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"S33 Ep. 6 List"
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Original message

Aruba 2584 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Survivor-themed Cruise Spokesperson"

10-27-16, 08:48 PM (EST)
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"S33 Ep. 6 List"
SWEEEET EPISODE! Back up to two challenges per week...the way it oughta be. Several funny moments, and it culminated in a very satisfying ending.

ADAM – Yes it was mostly by circumstance, but Adam was the focal player this episode. He had to choose between breaking up an obnoxiously sappy showmance or applying the Anti-Darwin Syndrome. No surprise this poster is pleased with his decision. He knew where he stood among the Millennials before the swap and acted accordingly. Well played young man, well played! Watching Michaela and Michelle’s heads explode when all get their first look at the new Takali tribe will be worth the price of admission.

MICHAELA – “Whatcha got there?” THAT should have been the title of this episode. TOOOO Funny! Continues to impress. Even Invisi-Brett was given a five-second edit when he appropriately stated there’s nothing she can’t do. Could work against her as an ADS victim, but should be OK for the time being. Not sure riding a self-proclaimed anxiety attack sufferer as hard as she did is advisable, but her take charge approach in the challenges is fun to watch. Her coaching tactic saved Michelle big time. Knowledge of Jay’s HII could save HER big time.

MICHELLE – “The truth works well.” Who does she think she is?...Tom Westman with boobies??? LMAO. All kidding aside, a good episode for her. I’d rank her up here just for exercising enough restraint to not jump off her platform and beat the snot out of Dave’s inept skeletal frame. Instead she used her focus to win reward for her tribe. She’ll need to keep that focus because if Vanua loses the next IC, she’s pretty much dead in the water.

KEN – Almost immediately after the swap Ken forged a bond with Adam and it paid dividends. Not too shabby for an “asocial” guy. Stayed composed at TC knowing he was very much at risk. His sarcastic surprise when Figgy announced her sappy showmance was hysterical. At least it was for me because I appreciate that dry dead-pan sense of humor...even if it comes from an “asocial” individual.

Dropping asocial twice is partially to “annoy” Michel. HaHa!

ZEKE – Astute pickup that Michelle could be a force in the game. As we saw in the preview, he doesn’t need an Okie connection to have a social game. Not sure how I would feel if David thought we were made from the same cloth, but Zeke appears to be getting much mileage from that assessment. Early indications suggest most of the original Millennials may pay a very steep price for putting Adam and Zeke on the bottom of its food chain.

JESSICA – If her eyes bug out any more at future TCs she may re-aggravate that infection. Even though the foundation was established between Ken and Adam, Jessica did her part to solidify the bond and make the Adam flip official.

CHRIS – Not much doing this episode but remains in great shape to make the merge.

JAY – Kudos...he found the HII. Criticism...he shares it with—Will?! I don’t think I would trust an 18-year old with my sub sandwich never mind something as game changing as a HII. And to make matters worse not checking to see if the coast is clear was inexcusable. Anyone else feel Production’s overkill with this...My life is hard; my family is in despair; I need the million to make everything better; Yadda, Yadda, Yadda...Blah, Blah, Blah...please pass the Kleenex…

DAVID – OK Michel, you can pass over the crow; I may need to take a few nibbles. In all fairness we need to see the events leading up to his idol revelation with Zeke, but I’m thinking it’s a case of not hitting the brakes on a turn. He’s been playing so hard, so fast and I’m not seeing a whole lot of good that can come with sharing his idol with Zeke. Even so, I still believe his challenge ineptness will be his ticket to the endgame as it has been for other pathetic, embarrassing challenge performers in the past.

BRET – Yet another “great” find from casting. Can’t dislike him as a person; can’t like him as a castaway. Translation: Totally irrelevant. After seeing Figgy gone, I wouldn’t be shocked with a challenge dump led by Michaela to vote off a Gen-Xer as a retaliatory measure. If so, with five females already gone, it would be adios for Brett.

HANNAH – The best body left in the game comes with some baggage—High Anxiety. Last season our early Mental Meltdown Maiden emerged into a cold-blooded competitor where in the end a few Bitter Bettys robbed her of a well-deserved win. I’m not suggesting a similar pattern here, but it would be entertaining to see it unfold.

