, where the clue was, on top of the rice, is a little bull with a very prominent nose.” (Note that Jonathan changed shorts when he finally found the idol. How long did it reallytake him?) “For the first time in 3 tries, I have the Hidden Immunity Idol. It’s fantastic! You have the immunity idol and you feel you can dance forever. Nothing can touch you now. Of course, that’s not true. I know a lot of guys that thought they were going to dance all the way to the million and they got blindsided but those are mistakes that…listen… that’s a mistake I am not going to make, I hope.”

Unfortunately, the scene ended with Jonathan doing a little dance, jumping around and bolting out of camp. Can we say that he will crash and burn even with the idol? He’ll need allies and this idol isn’t as powerful as the one during his first season. We did see him talk to Dawson rather amicably (“that’s wonderful, sweetheart”) but is it enough to build something?

Matsing – Day 5

Roxy: “I wake up on day 5 and Malcolm and Angie are cuddling, again. I want one of them out. Malcolm is clearly more useful…I knew I needed to get Russell on my side.”

Russell: “Where people sleep in the shelter is pretty telling and Angie, a hot young chick… Survivor couples? You want to whack that thing down real quick.”

During a prolonged black and white sequence, Roxy went to Denise to expose the pair.

Denise: “Roxy sees Angie and Malcolm as a couple, as this big threat…but Malcolm and I are in an alliance. I think part of it is just a 24 year old guy wanting to snuggle up to something that is really nice to snuggle up to but now there’s a huge target on their back.”

This was an observation from a professional sex therapist! Do you need a diploma to know that 24 year old guys like good looking chicks?! All kidding aside, this confessional gave Denise the upper hand in her alliance with Malcolm because she was shown being more aware of the lurking dangers.

Malcolm’s confessional showed that he was a step behind: “This morning, there’s this very strange vibe going around camp. I’m not sure what’s going on. The tribe is talking about me and Angie snuggling up and they could see that as a threat potentially and, if that is the case, we could be in trouble.”

Tandang – Day 5

Lisa had a confessional while the tribe was talking about the food they missed: “I’m an introvert by nature so I don’t do well with chit-chat…I’m very, very shy…but in real life…I don’t let anybody in.”

Lisa walked out of camp to be alone which the tribe took as a move to look for the idol. RC seized the occasion to solidify a vote against Lisa and, strangely, Artis was the one that the camera focused on the most, suggesting once more that he will fall instead of Lisa..

Abi-Maria: “I think Lisa is a little bit sneaky. She’s just an outsider. I think she doesn’t try enough to connect with the tribe. We created an alliance and she wasn’t part of it because she wasn’t connecting with anybody else.”

Lisa while sitting alone at the water-well, had another confessional: “I don’t feel like I am fitting in. I’m already on the outside and don’t have somebody that I could trust or talk to.” The whole tribe laughed at Lisa’s predicament while her confessional resumed: “Maybe I’m not able to play this game.”

It’s not good that Mike’s role in Lisa’s story wasn’t mentioned. We were led to believe that he was someone that Lisa could trust but that wasn’t shown this time. It could be a story in waiting or it’s a dropped story. The latter wouldn’t be good for him.

Matsing – Day 6

Russell: “The last time I played Survivor, it was raining…now it’s raining again.”

Malcolm: “I haven’t been this wet in my life…Russell’s on fire duty while me and Denise are trying to keep the shelter in one piece while Roxy is just out of it…Her mind’s not in it and everyone’s noticing it.”

Roxy: “Being in seminary school and being of Christian faith, I thought God would give me great strength in this game…but I am not in my comfort zone at all. I haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep since I got here.”

Finally, the sun showed up so Roxy thanked God in prayers.
Russell told Denise he was surprised that Roxy didn’t have more character.

Denise talked about her views on Roxy’s faith: “I’m respectful but it’s just not my gig. I don’t pray for anything. Anything that’s going to get me to the end of the game, it’s going to be me.” This confessional was stressed for good measure by another one from Denise taken at another time: “We have another challenge coming on and not once does my mind go to: “Please God help us win this challenge. No. Dig in, dig deep and make it happen.”

The Challenge

Abi and Dawson sat out for their tribes.
Denise, Lisa and Dana were the designated callers for their tribe.
Neither Angie nor Roxy wanted to run twice for Matsing (but I thought they were runners!)
Of note, RC and Katie ran for their respective team, an indication that those two are perceived as the strongest women.
Malcolm did a good job, catching up on Artis and RC.
Kent’s knee wasn’t an issue as he ran twice and Kalabaw ended the race with a lead.
Jeff and Penner, RC and Pete and Russell and Malcolm worked on the puzzle.
Tandang were first to finish and the camera focused on Lisa’s instructions as if she was the key to the win.
Despite Probst saying that communication would be key in the challenge and that no one in Kalabaw was listening to Dana, Kalabaw finished second even if Matsing made it a race.

Russell showed his frustrations, slamming a puzzle piece to the ground. He told Jeff: “I’m pissed off. I’m sick of people saying “I can’t do this, I can’t handle this.” Either go hard or go home. Forget these other tribes. They can’t beat us or they shouldn’t be able to beat us.”
Jeff replied with the obvious: “Yet they have, twice.”
Russell’s answered: “Because these folks haven’t decided that they are unbeatable and that they can do this. Get your head out of your butt or go home.”

Malcolm, quite negatively, was shown during Russell’s rant as if it applied to him. Denise on the other hand, was shown approving Russell’s words as they connected to her confessional before the challenge.

Matsing – Day 6

This was the 4th scene from Matsing in this episode and all 4 centered around the upcoming vote. How much set up is needed these days? Do the editors think we are that blind? Personally, I think it would have been fun to see more of Kalabaw and Tandang but all we saw from them centered around the hidden idol. Forgive me if I don’t relate all the confessionals leading to the vote because, frankly, it’s very repetitive.

Russell: “…Angie, 20 year old beauty queen, says “I don’t think I can do this” and then Roxy says: “I didn’t have enough water to drink today.” Roxanne has been really successful at making herself a target…but I need Roxy. Every time something happens in camp, she tells me about it. She’s the one that told me about Malcolm and Angie…If Roxanne goes, I’m like, screwed.”

Roxy: “…Fraternization…spoils a group.”

Malcolm: “I thought it was a done deal that Roxy was going home.” (Duh!) “…a good looking blond girl…I’m not going to push her away but now I’m afraid it’s going to come back to bite me.”

Russell talked to Denise about his talk with Roxy, adding that Angie wasn’t that innocent and “if Roxanne goes, I’m next.”

Denise gave us the only interesting confessional of the whole segment: “At this point, Roxy and Russell are definitely aligned and I know Malcolm and Angie are aligned. I’m caught in the middle of all of this. I can’t put my finger on it but there is something about Roxy that I just don’t trust. At the same time, even if I have my alliance with Malcolm, if someone is snuggling and I’m the odd one out, I’m on the bottom and I don’t want to be on the bottom.” Denise told Russell that she warned Malcolm about being “blinded by the headlights” which was the episode’s title, Then her confessional continued: “The problem is there are pros and cons about keeping both but I’ve got to do what’s best for me so, again I feel pretty sure what my vote is going to be but it’s a long way to tribal Council and I’ll have to figure it out.”

Tribal Council

Jeff immediately turned to Russell and his show of emotions at the challenge.
Russell said “this means a lot to me.”
Denise said she understood Russell’s accusations.
Asked what she would change about the tribe, Roxy said they should work less in camp (!!)
Like everyone in the audience thought, Denise said that Roxy didn’t make sense.
Asked the same question, Angie said that she would like the tribe to have cookies.
(!!!! Where do they get these people?!)
Jeff must have been glued to his seat because he didn’t fall over. He did turn to Malcolm for his reaction to the cookie answer.
Malcolm tried to be diplomatic but Jeff wouldn’t allow it.
Russell explained that Survivor was new to Angie and she would have to learn to give everything in each challenge.
Roxy said there was more than friendship between Angie and Malcolm.
Jeff’s look intimidated Malcolm.
Malcolm explained that they were snuggling, that Angie was like his little sister.
Roxy found that creepy, adding that Angie was like a boobie trap (which would have made for a good title in itself)
The two girls agreed they wouldn’t cuddle next to each other
Jeff asked Russell about his thoughts on the duo soon to form half the tribe.
Russell said it was the tightest alliance you could have in this game.
Jeff tried to get a reaction from Angie even telling her to wake up but she didn’t get into the argument.
Malcolm said he also had a good relationship with the group.

In the end, Roxy was voted out 4-1 so even Russell voted against her.
We saw Malcolm giving Roxy an ironic little wave as she walked away.

Jeff ended the council saying fortunes can change very fast in this game.

The Story

Was there any progression to the story in this episode? The second episode of most season is rarely a great one because its scope is usually limited to reaffirming the stories introduced in the premiere and maybe introducing some new characters. Here? We had nothing except Matsingsanity which had been thoroughly exploited in the premiere.
Is Kalabaw hidden before showing us a great story? It feels more like they are being ignored.
Tandang’s story got a little twist this week, That was the only interesting moment of the episode because the rest centered on (or should I say between) Angie’s breasts.

The Characters

Artis, Carter, Katie, Dawson and Dana received nothing new and they had nothing coming in.
At most, we can say that Artis looks more and more like the first player that would be eliminated in Tandang.
We were told that no one listens to Dana so she shouldn’t play a big role in the season.
Dawson may become close to Jonathan. There was affection in his tone when he talked to her as she was leaving for the cave but will it lead to anything?

Michael was mostly absent from this episode but we heard that he was like a father to RC. In an episode that centered so much in Matsing, his absence may not mean much and his story is expected to resume next week.

Set Up for the Crash
They come in two types; Those we want to see crash and those we hope will survive:

Angie looks like someone that doesn’t know anything about the game, asking for cookies during Tribal Council. Mostly, she seems to be intimidated by the camera, not knowing what to say.

Russell said it himself: With Roxy gone, he doesn’t stand a chance. Of course, Angie would have to be let go first if Matsing goes right back to TC. All-Stars had 4 episodes before the 3rd tribe was dissolved into the other two so the players should be expecting a similar schedule. Lose the 3rd IC and Angie goes. Win the 3rd but lose the 4th and Russell becomes expendable…maybe. Despite how it works out, Russell’s story doesn’t feel like a long lasting one.

Pete: We barely saw him but we heard that he’d shoot Lisa just like he’d shoot a stray dog. That wasn’t meant to endear him to the audience.

Abi Maria: We mostly saw that she was paranoid during this episode. Her worries about RC weren’t warranted. In real life, being suspicious is a good thing because it keeps you on your toes but, in editing, it isn’t a good sign that we saw her insecurities, especially when it was all in her head.

Jonathan: He had a very nice scene but I heard him say that, after finding an idol “a lot of guys thought they were going to dance all the way to the million” and then I saw him doing a little dance himself so that can’t be a good sign. I expect that Jonathan will survive a little while longer but he is set up to crash despite finding the idol.

Lisa: Just like Angie, Lisa is set-up to crash and burn. The audience would expect her to be voted out if Tandang goes to Tribal Council but I don’t think she will. Angie is shown as a dumb player but we heard that Lisa is a smart player and that she is able to bond with people so I expect her story will take on a new trajectory before long.

Dangers are Lurking:

Jeff: He is the leader of Kalabaw: He led them to the cave and he led them during the challenge, running two legs and solving the puzzle. Despite that, most of his story centers around the condition of his knee. If Kent was to make it to the end, we would have heard more from him and it would have centered around his strategy instead of his knee. Add that Kalabaw is not the tribe of interest and we can say that Jeff won’t make it to the end. Will he fall to Jonathan’s idol? Maybe but anyone in Kalabaw should know that the idol has been found and he told us that Survivor will be a long season for him.

Malcolm: He had a good premiere but he lost his focus, falling for the cute girl in the bikini. Yes, he can outlast his snuggling partner and his story can have more chapters than this one but he unnecessarily put a target on his back and that shows a lack of game savvy.

RC: Did RC make a fatal mistake by trusting Abi-Maria? Maybe, but most probably this was part of the doubt that we see for players that are destined to go far. The audience got to know RC in the first two episodes and now we can connect with her as she faces a potential dangerous situation. We heard that she could win with Abi but can she win without her? How will she handle the hot tempered Brazilian?

Denise: Her story stands in sharp contrast to Matsing’s foolishness. I’d even say that we spent all that time in Matsing so that we could hear her marvelous confessional where she put herself in the middle of the two couples and where she had to make the decision that was best for her. Denise should find her way to the end even after Matsing crashes and burns.

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9. "RE: Episode 2 - Editing Thoughts "
As for the editors, they weren’t very subtle in presenting this week’s story. It's the editing brick. It's the type of edit a new show gets when trying to attract viewers. "Let's make it dramatic but not hard to see."

It makes me wonder if that's why everyone isn't getting some air time, like they're not long term important until they're the focus of their own demise or part of a "main player's" story.

Has editing backed off on the misdirection and opted for "right under your nose" this season? (HI clue pun intended )

Tribe Vibe

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10. "RE: Episode 2 - Editing Thoughts "
It looks like it's just you and me, Suzzee. I'm glad you're here but I also remember the good ol' days whan this place was buzzing.

If they are hitting us over the head then Jonathan becomes a viable winner. I thought his episode 1 confessional was too arrogant but maybe it's that simple: He'll get his million in 39 days. Hopefully, the winner's story is a bit more hidden.

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11. "RE: Episode 2 - Editing Thoughts "
I don't think they've backed off that much on the misdirection, but I think they're trying to mix things up editing-wise so the show doesn't get too easy to figure out. If they followed the same patterns all the time it would be so easy to figure out what's going to happen next that boards like this would go dead eventually. After Survivor was only a few seasons old, the patterns had gotten so well known that experienced Survivor watchers could predict future episodes with little need to even read this or other fansites. Now thanks to Marko and company throwing us a few curves here and there, figuring the show out ain't as simple as it used to be.
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12. "RE: Episode 2 - Editing Thoughts "
Sorry it's taken me two weeks to jump on board - work has been ridic so getting five minutes to myself to collect my thoughts has been a challenge. I'll try to write something proper for next week but wanted to jot down my immediate thoughts on the first two episodes as we all seem to have differing opinions for once!

Firstly, there is no point even mentioning Carter, Katie, Dana, Pete and Artis. They all have literally zero things going on. Of them, I'd say Artis is in imminent danger the first time Tandang goes to TC. I'll address this more with Lisa and Abi-Maria, but he's got no story and will be probably be the alternative boot to Lisa based on Tribal Dynamics.

The whole Kalabaw Tribe is a giant blank to me. It's so interesting that the most physically dominant tribe is getting no love. It took me two episodes to work out that Carter and Dana weren't the same person and, even still, I can't tell them apart without title cards. We're not being shown any depth in their dynamics at all, so even if they win their way to the inevitable reshuffle (which I'm guessing will be E4 unless they chicken out and do it earlier like in Cook Islands or Exile Island, although those teams had smaller tribes, hence needing to have a split scheduled earlier to prevent a repeat of Stephenie circa Palau), none of them are getting anywhere near a chance of winning.

As far as the outcome of their first boot, I think that Jeff is being set up to go soon. He's a rival to Penner and a lot of time is being invested in reminding us of his bum knee. I think this is going to be his downfall, although not sure whether it's a medevac situation or more a case of him purely not being able to compete well. I actually think Penner will come out on top of that power struggle, but sadly I don't see any real story there with him either. Not sure how far he'll go as I find returnee edits really fricking difficult to predict because they're not balanced, but I don't think he's long term. Might make the merge, but that's best case scenario - he's not end game. We are meant to care that he found the idol and the fact that that is emphasized over the fact that he is playing awfully by ostracizing himself from the tribe (necessitating said idol's use undoubtedly), makes me think he'll come out on top initially.

Dawson is getting a little attention, but not enough to make it any further on Penner or have any real impact on the season, which is a shame as she's a great narrator, but it's hard to be a narrator on a tribe with no story. She's purely being used to further Penner and Jeff's situations.

Matsing is a Hot Mess, but they're my favourite to watch. I don't really get the feeling most of them are long for the game, but Malcolm and Denise might scrape though. Malcolm clearly has the most legs and had a fantastic episode but took a big hit in E2. On one hand, he did get to explain he was aware of his failings with Angie, but what I thought was missing if he were the winner is the fact that we didn't get to see how he negotiated his way out of it by securing her safety this week. Had there have been a scene where we saw him appealing to Denise to save her, I'd have liked his chances more, but we didn't get it. I'd still say he makes it quite far based on episode one, but I don't think he's going to win.

Denise is one that I'm not entirely sure about. On one hand, she's probably my favourite new contestant (between her and Malcolm), but there's something missing for me on a gut level, but I don't know exactly what it is. Again, I think she'll go far, but I need to see another episode to pinpoint how far that is. She is getting some care and color though, so she'll be around for a while.

Russell is in an interesting position. Last week I thought he was dead man walking but now I think he's got a few more weeks in him - at least until a swap or if Matsing gets down to 3. He's clearly not winning even if he got a more likable edit this week. I don't think he's even going to make the merge by a long shot.

I'm actually curious to see how much longer Angie can hang on. Even after Cookie-gate, I think we're meant to like her. She might get voted out purely because there is no other choices, but she could also hang around for a while ala Sugar if a swap works in her favour. Again, not winning, but could go either way as far as longevity.

And then we have Tandang, who despite not having to go to TC yet, are getting far and away the most complex edit of the season. If the winner doesn't come from here, I'll eat Penner's Hat.

Right off the bat, I think we can discount Artis, Pete and Abi Maria. Artis I think will be gone first as mentioned earlier (in place of a Lisa boot). Pete has no story and no real likability factor (except for those of us with EYES). Abi-Maria *may* stick around, but my money is on her going quite soon as she will most likely explode in a fit of paranoia and temper tantrums. How she affects RC's edit in the coming weeks interests me most. On one hand, she made RC quite likable this week but, at the same time, RC was shown as not being able to control her, and the way that scene ont he beach was editied made RC look weak. Might be nothing, but it bothered me a little as RC in E1 was a definite potential winner.

Lisa is an interesting one for me as I've never heard of her or seen her show in my life. So, in the same way I always struggle a little with returnee edits, I do too with the C-Grade celebs they keep getting on these days. That being said, she's getting a ridiculously layered and complex edit, way too much for someone who is going to go anytime soon. It reminds me a lot more of Dawn or Holly. It's incredibly sympathetic and my only concern is it is still showing that she is at fault for her place in the tribe. If she was the winner, I don't think we would have seen that to the degree it has been presented. Not discounted, but still a contender - endgame for sure regardless.

And that just leaves Mike Skupin himself. His E1 edit was Classic Winner. He was likable. He got some personal shades. He got to outline his strategy clearly AND a lot of care was taken to show that it was spot on. His alliance with Lisa is clearly the one to watch BUT it was also used to make the audience like him more. I never particularly cared for him during the Outback, but he's probably the first returnee that I don't resent for being brought back to an uneven playing field. Even his constant injuries is being shown to make him endearing. In E2, he had a nice cooldown but still managed to be very present. Honestly - I'll be shocked if he doesn't win. Worst case scenario would be he's the F4 boot, but we got too much carefully articulated strategy for me to think that will happen.


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16. "RE: Episode 2 - Editing Thoughts "
Those are definitely the top 5 people in my book, too, gftb. Mike is getting a winner's edit. RC was shown positively in Abi's accusation. Lisa is awesome, but I don't think she can win, really. Denise & Malcolm would benefit from a switcheroo, but even then they'd probably be down in numbers, and easy pickings. Still... they do seem developed...
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13. "Episode 2 Thoughts"
I'll start off with Masting
This is the decimated tribe and it's not getting any better, but they are still the funniest tribe to watch.

Russell- Basically dead in the water at this point, his tribe doesn't see him as an asset and he's doesn't play an important role in strategic decisions. His only hope now is a tribe swap.

Angie-the weakest member of her tribe but her relationship with Malcolm is smart because it saved her atleast this week. If she can make it to the merge than she is in good shape, no one will target her first.

Malcolm-this episode decreased his chances of winning, he's made to look foolish for falling for the 'dumb blonde'. He made himself a target when he did not have to, bad game play. Lucky for him, his alliance member didn't think the threat was big enough to get rid of Angie.

Denise- she is the best position as the swing vote this episode and playing a very smart game. No one will go after her in the likely case that Masting goes to tribal again. She is definitely making to a tribe swap or merge atleast. She also has the best chance of winning from this tribe because we always get sound reasons why she is voting a certain way.

Kalabaw- I don't know what to say about this tribe because they continue to win and yet we still know nothing about anyone except Jeff's knee and Jonathan Immunity idol. No one has a chance to win on this tribe except those two but Dana and Dawson do have some connections to them.

Jeff- continues to get confessionals about his knee but it hasn't affected him in challenges yet. I wonder if his story down the line is an eventual medivac? Otherwise I;m not sure why it's being highlighted so much.

Jonathan-so he finally found the idol, now what? He hasn't been shown making any alliances or connections with any players so maybe it's because it doesn't matter in the pre-merge? Maybe he turns on his original tribe after a swap or merge. He's still not winning though with this one-note edit.

Dawson- she's shown almost finding Jonathan looking for the idol but doesn't comment? I would expect something from her since she seems to be so aware of things. Not good at all.

Dana- Jeff says in the challenge that 'no one listens to her'. Maybe she is the last Kalabaw standing after a huge powerplay/overthrow?

Last but not least Tandang. The most complex tribe, all the relationships are laid out. There is an alliance of 4, with two side pairs of Abi/Pete and Mike/RC; some conflict between RC?Abi, Lisa on the outside and Artis supposedly in a 5-person alliance(useless on a 6 person tribe)

RC- she is shown to be game aware and leader but she is also shown to be wary of Abi. I think the edit is pointing us to a show-down between the two, maybe a possible blindside? I noted in episode one she talks about 'having to trust somebody' well it looks like she trusted the wrong person. Still good winner chances but they have decreased with this episode.

Abi- she's a real firecracker. Out of nowhere threatens RC because she is talking with Mike. Paranoia does crazy things to people, she better be careful or else it could take her out of the game.

Lisa-we know she is a loner, outsider and isn't fitting in. Atleast she is self-aware, but now she has to do something. I suspect she will and last a long time, but she isn't winning. Her story is of the underdog rising up.

Pete-he's been established as part of an alliance of four and paired up with Abi but he has nothing to say about it. He's not important to the story even though he probably makes the merge in some capacity.

Artis- atleast he is in the 5 person alliance? But he doesn't talk about it. I suspect because he doesn't matter in the long run either.

Mike-Nice cool down and we learned that he was close with RC. But he doesn't comment on it, so i don't know what that means. Is his r/s with Lisa more important? At any rate, he was shielded from the overall negative vibe that his tribe gives off in regards to Lisa. Still strong chances to win.

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14. "RE: Episode 2 - Editing Thoughts "
I would just add that I took the shooting a stray dog comment as a misapropriation. It used to be common wisdom that you would shoot a mad dog if you came upon one. Pete may have heard that at some point and incorporated it, but misunderstood it to apply to feral (stray) dogs. Mad dog is an American colloquialism for a rabid dog, and of course any animal with rabies is dangerous to the community and should be eliminated. It is actually a kindness as the animal would die of the disease anyway, terrible way to die, but the longer it is allowed to live the more danger there is of it spreading the disease.

Nowadays rabies can be treated and cured if caught early enough, but in the past it was an instant death curse on anyone who caught it.

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15. "RE: Episode 2 - Editing Thoughts "
Thank you for the information. Very interesting but I do believe that Survivor editing is much more superficial: We are meant to consider that Pete shoots stray dogs and laughs about it. There was absolutely no need to close-caption that sentence but they did.
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17. "RE: Episode 2 - Editing Thoughts "
I didn't take it to mean "stray" dogs... I heard/interpreted it as "when your own dog starts jumping out of your yard, you've got no choice but to shoot it."

Maybe he thought it was funny. I thought it was evil.

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18. "Episode 3 - Editing Thoughts:"
The recap told us that Kent was leading the charge to eliminate Jonathan but Jonathan’s long quest to find the idol finally paid off.
At Tandang, Lisa…was looking like the first to go.
When RC found the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol, she decided to share with her closest ally, Abi but RC found that every clue doesn’t lead to happiness.

At the immunity challenge, an intense battle between the three tribes gave Matsing their second loss in a row and Russell took it the hardest.

Back at camp, Russell and Roxy targeted Angie for flirting with Malcolm but Angie and Malcolm wanted Roxy gone, leaving Denise stuck in the middle.
Denise: “I’ve got to think long term.”
At Tribal Council…Denise sided with her ally, Malcolm.

Playing a New Hand


Angie: “Roxy…wanted to go out with a bang…We are down to four now and each and everyone of them trusts me and I trust them and they know that me and Malcolm are nothing but friends.”

Russell: “That alliance between Angie and Malcolm is real and pretty tight. At the end of the day, that’s two votes and all they need is one more.”


Abi had a confessional while we saw that she and RC were sunbathing: “I’m concerned because I am in a little bit of trouble. I’ve got my knee injured…and I’m not trusting RC with that clue for the idol anymore.”

RC: “Me and Abi, we built an alliance from day 1…I really trust her and I’m 100% with her but she is a little more hesitant and her paranoia is getting the best of her right now. Abi got hardcore with our conversation. We gave each other our word, our word is our bond. I shared the clue with her and that should be proof enough that I trust her and no one else in this game.”

RC went for a swim with Mike, telling him her frustrations about Abi.
Abi went to Peter, telling him about the clue.

Abi: “We were in an alliance of Mike, RC, Peter and I but Peter is a little more genuine with me so I shared the news with Peter. We have the clue and we want to find it before RC does.”

Peter had a confessional: “I don’t like stepping into things before I know exactly what’s going on.” The confessional was cut so that we could hear Peter telling Abi he trusts her but not RC. His confessional went on: “I’ll pay attention to everything that’s going on around me. It’s like I’m on surveillance. I’m sitting there, listening because then I know what moves to make.”

After this, Peter went for a walk in the jungle with Lisa, asking her if she wanted to stay in the game, adding people had been targeting her.
Peter had another confessiona: “I feel an alliance is only as strong as the day it’s made and they wanted to put Lisa on the chopping block and get rid of her first but I like Lisa and I don’t have any problem with her and she’s someone that I can see later in the game easily getting rid of.”

Peter asked Lisa if she’d be OK getting rid of Mike.
The music hit a particularly ominous note and Lisa had a confessional: “Peter is wanting to blindside Mike and I would prefer to blindside RC but Peter is the one that’s calling it so I need to lay low and go with him.”
After this, Lisa told Peter he just needed to tell her what to do.
Peter said they’d have three votes: “Me, you and Abi and he’s gone.”

Lisa: “It feels like I’m dealt a new hand every day and every day, I have to play the hand that I have. You’re always up and down…Today I am…cautiously up.”

This is the first hand we’ve seen Lisa playing so could this confessional have been taken from further down the road? Maybe we will see her being dealt another hand, one which won’t be served by Peter.


Kent after Dana noticed that the plaque was gone from the rice box, had a confessional: “There was an emblem that was nailed to the top of the rice box. We noticed that that piece is gone now.”

Kent assembled his team, telling them about the missing plaque.
Carter finally opened his mouth to say that the plaque was probably the idol.
Kent wasn’t pleased to hear that. “I bet Jonathan has it” he said.

Kent: “I’m pissed off and absolutely not at Jonathan. I give him props: It was in our face! We weren’t even curious about it and that’s a pure veteran move.” Carter, suddenly a talking machine, said that they could act like they don’t know about the idol if they lose a challenge. That led to the conclusion of Kent’s confessional: “I don’t want to confront Jonathan about the idol. We might be able to pull a little blindside. Maybe we can get Jonathan off with the idol in his pocket. I’m still ticked off that I let the idol slip right between my eyes.”

We returned to a scene reminiscent of Thailand: A raft drifting far away from shore.

Matsing – Day 7

Malcolm: “Woke up this morning and Denise looks down the beach and sees that our raft is gone…Little bit of a morale downer. That could come back to haunt us. From a tribe of 6 we are already down to 4 and me and Denise have been tight since the beginning. It’s not me and Angie like everyone believes. If we go back to Tribal Council, it’s going to go down to Angie or Russell but right now, there is no clear cut choice to go home.”

Denise jocked that it was Malcolm in the middle.

Denise: “There was such a focus on Malcolm and Angie at Tribal Council but I’m still holding that trust that it’s Malcolm and I when the time comes, he’ll cut Angie. Because it’s a numbers game, I feel much better having Russell because we have to win a challenge.”

Malcolm wasn’t as decisive but I found it funny that Denise’s “Not this soon” was said just before we were flown to the challenge platform. Having the immunity challenge shown only 20 minutes into the show has to be close to a record. For a moment, I thought Jeff would say that only 1 tribe would be immune, leaving time for 2 TCs but not even. They really don’t have much interesting footage to show…

The Challenge

It was another occasion for Mike to get injured but the challenge featured RC and Denise, each doing a great job. RC went three times in a row but Jeff was mostly cheering for Denise: “Wow, Denise! Incredibly fast! Denise back in record time…Denise is a machine, making up a lot of time…Denise back in the water for the third time” even if, by then, RC had picked up 4 pieces and was the only woman to go for the deepest piece.

Angie: “Russell is the weak link.”

Kalabaw – Day 8

Dana after the tribe shared high fives, had a confessional: “The challenge was awesome. We won some fishing stuff…we are an hungry tribe.”

Jonathan: “The challenge was fantastic but, as we are coming back, I am a little bit nervous. I believe that, Jeff knows I am experienced player, he is very warry of me. I want him to be on my side and I want him to trust me.”

The two men talked by the ocean and Jonathan revealed that he had the idol without being asked.
Jeff said he’d ride in Jonathan’s boat for a while.

Kent: “Jonathan told me he had the idol…I’ll try to befriend him a little bit and forge a better relationship. I got to figure out what’s best for me. This is a ME game, this isn’t a WE game. At the end, we wanted to cut a deal with a handshake so I gave him a four finger handshake, not a manly shake…If I’m not committed, if it’s not a manly shake, it’s not going to count.”

Jeff then showed us that the four finger handshake was in reality a gun pointing at his victim.

This scene sets up an interesting future confrontation. With Kalabaw getting stronger each cycle, it stands to reason that their confrontation will not occur in the next episode or so. Therefore, we can say that these two players will be long term players. Dana could very well accompany them because now she has the role of Kalabaw’s narrator. Are the viewers listening to Dana though?!!


Artis despite the tribe’s laughter, had a bitter confessional: “Today’s challenge was quite disappointing for me. The positive is; we don’t have to go to Tribal Council. The negative is; we should have won. The problem was Mike decided to dive face first into the water with the mask, that’s when the mask cracked, after telling me not to dive with the mask who dove with the mask, no problem whatsoever. I’m about fed up with Mike; now he’s in my sights.”

Artis’ confessional simple served to put doubt in Mike’s chances to survive. As we have learned over the years, that tells us that Artis will not get his way. The dangers for Mike though were about to increase as he went looking for clams with RC and Lisa.

Abi’s search for the idol was preceded by the image of a snake ready to strike.

She had two confessionals put together to narrate the events: “While everyone is talking clams, I am getting on to work…I thought it was going to be either me finding the immunity idol or RC so I took the opportunity, I went after it.”

Peter after Abi showed him the idol: “Abi found the immunity idol. This is a good thing because she is basically my right-hand-man. I am thinking I can get Artis and Lisa to do whatever I want so it’s going to be a lot easier to get rid of Mike and neutralize RC.”

