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"Love/Loathe List S30 Worlds Apart Ep.3"
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Original message

Aruba 2106 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Roller Coaster Inaugurator"

03-12-15, 08:37 PM (EST)
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"Love/Loathe List S30 Worlds Apart Ep.3"
Can’t recall a recent episode where SO many different castaways acted like complete A-Holes. All you had to do was be “normal” or do nothing this episode and I had no choice but to move you up.

1) TYLER – Carolyn shared her HII possession with him in Ep. 1; Joaquin shares the idol clue with him in Ep. 3. The guy must have something going for him. I guess his critics might say he’s in the right place at the right time, but I think it’s much more than that. So he takes top position in this ranking.

2) JOE – Although he was man enough to own up to his mistake, it was a mistake nonetheless; thus had to drop him one spot this week. But still in excellent position and I don’t see him going anywhere soon.


3) HALI – Ride them waves; ride those coattails. No real difference here. But overall a very good episode for her. She had good confessionals and stood out at TC. Survivor has had a history of turning coattail riders and UTR castaways into millionaires, so wouldn’t be surprised to see her in the end. Side note: If surfing is your “third passion in life,” could you share #1 & #2 with us?

4) JENN – My initial “love affair” with her is diminishing. She is slowly digressing into joining Hali as a nice backdrop for Joe. Although she is embracing the entire Survivor experience, so I give her props for that.

5) JOAQUIN – It’s obvious “crazy” Shirin was trying to lure Joaquin into an ugly confrontation to cause the greatest divide in Reality TV to get even bigger for him, but I give him credit for not taking the bait. Sharing the clue with Tyler shows he’s attempting to play the game.

6) SIERRA – Deserves to be the highest ranking Blue Collar for being the only tribe mate to stay out of harm’s way on such a belligerent tribe. Well actually you could say the same for Kelly, but I’m still trying to figure out—Who’s Kelly?

7) MAX – Nothing doing this episode. But as stated in my opening, nothing is good for this ranking.

8) RODNEY – I should rank this musclehead lower, but I’ll keep him in the middle of the pack for exercising phenomenal self-control to not get expelled by beating the snot out of Dan that he would have appropriately deserved. So who would get a tattoo on their face? AHHH…Mike Tyson…You got a problem with that?! LOL

9) CAROLYN – Has there ever been a player whose star shined so brightly in the Premier only to fall completely from the sky by Ep. 3? When everyone was on a scavenger hunt to look for the HII you already have, at least give a token half-hearted effort to look yourself instead of giggling smugly by the campfire.

10) LINDSEY – She was right on most every count while arguing with Mike, but winning arguments does not equate to winning the game. If the testosterone on your tribe wants to bite each other’s heads off, let them devour each other so the females come out unscathed. Jumping into the fray was not advisable…and including religion into the debate was even less advisable.

11) WILL – You can’t convince me that Will was the best middle-aged free-spirited Afro-American they could come up with. Next Survivor being a double episode and JP’s final words in the preview would suggest a medi-vac and a TC. Poorly conditioned and pathetically inept Will would have to be the odds-on-favorite for the medi-vac. If not, another Red Tribe TC and he’s the slam dunk boot.

12) KELLY – Do I ask the question again? (Who’s Kelly?) Jenn-RIP (Palau) and Invisi-Brett (Samoa) took early season obscurities to final four appearances. So nothing would surprise me here.

13) MIKE – Well if the editors are truly trying not to make Mike look “dumb,” they are failing miserably. As if he doesn’t have enough against him already, he shares his Texas Oil status with them as well? Brillant…REAL brilliant!

14) SHIRIN – Her fans may find Dr. Doolittle amusing; I don’t see her the least bit humorous. Annoying—Yes; Funny—No. If that annoying noise is a sound women really make when they want babies, it’s a wonder we’re not all childless. Her exit from the game cannot come soon enough for me.

15) DAN – Let me say straight out I do NOT condone any type of physical violence, but this “hands to yourself” no striking another player rule in Reality TV shows allow idiots like Dan to engage inappropriately (as we witnesses this episode) without the threat of understandable repercussions he would otherwise appropriately deserve in real life society. Honestly, I don’t have a solution for this, but I think it totally sucks.

