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"S26~ep7: The Big, The Beautiful, & The Bold"
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kircon 3239 desperate attention whore postings
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03-28-13, 02:37 PM (EST)
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"S26~ep7: The Big, The Beautiful, & The Bold"
Welcome back RTVW Fans! Youíve come to the right place to catch up on your Survivor. Each week we release a summary written by one of our top reporters. They keep an ear to the tv and a hand on the keyboard. They type long into the night to bring you an enjoyable read. Thanks Summery Writers! You are an important part of this site.
We can use more writers. Look for the new sign-up thread. Why not take a shot and write one of our summaries. You know you want to. Think about it!

So letís begin.
I pick up my Kindle (iPad, Nook, or the Kobo, which I actually own) to catch up on the latest installment of:

The Big, The Beautiful & The Bold

Previously on tribe Goats:
The beautiful part of the show is fighting alongside Eddie to keep safe in the game.

The Beautiful One; ReynoldÖ

Öand Eddie have lost their beautiful women, their place on the tribe and all sense of hope. But The Beautiful One keeps finding Hidden Immunity Idols and plays them, keeping himself in the game. The Goata team uses The Beautiful One for his muscles. This doesnít help because they still keep losing.

The Beautiful One has resigned himself to eat rice and win challenges, finally!

*da da daaaaaa*

Something shifts in the game.

The Bold PhillipÖ

Öusing his Stealth R Us tribe as a living commercial for his newest book had plans to vote Corrine out. He named the mission, Operation Thunderdome and set it into play. However, Jeffís moneymaker, Lilí Hantz, had a breakdown. He screamed, he threatened, he threw the rice and beans on the wet ground in an attempt to be voted out. It worked. The Bold Specialist dropped his plan for the moment to help bring peace to his tribe. Or so he hoped.

As Tribe McCall walked into camp after the impromptu Tribal Council, they tried to comprehend what had just happened. Andrea agreed with Malcolm & Eric that Brandon gave the other tribe hope. Phillip is upset that he has been damaged. Corinne states; Brandon damaged everyone. Dawn is sorry. The Specialist needs the last word and tells his tribe that we are better and stronger. One of us will win Survivor. We need to regroup; we need to forget about Brandon. Letís get on with our day.

Meanwhile, Cochran the Intelligence Attachť is observing, making mental notes in his mind. I am glad Brandon has flown over the cuckooís nest. We are now left withÖ

*da da daaaaaa*

Ö The Bold One.

I set my reader down. I watched that movie, long ago, Jack Nicolson was in it. Picking up my reader, I type in; ďOne Flew Over the Cuckoo's NestĒ. Oh, it was first a novel written by Ken Kesey. Time Magazine says it belongs in its "100 Best English-language Novels from 1923 to 2005" list. Hmm! I should check it out. Hey, the movie won five Oscars. I should watch that again. Now what was I doing?

*scroll, scroll* Here it is.

The Big BeardÖ

Ö and his team Goata arrives at Day 14ís Reward challenge. Jeff guides the questions. Michael, how did my moneymaker leaving the game help your tribe come together? Michael responds; we felt something good together. Mr Big Beard, Matt, did that change momentum in your tribe? Matt begins an answer as long as his beard. *yada, yada, yada* losing. It was so close. *yada, yada, yada* thought they had comfort. *yada, yada, yada* not one happy family. *yada, yada, yada* I feel sorry for Phillip *yada, yada, yada* heís crazy *yada, yada, yada* spilling beans *yada, yada, yada* I feel bad for you guys. Corrine tells him thank you.

Jeff asks Phillip; What do you notice Specialist Sheppard around camp besides my moneymaker being gone? The Bold One replies in an official voice. There was harmony, it was so relaxing, and we slept. While Brandon was here, I did not sleep for 36 hours. I needed to keep one eye on him. I needed to protect my tribe. There is peace.

Jeff asks all; So both teams feel good about the unity right now?
Heads nod in agreement. Tribe McCall realizes what is about to happen.