Pete’s confessional was cut in two and, right in the middle of it, we heard Abi saying she didn’t want to do anything stupid with the idol, foreshadowing that she will probably do something stupid with the idol. But this created an interesting tribal dynamic: The person that found the clue, RC, has no idea that the idol has been found by her trusted ally. And, for a rare occasion, the idol belongs to the faction that the audience isn’t meant to like.

Matsing – Dragging on and on -

Malcolm: “It’s tragic that I am stuck here with the goon squad of tribes…Nothing’s gone right. This is the bunch of goon’s I get stuck with? Thank God for Denise. Denise was a war horse today. That little munchkin of muscle just cranked it out.”

Denise and Malcolm were talking about Angie and Russell when Angie innocently joined them, trying to convince them she wasn’t the weak link.

Denise: “I think it would be a ridiculous choice to keep Angie at this point but I don’t know if I can get Malcolm to vote Angie.”

Russell went to meditate alone on the beach. The music was funereal and his words made for a great ending to his story so, even if he did survive this vote, his “eulogy” has already been written.

Russell: “Everybody has their weaknesses. Mine showed up today.”

Malcolm and Angie were sharing their last moments together but she was still trying to save herself, agreeing with Malcolm that Russell quit the challenge.

Malcolm: “Today is tough. Between Angie and Russell, it’s a toss up for different reasons. I haven’t talked strategy with Russell since day 1. Angie, on the other hand, I wouldn’t say she’s in my pocket, but she will do whatever we want her to do. I got to keep myself positioned as strong as I possibly can.”

Russell: “There are a lot of people that have come before me…My ancestors…people whose shoulders I stand on have persevered and, at the end of the day, that is where I am going to draw my strength because, to not continue to fight would be to spit in the face of all those people who endured so much more that I will ever endured in my life and definitely in this damn game.”

Tribal Council

Jeff asked Denise what she sacrificed to be on Survivor.
She talked about missing her family and hurting her business.
Malcolm said that it was his dream to be on Survivor and that now he was heartbroken.
He laid the blame on those that struggled and those that knew were capable of doing more but didn’t.
“The people that can do it have to step up, the rest have to go home.”
Angie tried to save herself by painting Russell as a quiter.
Russell fought back, saying Angie wasn’t ready for 30 more days but he was. His attack made her cry but he certainly had a point.
Malcolm came to Angie’s defense by pointing out that Survivor’s sit-out rules forced Angie into a role that the young women on the other tribes didn’t have to play.
Denise and Malcolm both talked about the importance of loyalty.

The vote gave Angie the role she is more suited for: Matsing’s cheerleader.

Jeff said goodnight after hoping they had the right combination of people to turn this game around.

The Story.

Despite the tedious continuation of Matsing’s agony, a new theme emerged in this episode and it came from Lisa’s confessional: Many of the key players were dealt a new hand in this episode and the dynamics of both undefeated tribes changed significantly.

In Tandang, it’s RC and Mike against the others and I noted an interesting symmetry: RC has Abi and Lisa wanting to go after her while Mike has Pete and Artis already gunning for him. Pete is calling the shots right now but can he get what he wants? That’s the story of Tandang and the tribe has a very interesting development despite staying away from Tribal Council.

In Kalabaw, it’s Jonathan versus Kent even if the two came to an understanding and Kent wants to ride in Penner’s boat “for a while”. Compared to Pete, Kent has been front and center since the beginning so he could prevail even if Penner already made him look foolish with a veteran’s move.

As for Matsing, I’d liked their chances better if the previews had mentioned that Matsing was reaching a turning point instead of a defining moment. The tribe is already defined: Losers. The only question is: Can a winner emerge from a losing tribe?

The Characters

Carter, Katie and Dawson still don’t have roles and one of them will be voted out if Kalabaw ever goes to TC in its present form and Kent decides to stay with Jonathan.

Artis got a small role, the foe that gets one scene in the whole movie only to put a target on one of the stars. His negativity during a moment of celebration for his tribe stood out as a clear indication that he won’t be long in the game.

Dana’s role is now that of narrator for Kalabaw. It’s worth mentioning, especially in this case when the other three members could be seen as having more of the TV look.

Russell’s story is over: He has persevered, forced Malcolm to get rid of Angie but now this damn game will get the better of him.

Malcolm is shown as a nice guy and a strong player but we kept hearing him say that the choice between Angie and Russell was a tough one. Denise made it clear that there was no hesitation to have, that it was ridiculous to boot Russell. That makes Malcolm the good but somewhat Dumb Player. It was also bad for him that we heard his criticisism of his tribe and his praises for Denise. That means Denise is the important character in Matsing. Sometimes doubts surrounds a player simply because there are good reasons to doubt his chances and that’s what I see for Malcolm. He may make it to the merge but, for him, he needs the numbers and he certainly won’t get it.

Speaking of doubts, there seems no way for Denise to make it to the point where she will be able to win this game. But, Jeff certainly wanted us to note her valor even if RC’s challenge performance was just as impressive. Her role could be that of the Hero: The person of valor that has all sorts of challenges in her way and overcomes most of them. That edit usually gets rewarded by Fan Favorite instead of Sole Survivor. Still, of the players that didn’t get a new hand dealt to her, she is one that could win.

New Hands

Jonathan has found a new ally, for a while. Can he keep Jeff in his boat or will the ex-baseball player pull off a mutinee on one of the original mutineers? For now, Jonathan is on a very strong tribe so he has time to forge that relatrionship with Kent and then, maybe, he can pull another veteran’s move to outlast him.

Peter, despite his great confessional about doing surveillance until he knows what moves to make, sounded like the character that will see his plans fail. There was no care given to Pete in the first two episodes. The editors usually build up the players that are going to become successful manipulators. Right now, it looks that whatever Pete says, we’ll see the opposite happening. He says he likes Lisa and offered her an alliance because he can get rid of her later. Compared to Mike’s genuine sentiments for Lisa, I think Pete’s connection to Lisa will come back to hurt him.

Abi makes for quite the cute villain! Finding the idol before RC was a big move and telling Peter about it made it a very bold one. There’s no real care given to her character to make us think that she will evolve into the master mind that we come to admire. Most probably, she will do something stupid with the idol and pay dearly for it.

Lisa saw her game get jump started in a hurry when she was asked to join Peter and Abi in order to boot Mike. However, Peter thinks he can get rid of her easily later on but, by then, she will have figured out how to play the game.

Jeff is presented as a strong player that could very well better Jonathan. Note that he gave Penner some props about the idol, calling it a veteran move so we can’t say he’s too arrogant even if his trigger hand was a very bold gesture. He’s in control of his tribe and Jonathan wants to work with him instead of using the idol against him so Jeff should stick around for a while.

RC is presented as a likable person, one that laughs with Mike and doesn’t want to have a fight with Abi but she is also presented as being very naďve for trusting the nervous Brazilian. Like Lisi in Fiji, she got the clue, told someone about it but was kept in the dark when that person found it. However, RC’s presentation is miles apart from Lisi’s. RC is presented as a capable player, strong in challenges, a good provider and likable in camp. The events have put her in a precarious position but the way it was handled gives her the role of the underdog we want to see succeed.

Mike will probably need a veteran’s move to get out of his predicament but he seems oblivious to the dangers. Not only the dangers found in nature but the ones that his tribe mates have in mind. We saw him befriending Lisa in the first episode so that could be the lifeline he will need when Peter comes after him. There are plenty of doubts surrounding Mike and he has a very low profile type of story: He works hard for his tribe, even getting injured along the way. That’s just like his story in Australia, he’s leaving everything on the playing field and Australia’s edit had a lot of viewers saying he deserved to win. Therefore, to see him walking along the same path is a very good sign.

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19. "RE: Episode 3 - Editing Thoughts:"
Another episode and another loop I'm thrown. Well, not so much a loop as just one that has made me doubt somewhat how I saw this season playing out in the premiere. But, then, maybe that's the point?

Basically, even though Matsing Ulong'd their way to yet another TC, I felt this was all a set up for when one of the other two tribes loses, maybe next week finally? Out of the two, I'd say Tandang is looking more likely as the amount of detail we've been given is unecessary UNLESS they have to boot someone quick.

Kalabaw is still basically pointless. Jeff got a lot of nice detail but I still don't feel like he's got legs (or strong knees *boom tish, etc*) To me, I still feel like his story is (a) bum knee and (b) doesn't trust Jonathan. Now, he could be getting set up to be the last surviving member of his tribe or something, but I feel like the whole 'handshake' scene was shown to give him an underlying doucheiness that I don't think we're meant to sympathize with. What could have been a great game strategy confessional became about how he was basically childish and immature. Not a good sign and something I don't think would be included if he wasn't going to come out with the short end of the stick.

Penner isn't looking much better. He's still going to be around for a bit (at least to outlast most if not all of his current tribe), but he's not winning. He's around til that Idol is played and that's about it.

As for the rest, I don't think they're going next week, but that's only because Survivor lately seems to give the one dimensional characters focus for the episode prior to their boot, so if Dawson, Katie or the one that's not Dana starts getting confessionals, I'd be expecting them to go the following episode.

On Matsing, Russell is so Dead Man Walking at this point no matter what shuffles the game may bring, that I can't even be bothered.

Malcolm and Denise still have legs but I still feel both are missing a certain something to be winners. Denise in particular I'm a little worried about but I can't put my finger on why. My biggest fear is she's going to get Jill from Nicaragua'd or something like that. I hope not though because she's kind of The Best.

Which just leaves Tandang. This episode set us up to believe that all the power is with Pete, Lisa and Flabbi-Maria. Which all makes sense, except for the fact the first episode very clearly set up RC, Mike and Lisa as the three people on this tribe with the most well rounded and long term edits. The effort they have gone these last two episodes to put these three in danger makes me think some big shake up is one the way, either because of a TC or a switch, most likely the former.

E1 took such great lengths to link Lisa and Michael that I'd be shocked if they don't somehow start actively working together very soon. Lisa had a fantastic series of confessionals in The Insider this week about Michael and RC's relationship and where she fit in that I'm shocked they didn't use. If Lisa was the winner, there would be no way they'd skip it as it was shockingly astute and strategically sound. The only other reason I don't think she will win (even though I think she's going to be around til the endgame) is that she was portrayed as so damned socially inept in the first episode that I don't think they'd let a winner been seen that way.

RC had a great Insider clip as well about Abi-Maria and one about Michael, the former clip though showed her to be even more naive about the reality of the situation and the latter made Michael sound more useless and neutered than we're seeing, so both of these are interesting points that the editors are obscuring. We're definitely meant to root for RC, but I'm now less sure she's endgame than I was before. I'd still say she'll be around for a while, but she could be being set up as a Victim, although there was so much complexity given to her in E1 that I can't imagine they'd waste that time and care if she was shortterm.

Abi-Maria is sitting in a great place right now but I just don't think it's going to last. Technically she's playing a good (albeit overly emotional and paranoid) game. But all we're being shown is that she's crazy and unjustly paranoid. Even Alicia One World wasn't this shallow and one note. Which is why I don't think she's going to be around like the latter.

Lastly, there's Michael. He's still as close to a Winner Pick that I have right now, but they've backed off a lot this week so I don't know what to think. The goggles scene wasn't great for him although they turned it into another clip from the Skupkin Medical Emergencies Comedy Reel which I think is a good sign (see also - Fabio in premerge Nicaragua). The Artis confessional served more to make Artis look not great than him. I was kind of neutral on The Insider clip of him explaining how he broke it so I'm not sure what to think. It wasn't a bad scene, but it makes me wonder whether they didn't want to harp on an error he made more than necessary. *shrugs*

WINNER PICKS - MICHAEL >> LISA >>>> RC >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> MALCOLM >>>> DENISE

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20. "Episode 4 - Editing Thoughts:"
The recap told us that, of the three tribes, Matsing was on its way to extinction, having only Russell’s clue and the alliance between Malcolm and Denise to show after 6 days.

Tandang’s recap showed some new footage but was mainly about Peter forming a new majority alliance, one that gave Lisa a new life.
Things got better for Pete when his ally, Abi, shared the clue and found the hidden immunity idol.

At Kalabaw, Penner had been the target from day 1…
(we saw Kent asking the tribe if they wanted a veteran winning the game or one of them)
…but when he revealed his idol to Jeff Kent, the former professional baseball player considered aligning with Penner.

We saw Angie and Russell’s struggles at the immunity challenge and how that led to another Matsing loss.
Angie and Russell threw each other under the bus.
Despite Malcolm’s close connection to Angie, he joined Matsing in voting to keep the tribe strong.

Four things to note about the recap:
- Jeff concentrated a lot on the idol, even mentioning Russell’s clue, even if they didn’t play a big role up to now. I suppose they will lead to some sparks soon and the viewers have to be reminded where they are.

- Pete is now the center of attention in Tandang even if he had been ignored in the first two episodes. To suddenly arrive on the scene with such a large role is not a good sign for Pete. We usually follow the journey of Survivor’s conquerors from day 1. If their story starts after day 1, it’s probably because they fail. Take Sash for example, a character that was hidden before the episode 2 TC.

- A veteran will probably not win this season because we keep hearing Kalabaw saying that they don’t want a veteran to win and we can already predict that the jury will be mostly composed of Kalabaw members…maybe even all 6 Kalabaw members are jury bound!

- Finally, the wording of Malcolm’s voting decision is perplexing: He joined Matsing which is a very passive way of describing it. Jeff could have said that Malcolm decided to keep Matsing strong, or Malcolm judged it best to stay with Denise or used any other expression to make Malcolm look more forceful, more decisive, important qualities to impart on an eventual winner. We can take it as an indication that Malcolm isn’t the winner.

Matsing – Day 9

The somber music was a fitting accompaniment to the weather and the tribe’s mood. For a long time, no words were spoken, maybe the longest silent scene ever. Even that ended in failure: Russell telling Malcolm to stop trying to make fire.

Malcolm: “…What could possibly be piled on? I think we put on brave faces for each other. Everyone’s scared…One win is all that it’s going to take to turn the mood around camp. One win and we’ll know anything is possible, that we are not destined for annihilation.”

Denise: “This is not what I envisioned at all…We joke, we have these conversations but then we get that silence and my thoughts go to missing home, how do I stay here?”

Russell talked about making the greatest come-back ever and Denise agreed, saying they didn’t have an option.

Russell: “There is no quit in either one of them.”

Matsing isn’t making any come-backs but is Denise on her way to make that great come-back? She is the one heard agreeing with Russell that they have to pull it off but her own confessional sets her more to be a Journey player. Missing her family is an indication that her comeback will be completed if she makes it to the family visit, not necessarily the win. Game analysis would say it’s practically impossible for Denise to make it that far but the way her character has been edited almost guarantees it.

Tandang – Day 9

With Peter complaining about the Philippines, Lisa had a confessional: “You have nothing to do out here but think of different scenarios and how they might go especially when it’s raining. And if you come on Survivor, (Pete shown) you are usually a Type A person who is usually able to take the world by the nose and makes it happen. I’m just worried that the rain may prove once again that we are not, ultimately, in control.”

Peter: “The weather sucks but I am feeling good. I feel like I am in a very, very, very good position in this game and I plan on creating a lot of chaos out here (RC shown) and any chaos that I create is going to be beneficial to me.”

So Peter, the Type A person described by Lisa, wants to create chaos which, I suppose, is a way to “take the world by the nose”. The editors connected these two confessionals for a reason and we can be certain that Pete’s chaos scenario will not be beneficial for him.

Abi: “I was just staring at the raft were we have been sleeping and I see a little piece of paper sticking out. It’s the clue that RC and I have been safely guarding.” RC had no choice but to read the clue to everyone while Abi told us what she thought happened: “I think she went, got the clue out of where we had buried it, put it in her bag and I think it fell. She has no idea that I found the hidden immunity idol but I don’t feel bad because me finding that clue proves to me that she wasn’t 100% honest with me at all.”

RC: “I have no idea what happened with the clue. I certainly didn’t bring it there but because this popped out, I’m a little weary of the tribe.”

Pete: “RC didn’t do anything. I was the one that put it there. Abi showed me where the clue was so I went and got it…and boom; clue planted. It couldn’t have gone any better, it’s crazy, it’s hilarious…Keeping people on their toes is a big part of my strategy. I don’t want anybody to be able to play their game. I want them to play my game.”

I found it ironic that, while Pete exposed his evil plan to keep people on their toes, they were all shown lying down!! A coincidence most will say but is there ever a coincidence in Survivor editing? If Pete wants to keep people on their toes but instead they stay calmly in the shelter, doesn’t his whole strategy fail? Doesn’t it show that our Type A person ultimatelyu won’t stay in control?


Jonathan “…When the sun comes out, you find yourself in a tropical paradise…Let’s just get busy, let’s get working.”

Kent: “We have a bunch of kids who aren’t married, who don’t know how to carry a professional conversation but Jonathan can do that. You know, he’s trying.”

Did Kent just eliminate all the young persons from winning the title of Sole Survivor? His confessional put a negative spin on all of them but we can’t be sure if all of them means the 4 young ones in Kalabaw or the 8 left. Did you notice that the mature players, except for Artis, have found important roles to play in this story. An older person is winning this game but it isn’t a Survivor veteran or a Type A person. We are narrowing it down!

The scene shifted to the ocean where Jonathan directed Carter to the biggest clam he had ever seen.

Kent’s confessional continued: “As soon as we had Jonathan on our raft, it didn’t matter if it was Jonathan or Russell or Skupin, I didn’t want a veteran to win this game but I’ve got to adapt. Jonathan’s got the idol now, I want to get further in this game so I am going to have to make some adjustments.”

Kent told Jonathan: “I can control some people.”

Jonathan: “Jeff and I actually like each other. He is a hell of a competitor, a really nice guy and we are prepared to be loyal to each other deep into the game.” Jonathan and Kent shared another handshake and this one looked more genuine. “Having him on my side can make us pretty powerful. It’s exciting to have a real ally. I think I do.”

Jonathan then formed an alliance with Carter.

Carter: “It’s kind of crazy because I decided that Jonathan was no longer a target of mine but somebody that I was going to work with and try to get to the top 5 with them and then target him. I’d say me, Jeff and Jonathan right now have a pretty good alliance and the girls, from what I can tell, are on the chopping block.”

There was however, trouble in the men’s paradise!

Dawson: “At the beginning of the game, there was a 5 person alliance of bran new castaways and there was Jonathan on the outside and we were kind of working to get him out. But now, the guys went out on the ocean and they were out there for a couple hours and what are they talking about? They are talking about us.”

Dana told Dawson and Katie that they had to stick together and gather some more ladies. They didn’t need the men.

Dana: “I think women naturally feel more comfortable around each other. As the game progresses, the sexes start to split a little and the men think they have this thing that they add to the table and the women think they have this social game that they being to the table. Don’t underestimate me because I am a female. It’s the worst thing to do to a woman.”

The scene ended with Katie saying it was going to get crazy.

I think we have now narrowed our criteria to find the winner: It isn’t a Type A person that thinks he is in control. It isn’t a young one nor is it a returning player. It is a woman because they are being underestimated: “I can’t go far with Dawson and Katie” said Carter. If that wasn’t enough, look at the teams during the upcoming challenge where all the women except Denise were told to ride the bench.

So; Denise or Lisa? Thematically, Lisa would fit more because she is the least in control, just playing the cards that she is being dealt.

Matsing – Day 9

Malcolm had a confessional after Russell had been denigrating their former tribe mates: “I think I sized up Russell pretty good when I met him. He’s met my low expectations the entire way through…He lacks self-awareness. It’s apparent…in the way he loses his cool at Tribal Council. He’s still here only because…we need muscle mass.”

Russell immediately had a confessional where he said he was a little suspicious which, in itself, proved Malcolm’s analysis. Suspicious should have ended day 1 because he should know by now! His last words even showed that he still didn’t know before the last vote was read Wow!

We then saw Russell looking for the idol. Of course that scene was meant to put some doubt in the outcome of the episode but really, it served to connect us even more to Denise and Malcolm. The editors have made it clear that we shouldn’t root for Russell depite his status as a returning player so showing him looking for the idol can only serve to scare the audience by making us think that one of Denise or Malcolm goes if he finds it. That bodes well for their stories.

Right under your nose!
No one can say the editors don’t have a sense of humor!

Denise caught him snooping under the shelter and she told us she found it shady. She told Malcolm about it.

Malcolm: “Denise had this scared look in her eyes and she thinks Russell has an idol.” The two of them went through Russell’s belongings. “I have no shame: You have an idol, I want to know about it.”

The negative action of going through someone’s bags was mostly placed on Malcolm, not Denise.


The scene was accompanied by animal imagery showing a spider catching its prey. Who is the spider, who is the prey?

Skupin was shown talking about the rice with Abi and RC.

Peter: “There used to be rift between RC and Abi and now it’s concrete. All because of a little piece of paper. I would love to send RC home right now. I don’t trust RC as far as I can throw her. She’s dangerous but she has one big problem: I’m here.”

RC wanted to talk things over with Abi who simply didn’t want to listen.

RC: “Abi is irrational. She is not a retional player. You don’t know what she’s thinking. I’m worried about my place in the tribe because she clearly didn’t want to talk to me about the hidden immunity clue. I don’t know if she planted it, if she got angry at me and planted it. I have no idea. I thought I had it locked down. I thought I had Abi as my number 2, I thought I had Pete. I think I am in danger if there is an immunity challenge and we lose.”

RC talked to Lisa about her problem, saying she wanted to apologize but didn’t know what she did wrong.

Lisa: “I think that the straw that broke the camel’s back was when RC let the clue come out of her bag and Abi, the little Brazillian spice, just broke open. So, more of my energy is going to go to blowing some oxygen on some fire over here and let them flame out so I don’t have to be the one that takes the heat.”

So, the theme of playing the hand that you are dealt keeps working nicely for Lisa. A new hand, a new strategy and not one that requires any control. That is important to note. Lisa is the spider and she’ll probably get both Abi and RC!

The Challenge

The main thing to note was Dawson’s diappointment when the men decided she’d sit out the challenge along with all the other women and then Russell’s dejection when he realized his team would be going up against teams of 3 men.

*Rant* With the absence of the alternating sit out rule then the challenges should involve the whole tribes. 6 pots, 6 players? Why not have them carry one pot at a time and have Matsing do it twice? Survivor has stupid rules sometimes. *End Rant*

Despite having a lead for a while and starting the last stage before Kalabaw, Matsing lost…again.
Artis was the MVP of the challenge.
Russell lost it and started talking about his perfection which we won’t get into.


Malcolm: “I was ready to cry after that challenge.” In the ocean, he told Russell to vote Denise. “I’ve been aligned with Denise since day 1 but I am forced to make decisions on day 9 that I didn’t consider having to make until day 20 or so.”

In the shelter, he told Denise that Russell thought they were voting against her.

Denise: “I have my alliance with Malcolm…but if Russell has the immunity idol; it’s not good…We are trying to make Russell think he is the swing. We are trying to make him feel comfortable so if he does the immunity idol, he doesn’t play it.”

Denise made him feel so comfortable that he told her about a personal story from his childhood.

That slice of real life, so prevalent in the early seasons, is usually forgotten by the editors nowadays in favor of strategy talks so we have to assume that it was strategy that we were being shown: Denise at work, getting people to reveal their innermost secrets. If she is this good after the merge then watch out!

Malcolm: “Tonight, it can go either way and I like to think that I am sitting in the controlling seat.”

Russell’s vote would prove that Malcolm wasn’t in control, connecting this scene with Lisa’s early confessional. The type A persons may think they are in control but they really aren’t

Denise. “Yes, I have faith in human beings. I have to. If I get bamboozled tonight, it’s not going to shake my faith that these are two good guys. It will tell me that I screwed up and they played the game better than me.”

One of the best out-of-my-control, self-aware, confessionals ever. TC’s result proves that they didn’t play better than Denise.

Tribal Council

Malcolm agreed with Jeff that it had been crazy.
Denise pointed to all three bags, saying they were full.
Russell explained his mind-set regarding the challenge.
Malcolm told Jeff that he was the one that didn’t get the job done. “When you let people down it stings doubly.”
Denise said she should stay because she is strong and can help make alliances down the line.
Malcolm repeated that he could help them win a challenge.
Russell said that it was the reason to get rid of Malcolm.
Asked why they should get rid of Denise, Malcolm said “she is a step above us all socially.”
Russell added: “She gets in front of the jury, they will say: “You suck, you suck, she wins!”

This exchange makes it very tempting to say that Denise will indeed win despite any analysis of her present position in the game. If she makes the F3, she wins.

The Story

The first 4 episodes have left us with these themes:
E1: Make sure that you Go With the Game.
E2: Players Crash and Burn.
E3: You Have to Play the Hand that is Dealt
E4: We Are Not In Control.

Put together, we are inclined to say that this season’s winner will not be making big moves because that would be taking the deck in your own hands instead of playing the hand that is dealt. Big move means you are a step ahead therefore moving faster than the game, so this season it would mean playing too hard too fast. And this episode told us that, despite being used to taking charge, the type A players are not in control. So, the winner will most likely be a follower.

This episode also strongly suggested that a veteran will not win, that the younger players don’t have what it takes and that you shouldn’t underestimate a woman. Therefore, the story is pointing towards the winner being either Lisa or Denise.

Of course, we have to keep in mind that Kent could be proven wrong, that they will vote for a veteran to win in the end or the young ones will show that they are sufficiently mature to win. Or maybe Dana will be proven wrong and the men will dominate. That means we still have to look at

The Characters

The Young Ones:

According to Kent, they are too immature so that should eliminate them. Considering how Katie, Dawson, Carter have been edited, it’s hard to argue against that.

Dawson: Her confessional makes us think she can stay a while and it will be interesting to see if she can align with other women but her role is too peripheral to consider that she will emerge as the star of the season.

Carter: He told us that you can’t go far in the game by aligning with Dawson and Katie so he adds to the theme presented by Kent. Carter’s intervention only served to advance Jonathan’s story.

Dana: She has more character than the other young members of Kalabaw. She introduced the theme of not underestimating women but will she be the one profitting from it? Dana has been Kalabaw’s narrator rather than an important player.

Peter: As noted above, Peter has become the main player in Tandang, the schemer, the villain who will create chaos for his own benefit. Unfortunately for him, he is the prototypical Type A person that should fail this season because of the Themes we have identified. He wants people to be on their toes but they are shown lying in the shelter. He wants RC and Mike gone but can’t get around to executing his plan. The game is moving too slowly for Peter; his need for urgency will hurt him. We will see that, despite his pretention, he won’t be in control. The juxtaposition of his confessional about liking his position in the game came right after Lisa’s confessional about Type A persons to set the table for his demise.

Abi: The Brazilian time-bomb is being used by her closest ally; Peter pushes the buttons and Abi explodes. There is no doubt that Abi herself is a type A person and she wants to be in control. Her actions make for interesting dynamics in Tandang but she isn’t shown as a wise player. For example, the way her confessional was cut lets the viewer wonder why bringing the clue into the shelter would prove that RC had betrayed her. Abi would have looked more rational if her confessional had continued with something like: “I’m sure she was showing it to Mike.” That must have been what irritated her so much so she must have said something along those lines. But Abi is presented as an irrational player so she isn’t given an opportunity to state her case and she can’t be the winner.

Malcolm: His story has enough substance to consider he will survive annihilation but can he win? He wants to be in control which goes against the grain of the story and he was presented as being somewhat indecisive during the previous elimination. Malcolm will be able to use his challenge skills to survive a while but not make it to the end.

RC: Of all the younger players, RC still has the best story to carry her to the end. She is presented as a power player (Peter: “She’s dangerous”) but she isn’t forceful enough to carry it out. She thought she had it locked down. thought she was in control, but she isn’t. Showing RC’s inability to talk to Abi doesn’t bode well for her chances to convince people when it really comes down to tough decisions.

The Type A Older Players

Kent: He has a quiet way about him that his refreshing but make no mistake: Kent wants to be in charge so we can expect that he will crash and burn at some point. Already, the women of his tribe aren’t in his corner so we can see that he won’t get his way. For that type of player, there are no alternatives even if he says he can adapt.

Jonathan: Once more, he sees a light, a direction that could carry him far into the game so there is no denying that Jonathan is a good player but his story seems limited to his idol and his relationship with Jeff Kent. Their alliance should carry both far into the game but nothing tells us that it will be to the end.

Mike: No one was a bigger Type A person than Skupin in the Outback. The guy thanked God for making him the leader of Kucha right in front of everyone else! (It was interesting that, during Russell’s talk with God, Mike was shown disapproving as if he had learned not to get a deity involved in the game.) So, it’s extremely interesting that, despite the connections to his Outback character through his injuries, he isn’t presented as someone looking to control the game. True to his word, his theme, he is moving at the proper pace for the game but his relative absence from the story is troubling. If Kent’s words are being used ironically, if a veteran does win, then Mike has to be our top contender over Jonathan. But, if we have read the themes correctly a veteran can’t win, a woman will. I don’t think Mike’s edit will flame out (!) but it feels too cold to earn him the victory. The editors need to fire up his story.
(I could go on with the fire analogies but I’ll stop here)

As mentioned above, that leaves:

: Seeing her win would make for a wonderful underdog story. Russell has presented it already as the biggest come-back in Survivor history and both Malcolm and Russell have told us the jury would reward her. Unfortunately, there are those moments of silence when she wonders what she is doing there, away from her family. That usually tells us a player’s story ends at the family visit. The check Russell mentioned could very well be for Fan Favorite. Can Denise get both? I say she is a step behind our top contender…

Lisa: Most of the themes of the season come from Tandang and they all apply perfectly to Lisa. She hasn’t moved faster than the game, she’s still playing the hands that are being dealt, she isn’t in control, just blowing a little on the fire. She shouldn’t be underestimated simply because she is a woman. She is mature enough to know how to talk to others and if the jury (Kalabaw) doesn’t want a veteran to win then she would get their votes. Does Lisa win? I’d say it’s a good guess.

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21. "RE: Episode 4 - Editing Thoughts:"
I heard Denise differently when she talked about about her thoughts about home. I went back and rewatched. She said something like my thoughts don't go to home. My thoughts are on how do I stay here. She is telling us her head is firmly in the game. I think it helps strengthens her case. Right now, I'd put Denise over Lisa as sole survivor. (As unlikely as that seems.)
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22. "RE: Episode 4 - Editing Thoughts:"
Thanks, I'll listen once more. However, she already mentioned her family in a TC when she told Jeff was she was giving up. So, one way or another, she has a connection to the family visit and that also seems unlikely considering her present situation.
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23. "RE: Episode 4 - Editing Thoughts:"
After the episode, I was waiting for your editing thoughts... I said to myself "Denise wins! Michel will say so!" ... but no, you're guessing Lisa. So now I have doubts on that.

Lisa: “So, more of my energy is going to go to blowing some oxygen on some fire over here and let them flame out so I don’t have to be the one that takes the heat.”

Since fire represents life, is Lisa talking about keeping her flame alive, or does she not want the "heat" from the "flames?"

I'm tired of going against your well-constructed thoughts, Michel (luckily there's no Chelsea this season to distract me), so I'm firmly onboard the Lisa-wins bandwagon.

Last question - if Jeff Kent's "secret identity" is revealed, does that make it more or less likely that Lisa's "secret identity" is revealed? It almost feels like they're tied together.

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24. "RE: Episode 4 - Editing Thoughts:"
I haven't said yet that Lisa wins! She's my main contender though. If I am heading towards the precispice then maybe we'll take the dive together!

PS, still haven't had time to listen to Denise's confessional again. Maybe tomorrow.

