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"Ep. 10 Insider Clips"
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11-17-11, 04:39 PM (EST)
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"Ep. 10 Insider Clips"
LAST EDITED ON 11-17-11 AT 05:48 PM (EST)

A big thanks to James Barber at Sucks for his excellent transcriptions:

Secret Scene: Jim & Keith

Jim, Keith and Ozzy trash talk Cochran's game on Redemption Island

<night 24)

Jim: Cochran has played the most brilliant third place game in Survivor history.

Ozzy: We (?) played a great game, I think.

Jim: I'm proud of my game.

Ozzy: It's not over.

Keith: You can't predict the impossible, that somebody would be that much of a frickin' coward.

Jim: That's what - coward is the word that keeps ringing over and over for me.

Keith: Somebody that literally won't fight their own battles. Let somebody else do it for them, and then stab them in the back.

Ozzy: And really, it's somebody who has the philosophy that they're playing not to lose. They're playing to win.

Keith: I said that to him when I was...I said, how do you feel like you're playing? Do you feel like you're actually contributing? He literally hasn't done anything this entire game. Zero.

Jim: He's been nothing but a liability.

Keith: So basically Cochran's their little #####.

Jim: I said that. I said, it's like we're in Cell Block 4 right now. He's wearing everybody else's clothing and following everyone around, holding their jackets. What a punk. I really want to twist his head off. <I think Jim says this last part - either Jim or Keith>

<Ozzy laughs>

Keith (solo): Dirty little Cochran is trying to weasel his way to the end. Stabbed me in the back pretty good. <laughs> Maybe I shouldn't have saved him for all those votes. Elyse was maybe the one I should have trusted a little more.

Keith: You should have sent him to Redemption. <Ozzy laughs> We talked about this, Ozzy.

Jim: True, true.

Ozzy: I bet Elyse wouldn't have done this.

Jim: Elyse would have been hotter to watch, too.

Ozzy: Yep. She wouldn't have gone anywhere.

Jim (solo): It's always said in Survivor, you gotta trust somebody at some point; I trusted the wrong person. I never should have trusted Cochran. But I have hope. I will always have hope. Until my buff is burnt, I will have hope. I have a chip and a chair. But I don't have many chips. My odds aren't looking that great right now, but I'm gonna give it everything I got.

<someone says something I couldn't hear>

Jim: Somehow, someway, I would have loved seeing Cochran here. Just so you guys could beat the <expletive> out of him.

<Keith and Ozzy laugh>

Not Surprised

Keith was not surprised that Jim joined him on Redemption Island

"Jim just walked into Redemption Island. Actually not really that surprised. I thought he'd be the most likely candidate, since he's a really strong player, so..."


"The first Redemption Island duel after the merge is gonna be a pretty tough one, with me, Ozzy, and Jim versus each other."


"I think this is probably gonna be the most intense duel we'll have. All 3 of us are really, really strong in different areas, and anyone can take it. We'll see when the battle begins tomorrow."


"First thought when Jim walked in was, unfortunate to say, excited. It's nice to get some new information from someone you are actually friends with. He could give me the updates on what's going on with camp. Kind of interesting to see how things are going with people who are still in the game. Unfortunately he is here for the Redemption Island duel, so, disappointed that a pretty strong player is here."

I'm Sad

Jim discusses the pros and cons of Redemption Island

"I'm sad, y'know. I think I played a great game, I think I positioned myself well for the million dollars, so I feel pretty sad to be out here. It's still a shot at the million, I'm still in the game, but it doesn't feel like as good of a shot as I had 3 days ago."


"My strength right now is my ability to compete and my spirit. That's what it is. Endurance is my weak spot, puzzles are my strong suit. Hopefully we get some puzzles tomorrow."


"I think it's gonna be an epic battle tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it. I love strong competition."


"Here's what's kinda nice about Redemption - for 24 days I've been strategy, strategy, strategy. Now I have no strategy. There's only one strategy - win, or go home."


"I love the idea of Redemption Island, and I'm curious to how it plays out, because whoever comes back from Redemption will be coming into a tribe that has a rift in it. By then they will have had to voted out a few people, so anything can happen at that point."


