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"Survivor S35 Ep 10 Ranking"
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Original message

Aruba 2708 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Survivor-themed Cruise Spokesperson"

11-30-17, 09:48 PM (EST)
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"Survivor S35 Ep 10 Ranking"
I must admit it was not until I sat down to watch the telecast and the show “Survivor” came up on my TV screen showing an 8:00 – 10:00 time slot did I know I’d be watching a double episode. I must have missed the announcement during last week’s preview. For this week I’ll go back to the traditional ranking format.

1) DEVON – Tough call between Devon and Lauren for the #1 spot, but Devon gets the nod for the following reasons: Getting Ben to work as the Super Spy is a great plan for the alliance...maybe not for Ben...but certainly for himself and his alliance. Ashley was all in on a Ben blindside she pitched to Devon. It’s certainly an option to exercise, but I agree now was not the time to strike. When Ryan came belly crawling to him, he handled the situation well without giving in. Should he make the Finals, if he could tone down the arrogance we saw in his confessionals, I feel he could make a solid case for himself when addressing the Jury.

2) LAUREN – Could also be #1 this week. While she was working masterfully with her feet during the first RC, she was working just as well with her brain determining who she would take to the reward to establish the new power alliance in the game. Well done! Lauren, Devon, and Ashley should have the inside track to the F3. Unlike Devon and Ashley, Lauren has not shown arrogance by letting the power go to her head. She’s more than capable of winning another challenge or two and she still has that double vote. It would be surprising if she doesn’t make at least the F4.

3) ASHLEY – Whereas her claim that the season is “hers to win” may be premature, the first IC was definitely hers to win and she delivered. Fortunately, her plan to blindside Ben was temporarily put on hold because she just needs to go with the flow for the next couple TCs and she should have a pretty safe path to the end.

4) CHRISSY – Short of Joe winning the last IC, he was going regardless, but Chrissy did not know that. To her credit she had every reason to feel she had to have that IN and came up with what she thought was a clutch win. She became too complacent with the F7 and consequently scaled off on her gameplay since she deliberately fabricated a lie about Roarke contributing to her blindside. Her sorrow we saw after the JP blindside serves as an example that the medicine doesn’t taste all that good when poured down YOUR own throat. I still believe more self-destruction is on the horizon and someone will be the beneficiary to clean up the carnage. Chrissy could be the prime candidate pushing the million-dollar mop. And let’s not forget, she’s still holding the “fake” idol Ryan gifted to her.

5) BEN – If he advances to FTC, being an ex-Marine with a story may be the only card he has to play. Half of the Jury won’t be all that happy he duped them with his Super Spy tactic. The other half won’t be all that happy he kept his idol find all to himself. And who knows who he may rub the wrong way with his previewed fake idol? Despite all these unfavorable points, no one wants to sit next to him at FTC. It all adds up to a seat on the Jury.

6) RYAN – The other half of the New Jersey “Love” Connection pretty much got his butt kicked this past double episode. Although I give him praise for how he graciously handled Lauren’s snub at the RC, keeping a cool head returning from the JP blindside, and not going on the attack with Devon at the campfire. It must have been humbling when he crawled over to Mike and Devon to beg for an in. Probably what we went through in HS finding a date for the Prom. He told us at TC how he made out in HS; he had no more success last night.

7) MIKE – Even though I rank him last this week, I don’t dislike Mike. He showed a slight glimmer of some challenge prowess, but I think it was more of “the sun shining on a dog’s ass” than a foreshadow of things to come. His haphazard gameplay is amusing; almost enduring. Question is will other players be endeared to take him to the Finals and could the Jury be endeared to give him the million? I’ll “go out on a limb” and say...NO.


JP – It came down to the new power alliance having to decide between the Master Thinker, the Physical Threat, or the Idol Possessor. Chalk up another victim to the Anti-Darwin Syndrome. His parting words pretty much summed up his game. Oh, that’s right, he had no parting words. Well that makes sense because he essentially had no game.

JOE – A satisfying and “about time” boot. During his playing days, tennis great John McEnroe’s behavior during his match plays was nothing short of despicable and pathetic resulting in countless fines and other deserving punishments levied by the ATP. It was “Super Brat” John just being “Super Brat” John. Yet his colleagues and rivals alike stated many times when on the losing end after the final point was scored he was among the most gracious of losers and did not display disgruntled animosity toward the victor. So, say goodbye to the John McEnroe of Survivor.