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25. "RE: Episode 4 - Editing Thoughts:"
See, Lisa would be my main contender except I still can't get past her E1 edit of being presented as totally helpless and playing terribly. I know Survivor loves a good comeback edit, but I just felt it was a little too extreme. And because E1 attributed all the credit for her survival to Skupkin. *shrugs* I don't know what to make of it anymore as, if I ignored episode one, she'd easily be my winner pick. My only other concern for her is the Insider footage this week was fantastic again - VERY shrewd and well articulated. Why would they leave it out if she won?
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26. "RE: Episode 4 - Editing Thoughts:"
Hi all. Long time listener, first time caller. Seriously, as a Survivor fanatic who has never missed a single episode from day one, I love reading this thread and have for years. Great work, all.

I just had a very small point in response to glenny and anyone else who asks, "If Lisa is the winner, then why would all her fantastically insightful clips be kept off the show and dumped onto the Insider?" I have not watched the Insider videos in a while, nor am I saying I have a strong opinion on whether or not Lisa is the winner, but I did have this thought:

Isn't that exactly what people on this thread were saying a year ago about Sophie? I seem to recall reading that Sophie had a number of confessionals on the Insider that revealed her to have the most intelligent, insightful, and aware outlook on the game and the players. Yet this remained hidden, possibly because she wasn't a dynamic TV presence, or more likely because the spotlight was almost completely on the two returnees, Coach and Ozzy. To some people, that raised doubts about her chances to win, which seemed to make sense at the time, but now we all know that she did end up taking the crown.

So based on that (and I write this not having watched Sophie or Lisa on Insider), it would seem that it's no longer safe to assume that a player won't win just because her brilliant insights are relegated to the web.

Not clear to me yet whether Lisa is a winner, a "journey" player, or just a celebrity stealing focus (or all three), but for some reason her prominence is notable.

Great season so far! And thank you to everyone who takes the time to share their insights in this thread. (Veruca, please come back!)

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28. "RE: Episode 4 - Editing Thoughts:"
HA! Yeah, that was me who made the same arguement against Sophie in this thread this time last year, so clearly I haven't learned my lesson. Although Sophie and Lisa are almost inverse edit-wise as Sophie started out strong then faded, whereas Lisa had (what I thought was) an awful E1 Winner Edit and has blown up since. To be honest, it's more that first episode that really bugs me than anything else. But at the same time, I don't have a stronger case to make for anyone else either as both RC and Skupkin are detiorating/fading badly and I think Denise and Malcolm are missing something.. *shrugs*

The Insider is fantastic to watch though for that reason as it shows what is happen but deemed not relevant to the story/edit. Heroes vs Villains is a great example where, for example, the episode was all about Sandra's marvellous plan to boot Coach where the Insider footage showed (in a variety of scenes) that it was completely Parvati's plan and that she single-handedly orchestrated that boot on several different levels. Things like that are what interest me about it (besides the fact that, in general, I'm an uber dork..)

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27. "RE: Episode 4 - Editing Thoughts:"
I haven't seen Lisa blow on the flame, just identify that should be her strategy. No one should blow on Abi's flame ... it might explode in their face. Lisa's edit seems too weak, 1st episode she acknowledged she might not be able to play the mental game because of the lying or manipulation that she would be unwilling to do. 2nd episode, she acknowledges she might not have the physical strength or willingness to endure the physical aspects. Last week, her actions continued to be under the radar & go with the flow, don't annoy anyone ... or blow on any flames. Lisa might be a sidekick for Denise after the merge, both older & more mature, which could be a threesome with Mike.

Denise, as outsider after the shuffle, no immediate need to boot, & Kalabaw men can go after one of women, using Denise as 4th. I can see Jeff appreciating another "mature" person to talk with, Penner too. We see & hear Denise's strengths, the other tribes will be unaware until too late. I also got the impression she was OK being away from family, but thought she expressed concern for her clients while she was away. I don't Denise as that much of an underdog with 3 tribes, woulda been more so if only 2 tribes. She may not be the winner, but she seems more likely as a winner to me than Lisa.

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29. "RE: Episode 4 - Editing Thoughts:"
I haven't seen Lisa blow on the flame

Agree, but from her position she is empowering Pete, that's something. And keeping quiet while others implode is a tactical decision, letting the flames be blown on even if she isn't the one doing it, she's doing nothing to put it out either. If she realizes it, she is in a position to make some moves, as by sharing information with Artis or Michael or RC. (Artis, though, is a nonfactor in the edit so far.)

I think we're supposed to empathize with Lisa, per the edit, though we don't have to like her. If she has a comeback story the like can come in time.

Per the edit we are supposed to like and empathize with Denise, she took all this time away from her husband and daughter, her practice and clients, to play Survivor! Comeback story for her maybe in the works. We should know after tonight, watch for signs.

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30. "RE: Episode 4 - Editing Thoughts:"
I can see Lisa's role building, staying until late in the game, but not winning. Maybe like Holly Hoffman In Nicaragua, who was ready to quit early on, but her strength grew as the game went on.

I suppose since I like Denise, see her smarts & strength, I don't see her as an underdog, but that is an easy edit for CBS to portray. I'm sure we'll hear of come from behind or underdog if she makes late game.

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31. "Episode 5 - "I am Going to Fight""
LAST EDITED ON 10-22-12 AT 06:42 PM (EST)

Previously on Survivor…Matsing perfected the art of failure…
…and were the only tribe not to have found the hidden immunity idol.

For Tandang and kalabaw, the winning streaks couldn’t hide the cracks underneath the surface.
Penner used his idol to form a secret alliance of men while the women joined forces against the men.
<Dana is heard warning not to underestimate the women.>

On Tandang, Pete and Abi found the idol. They started a new majority alliance with Lisa and Artis, targeting Skupin and RC.

At the immunity challenge…Russell lost it.
Malcolm and Denise voted out the first returning player.

Not much to say about a recap when it’s a repetition of the previous ones. Only comment I’ll make is regarding Dana’s warning: Seeing her quit the game makes us wonder if underestimating the women is still the “worse thing” we could do? In other words: Should we still take her comment as a hint that a woman will win or did she show us that women can’t do it this year? It could go either way so let’s reserve judgment on that.

I am Going to Fight

Matsing – Night 10

Malcolm: “We are down to 2 members on day 10. I thought this would happen like on day 39. This early on, we don’t know what will be thrown at us, what to expect.”

Just then, Denise is shown predicting: “You to one tribe, me to the other.”
The editors want us to know that Denise is on the ball, that she knows what to expect. It’s also a good point that we revisited Matsing every time at the very start of each episode. They were never ignored which happens sometimes to unimportant tribes. It’s seems to indicate that one member of Matsing at least could be in this position again on day 39! And it isn’t Malcolm.

Matsing – Day11

Malcolm: “We are about as down and out as we can be at this point…It would be a good time for a tribe mix-up, a swap or just to be absorbed…This may be my last chance to look for the idol today.”

Denise: “We don’t know what is going to happen now that we are down to two.”

They started looking for the idol.

Malcolm: “It shouldn’t be so complicated. I’ll burn to whole damn thing down until I find it.”

As viewers, we’ve often said that it should be MORE complicated to find the idol but I digress…

Malcolm after finding the idol: “This is huge. We have nothing except each other…This gives me a huge amount of power.”

Denise: “We just found the hidden immunity idol. It’s frustrating: If we are absorbed on the same tribe, great! We can figure out a way to use it to our advantage. If we are split; Malcolm’s got the idol.”

Reward Challenge

Skupin’s reaction was the only one shown when Jeff said that Russell had been voted out. He looked surprised and disappointed.

Jeff asked for Lisa’s reaction and she diplomatically said that she saw two people who had prevailed.
After dropping their buffs, Malcolm picked a Tandang buff and Denise went to Kalabaw.
Jeff said: “It’s like we are starting over in a sense.”
I wish he would have added: “We apologize to our viewers for having wasted 4 weeks of your time” but I guess the sponsors wouldn’t have appreciated.

The only interesting moment about the challenge was seeing Skupin outwitting the rules makers: He threw his idol way up in the air and could simply rush his opponent, making his opponent’s idol reach the ground first. Too bad Kalabaw didn’t use the same strategy because we would have had two people looking at each other and waiting for one to shoot his idol skyward and then shooting his higher! That would have been hilarious.

As for the rounds:
Jeff beat Malcolm
Artis had no problem reaching over Dana
Katie beat Lisa
Skupin used his trick to beat Penner.
Denise beat RC.
Pete was more cagey than Carter.
Abi got the better of Dawson even if her hair was being pulled. (“Fight like a man, not like a b*tch” was Abi’s reaction.)
Malcolm used Skupin’s trick to repay Jeff.

Tandang won reward.

Denise told Jeff that she liked her new family and its vibe.

Jonathan had a confessional before the break: “I like Denise but I sure wish we had Malcolm on our team because we could have had muffins and cookies. Now, they have an advantage over us, physically.”

I am fairly certain that Jonathan’s thoughts were echoed by most of Kalabaw but to put his confessional immediately after Denise had mentioned the vibe of the new family is not a good sign for him. He is underestimating the value of Denise and he will probably pay for it.

Tandang – Day 11

Malcolm: “You don’t realize how much in the dumps you are until you get a win and things start going your way…I feel like I got my swag back. All I have to look for is a crack so I get wedged in. It’s the easiest thing to say: Let’s get rid of the odd man out.”

I think it’s disastrous for Malcolm’s story that he didn’t have a thought for Denise. He must have told his interviewer that he felt bad for her but we weren’t privvy to that part of his confessional. Malcolm is made to appear like a man who is happy with this little victory, nothing else.

Lisa: “Malcolm’s brought wonderful energy to our tribe. He’s a great guy who is strong physically. That is huge for us in the challenges. He also has a great attitude. He’s good looking, he’s smart, he’s easy-going so he hasn’t brought any type of negative energy in the tribe which is really great.”

RC shared her thoughts and she certainly didn’t see it the same way as Lisa: “I think I would have fared better if we had Denise over Malcolm. At first, I thought I had a fighting chance, maybe I could get him on my side but the minute I saw him talking to Peter, I knew it was over. To have this new person join and be accepted right away by the clique, it does bring me back to childhood because I was bullied in school. In Survivor, you are in this place where you don’t know who to turn to. You don’t have people you can go to and talk to, say this is what I am feeling so what should I be doing? But, I didn’t starve, have no fire and fight in those challenges to let them walk all over me. I am going to fight and if we have to go to Tribal Council, time has to be on my side at this point. I need time and hopefully time to flirt with Malcolm.”

RC has just given us another great confessional with stunning visuals. It’s her second great confessional since the start of the season so the question becomes: Is she doomed, “on the outs, fighting the waves alone” like Squidproquo suggested in the ECST or will she fight and conquer the tribe just like she conquered those waves? This picture...

..., almost a victory pose, tells me she will be successful in overcoming the clique especially since the theme of being bullied as a child has now been introduced a second time. First, it was Russell’s story but he set the stage for RC’s own story of being alone against a clique. She must win that fight, outlast her bullies, Peter and Abi because, contrary to Russell, we are connected to her ordeal.

Peter: :”When I saw Malcolm unwrap that yellow buff, I was ecstatic. I was always weary of getting rid of Mike without having a strong guy, probably a stronger guy and he’s probably not as stupid.”

We then saw Peter and Malcolm talk about thier plans, Peter telling the ex-Matsing about having the idol.

Malcolm: “Information is power so may as well get all of it while I can. Pete immediately said: “I have the idol.” No one knows that I have one and if Pete is already telling me that he has one, he may use that to save me or we can use that jointly…Everyone wants to get to know me…I’m enjoying it right now.”


Denise: “Just to be in a new family, a new tribe, is great. I’m trying to blend into my new family, trying to find out what my role is going to be. Whatever I can do to prove that I have value, even if it’s sticking around for just one more tribal council. Every step is an opportunity to regroup and turn things around.”

Katie: “My alliance consists of Dana, Dawson and myself against the guys. We need Denise. That was the one reason why I was happy that we got a female because we have a better chance of getting Denise on our side than we would getting Malcolm. It is my job to get Denise underneath my arm. If we can convince her that it’s us girls, hopefully she won’t listen to the guys.”

That worked out about as well for Katie as the upcoming challenge!

Dana’s Exit

Jonathan: “It’s freezing and I’m a big fat guy. It doesn’t affect me so much but Dana’s sick…She may be shutting down… She needs medical attention.”

Dawson’s confessional only showed her as Jeff’s groupie.

Dana left to comforting words by Penner and a confessional by Katie: “Dana leaving screws up everything. I am at a loss for words because this could not have come at a worse time. I love the girl, it sucks what happened but she was my best ally, she got taken away by the medics and I’m like: “What am I going to do to Survive?”

The timing for Katie’s first confessionals tells us all we need to know. Soon, Jeff’s comments during the challenge would take care of the members of the audience that hadn’t given up on Katie yet. If Denise and RC’s episode were about fighting back then Katie’s question tells us she has no idea how to fight back.

The Challenge

Note that both Skupin and Lisa appeared to be feeling bad for Dana when Jeff broke the new that they were one player up. That is great for their character development. We see them as being compassionate.

I must say once more that the sit-out rule didn’t need to be applied to this challenge. Why not force Abi to run the course?
A big insect was seen going after both Peter and RC.
Abi’s decision to sit out gave Probst a great opportunity to mock her. He asked how many times she had participated in challenges and was astonished to hear it was only two. Change your rules, dummy or else tribes will benefit from them!

The only comments we needed to hear were: “Carter and Skupin…impressive beginning…Katie, really slowing down on a very easy portion of this challenge. Huge set back for Kalabaw…Katie, once again, last one over. Katie struggling…Kalabaw, still suffering from the beginning with Katie. Tandang with still a big lead in this challenge and it goes back to the first round where Katie couldn’t get over the mound…Everybody in on this challenge except for Abi who is sitting yet again”

Tandang won by about 1 second.

Jeff must think the audience is suffering from short term memory loss or attention deficit. Why repeat 5 times that Katie was awful? Or that Abi always rides the bench? Simply because repetition does work; just look at everyone who liked Russell after a while! Here, everyone must think that Katie and Abi are good for nothing, totally undeserving to be on the show. No one remembers that they each did well in the previous challenge and that they were always on the winning side before. Editors need scapegoats but does it have to be so fastidious?

Jonathan was the post-game analyst: “If Katie had been 3 seconds faster and if Dawson had been a little more helpful with the puzzle, I think we would have won. Now, we are going to be down two. That gap, at this stage of the game, may just be insurmountable.”

Kalabaw – Day 13

Katie: “I totally sucked in that challenge. It’s pretty embarrassing to be the one that totally screwed up everyone and it’s like every time they make a moan or a groan, it’s because of me. I screwed up, what can I say? Crappy performance so if I was them, I would say “see you later Katie.””

See Jeff, she can admit it. You didn’t need to hammer it home.

Dawson: “Katie sucked in the challenge today…But Denise isn’t part of our original tribe. She’s only been here two days.”

Denise was working on improving her odds as we saw her talking to Jeff while we heard this confessional: “I’m part of the losing tribe again. It’s heartbreaking. I’m worried. I haven’t had time to bond with these guys. I don’t know if they are going to go with loyalty or with logic.”

Jeff explained the tribal split and asked Denise to join the guys.

Jeff: “It’s going to come down to who has the most value in the challenges for us and Denise is stronger than Dawson and Katie…I think she’s got pretty good smarts on her. ”

Jonathan: “There are really three options at this point: Denise, Katie or Dawson. I can’t see getting rid of Denise now; she’s a hell of a competitor. She’s was in it to win it today so no way we can point to her and say she cost us the challenge. So, it’s Katie or Dawson.” The guys talked about Dawson and Katie; Carter felt Katie had checked out while Jeff pointed out Dawson’s failure at the puzzle. Jonathan went on: “Katie did poorly today…But, before today; Dawson has been the weakest member of the tribe. It’s a big choice.”

Dawson made the choice easier when she started kidding around about baseball. She told us she enjoyed getting into Kent’s mind. What good that did her!

Jeff: “I am walking on egg shells right now…If they put 2 and 2 together, I am in trouble.”

Tribal Council

Dawson told Jeff that Dana’s departure hit them hard.
Penner told Jeff they just had bad luck. He added that they would have won with a healthy Dana.
Katie agreed with Jeff that she hurt her tribe. She hoped her performance in other challenge would help her stay.
Penner said it would be easy to vote out the person that cost them the challenge.
Dawson was asked about Denise. She said they needed her, that they loved coming to see Jeff but that it sucked to vote someone out. She said she should stay because she entertains the tribe.
Kent was only concerned about weak links.

After getting an awkward hug from Dawson, Jeff told Kalabaw that they were down 2 in a game all about numbers.

The Story

I always marvel at the way the editors are able to tell the same story in different ways. Take Kim from One World: Some felt that she was giving too many “this is easy” type of confessionals to be the winner. She’d have to fall for it to make sense, they said. We always said no because those confessionals fit the themes of the One World season. Transpose this to the Philippines and ask who is having it too easy: The ecstatic Peter of course! So why do we say that Peter has absolutely no chance of winning? Of course, some will point to his terrible first episode but even Boston Rob’s premiere in RI was lackluster. He only really had substance during his voting confessional BUT it set the main Theme of RI: The newbies gave too much information away. Others will say Peter won’t win because of the fly bothering him during the challenge!

No, Peter won’t win because his story goes against the grain of the season’s theme. Like Kim during One World, he’s still in control, he got the Matsing member he wanted, they formed a bond, they want to eliminate Pete’s targets and they continue to dominate the challenges. But this season is about fighting back, not having control but playing the hand that you are dealt.

What about Kalabaw you ask? They were never the important tribe and Probst final words didn’t have any positivity about them. I'm sure he added something about finding a way to turn things around but we only heard the fatalistic: You are down by two in a game all about numbers.” They have no recourse and Jonathan already told us that the gap is insurmountable. Coming from a guy who witnessed Aitu’s comeback firsthand, that comment is doubly interesting.

The Characters

Some don’t have control but they have no fight either:

Katie: Poor Miss Delaware! I’m not just talking about the bashing served by Probst during the challenge and the Council but about the placement of her first confessional: “My alliance consists of Dana, Dawson and myself against the guys. We need Denise. That was the one reason why I was happy that we got a female”. This meant that, finally, Katie felt in control! The Game’s “perfect storm” knocked her out of control quicker than we’ve ever seen before! Like she admitted to Dawson, the editors wanted us to say that she sucks at this game.

Carter: We could be positive and say that he is going with the flow unfortunately, he is the least interesting character of the least important tribe. The flow, in his case, will be carrying him to an unimpressive fall.

Artis: The same could practically be said of Artis even if he is in the right tribe. There’s really nothing to say about Artis at this stage so his comment during the previews could signify the beginning of the end for him.

Mike: It’s really puzzling that Skupin, after episode 1, has barely received more airtime than the first three mentioned. So unexplainable that one cannot help but think about the dog that didn’t bark.

But here, we analyze the story and there isn’t much to tell about Skupin except that he is still being shown. His reaction was shown at the start of both challenges and we saw that he had empathy after hearing the news from the other tribe. In this game, seeing a strong guy like Russell being voted out or seeing the other side lose a member could have been reason to rejoice but it was important to show Mike’s (and Lisa) reactions. So, despite having all his interviews being ignored, Mike’s presence is still manipulated to make him appear sympathetic. It’s not bad that he is once more Peter’s main target but it would be nice to see him fighting back. Let’s wait to see if he does have some fight in him before we relegate him to the Loser Lodge.

Some are in Control

Jonathan: He had just gained some control in the last episode when he formed an alliance with Kent and Carter but he knows the game and he sses it slipping: “That gap, at this stage of the game, may just be insurmountable

Kent: Even if he said he was walking on egg shells, we know that Kent is controlling Kalabaw and he got rid of the bothersome kitten. Unfortunately for him, that meant making a deal with someone that has a much stronger connection to the other side and takes each step as a way to regroup.

Malcolm: If we follow the parallel between Kim and Peter then that would make Malcolm this season’s Jay. Like Jay, both sides wanted to have Malcolm. Malcolm thought he had some control in Matsing even if didn’t. Finding the idol, he declares: “This gives me a huge amount of power”. His talk with Peter and the news about Tandang’s idol also gives him a sense that he is in control. Note that Malcolm didn’t have to fight to get in such a good position. As soon as he talked to Pete, he was accepted in the clique.

Abi: In an obstacle race for immunity, of course Abi will sit if the stupid rules permit it so instead of being shocked, Jeff could have underlined the smart strategy!! Of course he wouldn’t do that, not when he can deliver a shot to someone that the audience isn't supposed to like. Even when she won a point during the IC, the editors showed her as a complainer even if Dawson did pull her hair. Abi will certainly get the boot, most probably after doing something with the idol that will be shown as being dumb. That’s really her only end game story.

Peter: I think I’ve already said why I think Peter doesn’t stand a chance: He is in control and he is ecstatic about it. He’ll probably pay for telling Malcolm about the idol.

Some are Fighting back

RC: She has a marvelous story with some of the best confessionals ever given. Hearing her talking about being bullied as a child (especially considering recent events in the news) after Russell had introduced that as a way to fight back must mean something. How often have we heard Survivors talk about such personal childhood events? Not very often so to have two talk about the same thing in two consecutive episodes can’t be a coincidence. It was put in there because it helps construct the story.

Recalling what Russell said, we can see how much fear RC must be feeling towards Peter’s clique. But Russell told us that fighting back made him feel empowered. He said it made him the man he is today, one that thought should never fail. Maybe that’s what will happen with RC. I expect that she will overcome the clique, outlasting Peter and Abi but I’m not sure she will carry that all the way to the win. There are other great stories developping…

Denise: Her confessional about surviving just one more Tribal Council reminded us of Mike’s advice to go with the flow of the game. It was also reminescent of Parvati’s advice to play the game in stages. Denise is smart and we reminded of that when she predicted the twist and she is safe inside Kalabaw’s alliance for one more round. Then, a merge could reunite her with Malcolm. How will she regroup then? If she simply joins Malcolm in Peter’s clique then her story could fall flat but what if she finds another family instead?

Lisa: Her premiere was all about not fitting in Tandang’s clique and look at her progress now! As soon as a new card was dealt to Tandang, it was Lisa to tell us about it and how it affected the tribe. Maybe too narrational for some but a sign that she has fit in. Is she peaking too early? If she is then that would mean she doesn’t have to fight which would disconnect her from the Themes of the seasons. However, her position is clearly not in the core alliance: She is a vote that enables Peter to have the majority but it’s obvious she’d be sitting 4th or 5th in that alliance. So, playing the hand she has been dealt up to now has made her progress in the game but she still has to blow on the fire to make things happen. How will things shake up from there and what cards will that give her? That seems to be the key to the season.

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32. "RE: Episode 5 - "I am Going to Fight""
thanks for the great analysis michel! i really like your thoery on the theme of the season. i would comment more but i have been spoiled and dont want to risk it. thanks for your analysis again michel, i look for it every week and read it first when i find it. ciao!
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33. "RE: Episode 5 - "I am Going to Fight""
I just want to say thanks for keeping this thread going. I enjoy it as much as I enjoy watching the show. I've been watching since Season 2 and have been reading your posts for the last several seasons. It always amazes me how you all see these themes and analyze the confessionals. It really adds to the pleasure of watching the show. So, don't be discouraged that there aren't a lot of posters...I'm sure you have many other fans like myself who read all that you write with admiration
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34. "RE: Episode 5 - "I am Going to Fight""
Yes, I share the sentiments, thanks Michel for keeping up with this great thread and sharing your editing thoughts each week!
While I'm not spoiled, I decided not to post due to it being another season with returning players. Still, I'm watching the season and enjoying the editing thread And surprising enjoying the season more than I thought I would!

Despite it being a season with 3 returnees and 2 celebrities, editing is almost treating everyone as equals - meaning we're getting some development around the new players, and the 3+2 aren't hogging up all the focus. Perhaps this is a conscious effort by the editors, or they lucked out as the returnees/celebs are simply proving to be part of the main events at camp to create storylines. I'm rather enjoying both Jeff and Lisa as players in the game, and it seems that they are being shown for their gameplay rather than just for star factor.

I always like the take that each season has a theme, and I guess it only fitting that with returnees taken out of the game for medical reasons, that one of the themes be fighting back. As has been noted here, we can see emphasis from this theme along with strategy talk in being flexible and working with what you're given (As we heard in key confessionals from Lisa, Michael, and Denise)

As we are now 1/3 of the way into the game (with 1/3 of the castaways gone) it's noticeable why we saw more story development with Tandang than Kalabaw during the first four episodes when focus was on the decimation of Masting. And as noted in this thread, there was still continued focus on Masting when coming back from TC, making things look really nice for Denise & Malcolm. Editing could've easily used some of that time for showcasing the other tribes even more, but it didn't. And this continued further when focus was still on Malcolm and Denise when they arrived in their new tribes. They have been set up so nicely as a major part of this season's story. Does this pair hold the winner? Well, from an editing standpoint the two look to go far and at the very least will play together again on the same tribe, as their story as an alliance is not over.

The other big development that stood out to me was the rift between RC and Abi. This was carefully crafted within the first four episodes. So much so that I believe the first argument that we saw with Abi and RC on the beach in Episode 2 was out of sequence, as it wasn't until later in the game when the idol was found and Peter was part of the rift. Interesting to have all this manipulation around these 3 (and Lisa as well, since Peter then connected with her). This almost seemed like it could have been a minor storyline that takes up some of the airtime premerge (like the Brandon and Mikayla 'Jezebel' storyline) but no, this is all foreshadowing to set up how the divides will fall when everyone is merged. Which I believe is going to make for some great chaos in the newly merged tribe (when/if that happens) Till then, here's my thoughts on the individual players longevity:

Katie: Episode 5 was her best episode to date, riddled with challenge failure, blatant negative comments from Jeff, and the loss of her 2 alliance mates. We have seen/heard nothing from Katie that she could possibly overcome these circumstances. She is most likely the next to go from Kalabaw (and I think she is set up more than anyone as the next to go from the game)

Artis: Out of everyone on Tandang his standing appears to be the worst for me. With limited scenes and confessionals, we aren't meant to root for him or to even gain a sense of who he is in this game. The fact that he has been mentioned more than once as part of the dominant alliance on Tandang, yet we've seen so little of him and so much less than the others is very telling - as this alliance still looks like it has legs before it will fully unfold. Why weren't we shown scenes with Artis and his alliance mates, like we saw with Peter approaching Lisa? It's because he's insignificant to the game and the outcome.

Carter: Gosh, I really don't have much to go on with him. And with every season, there appears to be a player or two that get past the 1/3 mark with so little to go on. He cannot possibly win, and it's hard to even want to estimate his longevity. In an alliance with Jeff & Jonathan, he can only possibly be seen as a shield for them to use if the numbers aren't in their favor. Or if the numbers become in their favor, he'll be the first of them to go. It seems unlikely that he will have the wherewithal to make heads or tails of the game when all the factions merge. At least, the editing is not giving us any sign that he could, which is bad for him, as we have gotten such information regarding more than half of the other remaining players.

Michael: Very surprising to see so little of him since the first episode. At first Episode 1 looked good for him, but now looking back perhaps they were just using his confessionals as he was such a noteworthy player in his original season. His initial confessionals are tied to the theme and other players (his tribe in general, and Lisa) so this gives more bearing on what is going on outside of his game. Yes, talk of him being a target would normally appear as a good thing, as many winners are shown to be in danger at some point. But this seems to be the meat of Michael's edit, that it may just actually come to fruition. As we have yet to get anymore story from Michael himself. Based on edits of previous returnees, it really doesn't make sense that he would be this neglected so far if he were to make endgame or have a bigger impact on the game. Let's see what happens next episode or at a merge episode. But beware of a spike before the fall.

Jonathan - I think Jonathan has a more stable edit than Michael, and more experience in the game (plus an idol in his pocket) So, it's looking like he has more story to play out and will have more longevity. But could Jonathan make it to the end? At this point, I'd have to say no. I'm also hooked on his Episode 5 statement that it "may just be insurmountable." So far this season, I think the viewers are meant to take what Jonathan says as what will actually go down (as opposed to the irony we heard from Russell about what should be done by a leader, and then see him do the opposite) Jonathan will play and fight, but even if he does get a faction of Tandang to side with him, will his own alliance mates take him to the end. We can still hear the echoes of Episode one when Kalabaw stated they do not want a veteran to win. To me this is more prominent than anything we've hear from Jonathan to the contrary.

Jeff: Of the two stars, there seems to be more focus on Jeff's status than Lisa. (Funny to me, as I knew of her and not him) It was mentioned by him (and Dawson) in Episode 1, and then again in Episode 5. Granted Ep 5 was Dawson's boot episode, but her connection with Jeff never had any bearing on the game. So why the continued focus? Was it to draw more attention to Dawson as the likely boot candidate? Maybe, maybe not. It seemed Jeff-centric, as with his confessional "if THEY end up putting 2+2 together, I'm in trouble" - is this foreshadowing for what will come? First we had lots of talk about his injured knee, and he seems to have overcome that, will he also overcome any revelation of his secret? I'm not so sure - it just doesn't seem like he's winning material. I read somewhere in here that Jeff could be a likeable villain, and I agree. Perhaps he may serve just to sacrifice another likeable player to live a few more days. There just isn't enough hope or strength in his edit to make me believe he'll make endgame.

Abi: Oy, not as harsh as Alicia from One World, but of the same vein. She is not being edited as someone who will triumph. She has had some character development and involvement in the main Tandang alliance, but we have not seen her to have sound strategy, rather playing by emotion. This is in far contrast to the rest of the castaways who are playing far more calm, cool and collected. Could she make the perfect goat? Perhaps. But with an idol at her disposal and editing that has shown her to be too hot-tempered, it's more likely she'll mess up her own game before she gets to the end.

Peter: To me Peter is the only possible dark horse. As with Jeff, he's had some development in being a likeable villain. When I think of a more sinister alliance mate, I quickly think of Sash from Nicaragua. Although Peter wasn't ignored in episode I (and had a rather funny confessional about Mike & the fire) He has been shown in scenes as a key player in his alliance as well as being savvy enough to make a move to break it without anyone knowing. Was this too soon? Is he too cocky? We'll see, if he can keep it up once all the alpha-males meet up on a merged tribe, he may actually be the one slick enough to sneak through to outlast the men. The looming consideration to counter Peter's edit is that the over-arching themes of the season (like Lisa/Michael/Denise strategy or Malcolm/Denise's perseverance) are making his story fall a little flat.

Malcolm: Our likeable, young, athletic, sociable, strategic alpha male, who we've seen develop a strong alliance partnership and have heard given accurate understanding of the game around him. He's the confessional leader (since Russel's exit) and was a key narrator in the first four episodes. Then he had his best episode yet in Episode 5 - in finding an idol, getting absorbed into the winning tribe, and being approached & given valuable information by the dominant alliance in Tandang (Hey, wasn't it Ep 5 that was Kim's big episode in One World?) Sounds like a winner right?! Actually, it sounds too good to be true. There is almost too much going for Malcolm, I'd say. We've seen other players get this much attention and not win, but rarely do we see players get this much attention in the first 5 episodes and keep the momentum to get to the end. I found it peculiar that in the same episode that Malcolm stated he "got his swag back" he also had a confessional in which he said "everyone loves an underdog story" But so far Malcolm's edit has been more portrayed as that of a winner, rather than an underdog. Who could the editors want us to believe he was talking about?

That leaves...

