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"I'M BACK...S33 List continues"
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Original message

Aruba 2578 desperate attention whore postings
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10-13-16, 08:07 PM (EST)
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"I'M BACK...S33 List continues"
Other than some promise Michelle showed us in Ep. 2 it has been a subpar commentary for the female castaways...that is unless you covet breaking loyalty and having loose lips. Last two episodes were a downgrade from the first two IMO. I watched Ep. 3 after it aired and to be honest I fast forwarded through some of it.

DAVID – His decision to play the idol for Jessica will be debated, but we’ve seen the HII wasted in worse ways. Had Jess been voted out, Dave & Ken are at the bottom. Jessica most likely now will forever be in his debt. Unbeknown to him, Jess has the Legacy advantage and we know it can be transferrable should she leave the game. Should Jessica exit prior to Day 36, guess who gets the advantage (assuming Dave’s still in the game?) I also applaud Dave’s attempt at his bonding moment with Taylor during the Ep. 3 summit. Put it all together and this guy is a player.

ADAM – He searched the hardest (and/or the best) and was rewarded. Well done, Young Man! Stage Four lung cancer—that’s pretty much a death sentence. How unfortunate. But it does make for a compelling story to fulfill a dying mother’s dream. Still in the minority among the millennials, but the upcoming tribal swap with a HII in hand puts Adam in pretty good position.

KEN – My favorite thus far. Of all the Gen-Xs he should fit in the best with the youngsters. Being compared to a plastic doll without a penis may have its perks after all. Can more than hold his own in the challenges...perhaps too well as the ADS could rear its ugly head; but I see him making the merge.

MICHAELA – OH yes, “that’s what it takes to win!” I commend putting out 100%. Last season it resulted in two steroid users (IMO) dropping in the contest. This season it resulted in a bikini top dropping in the contest. The latter is far more favorable for this poster.


MICHELLE – A standout in Ep. 2 pretty much fell off the charts the past two weeks. I suppose that’s because the millennials haven’t been to TC since thanks to the stupid puzzles. Not giving up on her just yet...we’ll see how see does after the swap.

CHRIS – A man among boys in the last IC...even though they were whimpy lame boys. Handled the post-TC Paul boot poorly, but as long as the game continues as tribe vs. tribe he should be safe as a big asset in team challenges.

JESSICA – There’s NOOOO way she was going to let the first three boots be females, so targeting Paul was understandable. Unfortunately for her, loose lips Lucy had to blabbermouth it all over camp and if not for Dave’s HII it would have been lethal for Jess. The tribal swap will make it a moot point, but she goes back to a tribe of seven in a majority of four (Dave, Ken, Cece, Jessica.)

HANNAH – I’m still kinda digging her in a quirky kind of way. Funniest moment was asking Adam how the idol search was going. Jud “Fabio” showed us how goofiness can advance you to the end game. Now Hannah will not be able to win key comps as Jud did in his season, but I see her at least making Jury.

ZEKE – One of the stars in the season Premier has lost most of its luster with each passing episode. I said from the get go, Zeke probably has the best chance fitting in with the Gen-Xs. We’ll soon find out.

BRET – Was more composed than Chris after the Ep. 3 blindside, although it could be complacency. “Invisi-Brett” may come to fruition if he doesn’t start showing more proactive game.

JAY – He shared the spotlight with Michelle in Ep. 2. Like Michelle has been a non-factor since.

TAYLOR – It appears ole blue-eyes will be losing his squeeze...may be better for his game. His moment with Dave during the Ep. 3 summit could work to his benefit, but that all depends on how the upcoming swap pans out.

FIGGY –Her relevance in the game disappeared with no more scenes swapping nasty five-day non-hygienic spit with some dude she’s only known for less than a week. The preview suggests Taylor and Figgy are separated by the swap. If so, maybe we’ll see the emergence of someone looking to win a million dollars more so than someone looking for a husband. Until that occurs, I’m keeping her near the bottom.

