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""Survivor S35 Ep Ranking""
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Original message

kingfish 20024 desperate attention whore postings
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11-23-17, 08:49 PM (EST)
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""Survivor S35 Ep Ranking""
I am going to be in the marshes of South Louisiana for a week or so, and I can't wait for you slugs to post your rankings so that I can poke merciless fun and cause you to drag you tails home in disgrace. Unless they have WIFI there, and I already know that they don't. That is usually a high light of my week, so I'll have to settle for showing you the truth, the whole truth, and the only truth before I leave.

You can disagree, but you know in your hearts that you are wrong, and that I am right.


Chrissy; Still has the momentum, the alliance, and the edit.

Ashley; Still sitting pretty, has influence in targeting the vote. Her alliance didn't follow her advice, but her choice was the third of the three discussed. She'll probably get her way next week. If key challenges involve swimming fast, she's a lock.

Lauren; Is getting a better edit every week, and still avoiding being highlighted by editing. She managed to use her clue wisely, and she won IC with those mighty leg muscles of hers.

JP; Very athletic guy, is becoming the challenge threat. Which could get him evicted when the majority alliance has to start eating themselves. But, his lowkey demeanor and likeable personality could get him to the end. So far it is unknown how articulate he is, so his chances at F3 are hard to estimate.

Devon; Still dumb as a board, but likeable, so that may earn him a Goat ticket to F3.


Ryan; What is he thinking with his HI. He brilliantly maneuvered to get it with only Chrissy knowing, and he blows it by telling Devon and promising that only those two knew of it, and then he tells Ben, making the same promise to him. Did he not think it to be a near certain thing that those two allies might compare notes. This has got to be a bad and possibly (?) fatal mistake.

Ben; Ben is shooting himself in the foot, endangering his alliance with Chrissy and pissing off Ashley. The others can't be happy with his dictatorial style. I think it's his military training coming to the fore, but there they have to do as you say whether or not they resent it, here they are free men and women and can and will resent being ordered on how to vote.

I think Ben is probably the first to go after the Healers are gone.

Mike; Dr. Mike just couldn't hold back any longer. No more Mr. Nice Dr. Mike. It came spewing out at TC, presumably because he heard that he was getting voted out and speak his mind because he would be kept safe by playing his HI. He pretty much gave up his game, and ensured his eviction after Joe goes home. It turns out that he was this week's plan B, and not the prime target. It's hard to blame him for playing it though.

Joe; Joe would be the perfect goat. He is making sure that no one on the Jury will vote for him if he is in F3, and there are some that might be trying to preserve him for that. But he is overplaying his hand I think. With Devon on hand as also a pretty good goat, I don't think they will put up with Joe past the upcoming TC. Color him gone.


Cole; Cole walked the plank to the "Dumbass Hall of Survivor Fame". Deservedly so. How anyone can think that being in a showmance can be a survival tactic in spite of repeated historical examples that it is not, how gluttonous eating on a tribe of starving survivors while claiming he was doing that to help the tribe can be looked upon with anything but resentment, and in general how being an ass around camp can result in anything but eventual eviction.

Frankly, I was tired of watching his repulsive act.

OK, you guys have at it. Remember, you are wrong, and I am right.

Nasty McBathrooms
If it's yellow, it's mellow. If it's brown, flush it down. Also run away screaming if it starts to crawl out.

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 RE: "Survivor S35 Ep Ranking" michel2 11-25-17 1
 RE: "Survivor S35 Ep Ranking" Aruba 11-26-17 2
   RE: "Survivor S35 Ep Ranking" michel2 11-26-17 3
       RE: "Survivor S35 Ep Ranking" Aruba 11-27-17 4
           RE: "Survivor S35 Ep Ranking" michel2 11-27-17 5
               RE: "Survivor S35 Ep Ranking" Aruba 11-28-17 6
                   RE: "Survivor S35 Ep Ranking" michel2 11-28-17 7
                       RE: "Survivor S35 Ep Ranking" Aruba 11-29-17 8
                           RE: "Survivor S35 Ep Ranking" michel2 11-29-17 9

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michel2 2384 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Seventeen Magazine Model"

11-25-17, 03:38 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: "Survivor S35 Ep Ranking""
The Contenders

1- Devon: It would be foolish to judge this book by its cover because he has played a very smart game up to now. He’s so well liked that I believe he would win against anyone, including Ben, if he was part of the F3 yet no one sees him as a jury threat. When we saw in the previews that Ben was telling him Ryan’s secret, I thought Devon would want to get rid of Ben to cut Ryan’s options but instead he quickly took over Ryan’s second option, getting a F3 deal from Ben. Now that’s smart! I wonder if we’ll see a return of Levu; the tribe that was the most fractured before the merger would make quite the alliance now if Devon and Ashley could find a way to work with Joe.