RC: I'd say RC has had the most character development on the Tandang tribe. She was shown as being integral in creating the first alliance on the yellow tribe, and then we were shown her side of the story (not Michael's) on being ousted from the main alliance. Lots of focus on her - spread evenly and carefully over these premerge episodes has me thinking one of two things: she makes it to endgame, or she could be one of the first victims of a newly merged tribe. Michel's highlighting RC's sentimental "bully" confessional is important to notes and may have us rooting for her, but will she go out anyway just like Russel did after sharing his touching childhood story. We may just have another player or two that can take the torch of that theme to the endgame.

Lisa: Interestingly, according to Dabo's confessional tracker thread, Lisa and RC have the same confessionals per each of the five episodes. Difference being that Lisa's edit reads endgame to me, and not an early merge boot. Lisa's edit has been more subtle than RC's and she has been shown on the outside, then within the alliance. A definite journey player with legs. A possible win? Maybe. She's had some great confessionals about strategy and other players, making it very clear to the viewers that she is aware of the game around her. I really like her chances (although I am a bit clouded, because I do know who she is and have been a fan hers) As already noted in her yellow tribe, I think we're going to continue to see Lisa make ties with each player. This is a good sign editing-wise and in her gameplay. Also, in contrast to Jeff Kent, we haven't heard of repeated concerns of her star-status. Other than episode 1 when she stated she wasn't going to use that in her strategy, but would rather get to know each individual. If this continues, it will also play nicely with jury management.

Denise: Another interesting similarity is that Denise seems to be playing the "getting to know each player strategy" too. Granted her original tribe has been decimated, but we have seen Denise come out on top with this. We have been shown her connecting with Zane, and Russell before their ousters, and she had the wherewithal to make her primary alliance with Malcolm.
She's had some great confessional tidbits, like "anything that's going to get me to the endgame, it's going to be me." And most recently "every step is an opportunity to regroup and turn it around" (similar to Lisa's "play the hand that's dealt" confessional) When she was approached by Jeff in the nuKalabaw, she responded to him perfectly, quickly and "absolutely." As a therapist, which is aiding her social game, combined with her physical prowess compared to the other women, she is a force to be reckoned with. We are seeing this, Jeff is stating this at challenges, others have stated her assets at TC and in confessional, and yet she is still avoiding any target. Denise is getting a super edit. And yet it is a tad more subtle to casual viewers than her alliance mate, Malcolm. Is that because Malcolm is male and will come out top dog? I think it is more a testament that Denise will have more longevity than him, and the others. She will be more of an underdog, and may be the first player to attend almost all TCs, if not all, in their season. Will she be the sole survivor? I like to wait until the merge episode to stake my claim. But If I were to choose now, I'd choose Denise. And happily at that

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35. "RE: Episode 5 - "I am Going to Fight""
Regarding RC/Lisa/Denise: I'd be happy with any of them as the winner. But Denise would have the outplay/outlast theme over the other two (even though Lisa did well calling out to her tribe, and RC swam just as well as Denise... but neither got the recognition from Jeff during those challenges)

I'm favoring RC, but I didn't see her fighting back against the waves... I saw her off sulking about being not included again. When Abi fights with her, she confesses to the camera that she's confused... there is no fight in her. She had a bright idea about making friends with Malcolm, but we saw everyone else have that same idea (and Malcolm even mentioned it, and did not single out RC). She found the HII clue, but lost it, and then lost her alliance because of it. I don't see a winner's edit... but I still like her.

Lisa is awesome, and probably my second-favorite. I would like to see her win, but she's currently in a majority alliance, which doesn't really fit the current theme.

Denise has overcome odds, outplays everyone in challenges, outlasted her tribe... she had the foresight to align with the men. If her new tribe is down 7-4 at the merge, I can see her sneaking in with Malcolm to take out the strongest players first (she's so little - even if people said "she's the strongest player," they'd want to get rid of the other strong players first). I'll say that she wins. But she's my third choice.

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36. "RE: Episode 5 - "I am Going to Fight""
Thank you B1whois, Jobgirl and Aaron Littleton. I always enjoy doing this but it's fun to see that people actually read what I write!

Aaron wrote: "Denise...will be more of an underdog, and may be the first player to attend almost all TCs, if not all, in their season."

Isn't that something! If Kalabaw loses this week and they merge right after then Denise will indeed have attended all TCs. Steph didn't even do that in Palau (Willard's exit) and her journey ended at F7. If Denise makes the F3 she will have earned it more than anyone else ever because the game is played at TC. Nothing else matters but the votes.

Parathor, RC may not have shown the fight but her words are a promise that she will do just that: "I didn’t starve, have no fire and fight in those challenges to let them walk all over me. I am going to fight and if we have to go to Tribal Council, time has to be on my side at this point."

It's not her fault that they didn't go to TC. I take it as a good sign that she talks about fighting back even when it isn't yet needed. Now, if she is all talk and nothing else then I'll join you in saying that she isn't a winner.

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37. "RE: Episode 5 - "I am Going to Fight""
Yes, this would be fun to see Denise accomplish.
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39. "RE: Episode 5 - "I am Going to Fight""
Hey! I read, I just don't have anything to say. I am enjoying the season though. Where is the sunny tropical Survivor? If I want dark, cold and rainy I'll just go outside.

Anyway I do enjoy your thoughts michel and everyone who has good insights so keep up the good work!

Go Denise!

Coronation by Tribe

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47. "RE: Episode 5 - "I am Going to Fight""
>"Denise...will be more of
>an underdog, and may be
>the first player to attend
>almost all TCs, if not
>all, in their season."

With Kalabaw attending TC in Ep 6 and the merge coming up, it's looking like this may just happen yet


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38. "Episode 6 - The Penner Punch"
We were reminded that Tandang and Kalabaw hadn’t lost during the first 13 days.
Matsing had yet to win and was down to Malcolm and Denise…but an idol can breathe new life.
<Malcolm showed us the idol and said it gave him a huge amount of power>

At the reward challenge…Malcolm and Denise started new chapters in separate tribes.
In Tandang, Malcolm felt right at home, gaining Pete’s trust, putting Michael and RC further on the outs.
<RC heard saying she was going to fight.>

At Kalabaw, there were two alliances headed in opposite directions.
The men’s alliance had Penner’s idol and grew stronger when they recruited Denise.
While the women’s alliance was hit hard when Dana pulled herself from the game.

At the immunity challenge, Katie struggled, costing Kalabaw the victory.

Back at camp, in the face of diminishing numbers, strength was vital so Katie was an easy target.
When Dawson messed with the bull, she got the horns.
Katie was saved; Dawson kissed her chance at the million dollars goodbye.
(Isn’t Probst arrogant!)

Quite interesting that Probst didn’t personalize any of the remaining original members Kalabaw.
Recruiting Denise was a great move by Kent but he didn’t get credit by name: “They” recruited Denise.
Jonathan was only mentioned in connection to the idol, Carter was ignored.
The same could be said of Abi and Artis who didn’t matter in this confessional.
Note also that Peter didn’t recruit an ally, instead Malcolm gained Peter’s trust.

Jeff reduced the story to 4 players: Malcolm, Denise, RC and Mike. None of the others mattered here. We’ve already considered those 4 as long term players from their episode 1 showing. One more person should make a decisive move before too long to shape that end game story and that will be...

The Penner Punch

Katie: “…I’m at the bottom of the totem pole now…I have to work my magic and see what happens.”

It could be said that Katie now embraces the theme of “fighting back” but too bad she has already been categorized as a bad player. Her story cannot change so drastically.

Kalabaw – Day 14

Katie’s first move was to plant the seed in Denise’s head that Penner had the idol. She figured she’d make the merge if she could get rid of Jonathan first.

When we hear players talk about the merge then we know it’s just around the corner. The boot for this episode was already set up during the last episode so what was the goal of this segment? Setting up the star of this episode and his role in future events. This episode was all about Penner, his brilliance, the need to blindside him, his reaction when put against the wall…

Tandang Day 15: Rice War

Peter: “We haven’t had a lot to eat especially since Mike depleted our ressources by eating it dry. He thinks it cooks in your body because it’s nearly 100 degrees so Mike makes terrible decisions. He’s the most useless player that’s ever been returned to Survivor and he needs to go home.”

Artis: “As a returning player, I don’t understand... We have no food because of Mike. I consider us Tnadang plus 1 and Mike is the 1. Now, with us getting Malcolm, Mike has become expendable.”

There’s a limit to the amount of doubt the editors can pile on a player and they’re certainly coming close to that limit with Mike. Some if not most viewers will start remembering the “Idiot Mike” that Varner saw and forget about the valiant Mike that was the heart of Kucha. Has the limit been crossed? Does Mike still have a chance of winning with this story? Well, he would soon prove ressourceful and get some more rice for the tribe but even that will be met with anger! That tells me there’s still a lot of potential to Mike’s story.

The Reward Challenge

When Kalabaw entered the challenge arena, the camera did show Malcolm but his expression revealed nothing about realizing that Denise was still there. Curious choice when a smile could have been inserted.

RC and Artis sat out for Tandang, meaning Abi would participate…maybe!

For a best of 5, it never got passed round 1 as Lisa, Skupin and Peter simply reached a stand-still with Denise, Jonathan and Carter.
The camera still showed us Denise’s determination before the start.

I laughed when Mike said: “This is like heaven” and Penner, face in the mud, replied: “Well, it’s like something.”
But there wasn’t much else to laugh about this challenge that was going nowhere fast.
Maybe it was the fear of seeing Abi participating in the next leg but Penner decided to make a deal: “Our rice for the sandwiches.”
Artis was asked to weigh in on this because it was his birthday.
He would have none of it. He wanted to win but he said: “Do what you want to do, Mike.”

The Reward

Jonathan: “We arrived, covered in mud…cleaned up…and sat down to the most delicious picnic I ever had.”

Carter: “…The sandwiches were all great. Hopefully, this will give us some kind of advantage.”

Kent: “It was great to see all that food but the fact that we don’t have rice is probably going to wear on us in a couple of days.”

Jonathan: “We realized that a little table off to the side had envelops with our name on them.”

Denise: “I knew what it was immediately: It was letters from home.”

Carter: “The tribe started reading the letters and we started tearing up. We are so far from reality out here that when we get a little glimpse of that, it hits in a place we are not used to.”

Kent: “After suffering from rain and being banged up; it was pretty neat.”

Denise: “Coming to this reward, it’s motivational fuel, emotional fuel that makes any rice that we gave up, totally worth it because now it’s new motivation that keeps us going.”

Jonathan: “We came in determined to win and I think this was a win. We walk away with this victory meal and these beautiful letters from home, we are going to be strong going into the immunity challenge.”

For a tribe that we had mostly written off, they had quite a nice showing during this reward. Everyone (except Katie) received two confessionals that made them look united and likable. Unfortunately, the editors probably did to Kalabaw what they do to many individuals that didn’t get much airtime before their final episode: Kalabaw was highlighted before their fall. Jonathan’s victory fell a little short as the immunity challenge would soon reveal.
Looking for long term stories: - Carter was just in the here and now of the reward.
- Jonathan looked forward to the next challenge.
- Kent looked to the next few days and the missing rice
- Denise’s confessional had more long term implications: Motivational and emotional fuel to keep going. Maybe it limits her to the family visit though.

Tandang – Day 15

One of the women apologized to Artis, saying they wanted to give him a birthday feast.

Artis: “It feels brutal that Kalabaw is enjoying the reward that we should have and we are back here, fighting for survival.” Artis told Malcolm it was a brilliant move by Penner. “What really bothered me was that we had a member of our tribe making decisions for our tribe who has done absolutely nothing for our tribe. And RC? Shut up. It’s not a victory.”

After receiving Kalabaw’s meager ration of rice, RC consoled the tribe by saying Kalabaw didn’t have any but Abi commented that they couldn’t even cook the rice.

Lisa: “When we came back, it was worse than a loss and it shouldn’t have been because, with a loss, you don’t get all their rice. But it was a giving up, a forfeit which is a double loss if you choose to focus your energy that way.”

Abi, the champion of challenges, was focusing her energy that way, saying it was the dumbest move in history.
Malcolm tried to put a positive spin on it but his voice was drowned.

Abi then had a confessional: “We gave up a reward challenge. We didn’t fight for it and I doubt that Kalabaw would give us all of their rice without having a Plan B. They have a boat, they have a spear. They can go out the fishing. They’re not stupid. Kalabaw totally used psychology and it worked.”

RC: “We never come back from a challenge and we’re happy but in Survivor world you sort of have to swallow your pride and do things that you don’t normally do. This is just nasty.”

Can you imagine the mood if they had been losing!

RC then told Mike that Artis was raising a storm, cursing at Mike.
Mike asked the simplest of questions: “Then why did he agree?”
Mike then compared Artis to a teenaged girl, whispering to everybody but not having the courage to confront him.

RC: “Artis, Pete and Abi are very nasty and angry. They are cruel but they have the upper hand. My strategy is to let Abi blow up constantly so I can slide under the radar but she’s like a Brazilian bomb that is about to blow up any second.”

Kalabaw – Day 16

It was supposed to be a beautiful day for fishing.

Carter: “We made a deal with the yellow tribe…In all honesty, I didn’t like the deal we came up with because there are no guarantee of food at the moment. Jonathan is pretty confident that he could catch fish but to me it’s a pretty risky deal.”

Katie: “Jonathan comes back and I’m like: “Did you catch anything?” Good Lord! That rice gave you immediate energy but now it’s gone and Jonathan is trying to stay positive by saying we have plenty of food. No we don’t.”

Note that the ones complaining about the deal are the young ones (except for Artis but he’s really like a teenaged girl!). Only Malcolm tried to put a positive spin on it but I think we are clearly seeing a generation gap forming. If the season does go that way, then we should note that the older generation has the numbers advantage.

Jonathan: “Carter is getting frustrated. I promised there’d be food and now…he’s starving. The deprivation doesn’t affect me like it affects some of these younger players but today we have an immunity challenge and it’s crucially important that we win today. We have to get some momentum back. The numbers are tipping badly. If we continue to lose, we are totally screwed.”

Note that there are no “we can do this” type confessionals for Kalabaw that we saw from Natalie in Foa Foa. All of their confessionals are fatalistic.

The Challenge

Probst once more noted that Abi was sitting out.
She told him it wasn’t her choice.

With Lisa and Denise launching balls, we had Artis and Penner at one post, Carter and Malcolm at the second, Jeff against Pete and RC against Katie.
Penner scored on the first throw.
Pete and RC replied for Tandang in the second round.
Playing the outfield, the baseball player scored 3 consecutive points for Kalabaw.
Tandang switched strategy, Skupin telling Lisa to go short for Malcolm.
That earned Tandang the next two points and a tie.
Realizing a bit too late that the game had moved to the infield, Kent switched positions with Carter but Malcolm did a little pass interference, throwing the baseball player to the ground to score the last point.
(A reminder of Dawson’s comment that football players are better athletes than Baseball players! And, on that note, Jeff must be a replacement referee because he never called that blatant foul!)

Tandang won immunity and Jeff told Abi that Malcolm deserved to hold the idol.


Kent: “Carter was outmuscled and outmaneuvered by Malcolm so we ended up short again. Another disappointment; we have to go to tribal Council and vote somebody off. Penner and I have an alliance but I am still on the fence right now. I still don’t know which way I am going to jump.”

Carter and Kent discussed the value of Denise, the worthlessness of Katie and the dangers of Penner.
Once more, Kent’s words (“We didn’t want a veteran to win”) were captioned on screen.

Carter: “Jeff thinks it may be a good idea to make a big move and get rid of Jonathan but, at the same time, going into the merge with Penner might be a good thing because the eyes are going to be on him, not on me and Jeff because no one wants a returning player to win.”

Jeff ended the conversation with: “I think we need to pull the Penner Punch. We just have to make sure he doesn’t see it coming so he doesn’t use the idol. That’s all.”

Hearing Jeff once more say that they don’t want a veteran to win now makes it likely that we see just that happening. The newbies missed their chance so now, I expect Carter and Jeff to regret for the rest of their lives when Jonathan blindsides them and goes with Skupin and his tribe. That will be the real “Penner Punch” as only Jonathan can deliver it!

Then, in a marvelous little scene, Carter turned to Jonathan who had joined them in the shelter and asked: “Penner, what do you want to do? Katie or Penner…I mean Denise?”

Kent noticed the faux-pas and shook his head but Jonathan seemed to accept it as an honest mix-up.

The audience certainly noticed it though! And it will count as the first hint that Jonathan sees it coming.

Jonathan: “To win this game, I’m going to have to make big moves out of desperation. That’s what happens: If you’re down in numbers and your back starts getting put up against the wall. Katie has got to go, she is not useful to us. I need her gone.”

Note the change of sound quality when Jonathan starts talking about Katie. I think the part about making big moves comes from a different time frame than this episode. Booting Katie is certainly not the big move Jonathan was talking about so there’s a lack of logic in this confessional that is more likely coming from the editors than from Jonathan himself.

The first part of the confessional comes from a time when Jonathan will truly feel that his back is against the wall. That will probably be at the merge. It was inserted here to put the wheels in motion but Jonathan’s words at TC show that he wasn’t yet desperate. Expect a big move by Penner, one that Carter and Kent will indeed regret for the rest of their lives.

Katie: “When I went over to the three guys, right away without me asking, Penner goes: “It’s Denise. I’m thinking he is feeding me a big line of BS...”

Katie rightfully called Penner the wild card, saying she trusted Denise a hell of a lot more.

Now we have two players set up for a big move!

Kent: “I came into this game knowing that I would have to lie, knowing that I would have to jeopardize my integrity, my character so I am still weighing my options and all of them have to do with furthering myself in this game.”

Note that, after Pete last week, Kent now delivers a confessional that reminds us of Kim’s last season: Weighing his options, going further in the game…Why don’t these confessional sound as promising as they did when Kim delivered them? Because of the season’s themes: The ones that have the options or think they do, the ones in control, will find out that they aren’t in control. The next confessional by Kent would drive the point home:

Kent: “The hard decision is voting Jonathan out…It’s a crap shoot. You go up to the plate not knowing if you are going to strike out or hit a home run but you go up to the plate swinging the bat.”

There are a lot more strike outs than homeruns in a season! Jeff failed to make the hard decision. “You’re OUT!”

Tribal Council

When asked who was in trouble, Katie and Denise raised their hand.
Denise explained she was still the new girl on the block.
Katie admitted she didn’t perform well in challenges.
When Jeff asked Jonathan about his feeling of security, Penner answered: “One doesn’t want to volunteer one’s self and give everyone else the notion that “Maybe I should vote for Penner.” Whether I am vulnerable or not, I want to give the impression that I feel confident.”
(That is a new version of “The game is afoot!)
Kent said that every votes gets tougher. He added that the votes will be blindsides because they like each other.
Jonathan explained that it would be so because the votes won’t be personal.
Jeff asked Kent if he played any games that was like Survivor.
Kent flat out said: “No. This game sucks.”
They agreed that it sucked because it was complicated. “You are going to blindside your friends because you are too guilty to tell him that we don’t want you here anymore.”
All the while, the camera was on Jonathan as if to tell us he understood that Kent was really talking about him. This is our second hint that Jonathan sees it coming.
Katie told Jeff her vote would be based on loyalty.
Jonathan said that Katie could be sending a message to someone. He added: “They know I would do anything in my power to make this work out and it might ricochet and one of them might get voted out.”

Before sending them to vote, Jeff rejoiced: “Everybody knows it will be a blindside, the question is; who is it going to be?”

While voting, Katie told us that Jonathan isn’t to be trusted.

When Jeff read the vote against him, Jonathan laughed and turned towards Kent.

That was our third hint that Jonathan sees it coming and will deliver the Penner Punch himself. Certainly he’ll realize that this vote came from Katie but why would she vote against him if she hadn’t been told to do so? The only reason she voted against him and not Denise had to be because that’s what she had been told could happen. Jonathan is smart AND paranoid enough to understand that implication.

Jeff sent them back to camp by saying that anything could happen if they were strong and united.
They are weak and divided!

The Story

This episode pointed us directly to Jonathan as the catalyst of the whole end game. Cook Islands’ main narrational theme was the “Jonathan camera”: All the players and the events were shown from Jonathan’s point of view. If Jonathan liked someone, they got a good edit, if he didn’t their edit suffered. Parvati had a nice edit up to the mutiny when Jonathan joined her and finally gave us an opinion on her: “She didn’t know anything about Surviving and didn’t deserve to be there.” That was how she was portrayed up to the moment that Jonathan left and them, just like that, Yul told us that she wasn’t that bad!! The same could be said of Nathan and Becky and Adam, etc…

This season, I think everything will depend on the Penner Punch. His actions will decide the game and while I know Carter and Kent will regret it for the rest of their lives, I can oonly guess who will profit from it. Kent’s mantra that they don’t want a returning player to win points in the direction of the returning players though. One thing seems certain; the winner will not be one of the young ones who are nasty and cruel.

The Characters

The Nasty and Cruel Players:

Abi, Pete and Artis: Somehow, the Penner Punch will also ricochet on them and they won’t see it coming. How? Probably because of a power shift that will come from Jonathan’s move. Their portrayal is much too negative to expect any other outcome than a comedic fall. Their actions could have been spun much more positively because they weren’t wrong: It is questionable to give up in a challenge. It isn’t a good idea to eat big portions. But the rational comments we heard told us that these three are overreacting, acting in an illogical manner. That kills their story (but that isn’t the first hint we’ve received about their failure).

The Ones that Will Regret It:

Carter: I expect he will be the first to pay for the Penner Punch. He was shown to be quite dumb when he asked Penner if he wanted to eliminate Penner. His story was lacking in many other ways but we saw him in more focus this time and he was outmaneuvered. By Malcolm in the challenge and by Penner in the game.

Kent: At first, I thought that his mantra would be used to tell us that a returning player couldn’t win but to hear it repeated in an episode where he missed his chance, where he didn’t make the tough call, then I see him voting for the returning player in the end after all. This episode was a strike out for Kent and he probably won’t get another trip to the plate, meaning that the bat will never be in his hands again, that he just lost control.

The Catalyst
: I could be mistaken but I see Jonathan as the catalyst for this season’s outcome, not its final product. A big move out of desperation sounds more like something that will totally shake up the game, take the control out of everyone’s hands and give us an unlikely winner. Penner did it once when he mutinied and only Yul and his powerful idol prevented a total collapse of his former tribe. There are no Yuls this season and the idol isn’t as powerful so Penner’s actions will destroy Kalabaw and himself along the way and probably shake Tandang enough that its own power structure will collapse.

Sidelined : This episode put so much energy is preparing Jonathan‘s story that our long term players had limited participation:

Lisa : For the second week, her role was limited to narrating the events of Tandang. She still fits with the main themes but there isn’t any progression to her story.

Malcolm: The main focus was on his performance during the immunity challenge. Jeff praised him for it and we even heard Kent commenting on his abilities to outmuscle and outmaneuver Carter. But we already expected that from him. We had brief glimpses of his thoughts on the game but they are mostly limited to surviving the immediate dangers or to boast about some imaginary power. There is no long term connections surrounding Malcolm and for a large character that is bothersome.

Denise: The episode never gave us her thoughts about being in danger and we didn’t see what she did to save herself. We did hear that she felt in danger so this would have been the perfect episode to showcase her abilities to regroup and influence the decisions. Unfortunately, all she had was that early talk with Katie who was the one planting a seed. There is still care given to Denise’s edit but a winner’s thoughts are never ignored when the vote could possibly go against them. Hopefully this was just a pause for Denise but it looked really strange.

RC: Once more, RC was put on the defensive, first by the recap that still doesn’t want us to forget her misery then by Artis after the reward. I found it interesting that RC decided to use Lisa’s strategy of letting Abi blow up. Could the two reasonable women have already come to an understanding that we are not seeing to keep us fearing for RC? I will say that over and above the care we see given to Denise, Malcolm and Lisa, there is some manipulation to RC’s story. She’s always been shown to be in danger, (even the ocean is against her!) yet she hasn’t gone once to Tribal Council. The anti-Denise still has just about as much importance to the story as the sex therapist. That would be something to consider seriously as manipulating the edit for the winner if someone else hadn’t received even more manipulations.

Mike: Can you believe that one of the Heroes of Australia was called the worst returning player ever? And I am not talking about the listless Colby that showed he was a poor player both times he returned. How can a move that deprived the enemy of all their food reserves be called the dumbest ever? The editors seem to be going out of their way to dump on Mike, to destroy his reputation by showing the audience they were right not to invite him back for the first All-Stars. However, if that was the intent, if they wanted us to say that Mike is useless; then why show us Skupin as the one responsible for their comeback in the immunity challenge? From the sideline, the “coach” told his “QB” to throw short to Malcolm.

There has to be an alternative and that could only be that they have a beautiful comeback story on the back-burner for him. Imagine, this tireless worker, hunter, fisher is said to have done nothing for his tribe and we have no way of saying that it isnt true. Have we seen him hunting, fishing or even just looking for fruits? No but we know that cannot be, that people don’t change that much. Therefore, Mike’s contributions are hidden from us and there has to be a reason for it.

There is so much manipulation to his edit that I have to believe that Mike is the winner of Survivor – The Philippines.

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40. "RE: Episode 6 - The Penner Punch"
Interesting analysis and gutsy. I haven't even really considered Mike as the winner because I just can't get over the fact he hasn't had a single confessional since Week 1. Though he did have an amazing premiere episode. According to the confessionals thread, he had 7 confessionals in that one episode (but none since.)
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41. "RE: Episode 6 - The Penner Punch"
I'd consider it gutsy if I was betting on it but, as is, it's just for fun.

What would be really funny if this comes true would be the wink at Tina's win that Mike's edit would represent: Tina's win was predicted at just about this time during season 2 by Tapewatcher who noticed that Tina had been the only player without a confessional during episode 1. He called it "The Dog that Didn't Bark."

Here, if Mike wins, it would be a variation on the theme: While he was prominent in episode 1, Mike has fallen into anonymity since then, a dog that doesn't bark. The parallel seems too strange to be a coincidence.

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42. "RE: Episode 6 - The Penner Punch"
I love that explanation for the lack of confessionals. It is very odd that he has no confessionals for such a long period. It does feel intentional, and your explanation is better than any I can think of. So maybe I'll start rooting for Mike. Though if I had to bet, I'd go with Denise at this point.
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48. "RE: Episode 6 - The Penner Punch"
Thought I'd chime in here too! It certainly is rather bold to predict Mike as the winner. I would love for him to have been the winner, but it just doesn't add up for me.

My take on Mike's edit is to show the nature of the two factions on Tandang. While we have been shown the various alliance shifts over there during the past 6 episodes - the divide we've been shown repeatedly is those who want Mike gone vs. those who don't.

Just like in Ep 1, when he had his only confessionals so far, Mike's edit is aiding in the telling of this season's story - NOT in telling us of his winning story. I sense he has been used by editing to make those who want to take him out of the game look bad (ie. Artis, Abi Maria, Peter). This is why we are seeing it and hearing it from their perspective and not hearing anything from Mike.

Those on his tribe who don't want to see him go, like RC and Lisa (and perhaps Malcolm) are getting far stronger, consistent edits than him. Let's see if he continues to be a player in one of their games. As their shot for sole survivor seems more likely than his.

One more thought: Can't wait to see Mike's interaction with Denise at the merge! Now that will be telling ;)

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44. "RE: Episode 6 - The Penner Punch"
Just posting it again here as it's relevant:

Tapewatcher's breakdown of the "Dog-That-Didn't-Bark" storyline

(grab a cup of coffee - it's a long read)

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43. "RE: Episode 6 - The Penner Punch"
You know I've been a fan of yours for years michel and the thing that I admire most is the way you can pinpoint the theme of the episode week after week. Always fascinating reading!

I am firmly in Denise's camp but I noticed too that we didn't hear her thoughts before the Kalabaw tribal council and that concerns me. She did have a nice segment during the letters from home which is always a positive sign. I won't give up on her chances but there is one red flag up now!

Mike's edit has been odd and as you pointed out, heavily manipulated. They played up his clumsiness so much in the beginning - perhaps to echo his falling in the fire - that I fully expect him to have a redemption of some sort. He will be one to watch post merge. In regards to your thoughts that he wins, I am reminded that when Jeff Probst described this season months ago as really good, Spot commented, that must mean a man wins!

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45. "RE: Episode 6 - The Penner Punch"
Thank you, CTGirl. I really like Denise's story a lot myself. The funniest thing is that, after my first watch on Wednaesday, I told myself: This is it: Denise wins. Lisa and RC also have stories that could lead to a win and I'd be pulling for RC myself but there's just something about Mike's story.

Take Artis' comment that Mike has done nothing for the tribe and ask yourself what is the most important thing someone can do for a tribe? Win challenges of course. Well, Mike was shown twice finding the way for his tribe to win a challenge: Throwing his idol in the air to knock the other to the ground and telling Lisa to go for Malcolm. That's doing something for the tribe in a big way. And didn't we have a press photo with Mike using the fishing nets? He must have gone out to catch fish then, no?

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46. "RE: Episode 6 - The Penner Punch"
Enjoyable episode considering it was a predictable boot. Loved the Reward Challenge, even if it was cut short due to the "unprecedented" deal. It was priceless to see the tribes unknowingly spoil/share tribal dynamics during the negotiation. All on the heels of a merge coming next! Setting up lots of conflict and variables to use in creating new factions of a merged tribe. So what did we get from the castaways this time:

Carter - Good to finally get some confessionals out of Carter, but is it too little too late. Based on his edit so far, I'd say so. His confessionals, along with quotes from his scenes, gave us the impression that Carter doesn't have the fight in him. Stating "I just want to go home now" is a sweet sentiment in response to letters from home, but not the fighting spirit needed to move forward in this season of survivor. Add this to him saying "I don't know if my body can last" - the editing is not painting a picture of longevity for Carter. We also have him turning to Jonathan about the boot, stating "Katie or Penner?" Ha, what a slip up. Classic! Enough indication that he won't have the wherewithal to make heads or tails of the mix-ups at merge. Just like he handed over his playing spot to Jeff Kent at the IC, he will likely provide another player 3 more days in the game as he gets booted.

Artis - There's still very little story for Arits and it all seems to be tied to Michael, and the dislike Artis has for him. This episode we also saw Peter and Abi Maria share their disdain for Michael, but they have more story and character development than Artis - providing even more contrast for us to show how Artis is not part of this season's story. Personally, I thought Artis' confessionals about Michael were funny, but it really hurts to see nothing more from him, as there likely could have been more to work with from him if he were more relevant to the story.

Michael - What seemed like such a great quote for Michael in the first episode with "going with the game." It seems like he is far off course with it. Those he was aligned with, not only moved on with their game (& their alliance from him) episodes ago, but now we see them outwardly harboring resentment toward him at camp with making rice and at the challenge with making cross-tribal deals. Is Michael still "going with the game" - based on the editing, it sure does not look that way to me. He has merely become a litmus test for us to determine who from the Tandang tribe should be deemed positive or negative. And in Ep 6, this clearly classified Artis, Peter and Abi Maria as the "negatives." As a revered returnee, we are not hearing his side of the story (as his is NOT this season's story) and this is unprecedented with the editing of returnees. I firmly believe that with a five week confessional count of 0 (despite a strong Ep 1 showing) that the writing is on the wall for Michael - he is not the sole survivor this season.

