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"Love/Loathe List S27 Blood vs. Water Ep. 3"
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Original message

Aruba 1911 desperate attention whore postings
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10-04-13, 08:04 PM (EST)
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"Love/Loathe List S27 Blood vs. Water Ep. 3"
Call me old-fashioned, but we have women...namely Rachel who wanted to be "one of the guys" and potty-mouth Marissa who would make a drunken sailor or rowdy truck driver blush. Then we go to the other side of the gender pool and we have weepy guys crying on everyone's a$$ at every turn, cuddling with each other at the campfire, and wearing a cupcake belt buckle?

If I'm to take the term "Reality TV" literally what does this say about today's society? Could someone PLEASE find me an old DeLorean, and introduce me to a "Doc Brown" who can install a flux capacitor on the engine so I can go back to a time when men were men and women were women?

Because I didn't post this list last week, below is mostly a combination of the last TWO episodes.

1) ARAS - Mostly for his confessionals. I'm liking a veteran player and former winner confirming what I've been ranting on these Boards for years---You are, who you are, who you are. And "Gay Russell Hantz" ROFLMAO! Also like his IC win despite brother Vytas' cheap shot. You just KNOW Production must be spinning its wheels trying to figure a way to advance both brothers for a classic "Cain vs. Abel" FTC.

2) CANDICE - She not only won both RI duels, she OWNED them. Some criticize her for giving both clues to hubby--but not I. Sure he was targeted, but if he's too darn dense to be unable to find the HII with TWO clues then I criticize John; not Candice.

3) VYTAS - He came to play the game. Culpepper may be perceived as the leader of the all-male alliance, but I see Vytas as a more behind-the-scenes driving force.

4) TYSON - After Ep. 2 I had him #1, but that cupcake belt buckle drops him a bit. Quite frankly, Hayden could have sneezed on his arm and popped out his shoulder. Although he needs to put more meat on his bones, there's definitely enough fire in his belly.

5) LAURA M. - Has been a key performer in ALL three ICs and Galang wins. But not in the 5-person Galang alliance; so could be a struggle advancing beyond post-merge.

6) GERVASE - Key contributor in Galang's second IC win. His brash in-your-face attitude could make him a popular choice to sit next to at FTC. I think he'd be perfectly content with the 100K runner-up prize.

7) HAYDEN - Has made the transition from BB to Survivor. Other than Vytas, he's the only first-timer I see having a chance to win.

8) TINA - She starts the game on a strong tribe, and is secure in the recent 5-person alliance formed at Galang. This puts her in a great post-merge position. But if she's to succeed in an endgame she must either A) win individual ICs or B) be carried. I don't see her winning ICs and Colby's not playing. We'll probably see more of her this season, but I have her as a longshot to make FTC.

9) MONICA - When deciding to sit out of last IC my first thought was, "Huh What?" She appears fit enough to have done well, but then again, the high impact may have damaged her plastic boobies. If Galang loses an IC, they'd be idiots not to vote her out figuring Culpepper would probably pull a "Ruppert." But that would place her as an outcast on Tadhana and very much at risk.

10) KAT - Dodged a bullet with Colton's failed attempt at chaos. Sat out of one IC, but notched a key victory in the other. Still, not much going on with her.

11) LAURA B. - She'll advance for as long as the others feel inclined to keep an inept performer around. Hey, it increased Sandra's wealth by $2 million and it got Cirie to two F4s, but I just don't see it happening for Laura B.

12) CALEB - Perhaps I don't have him lower due to sympathy. A decent guy who's playing the wrong game and, hopefully will now realize, is in the wrong relationship.

13) CIERA - She seems to understand the game, but in order for her to go deep she'll need to ride coattails. Only player she's close to is Catie, and she won't be finding any coattails on her.

14) CULPEPPER - I know we've heard it before, but I'll ask it again...He's a lawyer??? Surprised LegalZoom didn't put this clown out of business already.

15) CATIE - Pretty nice rack. Sorry but just trying to find something positive to say about her, because when your 50-year old mom who weighs 90 lbs soaking wet kicks the crap out of you in a test of physical strength/power, there's not a whole lot else to go on.

16) JOHN - Not being able to find the HII with both of those clues and your tribe giving you free rein to go out and search for it is inexcusable. Would be a much more interesting RI duel if only John and Candice were fighting for Survival in the game.

17) MARISSA - When Gervase tells you to tone it down, you KNOW she's going over-the-top. Can't hold her tongue and already has one foot out the door. Her buff has to already be feeling the heat from the urn having to compete against Candice & John in the next duel.