"Hey, I'm just happy to be back hanging out with a couple people that I actually enjoy. That other tribe was driving me fricken' crazy. I'm happy to be hanging out with some people I enjoy. Still sleeping on bamboo, so not too much has changed."

Keith the Day After

Keith reflects on his time in the game the day after he lost the duel on Redemption Island.

"My experience here on Survivor has definitely been one of the best experiences of my entire life. It's the opportunity of a lifetime, and obviously, not everyone gets to do this, so I'm one of a very lucky few that got a chance to really fulfill a dream. It was a dream come true for me to be able to participate in this crazy, fun, challenging game, and to really look back, it makes me even happier every day I got to be out there. Unfortunately it was cut short for me, but just to make the friendships I made, play the game of a lifetime, put everything out there that I had...I really have no regrets. It's just such a positive moment in my life that I'll always be able to look back and reflect upon, that I really did it, and put everything I had out there."


"I was able to learn how much I value everything I have in my everyday life, and also, it gave me a better sense of how lucky I am to be able to live the way that I do."


"It's not about how much money you have or how many material possessions you have, because those things are fleeting and can be taken away from you any day. You come in the game, all that stuff is stripped from you."


"It's just a great, great experience, to kind of teach me once again that what's important in life is family, friends, and surrounding yourself with people who love you, and kind of returning that throughout the world."


"Personally, I think it was so stupid for Cochran to flip and to have voted me out. Definitely, strategically it's good for the other tribe because they got me out, potentially a strong player for individual immunity challenges. But the thing we went over and over with our tribe, and especially with Cochran, was that hey, one of us flips, you're gonna be backstabbing the entire tribe and you're gonna be the enemy or the villain, just to finish seventh. That's why it's so confusing. You're guaranteed sixth, one through six - actually, it would have been more than that, because we would have gotten out Ozzy; Ozzy would have won if he goes to the end. To finish seventh and betray your tribe is mind-boggling to me, rather than have faith in the people that got you there."


"It's one of those things that is hard to grasp for me, because I had faith in us that we were gonna go all the way to the end. I put a lot of work into that, getting out potential people that basically could have gotten me out early. It was tough to have all that work wasted, I guess in a little bit of a sense, and be sent to Redemption Island so quickly after the merge."


"I feel like I played an honest game. Obviously there were some things I said to people, but I was true to myself, true to my morals. Tried to set myself up to win. I'd rather finish twelfth than seventh and betray my tribe. Unfortunately, that's how it went. It's difficult to come to grips that my Survivor game is over. I gave it all I had, for my tribe, I had faith in my tribe. It didn't work out, but at least I didn't betray them. That's where I can take some consolation and be happy that I gave everything I had to the game. That's where the difficulty lies, that I didn't get as far as I wanted."

Jim the Day After

Jim reflects on his time in the game the day after he lost the duel on Redemption Island.

"I'm really proud about how I played this game. From the challenges, to the Tribals, to all the gameplaying in between. Everybody says I was playing this game from the moment I stepped on this island - I was playing this game months before I stepped foot on the island."


"I'm frustrated I went out when I did, but I look back and I'm really, really proud of how I played this game. I was such a huge contributor to the challenges we won, and such a big contributor to the camp life. I had fun. I had a lot more fun doing this than I thought I would. I thought it would be gameplay and manipulation Day 1 to Day 39. There was a lot of fun in between, a lot of hard work in between. Overall, I'm really, really proud of how I played."


"This game expanded my definition of 100% in all directions. I never...everybody says at one point or another, they've given 100% at something. I thought I had - I have a new definition of 100% now. When you're playing for your food, for your life, that's 100%. That's really knowing what your 100% level is. Now any time I'm giving it my all in whatever I do, I know what my all is now. It's a bigger threshold than it was before I came into this game. My definition of 100% has changed forever because of this game. And that definition of 100% is on the agony of defeat and the thrill of victory level as well. I haven't been as thrilled with any victory in my life as I was with the challenge wins on Survivor, and I haven't been as disappointed at a loss as I was at my losses at challenges during Survivor. 100% has a new meaning to me after playing this game."