Jonathan - In contrast to Michael, Jonathan is getting a beefier edit that production likes to give to returnees. Plus the fact that Jonathan is arguably the best narrator we have ever seen in terms of understanding the game and being able to articulate it clearly to the audience (perhaps, only second to Rob C.) Therefore, Jonathan will be seen and heard, regardless of his actual longevity. While Penner was the star of Ep 6, he failed to get any fish like he promised, and we even hear Jeff state "Yeah, it didn't work out for him" - which was also captioned on our screens. Once again, throughout the season, Jonathan's edit and tribe has been the most literal. Each week it seems we are getting telegraphed how he will fall short. His story is intertwined with Jeff (and a bit of Carter on the side) - this will play out after merge, but likely won't have legs to make it to FTC.

Jeff Kent - Had a solid episode - with a good IC performance, a nice "letters from home" share, and some "boot" talk (which shows how he manages to always keep the target from him). But yet with each episode, it's harder to see how Jeff might actually have the opportunity to speak his game in front of the journey. He's back to his mantra of: "we can't let a veteran win." How much different is that from letting a celebrity baseball player win? It seems like Jeff will have to do some double-dealing at merge time to prolong his game, and we have been set up to believe that it will include betraying his alliance to Jonathan. We haven't seen Jonathan do anything to deserve this betrayal (yet) - therefore making Jeff look more like the villain. He'll have some room to play with amongst the Tandangs, but does he have enough story so far to pick up momentum through the merged tribe?

Abi Maria - This episode continued to further Abi Maria's edit as someone the viewers will not get behind to cheer for as a winner. Her negativity outshines any logic or strategic gameplay she may seem to have - and we see this in camp as well as from her confessionals. We also see Jeff repeatedly mention her lack of participation when at the challenges. Abi Maria has longevity due to being on the winning tribe so many times, and being tied to Tandang's main alliance. With an upcoming merge, we shall see her in action and see if she can actually play with any sound strategy. The edit does not support this, as she is clearly the most emotional player left in the game. Unless we start hearing hints from other key players to take her as a goat, she will not see endgame. And viewers may get to enjoy the "Brazilian bomb about to blow up" as suggested by RC.

Peter - Not much of an episode for Peter. Just some further confirmation of his ire for Mike, and his alignment with Abi Maria and Artis. This episode put the least attention on him of the three "negatives." This may indicate he outlasts them, but we didn't really learn anything more to add to his longevity in the game. His story needs to amp up come merge time, otherwise this possible darkhorse will be seen as a racehorse and a likely boot target as a challenge threat.

Malcolm - Malcolm was nicely highlighted in the recap - both he and Denise, had their journey's thus far, clearly emphasized. To which we were reminded that he "got my swag back" and that he has power with the idol. Even in an episode without confessionals, Malcolm is "on fire" - as stated by Jeff in the IC. After a big Ep 5 for Malcolm, it's no surprise that we'd hear less from him this episode. He has already been established as a key player this season, with strategy soundbites and connections to other key players. Although approached by Peter last episode, he was not connected with the "negatives" in this episode, rather he was shown contributing a positive outlook on the rice situation. Does this align him with other "positives" from that scenario: Michael, RC, and Lisa? Does it even matter? He has an HII in his possession and he will soon be reunited with Denise.

RC - RC is still getting attention, even though it's not really warranted for the episode. At the recap we are again reminded of how Mike & RC are on the outs, yet it was her quote that was repeated "I'm going to fight!" And at the Reward challenge, when the deal was made, Artis stated that "you all are not seeing the big picture" to which the camera pans over to include RC - as if to remind us that she does see the big picture and is included in it. And she had a great confessional about "in Survivor world you have to swallow your pride" - clearly contrasting the self-awareness that some players have and others don't. The question is will we get to see RC "swallow her pride" sitting in front of a jury. She continues to have the 'cream of the crop' with her confessionals, will she continue to narrate post merge?

Lisa - Once again, Lisa had a nice steady episode. She held her own at the Reward challenge up against the strong Denise (to which Jeff noted), she shared the most accurate, balanced viewpoint on the "rice deal" and it's aftermath, and she was not indicated to be clustered with the negative tone of her alliance mates. She also had a noticeable connection with Malcolm, as they went on to win the IC. Lisa is continually given the consistent edit that we like to see for someone who makes it far into the game. From the glimmers of what we've been given for next episode, it seems Lisa is going to come into focus some more. It will be telling for chances for endgame.

Denise - Like with Malcolm, the recap highlighted Denise's progression so far in this game. We were reminded of her great quote "Every step is an opportunity to turn things around." This was yet another good episode for her, even though the attention wasn't mainly on her. Like with the first scene with Katie, not only did it help set up Katie's boot, but we once again got to see Denise in action with another player working her magic. Also in Ep6 we now hear 3 more players in the game (Jeff and Carter, then Penner) talk about her work ethic and loyalty, and ability to win challenges. We are consistently being told of Denise's value. Plus, we can now add to Denise's list of remarkable quotes: in response to the letters from home, she stated "It's motivational fuel, it's emotional fuel... to just keep going" And yes, while many of her quotes could be weaving the narrative for the Survivor story, it has a feeling of being about Denise's personal journey through this game. Along with the rest of her deliberate attention she's getting, this makes it more than a journey edit, but rather a winner's edit.

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49. "RE: Episode 6 - The Michel Pick"
Love the recap/analysis, as always! And I'm finally glad that you settled on Mike as the winner. I was leaning that way after Episode 1, but then he disappeared.

Can another theme be: Remember Season 2? (they had an issue with no rice, too... taken away by the water!)

Lisa & Denise: Nice women, and I want them to do well, but I'm kind of bored of them at this point, much as I was bored with Tina. Denise survived her tribe... yay. Lisa is awesome, but she hasn't done much lately. Either could be the winner, a'la Tina... lucky, and hanging with the Colby-type.

Malcolm: I don't see a long-term player. He strikes me (if we're going with those S2 analogies) of being similar to Colby, with the inevitable immunity run and the alliance with an older female. Can he go that far? I don't think so.

RC: I guess we have to compare her to... Amber? Maybe if she was still the sidekick to the villainess (we'll have to wait for AllStars3 for her to win?) If not Amber, then Jerri? She snuggled to Malcolm (Colby) that one time, and she feels alone. But she's way nicer. As nice as... Elisabeth? She has a thing for the older man (Mike), so maybe that fits. F4?

Mike: What would have happened had he stayed out of the fire in Autralia? There were a lot of fire references (from Lisa) the last episode, as if wanting us to remember the fire guy.

Plus if Michel is putting the stamp on Mike, then I'm going there, too!

Grats Mike!!

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michel 10812 desperate attention whore postings
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11-03-12, 01:40 PM (EST)
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50. "Survivor Phillipines - Episode 7: It Just Takes Two"
The recap first reminded us of Malcolm and Denise’s story: A pair from the beginning, Denise and Malcolm were the only members of Matsing remaining.
<We heard Denise say that Malcolm may be young but that he is wise.>
A change in the game split them up.
Malcolm, with his idol, was sent to Tandang, winning challenges after challenges…
While Denise had yet to taste victory with Kalabaw.

Then we had Mike and RC’s troubles in Tandang:
The winning streak came to an end when Skupin and RC convinced their tribe to forfeit the victory for the rest of Kalabaw’s rice.
<We heard Mike saying: “From a strategic point of view, let’s take their food and go.”
We also saw Artis’ sour reaction.>
Back at camp, Artis, Pete and Abi were all but satisfied…
<Abi is heard saying it was the dumbest moments on survivor>
…villifying Skupin and RC for giving up reward.

At the reward challenge, Malcolm singlehandedly caught the victory for Tandang while Katie continued to be a liability.
Jeff Kent had other plans, targeting his former new ally Penner and his idol.
<Kent tells us he may need Jonathan to go further in the game.>
At Tribal Council, Kent ditched his plans and Katie to keep the tribe strong.

This recap reduced Kalabaw to being only Denise’s new surroundings. They weren’t worth mentioning before they had to go to Tribal Council again. In fact, the recap reduced the season to the obstacles faced by Malcolm, Denise, Mike and RC. One of that foursome wouldn’t survive the night but for the other 3, the future looks much more promising.

It Just Takes Two

Kalabaw – Night 16

Denise: “Coming back from the 6th Tribal Council in a row, I’m just glad I’m back but it’s like déjŕ vu. It’s one after the other. Am I cursed?”

Jonathan then talked about Katie’s vote against him. Kent tried to explain but Jonathan wasn’t convinced.

Kent first told us about the situation: “Tribal tonight was chaotic. I was about to let Penner go but I think Penner could help me out. I hope I made the right choice. We’re two guys taking shots at each other but there will come a time and a place where I will have to get to him before he gets to me.”

Jonathan had a confessional also: “I think Jeff and I have built a trust between each other but I was really surprised that Katie wrote my name. It shouldn’t have been. I forget that other people are lying. It’s always my problem. It’s a wake-up call. Do I get to keep my eyes and ears open as we move forward? Of course. It would be stupid not to.”

Tandang – Day 17

Mike told his tribe that day 17 was the day he fell in the fire during Australia.
Malcolm joked that he barely made it this far this time.

Mike: “I fell in the fire this far in the game 24 seasons ago so I no longer have an advantage. It’s all new territory for all of us.”

This, I think, is the key quote to understanding the story.

Just then, Artis spotted the catamaran.

Lisa: “We were just lying around thinking it was going to be a long day when all of a sudden we saw this boat and we thought: He’s going to come in the cove, no he’s not, he’s coming in: OH! My God!. Then we heard the best news we’ve had since day 1…When you only have 10 minutes to gather up everything you have, everything is like gold, making sure I don’t have socks hanging on a line somewhere or shoes hidden underneath the raft somewhere, that’s priority one.”

Malcolm had a confessional while packing his bag: “I buried my idol the first day I got here now I have 10 minutes to dig it up again.”


Jonathan: “It’s a new lifeline for all of us. There’s 4 of us, 7 of them so we’re hoping for some dissension over there. We can take one or two people to our side, use them for a while and then cut them off if we can.”

Denise: “Kalabaw, we are going to stay 4 strong. We need two to shift that balance and have majority. My plan is to stick with the alliance that I have with Kalabaw but, at the same time, I truly would like to go back to my original alliance with Malcolm.”

During the unloading of the boat, I noticed RC picking the immunity idol...

...and then Skupin had it when he went to embrace Jonathan, the first two to greet each other.

Knowing what happened to RC, did they show this to hint that she should have kept it instead of giving it (and her story) to Skupin? And what is the significance of showing Skupin and Mike hugging first if they do not align sooner or later? Especially considering the confessional that came immediately after

Kent: “I believe that a veteran player shouldn’t be winning this game. Penner has always been my priority since day 1 and now that I am on a team with Penner and Skupin, I have two priorities. It was a good introduction. I don’t think anyone knows who I am so that’s a good thing. As long as we don’t talk about baseball, maybe I’m safe.”

Peter: “The feast was amazing. There was more food than you could ever want. The wine was awesome. The tribe’s first intention when we landed on this island was to be Tandang strong but that was impossible because RC is someone that would never let that happen and Skupin doesn’t have a brain of his own. He does what RC tells him to do.”

Mike’s confessional reminded us that Pete was the cause of dissension, not the other way around: “I never made the merge before. They merged in Australia, the day after I was medevaced so this is kinda cool and merging with numbers? Even better. I noticed Pete and Abi, the power alliance in our tribe, being a little quiet. They haven’t had alliegience in weeks to RC and I so we’re really free agents. Being free agents means you get to choose your team. It just takes two.”

Doesn’t this confessional contradict Pete’s assesment completely? It certainly seems that Skupin has a brain. I also noted that the merge feast was the occasion for the viewers to hear about only 2 players’ personal life: Kent and Skupin’s.

Abi, RC and Lisa sat together, RC saying that she thought Denise would talk to her.
Abi suggested that RC should be a spy to get information.
RC countered that they weren’t one big happy family which seemed to frustrate Lisa a lot because we saw her bowing her head when RC said that.

Merged Tribe – Day 17

Lisa: “On the merged beach, the guys were working on the shelter so I thought I’d hang everyone’s clothes out and give them some sun so we don’t sleep with wet clothes. Then I picked up Malcolm’s bag…I was looking in there and I felt something. I discovered he had the hidden immunity idol in his bag, which totally shocked me.”

Malcolm and Denise quickly noticed.

Lisa wasn’t dressed the same way while she was hanging the clothes as when she was giving her confessional. She had a dress while hanging the clothes but pants when talking to Malcolm and giving her confessional.

Maybe she changed before Malcolm whisked her away but he must have acted quickly. Her hair changed also in each scene (Loose when she first hangs the clothes, in a bun on top while hanging the last ones, So, it’s quite probable that the camera crew missed the shot when she found the idol and had to recreate the scene from another occasion when Lisa takes care of the clothes.

Malcolm: “I was going to change clothes and hide the idol but I thought one hour would be a safe amount of time to assume people would be eating, drinking and getting to know each other. Apparently, the estrogen kicked in and we had to have our clothes cleaned. Now, I have to pin down good ole Lisa who, I think, from the goodness of her heart, tried to dry my clothes. I get her alone and don’t say a word, I just looked at her.”

Lisa did confess immediately to finding the idol. She promised not to tell anybody while Malcolm promised his “new momma” a Final 3 deal with Denise.

Malcom’s confessional continued: “Alleluia! The church lady found it who hopefully, has a heart. At the same time, I’m locked into an involuntary alliance with Lisa and Denise, the two people I don’t have confidence I could beat in the Final 3 just because they are nice but…”

Lisa had a confessional of her own: “Malcolm promised a Final 3 with me and Denise. That’s really nice but you do have to take it with a grain of salt. I’m not the only actor on this island! I could be being played.”

Having both players give their point of view underlines the importance of the scene and of the characters. The scene ended with both laughing but we suspect that Final 3 won’t make it to the end and Lisa certainly came out of it looking more aware of the situation than Malcolm

Day 18
We never heard a discussion about the tribe’s name.

Lisa had a confessional after a nice scene with Jonathan: “Penner is aware of my past as a child star but we didn’t talk strategy and, if we weren’t on this island, we would have a really great time over lunch, just talking about each other’s lives. If you have that kind of connection, it’s valuable especially if you do wind up aligned together further down the road.”

Does anyone think Lisa may have warned Penner before TC, letting him know to use his idol? It would be strange since she did vote against him but maybe it was a way to hide their future alliance.

Jonathan: “Lisa had been on “Facts of Life” but now, as with many, many former actors, you get older and you do other things with your life. Lisa is a cool lady. She could actually go pretty far as an under-the-radar, non-threatening person who could find herself sitting in the Final 3. I believe that.”

Jonathan promised not to blow her cover.

Jonathan’s POV is always important on Survivor so we should say with confidence that Lisa will make the Final 3.

Jonathan then talked to Skupin about the dangers of being a returning player.

Jonathan: “I am trying to find fissures in this yellow tribe and Skupin seems like a cool guy so I got to help him feel as comfortable as he can about slitting the throats of the people he spent 17 days with.”

Jonathan offered 4 loyal people but we now know he couldn’t deliver.

Mike, after receiving a nice helicopter shot, talked it over with RC asking her how she felt about realignement.
RC only gave him a 50-50 which sounded like the wrong answer and could be the reason Mike didn’t stick with RC in the end.
Mike told her he couldn’t trust Tandang.

RC in confessional: “There are a lot of dynamics right now. Me and Mike are solid but we would like to feel more secure. The old Tandang tribe made it obvious about me and Mike. They ostracised us both for 17 days. So, Jonathan corrals his threesome and I have Mike obviously on my side, so that’s 6 so why wouldn’t we do something? If we have a chance to go somewhere else, why not?”

Mike told her why not: “We need to take baby steps before we can take giant steps.”

Back in camp, Kent was back to his idea of going after veterans, Penner first.
Pete, Malcolm, Artis and Abi were there to listen.

Kent: “I know Penner’s got the idol, nobody else knows for sure but I know and I’ll join any game to get Penner out before I get out.”

The group agreed to split the votes 4-4 between Penner and RC.

Malcolm: “The little clique inside of Tandang is operating under the assumption that Penner has an idol but we don’t have the votes within our own tribe to split the votes and get rid of him so we have to pull in Jeff, Carter and Denise. We would split the votes between Penner and RC. If Penner has an idol, he’ll have to play it to save himself and RC goes home but, if not, we revote and get rid of Penner right now. The only wrinkle is if the Kalabaw; Jeff, Carter and hum, Denise, are going to go along with this, go along with what they say they will.”

Being the one to express the nasty ones’ plan is terrible for Malcolm. His story is that of the nice guy that wins challenges and goes to the end hoping that his social game will enable him to win over two very nice persons yet now, he is tainted with RC’s blood. This ended his chances, storywise, to win the game. At least Denise was nowhere to be seen during this scene.

The Challenge

Does anyone think that Abi lied about her weight?!

Skupin was the first to fall out, followed by Pete and Penner who got some ribbing from Jeff like in the good old days.
Lisa and Malcolm soon followed.
Abi let go immediately after RC had dropped her bucket so Denise won immunity for the women.
Carter eventually outlasted Artis and Kent.
For Denise it was her first immunity as Malcolm noted

Artis: “I’m happy that Penner and RC didn’t come close to winning immunity because we are going to split the votes between Penner and RC. If Penner plays the idol, RC goes home. If Penner doesn’t play the idol, he goes home with it.”

RC: “It’s been a good day so far. No, I didn’t win immunity but we got this core 6 in place right now. Me and Mike are solid and we are definitely with Kalabaw. With us 6. we are in the majority.”

Mike had a confessional that looked back to his whole time on Survivor and clearly contrasted with RC’s carefree attitude: “I have never felt threatened before and tonight, returning players are a major threat. My reputation is pretty competitive. My reputation isn’t being loyal to a tribe that hasn’t been loyal to me. There isn’t anybody who think that I would go down without a fight.”

These words and the epsiode’s outcome tell us that the themes of fighting back outlined by RC really applied to her companion, Mike.

He then had a talk with Jeff, the leader of Kalabaw: “Pete, Abi and Artis cannot control this game. They are too rude. I just hate them.”
He offered to go with Kalabaw’s 4 but Kent was still obsessed about Penner outlasting him.
Mike then said he’d go with Jeff.

Mike: “It just takes two people from Tandang to realign with the Kalabaw tribe then they would be 6 strong. Unless God himself appears live before me and speaks to me, I cannot follow Pete, Artis and Abi as long as I have some assurance that Jeff and Carter aren’t going to switch over to the old Tandang tribe. Because if RC and I go this way while Jeff and Carter go this way then, what happened? Nothing got gained.”

This and the baby steps strategy explain Mike’s vote against Penner. With Carter and Jeff indeed going with Tandang, it would have been foolish to flip.

Jeff and Carter talked it over and they realized that going with the yellow tribe against Penner would put them at the bottom yet they chose to go that way.

Jonathan after pledging loyalty again to Kalabaw, had a confessional: “If the people that I believe are going to vote with me are really not going to vote with me, if all of this has been smoke, then I’m a terrible judge of character and I don’t really deserve to stay in the game. I do believe that Skupin, RC, Denise, Carter and Jeff are going to vote with me. They all mean it; I believe they do.”

Once more, Jonathan forgot that people could be lying. Jonathan is a terrible judge of character because Kent and Carter were then shown telling Pete they were still on.

Kent: “I’m at a cross roads. I’m either going with veterans players, people I don’t want to win this game, trying to ride them out, or I’m going to go with the Tandang tribe and vote out Penner but then I’m at the bottom. If you treat baseball with disrespect, you are going to get bit in the ass and I know that if you treat this game with disrespect you’re going to get bit in the ass too so, with all humbleness, I say that the decision on who goes home tonight is going to be heavily based on which way I go and who I carry over to the other side. I got to protect myself because whatever move I make, it’s not going to sit well with either tribe.”

Unfortunately for Kent, the sun came down while he talked about his crossroads, symbolyzing the end of his game.

Tribal Council

First Jeff noted the history made by Tandang and by Denise.
Denise was happy to survive one more time
Skupin said the fractures in Tandang were natural but that they still pulled off the wins.
RC said it got pretty bad but that families fight sometimes.
Abi said she had been close to RC until the betrayal.
RC said she still didn’t know how she betrayed Abi.
Abi mentioned the idol clue.
Peter smiled when they accused each other.
Asked if this fight could cause people to flip to Kalabaw, Lisa mentioned that they would simply be voted off at the end by Kalabaw.
Kent mentioned that the 5th position in Kalabaw is better than 6th or 7th on Tandang.
Lisa countered that you’re weaker after flipping because you’ve shown you can’t be trusted.
Pete said that players usually don’t like returning players.
Lisa said she was concerned by Denise and Malcolm’s alliance and that they too could jump over and avoid being the dog that’s kicked to the side of the road.
Asked about the idol, Pete said he thought Matsing’s idol was gone. He added he felt he had a target on his back.
Kent told Jeff that they were still scrambling because they didn’t know exactly who was going home.

Not taking any chances, Penner played his idol. It wasn’t wasted:

Abi voted: Penner
Lisa: Penner
RC: Pete
Artis: RC
Malcolm: Penner
Penner: Pete
Pete: RC
Skupin: Penner
Denise: Penner
Carter: RC
Kent: RC

I wrote down the votes as they were revealed at the end of the show because the pattern is fascinating.

Abi and Pete shared a smile as RC walked away.
Jeff sent them back to camp with a warning: “Three people got votes so it would appear that it is anybody’s game.”

The Story

It takes two, Skupin said and this season has really focused on the pairs:

The first one, outlined in the recap, is Macolm and Denise. Their story dominated the premerge and, while Denise’s immunity win still kept her in the viewers’ eyes, they faded in the background after the merge.
Tandang’s power alliance of Abi and Pete exchanged smiles at the result of the latest TC. They think they’ve gained control but this could be their last occasion to rejoice.
Then we have Carter and Kent who thought were in control but are now at the bottom of the Tandang totem pole just because of their fixation on Penner.
The next known pair was RC and Skupin and while the vote broke the pair, I believe it was broken the moment RC said she was 50-50 on flipping. Skupin couldn’t stand the idea of staying with Tandang so he ditched his partner and found a new pair. It wasn’t shown like so many other things about Skupin’s story but the vote pattern showed us exactly who is his new ally: Lisa. These two hopped on with Denise and Malcolm and managed to stay hidden within the split vote strategy, because of the split vote strategy. Can an alliance of four remain hidden long enough to gain control of the game? To answer this, we have to look at the story of the season:

The Rise of the Phoenix

Mike had a key quote at the beginning of the episode: “I fell in the fire this far in the game 24 seasons ago.” I believe this explains the editing choices made during the premerge and tells us the outcome of the season. In Australia, Mike had a tremendous premerge story, so good in fact that “Filipino Mike” could never top it so the editors didn’t even try, hiding him instead.

This way we can read Mike’s story as if it ended in the ashes of that fire on the banks of the Herbert river only to rise again on the same day, 24 seasons later. Mike is being portrayed as the Phoenix, the mythical bird, and he has now returned to life after falling in the fire. (We have seen quite often an eagle fly by during the season and that’s the link, the hint to Mike’s story.)

Mike’s strategy is to play with one partner: It just takes two. However, RC disappointed him when she was uncertain about the course of action. All she considered was going to Kalabaw but that would have put Mike and her at the bottom of their pecking order. We also saw that Lisa was disappointed with RC when she continued the fight with Abi: “We aren’t one big happy family.” Mike needed a partner, Lisa was worried about Malcolm’s offer so they probably agreed to team up. That’s what their votes told us. We will need to see how it’s explained down the road but I believe that, out of all the pairs that have been revealed, the most important one is being hidden…for a very good reason.

The Characters

Artis: This sour man is unpaired , editing wise, even if we know he is close to Pete and Abi.

Jonathan: His first “Punch” was only a jab: His play of the idol saved him for now but it has once more isolated him. The lone wolf is the ultimate “Free Agent” and which way he goes will decide the game…at least the play of the game because we have a pretty good idea that he won’t go with Kent or Pete’s sides. Jonathan can only find salvation, at least temporarily, by aligning with four of the five that voted against him this time! Another fascinating aspect of the last vote.

Pete and Abi: The rude pair should get what is coming to them shortly. I thought RC would outlast them but her story was transferred to Mike instead. The only question I have is whether this pair goes before or after the other failed pair:

Carter and Kent: They completely miscalculated because of their fixation on Penner. They could have been in charge of the alliance of 6 with RC, Skupin, Penner and Denise but they forgot two important factors: Denise wasn’t going in an alliance without Malcolm while Lisa has more strategic importance than they thought. The whole story tells us that Penner will get Kent first. Appropriately, Kent now has 2 strikes against him (2 TCs where he wanted Penner out but failed) so he should be punched out on his next swing of the bat.

Malcolm and Denise: Malcolm’s story was gravely hurt this week because of his close association with Pete. It would have been much better for him if the editors hadn’t picked him to tell the audience about the plan to boot either Penner or RC. The plot turned RC, a likable player, into a victim and winners are never shown booting “Victims”. They are always shown booting “Dumb Players” or “Villains”. Can Denise survive without her partner? Of course she could and has for 2 important rounds in Kalabaw but, editing-wise, she is linked to him so her story should fall short. It will be a great, an historic journey but it won’t give her the title of Sole Survivor even if we have heard that she’d be unbeatable in the Final Vote.

Lisa and Mike: This is the winning pair! Lisa had a tremendous episode and her interventions at TC show that she is a force to reckon with as far as the game’s strategy is involved. I think Penner will dearly regret not talking about strategy with her, She is also very well liked so she has it all as far as jury appeal is concerned. I’d certainly declare her the winner except for the manipulation we have observed in her partner’s edit. Her story is very straightforward, the only hidden aspect being her “church lady” character. Malcolm mentioned it but we haven’t heard her talk about religion.

The editors manipulated Mike’s story so much that it caught our eye before the merge, before we fully realized what angle they were using. The “Dog that Didn’t Bark” may have been used as a wink to Tina’s story but that was only a side effect. To have waited to show Mike until the day of his “rebirth” reveals a long term plan that can only lead him to victory. Another funny side of it is that, by his own admission, Mike is on a level playing field now with the rookies. He’s “lost” his veteran status that put such a huge target on returning players’ back. Now, can he convince Kent of this? I have to believe he does because Mike will Win Survivor: Philippines.

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51. "RE: Survivor Phillipines - Episode 7: It Just Takes Two"
Here's my bit on Episode 7. This was an excellent merge episode as expected! It was great to see almost all of the remaining players pretty much highlighted and relevant to the episode (even Carter was a part of it, as he was an individual immunity winner) At times it felt like part 2 of the first episode, as there was lots of focus and narration from the returning players, as well as from our 2 celebrity players.

The recap basically gave us a synopsis of the three main storylines that began from each of the 3 starting tribes and are now still in play within the merged tribe. The Matsing story went from being the demised tribe, to a story of survival for Malcolm and Denise. The recap continues to highlight Malcolm and Denise, even when the aren't the top players in the coming episode. We are meant to remember their story and their connection - which is very good for them.

The Tandang story was that of the terrible 3 (Artis/Pete/Abi) vilifying Mike and RC. And we heard Artis' confessional about Mike doing nothing for the tribe. Not looking good for Mike and RC, but this also set up why we saw the various factions considering to team up Kalabaw members. The Kalabaw story was about Jeff Kent and Jonathan. Jeff's big decision was to keep Jonathan and "he ditched his plan"

RC - Sad to see her go. She was a great narrator and had an accurate depiction of what was going on in the game. The only thing is she needed to swallow her pride and appease former Tandang a bit more. She had a great edit (like many first jurors have gotten) and she appeared poised to have legs to go far, although I did note in my ep5 recap that she could also be set up to be booted at merge (good call ;) ). It was great to see her and Abi finally discuss their conflict at TC, even though it was not resolved. Hopefully this will continue to play out in Ponderosa (which are very enjoyable clips already, as RC is such a fan of the game and a good sport about losing)

Carter - Pretty much ignored until he one immunity. But kudos to him for outlasting in that challenge. Although once again, we see that he is relying too heavily on his only main alliance which is to Jeff. At this point it doesn't even matter if he might seem as a possible boot choice to threaten his alliance. If one of his alliance mates (assuming Denise might still be, while Jonathan is not) goes first, he won't have much left to bank on. He's tied his game too closely to Jeff, and as I'll state next, that might be the quickest of the stories to bring to a close.

Jeff Kent - Jeff's game has now been reduced to getting Jonathan out of the game. The episode started with him stating that he hoped he made the right choice keeping Jonathan (from the last Kalabaw TC) to him swinging back to gunning for Jonathan once the tribe's merged. We did not see this choice provoked, and gameplay-wise this was foolish. Why would he flush-out-the-idol/blindside Jonathan at a point in the game when he had his trust and could have possibility had Jonathan & his idol to shield you in an alliance. He's lost Jonathan and any chance at idol protection, leaving him as a part of strong pair tacked at the end of a shaky alliance. Doesn't sound like an ideal position to me. I think most viewers would have seen Jeff's behavior as erratic, or paranoid, at best. I think it was short-sighted and the beginning of his end.

Jonathan - We continue to see Jonathan narrating the events as he sees them, and he's seeing them pretty accurately. Of course, we the exception of not knowing whether to trust Jeff/Carter. Although now after the vote, he will be clear about it. His confessional about "not deserving to stay in this game" if mistakenly trusting them, may be all too prophetic for him. I think there may be a chance for Jonathan to redeem his a gameplay a bit. But can he do enough for endgame, likely not, his edit just isn't tied to much else than his battle with Jeff.

Mike - Mike came back on the radar for the merge episode. He got to tell us that he is surpassing his time he previously spent on Survivor in Australia. In confessional, he said we are all on equal playing field, setting the stage for the merge. And once again, it seems to me is narrating the story and not his story. We saw Mike "lie" twice in this episode. When he stated to Jeff that Pete had spoken 4 words to him, this simply was not true, as Mike was initially in an alliance with Pete. We also saw him NOT vote along with RC. Yes, we don't know for sure that he lied to RC about changing his vote to Penner. But once again we weren't shown Mike's viewpoint on making these decisions. Even when back on the radar, Mike's edit is missing something - not the attention production would give to a winner. Especially when we are hearing such thoughts from other key players.

Artis - Artis had a good showing at the Immunity Challenge and was shown during the discussion to bring in Jeff & some Kalabaw votes for RC & Jonathan. He gave us the quick recap of the voting plan after the Immunity Challenge, yet still it seems like he's on the outside looking in. He's not relevant to the story.

Abi - Very little seen of Abi, but she was around in the mix of things. It was apparent that she was able to sit pretty and let the guys in her alliance do the talking. Is she actually able to play it cool when she needs to. Well compared to what we've seen of her in past, she can. And she did her part in the Immunity Challenge. She may outlast her alliance, but she cannot win the game.

Peter - A mild episode for Pete. We got to hear another dig from about Mike not having a brain, and some narration around the merge feast. He also stated that RC would not go "Tandang strong" in an alliance and we saw him in scenes work with others to make sure the vote would be directed her way. While he comes across as cocky and not as likeable, we are not seeing him as a stupid player. He was correct about RC not being with former Tandang, and he was wise to point her out as a primary target to Jeff. We saw that he was pivotal to get some Kalabaw votes to split the voted and flush out the idol in the process, and it all came to fruition.

Malcolm - was highlighted as being a challenge winner in the recap. Will this continue with Individual Immunities? He was shown reconnecting with Denise, confirming to us that this alliance is still intact. He had the wherewithal to notice that Lisa caught wind of his idol and he had a direct discussion with her about it. While he was able to make it seem like it was heart to heart, his main intent was to secure his secrecy of the idol and it appears he did. He was also a key part of the discussion to do the split vote between RC and Jonathan. While it appears that Malcolm has his head in the game and that he has good strategic and social sense to play wisely, the question that comes up regarding him is: Will Malcolm try to be all things to all people? And will this be likely to cave in or take him to the end.