*da da daaaaaa*

Jeff announces; Good!
Drop your buffs! We are switching tribes.

*everyone removes their buffs and throws them to the ground*

Now this is the way we will do it. I have a bowl of Easter Eggs. Everyone will take one. Smash it on your body. Whatever color you have, that is the tribe you are on. You will then switch to your new color.

Three! Two! One! Smash!
Eggs are breaking reveling purple and orange color. Everyone stops and starts looking around.

Jeff calls; Move to your appropriate mat.
When the dust and Survivors settles,
Jeff calls out the new tribes.

The new Go Beautiful tribe is:
Reynold the Beautiful

*the entire team is smiling* *their teeth are sparkling*

WOW! Jeff thinks to himself. They are beautiful!

Jeff throws a bag. ďHereís your buffs!Ē Wear them proudly!

He then turns to the NuMcCall tribe.

Purple tribe is:
Corrine, The Specialist, Michael, Matt The Big,
Cochran, Dawn, Julia

Hereís your buffs.

Jeff asks; Cochran, as a student of the game, what just happened?

*da da daaaaaa*

Cochran replies; The game starts anew.

Ok Mr. Beard, now that you are on Phillips tribe, what do you think?

Iím a fan, Iím excited, I like all these players. Iím glad to switch things up.

Jeff asks; Corrine, you look flustered. *he grins* Whatís wrong?
Corrine stutters and stammers. Itís the first time in the game she has nothing to say.

Jeff continues, Come on Corinne, what are you feeling?
I, I havenít said a word to the other tribe.
Meeting new people is nice.
I get to stay in my camp.
Iím very overwhelmed.

Brenda, Jeff asks in a soft tone. Assess the two tribes.

With a huge grin, that has overcome the entire GoBeautiful tribe,
Brenda exclaims; Weíre strong! They arenít!

*da da daaaaaa*

With that, Jeff states, Iím giving you a bag of rice and a new flint.
Head back to your camps.

I set my Kindle down. Iím hungry. I think Iíll have some Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies. Mmmm! Now who was that last season who wanted cookies to improve her camp? I pick up the Kindle and start reading.

Meanwhile, back at the camps

Tribe GoBeautiful Camp

Andrea and Brenda are giddy. Matt & Erik share hi-fives. Eddie and The Beautiful One know they have redemption. And Sherri stands alone.

The girls head off to bathe in the ocean. * bla, bla, blah* Eddieís a wonderful guy *bla, bla, blah* Reynoldís a car salesmen. *bla, bla, blah* Sherri spoils everything about her tribe. Even the fact that the Beautiful One has found and played an idol.
Andrea thanks Sherri for sharing with them.

The boys head off to collect wood.
We will win all challenges!
We are gods!
We are young, good-looking and strong!

Eddie and Reynold look around. They turn back to Malcolm & Erik.

The Beautiful One starts; We think you should know, Sherri has been against us from the beginning. Weíre good in challenges and she has tried to vote us off from the start. We would vote with you to get her out.
Erik shakes his head in agreement. But heís really suspicious now.
Something is not right.

The men continue to make fire.

Later, Malcolm and Andrea meet in the woods.
They realize the old Goats tribe had a great divide.

They turned on each other in seconds, Andrea states.
Malcolm agrees. Andrea continues to share what she learned from Sherri.
He found an idol but was so paranoid he played it.
Malcolm is ecstatic to hear this news.

Last night I had a dream you found the idol, Malcolm. Did you?

*da da daaaaaa*

Who me? He raises his hands near her head. No I did not!

Malcolm tells us he has no problem lying. He just did. I had the Idol wrapped around my wrist as I was talking to her. It was right by her head. *giggle*

Camp McCall

Dawn welcomes the new tribe members to camp; Let me show you where everything is.

The Bold One pulls Julia aside and asks if she would flip and help him make a big move. Keep this between us. She tells him she will try. Just be ready to make the move when it comes.

The Bold One then tells Corrine about his talk with Julia.
We arenít concerned about flippers, we need to find an idol. Corrine states.