SUNDAY/WILL – I’m putting them together because they both have become players the others will keep around only for numbers/voting reasons. Sunday may be in better shape if she uses a “Mommie” role to draw in the youngsters. Will, having to bond socially with castaways more than twice his age, will have a more challenging task.

CECE – An utter joke in the challenges. No Jeff—Cece’s decision to stay on the balance beam had nothing to do with being a Gen-X and everything to do with being a stupid, stubborn dumba$$. After 33 seasons I can say in confidence there’s no age qualification for being a stupid dumba$$. Hey, if each and every player was mandated to have to cross the beam with the heavy bag, then I would commend her perseverance, but that was NOT the format of the challenge.


PAUL – As I stated in my Jess assessment, the women of Gen-X were not going to allow the first three boots to be female. Yes his statement that the “women would be on their own” sure made their decision easier, but truth be told Paul was the obvious choice. Not only his dictatorship but being the oldest and his near medi-vac removal made him the most expendable.

LUCY – When will some of the castaways learn to just SHUT THE “F” UP!!! Need any more proof of “You are…who you are…who you are?”

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 RE: I'M BACK...S33 List continues kingfish 10-14-16 1
 My List michel2 10-15-16 2

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kingfish 19435 desperate attention whore postings
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10-14-16, 02:35 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: I'M BACK...S33 List continues"
LAST EDITED ON 10-14-16 AT 11:52 PM (EST)

Production kudo: This season Production tries to throw off survivors who have watched previous Survivor shows by changing up how the HI's are hidden. I like that they are doing that.

Production WTFs: So this time a sign is painted on the HI hiding place? I do kinda like that the HI hiding place is glued shut.

Michaela; Balls to the wall competitor. No holds barred. No clothing required.

Adam; Thinking for himself, doesn't use false rationalizations to talk himself out of searching for the HI, so he finds it and (so far) doesn't reveal that secret to anyone.

Ken Doll: Has knee jerk antagonism toward anyone that tries to show authority, but his response to authority is to dictate that that person be evicted. Then, in the final showdown he deserts the ship he tried to float and leaves his alliance in the lurch. Or he would have if David hadn't inexplicably used his HI. This can't bode well for him. In addition he is a bit of a whiner and complainer.

Also, he has a weird this going with Jessica. It was brought on by a dumb move by Jessica telling Lucy that Ken was gunning for her, but it still might create problems for Ken.

Bret: Has the most favorable edit of the big boy alliance. I get the feeling that he's the more flexible of the two and will be willing to change loyalties to whatever alliance seems the more powerful after the tribal exchange.

Hannah: Had her moment in the spotlight last week, but now, for the moment is on the back burner. I think she has legs in this game if she can stay in the background for a while.

Zeke: Zeke. Mr. Pornstache himself. Getting a favorable edit, is fitting in well with the Millennials. Would fit in well with the Gen-Xers. Has competition skills. Should go far. Only negative I see with him so far showed when he was unwilling to talk to Hannah after Mari was evicted. When a woman wants to speak, just let her speak.

David I agree with you and Michel, I don't think David gained much in exchange for his HI. With either Lucy or Jessica he would be in a 4 person alliance against a two person alliance with 1 swing voter in a 7 member tribe. Maybe Jessica will now be a more loyal member than Lucy might have been, but that's debatable whereas the secret possession of the HI wouldn't be. But the point is moot now that the tribes are to be remixed, so unless future episodes reveal something we don't know, he basically gave it up for nothing.

Michelle: Agree, she wasn't in the spotlight this episode, and that's probably good for her.