Denise - Again we hear in recap "every step is an opportunity to turn things around." This is the mantra to which we are to view Denise. And wouldn't that just be a lovely winning mantra too. We got to see Denise too with her Individual Immunity win. Not as prominent as others in this merge episode. But with her II win, and her moment connected with Malcolm, we are still aware that Denise is in this. Even though she was likely brought in on the plan about how the votes would be split between RC and Jonathan, she was out of the fray of what went down. We continually see flexibility in Denise her thoughts and actions. With first stating that she's stay with the 4 Kalabaw, to wanting to reconnect with Malcolm, to then making a decision to stick with the majority and keep herself safe and not a target. This is how you get to the end in Survivor.

Lisa - Interestingly, Lisa is now part of all 3 stories that were highlighted in the recap. She was part of the Tandang story as having been pulled into the original alliance replacing RC, and she had been vocal to have RC be the first to go (and she was). And as of tonight's episode, she is tied to the Jonathan/Jeff Kent story, as she too has an identity that could be revealed and Jonathan is aware of this. More importantly she is now tied to the Malcolm and Denise story. We heard Malcolm state his intentions to remain aligned to her and Denise till the end, as well as Lisa's perspective and astuteness to take it with a grain of salt. We also heard Malcolm say she would be hard to beat. AND we heard Jonathan state she's "a non-threatening person that could be sitting in the final 3" These are fantastic endorsements for her.

While I'm still betting on Denise, I have to give big props to Lisa. She certainly was the star of this episode. Not just with airtime and ties to storylines, but she she showed strength in her social game (loved her scene with Malcolm) and sound strategic perspective at the first TC for the merged tribe (to which she was sitting smack dab in the middle). She is clearly getting an edit beyond her star status (which is more than I could say for Jonathan, Jeff, and Mike). I would love to see Lisa win, and watch the finesse it would take her to get there.

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52. "RE: Survivor Phillipines - Episode 7: It Just Takes Two"
I think Abi is a little b!tch and Artis and Pete are a$$holes, and I'd want to tear my hair out if any of those 3 foul balls won. But given the edit they're all getting, their villainous tendencies are being well exposed and none of those wastes of good oxygen are likely to get close to the final, and if they do we could be going to Sue Hawk city all over again at final TC.
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53. "Episode 8 - There Are Cracks:"
After the two tribes merged, Tandang had a 7 to 4 advantage…
<Skupin: “I never made the merge before and, with numbers? Even better>
…While everyone was settling in, Lisa found Malcolm’s idol.
<Malcolm: “The church lady, who hopefully has a heart, found it.”>

With the tribes merged, Penner went to work, convincing Skupin and RC to turn on their old tribe.
But, unfortunately for Penner, Jeff wanted to take out the former winners.

At Tribal Council, Penner wasn’t sure of his alliance and decided to play his idol.
His instincts were correct: His alliance had turned and his ally RC was blindsided.

The recap was again manipulated to underline Skupin’s story. First, he told us once more that he is in a merge for the first time and then he is included in Penner’s allies. It was Penner, Skupin and RC that were trying to change the game but Jeff twarthed the plan. No mention of Lisa’s role or Malcolm’s or Denise’s. They somehow got included in the group that went after the returning players and the likable RC.

There Are Cracks

Penner went directly to Jeff for answers, telling him that he had blown it, that they had Pete if they had followed his plan.

Jonathan: “Does it hurt to get betrayed? Yes, of course it does. Why? Because you are left out of the secrets. There are secrets that are being talked behind your back. And the things that you trusted (a shot of Denise inserted right here) wasn’t true.”

Penner then asked Denise if she voted for RC.
She told him she voted for him.
He asked why.
She told him it was her own strategy adding: “It could blow up in my face.”
Jonathan dismissed her.

This is a terrible montage for Denise: She is on screen when Penner mentions she couldn’t be trusted, she mentions her plan could blow up in her face and she is seen somewhat stammering, marking her as one of the wishy-washy players that Kent blamed for the plan’s failure.

Jeff: “Penner’s played his idol, He doesn’t have anymore power that way. We are going to do our best to win the individual immunity or at least not let Penner have it…I gave up a lot pf power and authority when I voted with Tandang tonight.”

Ya think?

Then, Skupin had a talk with Jonathan: “I can understand how you feel but, I know you wouldn’t throw in the towel but don’t throw in the towel. There are cracks. There are cracks I am telling you. I am not going home after you…We just have to wait for somebody to screw up, waiting for a crack the get exposed. They are there.”

This little encouragement session defined Skupin’s game from the beginning and probably to the end. It didn’t explain his vote at the last TC but it certainly outlined his strategy. You don’t need to have control, you just have to wait for the craks to get exposed.

Jonathan: “I am not resigned to going home. There’s no quit in me but one way I can get myself further is to take my foot way off the gas pedal, climb into the backseat, put a blanket over my head and hope they forget that I am here for a while but they have betrayed me so all bets are off. I have no alliances…everybody is equal, they are all ready to die.”

Dangrayne – Day 20

Lisa had a confessional while Jonathan went fishing: “Everybody is so galvanized against Penner because they really don’t want returning players having a second chance, and they feel very strongly that they want Penner and Skupin gone first and second. For my game, I want to stay with Tandang but I have no qualms about making this battle to win a million dollars a little easier if it’s within my power. Once Penner and Skupin are gone, Jeff, Carter, Malcolm, Denise and I will then target the ones that everobody doesn’t like, Artis, Pete and Abi.”

Lisa then went to get tree mail with Jeff.

Kent: “Pete, Artis and Abi are a team and they think they are running the game. I’m fine to break that up. Lisa; she’s so naďve and so soft and so nice but we may be able to jump on board with each other and carry this thing into a flip scenario where we flip ourselves from the bottom to the top.”

As it always happens on Survivor, the Reward challenge was going to split the teams in just a perfect way to get that done:

The Reward Challenge:

We had on the Yellow Team: Lisa – Jeff – Penner- Malcolm and Denise.

On the Blue Team: Artis – Pete – Abi – Skupin and Carter.

As for Jeff’s comments, I noted: “Lisa, slow in the water…Skupin is stuck in the water…”

The Yellow team won the reward.


Artis: “Man! I wanted that reward but, on the flip side, I’m here for the million dollars, I’m still in the game. I’ve been eating beans and rice for
21 days. Beans and rice for 19 more days? Not a problem for me.”

Abi started talking numbers with Carter while Skupin was listening.

Pete: “Abi’s got a big mouth. When Abi leaks information, that’s very dangerous. So, she’s like a puppy you have to take care of.” He told her they could keep Skupin to go after Kalabaw. Then Pete’s confessional continued: “Abi is kind of immature. She thinks that everybody is out to get her and I wish I could vote her out but I know that if she is in a final three, she’s not getting any votes.”

The Reward

Denise: “It was a great group to have on the reward (one could say it was the group the producers wanted to see make it to the end!) They are a pretty positive group that has meshed together well. It was nice to be with them.”

Lisa had a thought for Skupin left back there with those that always find a way to be upset after every challenge.

Malcolm: “There is a bit of the good versus evil dynamics going on in the tribe right now. The evil three being Artis, Abi and Pete, and the rest of the tribe considers themselves the good guys!” Lisa talked about having to kiss the behind of the three while Jonathan said he hated that they acted like tyrants. Malcolm’s confessional continued: “It’s one thing that Penner is trying to take advantage of; turning the vote against one of the three instead of himself.”

Jonathan: “It’s easy for me who has his head on the chopping block to say: “You got to make a move.” But I am saying it and if it can save me for just one more vote, I’d appreciate it and I think I can help you guys get on control of the game.”

Lisa: “Cetainly, the idea of battling it out at the end with 4 other worthy opponents is such a noble choice but I am discovering that I am not just trying to get to the final 5; I’m trying to win which means I first need to get to the final 3 with as many people who aren’t going to get more votes than me as possible. That’s just how you get ahead. The same rules don’t apply in the game of Survivor as they do in real life.”

Unfortunately Lisa, this was a terrible moment to show your schemes. The group had just mentioned the good versus evil dynamics and then the nice, naďve player tells us she would go to the end with the evil ones. That could be enough to make her evil in the eyes of her future jurors and the audience.

Dangrayne – Day 22

Lisa: “I anticipate that, after Penner goes home, someone will wake up and realize that this is the time to do a 5-4 alliance.” (Denise, Malcolm and Peter were shown NOT waking up while this was being said. The one that was awake was…Skupin who was shown fishing at the time) “It makes more sense to me and Skupin to go to the end with Abi, Artis and Pete cause they have made so many enemies and they have made so many hot head emotional moves that have ticked people off. I have a plan that assures him (Skupin) that he does not need to scramble and make alliances with someone else that is going to promise him the world because I am going to promise him the universe.”

This is the key confessional of the season: Lisa, who couldn’t fit in at the start, thinking she wasn’t good at this game has proven she does fit in and is good at the game but she will give the game to Skupin. He won’t have to scramble which he never has, he just has to follow the game as it falls in Lisa’s control.

Lisa told Skupin about her plan which involved blindsiding Malcolm who had an idol. She had to convince Peter that Tandang should stick together and eliminate Malcolm.

Skupin (solo): “Lisa is now in this game to win it which is great because she is my closest ally out here. A lot depends on who wins immunity. The only way to be safe is to win immunity. You are going to see a dog fight out here today.”

Jonathan had a confessional after cutting in Lisa and Skupin’s conversation just as Michael was asking what happens if Penner won immunity: “I never won an individual immunity challenge, never won, so maybe it’s high time that Johnny did and stick it right in their damn faces and say for once in three times, I won individual immunity.”

It’s interesting to note that, even before the tribe turned to Michael as a potential boot candidate, the editors decided to make the audience think he could be going home. There was no need to set it up so early unless the editors wanted the viewers to think it shouldn’t be Michael, it should be one of the rude kids.

The Challenge

The first round was indeed a dog fight: Abi (!) led after the first obstacle but it soon came down to the men. Pete and Jeff claimed the first two spots while Jonathan barely inched out Michael for the third and final spot.

The puzzle looked like a race between Pete and Jeff much to the delight of Artis, Malcolm, Lisa, Carter and Abi who were shown encouraging the duo. Then, “out of nowehere” Jonathan took the lead and won! Michael, the one that had the most to lose if Jonathan won immunity, was not once shown rooting against him. The audience wasn’t supposed to agree with the ones encouraging Pete and Jeff so it’s important to note that Michael wasn’t included in that group. We only saw him scratching his head after Jonathan won immunity.

was all smiles after returning to camp for his interview: “I don’t know what to say about that challenge. Maybe that was the best thing I ever did in my life!”

Malcolm: “Going into the challenge, all everyone said was “Don’t let Jonathan Penner win immunity. Of course, Murphy’s law states that has to happen so I don’t know why I am so surprised (he) won immunity today. It just threw everyone’s plans for a loop. Now we have to do a scramble to figure out who we are going to get rid of instead of Penner.”

That’s twice now that Malcolm was chosen as the spokesperson for the rude kids, the villains’ alliance. That’s not a good sign for him.

They all agreed that it had to be Skupin.

Jeff: “My vote is going to be for Skupin tonight because Penner kind of done the unthinkable. He’s won two challenges in a row: One on my team and one by himself so he just bought himself another three days of dead man walking.”

We saw Jeff telling Michael that he will be voted out.
Michael just listened while preparing the clam he had caught earlier.

Lisa told Peter that Malcolm had the HII and how she found out about it. She concluded that he had to be blindsided.

Peter: “That whole plan of getting rid of Malcolm and this information about him having the idol, I got blindsided by that because I actually kinda trusted Malcolm. This plan right now is Lisa’s plan. Is it a good plan? Is it a plan that is going to be effective because Malcolm does have an idol and Malcolm is playing two sides? I don’t know.”

So, instead of blindsiding Malcolm, Pete leaked the information to him.
It was ironic to see that Abi wasn’t the only one that had a big mouth! Pete, probably jealous that Lisa had a good plan, gave away much more vital information.

Malcolm: “Pete confronts me about the idol so my first thought is to lie, lie, lie but already my heart is in my stomach because the rumors are out there: It’s going to come out eventually that I do have the thing.”

Pete offered to save Malcolm by going after Jeff.

Peter: “Malcolm freaked out and that right there was enough of a reaction to just kinda know, to look in his soul and know that he doesn’t have the idol. So, I don’t know what Lisa is trying to pull here.” Pete’s ego is so big that he can’t admit that Lisa was right. They go back to the shelter and tell everyone to eliminte Jeff. “The vote right now is Jeff who was going to be second anyway after Penner just to keep Skupin as a swing vote. Right now, Jeff is going home. He’s a nice guy, he’s played a great game but he’s a big threat and I want him gone.”

Since Peter was in control of the majority and he wanted Jeff right after Penner, it seems that Michael was never really in danger of going home this time. It was just edited that way to make the audience think it was the consensus. That is another good point in Michael’s favor.

Pete then told Lisa he only informed Malcolm that they knew about his idol.

Lisa: “Well…Malcolm pulled Pete aside and Pete was thrown off guard and wasn’t very good at convincing him that his name wasn’t on the chopping block so everything just hit the fan.”

Peter after reassuring Lisa that she wasn’t in danger, had a confessional: “Playing the mastermind role is definitely hard work. It isn’t easy and you never really know you are the mastermind. It’s just at the last moment before tribal that you know if you have everybody and if it’s solid.”

The audience probably thought that it’s easier to be the mastermind when you are smart but it’s interesting that this candid admission matches well with the theme saying it isn’t good to be in control. The true mastermind is now Lisa and, even if she is good at it, she will find it hard to lead and win.

Jeff: “We were going to vote Skupin but now I find out they were gunning for me.”
He rallies Malcolm to the idea of eliminating Pete. A lot of scrambling ensued, showing that Michael was right all along: There are cracks! So many in fact that we were in for quite a Tribal Council.

Malcolm: “Everybody is going mad in the past hour. (He says something about Lisa and his idol but I can’t catch it) I will go to this vote with it in my pocket. If it seems close, I am playing it. My vote’s for Pete right now. That’s not the way I planned it at all. I was going for Skupin but it’s going to be hell tonight.”

Tribal Council

Jonathan reacted with a “right on” at RC’s entrance.
Asked about the feelings against returning players, Probst asked Michael if he felt pressure.
Michael said he did, adding: “When I came back to camp, it took a little bit of the pressure off when I heard some people talking
Malcolm laughed and explained that the little Texas girl threw him under the bus.
Lisa agreed, saying that the back up plan was Michael but that he had been a strong member of the Tandang tribe so she wanted to eliminate the biggest threat in the game, Malcolm.
Denise ageed with Jeff that Malcolm could be their 5th against Tandang. “Every crack is an opportunity.”
Pointing to Lisa, Jeff asked Abi if she was concerned to find out that one of your tribe members screwed the whole game up.
Abi said she had considered Malcolm as part of Tandang so it was “ludicrous”.
Lisa countered saying that they were willing to send Michael home.
Abi justified it by saying that Michael and RC were always on the outside. That Tandang “was always you, me, Peter and Artis.”
That shocked Malcolm so Abi belatedly tried to include him but Probst stopped her: “It may be too late for that, Abi.”
Abi told Lisa she had made a mistake because Malcolm was stronger in their alliance than Michael.
Lisa then talked about flushing out the idol. “I brought it up to make the Tandang stronger. I was playing both sides but my allegience was to the original alliance.”
Malcolm then simply pulled the idol, saying he would play it that night: “There’s too much chaos tonight, I am not going home.”
Jeff wanted to know if there were any other idols so Abi obliged (!)
Penner, the necklace around his neck, thought that this was awesome so he wanted to ask something: “It looks like there could be 6 people here ready to march forward in this game. That means keeping Skupin and I in that 6 at least for a while.”
Lisa made her own proposal to the people she had given her word, keeping the majority if they went with plan B.

Probst said there were two pitches but I wonder if Jonathan’s 6 weren’t at least partially the same 6 as Lisa’s. His vote for Abi sure made it look that way since it didn’t help Kent.

Pete thought they were coming after him while Kent said his name had been thrown around also as were Malcolm’s, Penner’s, Skupin’s, Lisa’s and Abi’s.
Kent concluded by saying it was pretty fun
Probst said this was the most interesting and complicated TC ever and, for once, he wasn’t only hyping.
It was time to vote and RC smiled when Penner walked by her.

Malcolm and Abi kept their idols so Kent was voted out.

After snuffing Jeff’s torch, Jeff said that this vote may go down as the biggest blown opportunity ever.

Even if the camera showed Malcolm, it wasn’t clear at that time who Probst was referring to but the audience would have preferred to see Pete get eliminated. Had Malcolm kept quiet about the idol and simply used it, Pete could have been going home.

The Story

It’s rare that the theme of an episode is so clear but the craziness that followed Jonathan’s IC win tells us that “There Are Cracks”. That theme leads us to believe that too much scrambling isn’t a good thing. It’s better to stay calm and wait for an opportunity to expose someone.

If so then the only two main characters shown remaining calm were Skupin and Denise, the two players that talked about cracks.

The Characters

: No, being the mastermind isn’t easy when you are this dumb. I noticed though that Lisa wasn’t angry with him when she learned that he let it slip about the idol so he must have some redeeming qualities that the edit isn’t showing. From the viewers point of view the blown opportunity had to be missing the chance of eliminating him. Since Malcolm was the one shown regretting the result then we can say that the ground was set for us to say: “Malcolm was a good played but he blew it”…just like Kent blew it last week…just like Pete will probably blow it soon. All the ones who felt in control at one point will blow it if this season goes according to the themes we’ve outlined.

Since we don’t need to consider Artis, Abi or Carter anymore, that leaves us with the 5 players that have great stories. Stories that could lead anyone one of them to victory. Some may think that I’m trying to convince you that I am right regarding my views about the winner but I not even sure if I am right myself! I’m just trying to point out some manipulations in the story that make me think Michael will win,
So, with that in mind, let’s look at how I see the remaining players’ chances:

Malcolm: Not only did he regret the result of the vote, we have seen him twice now acting as the spokesperson for the “evil” alliance even if he sees himself being part of the good guys. Since he is a fan favorite, the editors are laying the groundwork for us to understand why he won’t win.

Jonathan: The dead man walking could have found enough of a repreive to make it all the way to the end. Maybe seeing him receiving advice from Skupin at the start of the episode was a way of showing that he was picking up the story that Mike had set up from the beginning of the season: Go with the flow and look for cracks. The editors also clearly connected him with RC, the first juror as if we were meant to think she’d vote for him in the end. His story could be to show that he has more power now without the idol than with it

Unfortunately, we also saw Jonathan trying to rally people for a last minute change of plan when we were being told that scrambling wasn’t the best thing to do. We need to keep our eyes on Jonathan even if this string of episodes looks like a final tribute to one of the great characters in the serie’s history. We all know that the former mutineer cannot keep his foot of the gas pedal!

Lisa: She certainly is becoming a power to be reckoned with. She played this episode as if she had all the cards in her hands, having not only a Plan A but also a Plan B, C, D and E. Her first thought was to accept the elimination of Jonathan and Michael which would have led to a final 5 with Malcolm, Denise, Kent and Carter. Then she wanted to go to the end with Abi, Peter and Artis so she targeted Malcolm, breaking her promise not to tell anyone about his idol
What I found most troubling for her chances was that she was heard saying that the same rules don’t apply in Survivor as they do in real life at the moment when everyone was talking about going with the “good” people. Her story lines are reaching their conclusions too early: She started as the outcast thinking she wasn’t good at this game but she has fit in well for a while now: She’s the church lady that everyone likes. Now we even see her as the mastermind that applies different rules to this game than in real life. The season could be the story of how the nice Lisa managed to win this horrible game by becoming ruthless but it looks more like she will overplay her hand, costing her the game. In addition, even if the plan failed because of Peter’s big mouth, the editors left in Probst comment that Lisa had screwed the whole game. But then again, he was talking about Abi’s game so maybe that’s not so bad!

Denise: After a great premerge story, it looks as if Denise’s story is being ignored. It’s not necessarily a bad thing since she is still connected to the themes of the season by her intervention at TC but I didn’t like that the editors showed us Denise when Kent mentioned wishy-washy players, when Jonathan said he couldn’t trust “them” anymore and when she stammered to find an explanation for voting against Jonathan. Her great story could blow up in her face. Lisa said people had to wake up but Denise was shown sleeping at that moment, something I consider a clear hint that she won’t find her way to victory.

Michael: When Lisa said people had to wake up, Michael was the only one shown in action, doing a basic Survivor task: Fishing. His endeavour earned him a clam but could be foreshadowing that he will claim the big prize. His story continues in a straight line from his opening confessionals: He has followed the pace of the game, at first only concerned to help his tribe win challenges. Then, at the merge, he had a rebirth and, since then, he hasn’t scrambled needlessly; he simply waited for the cracks to get exposed. No one complained about Michael after the reward loss even if he could have been held responsible so that could be another indication that his postmerge story is truly a rebirth.

It really looks like Michael will keep his cool all the way to the end, following his closest ally as she takes control and pays for it in the end when she does hand him the “universe” she promised him.

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11-10-12, 09:22 PM (EST)
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54. "RE: Episode 8 - There Are Cracks:"
I love your analysis and assessment, very well done. From what I saw though, it looks like Jonathan's comeback story. I think he's going to align with Skupin and they'll go as far as they can together. I don't think its a tribute or anything. The recap was all about Skupin, and Probst said, "at the merge, Penner went to work" Probst was giving Penner all of the credit, didn't even mention Skupin as doing anything worthwhile. I think both returnees will go very far, I just think the story is Jonathan's comeback story. He has had an extremely amazing edit.
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mrtricky19 30 desperate attention whore postings
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11-10-12, 09:22 PM (EST)
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55. "RE: Episode 8 - There Are Cracks:"
I meant the recap was all about sorry lol
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56. "RE: Episode 8 - There Are Cracks:"
Welcome aboard mrtricky,

You certainly could be right but I want to point out that the recap had to mention Penner: He was on the chooping block, he scrambled and he played the idol.

Skupin, on the other hand, could have been totally ignored but he wasn't: Reaching the merge was seen through his eyes and he was part of Penner's allies even if he voted to eliminate Penner. Now that's the kind of manipulation that attracts my attention.

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mrtricky19 30 desperate attention whore postings
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57. "RE: Episode 8 - There Are Cracks:"
But remember at the tribal council, Penner was already pandering to the jury and as he walked by RC they showed her smiling to him, as if for the rest of the game she'll be impressed by his game, made it seem like she'll vote for Penner in the end. They didn't have to show that scene at all either, but they did. There is tons of manipulation going on around here lol its pretty crazy. How about a final 3 with Skupin AND Penner? that would actually work due to some of the evidence from this past episode.
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58. "RE: Episode 8 - There Are Cracks:"
Yes, I wrote about the two exchanges between Penner and RC but winks and smiles are terribly difficult to interpret. They always showed the jury smiling when they entered the TC area and saw Terry Dietz wearing the Immunity necklace.

So, what does this connection mean? 3 possibilities:
- Maybe RC votes for Penner.
- Maybe the two vote together (for Skupin? Lisa?) and influence others during FTC.
- Maybe nothing.

One thing I didn't mention was the animal imagery of the "Kalabaw", the water buffalo, being "stuck" in the mud. The image certainly implied that a Kalabaw was going home (even if water buffaloes enjoy the mud) but does it mean that the whole Kalabaw tribe is doomed? I don't know but the blown opportunity applies to that tribe so, if it relates to him at all, it can't be good for Jonathan.

What I do know is that the 2 dolphins swimming together are an indication of the importance of pairs. Which one though? Denise and Malcolm or Lisa and Skupin. Since Lisa dominated the latest episode, I think the future is brighter for the Tandang pair.

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59. "RE: Episode 8 - There Are Cracks:"
They're also setting up possibly that Lisa ends up letting her heart get in the way. She is a christian woman, she's a nice lady. Next episode it looks like she breaks down due to the mean bullies attacking her for exposing everything at the tribal council. I think over time she'll start to realize that Tandang is imploding, there will be no hope for that tribe and that she doesn't deserve to win by how she is playing, so she'll keep around the good guys. It just feels that way to me. And those two dolphins, it did show how important pairs are. But Malcolm's game is now history, his story is coming to an end because everyone knows he has an idol now, he's in worse shape than Penner now. He NEEDS to win immunity now or play the idol because as soon as he plays the idol he's in trouble. So I think Denise will be more in the forefront now and Penner will take over Malcolm's story as the new pair....So Denise and Penner and Lisa and Skupin can end up being the powerful pair. Or maybe the two dolphins mean that Penner and his necklace are a long term pair. Either way I think a Kalabaw is winning simply because did you see the yellow school of fish break apart in the ocean? Tandang is the yellow tribe that will break apart..Animal imagery tells it all.
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60. "RE: Episode 8 - There Are Cracks:"
Will break apart? Tandang already broke when they eliminated RC and from that school of fish emerged the 2 dolphins. We could go on and on about the animals but the best imagery is the following:

Yellow cobra = Peter
Spider = Lisa
Eagle => Phoenix = Michael.

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mrtricky19 30 desperate attention whore postings
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61. "RE: Episode 8 - There Are Cracks:"
Something tells me this season will end with a ton of disappointment. Like the wrong person will win or something.
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62. "RE: Episode 8 - There Are Cracks:"
I guess that depends on one's definition of "wrong". I like a number of people this season, Malcolm and Jonathan especially. I think that they've played the best game so far. I wouldn't consider Lisa or Denise to be "wrong" winners though.

Denise has certainly proved to be a very resilient person, weathering the decimation of Matsing, and then of Kalabaw pre-merge. She has been playing a very under-the-radar game after the merge, but I assume that this is only because it's her best game plan right now. She's not in the line of fire, and she doesn't need to make a big move (yet).

Lisa, on the other hand, is making waves, sometimes unnecessarily so. The plan to boot Malcolm is premature and doesn't seem to be well thought-out. On the other hand, it is making the game more exciting to watch, especially for a casual viewer like me.

A "wrong" winner to me, would be Artis, Carter, or Abi, who have been completely under-exposed, or are just plain unlikeable.

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63. "RE: Episode 8 - There Are Cracks:"
Well said, SpotTheDifference!

I think there are several players still left, some more likeable than others, that can merit a win - and still leave viewers satisfied with the season. And we still have a bunch of episodes left!

Regarding Denise, yes, she has proven to be very resilient. And she may be (arguably) the best edited under-the-radar player the show has seen. With the demise of Matsing and her assimilation into the nuKalabaw, the audience has been privy to see why Denise would choose an UTR strategy and be rewarded for it. Plus, if you add in the factors that she is both a good physical and social player, then UTR is totally working for her game at this point - as the target can be put on other good physical and social players.

Regarding Lisa, she does seem to be making waves. Is it unnecessary though? Sure, the plan was premature, but even she knew this (as she intended to wait on the plan to boot Malcolm, but Jonathan's II win changed that). Her plan hastened, and she didn't back down. In Survivor seasons past we've seen many others not make their "big" move and miss their opportunity to advance in the game. I believe it was well thought-out for Lisa, as she could afford to come onto the radar as she wasn't a threat, and in the process she knew she'd be taking the target off her closest ally, Mike.

Lisa has also stated that she is a huge fan of the game. We saw that she was playing UTR initially (or even as stated by Mike, not playing at all) Although she did this, it was not as strategy, but as a weakness in her, as she was questioning her ability to play this game. Unlike Denise, Lisa feels she has to prove something to get her not only into top 5, but to have something to warrant her the win. We can only wait and see how this will immediately pan out for her. But if she does get to the end, she now has some fodder to contrive her story regarding the breakdown of those events into one of her "big" moves in the game.

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64. "RE: Episode 8 - There Are Cracks:"
I'm with you, Spot. I don't think we can have a wrong winner this season. We know that Abi, Artis, Carter and Peter won't win. I even think that Peter, had he been the winner, could have been edited as a good winner. All he would have needed was a few more "Abi's a goat" confessionals, a good premiere and a few examples of RC playing too hard.

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SpotTheDiffference 455 desperate attention whore postings
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11-12-12, 01:29 AM (EST)
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66. "RE: Episode 8 - There Are Cracks:"
LAST EDITED ON 11-12-12 AT 01:30 AM (EST)

IMO, we can have a wrong winner, if Mike wins. He's too under-edited, his story is starting a bit too late, and all we've heard about him is how bad of a player he is. However, if Denise/Lisa/Malcolm/Jonathan ##### people off towards the end game, I would expect Mike to absorb some of the "against" votes at the FTC. At the moment though, he and Carter are extremely good choices for the made-the-F3-but-got-zero-votes edit of the season.

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68. "RE: Episode 8 - There Are Cracks:"
If you are going by quantity rather than quality then you should be much more worried about Denise who has been clearly under-edited sionce the merge. A great story premerge that had to be told is getting completely dropped by the editors.
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65. "RE: Episode 8 - There Are Cracks:"
Great to see you sharing, mrtricky!

Yes, Jonathan, has been getting a great edit. And him surviving the past 2 episodes is really giving reason to re-assess his chances to make it to the end. I find it tough reading Jonathan's edit, as he is both a returning player and such an articulate narrator that he will always be shown. That being said, I do feel he is getting more manipulation in his edit now that the tribes have merged (pre-merge - his was such a straight-forward story). In terms of edit he's going to be a tough read, so I think I'm going to continue to revert to gameplay perspective as to what his chances are at making it to endgame. I mean who in their right mind would take Jonathan to the end?!

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67. "RE: Episode 8 - There Are Cracks:"
I think Jonathan is getting the "doomed hero" edit. He's likeable, he's strategic, and he's proven to be good at challenges. He also probably won't win unless he wins all immunities until the F3. I think we're meant to root for Jonathan, and give him the fan favorite vote (which he definitely deserves from the way he's playing the game).
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69. "RE: Episode 8 - There Are Cracks:"
I think Jonathan probably doesn't make it to the end, but I also think that the editors want us to think that big time. Malcolm I thought was going to get the fan favorite vote easily, but lately he's just a narrator for the "bad people". So to viewers that is bad and now I think the only one that can get fan favorite is Jonathan which I hope happens because he deserves to win something. Everyone i've talked to loves Jonathan, and I think that was the editors intention all along. Have you noticed that he hasn't gotten any negative confessionals from anyone? That's suspicious! But he has no final three ties which gives away that he doesn't win. Although that look at RC at the jury is interesting but it was probably all fodder I think we can all agree on here though, that Jonathan is the ONLY castaway left this season that would sweep a jury vote win, correct? The ONLY one that would get all the votes...Thats why ladies and gentleman, he does not win we should all mourn appropriately.
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71. "RE: Episode 8 - There Are Cracks:"
Jonathan receied negative confessionals after making that deal for reward. Both Carter and Katie complained about giving up the rice because Jonathan couldn't catch fish.

And, at this moment, Jonathan could get all the votes because he's been the target. He'd lose votes if he got in control and started targeting people.

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72. "RE: Episode 8 - There Are Cracks:"
but they'd still vote for him because he even said he doesn't have alliances anymore. So they have to expect being voted out by him, not being betrayed by him. When you're a lone wolf who cares if you vote someone out? everyone is against you, so when you vote them out, they should respect you for getting to them first....not like Lisa who is in an alliance with everyone...Jonathan is just doing what Michael is now, he's the one that is really going with the flow of the game, Jonathan stole Michael's story.
Also, in that fishing scene, i think it was great for Jonathan because it showed that he was the only one working, the only one being a loyal tribe member by trying to feed everyone. Katie, Carter and Kent werent doing anything, why should they complain? they should go out there and try to find fish if they want to complain..Showed what a team player Jonathan actually is.
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73. "RE: Episode 8 - There Are Cracks:"
"they should respect you for getting to them first"

They never do.

