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"S25 Philippines Episode 12: Two boxes of Kleenex and a Snotty Shirt"
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kircon 3239 desperate attention whore postings
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12-08-12, 09:22 PM (EST)
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"S25 Philippines Episode 12: Two boxes of Kleenex and a Snotty Shirt"
I usually have a theme for my summaries, like fairy tales or old cartoons. However, this show stands on its own. So for the first time since writing for this site I will just summarize! Enjoy and have a great Christmas Season.

Two boxes of Kleenex and a Snotty shirt

Last time on Survivor!

Abi found out she was universally despised.
She bought an advantage at the food auction.
She won the Immunity Challenge and devised a scheme of an 4th idol.
“They asked for this, now it’s time for me to lie and outplay them.”
At Tribal Council, it was clear that there was an alliance of 4,
Malcolm, Denise, Skupin, and Lisa.
Penner pled his case but was still voted off the island.

6 are left who will be voted out tonight?

Back at camp!

Abi tells Carter of her 4th hidden Immunity Idol she found.
“If you have the idol, then there is no problem”, states Carter.
Abi over-explains, “It’s not if, I do have it.”

Lisa is wondering about her decision and felling confused.
Malcolm tells her, “That was the goal of someone tonight.”
Denise tells Lisa, “I’m proud of you, on standing your ground.”
“Thank you.” responds Lisa.

Coming on DVD, Survivor Cook Islands and Survivor Fiji!
Pre-order yours online today.

Day 31 Reward Challenge

“Come on in guys”, Jeff calls.
“Are you guys ready to get to today’s Reward Challenge?”
One person says, yes. (As if to say; another day, another challenge.)
Jeff continues: “For today’s challenge you will be paired up
…with a loved one.”

The tribe goes crazy. There are screams, whoops, cries, and the beginning of a few tears.
(I would suggest you open your first box of kleenex and have one handy.)

Jeff waste no time, “Skupin here’s your son also named Michael Skupin.”
Skupin runs towards his son, they are both screaming with joy. Real man sounds.
There are true man-hugs. Mike screams, “Let me see you! & I can still pick you up.”

Lisa is full-blown crying. Abi says she is going to cry. Malcolm swallows hard. Denise keeps blinking.
I picture the emotions of this reunion was similar to “The Prodigal Son & his Father”.
Mike looks at Jeff, “My number one, my number one.”

Jeff asks, “Skupin, tell me about your family, I’m guessing this is your oldest since you named your son Michael Skupin.”
Mike, stutters and stammers, “He’s the best human being I know.”
Young Michael tells Jeff that he learned everything from his dad.
Jeff says, “Wow!”
Mike continues with a story of how his son met Probst 12 years ago and probably doesn’t remember. He looks at his son and points to Jeff, “That’s Probst!” The son responds with, I know! I’m freaking out!
They turn and walk to their spot.

Jeff continues; “Carter here is your mom, Bianca.”
Carter’s mom runs out and jumps into Carter’s arms. Her feet dangle a couple feet off the ground.
Carter puts him mom down and looks at Jeff, “I never break down like this, I don’t cry.” Carter tells his mom that it is good to see her.

Jeff calls, “Denise here’s your man, Brad.
Denise looks into the jungle and cries, “Where’s he at? Where’s he at? Where’s he at?
Denise flies into his arms. He carries her like a sack of potatoes. They spin around. They kiss! They hug! Denise is crying into his nice new blue t-shirt. This is what a reunion between two lovers looks like. Denise looks at her man and says;” I’m snotty and sticky, can I borrow your shirt?”

Everyone laughs, including Jeff. He states; “Brad, you are now a Survivor, you have snot on your shirt. Step one in the game.”
Denise tells Jeff that this man can calm & make her laugh. The man, Brad, tells Jeff that people don’t know the strength and love in this tight, tiny little package. Jeff tells them to join the others.