TAYLOR – Prior to this episode I would have much preferred Taylor gone if the showmance was targeted. Whereas this episode made Figgy’s boot more satisfying, I would have been fine with Taylor’s departure as well. Normally in a case like this one might say Figgy leaving could be the best thing for his game now. Sadly for Taylor his delusional, knee-jerk reaction, simple mind is incapable of offering any game.

WILL – It took six episodes for his first relevant moment—coming along for the ride when Jay found the idol. It served as a microcosm to his season—coming along for the ride.

SUNDAY – Her ineptness in every aspect of the game has officially crossed over from comical to pathetic.


FIGGY – She put enough knots in her noose. First and foremost, the biggest knot was falling head over heels for a muttonhead based purely on physical attraction. She shows her excitement when she sees Michelle and advertises her alliance to the entire cast. She “forgives” Adam for writing her name down at TC when it’s ADAM’S forgiveness she needs for her and her alliance keeping him out of the loop. She was the challenge goat this episode. Ready, willing, and eager to marry a guy she just met 18 days ago...and we wonder why the divorce rate is over 60%! I’m sure I’m missing several other “knots.” Put them altogether and I’m perfectly fine with Figgy as the sixth Survivor voted out of the game.

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   RE: My List Aruba 11-01-16 3
       RE: My List michel2 11-01-16 5
           RE: My List Aruba 11-02-16 6
               RE: My List michel2 11-02-16 7
 The 'Stache says... kingfish 11-01-16 2
   RE: The 'Stache says... Aruba 11-01-16 4

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michel2 1929 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Herbal Healing Drugs Endorser"

10-29-16, 04:32 PM (EST)
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1. "My List"
It's weird that you list so many duds and then say you're satisfied when one of the more enthusiastic player leaves. I feel that with this vote, the season has flipped. Before, everyone was under the impression that the Millennials had the numbers to rule the game after the merger but now they are practically dead.

After the merger, the game will probably be dominated by Ken, Jessica, David, Chris, Adam and Zeke. They could even be joined by Bret and Sunday if Michaela and Jay don’t wake up and realize they absolutely need to throw the next two challenges and eliminate them. We are probably headed for a long string of predictable Tribal Councils.

The Good -

1- Ken: He's the one that said he used to be socially awkward and then he lived as a recluse for 4 years so seeing him thrive in this social game only proves that you aren't always who you are. There is a striking difference between the confidence bordering on arrogance that we hear in his confessionals and the humbleness he displays when talking to someone. Ken is a good actor and like he said, he has been around the block and nothing has really troubled him yet. There is little doubt that he will now make it to the merger and there he will reunite with David who, by delivering Chris and Zeke, will put the numbers squarely in Ken’s favor. We heard him telling Adam that they would be with David and Jessica until the end and that promise wasn’t delivered arrogantly or with deception but with the same truthful intentions that we saw when he approached Jessica. Ken proved that the truth works well especially when you can give it a nice personal spin.

2- Michaela: Did I tell you that I love Michaela? My love grew when she included Jeff in those people who just need to shut up! Unfortunately, she doesn’t see the bigger picture. Like David said, the game isn’t Millennials versus Gen X anymore but Michaela is still living in the past. She told everyone her priorities in the game and where her loyalties lie so she shouldn’t be surprised if the Gen X-ers turn on her first. They all saw what she can do in challenges so they’ll have her in their sights. I also liked her "Whatcha got there" moment and the confessional that ensued but not the snitching part. I hope she doesn't go down that path.

3- Michelle: Of all the Millennials that haven’t yet aligned with the Gen X-ers, Michelle is in the best position to find an opening and a new life in the game. The moments of joy that accompany victories are always good bonding opportunities and Michelle just gave two such moments to Chris and David. Zeke recognized that their win was entirely due to Michelle. On the other hand, her skills with puzzle will eventually turn her into a threat and it will be extremely difficult to infiltrate a group that is battle experienced like Ken, David and Jessica. Even in her present tribe, she’ll never be more than a 4th to the tight bond between Chris and Zeke and their developing trust in David.

4- Jay: He gave us a great moment when he found the third idol but if we strip Jay’s interview of its emotional content then we realize its naïveté: Finding an idol isn’t an end, a guarantee of success. It’s just a tool to help your game and it may turn out to be good for only three more days. Jay was on the right path when he said he could lose immunity challenges but will he realize that it has become imperative? Winning challenges only saves Bret and Sunday.

