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"S33 Ep. 5 List"
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Original message

Aruba 2580 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Survivor-themed Cruise Spokesperson"

10-21-16, 06:29 AM (EST)
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"S33 Ep. 5 List"
Haven’t been lurking in these Boards because my computer got hit with the Zeus Virus, but I’m back after over a week. For the most part I agreed with the other lists on last week’s posts. I’ll incorporate any responses from last week’s amusing comments in this week’s list.

MICHAELA – Ep. 5 Superstar! Yes it was an ill-advised weak moment to show her disgust and negativity when having to start from scratch at a new camp. But she flipped the switch to positive in a number of ways. She showed her perseverance by starting fire when others threw in the towel. She killed it in the IC and was the easy MVP choice. Much like Adam last week she shared her personal story and proactive drive. Easy to cheer for.

Michel, a point of reference when applying your PhD in Spinology with proactivity. It is commendable when a castaway proactively searched harder or better and is rewarded by finding an idol, or proactively puts out optimum effort to win a challenge and ensure their safety. If a player proactively does something negative, idiotic, or acts like a moron...that’s NOT commendable. Players like Rachel, Paul and Lucy got voted out because they “proactively“ were idiots.

I could also play an association game with you. What did Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, and Osama Bin Laden all have in common? All were VERY proactive in their attempts to achieve their goals; but we are all universal to criticize their “proactive” behaviors.

KEN – Dave shares his first idol find...WITH KEN. Jessica shares her Legacy advantage...WITH KEN. Adam shares Millennial info...WITH KEN. HMMMM, THREE different players sharing privy information with the SAME castaway...not too shabby for a guy labeled as “asocial.” Although Michelea was the IC MVP, Ken’s efforts were great as well. As a matter of fact Figgy/Taylor owes Ken a sloppy sandwish kiss. Had Takali not pulled out runner-up honors (thanks mostly to Ken,) there’s NOOOOO doubt Adam would have joined Ken/Jessica and one of the sappy showmancers would have taken a hike.

DAVID – The post-TC, pre-tribe shakeup pretty much confirmed my suspicion had Gen-X stayed together--Dave/Ken/Jessica/CeCe would have emerged as the majority alliance making Dave’s idol play a risk worth taking. As a superfan he knew the idol would be back in play and with Dave the only one with knowledge of the tribal mark on the idol encasement thanks to his earlier proactive play, it gave him a huge advantage to find the idol again. The second idol allows him a good chance at making the merge where his challenge ineptness should punch his golden ticket to the end game.

ADAM – Willing to join the Gen-Xers to help his position. As much as he’s bothered by the Taylor/Figgy showmance, I’m pretty sure at least he won’t be a piece of trash and proclaim that either of these immature lovebirds “F’d their way to the end.” He’s the middleman the other two pairs will need—and he knows it. His HII doesn’t hurt either. Overall in very good shape at the present moment.

CHRIS – A decent episode for him. Kudos for keeping a cool head. Had he held a grudge against Dave/CeCe and joined forces with the Millennials to target Dave or Cece, out comes Dave’s idol and out goes Chris from the game. In a tribe of four with one a die-hard Sooner fan, Chris won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon.

JESSICA – Not sure she was telling Ken the truth about giving him the Legacy advantage had she been voted out, but it was a smart play on her part. If Takalio goes to the next TC, I’m fairly certain Adam joins forces with Jess/Ken so she should make the merge.

ZEKE – Yeah we know about the Sooner Connection, but there was never a doubt in my mind Zeke would fit in best with the Gen-Xers. Had it not been the Oklahoma bonding he would have found another in. Unless we have another shakeup before the merge, Zeke (and Chris) are pretty much locks to advance to that midpoint stage of the game.

MICHELLE – The biggest loser in the Tribal Switch. I still believe she has game so would like to see her hang around for a while longer. Thanks to Production’s never-ending ineptness in casting CecC to begin with, Michelle dodged a bullet but she is still in some pretty deep doo-doo. If Vanua loses again Michelle will be most at risk. Even if she somehow gets the Okies to turn on Dave, I think Dave probably plays his second idol out of pure paranoia and Dave’s vote would end Michelle’s season.

JAY – He had a pretty good confessional, but has yet to build up the steam he showed in the Premier. I suppose it’s because he really hasn’t had a need to. I don’t see him socializing with the Gen-Xers much so he needs to hope they continue to get picked off.

HANNAH – Pretty much a disappearing act this episode. Too bad because with the early bootees this season she’s about the best to look at now. The preview suggests a whinny weakling...but then again last week’s preview suggested the horny toads would split up. And we all know how that turned out.

BRET – Was pretty pathetic around camp. No shelter building skills; gave up with the flint. His bio says he was honored for disarming a gunman. He must have talked him into dropping his weapon.

