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"S33 Ep. 11 List"
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Aruba 2594 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Survivor-themed Cruise Spokesperson"

12-04-16, 01:36 PM (EST)
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"S33 Ep. 11 List"
Quite possibly the best episode of the season thus far...and that’s coming from a viewer who is not a fan of the sappy, melodramatic Loved Ones visit. So that’s saying something.

ADAM – Regardless how you feel about him, he simply owned this episode from beginning to end. The Loved One’s visit revolved and focused on Adam and his situation. Smart gameplay to announce he would NOT use his advantage...and even smarter to ultimately give it to Jay. Solid effort in his IC win. The Nostradamus’s of the world may criticize him that did didn’t need to use his idol on Hannah, but without all the votes read that is not a certainty among the castaways/Jury. Generally, I do not regard an idol played on someone else completely “wasted.” Should he make the Finals and Hannah is on the Jury, he’s made a case for her vote. Overall best episode for any castaway this season.

JAY – Everyone knows he has an idol. Pretty sure it’s common knowledge Adam gave him the “steal a reward” advantage. He was on the hit list of the proactive players immediately after the merge. He continues to win challenges on a weekly basis. And not a primary target...not even a secondary target this episode?! WOW!! Of course that can change on a dime, but for right now he remains in good position. If in the Finals, he’s all but guaranteed Will’s vote. On a side note, now that his sister returned home, Michel and I can resume our debate over the best body left in the game. HaHa!

DAVID – Using his idol at the TC and his alliance mate Jessica victimized by the rock, Day 3 David would have been a basket case. But Day 33 David assessed the situation with a clearer mind without pushing any panic buttons. Perception is reality...and the perception that David is a die-hard player and searcher of idols successfully played on the minds of the castaways taking the target off him (and Ken) momentarily. All too often when you defeat a big game rival on your schedule the following contest could be a letdown game making you vulnerable. Could this happen to David coming out ahead on the Zeke vs. David game within the game this past episode? The ADS should keep him around a bit longer, but will probably need to win a key IC before the Finals.

HANNAH – Her infatuation over Ken’s attractiveness is becoming borderline creepy, but it’s the type of wackiness that defines Hannah that even Probst labeled as “wonderful.” She’s running away with the Annual Aruba (post-merge) Dumbass Luck Award for this season. Although she is making the most of her fortunate opportunities. With blindsides being a normal occurrence in the game, she has had an accurate radar for when she is at risk and will be getting votes at TC. Add that to nailing Brett as a cop and her sixth sense has been pretty impressive. Even so, she’ll need to be sitting between a pair of goats to take the title on Day 39.

KEN - Lamenting “Why me?” brought flashbacks to Nancy Kerrigan’s billy club attack leading up to the 1994 Winter Olympics. What Ken must realize is he will always be perceived a threat in upcoming ICs, so his question is the result of his lack of understanding the ADS. Proactively he’s as competitive as they come in the challenges. Socially he delegates himself to reaction, no doubt due to the speech impediment he suffered during his childhood. Will was an absolute blooming idiot to approach him about his name to be written down at TC, but Ken compounded the problem by reacting to try to move the target on Will. Whereas he successfully delivered a hit to Will’s game (to mark the 75th Anniversary of the Dec 7th “Day that will live in Infamy”) his approach was much like that of a Kamikaze pilot killing his chances to win as well. I get the whole “I’m a shoot from the hip, tell it like it is” type of guy...and whereas that genuine approach worked to get the Legacy advantage, this cast will NOT reward a player for that kind of straight-up genuine behavior.

WILL – I was not critical of his move until he pulled Ken aside to tell him the other alliance was writing his name down. It was unnecessary in his attempt to blindside Zeke. Because not all the votes were read, he can go back to camp and STILL decide which alliance he wishes to ride to the end. If approached delicately and smartly it could work to Will’s advantage, but I doubt he will be able to be delicate or smart. The resume he put together was for the position of “S33 Sole Survivor.” Yet after this episode the Survivor “HR” Division should be placing his resume in the tray marked “S33 Sixth Jury Member.”

SUNDAY – Well she’s certainly the prettiest face left in the game, but she’s a weak strategic player and a complete and utter joke in the challenges. This sweet lady is just another in the long line of casting debacles.

BRET – His revelation that he sexually prefers men will be his legacy to this season. As for Production’s decision to even cast him in the first place, he’s Sunday without boobs and a pretty face.