BOOTED) NINA - Apparently memos got crossed in the CBS Production offices when casting this season. Nina should have been White Collar and Shirin – No Collar; so the result was an early departure for Nina. Yet the truth be told…she played the handicap card more than some posters here play the edit card, so she only has herself to blame. Aside from that: Wrong Place + Wrong Time = Early Season Boot.

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suzzee 5711 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

03-13-15, 11:19 AM (EST)
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1. "RE: Love/Loathe List S30 Worlds Apart Ep.3"
Yes, Tyler is getting some nice screen time. Maybe working in the talent agency gave him excellent navigation skills with crazies.

Still waiting for some of them to start using some game sense. White Collars, none of them had anything to say on why Carolyn was kicking back at camp while everyone else was looking? >crickets<

Way too many stupid behaviors inviting easy boots for a show that has 29 seasons of what not to do on DVD.

Nicely laid out Aruba, always stop in and read your ratings.

I should be watched....closely.

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Aruba 2106 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Roller Coaster Inaugurator"

03-14-15, 08:17 AM (EST)
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3. "RE: Love/Loathe List S30 Worlds Apart Ep.3"
Thank You suzzee

Yeah, Tyler (and his blue jeans) have earned some well-deserved screen time. I’ve never been one to think screen time (editing) is given by random chance, and Tyler has certainly earned it being the voice of reason among “crazies.” Although he does have me scratching my head why he keeps on wearing his jeans in the sweltering heat in Nicaragua?

I kinda recall some mention of Caroyln “volunteering” to stay behind to tend the fire. But if they got flint at the first TC would there be a real dire need to tend a fire? My antenna would certainly go up.

Even though you may have the Amis and Earls who swore they NEVER saw an episode of Survivor before they embarked in the game (*snort*) you would think 29 seasons would be a well of information to draw from. Although at the end of the day the “real you” will surface regardless of what you should or shouldn't do or what positive or negative impact it may have on your game.

As Joaquin said, “Crazy is as Crazy does.” As Forrest Gump said, “Stupid is as Stupid does.” And as Aruba says, “Who are…who you are…who you are.”

Thanks again for your thoughts…keep ‘em coming.

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Agman2 930 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Fitness Correspondent"

03-13-15, 12:17 PM (EST)
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2. "RE: Love/Loathe List S30 Worlds Apart Ep.3"
Outstanding post Aruba! I couldn't agree more with your takes on Shirin, Mike and Will. Mike can stay around for awhile, but I can't wait for Shirin and Will to go. I'm kind of embarrassed by both of them. I wonder if the contestants are encouraged to be in shape.(Maybe that should just be common sense?) If so, I think Will missed the Memo.

Dr. Doolittle is just bothersome to watch and I want to see her tribe go to TC just so she can get booted.

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Aruba 2106 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Roller Coaster Inaugurator"

03-14-15, 08:26 AM (EST)
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4. "RE: Love/Loathe List S30 Worlds Apart Ep.3"
Thanks Agman2

I agree with you; if I was so out of shape I know I would be embarrassed for millions of viewers to see what a physical joke I am. I doubt players are encouraged to enter the game in shape. The physical demands once associated with a Robinson Crusoe mindset of Survivor has recently given way to social butterflies and puzzle-solvers. Furthermore if other ding-a-ling castaways are too dumb to not eliminate the dead weight early on, their ineptness is EXACTLY the reason they advance to the endgame.

With that said I’d be surprised if we have three challenges in a row without some kind of puzzle. If that be the case there’s a very good chance White Collars have another date with TC. And we could both get our wish if Dr. Doolittle goes 0 for 2 in the puzzle portion.

Appreciate your thoughts!

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michel2 651 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Reality Show Commentator"

03-14-15, 08:35 PM (EST)
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5. "RE: Love/Loathe List S30 Worlds Apart Ep.3"
1- Kelly: Whenever a player suddenly gives a confessional that stands out, I have to take notice. Kelly seemed like an extra, someone that was simply in it for the ride but she had been sitting back, watching and analyzing everyone until it will be time for her to step in. That's how players win this game, not by being good at Mickey Mouse challenges.