Jessica: She and Ken have a weird thing going on between them. First he tries to get the targeting off of her and onto Lucy before TC and tells her about it. She responds by telling Lucy that he is targeting her. At TC she asks him why she should believe what her told her (about Lucy), and gives him an bug eyed look. (I guess this is her courtroom interrogation look). He responds by saying that she just should. But it spooks him and he changes his vote from Lucy to her. At this TC she is saved because of David's HI move, but this whole deal has created a weird dynamic with a result that Jessica should be a more loyal to Ken and David, and Ken becoming leery of Jessica's intentions.

I think that Jessica screwed up six ways from Sunday by telling Lucy about Ken's plan, there's no way she could really benefit from that, and there's a real possibility that she has endangered herself. Tribal mixing might save her, but she's a GenXer through and through, and I think she's going to be isolated even further. David might be her only ally on the island.

Chris; Great line when talking to Bret about Jessica, "Gotta zap her but!". Chris is getting a bit of a bully edit so far, but a softer version of that than Scot Pollard. But he needs to take advantage of the tribal mix to advance, at the moment he is an alliance of two.

Figgy Puddin'; Showed some intelligence, and I like her smile, and I think it was predominantly her and Zeke that solved the puzzle. But until she snaps to the problem hanging with Taylor is creating for her, she's probably doomed.

Jay; Has promise. Can't say much more about him.

Sunday;Will be an easy target for a week in which an easy target is all that is requires and her swing vote isn't.

CeCe and Will. Easy targets also.

Taylor; Irritating idiot. Physical brain development still incomplete.

Paul and Lucy Both fell victim to the old Survivor pitfall of being an early leader and playing too fast too early.


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michel2 1894 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Herbal Healing Drugs Endorser"

10-15-16, 01:34 AM (EST)
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2. "My List"
Welcome back, my friend. Sorry for your Mets and your Jets.

The Good

1- Adam: The recap admirably portrayed the difference between a player and a character. Adam was already thinking of the next move while Zeke could only complain. Then morning came and, with it, the time to make that move, so Adam went to work. Of course, I dislike the way production simply gives idols away these days but Adam’s find led to a very poignant scene. The introduction of his mother’s illness was done in the most powerful way possible and it solidly connected Adam to the audience. Can Adam bring back some joy to his family? Right now, I think he can.

2- Michaela: Like Jeff said, Michaela’s effort was what it takes to win this game. She had an MVP performance in a losing cause but maybe her reward comes later. I expect there will be a showdown between Michaela and Figgy at some point in the game but those two worked very well together in their reward challenge leg and again in the immunity challenge so I don’t think their confrontation will be personal but that they will reach a point where only one can move forward.

3- Michelle: Her meteoric rise in the first two episodes didn’t lead anywhere yet. The good thing is that she is the only player to take control and not get voted out for it. Michelle led her tribe once more to a challenge win and we’ve had a glimpse of her strategic capabilities so she could become relevant again after the swap when the game really heats up. With the numbers the way they are, the Millennials will have to stick together if they want to keep their advantage and they should be able to do so because their fractures are insignificant compared to those facing the Gen-X players. Being a unifier, Michelle should be able to maneuver her way with these numbers.

The Goat Hunters

4- Figgy: I liked the way she wanted to hunt for pig. Skupin must have been happy at the scene. I onder if the scene was to prepare for when she does pick the right goat to win the million. The previews are concentrating on her love affair with Taylor so that should be funny. Will her game pick up or will she languish alone? I think she will become more dangerous a sthe game moves along.

5- Jay: It was weird to hear him talk about the Gen-X generation in this episode. Will he have trouble fitting in with people he doesn't appreciate? He seemed OK when he was an ambassador so maybe he will succeed.

6- Zeke: He tried his best in the challenge but Zeke is only good for funny comments. Where Adam figured out what to do, Zeke could only sulk.

7- Taylor: He's still having fun but what happenes next week when he could lose his girlfriend?

8- Will: The kid went hunting with his friends and tried his best in the challenge but there isn't much there.

The Goats

Hannah: She gave us another funny moment when she caught Adam looking for his idol. Wouldn’t it be fun if we were to learn that she did see the idol after all? What would she do? Blurt it out to everyone?