2- Ashley: When we were shown the scene where Joe calls Ashley the perfect Final 3 goat, I took it as a hint from the editors that Ashley would indeed be part of the F3. The question I have is whether Joe was right or not about Ashley losing that final vote. Editing is all about presenting a good story in the short amount of time that is available so by giving Ashley an interview in which we heard her reaction to those comments tells us that Ashley is important to this story. She was the only one to stand up to Ben, desperately wanting to eliminate Joe. After Ben shot her down, I think Ashley will turn to Joe in order to make Ben pay. That would be the move of the season.

3- Chrissy: She was my pick to win this season when we reached the merger but she lost her role in this story, going from the featured tactician to someone laying in the background. She agreed with Ashley that the vote should have been on Joe but then Ben shot her down. She realizes that it’s either Ben’s way or the highway so I’m thinking she’ll be part of blindsiding Ben. That would put her back in command and return her to the front of the stage. She knows that Joe is the biggest strategic threat out there but she reminded us there are lot of threats left in this game and she wants to decide what to do next. Because the camera showed us Lauren, Ryan, Devon, Ashley and Chrissy herself when she spoke about Joe being the biggest threat, I think we have our Final Six right there.

The Longshots

4 - Mike: He said he wanted to make a big move and get Ben out. That could have worked on one condition: After playing his idol, he HAD to vote against Ben! It doesn’t take a genius to see that. Why did he vote against Cole? It made no sense.

5 - Joe: He keeps on getting under everyone’s skin but Ben is quickly climbing the ranks of the most despised player in camp. Is there a better way to get rid of a new threat than by enlisting the old threat? If they let Joe stick around, they might be sorry. That’s his best hope.

6 - Ben: I’m not sure why he abandoned Chrissy as his best option to get to the Final 3. That could possibly cost him. I laughed when Ben said to Ashley: “It’s a group decision; we vote 4 on Cole and 3 on Mike.” In other words it’s not a dictatorship if they do what he orders. Even his close allies are seeing him as a steamroller so it’s possible they’ll take his power away. How fun would it be to see Ben be the next to join Cole on the jury? At least, they won’t fight over food there! It would also be quite interesting to see the guy who talked so much about the “Seven” going out at Eight! Taking on the role of King Arthur isn’t ideal when Mike presents it as America’s fight against England! I found it somewhat hypocritical when he turned to Cole saying “Sorry bud” and then being the first to shake his hand when he was voted out. Hopefully, someone will remember what Boston Rob did when Matt shook the losers’ hands. Jeff said it gets harder to keep alliances together and Ben is the one that needs the alliance most of all yet he hasn’t treated them with enough esteem.

The Goats

7- Ryan: I certainly can see him going to the end but he may have lost his best ally in Devon. Even if he makes it to the end, how can he win? His best argument to the jury would be to present himself as a smart player but the general opinion by those who are sent to the jury is that no one is playing the game right now.

8 - Lauren: Yes she won a challenge but this was a challenge in which Ryan and Chrissy starred so it was not a very selective competition. All you had to do was stand there and most players were eliminated when their urn tipped over by accident more than anything. Still, just like Denise in China, another extremely boring player, she has a clear path to the Finale. Hopefully, the tables get turned before then.

9 - JP: If you want to win rewards, pick JP on your team. If you want to win the game, get JP on your side. He’s really the best type of ally: Strong but dumb...just like Colby!

Booted - Cole: This season would have been so much better if Yawa had gone to TC and gotten rid of Cole before merger. Of course, he was a large part of those challenge wins but maybe someone should have told him they needed to throw one of them in order to get rid of Ben only to vote him out...

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Aruba 2699 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Survivor-themed Cruise Spokesperson"

11-26-17, 11:40 AM (EST)
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2. "RE: "Survivor S35 Ep Ranking""
Probably not a bad thing I’m late this week posting my list because (with the exception of JP) I think you hit a bullseye with your list and do not see much disagreement on the ranking...even with Michel. I will borrow Michel’s category classifications, yet still employ my alphabetical listing.