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kingfish 20041 desperate attention whore postings
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11-30-17, 11:38 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: Survivor S35 Ep 10 Ranking"
Top of list, The Rebel Alliance:

Lauren - She took charge and successfully planned and implemented and kept her troops in line for the Master Stroke of the Season so far. The timing of the revolt was perfect, perfectly nullifying Chrissy's status and power. I agree that Lauren and Devon deserve the top spots this week, but since Lauren laid out the overall plan, and Devon's excellent idea was just in support of Lauren's plan, I give the top spot to her. Also, even though it was pride that had her flinging Chrissy and Ryan's attempts to ally back in their faces, and not the smartest thing she could have done, I liked that she did it.

Also, the Force is Strong with this one's Boobs.

If I have to mention a negative for her, it would be that because of her newly acquired leadership role and because others have been picking up on her good game play, she could be getting backdoor targeted. Or should be. She will have to play well to get to the end, but I believe there is a good chance that she will.

Devon - I am going to stop saying he's dumb, I'll just say that his reasoning is spotty at best. But his spy plan was a bit inspired, a good spot if you will, although if Ben hadn't performed Devon's plan so well we wouldn't be talking about it in these terms. So this week I have Devon up here. He is likeable, and if he's at F3 and can keep from saying dumb stuff and acting like an immature surfer dude, he could get some votes. His lack of articulate reasoning at TC so far does not bode well for him, however.

Ashley - Last decent girl left. Speaks up during targeting discussions but doesn't become overbearing, is an athletic challenge threat especially in swimming events (and seriously, there are probably no swimming speed events so that's a non-starter I guess).

Ben - Pulled off his job as Spy with aplomb. He did such a good job in fact that the paranoia among future Survivors should cause them to doubt anything anybody says and suspect everyone of pulling a "Ben". He is still in good position even though he seems to be at the bottom of the Rebel Alliance and is possibly still carrying some of the negative effects of his King Arthur days.

In the fight of their lives:

Chrissy - Things have turned upside down for Chrissy, but she has the capability to reemerge. She still has possible allies in Mike and Ryan, but it's hard to see her getting any of the others on her side. Maybe she could engineer a backdoor boot for Lauren? Anyway, if anyone could do it, she could, but she's in desperation mode right now. Also not much of a challenge threat even though she has won one.

Ryan- As with Chrissy, he's been upheaved and finds himself begging for favors from an unforgiving crowd. He can't even win a veggie wrap. Almost no threat at challenges.

Mike - He's reduced to making clownish moves at camp and TC. Not a challenge threat.

JP: Booted for no good reason, but he was going to go sooner or later anyway. So Oh well.

Joe: Joe. Joe gone.

Jojo was a man who thought he was a loner
But he knew it wouldn't last,
Get back Jojo!

If there is a God he will never return, but since Probst does like him, he probably will. Conclusion? There is no God.

The problem that those on power have is that there are no goats left. Well, Mike maybe, but Mike may actually have some sympathizers on the jury. If three of the four in the rebel alliance face each other at F3, then it will be interesting. In addition to whatever game play claims they may have, Lauren has the working single mom card to play and Ben has the Service card and the PTSD card to play, so one would imagine that they would be favored.

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Aruba 2708 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Survivor-themed Cruise Spokesperson"

12-01-17, 06:44 AM (EST)
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2. "RE: Survivor S35 Ep 10 Ranking"
SUPER list...Nice Job!!

Yeah, I can understand perfectly Lauren as #1. I wrestled with that for a while when doing my ranking.

I think the others may target Ashley, Ben and Devon before they come around to which point they may run out of time. I was actually a little surprised Chrissy/Ryan targeted Ashley with their votes at TC instead of Lauren being Lauren was the one who put the alliance together when selecting those to accompany her on the reward. And she did so “without hesitation” as Jeff so openly narrated.

Enjoyed the Beatle reference. After Michel chimes in, I may have to continue to “bury Paul.”

You said:

>The problem that those on power
>have is that there are
>no goats left.

I dunno. For the reasons I stated in my list, I believe if Ben should face the Jury he’ll have more shots fired at him then he experienced during his Tour of Duty. Perhaps I would not regard them as solid goats in a strict sense, but I think Ryan and Mike are both goat material.