“Lisa” Jeff states, “Here is your brother Justice.”
Lisa starts sobbing uncontrollable. Justice comes running through the jungle shouting, “Sister, Sister” What a happy loving sound to hear calling Lisa. The sounds coming from Lisa were so mournful and deep-felt. She runs with her arms open. Her brother puts his arms around her and she melts into his arms with deep sobs.

This type of moment is hard to go through in private, let alone on national TV. What we know now is that her marriage of 24 years had just ended in divorce, days before she left for the adventure. She was pouring out her pain onto her brother who was able to handle it. My opinion.

I believe Jeff is speechless. CBS gave us over 30 seconds of her deep pain. Jeff finally speaks to Lisa and her brother.
“Gotta say Lisa, I’ve seen some pretty powerful moments involving loved ones and this might be at the top.”
Well Jeff, in my eyes and ears, this is the #1 powerful moment of Survivor. This IS reality!

Lisa steps out of her painful wailing and responds to Jeff.
“I don’t think I’ve ever needed any person more in my life than this moment and if I could pick any person it would be my baby brother.”
She takes his face in her hands and looks at him.
“Jeff, isn’t he beautiful?”
Jeff responds with, “good-looking kid.”

Jeff comments on the tough journey that Abi has had and thinks she could use a little love from her mom Vera.
Abi’s mother comes running to hug her daughter. They have a normal mother-daughter reunion. Doesn’t matter what language is spoke; a mom is always concerned about her daughter’s weight loss. Makes me smile. Abi smiled a lot. She needed to translate for Jeff. He was quite compassionate with her today. He understood what it took for Abi’s mother to be here. Jeff tells them they can join the others.

Jeff claps his hand and says; “Ok, now that everybody has had their love…
Malcolm interrupts and tells Jeff he has made a mistake.
A playful Jeff tells Malcolm that he would never leave him out. “Here’s your brother Miles.”

A young man charges out of the jungle, hair flowing in the wind, running like a wild bull. I can see they have played this game before. Malcolm takes a stance to brace for the impact. Jeff calls out; “Woe, woe! He’s going to knock you over.” The young man pulls up at the last second and the brothers embrace. Malcolm tells his brother that he looks good without his shirt and I’m going to take your headband. They forget where they are. Malcolm points to Jeff and Miles responds with “what’s up”. We find out as kids, they could watch one TV program a week. They choose Survivor. Almost in unison they responded, “We were watching you Jeff.”

Jeff responds, “I’m honored.”
All right, let’s get to today’s challenge, here’s how it works.”
The Survivor’s toss a muddy bag to their loved one who then needs to knock down 5 bamboo targets shaped like spools to win.

“Wanna know what you’re playing for?”
An overnight visit with your loved one.
Let’s get started.

“Here we go. Survivors Ready? Go!”

The Survivors start flinging the muddy bags to their loved ones who try to knock over one of five bamboo targets. Mud is flying, people are shouting and then Miles knocks down the first target. All the teams except Abi and her mom are starting to knock down the bamboo. Vera finally catches a bag only to miss the target. Miles, Michael jr. and Bianca only need one more target to go. Miles and Malcolm are the first to knock down the last targets. You can see their excitement as Miles finally tackles Malcolm to the ground.
Jeff calls them over and asks Malcolm to choose another tribe mates to enjoy this reward. “I can’t look you in the eye.” Malcolm speaks, “just because of how the past few days have gone and how much trouble someone is having out here, Lisa.” Lisa cries and hugs her brother then runs over to give Malcolm a hut.

Someone calls out, Ask for another. Can I have another Jeff?
Jeff responds, “Because you asked … One more Survivor and their loved one will join you.”

Everyone left pleads to stay. Malcolm picks the Skupin’s.
Malcolm tells us in a confessional that he chooses to reward Lisa and Skupin for voting with him and Denise on the last few votes. “Those are my allies. I need to take care of them. I need to keep them close.”

How are you doing on those kleenexes’? If you have not watched the reward challenge, check out the link below. I’m serious about the Kleenex. Bookmark this video for when you just need a good cry.