"I had so much game left in me and it disappoints me that I didn't get to use it all. It kills me, because I'm always the analyst, analyzing what's going on, and I had all these scenarios I didn't get to play out. More than anything I'm disappointed I didn't get to play longer. I wanted to play more. I didn't get to play enough, and that makes me sad. It really does."


"Having Redemption Island in the game gives you a flicker of hope. It gives you a spark. It gives you that gee, you're tellin' me there's a chance. In some ways it made it easier to transition out of the game. In some ways, it kind of made it harder, because it was another opportunity I missed, to stay in the game. And so I liked that it was's the thing, at the end of the day, every moment that you can stay in this game longer is a wonderful thing. So I was happy to be in the game, albeit for even just one additional day."


"Everybody thinks they would have a plan for Survivor. Oh, I'm gonna be quiet. Oh, I'm not gonna flirt with the girls. Oh, I'm not gonna get involved with one girl. Everybody has a plan of what they're gonna do. Here's what the beauty of Survivor is that nobody understands until they get on this island - Survivor breaks you down, and in the end, you're yourself. I've watched every season of Survivor and I know what the top rules would be. Don't be outspoken in the beginning. Don't be a leader in the beginning. Don't get hooked to one person of the opposite sex in the beginning. Day 1, I'm sleeping next to the same girl for 6 nights in a row, I'm yelling at one of my tribe members, and I'm trying to lead the tribe. Survivor takes you and makes you you. Survivor strips away all of the hesitations that you have and all the walls you have built up. You're yourself when you come out here. The people you see out here are themselves. Somehow, someway, that's what this show does to you. You get on this island, and you got nothing. You got a machete. Go to work. Alright, where we gonna sleep tonight? Some people are more apt to handle different parts of it. Some people are better at the chit-chat. Some people are better at the survival skills. It's a matter of combing all those things, but at the end of the day, you can never plan on not being yourself, because it's gonna come out."

Suffer Without Me

Ozzy is happy that Te Tuna is probably suffering without him bringing them food.

<in meditative pose at the beach>

"I'm gonna eat my heart out while I'm out here. This is like a pit stop for me. It's like a vacation away from the game where I can refuel, rejuvenate. I don't know why I was so bummed to come out here in the first place."



"I wasn't, really. I just like those individual games. <chewing> But this way I don't have to feel bad about fishing and sharing with people, or fishing and not sharing with people. This way, I don't even, like, separate. I'm out here to fish for myself, do my own thing, get strong, go back to the game, and kick some butt. Let them suffer without me. No coconuts, no food. <puts another bite of food in his mouth> Ooh, man."

Ozzy Threat

Sophie gives her opinion of Ozzy's win at the Redemption duel

"At first yesterday, I was thinking, oh gosh, this stinks Ozzy's going forward, the two guys going out had the best chance of beating Ozzy - who else is gonna beat Ozzy? Maybe Brandon at the end. But the more I thought about it, the more I thought that if Ozzy forced his way into a final 3 scenario, I wouldn't have to break any word, and going against Ozzy is almost like going against Cochran. So I'm getting less and less worried about Redemption Island. I'd be terrified if Dawn suddenly dominated over there, or if Brandon dominated, but the Ozzy threat, it's gone down in my mind."


"I do think Ozzy has pissed off enough people, not only the Upolu tribe but the other tribe as well, where I don't mind Ozzy being a powerhouse coming into the game. If I could go to the final three with Ozzy, that'd be great."

Albert Worries Me

Coach worries that Albert may be going against the alliance

"Albert worries me. He's gonna worry me probably every day he remains in the game, if he continues to be panicky about situations. If he's already recruited the two Savaii members, and switched two other people in our camp, I won't know it until it's too late. Maybe I'm the target, maybe Brandon's the target. Whatever it is, it doesn't really smell right. It has me worried."


"We started this game, I was very close with Albert, very close with Brandon. Brandon was very much a loose cannon, so we kind of backed off emotionally a little bit from Brandon. I don't think Albert's jealous of me, although he could be. I think Albert's jealous of the fact that he sees me already winning this game. He sees votes already going my way."