ZEKE – Well he certainly relished his role as “warrior” in the clash of Zeke vs. David...yet in the end he was bitch-slapped as the 5th Jury member. At least he owned up to his shortcomings that he gunned for David a bit too early in the game. I would have liked to have seen this solid proactive game player advance at least to the Season Finale, but I do understand the dynamics of the game where other castaways go poo-poo in their pants over the fact he played well enough to win in the Finals.

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 My List michel2 12-04-16 1
   RE: My List Aruba 12-05-16 2
       RE: My List michel2 12-05-16 3
           RE: My List Aruba 12-06-16 4
               RE: My List michel2 12-06-16 5
                   RE: My List Aruba 12-07-16 6
                       RE: My List michel2 12-07-16 7

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michel2 2006 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Roller Coaster Inaugurator"

12-04-16, 02:40 PM (EST)
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1. "My List"
Instead of revealing my favorites first, I'll go from worst to best in this episode and looking forward to their winning chances.

The Failing Players -

8- Ken: After being so silent for 4 episodes, we knew he’d soon get a breakthrough episode and he certainly had one except the only thing that broke was his image. Maybe he was kept silent because he's dumb as a nail.

Ken started out nicely when he got the advantage from Jessica. Saying he was playing for his daughter was also a nice touch. But then we had the Loved Ones visit and he didn't even ask his brother about news from his daughter. After Jay won Ken, for some reason, thought that Jay HAD to pick him. He never even tried to build a relationship with Jay so why would Jay give him a place at the table? The only words that come to mind to explain Ken’s behavior are entitlement and selfishness. Choose the one you prefer.

From there, he turned into one of the worst hypocrites we’ve ever seen. Earleir in the season, he got really angry at Jessica when she didn’t take him at face value so he tried to eliminate her from the game. However Ken found himself in the same situation as Jessica when Will, now playing Ken’s role, told him that the alliance was gunning for him. His first reaction could again only be explained by either entitlement or naiveté. He was dumbfounded at the mere thought that the opposing alliance could target him of all people. Why me? he asked. Why not you? I would have answered. But it got worse when he decided to “TEST” Will as Adam brilliantly, bitingly put it. Worse than Jessica who discretely asked Lucy how she was going to vote, Ken confronted Will in front of Jay, Bret and Zeke. Will had every reason to be furious and Ken should have been their target. Everyone on Ken’s side immediately saw the enormity of Ken’s mistake except Ken.

7- Will: He wanted to play hard but, slight distinction, he was played hard! First by Ken who blew up his game and then by Adam who thwarted his attempt at a big move. Despite what his best attempts, Will is a kid playing a game made for grownups.

6- Bret: Not only is he a player without a plan, he has dropped all the social niceties that got him further in the game than his buddy Chris. Now, he is clearly opposed to David and Ken and the gloves are off. However, he spent so much time on the periphery of the action that he isn’t the one wearing those gloves, he’s the one handing them over and tying them on the hands of the real fighters. He’s a corner man.

5- Sunday: While we saw her excellent social game when she comforted a distraught Hannah once they got back to camp after the rock draw, Sunday doesn’t have the strategic résumé for the jury to consider her for the title. She’s undoubtedly a nice person and she is playing the game in her own way but she is completely overshadowed by her fellow castaways. In a season like Palau when no one was very strategic, had she been on Koror in place of say, Katie, she could have given the winner a run for his money but not here.

4- Hannah: Maybe she still has a small chance to win but she’s on the wrong side to do so. She could possibly win in a Final 3 with people like Will, Bret or Sunday but not with David and Adam and while I’d vote for her over Ken, I doubt the majority of players would do so. She’s extremely lucky to still be in the game because she had no reason to expect that level of loyalty from Jessica and David at the previous TC and she certainly didn’t expect to see Adam use his idol to save her this time or even that Will had flipped.

However, despite all that luck, she could build her case around the awareness she demonstrated before those votes and the stoic demeanor she had during the votes. Far from the girl that was prone to panic attacks, she took those close calls in stride and that is all to her merit. I don't think it’s enough to be respected as a real player though so she’d need to be up against players with even less to show.

The Contenders -

3- David: A Final Four with Ken, Adam and Hannah looks very possible and David would then be in an excellent position to win it all. His edit has made him a very popular player and his win would satisfy a large portion of the audience but it would make me sick. This guy is playing for the cameras and, working in the business, he knows exactly what script to follow.

His chess game was strictly against Zeke so what is left now that someone else beat his opponent?

2- Adam: This contender had a rough road to get to this point. His game was so bad that even his closest allies at the time called him the worse team mate ever and considered removing him from the game. That means Zeke and Hannah considered he was less reliable than people like Chet, Shambo, Na’Onka, Abi-Maria and the rest! Okay, maybe they didn’t consider these particular players and were exaggerating but just to be associated with such a group shows how bad Adam played the middle section of this game.

