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piehole13 1 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "American Cancer Society Spokesperson"

06-24-09, 04:08 PM (EST)
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This is the post the TLC GREED.
Thank you TLC for airing the JK+8 episode that will give me extra time in my day to have quality time with my family. Since I will no longer be watching the show with my kids, we can do more productive things to foster a more cohesive family unit. What was once a nice family oriented show, has now turned into a media circus driven by greed. How could two parents think that receiving $75,000 an episode for 40 episodes is "providing for their kids"? What about providing for their emotional and spiritual needs? I'm sure both parents are so consumed by their own greed that they cannot possible comprehend that their family has been ruined by a reality show. I can pretty much guess that if they led a normal life, outside of the cameras and money, that they would have had a normal life together. I remember watching a show where they went to a religious play, what a joke. I hope that both SELFISH parents will someday be able to realize the unnecessary stress and grief that they put their kids through, all for money.I hope their kids will forgive them for their mistakes. Maybe they can use their hard earned money for grief counseling for the kids, as I'm sure they will be deeply scarred by this mad science experiment. What were they thinking? Is money and greed worth your child's welfare? Kids are our future. We as parents have a responsibility to help raise our children to be good moral human beings. A kid would rather live in an environment that the parents love and respect each other, than a 14 room mansion. Kids learn by example. What example are these two irresponsible parents giving their kids? That greed, selfishness, and money are the way to lead their life? When you get married, you enter a pact in which you help each other for better or worse. We as a society are too quick to react to hard situations. When the going gets tough, work it out, yes it's hard, it's your responsibility. Life is hard. It is your responsibility for your kids, that YOU decided to bring into this world. Grow up John and Kate. If you beat your child, social services will intervene. What happens when you beat your child emotionally? No one can tell me that raising your family in a fishbowl is healthy. I offer my sincerest apology to this family for being a voyeur to this sick breakdown of basic family values. That show exemplifies what is wrong with our society. I will take this lesson to heart. I will take the time to honor my husband, to listen to my kids, to play a board game instead of watching the boob tube, to lay in the grass with my kids and watch the clouds, to have family night. Thank you TLC for helping usmessage board won't post.

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