"Some days I think he's jealous and other days I think he's just trying to play the game too hard."


"At this point I'd hate to do anything prematurely. I'd hate to go anywhere in this game except to go to the final five with the five people we talked about on day one. That would be nothing short of amazing. I'd hate to cut Albert any sooner. But as I've said many times, this is Coach's last stand. I'm not coming out here again. And nothing, and nobody, is gonna keep me from that final 3."

Willing Disciple

Coach is thrilled by Cochran's interest in Coach Chi

"Cochran is a willing disciple when it comes to Coach Chi. I've done it with a lot of people. Debbie was the first, and she was kind of a free spirit, so she was, like, cool. The entire tribe did it with me - except for Russell - the last time, and that was cool, although you always have doubters. It was Brandon this season. Cochran seeks it. Cochran seeks the inner peace. Cochran wants to be molded. Cochran sees this as a time to be coached in many ways. That's all I've ever asked for, in life, and in this game, and it's just eluded me in Survivor for 82 days. But to do Coach Chi with Cochran, that was fantastic. In fact, it went way beyond that. At the end of the session, I just sat down with him, meditation style, and began pouring myself into him. I'll give you an analogy - every soccer season, I line up 20 players, and I say, the first day, I'll be coaching all of you equally. By the end of the season, I'll probably only be coaching five of you, and two or three I will be pouring out every single scrap of knowledge about life and soccer that I possess. Not everyone wants to be coached. I get that. Not everyone out here wants to be coached, until this season, where it seems that people are more open and willing to listen to me. But when you find that one person that is open, that is what teachers, and coaches, and maestros, hope for, and pray for, that you have one person that will actually get it. One person that will actually take those lessons and apply them in life. Cochran is that one individual."

Tai Chi With Coach

Cochran explains why he is thrilled to have done tai chi with Coach.

"Practicing Coach Chi with Coach is like making a phone call to Alexander Graham Bell. It's kind of surreal. You feel like you're part of history, really, or entering some sort of pantheon of historic Survivor moments. I was thrilled to be a part of it. Physically it involves tensing your muscles, while releasing spiritual and emotional obstacles that are kind of floating around in your head. It's this weird dichotomy between physical exertion and mental release. It was great doing it with Coach, because I'm an eager student, not only in this game, but experiences associated with this game. The opportunity to practice Coach Chi with its creator was one of a number of surreal and indescribable moments out here."


"I tend to have a nervous mind. I'm always thinking of worst case scenarios, and insecurities, and self-consciousness. Something like Coach Chi, if harnessed properly, erases all that. It just leaves your body, and all you're focused on is sensorial perceptions around you, and just kind of making sure your posture's correct and you're breathing's right. Even though I may not do the warrior pose or the shaolin growl Coach was teaching me, I can see myself borrowing at least some of the fundamental elements of it and carrying it into my everyday life."

I Want to Be a Leader

Brandon explains what type of leader he would like to be in Survivor

"I vowed to play this game without being manipulative and without being pushy. I don't want to do that. If someone wants to stay true to me, that's fine, but I'll stay true to them whether they stab me in the back or not. For me to scramble when everybody else scrambles is not that good an example. It's following the crowd. I want to be a leader."


"Sometimes I do regret making promises early on, but it's my position, I have to keep it now. I didn't really want to vote Mikayla out over Edna at one point, but I made a commitment to Edna. I'm gonna stand up for the commitment I made, despite the way I feel about it. Once you say, 'Hey, this is what I'm gonna do,' there's no going back. If you go back, you're a liar and a hypocrite. I don't wanna do that, as best that I can. I'm human and I make mistakes, but I have to try to make the right decisions, and making decisions you don't necessarily think you can keep is not a crutch to break them. You've still gotta keep them."


"From here on out, I have to keep every one of them. Now that we're this far into the game, I really can't think of a promise that it's hard for me to keep right now. They're all kind of easy. Every day I'm starting to develop a relationship with God even more, every single day. It's getting easier to keep my commitments I make with people. It really is."