RACHEL - Not her fault she's dating a power player in Tyson. Kudos for sacrificing her opportunity knowing her BF stands a much better chance at winning.

RUPPERT - Devoted husband Ruppert's brief cameo could be used to make a Pre-Cana video. But I'm not in church, nor am I getting married. So good riddance and PLEASE no more Ruppert.




QUITTER) COLTON - Only one I would rank lower is any one of the idiots in Casting who selected Colton to begin with. No one need EVER question, comment, or critique me again when I factually state...

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 RE: Love/Loathe List S27 Blood vs.... Dakota 10-04-13 1
   RE: Love/Loathe List S27 Blood vs.... suzzee 10-05-13 2
   RE: Love/Loathe List S27 Blood vs.... Aruba 10-05-13 3
 RE: Love/Loathe List S27 Blood vs.... milkachulina 10-07-13 4
 RE: Love/Loathe List S27 Blood vs.... michel 10-07-13 5

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Dakota 5657 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

10-04-13, 11:42 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: Love/Loathe List S27 Blood vs. Water Ep. 3"
Among the newbies, who do you think really wants to win badly enough to go the distance?

Tribe and Coco '13

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suzzee 5026 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

10-05-13, 07:40 AM (EST)
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2. "RE: Love/Loathe List S27 Blood vs. Water Ep. 3"
First impulse is Vytas. I think it's a combination of maturity, life experience and a still apparent need to prove himself as at least equal to Aras. He'll need some help, especially if Tadhana
continues to lose members and he makes the merge but his "story" has the most fire power.

Ooooo, come a little closer, you look tasty...

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Aruba 1911 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Herbal Healing Drugs Endorser"

10-05-13, 07:43 AM (EST)
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3. "RE: Love/Loathe List S27 Blood vs. Water Ep. 3"
Well I don't think any of the newbies will flat out "quit" the way Colton did...but from a "take the bull by the horns" proactive approach the only two I would say right now are Hayden and Vytas.

As for the others:

Culpepper - His competitive nature would suggest he wants it badly enough but he's a train wreck waiting to happen.

John - I think his desire has been sapped having to now compete heads-up against his wife just for survival

Marissa - She's got the fight, but doesn't know how to channel it for this type of game.

Laura B. - As stated in my list, will hang around for as long as the others want to drag along a pathetically inept competitor.

Caleb & Katie - Seem like OK people but a monumental waste of space on Survivor

Ciera - She's the toughest to figure. As a source of embarrassment for mom in her teenage years, I think she may want it badly enough more to win mom's admiration then win the million and title. But for Ciera the only way that's happening is extra long coattails and a whole lotta luck. And I don't see any of those happened for her this season.

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milkachulina 69 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Hollywood Squares Square"

10-07-13, 11:34 AM (EST)
Click to EMail milkachulina Click to send private message to milkachulina Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
4. "RE: Love/Loathe List S27 Blood vs. Water Ep. 3"
Aruba, I loved your list, and laughed so hard reading it. But, THIS absolutely took the cake:

>would rank lower is any
>one of the idiots in
>Casting who selected Colton to
>begin with. No one need
>EVER question, comment, or critique
>me again when I factually

Now, here's my list:

1) Candice - She's got the fight in her. Plus, anyone seeking revenge is someone to look out for; they just have this thing about them.

2) Aras - Am I attracted to him? Probably. Is that why he is in the #2 spot? Probably.

3) Gervase - I have serious issues trying to understand why any Black man would go on Survivor not knowing how to swim. It's as if he made a solemn vow to pursue this stereotype that Mark Burnett loves to exploit. Having said that, Gervase is still fun and entertaining. Also, he is an original Survivor. I wish him well.

4) Tina - Seems to be playing this game smart. She can't be much of a physical threat, so I expect that her mental game is going to be fantastic. Only time will tell.

5) Marissa - I like her. Yes, she talks too much. But, like Candice, she has the fight in her. Again, revenge plays a role in getting people to do their best. She was shafted by getting voted out so early in the game. I honestly believe that there was more to her ousting that Uncle Gervase's loud mouth. Mr. Culpepper has issues, but I'll get to that later.

6) Laura M. - Solid player.

7) Tyson - Tyson is a smart man. He knows how to play this game. It's just that, I really want him to go to the nearest IHOP and take advantage of unlimited pancakes. Sheesh, he could star as the anorexic in an all-male remake of Girl, Interrupted.

8) Kat - She's still riding high with me because of that "Oh, hell no" quote she said in response to Colton's bullying in a previous episode. Scenes like that make me happy.