ASHLEY – Whereas the despicable punk’s barrage against Ben was more personal, Ashley handled her attack the way you should. Stand up to Sluggo and do not allow him to bully you, but don’t let him throw you off your game. This has been Ashley’s MO for the season and I continue to give her props for that. If Bozos continue to shoot themselves in the foot, someone will steal the win this season...why not Ashley?

DEVON – OK, I’m finally aboard the Devon-wagon. Not quite sure I would credit him as “very smart” just yet, but Kingfish is paying a compliment to a piece of wood by saying he is “dumb as a board.” Any “smarts” he may have will be tested on how he handles the Ben/Ryan decision going forward. While the proactive players are self-destructing, he could advance nicely to the F6. And if JP gets eliminated up to that point could win his way to the Finals and make a case for himself at Final TC.

CHRISSY – Will probably be the main beneficiary of all this self-destruction. I am steadfast in my belief it will not be the smartest strategist, but the least of the dumbasses who will emerge as the Sole Survivor this season. And, although we have seen some not-so-smart decisions on her part, Chrissy should emerge as the “least of the dumbasses” and that could be enough.


BEN – Early in the episode he was the goat of the reward challenge, and it went downhill from there. The Anti-Darwin Syndrome is an influential factor in this game, and Ben went all in using it to force his way taking out the biggest challenge threat. To put it in a military the battle; lose the war. Although others now see him as too authoritative, he will still be someone no one wants to bring to the F3-- and that makes him a longshot.

LAUREN – Of all the non-contenders, I see Lauren as the least likely to self-destruct. That could be her ticket to the F4, but I still do not see a Jury giving her the million. Granted, the winner of this IC will not get an invite to the Olympic time trials, nor to a brainiac convention to determine who could solve a rubric’s cube the fastest. It was more a test of concentration and enduring leg strain. But emerging victorious being the only one to stand between Cole and another IN and FINALLY send this idiot home, gets major kudos for this episode.

MIKE – His bonehead and confusing play of the idol has been discussed, so no need to continue harping on it now. What I will continue to emphasize is how pathetic he performs in challenges, hence with bigger fish to fry he should advance but still be a longshot to win.


JOE – He keeps on showing his true colors, and keeps on pouring the Kool-aid for those gullible enough to believe it is nothing more than an elaborate “act.” He should make the F3 as a quintessential goat, although my gut tells me someone will pull a “Colby” or “Lil” and make a $900,000 blunder by putting him on the Jury.

JP – Yes he’s strong; and yes he’s dumb. But as it stands right now he is a big, fat 0-fer in individual ICs. When all is said and done, he’ll need to wear a few INs and make a bonehead blunder by giftwrapping $1 million to another castaway before I can make any comparisons to Colby.

RYAN – I’m thinking his attempt to burn the candle at both ends will burn him badly. His best play now may be to use his idol to blindside Ben so Devon can gravitate back to him. I’m certain he has a big play or two left in his arsenal, but having to answer for his candle-burning most will perceive as a betrayal of trust making him goat material.


COLE – It’s about friggin’ time!!! His idiocy and food-hogging were well-documented, but make no mistake, his challenge prowess is the primary reason he now joins the Jury. As much as I want to bash him, enjoying one-on-one time with Desi on the Ponderosa has me green with envy.

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michel2 2384 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Seventeen Magazine Model"

11-26-17, 07:11 PM (EST)
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3. "RE: "Survivor S35 Ep Ranking""
Will you look at that! Not much differences for once so if I ignore your mistaken opinion about Lil then all is left is your poor opinion of Joe. I'll use Desi's words to show you that he isn't as bad as you think:

-Desi: "I would have not campaigned against Joe. And it became something bigger than the game for me. You're on this island with strangers, and if that was the one person I could trust and the one person I feel safe being around, I'm not going to campaign to get rid of him."

As for Cole, the primary reason he joined the jury was that his alliance didn't have the numbers.

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Aruba 2699 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Survivor-themed Cruise Spokesperson"

11-27-17, 10:23 PM (EST)
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4. "RE: "Survivor S35 Ep Ranking""
...just as you ignored the poll taken at the Pearl Islands Reunion Show.

Desi is not only beautiful...but SMART as well. I wouldn’t campaign against Joe either if I was playing the game. He’d be a dream to sit next to at FTC.

OK, due to my inappropriate choice of words you are correct. As an END RESULT the primary reason Cole received the most votes at TC is because he didn’t have the numbers. Although analyzing the MEANS to achieve that end result, the primary reason he was TARGETED was because he was a challenge threat.