The “single parent” card might work if accompanied with some waterworks. The thing with that tactic is it will only work if a cutsie little delicate flower or a sissy boy starts wailing. I don’t think Lauren would be able to successfully pull off playing that angle. In Millennials vs. Gen X, single parent Ken welled up at FTC talking about the daughter he was raising on his own and ended up with a grand total of ZERO votes.

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kingfish 20041 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

12-01-17, 12:26 PM (EST)
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3. "RE: Survivor S35 Ep 10 Ranking"
I think we are in perfect agreement. But it wouldn't be fun if we didn't have a few details to discuss.

1. Mike's loose lips may have de-elevated him to goat status. But Ryan or Mike could both garner votes from the healers. I agree that they would probably be considered underdogs against any one or two of the Rebel Alliance™ should they be in the lineup at F3. The really obvious and odious goats are all gone.

2. I agree that Lauren hasn't shown any sign that she could pull off a teary appeal to the jury based on her life status. She has shown that she can talk a good game though.

I'm saving "Sweet Loretta" for when/if Ashley is booted. And thinking about "I am the Walrus" for Ben and his facial hair. But actually, since I just used those here, I'll have to find something else.

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michel2 2399 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Seventeen Magazine Model"

12-02-17, 03:08 PM (EST)
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4. "My List"
LAST EDITED ON 12-02-17 AT 03:17 PM (EST)

1- Devon: Wow! Devon just proved just how smart he is at this game. I mean, we had a Tribal Council with 9 players and a core alliance of only 4 but they still managed to take over the game because they were the only ones that knew what was really going on. If that wasn’t enough, the group of 8 went to the next Tribal Council and, once more, only 4 people knew what was going on and they easily got their way again. Hatch and his Tagi alliance of 4 managed to rule over Tribal Councils of 10, 9 and 8 players but that was when people considered that voting blocs were “anti-American”! In season 35, it isn’t as easy to come up with an original plan that actually works! We have players who have been fans of this game from the start yet the “Secret Spy Ben” plan just rewrote the whole tactical game plan. I also give Devon credit for this alliance of four because it was his decision to cut his ties to Ryan, siding with Ben instead during the previous cycle that made it possible. Ben was already tied to Lauren while Devon had gotten close to Ashley on Levu so it was a natural evolution from there. Devon made two mistakes though: Sitting out the immunity challenge could come back to haunt him if he is seen as being too arrogant during the Final Tribal Council. Turning down Ashley’s plan to go after Ben could have more immediate repercussions. Yes, Devon wanted to keep Ben so that everyone would know about his devious “Secret Spy” plan but Ben is much more dangerous than Joe.

2- Ashley: I really think she was right to go after Ben right away. Joe and Mike were definitely tied to the trio and had absolutely nowhere to go but Ben still has options with Chrissy and Ryan actually unsure of his betrayal! Ashley has put herself in a great position but she needs to take charge more if she wants to receive full credit for her strong game.

3- Chrissy: The game slipped out of her control but the Rebel Alliance is based on so much deviousness that it won’t take much to fracture it. Already we see that Ben is losing trust in the other three so who would he turn to? Chrissy of course. That would put the game right back in Chrissy’s hands. She was complacent about her alliance of 7, thinking she didn’t need to court all of its members to sit pretty at the end but if she gets a new life, which would be her fourth in this game, I don’t think she’ll make the same mistake again.

4 - Ben: He acted with great talent and it’s now his game to play whichever way he pleases. If he doesn’t trust Devon and Lauren then he can easily take on another role; the loyal ally. That could fool his current allies and it could enable him to walk right back to Chrissy and Ryan, saying he was approached at the last minute to vote out Joe but isn’t really part of that group. He’d certainly go after Devon first which would make our Marine one of the biggest flippers ever seen on the show. Could he win the Final Vote with that much blood on his hands?

5 - Mike: I wonder if Mike realizes just how much he was out of the loop during the last Council. From his perspective, it could be that Devon, Ashley and Lauren used Ben’s vote only to get rid of the disliked Joe so maybe he could still be thinking in terms of an alliance of four. I think the trio would be well advised to sell that fiction to our good doctor but then Ben could blow them out of the water by telling Mike their whole plan. Would Mike buy it though? He already sees Ben as a liar so the truth might not help Ben. I’m thinking Mike could wind up right in the middle of two trios needing his vote.