"My opinion, and my mind, and my fact, is that right now, standing right here was planned before I was even born. My life was planned. Me being obedient to what God has to say to me or the direction He wants me to go is a different story, but I know that I'm here for a reason, I'm right here, right now, where God wants me. As long as I keep going on the straight and narrow, keep being successful, keeping my word to people, I can't fail. Even if I lose, I've already won, y'know?"

I Sucked

Rick is disappointed with his performance in the immunity challenge.

"I sucked, man. Gah. I had good balance, I practiced with that thing on my head; it was pretty cool. They said, 'OK, go,' and I scooped up what felt like 90 pounds of rice. I was doing good going over, and I wasn't sure if going over when that thing tipped, and it kind of popped me (?), and I spilled it all right there, and I was too dumb to brush the rice off. The next point I was coming over, and didn't get quite as much, and everything felt good, then I hit that rice and that teeter-totter, and it was just like gravel, and it slid, and come off. If I could have had a couple warm-up laps I could have kicked their butts. But I was glad to see Sophie win."


"Fits into the master plan, so that's good. Master plan being we're going to take out Dawn first, then Whitney. Dawn's needing to go home."


"Just because she's a good competitor."


"Unless they've changed something. I don't know. Dawn was gonna go first."

Talked To Albert

Dawn reveals the details of her conversation with Albert

"I have talked to Albert. His feeling is that, he let me know Edna wasn't a part of their original alliance. She kind of came in late to their decision-making, by default. He wants to play the game with people he feels are deserving, who have played - in that way he doesn't know if Edna has earned her spot as a final 6 or a final 7. He said, I'd like to see you and Whitney play, I feel like you've each won immunity and you've played in all the challenges, whereas Edna sat out. He said if it was up to me, I'd get one other person, we'd have Whitney, myself, Albert, and Cochran to vote out Edna at the next Tribal Council."


"Rick doesn't wanna do it, because he gave his word, I don't know, probably 10 months ago (laughs), that he wasn't gonna betray anything he said he was gonna do. So Rick doesn't wanna do it, Brandon doesn't wanna do it, so that leaves Sophie or Coach. Coach has got everybody pretty well committed to the idea that solidarity is the only way to win the game, so I don't think Coach is flipping his vote. So Sophie is the only option, and there's some work to do there."


"What I'd like to know is why the Upolu tribe doesn't want to take Coach out now while they have the numbers. I have no idea."


"To me, this isn't the time to take out Edna, it's the time to take off the head of the snake. I don't understand it. It seems to me there's a lot of fear in taking out Coach."


"My only caution in the plan to take out Coach, because we could use Cochran, myself, Albert, Whitney, and potentially Sophie to take out Coach and really change the game. My only caution is that Cochran seems to have a great following, leader, loyalty to Coach. They did tai chi yesterday, and I think that's Coach's whole plan, to have an apprentice."


"There's a lot to think about. Right now I have the immunity challenge on my mind, and then I'm gonna use some time thinking and working today. Whitney and I are all guns loaded. There's nothing to lose."

Ozzy on Redemption

Albert reveals his plan to stay off Redemption Island

"I definitely don't want to be at Redemption under any circumstance. I'm trying to pitch it to everyone that no matter who the Redemption returnee is, we have to get rid of them, no matter what."


"As I look at the result of the duel, with Ozzy winning, on the exterior, it doesn't feel good, because there's still a strong player left in the game, but it's actually a strong fuel for me, because I can still use my story of, hey guys, we gotta stay strong, and we gotta keep players who can compete with Ozzy if he comes back from Redemption. And who's gonna compete with Ozzy? Most likely, me. I'm trying to devise a nice reason why I'm important to keep around in this game, for those people that might be on the fence."


"The appearance of Ozzy being on Redemption for a while is good for me. Now do I want Ozzy to in actuality come back? Of course not. I want an easier road. I want Whitney to come back, so I can beat her. But I want Ozzy to be there for a while so people will start to sweat and go, oh, we can't get rid of Albert, because who's gonna beat Ozzy in a strength challenge. So the appearance of Ozzy making a deep run kind of helps my case a little bit."