I believe that we wouldn't have seen the failed fishing trip if Jonathan had been our winner. There was also Denise's confessional that was an indirect shot at Jonanthan: "This gives us motivation for the next challenge" she said but they lost that challenge.

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70. "RE: Episode 8 - There Are Cracks:"
Another thing about Jonathan real quick. Look at his confessionals. He gets the close up shot of his face while hes' talking, and look how he's sitting. The camera falls back and you see him sitting with his feet crossed over and he's narrating the story as well as being a central figure within it. You know who else got that treatment? Boston Rob. In every confessional he was posing like he was the king on his throne and he was narrating the season story. So it makes sense for Jonathan to win. And also, I think that before production started that they had every intention to expect Jonathan to make the final 3. Out of all the returnees he's put on a tribe that he can control compared to Matsing and Tandang that were full of rough personalities. They didnt' bank on Kent being so anti-returnee though. From the get go they were trying for Penner to win, by giving him tribemates like Carter that he can manipulate and look at last week's challenge. He had his back up against the wall yet they provide a puzzle challenge? That's his go to challenge. Just saying that Penner was the chosen one and thats probably why they are making Skupin invisible because he's the returnee that got the success yet didnt earn it like Jonathan would have.
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74. "RE: Episode 8 - There Are Cracks:"
I thought it was very interesting when Jonathon talked to Lisa about what the audience would like. He was absolutely right! It was the first time I ever remember the editors including a comment about the viewers although surely it's not the first time players have talked about it. I don't know what it means, but I did find it fascinating. I was a little surprised and disappointed that Lisa voted for Penner despite all the 'seeds' he planted with her and how rude Abi continues to be to her.
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75. "RE: Episode 8 - There Are Cracks:"
Interesting, persuasive & seemingly effective, but step back away & look at it. Penner was trying to be a "Director" for a teenage Blair. Lisa is a 49 year old mother of 3, I think kids are 20-23, & she has strong Christian values. She has also written numerous, what I'd loosely call "self-help" books. She's aware of what Penner was actually trying to do, & that any 2 of the mean 3 would be more beatable by her in final 3. I was surprised she didn't jump ship, but it may turn out to be a great move, earning points with Tandang members on the jury, which should be 4 - 5 of the 9 member jury, possibly plus Malcolm, in the jury. Penner might have done better with the truth ... what is best for you that doesn't violate your beliefs, along with Tandang not loyal to RC, nor Skupin, nor likely to be with her. I think Lisa could have done just as well if she had gotten Tandang to vote out Carter, keeping the older members of Kalabaw plus Malcolm with Denise as possible allies with her & Skupin.
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76. "Episode 9 - The Fulcrums:"
From the beginning of the game, Lisa was an outcast.
<Lisa: “Maybe I am not able to play this game.”>
As of the merge, only 2 people had discovered her secret; Penner and Skupin who had just become her biggest ally in the game.

Lisa and Mike’s only problem was that everyone wanted the returning players out next.

At the immunity challenge…Penner won immunity and Lisa decided to make a big move, attempting to save Skupin…by throwing Malcolm and his idol under the bus.
But, at a crazy Tribal Council, Lisa took a lot of heat for her big move and it became clear there were two major alliances each with their own immunity idol.
In the end, Tandang stayed strong and got their way.

The recap clearly defined the two main characters for this season: Lisa and Mike.

The Fulcrums

Night 22

Mike: “Tribal Council was the most amazing experience because Lisa made her big move to save me. So, from going from: “It’s you”, to: “It’s not you” in five minutes is a sense of relief. The game could have been flipped around with 1 or 2 more votes for Pete but whether Pete went or whether Jeff went, they are two of the most outspoken people about getting rid of returning players. Having one of them go is a win-win for me either way.”

It’s a good sign that Mike received the first confessional after that “historic” TC as it was called. It also shows that Mike already has his eyes on flipping the game against the former Tandang. He isn’t clueless afterall! Now that he has gotten rid of the most vocal rival to returning players and that the other is in danger he could be in a truly win-win situation.

Abi thought Skupin had voted against her but Jonathan set her straight; it was his vote and he did it because he was PO’ed.

Jonathan: “That was the most incredible Tribal Council I have ever been a part of. It was crazy! I don’t even know what the hell happened.” Carter soon told him that it was his vote against Abi that sunk Jeff. “I’m the one who blew it?” asked Jonathan. His confessional went on: “There was no plan; nobody knew what was going to happen. So, did my vote screw it up? Even if I had voted for Pete, it would have only tied it up so, I voted for Abi and no we will see where I stand. I’m dead man walking anyway.”

We then saw Lisa apologizing to Malcolm who was extremely gracious, understanding her game decision.

Lisa” “I tried to make the big move, tried to play the game like a real survivor and it’s just not me. I lied and I betrayed and I broke promises and Malcolm has been full of grace and mercy. I love this game but I think it’s too big for me. It’s bigger than me.”

Mike talked about a win-win situation, Jonathan said he blew it while Lisa said she isn’t good enough for the game. So? Mike wins? It would be nice if it was that simple. It’s great for Lisa’s chances that no one blamed her. She is still a “suspect” that we have to consider in this whodunnit of a season!

Jonathan: “There are five original Tandang and, if they vote together, I am done...” These words were accompanied by a shot of Jonathan dropping the machete, a sign that he will fail

“...I’ll probably go home at the next immunity if I don’t win it. But, there’s been such division, so many cracks in that five and their identities as people is so varied: You have two parents who are trying to play a straight up, almost Christian game in Lisa and in Skupin and then you have three incredibly tight players who are playing some other game; what I call a bully game. My hope is to play on those divisions, to appeal to Skupin’s and Lisa’s hearts.”

Right here, we heard Jonathan telling Lisa she made great moves, unprecedented in the history of Survivor. People were starting to admire her and love her, he added. Jonathan then psychoanalyzed Lisa, the child star and she thought he knew her.

The camera angle put us, as viewers, directly on Jonathan’s shoulder as he looked and talked to Lisa. It was a clear example of the Jonathan camera: What he says, what he sees in people is exactly how the editors want us to see those people. Like in Cook Islands; Jonathan’s point of view was the one that mattered then and so is it now.

Lisa: “I know Penner is always scrambling to find a way to stay but he struck something really, really deep, this internal conflict…My whole life has been based on public perception…If I do the wrong thing, will I still be ok? If I am not liked…can I survive, not being, little miss Perfect?”

The Challenge

Abi wasn’t picked by either side and she didn’t get to pick a team to root for and follow on reward.
Jonathan was the one to figure out the challenge, looking for all 4 bags of balls at once. It enabled his team to start shooting before Artis could make his way on the course. Jeff certainly wanted us to know that Penner’s strategy had been the key for the red team’s victory.

The Reward

Penner, Denise, Malcolm and Pete were off to donate school supplies and toys to a local village.

Jonathan: “We came in carrying a crate of toys and school supplies…amazing kids...This reward is extraordinary…It seems to be the happiest community I ever walked into.”

Malcolm: “Right after I graduated, I taught elementary school in Micronesia for a year…I enjoy working with kids…This means so much more to me than pouring drinks to girls in bars. It really made reconsider what I have been doing with my life.”

Jonathan: “The food was great. Amazing break from the game although I hope we can talk strategy over a beer or two.”

As far as strategy went, we only heard them mentioning that they wanted to have Skupin and Lisa with them.
Denise said they had to be gentle with them while Malcolm added that Skupin was treated horribly by “them”.

Carter, strangely, had the confessional to tell us about their strategy: “Right now, the lines have been drawn and it’s former Tandang versus everyone else but last night at Tribal Council, they made a mockery of Skupin. I feel like he’s been mistreated and they mistreated Lisa so we are trying to get Skupin and Lisa in with us because they are going to play the biggest role in deciding which alliance moves on and which starts getting picked off.”


Pete: “Losing a challenge like this is awful. It’s really demoralizing. I need that energy. At least, Lisa doesn’t really know what’s going on after tribal Council where she got obliterated and Skupin: It’s ironic how someone I wanted to get rid first or second, now I am forced to work with. We need the majority right now…We are back to Tandang. They are going to trust us more than they trust Penner or anybody. So getting them close and keeping them close is definitely what we are trying to do and making them feel comfortable.”

Abi must not have gotten the message because she was still after Lisa whom she accused of being gullible and naďve (!)

Artis, in his confessional, echoed what the audience thought: “Abi is such a loose canon. She thinks she knows so much about the game and so much about people in general. I don’t know who told her that but she needs to shut up before she screws everything all up.”

Lisa: “Very interesting how things split after the challenge today. My thought was that we really had some time. We could reevalute and stay solid, the Tandang 5 but I get back here to the island and Abi was terrible. Maybe it makes sense to go with the other alliance but I made this grand stand at Tribal Council about having loyalty to Tandang and Skupin so, to flip to Kalabaw, looks from the outside as really awful but in time it probably makes more sense. I don’t know what to think now.”

The Immunity Challenge

Like Jeff said, it was a two horse race. Skupin and Pete were going very quickly.
But then: “Disaster; Pete loses two balls on that one.” (!)
Skupin won immunity.
“Way to go, Skupin” said Malcolm.

Artis received the editors’ kiss of death type of confessional: “At tonight’s tribal council, unless something goes wrong, we can get Penner out and we can actually, for the first time in a long time, come back to camp, take a deep breath…we can relax for a while.”

Yes, Artis, we all realized then that you would be having plenty of time to relax!

Day 25

Jonathan: “I didn’t win that immunity challenge so I know my days are numbered if I can’t put something together. The problem is the numbers. I need 5 votes if I want to have even an ice cream’s chance in hell of staying in the game.”

Abi: “I wish I would be voting off Mike today but we need him for the numbers. Penner is a bigger threat but Mike is really annoying. Penner is actually charming, a little too smart for his own good so time for him to go home.”

I wonder if this wasn’t taken from last week’s time frame. It wasn’t needed back then because the editors wanted us to think Mike could go but why would Abi say she’d like to eliminate Mike now? Had she said: “I wish I could vote off Mike but he won immunity” that’d be one thing but she says it’s the numbers that were preventing her from doing so. Last week, the numbers saved Mike, not this week.

In the woods, Denise was explaining her thoughts to Malcolm and Carter, saying that Abi would never give the idol to Artis.

Denise: “Right now, I have my alliance with Malcolm and the former Kalabaw tribe; Carter and Jonathan. The goal tonight is to get rid of one of the original Tandang members. Break that little empire up and then continue to just turn this game. The plan very much hinges on Skupin and Lisa. If we can’t get the numbers; Jonathan is going home.”

Jonathan was then seen relaxng in a cove, talking to Lisa. He described himself as a storyteller and asked her what she thought would be the story of this season.
“Who are the good guys and who are the bad guys? Who are the underdogs? Who is the audience going to be rooting for?” He went on to say the audience would like Lisa but “wouldn’t be happy to see that you are helping these three guys…I hope you and Skupin do the right thing…You might be the fulcrum character.”

Since this is the first time a Survivor talks directly about the story being told, I think we should look carefully at what he just said: The audience will want Lisa and Skupin to do the right thing BUT ONLY SKUPIN DID! Lisa voted to eliminate Penner and even if her parchment had multiple little hearts, maybe that is the key to determining that Mike wins over her. On the other hand, the editors presented this episode as Lisa’s emancipation, the time when she liberated herself from the rude members of Tandang and many in the audience will not have even noticed that she voted against Penner. It’s that kind of manipulation that we usually look for in a winner’s favor but then they let us see her vote. Lisa may be the fulcrum of the story but not of the game, at least not this time.
One thing we can clearly get out of this is that Penner’s role is that of a narrator, a storyteller.

Lisa: “I like Jonathan, I learned so much from him out here but man! My head is spinning. I still want to be loyal. But is that the old Lisa?”

Jonathan: “I am planting seeds with Lisa because I am playing my ass off here but I cannot panic. I have to be calm, cool and collected. I hope that I got through to her. Whether that changes her vote, I don’t know but I only need one of them: Either her or Skupin.”

Jonathan told Mike that he was the fulcrum vote and he was. Does that foreshadow that Jonathan will be the vote that tip the scale in Mike’s favor in the end? On the other hand, Jonathan did say that with Mike’s vote they were sure to make it to the F5: If we have learned one thing from Survivor editing is that they probably won’t make it both to the F5! Which one? The storyteller or the fulcrum? I’d have to go with Mike.

Mike: “Jonathan is interested in creating something but Lisa and I agreed on day 1 that we will always tell each other the truth. She orchestrated a pretty big move the other day in order to save the Tandang alliance, in order to save me so, I want to play this game with Lisa. I have to make sure that, if I make a bold move, she’s firmly on the side that I am choosing.”

Mike then asked Lisa: “How can we stay loyal to people that aren’t loyal to us?”
Lisa said that the bigger picture would show that she was swinging both ways, being indecisive.
Mie simply said that the bigger picture was that they had an alliance to the very end.

That sentence, that connection, coming after all this talk of storytelling and fulcrums, should put them both firmly in the picture during the last Tribal Council, facing the jury.

Lisa: “From the beginning, I’ve been thinking that the most important thing was to keep the Tandang numbers strong because I want to stay loyal to Tandang…But if Tandang isn’t loyal to me, am I being exactly what Abi accuses me of being? Gullible and naďve.”

Tribal Council

Lisa said that the fallout of the previous TC was mostly internal (which shocked Kent). She added that people were graceful to her.
After Abi asked her if she had shown grace, Lisa said she felt more grace from the people that she was against.
She told Jeff it was as ign of maturity and experience, adding: “I believe there are more Survivor fans on the other alliance.”
That really irritated Abi which Jeff noted.
Abi simply said she thought she showed grace as well.
Artis said he wasn’t surprised that it was still Tandang versus Kalabaw because Tandang had one of the most powerful tribes in Survivor history and that it was playing out as it was supposed to play out.
Denise countered by saying things could shift.
Artis wanted to be clear that he knew he could be blindsided.
Asked about Mike’s necklace, Jonathan introduced the theme of fulcrums to TC, saying someone could tip the scale one way or the other.
Mike described the feeling of having immunity which he never had in 12 years. He added: “I originally came out for the money but then the game got bigger than the money.” He concluded by saying he loved Lisa’s move.
Lisa said that the game was bigger than her, meaning she had to play with her heart.
Jonathan told Jeff he appreciated someone that played the game.
Denise didn’t know if the numbers would shift but she was hoping that everything gets turned upside down.
Abi said that Tandang had the numbers but that she wasn’t really sure about Lisa.
Jonathan found that Abi’s remark was incredible, Peter scratched his head and Jeff said: “Wow!”
Lisa said those words should force her to make a decision.

Skupin and Lisa were the last ones shown in the voting booth as if they were both deciding the outcome.

When Jeff mentioned the 5th vote against Artis, RC was shocked, Jonathan was relieved, Skupin was repressing a smile, Abi was fuming and Denise was winking at a smiling RC.

Jeff concluded the evening saying: “Once again this game just turned.”

The Story

With Jonathan’s talk of fulcrums, it’s interesting to note that the episode had three fulcrums: One for the audience, one for the story and one for the game.

Jonathan was the audience’s fulcrum: We saw things through his eyes and it was a pivotal episode. The good guys versus the bad guys, IN JONATHAN’s eyes, were the players we cheered or jeered.

Lisa was the story’s fulcrum: This episode was about her emancipation from Tandang EVEN if she voted with them. There is a feeling of unfinished business here that is troubling. Will Lisa get as much grace this time or will she be seen as the indeciseve player she herself described? For one thing, Abi won’t be showing anymore grace!

Mike was the fulcrum of the game: His vote decided the outcome of the Council but does it relegate him to the role of spectator at the end or has he just assured himself of a spot in the Finals? The big picture, we were told, included an alliance between Mika and Lisa to the very end.

The Charaters

Malcolm: In this most important episode, Malcolm was reduced to his true role in this season: The likable young man on a “coming of age” journey. He had no confessionals leading up to TC and Jeff didn’t turn to him either.

Jonathan: He is seen as a threat, a smart player that could indeed win this whole thing but Jonathan feels more like the narrator and the deciding voter instead of the winner. Did he blow it? Story-wise, to me, it felt like he did. All his talk are about surviving one more Coucnil isn’t bad but, with such a large role, we should be hearing him talk about what he thinks he’ll need to do to get to the end.

Denise: The edit could still be pointing to her victory but having no confessional during what will certainly be the most interesting reward of the season is very troubling. Also, her strategic confessional was really only narration as she wasn’t shown acting on what her alliance needed: She wasn’t shown talking to either Lisa or Mike. The story isn’t being presented from her angle anymore. When Jonathan asked who were the underdogs this season, Denise’s name would have popped up first during the premerge but not anymore. The Act I underdog has become just another player in Act II. We can’t forget that Russell and Malcolm both said she wins it if she makes the Final 3 but that sounds more like doubt for somebody else right now. But the game’s turns are part of her theme, a new occasion for her so she still has to be considered a front runner.

Lisa: It’s hard to say she will not get enough votes when she is received with so much grace by those she throws under buses. She tried to play the game like a real Survivor and she said it was simply not her. That and her confessional after her little session on “Dr” Penner’s couch tells us she is clearly the journey player, the one that will “learn more about (herself) in those 39 days than in 39 of (her) previous 49 years”. We can’t rule out all the manipulation to make this episode look like Lisa’s emancipation though and she is clearly the one the audience is supposed to root for. So, I’d say she’s the favorite to win but I won’t be putting money on her.

Mike: He said it: If Pete or Jeff had left, it was a win-win situation for him so, with Pete’s imminent departure, we should feel more confident about his chances of winning. With Lisa’s stock rising once more in this episode, he still must be seen as a longshot but he was the deciding factor in this vote and he got nice reactions from the jury even if they can’t be sure it was his vote! It’s remarkable that someone who was supposed to simply go quietly with the flow of the game, made the biggest move up to now and it wasn’t even noticed! When Lisa made her big move, the “poop hit the fan”. When Mike entered the waters, we didn’t even hear a splash. A rip entry gets maximum scores from the judges!

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77. "RE: Episode 9 - The Fulcrums:"
Carter, strangely, had the confessional to tell us about their strategy

Strangely is right, it was almost jarring hearing game thoughts coming out that mouth.

Good catch on the out of place Abi confessional about her wanting to vote Mike out. Although, we're talking Abi here, only her idol matters.

Nice job michel, you are now a Fulcrum agent.

What a lovely bunch of coconuts.

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78. "RE: Episode 9 - The Fulcrums:"
If Penner's role is that of a storyteller, then that is very very good for his chances in the game simply because he's been the story teller ALL season long. So for them to use him in that role the whole season up to this point, who would take his place? No one else has had that role, everyone else has just been a supporting character in the story. Its been told from his eyes, why would they use him in that kind of role only for him to be gone the last few episodes of the season? Then who is the narrator after that? Tells me Penner lasts a long time.
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79. "RE: Episode 9 - The Fulcrums:"
And also, you could also interpret the whole Abi/Skupin coconut to head scene as that of Abi later on being responsible for Skupin's could interpret it that way as well...They didn't have to show that.
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82. "RE: Episode 9 - The Fulcrums:"
If Abi would be responsible for Skupin's ouster, they would edit her in a more positive way to show she has the ability to perform moves like this. She's been edited as the most bats**t crazy person in years, if not ever, and she wasn't given the credit when RC was booted so what would make anyone think that she would ever get the credit if Skupin should happen to get booted?

As much as I love watching Penner on TV, it'll take a miracle for him to make the final jury and I just see too many strong players ahead of him to let it happen.

Not long for the game, based on the edit: Carter, Pete, Abi

In between, probably outlasts the first three mentioned: Penner, Malcolm

Likely in final 2 or 3 (still unknown which it is): Lisa, Denise, Skupin

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80. "The Secret of Penner's (Survivor) Success"
Thing is, Penner has been a fan favorite since he first showed up in Cook Islands. And basically the reason for that is not that he is the greatest player or anything like that, it is that he is a great character and knows how to play to the audience.


Jonathan Penner is an industry insider, television is his business, it is his career, in a sense it is who he is. And he is relatively good at it, but the main point I would make here is that it makes up who he is, how he thinks anyway in his daily life.

He had an adult acting career that commenced about the time Lisa Welchel's child actor career concluded. Outside of that acting career, he has had a writing and sometimes producing career as well. This is his industry.

I'm not saying he plays to the editors or producers or anything like that, only that he understands playing to the audience, it is his nature, it is how he operates on a daily basis in his professional career anyway. That is why he is loved, why the Survivor audience loves him, it is his nature to play to the audience.

Follow s'more.

The last three episodes he has been the ultimate underdog. They were always gunning for him. He played his HII to save himself once, he won II to save himself again, he finally broke the Tandang control of the game to save himself a third time.

Regardless of whether he wins or loses the game, Penner weathered the Survivor perfect storm. It has been a great story arc, but that is all, there are more stories to come.

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81. "RE: The Secret of Penner's (Survivor) Success"
He has a new story arc now..he has been accepted into the "good guy" grouping and they've taken control. it'll be fun to see what happens.
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83. "RE: The Secret of Penner's (Survivor) Success"
Storytellers often don't win the game, and Penner has been shown to be fighting for his survival instead of showing potential end-game play. I believe that if Penner makes the final jury, we'd hear a lot more strategy from him and his thoughts on how he'd work the jury. Instead, I think all his talks with Lisa is, in a way, preparing HER for the jury speech, whether she's successful in winning or not.
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84. "RE: The Secret of Penner's (Survivor) Success"
They've shown him close to Skupin and Lisa though, those are the people with which he is close to. And in the early episodes he said he would love to have Carter at the end with him, and Carter is still there, so he had a little of that. He also in previous episodes said, "I am playing to their heart strings" trying to convince them to have him stay by using the emotion against them, and he has been in major focus every episode. They only show the people that are truly relevant, and look at the last couple episodes, more and more people have been getting less confessionals. Malcolm's story is ending, he hasn't been a major focus in awhile...normally if a person is about to get voted out, they'd start distancing themselves from the story.
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85. "RE: The Secret of Penner's (Survivor) Success"
Troyzan had a disproportionate amount of attention placed on him as well because he made for a good story and he also had good relationships with several of the people that did make it to the end, but he didn't last to the end himself.
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86. "RE: The Secret of Penner's (Survivor) Success"
plus, yeah his premerge story was rather weak because he just found the idol, and didnt' have to be shown due to them never losing, then Kalabaw started to lose and then they go into the merge down numbers. Then Penner was a target from the beginning of the merge onward, and now he's finally in a power position an in a majority alliance, now he's in a great position. So they just focused on him fighting for his life to show how deserving he is of the title, and now that he's in a different position, they won't show him as a fighter for survival, they'll show him being a mastermind the next few episodes, his story has changed dramatically three times now.
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87. "RE: Episode 9 - The Fulcrums:"
LAST EDITED ON 11-18-12 AT 02:49 AM (EST)

Cook Islands was also told through Jonathan's eyes. I even called it the Jonathan Camera.
- He liked someone or admired their skills; that person had a good edit (Yul, Ozzy).
- He thought someone didn't know the game, that player was edited as a dumb player (Adam, Candice)
- He didn't like someone; they had a bad edit (Nate and Parvati whose edits sank after the mutinee when Jonathan got to know them).
- Jonathan didn't talk to someone, that person didn't get airtime (Becky).
Still, jonathan was gone by F7.

Narrators rarely win. Another example was Austin in Panama. He was the narrator inside the La Mina alliance but once they became Gitanos, his role faded and he left.

Other notable narrators:
- Brandon; Guatemala.
- Cirie and Courtney; Panama
- Stephen; Tocantins.

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88. "RE: Episode 9 - The Fulcrums:"
But Jonathan's role isn't fading right now. Its getting stronger, he got people to vote with him this past episode, thats a good thing. Also, in episode 8, the one when Kent left, Jonathan got credit in the recap for things that he didn't need to get credit for. Probst said for instance, "at the merge, Penner went to work". Probst didn't have to say that. Also, Penner has been having a ton of winner quotes this season and has a lot of doubt. I know you dont' think Jonathan wins, but you can't ignore the evidence of all of this that I've mentioned. You like Mike, but Mike got a coconut to the head this past episode, what was that about? I'm just saying, the story might be seen through Jonathan's eyes, but he is the star. Malcolm and Denise's roles have been fading drastically lately..I think they go first.
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89. "RE: Episode 9 - The Fulcrums:"
Regarding Denise, because we were shown on two occasions where another contestant pointedly said "if she's in the final three, she'll win", one of two things will happen:

If there's a final two, I think she will be booted in 3rd place.
If there's a final three, I think she wins.
In both cases she 'gets the vote at F3'.

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90. "RE: Episode 9 - The Fulcrums:"
Certainly, Jonathan's role isn't fading right now but he is peaking too early in my opinion. Anyway, the winner's story is told by the merge. That's why the most important episode to determine the long term players is the premiere. The premerge then sets their long term connections and finally the merge episode often helps us determine the winner.

Jonathan, pre-merge, had a very one dimensional story: He was the lone wolf who found an idol. He received no end game connections at all and had a very ordinary merge episode, one in which he told us: "I’m a terrible judge of character and I don’t really deserve to stay in the game..." Jonathan has what really looks like a distraction story.

As for Mike, I don't "like" him. I don't even really like his story. Lisa and Denise have had much better stories even if Denise has been ignored lately.

What I noticed about Mike was that he had an amazing premiere that gave him end game connections and explained his strategy all at once. Then, inexplicably, he disappeared for the whole premerge until he had an amazing merge episode. The idea of a Phoenix rising from the ashes came to me. If the editors are really thinking of making a story arc spanning 24 seasons (don't forget that, unanimously, the Outback players said that Mike would have won that season had he stayed in the game) then I cannot help but think it was done because Mike wins this thing.

I look for manipulations just like when Boston Rob wasn't given a confessional after hearing that Matt had eliminated Russell. It told me that Rob wasn't there to beat Russell; he was there to win it all. Or when Parati and Natalie were never shown complaining about all the rain in Micronesia and Samoa respectively.

That's why this episode looked so good for Lisa: It made it look like she was liberating herself from Tandang when she actually didn't. The casual viewer must be sure that she voted against Artis. Unfortunately, next week is set up with Lisa still unable to break up with Tandang so the manipulation doesn't run as deep as I thought. The viewers will be set straight as to how she voted and they will see her as being wishy-washy, probably enough to be undeserving of the win.

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91. "RE: Episode 9 - The Fulcrums:"
Jonathan has had tons of manipulation. Remember in episode 5, when Dawson was voted out, he had a confessional about "In order to win this game I have to make big moves". Why did they show him saying that? In episode 6 when Katie and Carter were talking about their bodies not being able to be hold up through 39 days, they cut to Jonathan who has a confessional saying, "the deprivation doesn't bother me as much as these young kids". Then in episode 7 at the merge, he plays his idol, showing that he is well aware of what he is doing, but at the beginning of the episode he says, " I never know when people are lying, that's my flaw, and if I can't tell that then I dont deserve to win this game" then later on he plays his idol, showing that he could read when people are after him. So he's had an unbelievably manipulated edit that makes it seem like he's the winner. That's what I see, unless something else is being told here that I dont' see. I think they haven't shown Mike because he is irrelevant. I just rewatched the last episode, and before tribal council, when its Lisa and Mike in the ocean together talking about what side to choose, Mike says, "its you and me to the end" then there was a very weird sound, like a comical sound or something. Go rewatch it and you'll see what i'm saying, it was like one of those sounds tht they put in when something doesn't happen the way it should. And they spent the whole episode on Jonathan and Lisa, and Mike ended up flipping the vote instead of Lisa..they could have told it from Mike's point of view but that says it all.
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111. "RE: Episode 9 - The Fulcrums:"
mrtricky you have laide out some reasonable arguements for a Penner win and I think that many people here are overlooking your comments because they think they already know the outcome of the season. They are reading the edit to suit some spoilers they may have heard or read or whatever. Good for you on your analisis.
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92. "Episode 10 - The Goat:"
LAST EDITED ON 11-24-12 AT 07:06 PM (EST)


From the moment Pete and Abi found the hidden immunity idol, they ruled the game with an iron fist.
They went into the merge with numbers…
…and took out their enemies one by one.

Everything changed when Skupin got tired of being at the bottom of their alliance.
At the last tribal council, Abi laid into Lisa…
…but, in the end, Lisa stayed true to her alliance and it was Skupin who joined the rebellion, taking out Pete and Abi’s biggest ally.

With their alliance crumbling, can Abi and Pete survive?

The recap really cut through the crap that we were served last week: Jeff clearly told us that Lisa stayed with her alliance and that Skupin was the real player. I noted that he described Mike’s move exactly the same way he sees Survivor: You’re at the bottom, you flip the game.

The Goat

Night 25

Abi: “Tribal council was a disaster basically. Seriously, what the (bleep). I thought we had agreed that Tandang was supposed to be strong and make a big move together.”

Meanwhile, Mike was heard saying: “If we hadn’t done what we did tonight, none of us would have had the chance at the mil.”

Mike then had a two part confessional. First at night: “Voting Artis out tonight was my first big move but I don’t believe you can win this game with just one big move. I believe there are several big moves that need to take place before the end of this game.” And then, during the day after we saw him agreeing to a Final 6 alliance with Denise: “Whichever way I go, I need to control this game as much as I can instead of letting somebody else determine my fate. It’s the only way I ever lived my life and it’s the way I’m going to play this game.”

Combine this with the recap and Mike is emerging as the mastermind of the season! All the silence of the pre-merge, the follower that went with the flow, the baby steps, that is now a thing of the past and Mike, the leader we knew in Australia, returned with determination.

The next segment began with a conversation between Abi and Lisa.

Lisa: “It’s hard to be in an alliance with Pete and Abi but I was never good at break-ups…A big part of who I am…is someone who feels comfortable to be used…The really good thing is that I feel like I am really taking control of my own destiny. I think it’s going to make a huge difference in the quality of my time out here and really, it sounds dramatic but, also for the rest of my life.”

This pretty much seals Lisa’s role as the journey player. In Survivor, many nice people have been used over the years. It’s very interesting that both Lisa and Mike talked about taking control but Mike’s control is over the game while Lisa is over her life. That’s the difference between the winner and the journey player.

The Challenge

The teams were randomly (yeah right) split into the 4 young players versus the 4 older ones.

In the first round, Carter proved to be faster than Jonathan.
In the second round, Malcolm forgot to flip a yellow drum, “opening the door for Skupin.”
Abi “flipped one from the other team” so Lisa easily won a point.
Jeff asked Abi if she understood what was going on and her answer was priceless: “No, not really.”
Denise was no match for Pete.
In a rematch between Mike and Malcolm, it was Mike that made the mistake: “Skupin flipped over the wrong one, the red team wins reward.
Before sending them on reward, Jeff had some fun with Carter who didn’t know the difference between manucure and pedicure.

The Reward

Malcolm: “We leave the challenge in a little boat then we get to this amazing little beach. We have massage tables, bathtubs, a picnic table…When I got here I sort of silenced the talk. The strategy behind that is that I am going to need to make a Final 3 or a Final 4 deal pretty quick and the people I want at the end are all sitting back at camp...”

Did Malcolm unknowingly just spoil the Final 4? Will it be all the older players?

Abi: “They came with platters of delicious food…Today, I feel like a princess…A queen!”