FIGGY – I give her credit for at least making the effort to not let the Gen-Xers on to her summer fling with Taylor. But will probably be another case of the mind is willing...but the nasty unbathed flesh is weak.

WILL – No relevance whatsoever. He seems like a decent kid and all, but probably in way over his head. He’ll need to be a fast learner in a crash course of adult social skills otherwise it will be back to homeroom for this high-schooler.

SUNDAY – This is among the best Gen-X females Production could come up with??? How pathetic.

TAYLOR – Last two previews we’ve been led to believe a separation was imminent. If this second time’s the charm I’m hoping Taylor is the casualty. His infatuation with this “2 at 10...10 at 2” type of girl is nauseating. A real delusional, irritating simpleton.


CECE – When it’s come to casting, Production has laid enough eggs to get into the Guiness Book of Records for the largest omelet. Add CeCe to the list. She says her family will be proud of her efforts—good for her.

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 My List michel2 10-22-16 1
   RE: My List Aruba 10-25-16 2
       RE: My List michel2 10-25-16 3

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michel2 1914 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Herbal Healing Drugs Endorser"

10-22-16, 02:51 PM (EST)
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1. "My List"
Welcome back Kotter...I mean Aruba. I'm sorry you had to deal with Zeus. I keep telling you that Aphrodite would be more fun...

Before I get to my list I must echo Michaela's words: "You didn't do this right Jeff."

The swap and its timing showed the sexism of this show. There were men in trouble on both tribes but a swap fixed all that for them and, to make sure they wouldn't fall back into trouble we saw that Jeff had one basket for the men and one for the women so it was pre-determined that all tribes would have three men while only one of them would have an equal number of women.

If that wasn’t pernicious enough, consider that the tribes have to account for 4 cycles before the merger so they had to think of winning challenges. Looking at the three tribes, I say there was nearly a 90% chance (8 out of 9 actually) of seeing a woman voted out in episode 5. Vanua was always going to vote between Michelle and Cece, Ikabula would have voted out Sunday while only Takali could have seen Taylor leave but Jessica and Figgy would have been just as much if not more in danger than him.

At least they didn’t push the affront by exiling one woman until the next TC like they did last season because that would have been an even bigger incentive for the men to stick together to avoid seeing the women suddenly finding themselves with a numerical advantage.

Another thing that wasn’t right about the switch was having a tribe going to a deserted beach. Ikabula should have received a minimum of supplies but production doesn’t care because casual viewers see dehydration and famine as great TV. What will happen if someone actually dies? With Africa counting as one of my favorite seasons, I’m all for tough conditions but the first iteration of Survivor in Fiji showed that the tribes have to be treated fairly. The players’ safety should be of great concern.

Enough with this editorial and on to the list:

These Players shared their personal story and are playing a good game:

1- Michaela: While we haven't seen her strategic capabilities much yet we had another proof that this woman has game. She handled those free throws like a WNBA star and her determination in starting a player was a marvelous television moment. Bret had just said that Gen X are known for not giving up but everyone but her had already given up. She said no one in her family has achieved success but I hope she will and that the whole cast will applaud her when Jeff announces the Sole Survivor just like the ones that were in Ikabula did when she returned from the jungle after her emotional moment. Also, I have to say that she became my new hero when she said she wanted to flip off Jeff!

As for Aruba's comments, I marvel at the triple dose of Godwin's law Not only did he hit me with Hitler but he added Saddam and Osama for good measure. Why not Attila the Hun and Genghis Khan while you're at it.

Do you want to know why I laugh at your penchant for proactivity? It's mostly because you use the term inexactly.

Proactivity doesn't simply mean making a big positive effort it means: Being anticipitory, Acting in advance to deal with an expected difficulty.

Lucy felt that Jessica would be a problem so she acted in advance to get rid of the problem. It would have worked also because the majority of the tribe followed her lead. Players rarely put out optimum effort to win a challenge before the challenge starts! And as Jay explained, he would have acted proactively by LOSING that challenge. He would have been able to vote out a Gen X-er immediately, avoiding having to deal with their numbers in the future.

2- Ken: I was surprised to see Jessica tell him about her advantage and its rules. It gives him an incentive to vote her out but will he be smart enough to use the perfect alibi that the swap provides? The fact that people went to him doesn't change the fact that he is asocial. How else do you define someone who goes off the grid for 4 years? He's been mostly able to hide his darker sides up to now but it may show up before long. I'm surprised you didn't note the hypocrisy he showed when he said he didn't like being told what to do. The first thing he did was tell David what he had to do. I think Takali's second place finish had much more to do with David's ineptitude than Ken's effort.