The Lucky - These two won the swap Lottery:

5- Jessica: This woman keeps on getting gifts: The advantage, David's idol, Ken's forgiveness and then a dumb player to give her the numbers. While her social game was deplorable during the first week she spent on the island, it has picked up nicely since the close call she had in the third cycle. In a sense, she’s in the position of a returning player: She realized that her behavior turned a whole tribe against her so she’s learned from her mistake and she is doing the most of her second chance. Will that experience prove as useful to her as it does to veterans facing rookies? I’d say it’s already paying dividends.

6- David: Our wayward Survivor is in a good position at the moment but his penchant for big moves could screw his own chances. Right now, all he has to do is stay on course but we all saw what happened when he tried to do just that in the reward challenge. He wound up in the Millennials’ side of the obstacle course. Was it symbolic? Will his next move have the same result? Even if this theatrical castaway is lucky enough to be dragged to the end he will have problems earning the jury’s respect.

The Tools - Their votes will continue to be greatly appreciated:

7- Chris: Now that he is in control of his tribe we know that Chris will make the merger and then rejoin the Gen X alliance that is practically certain to dominate the numbers. Like he said, he needs the numbers but they won’t exactly be his numbers. Maybe David will blindside him a 3rd time.

8- Zeke: In the first episode, he was quick to say that he didn’t fit in with the Millennials and he certainly used his first opportunity to make new bonds. This decision will certainly carry Zeke far into the game but no matter how close he gets to Chris and David, he will never be in the inner core. They will gladly use his vote until they can safely make it to the end game with Ken and Jessica.

9- Adam: Some, like Aruba, will applaud his move but what he’s done is give the game away. His move isn’t as bad as the one Kass made in Cagayan or that Cochran made in South Pacific for two reasons: He did it before the merger so his immediate victims won’t be on the jury and he’s got an idol to use as protection when his new allies inevitably turn on him. Still, there will be a minimum of 5 Millennials on the jury and they will have plenty of reasons to vote against him. Granted, the road to the end would have been difficult if he had stayed with the Millennials but he certainly could have used Zeke, Hannah, Michaela and one or two Gen X-ers to overthrow Jay, Michelle and the Love Birds. He revealed his hand much too early.

The Dominoes - We know they will eventually fall, we just don't know the order

10- Hannah: Aruba, you made me laugh when you wrote this about Hannah: "The best body left in the game..." So, you mean to teel me that you are now staring at her and totally ignoring the African American beauty in the middle?

The desolate conditions in Ikabula certainly contributed to Hannah’s medical situation but I’m sure production will continue putting people at risk just to have material to put on air. Even if she only served as Michaela’s helper, it was fun to see Hannah doing her best to win that competition. Her hair falling over her eyes, her glasses askew (that’s not orthogonal in case Rocky is reading) she was determined not to be the zero.

11- Will: Seeing him just following quietly behind Jay during the idol search really showed his story up to now: He’s a nice guy to have around and he won’t cause any trouble even when his number comes. I’m sure he must have looked around for the idol himself but whenever the camera found him, he was simply watching Jay.

12- Sunday: If she can make it to the merger then she would be fine but this is a castaway without a role to play. We saw her listening to Hannah during her period of distress so her social game isn’t a problem but her stay in the game depends entirely on Ikabula winning immunity challenges. Why should they save her?

13- Bret: The same can be said of him. He lent a helping hand to Hannah but that’s mostly because circumstances put him by her side. For someone that is in trouble within his new tribe, we haven’t seen him trying to find a way to stay safe.

14- Taylor: He may kick and scream but the only thing he can do is tell everyone at the next reward challenge that Adam is despicable. I think Figgy was wrong and that Figtails will soon be reunited. Will their romance florish or will they get bored with each other? That’s the biggest question I have when it comes to Taylor.

Booted - Figgy: I will miss her spontaneity, her laugh and her enthusiasm. As for her so called eagerness to get married, don't you think she was simply curious to see what would happen next? If Taylor hadn't been a dumbass and unable to take a cue, it would have been funny to see what Jeff would have done. That would have been worth a good laugh and that was most likely all she wanted..