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michel2 2384 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Seventeen Magazine Model"

11-27-17, 10:45 PM (EST)
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5. "RE: "Survivor S35 Ep Ranking""
I ignore it because it is completely meaningless. Players, while they were STILL on the Island, would not have voted for Lil against JFP. By the time the Reunion show came around they all saw that JFP was always laughing at them in confessionals. That changed their opinion.

Desi is saying that Joe was trustworthy and a reassuring presence, not that he was a goat.

Yep, it's often better to sandbag the challenges, at least the early ones...

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Aruba 2699 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Survivor-themed Cruise Spokesperson"

11-28-17, 07:44 PM (EST)
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6. "RE: "Survivor S35 Ep Ranking""
It’s “meaningless” because it does not serve your purpose. Ruppert specifically stated, “Johnny is exactly like the troubled teens I mentor in my line of work every day,” while he was STILL on the island. Your girl Sandra referred to him as “evil” while STILL on the island. We saw several moments when the female castaways were fed up with his degrading talk about girls and his womanizing exploits while STILL on the island. He does not get a majority of the votes at FTC at Pearl Island.
At the reunion show when Jeff asked the others about Fairplay, namely the “dead grandma” dupe, the few Jeff questioned actually gave props to Fairplay for what they regarded as a savvy game move...AFTER they were OFF the island. So much for your theory of changing their opinions for the worst afterwards. Although I’m quite sure you will still regard all that as “meaningless” for obvious reason.

I’m not saying Joe was not trustworthy to Desi. Quintessential goat Clay was trustworthy to Brian. Goat Dre’ was trustworthy to Earl. Brian and Earl both acknowledged them as trustworthy and did not publicly refer to them as “goats” even though we knew they were. So, it is not surprising we wouldn’t hear Desi publicly label Joe as a “goat” when saying he was trustworthy even though that’s what he is this season.

It’s a crying shame that Survivor has wallowed in the bowels of pathetic gamesmanship to encourage one NOT to put your best foot forward and give optimum effort. Casting a bunch of losers who would sooner throw in the towel than give their best effort, and format the game to actually punish those who possess an admirable never-say-die approach while reward the bush leaguers who sandbag is sad...VERY sad,

Simply put—those who always put out their best effort are being who they are as much as some viewers may wish to criticize that approach as bad play. Those who decide to wimp out when the going gets tough are being who they are as much as some viewers may wish to spin that as better play.

Interesting how it resorts to the same reoccurring theme—You are...who you are...who you are...

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michel2 2384 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Seventeen Magazine Model"

11-28-17, 10:29 PM (EST)
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7. "RE: "Survivor S35 Ep Ranking""
On the Island, everyone hated Lil and they were not going to vote for an Outcast. That's what they said but it's hopeless with you.

Joe is playing the best game he can in his position. Just remember that he was in the core alliance over at the Healers when the game started. Then, when things flipped on him after the swap he put on an act to get them to vote against him so he could use his idols. When he wound up without idols, he showed it was all an act when he gave all the others a chance at the reward before he took his portion of spaghetti. In this latest episode he was once more well behaved up to the point where Mike told him to follow his lead. It's all an act and he isn't who you think he is!

Yul was one of the biggest sandbaggers of all time yet he was your type of guy. It's a great way to play the game because it takes the heat off. Winning challenges just puts a target on your back.

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Aruba 2699 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Survivor-themed Cruise Spokesperson"

11-29-17, 07:55 PM (EST)
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8. "RE: "Survivor S35 Ep Ranking""
Whereas Lil wasn’t going to win any popularity contests, a majority of the jurors despised JFP more than Lil.

Yes, I remember when the Outcasts kicked the butts of BOTH the tribes at a challenge to earn the right to have two castaways reenter the game. I also remember Savage leading the charge by saying no way either will get past the next TC each attends along with everyone else chiming in their approval and saying the same. So that’s that...both Lil and Burton are booted at their next TCs...because, after all, the players SAID so. Hey, wait a minute...didn’t BOTH Lil and Burt make the F5 and Lil sit at FTC?? Golly Gee, how did that happen when they SAID both would not be long for the game???

And now I’m to believe no way "Outcast" Lil gets votes at FTC simply because the same players SAID light of the fact they didn’t do what they SAID they would when Lil and Burt reentered the game? *Snort*

I continue to be amused at how you pick and choose which statements you hang on every word because “that’s what they said,” and which spoken words you regard as “meaningless”. Not surprising, mind you...but amused.