Pete: “It’s a pretty good feeling to be away from the game so that’s why I agreed with Malcolm not to talk about strategy today…The next challenge… I am going to be refueled and ready to kick some butt.”

Camp – Day 26

The players were already returning from reward and Abi told them all about it.

It had been a while (Cindy in Guatemala?) since we had seen a player get bashed for going on and on about their great reward. It used to be that people lied or avoided talking about the reward but nowadays the rewards are so lavish that everyone knows. It’s therefore strange that the players were offended by Abi’s talk. One thing that isn’t surprising was that the editors let us know that Abi had irritated the others.

Denise: “We were having a relaxing day and then Abi returned from the reward and it was like Urgh!”

Mike: “Normally, people are super gracious when they come back from reward but Abi’s downright cruel. She flaunted it, she wouldn’t stop.”

Malcolm: “Abi has all the social grace of a Mack truck. She has no understanding of how to talk to people.”

Then Abi said she was done with the cooking. She would eat but she wouldn’t do her share of the cooking anymore.

Denise: “You have lost your freaking mind, girl. Part of me thinks: That’s fine, let it ##### everybody else. Your time will come. I might not get to tell her anything until I write her name down in that tribal council when she’s finally walking out, I get to say: You know what: Whiners are wieners. You need to go home.”

I have a feeling that Abi isn’t going home so soon. She has been set up to be the decoy boot almost every week from now on but there are more important players to eliminate first and someone would be telling us about it soon.

Day – 27

Malcolm had a confessional after we heard him talking strategy with Mike: “With a pretty easy vote in theory coming up, my plan is the get a Final 4 set up today and kind of be able to coast after this vote until the end.”

Skupin told Malcolm it could be him and Denise but wondered who would be the 4th.
Malcolm suggested Lisa.
Mike said he’d check with Lisa.

Mike told Lisa about Malcolm’s proposal.
Lisa was pleasantly surprised.

Mike: “When someone wants to take you to the final four, you have to say, strategically, yes because, if you say no, you could wind up odd man out and, all of a sudden, you are on the chopping block.”

Lisa wanted to know his opinion so Mike said they had to make a pact with either Penner and Carter or Malcolm and Denise.
Lisa said she trusted Penner more.

This conversation between the two most important players of the last two episodes sounded like the key decision, the highlight moment that will be featured during the reunion to explain how the pair made it to the end.

Lisa talked with Penner in Mike’s presence.
Lisa told Penner that she wanted to go to the end with the two returning players.
Penner thanked her for the offer but said he was more comfortable taking care of one thing at a time. He added: “I am not interested to committing anything to anybody…not yet.”

While that was definitely Penner’s voice, the camera was standing behind Penner when we heard those words so it’s possible that he never said it exactly like that. For one thing, the voice quality was different than the rest of the scene. For all we know, those words could have been said right after the merge! The important thing though was that Jonathan didn’t want to accept a deal immediately after we heard that you had to take those deals or else you’d wind up on the chopping block. It made Jonathan look like an amateur at this game.

Jonathan had a confessional: “Lisa respects me and she said she wants to go to the final three with Skupin. It’s a great option but it’s too earloy for me to say who I should go to the Final three with. I will continue to keep them close and, if I get blindsided, more power to them. I will go out with my head held high.”

Sounded like Penner’s last words. He’s already written his exit speech!

Lisa: “Penner didn’t want to make that: “We’re true to the end” kind of deal. He said “let’s get rid of these two and see how it shakes down.” So, I think he missed an opportunity.”

The music took on a dramatic tone as Abi, Carter and Penner were alone in camp, Jonathan wondering: “Where is everybody.”

They, meaning Malcolm, Denise, Mike and Lisa, were making that deal.

Malcolm: “This is as serious a final 4 deal as you can make in this game. This isn’t just some quickie alliance where: Wham, bam, thank you mam! He’s gone, we are back on our own. I stuck my neck out…If it works out, it could be the best thing that’s happened to me in the game.”

Mike: “I committed a Final four with Malcolm but I am not too comfortable with it because he’s a gamer and that worries me. I felt I had to, I felt I didn’t have a choice. So, it makes me a little nervous. I want to be the one calling the shots so I am going to do my best to win the next immunity challenge.”

It’s strange that no one mentioned Denise and her chances to win. Is it because the editors are hiding the winner or is it because they want to prepare us for her lost, make us forget that she once mattered? I have to say that the editors have managed to make Denise look almost irrelevant which is pretty amazing considering her pre-merge build up.

The Challenge

Pete had a confessional that was inserted after Jeff gave them the rules of the challenge: “For me, it comes down to this challenge. Abi has the idol so, if I don’t win immunity, I am pretty much screwed so, all I can do is fight right now. Otherwise, it’s me.”

Peter didn’t even make it passed the first round; Malcolm, Penner, Denise, Skupin and Carter all beat him to the first post.
Skupin, Carter and Denise made it to the final leg.
In that leg, Mike had a lead late but Carter pulled it out and won immunity along with a bigger target on his back.

Camp – Day 27

Abi: “Today’s challenge was a really fun challenge however, I didn’t win it and Peter did not win as well so it’s basically, Peter, Abi and the hidden immunity idol. It’s like an alliance of three versus 6.”

With Skupin listening...

...Penner made it simple: “Split the votes 3 – 3 and if she doesn’t play the idol then we all vote for her.”

Jonathan: “Pete and Abi cannot win this game; they don’t have the numbers. There’s no reason to keep them around; their ship has sailed. Now, can somebody surprise me and play an incredibly stupid move? Maybe, but I honestly believe that all of us in the 6 are gonna stay strong so either Pete or Abi go home. Could it screw up? Yeah! But you could get hit by a car walking from your house to the post box too.”

Pete had a confessional after he talked to Abi about targeting Malcolm: “After the last Tribal, the whole game turned upside down. I went from the top of the pecking order all the way to the bottom but I am not going to give in and be like” OK guys! Vote me out. No! I’m going to try to get something going. Malcolm; he’s the biggest threat on the island, he has an idol and he needs to go home. We’ll be pitching this idea of “Get rid of Malcolm” to everybody, especially Skupin. He doesn’t think before he does things, he just jumps into it so he could be turned easily but all I really need is one person to flip.”

Lisa liked Abi’s plan but turned it down.
Carter told Peter he was in a pretty good spot.
Jonathan told Abi that he didn’t trust any of them because they had all voted against him at some point but he felt he had their trust. He was counting on the fact he had not betrayed them once.
Mike listened to Pete’s pitch. The music tried to paint a mystery movie moment while Mike silently listened. Then he said that Malcolm was “the biggest wildcard in the game.”

Mike: “I have a deal to go to the final four with Malcolm but now I am starting to rethink whether that was the smart thing to do or not because he is playing the hardest. Malcolm is a threat in challenge, he’s a smart strategic player and he’s liked by everybody. So, if I’m sitting next to Malcolm in the final three, I’m not sure I can beat him.”

Finally, he told Pete that he was’t saying no.

Mike’s whole story lies in these last three confessionals: He considered changing the plan to boot Malcolm so was he contemplating an incredibly stupid move like Jonathan called it? Can anyone say that booting Malcolm instead of Abi is stupid? Maybe the real stupid decision was made by Jonathan when he told everyone to write Abi’s name during the revote instead of Pete and maybe Mike only went along when he was sure she’d play the idol. Pete or Malcolm; one fit young guy had to go.

Mike didn’t jump into the plan like Pete said he would so we could say that everything Pete has ever said about Mike has been proven wrong but then he did jump into an alliance with Malcolm that he soon regretted.

What we do know is that Mike is looking ahead to the Final 3 like no one else in this game and that he has all sorts of hooks and storylines going into it. He is right when he says that Malcolm is the most likely winner at this stage but is he moving too fast? Is he forgetting someone? We need to be able to say no to these questions if we want to be sure that Mike is the winner.

Mike’s confessional went on: “The risk of changing it up again is that it could backfire. But, do I anticipate our current alliance to stay strong until the Final four and having a happy ending? It’s not that likely in this game.”

Malcolm: “Apparently, Pete and Abi realized that the easiest way to get someone to flip is to throw my name out there and run me over tonight. They just need one person to flop and I am going home. I have the idol but if nobody flips and I play that thing, I lose a lot of leverage moving forward. This is the trickiest situation about the idol that I have faced yet and I will have to keep my wits about me tonight, watching people and make the right decision., Otherwise, I’m toast.”

Right when Malcolm talked about the tricky decision, we had a shot of him looking over at a silent Mike as Jonathan went over the plan.

The image was meant to put doubt on Mike’s chances, telling the audience that Malcolm was watching him in particular. Of course, it could be interpreted the other way around: it could be telling us that Malcolm is smart enough to see through Mike’s evil plans but we have dismmised Malcolm as a winner long ago.

Tribal Council

Seeing Abi smile at Artis, Malcolm talked about jury management but right now, he was more concerned about staying in the game.
Pressed by Probst, Malcolm refused to admit it would be a good strategy to get rid of him.
Asked about it, Mike said he always thinks about the idol. He added: “At every tribal council there’s always an opportunity to vote whichever way you want.”
Asked about the feeling of going from Tandang never lost to beaten up, Pete said it wasn’t a good feeling but he hoped one person would flip.
That pleased RC.
Abi told Jeff she regretted the way she handled the last TC.
Jeff asked if any of it could be cultural.
Abi agreed, saying English wasn’t her first language and adding: “My attitude can be perceived as not the most gentle.”
Jeff noted that everyone was smiling at that.
Denise noted that she knew many non-English people that were still kind and helpful which Abi is not.
Abi said she’s usually loved so Jeff asked if she felt isolated.
Abi answered that she was emotional because Lisa didn’t forgive her.
Lisa set her straight by saying she forgave her but wanted to be with people that trusted her.
Abi said she understood.
When Jeff said she’d be great to take to the end, Denise replied: “If that’s the kind of game you want to play. You bring the deadweight, the unlikable person.”
Abi: “Wow! I didn’t know that I was unliked.”
Jeff: “I am starting to think that it is cultural…it was a sign, in our culture that you are full of it.”
Denise went on saying she wouldn’t want to bring someone like Abi to the end.
Abi asked her to stop. She added that she never had that much hatred thrown at her.
Denise said it wasn’t hatred, it was frustration. They argued back and forth, Denise repeatedly asking Abi to let her finish her trashing.

Before sending them to vote, Jeff said: “Any time there is somebody on the bottom, there’s this great opportunity to shuffle the game.”

While they voted, we heard Abi telling Pete: “That was brutal by them.”
He tried consoling her by saying she would be OK.

Abi played her idol. Mike went along with Jonathan’s plan so Pete went home.

In the end, Jeff encouraged Abi: “Your back is against the wall but…anything can happen.”
She thanked Jeff and walked out of TC so quickly that she forgot her torch and had to come back to get it!

Pete’s final words first mentioned Abi: “I felt bad for Abi…they ripped her apart.”

The Story

Now that we are coming to the end of the season, it’s clear that the season has been following Mike’s game all along. It was mainly told by Jonathan, RC and Lisa who were the main narrators and the audience’s compass. It was through their words that Abi, Pete and Artis were perceived as bullies and that Kent was seen as having an obsession against the returning players. But the flow of the story went step by step along Mike’s game. He was very quiet pre-merge where his only highlights happened by helping Tandang win challenges. That was exactly Tandang’s story: A great tribe in chalenges that didn’t get along. However, Mike was able to stay under the radar while RC was always pressing Abi, putting herself in position to be voted out early.

Since the emrge, Mike has been able to flip the vote to his advantage a couple of times. Once with Lisa’s help, once on his own. So we have to answer the questions: Is Mike moving too fast? Would it have been stupid to vote against the plan? Is he forgetting that someone else besides Malcolm could beat him in the finals? Is it stupid to flip the game on the 6? And will his idea of making many big moves hurt him like it hurt many schemers in the past? Well, for that, we need to look at the other players first.

The Characters

Jonathan: Jonathan may be proven right to have rejected the final 3 deal. After all, it’s the best way to avoid losing jury votes, something that could cost Mike dearly. But note that Jonathan himself told us that he would respect being blindsided. “More power to them” he said. Jonathan already gave us his final words and we know he will not hold it against Mike. Jonathan clearly missed an opportunity and the way the confessionals were presented underlined that. First, Mike told us you couldn’t refuse alliances, Penner then told us why he refused the alliance offer and then Lisa told us Jonathan missed the boat. It couldn’t be clearer: Sooner or later, Jonathan will be blindsided.

Malcolm: By his own admission, we were told that booting Malcolm wouldn’t have been a stupid move. Mike is right in saying that Malcolm is an extremely dangerous player and it would have been a waste to eliminate Abi instead of him. Elimnating Pete, on the other hand was a good trade. Pete is also smart and played hard and could have done well in challenges. Malcolm made the final four alliance but he didn’t say anything about his plans after that. That tells us he will fall short in the end, maybe missing out on the final 4.

Lisa: We were able to define her role as the journey player once and for all when she gave that confessional about taking control of her life. It had been opur contention all along but there was always something about Lisa’s edit that made us hesitate along with her. As she said earlier, she is there to learn about herself because she isn’t that good at the game.

Denise: If Mike is forgetting someone that could beat him in the end, then it would be Denise. However, her story has been dropped since the merge and she only served to trash Abi in this episode. Certainly, the audience was happy to see Abi put in her place but Denise was edited as going overboard. Pete’s final words carried a lot of weight and they remeinded of David’s words when he said that Zapatera was wrong to be dancing on Hantz’s grave. The point had been made when Abi started crying and asked for them to stop but the editors continued showing Denise wanting to make the same point again and again. It felt as if Denise went too far, making some (most?) viewers feel sorry for Abi and potentially losing some jury votes.

Mike: Looking at Jonathan’s story, it’s clear that Mike’s big moves wouldn’t hurt him. It would be accepted as part of the game. From listening to Malcolm then it’s clear that Mike wouldn’t have been stupid to move against him. As likable as Malcolm is, the audience would see that Mike had no choice. Denise’s lackluster post merge edit and her passive aggressive attitude towards Abi showed us that she isn’t the under the radar winner. Mike isn’t forgetting about her chances to win the jury votes because she wouldn’t be as liked by the jury as Swann and Malcolm thought she’d be. As for moving too fast, it’s clear that Mike kept his plan to himself, that he only entertained the idea but the way he was shown observing and listening told us he will strike at the right time and that he will make the big moves that he needs to win. And it wouldn't surprise me if he used Abi, the goat, to reach his goal.

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93. "RE: Episode 10 - The Goat:"
LAST EDITED ON 11-24-12 AT 07:13 PM (EST)

Denise repeatedly asking Abi to let her finish her trashing. quit interrupting her reasonable explanation of why other people react to Abi in ways Abi doesn't understand.

Fixed that for you. Shame on your horrible spin.

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94. "RE: Episode 10 - The Goat:"
Are we in Sucks where opinions get fixed?
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95. "RE: Episode 10 - The Goat:"
Mike really hasn't made any big moves, he has just accepted what has been offered. RC, then Lisa, now Final 4 that Malcolm offered. Even that, he deferred to whatever Lisa wanted, & would align with Penner. Then, even after agreeing to Malcolm's final 4 deal, he's shown as considering going with Pete's suggestion. He has talked the talk, but his actions are just like Lisa's, weak & more of a go along with the plans of others. They may develop Mike, or even Lisa, but I think I've seen Denise as a leader once or twice since merge. Her role can reemerge. As with your synopsis, Lisa, Mike & Denise seem to be final 3, but if they do F3, then Denise seems to me to be the most likely edit as a winner.
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96. "RE: Episode 10 - The Goat:"
Murphy wrote:
>Mike really hasn't made any big
>moves, he has just accepted
>what has been offered.

Probst said:
From the moment Pete and Abi found the hidden immunity idol, they ruled the game with an iron fist.
They went into the merge with numbers and took out their enemies one by one.
Everything changed when Skupin got tired of being at the bottom of their alliance.

Which version matters?

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100. "RE: Episode 10 - The Goat:"
LAST EDITED ON 11-25-12 AT 05:44 PM (EST)

>Which version matters?

I don't put much stock in what Probst says when he is promoting the show. So, the version that matters to me is the one I perceive (right or wrong ). I think Skupin can win it, Lisa or Denise as well. I've just not been impressed with Skupin's or Lisa's edit. That leaves me with Denise, but CBS has time to redefine the characters.

I wouldn't call Pete & Abi getting their way in voting out RC to be ruling with an iron fist. Boston Rob ruled with an iron fist, Pete & Abi ... no. Pete & Abi took out RC, who should have been an ally, & Jeff, only 2 before losing control, & had Penner voted Pete rather than Abi, Pete might have gone home rather than Kent & Pete/Abi would have lost control after taking out only RC. They didn't have control at the Kent boot, just even #'s. Everything changed when Penner gave Skupin & Lisa the chance to change things up & vote out Artis. Skupin didn't initiate the move, he just accepted Penner's offer. Skupin seemed as wishy washy as Lisa when reconsidering the Pete vote.

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104. "RE: Episode 10 - The Goat:"
The recaps aren't promotion. They are what the editors want us to remember of the story. As such, they are the most valuable tool in analyzing the edit.
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97. "Cut to Commercials"
My "cut to commercials" theory (the winner has the most obvious montage of recaps that can be readily applied before/after a commercial break) didn't exactly pan out last season. There must be a corollary about "absurdly hot chicks get a lot of screentime" or something...

Anyway, this season seems to be all about Mike. Probable montages include:
- his countless bloody accidents
- his work around camp and/or trying to be under the radar
- ...and Michel's recap just reminded me that Mike has a lot of "most trusted alliancemates" (RC, Lisa, Penner)

That should be enough.

(strong second choice could go to Malcolm, with discovering the idol, being loved by everyone, doing well in challenges, and surviving his tribe's failures... so I'll assume he gets "Sprint Player" award)

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michel 10812 desperate attention whore postings
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98. "RE: Cut to Commercials"
No hot chicks distractions this time!!!!

Lisa and Mike's talk about their F4 choices certainly fits the bill. And you know Jeff will turn to Penner, asking him about that decision to reject the F3 offer.

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99. "RE: Episode 10 - The Goat:"
LAST EDITED ON 11-25-12 AT 09:24 PM (EST)

Nice editing thoughts Michel, I always enjoy reading.

It’s very interesting that both Lisa and Mike talked about taking control but Mike’s control is over the game while Lisa is over her life. That’s the difference between the winner and the journey player.

Sometimes it is about the journey. Where there "journey" players that have won?

I have to say that the editors have managed to make Denise look almost irrelevant which is pretty amazing considering her pre-merge build up.

This was her survival story though, she seems to be evolving into the narrator perhaps to replace Penner if she outlasts him.

Coronation by Tribe

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105. "RE: Episode 10 - The Goat:"
Hi Suzzee, thought I might chime in here too

In recent seasons, a notable "journey" player to have won was Bob in Gabon. It really wasn't until the episode when Randy got voted out that Bob was starting to play the game. Interesting for that season was that he was in the final three with Susie, who had little screentime, and Sugar, who had tons of screentime (and who turned out to be a "journey" player too)

Regarding Denise, yes, she has a narrator presence post-merge, although I feel she always had, she was just second to Malcolm and Jonathon at times. I also feel she has remained relevant since the merge, its just that often times editing focuses on other big players that are finishing up their storylines. Since the merge episode, Denise (along with Malcolm) was mentioned in the recaps, has continued to be shown strongly in challenges (along with winning the first II challenge), has been shown in key strategic discussions (she suggested Artis), and has gotten to re-iterate her mantra of "every step is an opportunity to turn things around."

Even in this past episode, with all the attention on the back-and-forth between Denise and Abi at TC, it was Denise who was shown articulating this what the rest of the 6 were thinking. From an editing standpoint this is good for her, like a pre-jury speech. Especially when considering factors like Pete saying they were ALL coming down on Abi (although Denise was showcased) and Jonathan's comment last episode (albeit to Lisa) about what would the audience want to see this season. The audience wanted to see Abi get put in her place, and the editors had Denise deliver it to us!

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101. "RE: Episode 10 - The Goat:"
I always enjoy reading your analysis Michel -- it's great how you try to pick a winner that seems to fit within the themes of the show. I do think, however, that the show plays out in several acts and different players can be highlighted differently during these acts. It is interesting that Mike was overlooked during Act 1 (where is was all about the underdogs Denise and Malcom) and that Denise is now being overlooked during Act 3 (where is all about Mike and Lisa finding their voices.)

That said, while Denise seems to be taking a back burner in Act 3 -- she is still a presence (no confessional during last week's reward challenge but very much present in the visuals and in the interaction with the locals--and there was that wink at tribal council when Artis was voted out.) I'm interested how the majority of viewers react to Denise's "trashing of" / "reasoned explanation to" Abi. Personally, I sympathized with Denise. To me, she voiced the thoughts of the viewers, keeping an even tone of voice and not personalizing the argument but only giving up when Abi would not let her finish a single sentence. After seeing Abi yelling at both RC and Lisa the past several weeks, I did not find Denise to be harsh in comparison. Further, when Jeff asked Abi if the issue was a language issue, Abi jumps on that as an excuse -- I can't recall the exact words, but it went something to the extent of Abi saying English is not her first language and so she might be misunderstood but that her friends enjoyed her "feisty" personality. The fact that she used the word feisty (which is not a word I would expect from a non-native English speaker) made me question how truthful she really was. Further, having Peter (who has been edited as the second most unlikeable person on the island and also a failed master manipulator) speak on Abi's behalf didn't sway me. That said, I'd be interested in hearing from others. Who thought Denise went too far? Who thought Abi had it coming?

For me, it's still too early to tell who is being edited as the winner. I think Lisa, Mike, Malcom, Denise, and even Penner are still in it. Carter doesn't have a chance and neither does Abi. Of the first five, I'm leaning towards Denise, but I think there is still plenty of story to be played out. (You make a vey compelling case for Mike.)

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102. "RE: Episode 10 - The Goat:"
I think Denise went further than she intended to go, but not "too far". Wasn't Denise responding to Probst's questions when Abi interjected & then Denise responded to Abi? I wonder if it was edited by someone who thought Abi had it coming & that the editors did not think Denise went too far. More of what editors expected us to see & feel, as opposed to what we saw & interpreted. Denise needed to be shown as standing up to Abi. I don't see Denise being hurt by the exchange with the jury, nor with Abi, as hotheads like Abi tend to blow up or otherwise get emotional & then forget all about it, unlike RC who seems to be carrying a grudge at Ponderosa.
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103. "RE: Episode 10 - The Goat:"
I thought Abi was obnoxious and that Denise tried to be reasonable. Abi was so oblivious to what was going on and how she difficult she was being, I felt for Denise. I didn't think that Abi listened to what Denise was saying - she just railroaded right over what Denise was saying. Personally, I don't think Denise lost any jury votes by that exchange.

Both Denise and Mike have had unusual edits and they are the two that I am looking at to win. As you pointed out, both of them have had periods of silence while remaining a presence. But if we don't hear some more strategy talk from her, then I fear for her chances. I don't think Lisa wins. Although, I don't particularly like her, she is clearly the journey player of this season. Penner has made too many mistakes and, while I like Malcolm, we haven't heard any of his reasons for voting with the evil axis and then shifting to the other side. He's too dangerous to take to the end and he will fall short.

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AaronLittleton 123 desperate attention whore postings
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106. "RE: Episode 10 - The Goat:"
I agree with the consensus here that the back-and-forth between Denise and Abi at TC was not damaging for Denise. I chimed in about this in my post above (along with my thoughts of Denise still having a good showing so far post-merge). While I did actually feel for Abi a slight bit (considering she's classified as a villain, but responded with some emotion, rather than being smug) I felt Denise was articulate and as cool, honest & direct about it as she could be. Denise stated what the others were thinking and what the audience had been viewing of Abi all season. Which reminded me of Jonathan's comment to Lisa from last episode about what would the audience want to see this season. I believe the audience wanted to see Abi get put in her place, and Denise was the one to finally do it!

All season I've been looking at Denise and Lisa to make it to FTC, and with each episode it looks like Mike has the best chance to be the third in a final 3 scenario. I can also credit lots of Michel's analysis as for why I'd consider Mike for that slot. Maybe I'm being swayed as it is well-thought out analysis, but I personally am not seeing a winning edit for him. Perhaps I just cannot get past the fact that he received 0 confessionals over a 5 episode span pre-merge. This, coming from an alpha-male returning player. It makes NO sense that production would do a 180 from previous seasons and not highlight Mike the way that they highlighted other recent alpha male returnees. Rob's win gave us the Rob show, Coach's loss gave us the Coach show, even Ozzy in 4th place had a meatier edit than Mike. If Mike were the winner, why aren't we getting the Mike show? Reverse editing psychology? I don't think so. Unfortunately, the eidtors don't strive to be so different from season to season, nor do they cater to super-fans who would appreciate a more elaborate change of editing. They are catering to a more casual viewer. Therefore, it looks to me that for Mike, they're likely using a similar editing style for a 3rd place finisher. Enough to let us know why the player got there, but falling short in the edit somehow, so that we don't feel as disappointed when they lose. Mike's edit reminds me a bit of Mick's from Samoa. He had enough manipulation and substance in his edit to give him the longevity to make FTC, but there was always something missing. Mike's "something missing" for me is how we've witnessed so much negative talk about him from others, yet we don't hear his defense to counterbalance this as it is going on. This is a pretty big factor with regard to a winner.

Lisa was looking good pre-merge, and even had a great merge episode. Although initially appearing as a journey player, she had "legs" in many ways to make endgame - she was tied to the themes, tied to multiple players/alliances, and her screentime/confessionals were consistent. And yes, a journey player can win, like Bob did in Gabon. But in recent episodes, it started to look like Lisa was more akin to the other journey player from Gabon, Sugar. Her playing the middle between the divide of the merged tribe has a vibe that Lisa would heavily determine the direction the game would go, but not win. Whichever faction she leaned toward would benefit in moving forward. This was Sugar's "role" in Gabon. Both her and Lisa have gotten lots of attention (and happen to be great for the camera), but almost too much attention for a winner's edit. Although I can still see Lisa fairing better than Sugar in the final voting. Which would make sense in terms of some key editing for Lisa in which we've been shown her to state that she wants to win (whereas Sugar didn't).

This brings us to Denise. Her edit seems like the classic ingredients of substance, frequency and relevance to the game. She's stated clear points to the themes of the season, like how things can change at every turn. She is continually visible through her challenge prowess, Jeff's commentary, social interactions at camp, strategic decision-making, key confessionals and speaking at tribal. A sprinkling of all these things throughout ALL of the episodes. Yes, some episodes have less than others, but this is the subtlety the editors use to make the winner not look TOO obvious. With the exception of Boston Rob, our winner has some kind of ebb and flow. Denise is good in all areas (triple threat, having prowess in strategy, social skills, and challenges) similar in that way to Kim from One World. She's playing a great game, and doing her share on the survival aspect (which seems to take less precedence in recent seasons). The difference with Denise and Kim from a storyline or editing point of view is that Denise is playing with returning players, as well as better players, therefore the ratio of her game portrayal then changes. If there were no returning players and less stronger players this season, we'd likely see even more of the powerhouse that Denise is. But that would make her an obvious winner like Kim. Fortunately it makes for a better season to have a lot of the endgame players still playing the game, and having their strengths in the game to be what causes the doubt to a Denise win, rather than more editing manipulation for her competitors.

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11-26-12, 08:33 AM (EST)
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109. "RE: Episode 10 - The Goat:"
Consensus? You are wrong there. I think this was damaging for Denise so where is the consensus?
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Arnold_Lorax2 177 desperate attention whore postings
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110. "RE: Episode 10 - The Goat:"
Consensus = general agreement which is different from unanimous. Just because YOU feel one way doesn't mean it isn't consensus when most of the replies of the group are in agreement. This thread isn't just about you Michel
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michel 10812 desperate attention whore postings
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11-26-12, 09:06 PM (EST)
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114. "RE: Episode 10 - The Goat:"
Consensus: a group decision making process that seeks the consent of all participants.

I don't feel there was an attempt to reach a decision before Aaron declared the consensus and no one seeked my consent.

And this thread is certainly not about me but I have been the most consistant contributor since Fiji. How many posts have you made here?!!

Besides, just look below:

Spot wrote: "If at the FTC, (Abi) still feels maligned by Denise, then that's one vote for someone else that easily could have been hers if she had managed Abi better."

Dabo wrote: "Really, most of what Denise said at TC was in reply to Probst asking her thoughts. It was only the last bit where she was responding to Abi, trying to explain it wasn't hatred but frustration and so on, where she made her mistake..."

And the 7 or 8 people here aren't much compared to the general audience. Look at other boards and you read plenty of:
"I felt sorry for Abi."
"I was actually oddly moved by her tears during the TC"
"I really felt bad for her because I've kinda gone through the same thing. I feel like she's just trying to be herself but people can't see it."
"Poor Abi"

On POS, there were actually 44 posters in a thread sympathizing with Abi so what is the "consensus" here worth?!!!

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Arnold_Lorax2 177 desperate attention whore postings
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116. "RE: Episode 10 - The Goat:"
Think what you want POS and other sites don't apply here on this discussion or board. I personally don't think that Aaron was trying to ramrod a thought down peoples minds and maybe he used the wrong word to say what he meant it doesn't mean that you should act all offended like he didn't consult you before posting his thoughts.

I don't post in this thread because I know spoilers and so it would be hard to discuss editing in an unbiased way even though that doesn't stop others.

And posting here since fiji still don't make you God of this thread and everyone can share there opinion.

Agman siggified me

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119. "RE: Episode 10 - The Goat:"
I've been here since Borneo and that doesn't make me higher and mightier than michel. Pointless point, michel.
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mimo 523 desperate attention whore postings
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11-26-12, 09:55 PM (EST)
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121. "RE: Episode 10 - The Goat:"
Differences of opinion are what make discussions interesting. It would seem that the majority of opinions posted did not find Denise to be out of line but within that majority there is a spectrum. While I agreed with what Denise said, I understand how Michel thought that the exchange between Denise and Abi had a a negative taint to it.

That said, in two days, Jeff will tell us what to think of it in his recap.

Let's continue to disagree (since that it what makes this all interesting) but please let's all play nicely in the sandbox.

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michel 10812 desperate attention whore postings
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11-26-12, 10:22 PM (EST)
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126. "RE: Episode 10 - The Goat:"
Yes, but there's only a discussion when I find a way to rally everyone against me! It's not easy but I have a talent for it!
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mimo 523 desperate attention whore postings
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11-26-12, 11:29 PM (EST)
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129. "RE: Episode 10 - The Goat:"
At least you keep things interesting!!

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Murphy3126 104 desperate attention whore postings
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11-27-12, 00:32 AM (EST)
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138. "RE: Episode 10 - The Goat:"
So true mimo. This Board would be so boring without the regular posters doing so much of the work. At least we seem to be able to agree to disagree.
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michel 10812 desperate attention whore postings
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11-26-12, 10:00 PM (EST)
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122. "RE: Episode 10 - The Goat:"
LAST EDITED ON 11-26-12 AT 10:00 PM (EST)

Yes, you know spoilers and, up there, you're backing someone's pick. Isn't that equivalent to introducing spoilers to this thread?

Here, we discuss how the editors shape the story and a great way to understand their work is to read other people's reactions. That's what other boards have to do here. 6 or 7 people isn't a very large sample group and certainly insufficient to use the word consensus.

BTW, While I have been the main contributor since Fiji, I've been posting here since Vanuatu. I don't appreciate the drive-by attacks you've posted at all.

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Arnold_Lorax2 177 desperate attention whore postings
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11-26-12, 10:54 PM (EST)