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Aruba 2584 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Survivor-themed Cruise Spokesperson"

11-01-16, 07:37 PM (EST)
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3. "RE: My List"
With the cast of characters this season, i.e. Michaela, David, Zeke, etc. we hardly needed to rely on Figgy for “enthusiasm.” Maybe it was just me, but she came across as having that sense of entitlement that rubbed me the wrong way.

As for Ken he also stated he had a speech impediment that ostracized him explaining his reluctance to flutter his wings as a social butterfly you covet so dearly. But to his credit he overcame that handicap.

Michaela said she would only snitch if forced to REACT as a last resort should she feel Jay and the alliance put her at risk. Now if she should INITIATE any snitching approach I would agree with your disenchantment should she “go down that road.”

I’ll repeat my assessment that following the Gen-X TC when David used his HII on Jessica they walked back to camp as a tribe of seven with David, Ken, Jessica, and CeCe aligned to target the other three—Sunday, Brett and Chris...making those latter three the ones who really held the “lottery tickets” after the tribal swap IMO.

On the Millennial tribe Zeke would have probably been the first casualty had they went to TC before the merge joining the bottom three Gen-Xers thus benefitting more than David and Jessica as a result of the swap.

My only real disagreement with your ranking is placing Adam ninth after the episode he had. Michaela said if the Millennials on Takalio couldn’t figure it out then shame on them. What Michaela did not realize is Adam DID figure it out! He figured where he stood among the Millennials and acted appropriately and accordingly. This was his best (and possibly his only) chance to break up the stupid showmance, so he took advantage of it. So if he makes the Finals the Millennials on the Jury would vote against Adam because he did not stay loyal to an initial tribe who put HIM (and Zeke) on the bottom???!!! WOW!!! Talk about your all-time quintessential SOOOORE LOOOSERS!!!

NO WAY I’m going to ”ignore” the Afro-American Beauty, but I’m still leaning toward Hannah as the best body left in the game. Well, technically Ken probably has the best body left in the game, but I’m talking about the bodies I’D be staring at.

And I give you props for your Adrian Balboa analogy...Too Funny! LOL

Perhaps I may be overreacting from the preview but I feel Zeke will be more than just a “vote greatly appreciated” this season.

Yes I believe Figgy was serious...and if her main squeeze muttonhead called her bluff we’d probably have a Britney Spears/Jason Alexander fiasco where the tainted union would be overturned before they even had a chance to consummate the “marriage.”

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michel2 1929 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Herbal Healing Drugs Endorser"

11-01-16, 10:12 PM (EST)
Click to EMail michel2 Click to send private message to michel2 Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
5. "RE: My List"
LAST EDITED ON 11-01-16 AT 10:13 PM (EST)

I was getting bored with you not responding but now I've got a lot on my plate. Thank you so much!

1- Michaela is snarky, not enthusiastic. David is sickening, not enthusiastic. Zeke is weirdly funny, not enthusiastic. The way Figgy kept exploding in laughter like when Adam told Jeff that she'd never look at him the same as Taylor was simply great.

2- If it's to save her life then okay but Michaela was very quick on the switch: "Jay is my ally but if I sense something fishy I'm snitching." What if her senses are wrong?

3- I still think Gen X would have booted Cece had they stayed together and loss the challenge. For our argument though, we simply have different times for looking at the lottery ticket:

I agree that BEFORE the swap, Chris and Bret might have been in trouble but AFTER the swap, when they unfolded their buffs, Jessica and David were the big winners on Gen X. I think the AFTER is more important than living in the past.

Look at it this way, before the swap, Jessica, Ken and David had more tickets than Chris and Bret and, sure enough, it was their tickets that won.

I could have written the same about Zeke and Adam but I feel both already wasted their lottery winnings by giving in to the Gen Xers.

4- I rated Adam low because I think it was a bad move. Figtails would have always been easy targets. Like I wrote, it would have been much, much better for Adam to boot Ken and wait for the merge to rally a full alliance against Figgy and Taylor. Also, if he was going to move now, I think it would have been better to boot Taylor over Figgy. She was more into the game than Tails so I think she would have gone along just to save her skin. Taylor may go ballistic, burn the camp down, throw out the rice, etc...

5- To each his own I guess but I'd go Michaela first, Michelle second and then? Maybe even Sunday before Hannah.