3- Adam: : We heard about his personal drama and we saw that he didn’t let the first vote bring him down. The switch put him in a great position but will he seize the opportunity? He doesn’t seem to have decided yet and hesitations are often fatal in this game. Ken thinks he's a fantastic guy but he could have more success moving forward with goats like Figgy and Taylor.

4- Figgy: : The importance given to her relationship with Taylor could simply be to fill some airtime in much the same way Tai and Caleb’s friendship was featured on the Beauty tribe. This season’s romance certainly doesn’t have the same appeal as the connection between the Asian Gardener and the country boy but I think it will take Figgy just as far as it took Tai. Unlike Taylor, that romance isn’t her only dimension. She realized how it can hurt her and she took action to avoid danger. In other words, she has the ability to look ahead and see how the others think. Maybe it will be true: “Those who write Figgy’s name go home.” I laughed out loud when Figgy asked if Takali had goats! From home I had the perfect answer: "Takali used to have two goats named David and Cece but they were swapped for Figgy and Taylor!"

These Players have game but no personal story

5- Michelle: First, I have to share a fun piece of information with you, Aruba. Just before this season started I embarked in a Survivor on line game and when it ended two week ago, we all found out that Michelle was one of the participants! I was even in an alliance with her. Her social game was weak and this episode reminded me of that. Earlier, Michelle had played a good game but she almost got herself voted out this week. She stayed in the game only because Chris wanted to work with the Millennials. Once she saw that Cece wasn’t willing to play the game with her, she should have told David that she only mentioned his name to throw Cece off the scent but she persisted and tossed his name out there during Tribal Council. That wasn't very smart.

6- Chris: We know he’s an attorney and now that he’s told us about his football playing days, his personal story isn’t completely neglected but it’s more like reading a bio than learning about the man and what makes him tick. All his confessionals are about his game and how he wants to take control, get revenge, see if he can trust David despite being blindsided twice.

Some have a story but no game

7- Jay: His game isn’t totally ignored but it is reduced to its simplest expression. He finds himself in a great position after the swap but he simply sees it as a way to coast to the merger. That makes us realize that Jay’s story is only about being different than the Gen X-ers. He won’t work with them and he doesn’t really like them. How will he get their votes if he makes it to the end? His confidence could hurt him and we might see him fall victim to the Gen X-ers before the end.

8- Zeke: : The switch forced him to talk about his position in the game but even that was reduced to his Oklahoma connection to Chris. He didn’t scheme with Chris, he became his fan. He doesn’t trust Michelle but when Chris mentioned that he wanted to save her, we didn’t hear how Zeke felt about that decision and we don’t even see him talk to Michelle to see if he should save her. He’s a great character though so he could go far but he’s not really part of the game.

9- Taylor: : The free-spirited young man is in love and he doesn’t care how it affects his game. He just wants to be with Figgy and the rest doesn’t matter.

Some have no story and no game

10- Hannah: The best to look at??? Now we have proof that Aruba writes some stuff just because he thinks it will annoy me but even she called Figgy beautiful so enough said... As for my impressions, Hannah had a promising start but she has faded into the background and we realize that we haven’t learned much from her and even less about her plans. She's mostly used for comic relief.

11- Bret: : We heard more from him in this episode but it was only circumstantial. Someone from the minority had to say something so the fact that Bret was chosen as the narrator shows he will outlast Sunday but he won’t have much impact after the merger. Despite is bad position we didn't see Bret trying to talk to anyone about strategy or even appearing to be looking for cracks so that tells us he doesn't have game.

12- Will: We heard that he was still in High School but that isn’t enough to qualify as a personal story. He’s just part of the group and, as such, he could last a long time but that will only serve to show that such a young person can outlast many others.

13- Sunday: : It’s almost a given that she would be voted out if Ikabula goes to Tribal Council. There isn’t a conflict between the four Millennials on this tribe so they would keep Bret to help with the challenges. Despite this, we didn't hear from her so that means she's just a figurant.

She has no personal story and is playing a bad game

14- Jessica: : She has made moves but were they really to her advantage? It seems that most have been detrimental to her game. Telling Ken about her legacy advantage could turn into a fatal mistake. As a DA, she should know that many murders are committed by those who stand to inherit.

He has a big annoying story and is playing a bad game

15- David He is simply atrocious in challenges so I don't understand Aruba's love. Let's try to analyze this. He wrote:

"...had Gen-X stayed together--Dave/Ken/Jessica/CeCe would have emerged as the majority alliance making Dave’s idol play a risk worth taking.

That is far from a certainty. With their numbers down another loss would have signaled the end of Cece. Anyway, with only 7 left, I think Ken would have naturally gravitated towards Chris, Bret and Sunday. But even if Aruba is right, an unexpected outcome cannot justify a bad decision. For example, in a poker game, going all in when you have an off-suit 2 and 7 is dumb even if the flop gives you a full house.