Smartest Move

Whitney shares her thoughts on what the tribe should do next.

"I definitely feel like Dawn and I are on the chopping block, as we have been. It's a frustrating place to be, but at the same time, it lights a fire under you in a way."


"If I could play the game the way I wanted to, at this point, their smartest move is to get Coach gone. But who am I gonna tell that to who's not gonna run straight back to Coach and report it? <laughs> That's the problem. Everyone seems to be in an alliance with him."


"Coach is playing a pretty good game, and what he's done is made them all believe that if they lie and if they're dishonest with him, they're not playing the right game, they're not playing the game. What Coach has got, Coach has got a group of people - besides Albert, Albert does care - he's got a group of people that really don't care about what place they come in. They're just as happy letting him get the million dollars, I think. They're just happy to be here. Unless they're bluffing. But I don't see anybody trying hard. If they wanted to try hard, and flip things around, they would come to Dawn and I and try to figure out a way to switch their position in this game. But besides Albert, no one has said anything."

The Twist

Edna describes what she thinks 'the twist' will be at Tribal Council

"Basically, today we were hoping no one from the previous Savaii team would win at the challenge. So Sophie's win is our win as a group."


"Jeff announced at the challenge that there's going to be a twist at Tribal. My guess is it's gonna be a double elimination, with a small challenge that can be easily executed at Tribal Council. My guess it's going to be a memory challenge. I doubt it will be more elaborate than that."


"We do have a plan for tonight if there is a second elimination at Tribal. Our plan is to eliminate Dawn, then eliminate Whitney. Eventually we plan to eliminate Cochran too. "


"Cochran is not part of the original Upolu tribe; he was adopted last. Based on our voting history, that's who we'd vote for."

Jim and Keith Ponderosa Part 1

The first two members of the jury, Keith and Jim, arrive at Ponderosa and enjoy food and drinks together.

<Jim throws his buff into the fire>

Jim (voiceover): Leaving the arena was tough. I couldn't watch my buff burn. I was with people 24/7 for the past 25 days. First time I ever felt all alone.

<Keith throws his buff into the fire>

Keith (voiceover): Throwing your buff is obviously the culmination of you really are done, and you have no other chance.

<Keith joins Jim in the car, they hug and shake hands>

Jim: Frick.

Keith: Frick is right.

<Keith and Jim talk over who can come closest to knowing how much weight they lost - Keith knew he lost 16 pounds, and Jim thought he'd lost 14, but actually lost 20>

Keith: Man, it's weird, right?

Jim <inhaling chip bag>: It is weird.

Jim (voiceover): It's the first time two people have come back as the first and second jurors. It's a little bit more fun, especially when you have somebody you know so well.

<they arrive at Ponderosa and crack open two beers>

Jim: Let's see what we got...<looks in full length mirror> Oh my goodness, I do look like a dirty pirate. My hair is so frickin' long.

Jim (voiceover): Looking at myself in the mirror was a trip. I looked like a dirty pirate, as Keith reminded me of frequently on the island.

<Keith looks at how skinny he is, and his neck beard>

<Jim finds a guitar>

Jim: <screeching>: Cochran, you screwed me over, <laughs>, out a whole million. When I see you in a dark alley I'll kick yo' #####.

<Keith gives him some food>

Jim: For just losing a million dollars I'm in just about as good a mood as I can be in.

<Jim begins eating his first meal>

Jim: An hour and a half ago I was in the game. Now I'm using a fork. I haven't used a fork in 25 days.

<Keith gets his food and sits down>

Jim: So whaddya think, man? Can Ozzy do it?

Keith: Um...I think he'll go far, <says something I couldn't understand>

Jim: I think he'll do what Matt did last year, which was make it to the final one. <looks at the camera> For as much as it seems like Dawn and Whitney are in trouble, I have a feeling the things I said last night at Tribal Council and the things that were said today by Keith and Oz, I think they made a crack in the armor. I'm making a prediction right now, former Upolu's going next.