6- Ryan: Danielle lost Panama to Aras mostly because she didn’t care for the minority players, didn’t give them empathy. She even flatly turned down Sally by saying she was good with her numbers and didn’t need her former Bayoneta ally anymore. Aras’ social game wasn’t much better but since he was seen as the leader of the Casayas, he hadn’t been approached with as much ardor as Danielle. That gave him Sally and Austin’s votes. Likewise, Ryan was dumb not to listen to Mike’s pleas when the doctor was in urgent need of options. Since Ryan knew that Mike wasn’t their immediate target, he could have given Mike some hope and that would have been rewarded in the long run. Now, Ryan is reduced to hoping that Ben turns on his new alliance or that Devon recruits him to get Ben first.

7 - Lauren: While I see a lot of credit given to Lauren for her alliance formation, I think she simply followed through on something that had already been set in motion by Devon and Ben. Also, I don’t think it’s smart for Lauren to give up on Ben so quickly. Ashley had everything to gain by eliminating Ben but Lauren would lose her closest ally and create a lot of animosity. It was incredibly dumb of Lauren to shut down Chrissy. If it comes down to it and Chrissy doesn’t vote for Lauren at the end then some will say Chrissy was a “Bitter Betty” but why would she vote for Lauren when Lauren didn’t even bother talking to her? As with Devon and Ben, it wasn’t smart to sit out the immunity challenge. I think she’ll need to use her voting advantage at 7 but we saw that Ben can sell his spy role so he could sell his loyal ally role also.

Booted - JP: Why go after JP? I’m guessing Devon worked it to keep Ryan around just in case while Ben did the same to save Chrissy for another day. So they agreed on JP, presenting him as a challenge threat, the simple explanation that is enough to satisfy the fans with less inquiring minds. I also suppose that once the “Secret Spy Ben” scheme came into effect, they had to present a reasonable plan to Joe and Mike who would have asked why not Ben? or Ryan? or Chrissy? Here I’m guessing that the hidden immunity idol was their reason: No one would expect JP so no one would give an idol to JP and everyone saw that JP had no interest in idols during the mad dash to uncover the one under the flag.

Joe: By putting Joe on the Blue tribe for the reward, it looked like Production tried to give him another chance at staying in the game. The Blue tribe had all the muscle and 3 members of the new alliance so that reward was Joe’s chance to find a way to stay safe. If saving Joe one more time was indeed part of Production’s plan then even they weren’t prepared for Devon’s “Secret Spy Ben” plan. Joe was so certain of his standing in “The Five” that he shut down all discussion about strategy. That turned the second episode into “Messing with Joe”. It’s rare that an episode doesn’t try to hide the vote but once in a while it will be edited so that we can all laugh at the person getting the boot. Rodger’s final episode in the Amazon was like that and it was damn funny. This one also had a balancing act over the ocean as IC and it had an offer of peanut butter but since Jeff just gave it away and we didn't have Heidi and Jenna stripping for it then we didn’t have as many laughs. Still, it had its moments!

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Aruba 2708 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Survivor-themed Cruise Spokesperson"

12-03-17, 08:46 AM (EST)
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5. "RE: My List"
I must continue to give you a lionshare of credit for the time you appear to put into your lists. You touched on several points I agree with.

As I mentioned to Kingfish, I went back and forth between Devon and Lauren for #1 this week, and ended up leaning more toward Devon for all the reasons you stated in your assessment of him. I don’t think he disregarded Ashley’s plan to blindside Ben. It’s just if they did it NOW it would have completely fractured the Rebel Alliance™. This new power alliance Lauren solidified after her RC win could have very well been set in motion by Lauren/Ben as opposed to Devon/Ben. Although whomever you wish to credit as the “motion setters,” it was still Lauren who made it official.

Sure, The Rebel Alliance™ could have been finalized spooning rice with a stick out of a coconut shell back at camp; but to do so during an all-out feast by invitation only (Lauren earning the right as the inviter by virtue of her challenge win) was more of a deal sealer.

Even though Chrissy and Ryan did their share of “shutting down” when they felt comfortable being on top of the F7 alliance as Mike and Lauren explained during their confessionals, the body language Lauren displayed when Chrissy went belly-crawling her way was not advisable. Rule One with any type of conversation (even if with someone you do not like) is to make eye contact.