2- Mike: He knows that hard work will get rewarded in the end. His hard work has contributed to the tribe’s success so the others may regret not getting rid of him when they had the chance. Since the swap has been at 14 players lately, he only needs to avoid TC once more before a swap reshuffles the whole game and he will probably find more sympathetic allies.

3- Dan: Not all his jokes are funny and his comment about Rodney's mother was extremely unsavory but we see that Dan has made some great strides in the social game since episode 1. It should be fun to watch him navigating his way to the end.

4- Joe: He knows he can't trust Will but he couldn't get rid of him at this point. That could spell trouble down the road but Joe should be able to find more allies in the swap.

5- Jenn: The surfing scene was beautiful and she got her wish at Tribal Council. Still, she needs to take this game a little more seriously.

6- Hali: I really wonder what would cause anyone to say that she is riding coat tails? The only explanation I can find is that it's because she is a woman. From what we have seen, all three young players in Nagarote have been using their alliance to advance and since Hali voted differently than Joe, she certainly isn't following blindly.

7- Tyler: He is in a great position in his tribe and it enabled him to get information from everyone. Still there is something wrong about Tyler: His jeans may be uncomfortable but that pales compared to the discomfort caused by his own alliance. Shirin annoys him greatly and he doesn’t seem to know how to handle her. He is forced to keep someone else's secret and that could hurt him. The idol won't help him if his other allies find out that he let them search pointlessly.

8- Shirin: She continues to be more No Collar than most of the No Collars we have in Nagarote and she is oblivious to the dark clouds forming over her head. She could be in trouble but she could find safety in an upcoming tribal shuffle. It seems that she would find a community of spirit with Jenn and Hali. If that happens, imagine Tyler's level of discomfort!!

9- Joaquin: Shirin may think that he doesn't know how to maneuver in the game but Joaquin made one very good move which gained a lot of trust without costing him anything. He is the most Blue Collar member of Masaya so that could serve him well after the swap.

10- Max: By going around naked, it seems that Max scared away the cameramen because he was barely (pun intended) seen in this episode. We saw him searching for the idol along with the others so we have to wonder how he will react when he realizes that Carolyn and Tyler have been keeping secrets.

11- Will: He is in trouble with his tribe simply because his vote made everyone distrust him. He has himself to blame because saving Nina the last time didn’t accomplish anything. Nagarote would have stood a much better chance to win the challenge if Vince had been there to carry his share of the load. A tribal shuffle could save him so maybe all is not lost for Will but this chess player is in danger of finding himself in checkmate.

12- Carolyn: She finds it fun to sit back and watch everyone search for an idol that she’s had in her possession for nearly a week. Since she gained these players’ trust, she should realize that her secret could hurt her in the long run. If that wasn’t enough, she may decide that one of her close allies has to go because she doesn’t know how to deal with Shirin.

13- Rodney: The man from Boston first appeared like someone who could be more than just a Blue Collar but instead he has evolved into the tribe’s “Drama Queen”. While he used the excused that he wasn’t feeling well and had to eat before getting to the chores, we still heard from multiple sources that he was lazy. In fact, Rodney is the worst and everyone is scared to tell him. One cannot win Survivor by being the first to bed and the last to rise.

14- Lindsey: She is like the unhappy tourist in Nicaragua. Everything and everyone gets on her nerves so she starts swearing at them all. The mentally strongest person in the world is easy to unnerve! While she claims to hav ethe best work ethic on her tribe, we didn't see her lift a finger. Lindsey has a problem: She wants everyone else gone but she doesn't even get a chance to vote!

15- Sierra: I had been hoping for great things from Sierra but It’s funny that she has been reduced to the role of Lindsey’s sidekick.

Booted - Nina: Vince's boot meant this episode was going to be boring. Not sure if thing swill pick up with her gone but at least that boring storyline is over.