Despite this, Adam has shown amazing adaptability lately. The reward advantage could have been a poisoned gift but the way he refused to use it was brilliant social strategy. Did it simply hit him that he couldn’t be that selfish when he saw all the Loved Ones or did he plan it all along? Imagine if, from the start, he realized that using this twist was suicidal so he told the least reliable person that he was going to steal the family visit knowing that he'd earn a lot of respect by doing the opposite. Then he could earn even more respect by giving the poisoned gift to his rival! No, I don’t think Adam is that devious but still, he improvised admirably well.

The episode’s dramatic vote was shown as if Adam was saving his alliance when he actually wasted his idol because Will did vote against Zeke. The jury will probably soon hear from Will that he voted for Zeke and with only four "Hannah" votes revealed, they will believe him so Adam's "big Move" won't count for as much as it would have if it had been 4 against 5.

1- Jay: He entered the merger as the main target for the alliance of nine yet he managed to align with three of those nine, he saw two of them get sent to the jury and now he is the only person left with a hidden immunity idol. People must be thinking that Will lied about it. How else could they explain seeing Jay sitting there quietly when Adam played his own idol? It took nerves of steel for Jay to keep that idol in his pocket knowing that none of the votes from his side counted.

When this episode started, he really only had one “mortal” enemy left in the game but by giving Adam a chance to spend time with his brother he removed the imminence of that threat. That gesture could even serve as catharsis and Jay could gain a new ally. An alliance between Jay and Adam would be an exceptional tactical move and now the door is opené

Booted - Zeke: Aruba, I really need to know when YOU would go after a player that was a threat to win it all. It seems that you think they should be given a pass to the end because every time a strong player gets eliminated, you say it was because the "other castaways go poo-poo in their pants over the fact he played well enough to win in the Finals." As soon as I identify a threat, I go after him. Not because I'm scared of him but because it's the smart thing to do.

Zeke had the game in hand but losing close allies like Hannah and Adam was unforgivable. When he decided to go after David, he took it for granted that they'd follow. Zeke should have huddeled with them to sound them out on which way to go, influence them slightly but instead he imposed his plan on them and they weren't ready to go that way.

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Aruba 2594 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Survivor-themed Cruise Spokesperson"

12-05-16, 07:26 PM (EST)
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2. "RE: My List"
WOW, that’s quite a response in such a short period of time from when I posted my list. Impressive! Ah Michel, what would this Basher Board be without you?

I’ll say this one more time...had Will not made the moronic decision to narc out Zeke and his alliance targeting Ken, Ken would have never had the opportunity to kamikaze Will’s game. Will essentially outplayed HIMSELF thanks to this idiotic blunder.

You’re right, I don’t recall Ken mention his daughter when he was reunited with his brother...come to think of it, I also don’t recall Sunday saying a peep about her four children when reunited with her husband. Yes, we heard about Ken’s daughter in his confessional, but also heard about Sunday’s children in her confessional during the season premier. Let’s not be ignorant to think Sunday would not want to win a million to make a better life for HER family as well.

Do you really think Production tosses all the castaway’s names in a hat and pulls out the lucky one they decide to give the “best edit” to? LOL. Of course they don’t...simply put you earn your edit.

David has been earning his edit by his play. His occupation has no bearing whatsoever on playing hard and searching better than his fellow castaways. While the social butterflies were fluttering their wings back at camp, players like David, Adam and Jay were successfully searching for HIIs. Kudos to them. HMMM, being rewarded for one’s proactive efforts...there’s a concept...

And if you’re going to blow any sunshine up Sunday’s butt for her “excellent social game” while confronting Hannah after the rock drawing TC, you should be commending David’s “excellent social game” as well for consoling Hannah as much (if not more) during that scene.

I must say to even suggest Sunday may have given Westman a run for his money had she been casted for Palau has got to be the most comical statement I’ve read in all my years on these Boards.

You ask, “Aruba, I really need to know when YOU would go after a player...”
That’s a good question that deserves an excellent and appropriate answer. My response would be similar to how Tom Westman and Mike Holloway would answer that question.

I would start going after players the minute I hopped off the boat, truck, or plane...walked onto the beach and heard Jeff welcome the castaways for the new Survivor season. Top notch champions like Westman and Holloway played the game hard wire-to-wire to deservingly earn their solid victories. I would give my best effort in that same manner.

What I would NOT do is put myself in a position where on DAY 33 my sorry ass was outplayed and outwitted by another competitor(s) causing me to have to “change my underware” 85% of the way into the contest.

