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"S20 PTTE: Week 5 results – Week 6 list change"
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Original message

kircon 3239 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Car Show Celebrity"

03-22-10, 01:02 PM (EST)
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"S20 PTTE: Week 5 results – Week 6 list change"
PTTE: The longest running Blows game!

Are you ready for some PTTE?

What's a PTTE, you ask? Well PTTE means:

"Picks To The End"

Welcome Back!

It’s time for the 20th season to be exact.
Can you believe it?

We are back on the island of Samoa
There are 15 Survivors trying to win a million dollars.
You know who they are.
You have loved them as heroes.
You have hated them as villains.

Are you starting to love a villain?
Are you growing to hate a hero?

Who do you think will win?
Who will be the next Survivor kicked off the island?

That’s the main question of this game.

To start this game you will need to

post a list that reflects your prediction about the eviction order for the rest of the season.

Starting with the next (#15) to
be eliminated and
ending with the winner (#1).
Unless you play the Teal game.

This doesn't need to have any analysis,
although you're welcome to throw in anything you want...
this is a game and is intended to be fun.
Use any spoiler information available to you,
coupled with your own intuition, see how well you can do.

Tom Westman was the 5th Survivor to have their torch extinguished.

Tom finished 16th
Previous Finishes: Palau: Winner¬

Read what RTVW has to say about it here.
Read what Cirie had to say about it here

Would you like to join in the fun?

Just post your list below.

Here are the divisions:

Regular PTTE – Lowest score wins

Post your prediction for the ENTIRE boot order for the season
Starting with next booted (#15)
and ending with Sole Survivor (#1)

Medium Teal PTTE– Highest score wins

How do you play as a Medium Teal player
Post your prediction for the ENTIRE boot order for the season
Starting with the Sole Survivor (#20)
and ending with next booted (#6)

One-List PTTE

I have decided to offer a winner’s title for the One-list game.
This contest will test your ability to predict the boot order
given only the castaways’ pictures, bios, and minimal boot spoilers.
Not your ability to strategically edit your boot list.

Now onto the game

Place – Name – Score on current list
Upward movement - ^
In case of ties, I alphabetize.

Congratulations to these players for placing Tom in the 16th spot.

Bdemoney, Belle Book, Georjanna, MJewel, Survivor Maniac, suzzee, Travelor, Tummy, & Wallflower,

1. bdemoney - 0
1. Belle Book - 0
1. Georjanna - 0
1. MJewel - 0
1. Survivor Maniac - 0
1. suzzee – 0
1. Travelor - 0
1. Tummy – 0
1. Wallflower - 0

10. Ontheroadagain - 14

11. Molaholic -27

12.mia rules – 39

13. dreamerbeliever – 49

14. tribephyl – 50

15. kircon – 72

15. vennui – 75

Congratulations vennui!
You hold the sole lead for the Medium Teals!

Congratulations Sir dreamer! You gained the most points (14).
I love how the way you want the season to play out is fitting into the Medium Teal side.


1) You do NOT want points...they're bad... it's like golf.
Every point counts against you in the standings, so try to avoid them,
unless you are playing the MEDIUM TEAL game.
then you want all the points you can get.

2) Points will be awarded to each boot, after each episode.

They will be awarded as the difference between
where you thought this week's bootee would finish
and where the bootee actually finished.

3) You will be given penalty points every time you change your PTTE list.

+5 points for regular game
-5 points for medium teal game
+8 points for All-Star game
-8 points for All-Star Medium Teal game

4) The game will be open for anyone to join at anytime.

If you do not enter before the 2nd episode, you will start with a score equivalent to 8 points per episode you missed. That means that it's possible to join the game after several episodes and
enter in first place, but statistically speaking, you'll have a better chance if you enter earlier.

Players will begin with 32 points this week.

Post your list and number them from 1 to 15

If you would like to do a little more research check out CBS

If you have any questions post them in this thread or PM me.
(Private Message located top right on page, larger envelope icon.)

Sit back and enjoy the next show of:

Survivor 20: Heroes vs. Villains

This game is open until 7:59 pm EDT on Wednesday, March 24, 2010.


Thank you Sir tribe for bringing me joy each time I score your list. Each week you receive 10 points. Quite a pattern! And I love patterns. Thanks!!!

I hand score the game, never learned how to make a spreadsheet. Just between us, I just discovered this thing called a flash drive this weekend. I used it in transferring all my data from one computer to another. Amazing device! I couldn’t afford the true geek squad when I bought my new computer back in October. I didn’t have the time until this past week. I stayed off-line until I finished all my music and data transfer. I’m still working on my pictures. I have over 10,000. I love my digital camera. I now have all my data on my new computer. Would you believe over half was Survivor “Stuff”. *snort* I am such a geek, just a slow old one. But with my generation (baby boomers) and older, I am a computer goddess! That cracks me up.

I am sorry that the game is boring this season. I am baffled in how to deal with such a spoiled season. I believe that the tie-breaker questions will be the deciding factor. Now that I have all my data on one computer, I will check out past tie-breaker questions, especially the spoiled seasons. For the newer players, there is usually a lot of movement in the scores and very few ties. This is an unusual season.

But I really love this season. It reminds us that it’s not the destination, it’s the journey. Knowing who’s going each week is ok, but I love how the stories play out. I think CBS is doing a great job this season in keeping the viewers watching. My RL friends who watch the show are really enjoying this season. I hope all of you are.

I’ll be working on the tie-breaker questions this week. Watch for a pm, red flag wavy thing, in the next week or so. k

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 RE: S20 PTTE: Week 5 results – We... suzzee 03-24-10 1

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suzzee 4956 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Stuff Magazine Centerfold"

03-24-10, 03:14 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: S20 PTTE: Week 5 results – Week 6 list change"
LAST EDITED ON 03-24-10 AT 03:14 PM (EST)

I don't know what to do with a spoiled season either unless you do points for number of votes the bootee gets. Usually that's not a big topic of spoiling. It would have been easier to avoid spoilers but for an all stars edition names are so familiar that once you see or hear them, you remember. Oh well, spoilers have been known to be wrong.

Got a new computer did ya'? Ta Ta

Bad girls have all the fun

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