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"Survivor S35 Ep 12 Ranking"
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Aruba 2713 desperate attention whore postings
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12-08-17, 06:50 PM (EST)
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"Survivor S35 Ep 12 Ranking"
I’ll have you note, I called the self-destruction BEFORE Lauren even solidified her new alliance. Fiji Islands is now taking shape like Hitler’s underground bunker when the Allied forces were closing in on Berlin.
I’ll be leaving for Pittsburgh early tomorrow and will not be returning until Tuesday night. So, I’ll leave it up to Michel and Kingfish to duke it out over the weekend.

1) ASHLEY – Obviously wishful thinking on my part hoping her being targeted during the preview is a patented CBS misdirection. Unlike those who deliberately turn a blind eye to the primary reason a player is targeted due to being a challenge threat, I could see her as the next victim. She wins that IC even if the deal wasn’t struck. If she advances to the Finals, I could see her making a case of side-stepping her showmance to be a game player along with her competitive nature in competitions to get votes.

2) DEVON – The fact a physical presence like Devon advances to the F6 without really dominating challenges thus far is noteworthy. He continues to have a savvy mind for the game...he seems to be the only one with half a brain enough to see someone like Chrissy could be a favorite sitting at FTC. But now that the F3 alliance got their hands caught in the Survivor “Cookie Jar” aka water well by Ben, he’ll need an IC run to make it to the end. Not outside the realm of possibility for Devon, but a daunting task nevertheless.

3) BEN – If I rank by chances to win, Ben would probably be last. Whether it is his military training or in his DNA, he has shown a keen awareness when trouble may be on the Horizon for him. He sensed it before it was confirmed by the water well blunder. Despite the number of idols/advantages in play any given season, very few are played smartly or have mattered when all were said and done. Ben’s was played appropriately and mattered for his survival in the game. Consequently, he was able to single-handedly decide the next Jury member. He put personal feelings aside and targeted a game threat with her advantages.

4) CHRISSY – Generally it is regarded as a Cardinal Sin in Survivor to allow personal feelings to interfere with gameplay. Fortunately for her, Ben did not commit that same sin by hypocritically seeking vengeance. Sin or not, she was able to dodge it as she has a couple other times this season, and is now poised to mop up the self-destruction around her. She is shrewd enough to see the value of goats at FTC, and should be able to converse/interact in the Finals as comfortably as talking at the Thanksgiving table. Clearly a favorite to trade in her mop for a million dollars.

5) MIKE – Last week our pal Kingfish lamented that no “goats” were left in the game. Well the last two on my ranking are growing horns at a quicker pace than Chrissy’s nose. Mike narcing out whomever he can any chance he gets could advance him to the end...but will not translate into Jury votes. I give him props for going down swinging, but that becoming the only real card he can play will not rank high on my list.

6) RYAN – He certainly came out of the gate strong being among the more influential players to start the season. Now that influence has shrunk smaller than his emaciated body. He could make a pitch citing some of his early season exploits, but at FTC it is more of “what have you done lately.” Unless he can pull some quick game-changing moves at the end, those horn on his head will weigh him down heavily in the Finals.

BOOTED) LAUREN – Tough fate when you game ends with one vote. Ben’s decision to not be a hypocritical axe-grinder was her misfortune. Another Juror without any malice in her parting words. Has the makings for a decent Jury. Not that I would tune in, but I could see Lauren as a returning player. And if so, it would be for her proactive play and not because of any obnoxious exaggerated embellishment.

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kingfish 20047 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

12-08-17, 06:56 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: Survivor S35 Ep 12 Ranking"
Points with left hand, "Look, over there, someone left a $100 on the ground!"

Delivers right cross to jaw with right hand.

Out cold. Laid out.

Ha! Fell for the oldest trick for the book.

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kingfish 20047 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

12-08-17, 07:26 PM (EST)
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2. "RE: Survivor S35 Ep 12 Ranking"
Ashley; The last pretty girl standing. And while the Survivor diet has made the others gaunt, on her gaunt looks good. All of the others have accumulated a lot of baggage, so she should be the last survivor standing. If I were her, I'd ideally like to be with Mike and Ben at F3, so recruiting them along with Devon who she should hope they could discard at F4 should be her plan. Don't think it is, though.

Devon; Devon has begun to redeem himself after his idiotic decision making in the first weeks. His survival to this point is remarkable. I have doubts about him winning the Mill because so far he has shown no ability to present his case coherently at F3. If I were him, I'd ideally like to also be with Mike and Ben at F3, so recruiting them along with Ashley who he should hope they could discard at F4 should be his plan. I think it's a whole lot more likely that she could do this than could he, but I have doubts that either will.

Chrissy; Not sure where to put Chrissy. Top of list? Bottom of list? I can make an argument for both. So the middle of list is the compromise. She is smart enough to find her way to F3. Obviously, to me at least, she is still the biggest threat to any of the others in terms of winning the Mill. If they don't boot her soon, they might as well and concede the money.

