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"Bridal Bootcamp."
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06-10-10, 07:46 AM (EST)
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"Bridal Bootcamp."
Take ten brides-to-be who feel they're too heavy to get into their perfect wedding dress. Send them to a weight loss facility (basic military with a DI:recruit ratio of 1:5) for eight weeks. Give them an elimination format, a host, and a vague promise of something at the end. Realize that because they're already hyperstressed brides, most of these women qualify for some definition of insanity going in. And watch the fireworks fly.

For some reason, I really want to dislike the host. Maybe it's because she should be running the exercise portions and never shows up during them. It could be her Ultimate Authority over eliminations. (Biggest Loser with one vote: two teams, one loses, worst two players in percentage loss for the week are automatic nominees.) Or it just might be because she couldn't be bothered to explain what the winner's prize actually is. A dream wedding, huh? What does that mean, exactly? Assigned planners that you'll have to pay for? A check to cover as much as ten dollars of your expenses? She'll be your bodyguard and stand by to break up the inevitable fights?

It's easier to dislike a few of the contestants, because the current Survivor attitude of 'She has a horrible medical problem? I just got further in the game!' is on full display in Episode #1, and that could be just the start of the gameplay. (Trash Talk Mode was apparently turned on ten minutes before the opening credits.)

After what we've seen on NBC, this is really Weight Loss Lite: there's no one over 200 lbs, and a couple of them have fallen victim to the BMI myth: they may be over society's falsely-assigned 'ideal weight', but their bodies might work better at their current setting. (Honestly, a couple of contestants don't need radical exercise sessions as much as they do boosted self-esteem.) But if you want the hysterical politics and 'I must be the prettiest woman in the world on my wedding day, so everyone else has to die!' attitude, then welcome to your new reality hangout. For their own safety, let's hope the drill instructors are armed...

Wednesday is Women You Hate Night on VH1!

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