And yes, if Chrissy is in a position to vote for Lauren and does not by saying it was because she didn’t pay much attention to me after she formed The Rebel Alliance™, it would not only be bitter but even more so hypocritical. Lauren stated Chrissy didn’t bother paying much attention to her (just as Mike said about Ryan) when they were holding the longer end of the stick.

Whereas I can understand being a bit sour on Lauren for this reason, she didn’t pull a “Sluggo” and get personal with Chrissy and unleash a verbal attack. Placing her #7 out of seven seems a bit harsh.

You also brought up a good point Kingfish and I did not mention in our lists—deciding to sit out of the IC for peanut butter and chocolate. Yes, not as entertaining as when Heidi and Jenna skanked out for what was maybe 1/50th of the portion Ben/Lauren/Devon shared, but I did find it amusing when Ben asked Jeff if he wanted in on it. Ben and Lauren had little to no chance winning, but Devon may have been the only other castaway to give Ashley a run for her money. I’m sure it was a case of Ben/Lauren/Devon figuring the challenge was Ashley’s to win anyway, so let’s pig out and let Ashley do her thing for our alliance. Even though Ashley was able to deliver the goods, if I was her I wouldn’t be all that happy my new alliance pinned it all on me while the other three were diving into their treat.

I also agree, much like when Devon found himself the middleman between two pairs after the tribal switch, Mike could benefit in the same manner as the middle man between two possible trios.

With Ben you ask the question, “Could he win the Final Vote with that much blood on his hands?” That will all depend on whether we have a sore-losing, bitter Jury. Too early to tell just yet.

Bringing up Danielle from Panama, let’s not forget an even DUMBER move than turning down Speargun Sh!thead Sally. Terry was willing to give her his HII...AND SHE REFUSED! Had she accepted, she wouldn’t have needed to spin her wheels counting Jury votes...she would have won (mostly by default) against irritating Courtney.

Talk about “spinning one’s wheels,” that’s quite a deep-thinking approach to hypothesize the JP boot. IMHO I’m thinking more a case of not seeing the forest for the trees. Whereas your theories are an interesting read and could present a speck of possibility, you appear to be missing the obvious reason scores and scores have been eliminated from the game—remove the biggest physical threat. Regardless what either of us may think, that reason was specifically mentioned by the castaways when targeting JP.

>By putting Joe on the Blue tribe for the reward, it looked like Production tried to give him another chance at staying in the game.

Executive Producer Jeff Probst stated the RC teams were by random draw. I say that presuming you will give absolutely no credence to that statement being you tend to pick and choose which statements you want to believe.

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michel2 2399 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Seventeen Magazine Model"

12-03-17, 02:03 PM (EST)
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6. "RE: My List"
Thank you, Aruba. I stopped doing my editing blog this season so, compared to the 6 or so hours I used to spend on that blog, this list isn't very time consumming.

I'll admit that if I looked at the contenders this week, I'd have to put Lauren in 3rd place but I think this alliance is about to implode so I'm not sure who the contenders are. Therefore, I made a list based on my interest in each player on who is playing well and entertaining me at the same time. That's what gave me that order.

There is a huge difference between Chrissy not talking strategy with Lauren before this week and Lauren shutting Chrissy down this week. Before this week, Chrissy thought she was on the same page as Lauren as far as strategy goes so she didn't feel the need to talk about it. I'm sure she never shut Lauren down. They probably chatted about other stuff all the time around camp for the 16 or so hours they have to spend together in camp with nothing else to do. Lauren's body language, in comparison, would justify entirely a vote against her at FTC.

When you write about Ben: "That will all depend on whether we have a sore-losing, bitter Jury. Too early to tell just yet."

Don't you see the mistake you continually make here? It isn't too early because the whole game is based on handling the way you put people on the jury. If the jury is bitter towards Ben IT WILL ALL BE BEN'S FAULT!

Yes, Terry offered Danielle his idol and he probably would have honored his word if she had voted his way but she didn't know Terry so she doubted his word. Anyway, even with the idol, she was far from assuring herself the F2. Austin and Sally (I can't believe your continued animosity towards such a cute girl) were still in the game so Danielle could very well have been handing the game to them. Anyway, just like I'm not one of those who say that Terry was dumb not to give his HI because he made the F3 with his way of playing, I don't blame Danielle for her game play since it brought her to the F2. I blame her jury management though.