Ryan; Probably lives on at the forbearance of the others. Ryan should leave after Ben unless Chrissy forms up with him and Mike to go after Ashley and Devon (which may be her best plan).

Mike; His fate also probably depends on the mercy of the others. Again, if Chrissy figures out a way to the end, it will probably require Mike's help, and that maybe a way to the end for him.

Ben After receiving six of seven votes for eviction, there should be little hope of him surviving after the next vote. One hope for him is to be recruited by Ashley and Devon to become part of a team and try and survive to the end. Hard to see Ashley going for that, but maybe. He could also hope to have an IC win or to find another HI.

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michel2 2410 desperate attention whore postings
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12-08-17, 10:39 PM (EST)
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3. "My List:"
1 - Mike: Well, what do you know! It seems that Mike is following in Chris and Danni’s footsteps. The interesting thing is that all three reversed the situation during the Family Visit episode. In Vanuatu, the Yasur women liked meeting Chris’ wife so much that they decided keep him around for one more cycle and to go after their real irritant, Eliza. Chris did a great job convincing Eliza that she had to vote against Leann. Seeing Judd take Steph on the Family Visit showed Rafe how close those two were. That’s when he first made a deal with Danni who brilliantly turned the table on Judd. Likewise, Mike got close to Chrissy during that family visit and, later, he lit a fire under everyone’s feet in order to fracture the tribe. When he realized that Chrissy wasn’t on board with voting Lauren, he went to Devon and Ashley, telling them about Ben’s betrayal. His plan B worked well enough to turn the tables on the four person alliance. Granted, he didn’t get his way when Ben played his idol but still, he accomplished everything he needed. The topping on the cake was when he threw the real idol in the fire. There were too many idols and advantages and now they’re all gone! Some may see him as a goat but I believe he already has 3 solid votes on the jury in Desi, Cole and Joe.

2- Chrissy: How many lives will Chrissy have in this game? We could say that this is already her 4th: First, she lost the immunity challenge for her tribe in episode 1 and she was seriously considered for elimination. Next, she was in grave danger when Ali and Roark targeted her after the swap. Then came the merger and the choice was between her and Jessica, When Ben and the other three turned against the 7 it looked like it was getting close to game over for Chrissy but she’s right back in the saddle. Can she maneuver more carefully this time? With every vote, she’s had a chance to analyze her opponents so I wouldn’t be surprised to see her making it to the end. When Tribal Council became chaotic, we saw Chrissy huddling with Ryan, saying she wanted to vote against Lauren. While she wound up voting Ben, Lauren’s exit really works in Chrissy’s favor. She has a solid three going against the Devon-Ashley pair on one side and lone wolf Ben on the other. It would have been harder if Lauren had still been there.

3- Ashley: She continues to impress her rivals in the challenges and she doesn’t irritate anyone around camp so she could earn enough votes to win. Her main problem is that she is clearly on Chrissy’s radar so maybe she should have worked it more during the Family Visit. She had already set her sight on Ben so why didn’t she jump in on Chrissy’s offer? Was it that she wanted to talk to Devon before making a commitment? It would have been smarter to make a deal with Chrissy and work from there.

4- Devon: He’s dancing the Hula and getting shoulder massages so Survivor hasn’t been hard on Devon up to now. Maybe if he, Ashley and Lauren hadn’t been so obvious at the water well when Ben joined them, they’d still be in control of the game. Devon won’t be in control during the next Tribal Council so what will happen then? He has kept his focus on getting rid of Chrissy but it hasn’t worked up to now so will he be the one paying for leaving her in? I could see Chrissy making up with Ben to get Devon and Ashley out next.

5 - Ben: Chrissy and Mike’s reaction when the tribe first returned to camp revealed the last brilliant point of Devon’s “Secret Spy Ben” tactic: It made Ben look like a jerk to all those who weren’t on the plan. The only ones that were really impressed with his performance were those who were in on the plan, in other words those that Ben wanted to take to the end... and now even they don’t want to take him to the end. From one of the most connected players in the game, our spy suddenly became a pariah. If anyone doesn’t think that Ben made it personal against Chrissy, they should listen to Lauren’s interview once more. She clearly said that Ben made that fake idol only to embarrass Chrissy. Even he realized it would have been too much so he decided to keep that fake one for his wife. He could have voted out anyone but Ashley at the last TC so maybe that will be the opening he needs to get back with Chrissy.

6- Ryan: He was a strong tactician in the early part of the game but he’s just following now so how could he earn enough votes? He seems more and more like the only goat in this field and it’s getting really late to make a move.

Booted - Lauren: Aruba often complains about the casting department and maybe he was right this time: It seems like they missed out on some entertainment when they chose Lauren over her sister. I laughed when sis went straight to Jiffy for a hug. But seriously, Lauren left with class and I'm sure she'll make an interesting contribution to the jury because she was in on most of the moves. Despite being extremely boring Lauren played a good game until she trusted Mike with half of her idol. I wonder what would have happened if both the idols had been played. Of course, Joe pointed out her alliance's biggest mistake: Keeping Ben around. How many others will pay?

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