But poo-poo pants aside, I still contend Zeke decided to throw the gauntlet at David’s feet and ultimately paid for that unnecessary fatal mistake. As stated in my assessment, I give him credit for owning up to that error.

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michel2 2006 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Roller Coaster Inaugurator"

12-05-16, 10:49 PM (EST)
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3. "RE: My List"
So, you don't see an ounce of hypocrisy in Ken's actions? Not even the slightest parallel to how he treated Jessica after he told her she was the target?

On the question of kids, the fact that Sunday didn't ask about her kids doesn't excuse Ken. What is worse is that his daughter is 4 while I think Sunday's youngest is older than Will. The level of dependency isn't the same.

Edits have NEVER been awarded strictly on merit. The most important factor is ratings. They need to sell the winner so they often give them a nice role but besides that, they go for what will keep people watching. Finding an idol is only good for one confessional. Just look back at Ralph in RI to understand what I mean.

David is in TV and almost all of his confessionals are rehearsed crap. He knows what sells and he's giving it to them.

David was in an alliance with Hannah so it was his DUTY to console her. Sunday didn't have to do a thing. If Hannah felt so awfuk that she'd give up, the better it was for Sunday. Conforting her though shows that Sunday is thinking ahead and may be rewarded some day.

In Palau, Katie was hated by many members of Koror. Mama Sunday would certainly have had a chance at getting votes from Coby, Janu, Jenn and Caryn. I'm not saying she would have beaten Tom but it would have been close.

How do you know you wouldn't be outplayed? What if you're going up against Tom and he has you cornered? Would you quit or would you do anything to get him out? Or put it another way: Suppose Tom and Mike are on different tribes and, by the merger, you and your tribe have the numbers. Your tribe is full of goats that are totally devoted to you. Would you let Tom and Mike stay in the game because they deserve it more than your bunch of idiots or would you vote them out ASAP in case they run the tables?

I also want to point out that Tom first went after Willard while Mike went after Lindsey, not exactly "Players". So I'm still not sure when you'd go after players who are threats to win.

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Aruba 2594 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Survivor-themed Cruise Spokesperson"

12-06-16, 09:39 PM (EST)
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4. "RE: My List"
For better or for worse, Ken is a “shoot from the hip,” “tell it like it is” type of guy. Sometimes that can be good; sometimes that can be bad. It is not calculated strategy; simply another example of “you are...who you are...who you are.”

During his stint on the Second Chance season, I understand Terry Dietz removed himself from the game because of a “life or death” medical emergency with his son (close to Will’s age.) Proof positive you don’t have to be a 4-year old child to need parental dependency. So no lame excuses for Sunday if you’re going to grill Ken.

Ken’s brother visited because he was Ken’s childhood idol. The very short time they initially have revolves around Jeff’s questions/comments pertaining to the direct relationship the castaway has with their visiting loved one. IMHO that’s the exact reason Ken and Sunday BOTH did not mention their kids during their very abbreviated reunions.

Players edits are directly related to their actions in the game. No editing job could ever take a Russell Hantz and portray him as a Tom Westman. Bottom line, edits reflect who you are.

You’re already dubbing David’s representation as a “winner’s edit.” That’s mighty presumptuous of you. Actually off the top of my head I can recall no less than half a dozen other players with “winner’s edits” talking about taking home a million dollars and/or winning the game. If you are suggesting the eventual winner gets the best edit, then Production did a pretty crappy job last season.

I have no idea who “Ralph” aka “RI” is?? I guess I have to keep reminding you I only watch REAL seasons.

The days of casting players based on applicants sending in their tape/video were gone over a decade ago. Consequently most are recruited and hand-picked, so David’s ability to play to the camera is a dime a dozen. Even the select few who do apply are put through rounds of screening to ensure they are “camera ready.”

Since we’re on the subject of casting, players are chosen among those from the same player pool. Young athletic men are selected among other young athletic men. Eye candy is selected among other eye candy. Soccer moms are selected among other soccer moms, etc., etc. With that said Sunday being selected in place of Katie would be highly improbable. In the Palau cast I could see Sunday taking Caryn’s place. And if so it wouldn’t change anything...Tom, Ian and Katie still advance to the F3 and Tom wins it hands down.

In Palau Willard had to go down as one of the worst casting debacles ever. Kudos to Westman and the rest of the Koror tribe for righting the wrong and erasing the pathetic job by the idiots in Production to even consider Willard in a Survivor season.