Corrine asks us; Who is Phillip Sheppard? What kind of a Federal Agent is he?
Heís the worst Federal Agent Iíve ever met? What cases did he crack?
Is he the reason our country is in such bad shape?

Corrine immediately runs to Dawn. I canít believe what he says.
Bla, bla, blah, We canít leave him alone.
Dawn states; Iím glad heís on our side.

Immunity Challenge, Day 16

Come on in guys, Jeff calls.
The two tribes walk in.

Are you ready to get to todayís challenge?
First things first. Iíll take back the Immunity Idol.
Andrea walks it over.
Immunity is back up for grabs.

Todayís challenge starts with two members of each tribe who will race out to collect and roll a large crate back to the start. The next two members will go. When each tribe has collected all six crates, they will use them to build a staircase that spells ďFans vs. Favorites.Ē
The first tribe to finish wins immunity and is safe from the vote.
The losers will meet me at Tribal Council where somebody will be voted out.

Here we go! Jeff raises his arm.
Survivors ready?
Jeff shouts GO as he lowers his arm.

Phillip and Julia are the first pair out for the NuMcCall tribe. The first pair out for GoBeautiful is Erik and Eddie. They seem to understand the principle that a large heavy crate in motion stays in motion. It seems that Phillip forgot that. They flip the crate and it stops. They use energy to flip it again. It flips and stops.
Malcolm and Andrea are next on the course. They find their crate and start rolling it back. Phillip the Bold finally crosses the line.
At the moment Stealth R Us is not.

GoBeautiful retrieves all 6 crates and starts working on the staircase puzzle.

Jeff has nothing good to say about The Bold Ones team. One of his best quips:
NuMcCall is moving so slow, they must be on heavy medication.
Phillip agrees with Jeff that his tribe was pathetic.

The Beautiful Oneís tribe finished the puzzle before the other team got started.
They took the Immunity Idol from Jeff and headed back to camp.

NuMcCall, Jeff calls out, Grab your stuff, I have nothing for you. You have a date with me at Tribal Council tonight. Head back to Camp.

Phillip Sheppard, Special Federal Agent, Head, Stealth R Us has called upon his past training to calm and center himself. He quotes from I Ching.

The responses of human beings vary greatly under dangerous circumstances. The strong man advances boldly to meet them head on. The weak man grows agitated. But the superior man stands up to fate, endures resolutely in his inner certainty.

That is what I must do. Stand my ground and wait for better chances.

While the Bold One is standing his ground, I am going to do the same. I set my reader down and head off to let my dog out.
Once back, I check out who this I Ching is.

*scroll, scroll*
I Ching is not a person but the title of a book. It is one of the oldest of the Chinese classic texts. The book contains a divination system comparable to Western geomancy; in Western cultures and modern East Asia, it is still widely used for this purpose.

This is a little more than I want to learn now, I think I will finish the story of:

The Big, The Beautiful & The Bold

Back at NuMcCall Camp

Phillip felt the need to give his tribe a pep talk. Everyone listened and nodded.
Corinne was just annoyed.

The Big Beard Matt and Michael start making the rounds of the tribe. The Big One asks The Bold One whoís going tonight. The Bold One says the girl. She froze during the challenge. Thereís a price to be paid.
Phillip then tells Michael and Matt about Stealth R Us. It is up and running. I want you to follow directions from someone else. You follow directions you will gain membership to Stealth R Us. Thatís all you need to know for now.
Michael asks for a t-shirt. The Bold One tells him he has that and more.

Matt and Malcolm run into Julie in the jungle while gathering wood. Julia believes they should vote for Dawn. The guys agree. After Julia leaves, The Big One tells us, ďIím definitely not writing Dawnís name down.

*da da daaaaaa*

Iím writing Julia with a capital J.Ē

Later on, Corinne and Cochran look for the two newest members, Michael and The Big One.