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Aruba 2106 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Roller Coaster Inaugurator"

03-15-15, 01:15 PM (EST)
Click to EMail Aruba Click to send private message to Aruba Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
6. "RE: Love/Loathe List S30 Worlds Apart Ep.3"
LAST EDITED ON 03-15-15 AT 01:27 PM (EST)

With the exception of Dan I could see a couple of my cellar dwellers from Ep. 3 rise to the top of my list by the second half of the season for the reasons you stated in your rankings. But my current ranking is still based on Ep. 3.

In Mike’s case it would be wonderful for Survivor to send a message and reward “hard work” with a million dollars. Yet historically in the game it rarely works out that way. Going back to the season that started it all, the second castaway ever voted off was booted when he tried to force his work ethic on others. It’s one thing to possess a nose-to-the-grindstone work ethic; it’s another to be a slave driver. However you slice it, ordering work detail on those you’ve only known for a week is ill advised.

I get a kick out of you stating, “he only needs to avoid TC once more…” The way you avoid TC (you may want to look away from your monitor now) is to...dare I say...perform well in challenges. I, for one, do not regard the Ep. 3 challenge as “Mickey Mouse.” Not only physical, but more importantly (as Nagarote found out the hard way) it required teamwork to win. The polar opposite would be a TEAM challenge that rests in the balance of one INDIVIDUAL player with an innate ability to solve puzzles because they were born with a stronger left side of the brain.

A point of reference: The season started out with three tribes. We have had three challenges. And as the scorecard reads we’ve had three different first place finishers. Nothing wrong with that.

Kelly’s first real confessional “stood out” for one reason—frankly I think she’s full of crap. If two drunkards are going at it in some dive bar I can ASSURE you the last thing law enforcement would do is just “sit back,” and allow the boozer’s beer muscles to knock each other senseless before they intervene to throw their sorry a$$es in jail. If Kelly took that approach in real life, and God forbid an innocent bystander gets serious injured in the crossfire, I can guarantee you the Police would have a massive lawsuit on their hands and Miss State Trooper would be looking for another profession.

At any rate I hardly blame Kelly for not wanting to get involved with such a combative tribe, thus the jury is still out on her. I’m certain every UTR player who skated through the game would say exactly what you did in ranking Kelly. Actually my Survivor crush (Christina-One World) flat-out DID say that during a TC later in the season when trying to justify her lack of playing. Pretty much everyone, including Jeff, had to contain themselves from laughing in her face.

Dan will be Dan...nothing will change him. HMMMM...let’s see. We went from Ep. 1 and Ep. 2 when everyone laughed at what a ridiculous joke he Ep. 3 when another tribe mate wanted to appropriately beat the stuffing out of him. Yeah...that’s REALLY “making great strides in the social game.” LOL. Sure Dan can advance deep into the game. If he does his “navigation” skills will involve being perceived as a non-threat (being able to float well for a “fat man” aside) and he has the makings for a perfect goat to sit next to in FTC. I was not impressed with Clay’s “navigation” skills advancing to FTC in Thailand—I will be equally non-impressed with Dan should he get that far.

I don’t think it’s a case of not knowing how to handle Shirin as much as not wanting to handle Shirin. I think Tyler clearly has a plan for handling her. It would mirror the same way others before him handled whackadoodles like Shirin--eliminate her at the first possible option. Guarding two separate secrets with two different players if Masaya goes to TC next, Tyler should have the power. If he squanders the opportunity and does something stupid then shame on him. As I inferred in my Ep. 2 ranking, I still think any possible “level of discomfort” that may come Tyler’s way will more than likely be the result of getting screwed over from the tribal shuffle.

Let’s understand it was others who approached Tyler with the HII and the clue respectively and asked for his secrecy. Keeping his word and honoring their request for secrecy should send a message to others that this is a player they can trust. You ask how will Max react? If he is upset with Tyler because Tyler kept his word to those he promised, then Max is a jealous hypocritical crybaby. Hypocritical because I’m pretty darn sure as a “professor” of the game Max would have handled it in the same manner as Tyler...and jealous that it was not him Carolyn and/or Joaquin approached. I could turn this around and wonder how Tyler would react if finding out an alliance was formed on Day One that including Max and Max didn’t approach him about it.