6- I may lose some points but I was referring to James "Rocky' Reid of Survivor Fiji fame with the "askew" comment. When they were building their shelter on day 1, Sylvia said the beams shouldn't be askew so Rocky called a time-out and said that she needed to use words that he could understand. So, Sylvia famously explained that "askew" meant "not orthogonal" confusing him even more.

7- We'll talk of the previews later.

8- Figgy did say she simply wanted to see a Survivor first so I don't think she was taking it seriously at all. But does it change anything in your life if they had gotten married? Live and let live, I say. I find it weird that, in the land of the free, so many people want to define what is good for everyone else.

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Aruba 2584 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Survivor-themed Cruise Spokesperson"

11-02-16, 06:38 PM (EST)
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6. "RE: My List"
I just took a gander at your response and was going to wait until my next post, but I didn’t want you to get “bored” again. LOL. VERY quick and impromptu replies:

1- Whether you wish to opinionate Michaela’s snark, David’s sickening, Zeke’s funny or talk about Figgy’s arrogant sense of entitlement...they ALL stem from individual "enthusiasm.”

2- Obviously something would have to trigger her REACTION...otherwise it would be INITIATING, Granted you can pick up wrong signals, but sometimes you need to react and go with your gut.

3- When determining who lucked out from the swap you go BEFORE the swap and assess what would have been. That being said, David did have one big “ticket” he searched the best and hardest for (aka HII) and he used it on Jessica to establish the David/Ken/Jessica/Cece majority. It was then Sunday, Brett and Chris who needed the Lottery Tickets more and ultimately benefitted the most.

4- Adam made the best move for the bad situation he found himself in as a result of the Millennials putting Adam/Zeke on the bottom. As I stated in my ranking, that was a decision the other Millennials may pay dearly for...that is if Ikabula doesn’t go Bush League and implement a chickensh!t approach to throw the next couple ICs.

As for thinking Figgy/Taylor would emerge as an easy target, didn’t seem to hurt Nicole and Corey this past summer. Oh BTW, did you forget about Rob and Amb”a”?

5- Sunday’s body over Hannah’s??? You said it best...too each his own.

6- Yeah sorry, you lost points. I’m sticking with Rocky Balboa instead. YOOOO ADRIAN!!

7- Previews are just that...Previews. I have admitted they could be misdirections.

8- I guess my Gen-X colors are showing here when I say I’m not one to poo-poo the sacrament of matrimony. Sure...Live and let live...let’s just spike the ‘ole divorce rate up to 75%! *snort*

We’ll continue on my Ep. 7 post.
Enjoy tonight’s episode as much as I enjoyed last week’s.

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michel2 1929 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Herbal Healing Drugs Endorser"

11-02-16, 07:24 PM (EST)
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7. "RE: My List"
For me, enthusiasm means joyful energy, excitement. Michaela and David certainly don't fit the definition while Zeke likes to stick his foot right in front of the camera so that doesn't really appeal to me.

Assessing what would have been is pointless. The players had to know a swap was coming so what really mattered was how the shake-up left the players. Obviously, Cece and Figgy are the biggest losers while Michelle, Taylor, Bret and Sunday all have losing tickets. Jessica and David are in great positions right now so they obviously won the lottery.

Romber were part of a non-real season. Rob had a pre-game alliance with Tom, Lex and Katie so that kept him and his girlfriend safe. As a matter of fact, the last BB also had returning players so it wasn't a real season either.

Why would throwing a challenge be bush league if it's smarter? Giving optimum effort to let the other guys win is dumb.

Sunday has nicer features than Hannah and at 45 she's still younger than me so why not?!

Why does it matter to you if the divorce rate spikes?

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kingfish 19471 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

11-01-16, 01:23 PM (EST)
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2. "The 'Stache says..."
This week it's all about silly facial hair, so this is thru the eyes of "Be the Survivor" Mr. Pornstache.

Mr. Pornstache likes;

Michaela. Michaela is a shooting star and the spotlight is on her. She's a stone cold killer at challenges, she gets camera time, and she is thinking in terms of the long game. However her strategy is coming out of her mouth and broadcast to everyone on all tribes (the natives have recently erected a monument in honor of "the Mysterious Voice of the Jungle" they call MOVJA). And that's never good. Her longevity will be in peril after the Merge. But I really like her.

