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"Nip/Tuck Season Premiere"
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aids123 15 desperate attention whore postings
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01-08-09, 01:00 PM (EST)
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"Nip/Tuck Season Premiere"

Strange title, I know, but that is what they are calling this season. It’s just a continuation of last season, thus part 2. I will be addressing my absence on this blog in a post on Thursday or Friday. Tonight, I’m going to instead focus on the season premiere of Nip/Tuck and the rebirth of this blog (back with another blog tomorrow for the Real World premiere). I just got home from the beginning of another flag football season, big W for the Blue Thunder (also formerly known as the Muff Punters). Without further ado, the season premiere live blog:

1) Going in I vaguely remember what happened in last season’s finale. So, lets give myself a little refresher. Eden shooting Julia, god that brings back good memories. I missed you Eden.

2) Time to find out how bad of condition Sean is in.

3) This is obviously CrazyToes, yep there is the picture (not really enjoying this entrance music, but I guess that makes sense, I don’t really want to enjoy CrazyToes’ entrance music). Oooh, that’s cool, they are going back to show us what happened, I like that. Since, Christian is still in the building and there are security cameras, someone should be coming to Sean’s rescue.

4) How the ##### is he moving? What? And now CrazyToes feels bad? Where are Liz and Sean? There’s Liz, you ##### dumbass.

5) Watching CrazyToes wash her hands in the fishtank was quite hilarious. My second favorite fish tank scene behind when Isaac from Real World: Australia got in the fishtank with a scuba mask on completely nude.

6) And Sean kills CrazyToes. So, excited we don’t have to deal with her again this season.

7) That opening sequence was crazy. I can accept all of it. But, why is there only security for the building? With all the ##### crazy’s that Sean and Christian have come across in there years why wouldn’t they have some camera’s set up in there. Especially considering there is already a security guard for the building, why not dole out a few extra thousand dollars a month to have the security guard watch a few more screens.

8) 4 Months Later. Sean is in a wheelchair, this better not be permanent.

9) Liz as the first patient? A breast reduction? Christian, “but those are your two best assets.” Liz, “they are like Louis Vutton (don’t care if I misspelled it) bags, they are great to look at, but not a lot of fun to lug around.” Really ##### happy most girls don’t think like that.

10) Oh Sean, stop being a #####. Christian get him laid already.

11) Ooooh, Sean’s teaching a couple hot students. You know he is going to ##### one of them. #####, instead he’s going to focus on helping a 17 year old dude.

12) HAHA. While waiting for the doctor’s results Christian sits in the doctor’s chair. You really had to see that one to appreciate it.

13) And now Christian may have Cancer. Hmm, interesting. And he does.

14) A musician needs his ears replaced. To do that, they just cut off the lower lobe, that’s disgusting.

15) Alright, this Raj guy is pretty funny. Insulting, Dr. Troy never gets old.

16) That was one crazy fridge in Sean’s apartment.

17) Matt’s going to school? That won’t end well.

18) Christian, “you know all my children disappoint me, except for Wilbur, because he doesn’t talk much.” I’ve missed his witty humor.

19) Sean and Christian are getting old. Sean is in a wheelchair and Christian has breast cancer. Not exactly the way I saw this season starting off. Last season they started off fighting over who was going to be a bigger celebrity. Now, it’s a battle to see who can live longer.

20) In past years Christian would have fucked this girl in the green wheeling Sean off to the bathroom. And wouldn’t you know it, right after I bring up the idea, not even two minutes pass and Sean is going to ##### this girl in the green and Christian has just used his breast cancer to get laid.

21) Christian wore a ridiculous vest during sex. And Sean fucked this chick so hard, they fell back in the wheelchair. Excellent. At least some things never change.

22) Sean should be helping with Christian’s surgery. I completely disprove of his bitchassness right now. Seriously, you don’t need to stand to use your legs to operate, just hands. Alright, some things never change, I get quite a few things right when I write about this show. Sean, couldn’t live with himself if he didn’t help Christian, which is exactly how it should be.

23) Sean at CrazyToe’s funeral, “I wanted to make sure she is dead.” Well said.

24) Nothing like another bizarre nightmare.

25) Sean is walking and Christian is inspecting his first ever flaws. Maybe we won’t have to deal with them becoming old men that quickly.

26) No Julia this episode, perfect. No Kimber, not so good. No Eden, horrible. All in all a solid premiere. There will definitely be better episodes this season. But, at least we got to find out a little about what direction they are headed. I expect Raj to take on a pretty good role, they’ve always liked to have a third doctor around.

Previews: Sean walking more, excellent. Christian using cancer classes to get laid, classic. Was that PussyLips (a character from there tv show last year) asking for a surgery? Raj’s dad wants Raj to perform his penis enlargement surgery, hilarious. Christian ##### Liz, I should be more shocked by this, but it was inevitable. Olivia comes back, but no Eden? Botox on Kimber’s child? A lot of quick crazy flashes there at the end, those look like some great scenes.

Check out the actual blog if you'd like:

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04-08-16, 05:31 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: Nip/Tuck Season Premiere"
Oh okay if you say so.
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