Ending on an agreeable note: Your assessments of “Drama Queen” Rodney and “Mentally strongest person in the world” Lindsey were right on the money! As always, your posts are amusing reads worth the wait.

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michel2 651 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Reality Show Commentator"

03-15-15, 02:59 PM (EST)
Click to EMail michel2 Click to send private message to michel2 Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
7. "RE: Love/Loathe List S30 Worlds Apart Ep.3"
LAST EDITED ON 03-15-15 AT 03:04 PM (EST)

>With the exception of Dan I
>could see a couple of
>my cellar dwellers from Ep.
>3 rise to the top
>of my list by the
>second half of the season
>for the reasons you stated
>in your rankings.

Thank you, I like to set trends!

>In Mike’s case it would be
>wonderful for Survivor to send
>a message and reward “hard
>work” with a million dollars.

He did tell us that he would get his hands dirty and that is exactly what he is doing. He needs a swap though.

>Yet historically in the game
>it rarely works out that
>way. Going back to
>the season that started it
>all, the second castaway ever
>voted off was booted when
>he tried to force his
>work ethic on others.

While, technically, you are right, there are too many differences to compare BB and Mike. BB was on a very young tribe that was there to enjoy an adventure on a deserted island. Mike's tribe is labeled "The Blue Collars". There shouldn't be any work ethic problems in that tribe but there are. It can't be all Mike's fault.

>I get a kick out of
>you stating, “he only needs
>to avoid TC once more…”
>The way you avoid TC
>(you may want to look
>away from your monitor now)
>is to...dare I say...perform well
>in challenges.

They can either perform well or be lucky that another tribe destroyed all its chances of competing.

>I, for one,
>do not regard the Ep.
>3 challenge as “Mickey Mouse.”
>Not only physical, but more
>importantly (as Nagarote found out
>the hard way) it required
>teamwork to win.

Carrying water in a pierced bucket may not be the most "Mickey Mouse" challenge ever but it's still more "Back Yard Fun" than a true sporting event.

>Kelly’s first real confessional “stood out”
>for one reason—frankly I think
>she’s full of crap. If
>two drunkards are going at
>it in some dive bar
>I can ASSURE you the
>last thing law enforcement would
>do is just “sit back,”
>and allow the boozer’s beer
>muscles to knock each other
>senseless before they intervene to
>throw their sorry a$$es in
>jail. If Kelly took that
>approach in real life, and
>God forbid an innocent bystander
>gets serious injured in the
>crossfire, I can guarantee you
>the Police would have a
>massive lawsuit on their hands
>and Miss State Trooper would
>be looking for another profession.

Yet, she is the police officer, not you.

>At any rate I hardly blame
>Kelly for not wanting to
>get involved with such a
>combative tribe, thus the jury
>is still out on her.

If you listened to her, it wasn't that she didn't get involved, she was analyzing them. That's the part that stood out. You need to know your rivals in order to outwit them. Listening is the most underrated skill in this game.

>I’m certain every UTR player
>who skated through the game
>would say exactly what you
>did in ranking Kelly. Actually
>my Survivor crush (Christina-One World)
>flat-out DID say that during
>a TC later in the
>season when trying to justify
>her lack of playing. Pretty
>much everyone, including Jeff, had
>to contain themselves from laughing
>in her face.

Christina got verbally abused by Colton and Alicia so she took the only course of action possible: Lay low and hope the fury passes. It did and she almost made the Final 3. Not bad for a "joke".

If you remember, Christina started out as one of the most active woman. She even had Alicia worried that she was making alliances with the guys. She was simply unlucky to have been standing at the wrong place during the trek or she would have been in Kim's alliance.

>Dan will be Dan...nothing will change
>him. HMMMM...let’s see. We went
>from Ep. 1 and Ep.
>2 when everyone laughed at
>what a ridiculous joke he
> Ep. 3 when another
>tribe mate wanted to appropriately
>beat the stuffing out of
>him. Yeah...that’s REALLY “making great
>strides in the social game.”
>LOL. Sure Dan can advance
>deep into the game.