Adam. Adam pulled the play of the week. Knowing that he was third in an alliance of three, he switched alliance and now has Taylor as a meat shield. In addition, although he still third in an alliance of three, the alliance he is now in is with Ken and Jessica. This is the A-team. This was a very astute move by Adam, and I am in admiration. It's still an uphill battle for him, especially if his tribe has to go to TC twice before the Merge, but this move gave him some extra breathing room.

Ken. Still in great shape, and exhibiting stellar survival skills for real survival. Those skills also translate pretty well in to this type of Survivor, except that his resentment of anyone telling him what to do is a bit of a problem. Also he may be a bit too emotionally loyal for this game. If he can just duck his head and disguise the resentment he feels when being told how to vote, and is willing to stab an ally in back when the time is ripe, he could win the game. So far he is on the like list.

His performance in the Blind Man's Ball Busting challenge was fun to watch, if a bit cringe worthy. I didn't notice that he walked funny afterward, so maybe he used his buff as a cup.

Jessica. Jess has been confused lately, but now that she's hooked up with Ken and should be true blue loyal to him now, she should be in good shape. She's fallen into a good alliance with level headed teammates, so I like her chances to last for a while. She deserves credit the Aruba gives her for her assistance in getting Adam to flip.

Michelle. I'm beginning to like her more and more. She deserves the credit for the RC win, and negated David's haplessness. She is probably the most vulnerable if her tribe has to go to TC before Merge, but she has shown a talent for talking herself out of tight spots, so I have a grudging liking of her chances.

David. Complicated guy, and a dull thud in physical challenges. But he's intelligent and willing to do big moves, even those that don't really do him any good. (Hey, I said he was intelligent, not that he's an Einstein). He seems to be allying with Zeke, and that will be beneficial for them both.

Zeke. The Zeke/David alliance (if there is one) will benefit Zeke more than David, because it gives the Millennial protection in the form Michelle.

Chris. A big guy, ex-NFL, but he isn't shown as being a bully except when it's allowable, in challenges. He and Zeke have hooked up as Okie buddies, which should be of mutual benefit. Chris should be good to go until after the merge, after when he will surely be in danger from week to week.

Mr. Pornstache wonders.

Jay One of the smarter Millennials. Tried to tell FigTails that the way they were playing was bad, that their rationalizations were bogus. It would have helped his game as a Millennial if they had listened. Also, I agree with Michel (who agrees with me) that finding an HII isn't helpful unless you understand how to use it to benefit your game. Will is probably a decent meat shield for him, but I wonder.

Brett. Big guy, but not a bully either, has shown compassion, not excessive challenge strength, and seems intelligent. No idea of his game strategy beyond recognizing that he's a Gen-X cop in a game pitting GenXers against Millennials. So there's a lot to wonder about with him.

Hannah Ok, I haven't totally abandoned my hope that she's this season's story of a shy introvert Wallflower (shoutout) who blossoms into Supergirl, but after having a panic attack from breathing too hard while sitting in the shade on the sideline of a challenge, I don't know any more. I still hope, but some wondering is there too.

Mr. Pornstache is giving up on;

Sunday. Aruba's description is apt. She (so far) represents the negative stereotype of a Gen-Xer, old, out of shape, physically incompetent. Hope for more from her, but I think she is hopeless.

Will Will hasn't shown much so far. About ready to write him off as a threat or asset to anyone.

Taylor; Taylor, according to the preview for next week (Gads, that 's tomorrow) is going to have his revenge for the Figgy Puddin boot. We got a great lesson in how well that turns during the last BB. Taylor is preburnt toast.

Mr. Pornstache waves a fond farewell;

Figgy Puddin'. Maybe the last time I'll get to type Figgy Puddin unless somehow English Cuisine comes up. Totally out of touch with successful game play strategy. She seemed intelligent, was definitely able to manipulate lower life forms (Taylor), and I enjoyed her presence on the screen, but intelligence and the other stuff doesn't make her smart in the Survivor sense. So, Tata (wait, I was going to use that for Michaela. Oh well) Figgy Puddin.

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Aruba 2584 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Survivor-themed Cruise Spokesperson"

11-01-16, 07:41 PM (EST)
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4. "RE: The 'Stache says..."
Stellar Job, Kingfish.

Your ranking order is pretty much on the money.

But I must say with the diplomacy you exhibited paying compliments to BOTH Michel and I, perhaps we should consider calling you Senator Pornstache...or maybe Governor Pornstache.

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