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"Insider for Ep. 9"
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Original message

SquidProQuo 2281 desperate attention whore postings
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11-10-11, 03:36 AM (EST)
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"Insider for Ep. 9"
Here are a few summarized highlights. We can bring over James Barber's transcripts once they're completed.

- The most interesting nugget to me is that Edna says that she and Coach wanted to compete in the challenge, but they took a group vote and decided as a strategic decision to sit out together to show the remaining Savali how unified they she and Coach had to go along with the decision. This puts Coach's "hypocrisy" (by not competing) in a new light.....of course most viewers don't realize the real reason behind it vs. the perception created tonight.

- Related to the "unified" theme, Albert has a really interesting clip about how religion has played a huge role in keeping their group unified and how it's given them a common bond. He says he believes in God but then talks about it from a more calculating/strategic standpoint regarding how it's kept people, esp. Brandon and Coach, calm and trusting. This gave me a bit of hope that perhaps Albert has more going on strategically than I've given him credit for. (Not that I think he's not a good player, but he's just been pretty hidden so far vs. someone like Coach.)

- Coach talks about how the Cochran dancing in his coat scene was something that their tribe came up with to egg on Jim and tee him off. He also talks about how wonderful it is that Cochran is blossoming as a person.

- Cochran talks about how while he wants to vote out Ozzy as a threat, he does have some sympathy for him and he really appreciates that Ozzy didn't blow up at him and calmly talked to him vs. the grief he took from his other tribe mates. This was my observation as well....Ozzy was not his usual hothead self. Also, I need to rewatch this clip, but I'm wondering if there's an implication in there that Dawn also gave him grief but it wasn't shown, which would be interesting.

- Finally, this Coach clip is interesting because it's another highly edited piece (vs. simple confessional) that must have almost made the show but was edited for time. It shows him in a positive light, with positive music, etc. vs. crazy tai chi coach of past seasons. Overall message is that he's an old dog who's finally learned a new trick -- how to be strategic and play the game. Of course it ended up on the editing room floor...but I still think it points to Coach's positive edit and the care they're taking with him....he must go far this season:

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 RE: Insider for Ep. 9 PepeLePew13 11-10-11 1

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PepeLePew13 24731 desperate attention whore postings
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11-10-11, 11:50 AM (EST)
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1. "RE: Insider for Ep. 9"

>- The most interesting nugget to
>me is that Edna says
>that she and Coach wanted
>to compete in the challenge,
>but they took a group
>vote and decided as a
>strategic decision to sit out
>together to show the remaining
>Savali how unified they
>she and Coach had to
>go along with the decision.
>This puts Coach's "hypocrisy" (by
>not competing) in a new
>light.....of course most viewers don't
>realize the real reason behind
>it vs. the perception created

Doesn't look good for Coach in my opinion if they chose to edit him this way with the average viewer.

>- Related to the "unified" theme,
>Albert has a really interesting
>clip about how religion has
>played a huge role in
>keeping their group unified and
>how it's given them a
>common bond. He says he
>believes in God but then
>talks about it from a
>more calculating/strategic standpoint regarding how
>it's kept people, esp. Brandon
>and Coach, calm and trusting.
>This gave me a bit
>of hope that perhaps Albert
>has more going on strategically
>than I've given him credit
>for. (Not that I think
>he's not a good player,
>but he's just been pretty
>hidden so far vs. someone
>like Coach.)

Notice how Sophie often speaks for both herself and Albert in the episodes shown on TV? As far as Albert goes in the game, Sophie will be there all the way - either to the end game or she'll outlast Albert in my mind.

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