When Corinne finds the boys, she tells them; I love you guys and if I had been on your team I would have an alliance with you. However, I donít know. Who are you voting for tonight?
Michael responds; I was hoping you would tell us.
Corinne is hesitant to reveal any information. I donít know if you have a hidden immunity idol.

People lie to your face all the time in Survivor, Matt answers.
I do not have an idol. If I did, I would play it tonight and not worry.

After the meeting with the new boys, Cochran is changing his mind about voting out Julia. Iím afraid to leave Matt and Michael in the game. They are an outspoken duo, a power couple, that is a dangerous thing.

Before Tribal Council, Phillip, Corinne, Dawn and Cochran meet on the beach to confirm their vote. They are deciding between Julia and Matt, The Big One. Who is least likely to have a hidden immunity idol? Who is weak? Who will flip and join the Favorites alliance? Can the power couple be split later?

*da da daaaaaa*

Tribal Council
As always, Jeff guides the Tribal with his questions.

Matt, how was it to land on a team of favorites? I was super stoked.

Julia, with 4 favorites and 3 fans, are the fans in trouble? It would be silly to think that we are not in trouble.

Michael, is there a sense that a fan is going home tonight? 100% Duh!

Corinne, whatís your first impression of Michael? You know Jeff; I always like to play with a gay. I was thrilled. The more I got to know the two boys, the more I wanted to replace a couple of my own tribe mates.

Phillip, what are you using as a guide to help you decide whom to keep tonight?
The Bold One says; I am looking for someone who is loyal, trustworthy, and good in challenges. And will you do what I ask you to do.

Corinne, how do you make your decision? I am paranoid about a Hidden Immunity Idol. All it takes is one Immunity Idol to send one of us home. The Favorites all nod their heads in agreement.

What do you tell Corinne, Matt? She has a valid point; do you tell her the truth or lie to her? You must convince her one way.
The Big One replies to Jeff; I told her the truth today when I said I donít have the idol. If I knew who had the idol, I would have told her.

Phillip, are you as concerned as Corinne is? I am, The Bold One responds.
Here is how it is going to go. We are voting on who we think may have the idol.
So, if you have it, youíre going to play it. If you donít youíll be going home.

*da da daaaaaa*

Cochran, how do you determine whom to vote for? It could be important at the merge. You donít know whatís happening on the other tribe.
Cochran responds; Thatís correct. Each time we lose, they are probably forming a stronger bond of seven. They are like the Bold & Beautiful Group. I donít see myself penetrating that group. I am neither bold nor beautiful.
*the group laughs including Jeff*
Cochran continues; This is a hard vote. All the options are good.

OK it is time to vote, Jeff states, Bold One you are up.

The NuMcCall tribe votes.

Iíll go tally the votes.
Jeff asks, if anyone has the hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.

*da da daaaaaa*

Once the votes are read, the decision is final. The person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately.

Jeff starts reading;

Julia knows that this is her vote. She is sensing her name will be read a few more times.
Julia pops her head up. There is hope.
Julia grins knowing she will not be going home.

Seventh person voted out of Fans vs Favorites

*da da daaaaaa*

The Big Beard: Matt Bischoff

You need to bring me your torch, drones Jeff.

Julia is relieved as she wipes her head.
Michael is sad to have lost his ally.

The Big Beard puts his torch in the slot and looks at Jeff.

Jeff states simply, The tribe has spoken.
The Big Beard walks off into the darkness.

Jeff says; Michael and Julia, you are in trouble. To stay in this game you must win challenges and immunity. Grab your torches and head back to camp.

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1. "RE: S26~ep7: The Big, The Beautiful, & The Bold"
Brandon = moneymaker indeed.
Excellent summary Kircon!
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kingfish 16088 desperate attention whore postings
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04-02-13, 08:55 AM (EST)
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2. "RE: S26~ep7: The Big, The Beautiful, & The Bold"
Great job, Kirkie, very funny, and I'm glad we still have our ace reporter on the job.

Matt, had he lasted one more week, would have easily won the Beardie this year.

To the Shwack shack with you!

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