The Kool-aid flavor of the week is CHERRY being served at Sluggo’s Lemonade Stand. You just keep drinking up.

Yul more than held his own in the team challenges. When it turned individual, it became the Ozzy show. To suggest Yul never won an IN for any reason other than Ozzy's sheer dominance is ludicrous.

For the record, Cook Islands was the only FTC where I would have been perfectly OK with EITHER (Yul or Ozzy) taking home the win. Ozzy lost by only one vote...the one vote Yul cleverly negotiated with Adam when he assured Adam he (and his alliance) would vote out Jonathan instead in exchange for Adam’s vote at FTC. Had Yul really been “my guy” I would not have been satisfied with an Ozzy win; but as stated above I would have. Well, that’s another one of your laughable theories that can be shoved down Ryan’s pink shorts.

Over and out with this thread. Enjoy tonight’s episode.

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michel2 2384 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Seventeen Magazine Model"

11-29-17, 11:38 PM (EST)
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9. "RE: "Survivor S35 Ep Ranking""
>Whereas Lil wasn’t going to win
>any popularity contests, a majority
>of the jurors despised JFP
>more than Lil.

Not true.

>Yes, I remember when the Outcasts
>kicked the butts of BOTH
>the tribes at a challenge
>to earn the right to
>have two castaways reenter the
>game. I also remember Savage
>leading the charge by saying
>no way either will get
>past the next TC each
>attends along with everyone else
>chiming in their approval and
>saying the same. So that’s
>that...both Lil and Burton are
>booted at their next TCs...because,
>after all, the players SAID
>so. Hey, wait a minute...didn’t
>BOTH Lil and Burt make
>the F5 and Lil sit
>at FTC?? Golly Gee, how
>did that happen when they
>SAID both would not be
>long for the game???

Well DUH!!! First of all, Burton and Lil were given immunity so they couldn't be voted out right away. By the time the 2nd TC came around, everyone saw those two as the greatest GOATS of all time!!! The GOAT GOATS if you will! They looked so succulent that Fairplay, the guy who wasn't really playing to win, just to "rape reality TV" as he himself put it, realized he'd have a shot at winning simply by sitting next to either of those two GOATS.

>And now I’m to believe no
>way "Outcast" Lil gets votes
>at FTC simply because the
>same players SAID light
>of the fact they didn’t
>do what they SAID they
>would when Lil and Burt
>reentered the game? *Snort*

You don't vote out GOATS. Simple as that.

>I continue to be amused at
>how you pick and choose
>which statements you hang on
>every word because “that’s what
>they said,” and which spoken
>words you regard as “meaningless”.
>Not surprising, mind you...but amused.

I'll rewatch that PI reunion one of these days because I'm foggy about who raised their hands saying they'd vote for Lil over JFP but I do believe Sandra was one of those. It's EXTREMELY SURPRISING to see you give so much credit to Sandra, thinking she would vote in "the spirit of the game" as you put it. I know Sandra, probably much more than you because I've seen her play 3 times (and win TWICE!) so I know Sandra would have been the most VENGEFUL juror we've ever seen!! I do not believe for a second that Sandra would have given the million to Lil if Lil had voted her out just the day before. No, Sandra would have made Lil suffer much more than Ryno did. Now, at the reunion, Lil was Sandra's best friend in the world because she had just given her a million dollars so it was easy to raise her hand in support of Lil.

>Yul more than held his own
>in the team challenges. When
>it turned individual, it became
>the Ozzy show. To suggest
>Yul never won an IN
>for any reason other than
>Ozzy's sheer dominance is ludicrous.

Yul himself said he was sandbagging; he just wanted to make sure no one from the other side would win so when it came down to Ozzy and himself, he conceded.

>For the record, Cook Islands was
>the only FTC where I
>would have been perfectly OK
>with EITHER (Yul or Ozzy)
>taking home the win. Ozzy
>lost by only one vote...the
>one vote Yul cleverly negotiated
>with Adam when he assured
>Adam he (and his alliance)
>would vote out Jonathan instead
>in exchange for Adam’s vote
>at FTC. Had Yul really
>been “my guy” I would
>not have been satisfied with
>an Ozzy win; but as
>stated above I would have.
>Well, that’s another one of
>your laughable theories that can
>be shoved down Ryan’s pink

I never said Yul was your only man that season but he certainly was one of them and you just said so so what's laughable. You rooted for a sandbagger. Well, even Tom was ready to lose a couple of Immunity challenges just before merger in Palau so I guess that makes you two for two!

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