Jim (solo): I'd be shocked to see Coach or Cochran come here. Coach has control of the game, Cochran has control of third place. My belly's fully, I got a few beers in me; I would trade all that to be in the game right now. One more day in this game, anything can happen. I just needed more time, and I didn't have it. I would trade anything to be back in the game.

Part 2

Jim and Keith get comfortable at Ponderosa

<Jim goes to his tent>

Jim: Home sweet home. My stuff! Much better than bamboo. It's all so nice and clean and I'm dirty. There are some things in here I know I want. <smells his toothbrush and gets out his deodorant> Oh, I'm happy. Seriously, this is what I'm going to wake up to every morning. I can't believe it. Much better than my former accommodations.

<goes for a swim and is joined by Keith; eventually they head back to their tents>

Keith (solo): To tell you the truth, I thought we were going to be staying in a hotel, so at first it was a little shocking. I thought we were gonna have air conditioning and a big queen bed. <laughs> But we come back to Ponderosa and we're staying in tents on kind of tiki huts?

<marvels as he gets out his toiletries>

Keith: I only planned for one day on Ponderosa. Didn't work out that way. <laughs>

Jim: My belly's full, had a few beers, went for a nice swim. It's time to shower up, throw away these old clothes, and get into some clean clothes. I'm very excited.

<Jim is shocked at the grey hairs in his beard>

Keith: <putting deodorant on> No shower, first day. I don't even care. <laughs> This is the deodorant shower. It smells great.

Keith (solo): Put my clothes on, didn't take a shower. Didn't take a shower for a while, which was probably pretty disgusting.

<Jim says he wants to trim his beard, as it's the longest he's ever had, and he never wants to grow another one unless he's on the island>

<Keith shaves some of his facial hair>

Keith (solo): To see yourself for the first time is a little shocking, because there's probably no time in your life where you'll go without seeing yourself in the mirror at least once a day.

<Jim brushes his teeth and turns the shower on>


Keith: Dude, you look like a different person with your hat and sunglasses on.

Jim: I feel like a different person. I'm clean.

<later, Jim heads to bed, saying it's not where he wanted to be, but it's OK>

Jim (solo): Ponderosa has been a series of finality moments. Going to bed in a bed in a tent is another one of those moments. Just nails in a coffin.

Ponderosa Part 3

On Ponderosa, Jim and Keith look forward to tribal council.

Jim (solo): It's 10 A.M. and I'm having a Corona and some freshly made guac this morning. Why? Cause that's what I felt like!

<they're told lunch is ready>

Jim (solo): At Ponderosa, you got Chef Simon, who has done this before, so it's like he knows what I'm crazing before I know that I'm craving it.

Jim (to Keith): It's better than having to gnaw off the pork with your hands tied behind your back.

Keith (solo): You eat, and it's so delicious, you almost can't stop until you get sick.

<cut to later, as Jim is shaving>

Jim: Tonight's Tribal will tell who will win the million. If Savaii goes out, Coach wins the million. If Savaii stays in and an Upolu goes out, it's anybody's game. <shows his Fu Manchu to the camera> Nothing says class like a stache.

<Jim and Keith go to get treemail>

Jim: Time to raise the flag of Ponderosa.

Jim (solo): Treemail, we had to raise the flag. It was a dubious honor to raise the Ponderosa flag. Bittersweet. But, it makes it feel a little more like home.

<they clink beers to their new home, then go in the ocean>

Jim (solo): Tribal tonight's huge, because if there's not a move made tonight, it's game over for about 4 people. Excited to see what happens. Really rooting for my girls. Really rooting for my girl Dawn to win.

Keith (solo): This is possibly the last Tribal that you can make that big move that will change the game.

<after they start getting ready>

Jim: You and I will be wearing opposite outfits tonight. You will be dressed as the woman and I will be dressed as the man.

<they head out>

Jim (solo): It's not anybody's game right now. It's Coach's game. If somebody wants to make it their game, they've gotta move.