Dan would have gone home if Escameca had gone to the first TC. Now, it was episode 3 and he wasn't in immediate danger, Mike taking over the hot seat. That's making strides in itself. Also, you may have missed it but Dan and Rodney were joking around like old drinking buddies so he is making connections. He could still be a goat but a $100 000 dollar richer goat.

>I don’t think it’s a case
>of not knowing how to
>handle Shirin as much as
>not wanting to handle Shirin.

You are right but it doesn't matter. It this game, you have to handle everyone or they'll vote you out.

>I think Tyler clearly has
>a plan for handling her.
>It would mirror the same
>way others before him handled
>whackadoodles like Shirin--eliminate her at
>the first possible option.

Then they should have thrown the challenge, shouldn't they?

>two separate secrets with two
>different players if Masaya goes
>to TC next, Tyler should
>have the power...
>Let’s understand it was others who
>approached Tyler with the HII
>and the clue respectively and
>asked for his secrecy. Keeping
>his word and honoring their
>request for secrecy should send
>a message to others that
>this is a player they
>can trust.

I think Tyler would be wise to tell Carolyn that she has to tell her allies about the idol. If not, then he should work to blindside her.

>You ask how
>will Max react? If he
>is upset with Tyler because
>Tyler kept his word to
>those he promised, then Max
>is a jealous hypocritical crybaby.

However you label him, I think Max would be wise to boot Tyler and Carolyn since they weren't honest with him.

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Aruba 2106 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Roller Coaster Inaugurator"

03-16-15, 06:26 PM (EST)
Click to EMail Aruba Click to send private message to Aruba Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
8. "RE: Love/Loathe List S30 Worlds Apart Ep.3"
I think you're getting too caught up in a narrow definition of "Blue Collar" status when discussing Mike's rants over the lack of manual labor. The players were casted on Escameca because they do not wear suits and ties to work and are not free-spirited flower children; but half the tribe are anything but "manual laborers." To expect blood and sweat production from a model, a hairstylist and a middle-aged fat man who works in a post office is beyond delusional even for a workhorse like Mike.

As abrasive as Mike's whip-cracking has been,, I honestly think Dan still goes home even if Escamera loses the last challenge. As for Mike/Dan being "lucky" another tribe weakened itself for challenges--that's EXACTLY why I continue to favor two tribes over three. When it's either win outright or go to TC it greatly minimizes this "luck" factor.

Granted the last challenge is an event you would more likely see at a town's Founder's Day picnic as opposed to the Olympic Games, but it sure as heck beats building a house of cards.

No I'm not a police officer. But my father was Mayor of our town (100,000 residents) for two terms. One of his many duties was overseeing our Police Department. I can PROMISE you neither my dad nor the Police Chief would tolerate what Kelly stated in her confessional. I (or anyone else with an ounce of common sense) doesn't have to put on a police uniform to make that case.

Yeah, Masaya can throw a challenge. Sure...why not...considering the good it ultimately did for all the past tribes employing that tactic. LOL
You CANNOT be serious?!

A player who does not go out of their way to openly offer information and personal strategy to others is not being dishonest. Now if they are specifically questioned about something and that player blatantly lies in their faces--that's dishonesty. There's a difference between deliberate lies and omissions.

It's ridiculous to say Tyler is dishonest for not readily offering information others entrusted to him to those who did not even consider bringing him into the first day alliance.

Carolyn is a tougher call because we don't know if Max or Shirin asked her personally if she has the HII. She offered the information to Tyler when Tyler approached her to confirm her name would be coming up at TC. Tit for tat.

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michel2 651 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Reality Show Commentator"

03-16-15, 07:53 PM (EST)
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9. "RE: Love/Loathe List S30 Worlds Apart Ep.3"
LAST EDITED ON 03-16-15 AT 07:54 PM (EST)

You are certainly right when you say that Escameca is "Blue Collar" in name only. Still, wasting most of the day resting in the shelter is much less excusable than working "too" hard. Even Lindsey told Rodney that he was lazy. I'd bet that Lindsey and Rodney are much closer to the door than Mike and Dan.

