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"Love/Loathe List S29 Ep. 1"
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Original message

Aruba 2025 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Roller Coaster Inaugurator"

09-25-14, 06:56 PM (EST)
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"Love/Loathe List S29 Ep. 1"
Yeah, I know. It's a quick turnaround from my preseason list posted a couple days ago. But thought I would get this up while it's all fresh in my mind.

1) KEITH - I give him props for not getting vindictive when Jeremy selected him to join Val on Exile Island. Actually it worked to his benefit with Jeremy feeling indebted to him. Also smart of him to be coy with Val when he was pretty sure she got the HII clue. I don't see him in any immediate danger.

2) JEREMY - I give him credit for having the confidence to step up and win the RC for his tribe. Can't blame him for not being able to predict the twist that put his wife at risk. Smart to rally the women with him. Proved his worth in future physical challenges so should be safe for now.

3) KELLY - After seeing everyone in action, Kelly has easily replaced Julie as my early hottie of the season. But I think there's more to her than just looks and will stand by my first impression when I said she could be a favorite in this game.

4) JON - Good work ethic and should be a major player. Only concern is the knowledge of his dad's current condition. I'm hoping this is not a prelude to an early exit should his dad take a turn for the worst. It would be a shame to lose a player like Jon for that reason.

5) DALE - Good News: He provided fire for his tribe. Bad News: Now he can't see sh!t. Oh well, small price to pay to not fall victim to the greatest divide in Reality TV.

6) VAL - Caught in the crossfire of the season's first twist. But she held her own in the challenge so should escape the "pathetically inept" tag that plagues many middle-aged women in this game. Think she made an error not sharing the clue with Keith--could have benefited Jeremy as well. The problem with trying to start an all-female alliance is when you are among young girls some will almost always seek the "security" of a male player(s). Which brings us to...

7) BAYLOR - When the guys get back to camp and determine neither voted for Baylor and suspect none of the women would turn on her for no apparent reason they will determine 1) Josh must have voted Baylor, meaning 2) one female voted Nadiya. If Baylor immediately comes forward and informs the guys it was her it will be a very smart move on her part. They will bring her under their wings and she could have clear sailing to the merge.

8) DREW - I'm not sure why Julie had such a bug up her a$$ over Drew? Sure he took charge building the shelter but I didn't think he was being obnoxiously pushy or overly ordering with the others. The guy was just working hard with Jon to get the job done.

9) JACLYN - Not much with her this episode. I thought for sure she would use the Premier as a platform for MRKH Syndrome awareness and we'd hear about it no less than 10 times. But that wasn't the case...thankfully.

10) JOSH - Finding yourself in a swing vote position can be beneficial--so long as you can make quick definitive decisions. To her credit, Cirie made a Reality Show career by taking advantage of those situations. But if you're wishy-washy in that position, you'll suffer the same fate as Dolly (Vanuatu) or Christy (Amazon.) Writing down Baylor's name qualifies as wishy-washy IMO.

11) ALEC - Light episode for him other than using his lock of hair to start a fire. As long as his name's not "Samson" he should be OK.

12) REED - If he could keep his "flamboyancy" in check he may fly UTR and not be an early target. Should Hunahpu have a date with TC it will be interesting to see if Reed finds himself as the same type of swing vote as his BF.

13) NATALIE - For obvious reason the Ep 1 focus was more on her sister. For her sake I hope her twin inherited all the stupid/ignorant genes from their family pool.

14) MISSY - Clearly we don't know all the reasons (and we never will) but when a woman has THREE divorces under her belt you can only chalk up so much to bad luck. I don't sense any social game from her. I also don't see her as a potential challenge beast. Not a good situation for Missy.

15) JOHN - Despite his futile attempt at image damage control, I will always regard him as trash. Oh, and can be "Type A" without being an ignorant bigot. The only reason he's not lower is because he was most instrumental in the IC...that was before Production's fetish with puzzles kicked in.

16) JULIE - Rocker's store bought GF (complete with plastic boobies and rubber lips) is nails on the chalkboard for me. She was bellyaching over Drew's assertiveness when building/securing the shelter, but when inclement weather rolls in (and you know it will) she'll be using those lipo-injected lips to be kissing his feet.

17) WES - My take on Wes is he's a sissy boy who's been coddled by his mom much to the chagrin of his dad. This experience will either A) toughen him up. or B) make him cry for mommy. Unless we a have a major misdirection, next week's preview suggests the latter.

BOOTED) NADIYA - If a castaway sighted a snake, how would you feel if they called you over to start "charming" it??? Well, that's how you made Josh feel by referring to him as "one of the girls!" Her idiotic blunder not only ended her game but also put the women on her tribe at risk.

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 RE: Love/Loathe List S29 Ep. 1 kingfish 09-26-14 1
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kingfish 17628 desperate attention whore postings
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09-26-14, 10:23 AM (EST)
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1. "RE: Love/Loathe List S29 Ep. 1"
You forgot to mention Julie's brain defect. I'm pretty sure the area of her brain that allows personality judgments is missing.

But she has attributes, and if it just so happened that she and I were to meet one day, and a vindictive John Rocker was not around (I'm a coward - I admit it), and she showed the same lack of discernment in judging me, I would consider that to be one of them.

Nadiya showed a remarkable lack of awareness of the impact of her remarks to Josh in the RTVW interview. It apparently never crossed her mind (even to this day) that those remarks could have affected his voting.

I'm surprised at Josh’s wishy-washiness at throwing his vote (that he considered a swing vote, which it turned out not to be, and was in any case easily deniable) away on Baylor. If the weight of responsibility for that vote daunted him, I don’t see much of a future in this game for him. I don't see much of a future for him in life in general.

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Aruba 2025 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Roller Coaster Inaugurator"

09-26-14, 08:55 PM (EST)
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2. "RE: Love/Loathe List S29 Ep. 1"
The reason I didn't mention Julie's brain is because I was just focusing on her attributes that are store-bought. Blow-up dolls are not coveted for their brains.

I thought Josh might be a player in the season premier, but apparently he's lacking more of a backbone than Julie a brain/personality judgment.

Josh's spineless decision clearly opens the door for Baylor if she is quick enough to pounce on the opportunity. She could make a convincing point to the four guys had she not voted for Nadiya, it would have been a 4-4 tie and who knows what could have transpired with a revote.

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