EW Deleted Scene


Ozzy coming out and saying, "I've caught all these fish, and I'm so well fed," I know there's a little bit of exaggeration behind it, but there's also a lot of truth, because he is a good fisherman, and he is feeding one or two people there at a time. It's tough for me because we're down to coconuts and barely any of that at all. For me, I got used to eating fish early on, eating bananas early on, and now it's starting to take a toll on my body. And I'm a guy who needs to succeed physically. For me, it puts me in a unique scenario where I've gotta find a way to draw in some food. I'm thinking I've gotta win these rewards. I'm hoping we have a lot of them. As of now, we've had less rewards on pace than any season I can remember.


It's been kind of rough. It's been thin for us from a rewards standpoint. I'm hoping we start to get a lot more rewards that have food included, and either I can win them or somebody who can bring me along wins these rewards.

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 RE: Ep. 10 Insider Clips Flowerpower 11-17-11 1
   RE: Ep. 10 Insider Clips Brownroach 11-17-11 2
       RE: Ep. 10 Insider Clips SquidProQuo 11-17-11 3

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Flowerpower 7012 desperate attention whore postings
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11-17-11, 06:14 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: Ep. 10 Insider Clips"
Thanks to James Barber for transcribing these for all of us week after week! And, thanks to Squid for bringing them over for us!

Regarding this:

Ozzy: And really, it's somebody who has the philosophy that they're playing not to lose. They're playing to win.

I think this statement Ozzy made about Cochran went more like this..."And really, it's somebody who has the philosophy that they're playing 'not to lose', rather than playing to win.

A very astute observation from Ozzy as one who is indeed playing to win. Then we have some formidable observations from Edna...

"We do have a plan for tonight if there is a second elimination at Tribal. Our plan is to eliminate Dawn, then eliminate Whitney. Eventually we plan to eliminate Cochran too. "


"Cochran is not part of the original Upolu tribe; he was adopted last. Based on our voting history, that's who we'd vote for."

Well, more than likely she is echoing Coach's plan to first eliminate Dawn, then Whitney, then Cochran. And, since Coach is calling the shots, she is probably dead on. Also, she is, without realizing, identifying herself as the next boot after Cochran. She was the "adopted last" to the Upolu 6, after Cochran is gone...fwiw.

Now, I thought this was a very interesting take on Ozzy by Sophie...

"At first yesterday, I was thinking, oh gosh, this stinks Ozzy's going forward, the two guys going out had the best chance of beating Ozzy - who else is gonna beat Ozzy? Maybe Brandon at the end. But the more I thought about it, the more I thought that if Ozzy forced his way into a final 3 scenario, I wouldn't have to break any word, and going against Ozzy is almost like going against Cochran. So I'm getting less and less worried about Redemption Island. I'd be terrified if Dawn suddenly dominated over there, or if Brandon dominated, but the Ozzy threat, it's gone down in my mind."


"I do think Ozzy has pissed off enough people, not only the Upolu tribe but the other tribe as well, where I don't mind Ozzy being a powerhouse coming into the game. If I could go to the final three with Ozzy, that'd be great."

I know she is on Upolu and they are probably talking trash about Ozzy, and definitely Cochran is trashing him. But would Dawn and Whitney trash him too? I don't something going on out there that we are not getting because of the editing?

Perhaps Sophie would feel better going to the F3 with either of the returnees....perhaps that is her point. I think Cochran trashing Ozzy and the Upolu's trashing him is really not cause for confidence...interesting.

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Brownroach 14241 desperate attention whore postings
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11-17-11, 06:21 PM (EST)
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2. "RE: Ep. 10 Insider Clips"
LAST EDITED ON 11-17-11 AT 06:22 PM (EST)

Well...while Jim and Keith, both former Savaiis, had fans at the duel, no one said they were rooting for Ozzy. She could have gotten the idea from that, if she didn't have it already.

I'm curious why Sophie would be terrified if Brandon dominated at RI (and presumably made it to F3). Does she think people would vote for him? Dawn I could see being worried about, but Brandon?

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SquidProQuo 2281 desperate attention whore postings
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11-17-11, 06:47 PM (EST)
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3. "RE: Ep. 10 Insider Clips"
Well the one thing the "if Brandon dominates" says is that Sophie intends to send him to RI sooner vs. later....and she probably knows he'll go bonzo and be bitter if he comes back.
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