Interesting to hear that your father was a mayor. That must have been quite an experience for you. I'm certain that any mayor and Police Chief would say the right thing but it certainly isn't wise to rush blindly into a fight scene. Any delay would be explained in a politically correct way: The officers were waiting for back-up, the number of belligerants was unknown, we wanted to learn more about the situation inside before entering, etc... Kelly was stating what happens every night in every town.

Throwing a challenge worked well for Boran. It also worked well for the favorites in Micronesia: NuMalakal threw the challenges, saving Parvati and James who were isolated in NuAirai. It also got rid of RussHell for good which was just perfect.

The fact that some tribes went into a tailspin afterwards doesn't detract from the fact that throwing challenges can be a sound strategy. I'm not saying that's what Masaya should do but if you think Tyler needs to eliminate Shirin "at the first possible option' then he shouldn't waste time. If Shirin makes the swap then Tyler's failure to handle her will come back to bite him in the @ss.

If Tyler wants to go far with Max then he'd need to tell him just like Stephen told JT about Taj's idol.

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03-16-15, 08:58 PM (EST)
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10. "RE: Love/Loathe List S30 Worlds Apart Ep.3"
LAST EDITED ON 03-17-15 AT 06:47 AM (EST)

Come on Michel, we're not talking about gang warfare with semi-automatics and all other kinds of weaponry where you have to bring on a SWAT team. Fortunately I don't live in a town like that. LOL

Her confessional followed Rodney and Dan's dispute so we're talking about a mano a mano bar fight. Any officer who is doing their job will need to defuse the situation ASAP before it breaks into a barroom brawl contrary to what Kelly described.

OK, it worked for Boran the first time it was tried because it was the first time we ever had a tribal switch. It's not that unusual for something even highly unorthodox to work the first time but when others try to copy cat almost always the results are negative. When it got rid of RussHell how did it turn out for those tribe members trying to make it to the end? We need not waste time with a scorecard because the negative results will FAR exceed any positive spin you wish to conjure up on throwing challenges.

All in all, throwing a challenge can win the battle but will almost always lose the war. So you want to strike at the first possible option that makes sense. And if the option does not present itself you would be ill advised to try to force the matter.

Taj may have found the HII but she gave it to Stephen so it was officially Stephen's idol. And JT found the idol in Stephen's possession so consequently Stephen had to let him in on it.

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03-17-15, 08:11 PM (EST)
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12. "RE: Love/Loathe List S30 Worlds Apart Ep.3"
Let's leave bar fights aside since it has nothing to do with the game.

You forgot NuMalakal. Parvati and James would have been voted out if Airai had lost challenges. Cirie figured that out so that's how she convinced Ozzy to boot Joel instead of Chet. While we never heard them say that they were throwing challenges (the editors protected the favorites), we did hear Cirie say that she didn't care about winning challenges.

Even your favorite, Tom, wanted to throw a challenge to get rid of Coby since he and Ian beleived Bobby Jon deserved to make the merge more. If you remember, Tom didn't participate in any immunity challenges once Koror went up 8-4. The problem was that Coby won the last two immunity challenges by himself. BJ and Steph were that bad in puzzles!

As for the others, I don't believe in Karma. Zapetera for example, went on a losing streak after eliminating Russell but there isn't a cause and effect relationship. In other words, that's not why they lost. (Unless of course production punished them by making their challenges harder ie more knots on their ropes, puzzle pieces hidden deeper in the sand, or whatever can be done to rig a challenge without anyone knowing)

Stephen gave the idol back to Taj when she asked for it. In episode 6, this is what happened:

"The day after Tribal Council, Sydney was worried that if Jalapao were to lose the next Immunity Challenge that either she or Taj would be voted off as the men would stick together. Joe tried to assure her that she would make it to the merge as she was trustworthy and the men would vote off Taj first. Taj and Stephen discussed telling J.T. about the Hidden Immunity Idol , but not the secret four-way Exile Island alliance in order to secure his vote at the next Tribal Council...After using the real idol as a model for the fake one she made, Taj tried to hide it in her bag, but J.T. stumbled upon the idol after she walked off. Stephen covered for Taj by telling J.T. that Taj had just discovered the idol moments earlier and had shown it to him. After Stephen told her that JT knew, Taj showed the idol to J.T. and told him that he could have it anytime he needed it. J.T. believed Taj and Stephen to be honest in their story and that he now had a strong alliance with them."/

My point was that Stephen talked to Taj about telling JT and that is what Tyler should do. Stephen and Taj were lucky that JT was gullible. Max may not buy a lie so easily.