Look, Ben couldn't very well say out loud that he didn't want to vote Chrissy out just like Devon couldn't stick his neck out for Ryan so SAYING that JP is a huge challenge threat is the safe way to talk to an alliance. There are always ulterior motives and those are the ones that interest me. Because Ben saved Chrissy, he can now turn back to her if he loses trust on Devon, Lauren and Ashley which it appears he does.

As for the remark about Joe, I don't know if any of what I wrote happened but I simply don't believe that there are random draws in Survivor. Yes, we heard Jeff saying it was going to be a random draw but that could have been recorded in LA, months after the season ended. ON THE ISLAND, we only have the SEEBS version of what happened which always leaves me with many questions.

Take Nicaragua episode 9: Marty who was that season's version of Joe (ie someone Jiffy loved) was in dire need of help. That reward's random draw put Marty on an all-male team with Benry, Dan, Fabio and Sash, exactly the players Marty needed to overturn the Brenda-Na'Onka led alliance. The challenge was very physical (much like this last one) which Marty's team easily won and he gave it a shot during the feast. It almost worked but he still got voted out. Is this just another coincidence? Too often "random" draws get the most desired result for it to be coincidence.

PS. Yes you are right to say that deals are nicely sealed over feasts but losers often make deals also. Danni won Guatemala because of the deal she made with Rafe who was furious at Cindy for taking Steph during her car reward.

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Aruba 2708 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Survivor-themed Cruise Spokesperson"

12-04-17, 08:40 PM (EST)
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7. "RE: My List"
Yes, I was basing my ranks mostly on the double episode. Prior to that I don’t think I had Lauren any higher than fifth, so you placing Lauren #3 on the basis of Wednesday night makes sense.

There’s no way I believe Chrissy ever put Lauren “on the same page” as her. We know from her conversation with Ryan she had Ben (the player she assured was her #1) seventh out of the F7 alliance, thus one can reasonably conclude she probably had Lauren #6. Forget the same page...that’s not even in the same chapter.

Players will be sore losers because...well...they’re sore losers by nature. Players will be good sports because...well...they’re good sports by nature. You are...who you are...who you are.

It’s not necessarily a question of “fault.” Anyone who would cast a vote against someone for doing something they, not only would have done as well, but actually did do themselves during the game is flat-out hypocritical. Cydney voting against Aubry at Kaoh Rong would be a recent example.

Well of course there’s no way for sure Danielle or ANYONE for that matter could know someone would definitely keep their word or not. Bottom line, when someone offers you an immunity idol YOU FRIGGIN’ TAKE IT! The object is to WIN THE GAME, not just to get to the end. Sally was cute and all, but my animosity is over her blunder losing that spear gun she had NO business even handling that was unforgivable in my book. Had Danielle been more congenial to the LaMina members, I’ll give you Sally’s vote, but it wouldn’t have been enough to pry Austin’s vote away from Aras. Perhaps a private lap dance and sneak peek at her plastic boobies might have done the trick.

Who’s talking about saying anything “out loud?” Taking out huge physical/challenge threats have always been a staple in this game and always with be. And such was what we heard stated throughout this season pertaining to JP. I’m sure ulterior motives can be interesting...especially the ones that are imagined thus are nearly impossible to contradict because you are unable to definitively support their existence to begin with.

If you keep crying “foul,” you may as well keep “burying Paul” because he’s “dead man” and we all “miss him!”

You’re leaving out a teeny-weeny itsy-bitsy minor detail about Cindy’s reward. She had a choice of keeping her car OR FORFIETING HER PRIZE BY REWARDING VEHICLES TO THE OTHER FOUR REMAINING PLAYERS! Danni, Rafe, and Lydia returned to camp and spun Cindy’s decision to keep her car as a selfishness move and used THAT to target her. More so than some measly BBQ burger Cindy shared with Stephanie.

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michel2 2399 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Seventeen Magazine Model"

12-04-17, 10:10 PM (EST)
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8. "RE: My List"
When I said Chrissy thought she was on the same page as Lauren, I meant for the upcoming votes. Chrissy wanted Joe and Mike out and that's what she assumed Lauren wanted also. Therefore she felt no need to discuss strategy with Lauren at that point. It's a mistake but nothing compared to Lauren essentially showing Chrissy that she may as well have been talking to a wall.