10- Cece: How will she react now that David forced her to save someone who wanted her out since day 1? Like the rest of Cece’s story we probably won’t even hear her point of view

11- Sunday: Can we get to next week already? I mean, I don’t like Mondays but this Sunday is insipid. The target was squarely placed on her closest ally and she was simply going along. She has totally relinquished her free will to the tribe’s interest. She should have warned Jessica about Lucy’s plan. The tribe wouldn’t be in as much chaos if she had. Unfortunately, I don’t think next week will be her turn yet. As a goat, she is becoming very valuable. We’d need a week with 4 Wednesdays for her turn to come sooner.

12- Bret: For the last 15 seasons or so, Survivor editing, much like those paintings for kids, is being done by numbers. They hear the name Kelly or Bret and they immediately forget to show that person. (Kelly Wentworth was only featured once she simply became “Wentworth”) It could be that Bret is only temporarily kept out of the spotlight so that he can be disassociated from his dumber allies later on but right now he appears to be just as dumb as them.

13- Chris: Like Scot, he is quickly becoming a villain but he's also the dumb guy who thought of throwing the rice away. He is good in challenges but he's now reached a point where being good in challenges is useless so he should get a target on his back.

The Bad

14- Ken: For someone who doesn’t like authority figures, he certainly acted with authority himself when he decreed that Lucy had to go. He was lucky that Jessica’s stupidity didn’t cost him the game because once the alliance saw him as a snitch the target should have turned on him. Aruba says his challenge prowess will hurt him later on but he should consider that it was the only reason he was saved this time. The tribe should have realized that a swap was looming as it always does so why keep the snake? Later, he made it clear at Tribal Council that he didn’t like Jessica so I wonder what went through his mind when he saw the person he thought was his closest ally playing “their” idol to save HER? Despite a very good edit, it is starting to show that Ken is asocial, that he spent four years off the grid on his own in a jungle. Now he will have to deal with kids so I don’t think his disposition will improve.

15- Jessica: This whole episode was about the chaos that Jessica’s knee jerk reaction created and how she was totally unaware of her allies’ true feelings. In our list of characters that makes her a “Dumb Player” and a “Dumb Player” has never won Survivor. Yes, Fabio was a very dumb kid but the edit went out of its way to show him as “someone who wasn’t as dumb as the others thought” when he was probably even dumber than they imagined! Trust and information are the most important commodities in this game so when information comes to you from someone you don’t really trust (and you should trust no one) then you must treat it as if it was a diamond. You don’t believe its authenticity immediately but you don’t throw it away either. You keep it hidden, run your due diligence and then see how you can use it.

16- David: While his move was great for TV, we can certainly say that it wasn’t a good move for David himself because it leaves too many questions unanswered: Did it really matter to David whether Lucy or Jessica left? Did it matter enough to lose his idol? I know David said that voting out Jessica would leave him, Cece and Ken on the bottom but so what? Cece was always going before him and they would have had at least three days to turn Chris, Bret and Sunday against Lucy just like they turned on Jessica. Even if they wouldn’t have turned on Lucy then that would have been the time to use his idol either on himself or on a true ally. What happens now if Chris or Bret gets the next idol? Did David put the target directly on himself? Also, did David gain Jessica's trust only to lose Ken's? And what about Cece whom he forced to save someone who wrote her name down? How will Cece and Ken work with Jessica who is someone they simply can’t trust? Once more, this leads me to think that David is there to pander to the cameras, not to play the game and I really dislike those players. At least now we know where the legacy envelope will go...

Voted Out - Lucy and Paul: What do these two, Rachel and Mari have in common? They all PROACTIVELY worked their way right out of the game!

Lucy should have realized that it works at home better than on Survivor because it is much more expensive to divorce her than to vote her out. I have a feeling that this episode was a guilty pleasure for her husband!

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