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"The new rules and some ranting about Shannon"
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sctes 53 desperate attention whore postings
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11-11-01, 07:39 AM (EST)
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"The new rules and some ranting about Shannon"
First off, based on her name and general appearance, Shannon should have been barred from even thinking about applying to be on this show. Oops, I just realized the inherent flaw in such a regulation.

Now certainly they're not going to cast swingers to be couples on this show as that wouldn't elicit the type of drama you'd expect from jealous monogamists. On the other hand, if Shannon already got divorced due to infidelity, what the heck is she thinking? Oops, same problem as above. And then there's this whole business about not wanting to share bits about her past with the audience of a reality t.v. show on Fox. Wouldn't it be ironic if her boyfriend hooks up with the budding psychiatrist? Clearly she needs to visit one. Here's a great idea: I have an overactive fear of being cheated on, and I like to keep my personal life private. Why not bring my boyfriend to an island where he'll get drunk and have a dozen also drunk model/actress/cheerleaders competing for airtime to seduce him. Then we'll broadcast the whole thing on T.V. along with my pathetic life's story. Of course what do I know about casting? Maybe this was someone's idea of genius.

Now, onto the rules. Noting my comment above about the exclusion of swingers, why are they having the contestants eliminate the people they're most concerned about? The whole point is temptation, right? Last season, if I recall correctly, the eliminations were made by the opposite sex, i.e. by the same people who could date those that are being kicked off. With these new rules and the return of the bracelet, it seems like the goal is to prevent your lover from hooking up. If your choice of who gets the bracelet is all that's preventing your partner from cheating on you, wouldn't you rather know that now? Only one participant seemed to have a remotely similar attitude, and although she and her fellow train wrecks still make me want to destroy my t.v., I did appreciate the gesture and of course the major dis which was a high point of the episode.

Personally, if I was the scornful jealous type and my lover was going to cheat on me, I think I'd want to optimize the chance that the person they hooked up with was the most shallow and most likely to break their heart of the bunch. Of course I'm not that way, but I'm just saying if I was...

I look forward to whining at my t.v. for the next several Thursdays.

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