People have emotions so being upset is part of the game. An alliance is a deal that leaves no legal recourse for those hurt by allies who don't respect their word. Their only recourse is to say: "If you f@ck me first, I will f@ck you in the end". So that's why flippers have a hard time convincing jury members to vote for them: They need a big goat sitting next to them or a co-conspirator to share the blame. Ben f@cked up Chrissy's game so maybe he's lost her vote but he's done it with three other players who also have lost votes so, for now, he should be OK. If he betrays those three though then he may be crossing a fatal line.

You are someone who values honesty and honor a lot so I'm surprised that you'd simply forgive someone who betrayed you and reward him or her with a million dollars.

Danielle couldn't take Terry's idol: He said he'd give it to her AFTER she voted with him. Danielle didn't trust his word. Austin said that he didn't like how Aras treated him after the merger, not even talking with him even if they had started on the same tribe. Austin and Danielle commiserated on Exile Island so she had a shot at his vote.

I totally agree with you that "Taking out huge physical/challenge threats have always been a staple in this game and always will be" but ulterior motives are also always a factor. I'm not asking you to accept my suppositions nor to refute them just to read where my thoughts lead. It's only for fun anyway.

Yes, I left out details of the Rafe-Danni deal but the point was simply to show that deals can be made by the losing faction just as easily as by the winning one. I'll give you another example: Earl and Yau Man solidified their alliance because of the hardships they suffered on Ravu.

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Aruba 2708 desperate attention whore postings
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12-06-17, 08:05 PM (EST)
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9. "RE: My List"
OK, I have to be quick with this. New epsiode airs in an hour and I haven’t look at this board in a couple days.

Anyone with a morsel of observation could easily see Ben and Lauren are pretty tight. To even insinuate Chrissy would assume Lauren would want Ben out is ridiculous.

Sadly, you’re missing the point I’m making pertaining to a disgruntled Jury. It’s the hypocrisy that’s my primary focus. Someone who INITIATES deceit, deliberately backstabs, and/or is given the label “liar of all lairs” has a lot of audacity to vote against another player for being a backstabber or liar themselves. Hypocrisy at its worse. And no Michel, if I was playing the game and on the Jury I would NOT be hypocritical with my vote.

Someone offers you an idol...YOU TAKE IT. Fact is, had Danielle accepted Terry’s offer, she wins Exile Island.

I always read your unproven theories...and yes, I generally find them entertaining.

In Guatemala we’re not talking a “losing faction” because they “lost” out on a plate of spaghetti, or a veggie wrap...we’re talking about A CAR for crying out loud. Oh Yeah...Earl and Yau Man solidified their alliance all right. LMAO! In the F4, that alliance proved as “solid” as a wet spaghetti noodle.

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michel2 2399 desperate attention whore postings
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12-06-17, 08:36 PM (EST)
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10. "RE: My List"
>OK, I have to be quick
>with this. New epsiode airs
>in an hour and I
>haven’t look at this board
>in a couple days.

It sounds like a way to get the last word in! Too bad, because here I am!

>Anyone with a morsel of observation
>could easily see Ben and
>Lauren are pretty tight. To
>even insinuate Chrissy would assume
>Lauren would want Ben out
>is ridiculous.

Weird observation: Chrissy NEVER talked about voting Ben out BUT Lauren actually did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>Sadly, you’re missing the point I’m
>making pertaining to a disgruntled
>Jury. It’s the hypocrisy that’s
>my primary focus. Someone who
>INITIATES deceit, deliberately backstabs, and/or
>is given the label “liar
>of all lairs” has a
>lot of audacity to vote
>against another player for being
>a backstabber or liar themselves.
> Hypocrisy at its worse.
>And no Michel, if I
>was playing the game and
>on the Jury I would
>NOT be hypocritical with my

Chrissy NEVER lied to Lauren. Lauren lied to Chrissy.

>Someone offers you an idol...YOU TAKE
>IT. Fact is, had Danielle
>accepted Terry’s offer, she wins
>Exile Island.

Absolutely WRONG! I'd show you why but it would be useless. Had Danielle voted with Terry, Terry would have had a better shot at wqinning, not Danielle.

>I always read your unproven theories...and
>yes, I generally find them

Thank you! It would be nice to read what interest it sparks in you once in a while.

>Oh Yeah...Earl and Yau Man solidified
>their alliance all right. LMAO!
> In the F4, that
>alliance proved as “solid” as
>a wet spaghetti noodle.

For two people who went and voted together at a dozen or so TC, an alliance that lasts up to F4 is quite remarkable.

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