Next we had: "Dave the only one with knowledge of the tribal mark on the idol encasement thanks to his earlier proactive play, it gave him a huge advantage to find the idol again...

If production wasn't so lame they would have used another method of hiding the idol. Instead of praising David, Aruba should be upset with production's ineptness. Repeating the joke twice was a huge advantage given to one player, so huge in fact that it borders on rigging the game in his favor.

He also wrote: "As a superfan he knew the idol would be back in play..."

The whole tribe, including CECE knew the idol was back in play. Playing it was giving a chance for his rivals to find it which is dumb.

Finally, once more Aruba misuses the term proactive to applaud David's manic idol search. I will remind him that Sandra also found an idol in Heroes versus Villain so he should applaud her just as much as he does David. But of course, his applause go to the man...

Booted - Cece: A dud? In part yes but production always gives a tribe an easy first boot to give them time to get acclimated. If she had gone first we wouldn't have this discussion and maybe Gen X wouldn't have loss three challenges.

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Aruba 2580 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Survivor-themed Cruise Spokesperson"

10-25-16, 07:37 PM (EST)
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2. "RE: My List"
Incorporating sexism in your comical conspiracy we have proof Michel writes stuff just because he thinks it annoys me. Rest assure it takes much more than your conspiracy redundancies to annoy me. But it’s not as silly as your tainted accusations of me showing partiality toward men. Take a look at who is #1 on my list this past week. If you need any help figuring the gender of my #1, perhaps you may need to re-watch the Ep. 4 challenge and take special note of the clothing malfunction.

When I’m COMPLIMENTING someone’s proactivity it absolutely means making a positive effort. I’m not going to compliment someone who goes out of their way to be an idiot or a moron. Like, DUH! Sometimes good old-fashioned common logic needs to prevails over spinology.

THREE different castaways sharing privy information with the SAME player (Ken) is noteworthy. Granted it does not make him a Tom Westman, but a social degenerate would not have obtained all that secret knowledge.

A Dave/Ken/Jessica/CeCe alliance had Gen-X stayed intact would have been very likely. It would have been more of a certainty that Dave would be near the bottom had Lucy been kept over Jessica. Even though the swap makes this a moot point, who knows if Jessica may pay Dave back later in the game for his generous and gutsy TC move. And having a HII in your possession is a hellava lot more advantageous than having a “2 and 7 off-suit.”

AHHHH, OK, so the whole tribe knew the HII would be back in play...just as the same whole tribe knew the HII was probably out there to begin with...and your point is??? While you’re trying to make a point allow me to reiterate mine...Dave searched harder and better than the whole rest of the tribe to find the idol the first time. Yes, I agree it would have been more original or innovative to come up with another method when re-hiding the idol...but it proved to be a carryover advantage to David’s positive PROACTIVE play.

Hannah vs. Figgy, let’s face it, we ain’t exactly watching the Victoria Secret’s Special. Figgy is clearly the easiest of the two but given the choice I would lean toward Hannah...and it’s not to annoy you.

For the record I would rightfully and appropriately be discussing and criticizing Production’s casting debacles whether CeCe or Sunday got booted in the Premier or on Ep. 5.

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michel2 1914 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Herbal Healing Drugs Endorser"

10-25-16, 11:20 PM (EST)
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3. "RE: My List"
Do you agree that women are generally more at risk at the start of the season? Yes, I know we've seen some annoying guys leave first but in seasons that aren't divided men vs women, we've much more often seen women leaving early. Men on the other hand, particularly strong guys that look like they can win individual challenges, are more at risk at the merge or right before it. I think you'd agree on that also.

If you do agree then this reshuffle is a lot like starting back from scratch, in other words recreating the very situation that puts women more at risk. If that wasn't enough, the women were down 3-2 in two of three tribes.

We know that CC was voted out of Vanua, I think you'd agree that Sunday was certainly going to be voted out of Ika Bula while Takali will obvioulsy vote against either Figgy, Taylor or Jessica. That means that there was an 8 out of 9 probability of a woman leaving in the last episode. Fair? I think not and it's not spin just calculating probabilities.

I certainly agree that: "having a HII in your possession is a hellava lot more advantageous than having a “2 and 7 off-suit.”
In fact, that's my point! David should have kept possession of his HII instead of risking it for very little gain.

Why would David have a carryover advantage? Right now, he can play the idol without much consequences and that is totally unfair. I've been saying for a long time that idols should be well hidden and that you should earn your clues to it. That's how it used to be. Why did they change?

As for casting debacles, did you see David in the challenges? If you like him simply because he worked hard to find an idol then so did Sandra! Explain that!

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