I wouldn’t read a whole lot into any time Sunday spends with Hannah because they are the ONLY remaining females left in the game. When this episode began, we heard the 5-alliance majority planning to Pagong the other four one by one, but what was noteworthy just the four men where strategizing and Sunday was nowhere to be seen. A metaphor to her "relevance" in the game perhaps...or probably just a case of male-bonding. For that same reason, I expect MANY more scenes with Sunday and Hannah as the only females left. But if you wish to spin that as Sunday’s “excellent social game” then knock yourself out.

You asked if I would “quit” if up against a player who concerned me? Nothing could be further from the truth! I have enough confidence in my abilities and attributes to stand toe-to-toe with anyone Production decided to throw my way—and may the best Survivor win. Pre-merge my focus would be more on maintaining the best tribe. The formula is pretty straight-forward; your tribe wins team IC, you don’t go to TC; you don’t go to TC, you don’t get voted out. Last season’s sole survivor benefitted wonderfully by not having to attend a TC until something like a week AFTER the merge!

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michel2 2006 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Roller Coaster Inaugurator"

12-06-16, 11:54 PM (EST)
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5. "RE: My List"
If one of Sunday's kids was half as sick as was Terry's son, she wouldn't have been there for a visit. A 4 year old needs daily attention, an adult not so much. Before Jeff started talking, Ken could have asked: "how is she doing"

I didn't say that David has a winning edit just that winners get some attention while the characters that are good for ratings are always shown. Sometimes production gets lucky and a good character goes on to win. Last season, Michelle did get a bit of unwarranted attention. Not much but a bit more than someone as dull as her would normally get.

Look, I'm not going all the way back to casting, I'm just placing Sunday into the F2 against Tom. Deal with that "what if" instead of playing dodge ball like you always do when you feel uncomfortable.

So, I see you'd get the over-confident leader type edit that gets blindsided before the merger! That worked so well for Paul this season, Joel, Silas, Hunter and so many others before that.

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Aruba 2594 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Survivor-themed Cruise Spokesperson"

12-07-16, 07:22 AM (EST)
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6. "RE: My List"
OH, so now you’re the Deitz family doctor? LMAO. There’s NOOOO question in my mind if the REAL Deitz family doctor diagnosed even the slightest risk of a “life or death” situation there’s NOOO way Terry participates.

I’m certain had Ken and his brother been chosen to come on the reward his daughter most certainly would have come up. Sunday and her husband WERE chosen...and I still do not recall any peep about her kids. And let's not get all fixated on "dependency," i.e. sticking a thermometer up their butt when they're running a temperature...Yadda, Yadda, Yadda... I'm talking SHEER LOVE for your children, and for a parent that should NEVER diminish.

The one who gets the best edit is the one who OWNED that particular season. Now the player who owned the season does not always emerge as the Sole Survivor, and that’s why in hindsight you can’t always call it a winner’s edit. You own the season by your play, your moves, and your merit. You earn the best edit by your play, your moves, and your merit.

If you’re going to be hypothetical please, at the very least, be logical and realistic. A Sunday would NOT be casted in place of a Katie.

So, I see you do not read every word of my post. I specifically posted PRE-MERGE my focus would be on being the ultimate TEAM player to ensure my tribe would be the best it could be. The “over-confident” players you listed got blindsided because their tribe lost the IC making them vulnerable at TC. And I said I would be confident...not OVER-confident. Putting words in my mouth again.

But as for being over-confident, it sure didn’t hurt former champions like Hatch, Brian, Tyson, Mike, and Tony. And the end results weren’t all that shabby for other Reality Show winners, i.e. Dr. Will, Dan, and Evil Dick.

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michel2 2006 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Roller Coaster Inaugurator"

12-07-16, 11:07 AM (EST)
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7. "RE: My List"
I don't need to be a doctor to know that someone who needs a heart transplant was in a life or death situation. Even if you didn't ask, his son is doing well by the way.

Still deflecting criticism for your favorites by attacking someone else. Typical. Okay, I'll remove that possibility. Ken AND Sunday were both hypocrites for saying they are playing for their kids but not even asking how they are doing.

I'll give you one example to show the difference between a rating's edit and winner's edit: Stephenie had a much better edit that Danni in terms of number of confessionals but, looking at it carefully, we saw that her edit was deconstructing her previous "sweetheart" character turning her into the "Mayan Mean Queen". Danni's edit was much more subtle but it had all the ingedients of the winner's edit. Here's another: I posted that Natalie White would win over Hantz after episode 5 because she had the "winner's" edit while he was being used for ratings.

Playing Dodge ball still. But you can't do that because, when Palau aired, Sunday was only 3 years older than Katie and therefore very likely to be cast in her place. (She probably had a much better body than Hannah at that time also!)

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