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03-18-15, 06:04 PM (EST)
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13. "RE: Love/Loathe List S30 Worlds Apart Ep.3"
I didn't forget about NuMalakal because I never recalled any mention of throwing a challenge. The reason I didn't is because you just confirmed it never officially happened. Your "fanfiction" created it by (once again) conveniently playing your edit card.

Well...DUH...of course Cirie could care less about winning challenges. That's because she pathetically SUCKED at challenges. We've got to put this one in your Spin Hall of Fame.

When Korer was up 8-2 Westman did propose losing the last challenge before the merge mainly because he knew fancypants Coby would NEVER give a real man like Tom his support and ultimately his vote should he advance to FTC. Westman felt secure enough that he had earned BJ respect by Tom's own merits in the game and would have much rather had BJ make the merge.

FAR CRY from contemplating throwing any challenge at a much more earlier stage of the game. Finally with the most perfect castaway ever to play the game who dominates the season wire-to-wire THINKS about throwing a challenge it has a far less impact as opposed to a stage in the season when the game is very much in the balance and has really yet to begin.

JP stated after the season "The idol was officially Stephen's." And the fact of the matter is JT was made known about only AFTER he stumbled upon it. All your spin and edit cards can't change those facts.

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03-17-15, 09:09 AM (EST)
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11. "RE: Love/Loathe List S30 Worlds Apart Ep.3"
1. Tyler: He is the go to guy for most of his tribe. I think he wears the jeans because the whiteness of his legs would probably blind the casual viewer (and his tribe mates).

2. Kelly: I was happy to hear from her this episode. I think that she was trying to make the point that it is OK to sit back and observe instead of reacting quickly. Not necessarily admirable in her real world career, but seems wise in Survivor (especially with the hot heads on her team).

3. Joe: I don't see any reason to move him down any further. With Vince out, no one else seems to have a problem with him.

4. Hali: I actually agree with her vote for Will. I do wish we where told why. Was it a "split" again in case of an idol or was she just making a point that she believes he is the weakest? I could be way off, but she seems to have some common sense.

5. Sierra: Mostly because she is not offensive (yet).

6. Jenn: I think it would be exhausting to live with her! But she still gets some points for wanting to be there.

7. Will: Dropped four places. I just have to give him some credit for still being there. Somehow he seemed better to some of his tribe mates than Nina.

8. Max: Almost forgot he was there. I think you only have to give your professor 15 minutes to show up to class and then you can leave!

9. Shirin: Hell, why not? She would drive me nuts, but she is looking for the idol and trying to win challenges. We'll see what happens when the puzzles reappear!

10. Joaquin: He is trying to make some allies.

11. Carolyn: Where did she go? I would like to know more about what she perceives in her tribe mates. Maybe it is wishful thinking, but I thought she might have some game.

12. Mike: I know he has that huge tattoo on his back, but we haven't been shown that he is preaching or bestowing his beliefs on his tribe. For that reason, the attacks on him seemed a little over the top in relation to his "work ethic." I actually felt bad for him for a second or two.

13. Rodney: Get over yourself, dude. Harping on someone's reason for tattoos when you shared that you use yours to pick up women in bars ... pot meet kettle.

14. Dan: Oh, Dan. You had a couple of good moments and then crashed. Then you got up and had a good moment. And then you crashed again.

15. Lindsey: I don't think there is anything that she could do to make me like her at all.

Bye Nina. It was a given that you would be gone even though you are in way better shape than Will. I think that most of your tribe tried to help you fit in. It just wasn't going to happen.

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