9) Vytas - I think I find him slightly endearing because of his addiction. Yet, part of me still views him as a junkie loser who now gets to be on Survivor. Unlike most, I am less interested in a showdown between he and Aras.

10) Hayden - He seems fine so far. I don't know much about him, and since I don't watch BB I don't have an advance read on him.

11) Monica - What on earth will she talk about in confessionals now that Colton is gone? She could discuss how much of Culpepper's money she has spent on surgical procedures. Every time I see her, I am grossed out.

12 - 14) Laura B., Ciera, & Catie - Seem to me to be wasted space. So many interesting people could be on Survivor, but we have these 3.

15) Caleb - Oh Caleb, the way you held Satan in your arms as he sat on your lap and fake cried. I nearly threw up. My reaction was not one of bigotry; Colton simply makes me throw up. Caleb is getting a great edit, but I have said it before and will say it be in a personal/loving relationship with Colton, you have to maintain some of his same beliefs. Oil and water don't mix. Therefore, I suspect that Caleb is as bigoted/shallow as Colton. Caleb just isn't sharing his thoughts with us...actually how often do we hear him speak? He has a good reputation right now because we don't know anything about him.

16) John - What a big cry baby. I have had enough of his crocodile tears. Now he has a real reason to cry, because both he and Candice are on RI.

17) Brad Culpepper - Wow, this man is listed in wiki at 275 lbs. Did he enter the show that big? Either way, he is (or was) a beast. He is also a donkey (to put it politely). This guy is dumb, and his attitude is worse. I will never, ever, get over his negative reaction to Gervase celebrating that immunity win. Culpepper candidly announced that he wanted to body slam Gervase over it. Really? Seriously? What is wrong with Culpepper that his reaction is so strong? What drives a man to display that kind of hate against someone? Gervase was annoying, but was it really that big of a deal? I propose that it wasn't, and Culpepper has some major issues deep inside that causes him to react a certain way. He is a multi-millionaire who is used to getting what he wants and being told that he is The Man. There is no shortage of ATTITUDE in current and former NFL players. Oh yeah, I have a question. This guy is an attorney? LOL.

Unranked, because he doesn't deserve a number) Colton - There is so much that I want to say about him, but I think the word PATHETIC ums him up clearly.

Rachel - She did the best she could with what she had.
Rupert - Glad his tenure was short.

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michel 10851 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

10-07-13, 08:22 PM (EST)
Click to EMail michel Click to send private message to michel Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
5. "RE: Love/Loathe List S27 Blood vs. Water Ep. 3"

1- Aras: I liked seeing him telling it like it is to Colton and then handling Vytas. He's in a great position right now.

2- Tina: She also told it like it is when she explained Colton's selfish move: We aren't playing his game. The F3 means she doesn't have to be carried.

3- Tyson: It was fun to hear him arguing with Brad. Tyson was always an interesting character but he was usually more interested in creating a villainous character than winning the game. I like his new focus.

4- Katie: She has an interesting underdog story. Can she make it to the merge and join her mother, making it a powerful alliance?

5- Cierra: She's had an even better underdog story but she should know that she needs to have some usefulness to the tribe.

6- Vytas: Very smart villain but he shouldn't use his dirty tricks so early. He had it right early on that he needed to gain trust but no one will trust someone that uses cheap shots on his own brother.

7- Hayden: Like he said, his alliance was in trouble when Brad targeted John. It should have been John or Brad but now it feels like it will be John AND Brad. Where does that leave Tadhana?

10- Gervase: Funny that he is giving advice to Marissa about staying quiet. She wouldn't be in that predicament if he had stayed quiet but will he take her place? Noooo!

11- Kat: Who knew Kat could dominate in a physical challenge!

12- Caleb: He should have known that this was going to happen and told Colton to skip his turn.

13- Laura Morrett: Where is she? She is being treated like Kelly and Brett.

14- Monica: She should have stood up at the arena and told Brad to stay quiet. He is hurting her game.

15- Laura B.: Nice showing in the IC but irrelevant to the story.

16- Brad: If only he was funny but he is so damn serious.

Exiled on RI:

Since these players have one foot out the door, I can't rate them with the others but I will make a list just for them:

1- Candice: She could run the tables at RI and then get voted right back!

2- John: What a dumbass. Getting clues in public meant he had to share.

3- Marissa: Go get 'em girl!

As for being who you are, Colton wasn't good enough to pull it off but there have been some that have done it. Brian was loved by his tribe, he had them fooled all the way to the time he cut them. This proves it:

Ils sont fous, ces Romains!

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