Family visit Reward Challenge

Back at Camp Day 31 & 32

The Dangrayne tribe arrives back at camp with just three of their loved ones. Justice, Miles, and Michael.

We find out that Miles just turned 21 and Malcolm calls him a knucklehead who likes to be the center of attention. We find out that Lisa’s brother is 20 years younger than she is. Justice gave Lisa strength and she now knows that she can play this game. Michael’s son tries to climb a coconut tree to cut some coconuts down. He slips and slides down the tree scraping his arms. Michael says, "That’s my boy.” (Wow, it runs in the family.)
Justice and Lisa meet Michael and Michael on the beach. Lisa and Skupin hatch a plan to blindside Malcolm the next Tribal Council. They know they could get Carter and Abi’s votes.

Malcolm is concerned over the bonding between Michael and Lisa over Jesus. He is also worried that Lisa’s brother might have strengthened and snapped her back to her senses. As the loved ones leave, they are asked to give the shirt off their backs.

Day 33 Immunity Challenge

Jeff calls, “Come on in guys”
Ready to get to today’s Immunity Challenge?”

Jeff takes the Immunity Necklace from Abi’s neck.
“Once again Immunity is back up for grabs.”

Jeff explains the rules. You will each race across a bamboo balance beam to a platform. You will find a hook attached to rope. You will use this hook to fish three bags out of the water. Once you have all three bags, swim to the finish. Use the rope and sticks inside the bag to fashion a pole. When the pole is long enough, push the target that will drop a flag. The first person to drop their flag wins immunity.

The winner has a one in five shot at winning this game. One of the losers will be voted out tonight at Tribal Council.

Michael, Lisa, Malcolm, Abi and Carter make it across the balance beam and onto the platform. Denise struggles to get across the beam. Carter is the first to head for the beach. Lisa, Michael, Malcolm and Denise also head back to the beach. Jeff yells at Abi to hurry. Lisa is the first to tie her sticks together to create a pole. It is too short. Carter and Skupin try their poles next, neither work. Abi finally makes it to the beach. Malcolm is now ready to try his pole. He knocks down his target first; he wins the immunity necklace for the first time.

Dangrayne Day 33

Malcolm is excited to have won individual immunity. He is safe tonight and at the next Tribal Council because he holds a hidden immunity idol.
Carter believes he should stay because he deserves to. He tells us that Abi has been very mean to people.
Sitting around the fire, Abi starts picking on Lisa for voting for her in the past. Denise asks Abi to let the conversation rest for a while. Abi continues to argue. Carter and I are on the outside. I will have to play my hidden immunity idol next tribal. She leaves camp so the others will believe she is retrieving it.

Abi tells us in a confessional; “If you tell a lie long enough everyone starts to believe it. And I am convinced in my own lie. Even I am believing myself right now.”

Tribal Council

Jeff speaks in a grave tone; “We’ll now bring in the members of our jury. RC, Jeff, Artis, Pete, and Penner voted out at the last Tribal Council.

Tribal Council is a normal tribal unlike so many this season.

Malcolm is glad to have the Immunity Necklace.
Carter asks the tribe to keep him since he deserves it.
Skupin says to vote off Carter would be like voting off one of his kids.
Lisa tells Jeff that she wants to sit next to somebody she can beat. “Why make it harder than you have to.
Abi reminds everyone that she plans to play her hidden immunity idol tonight. Denise and Malcolm wonder about its validity.

Jeff states; “The six of you have survived 33 days in this game, one of you will not live to see day 34. It is time to vote. Carter you’re up.”

The Dangrayne tribe votes.

Jeff states; “I’ll go tally the votes.”

“If anybody has the Hidden Immunity Idol, and you want to play it, now would be the time to do so.”

Abi sits motionless and stone-faced.
Carter smiles.

"OK, once the votes are read, the decision is final. the person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately."

"I’ll read the votes."

"First vote: Carter
Two votes Carter
Three votes Carter
13th person voted and 6th member of the jury.
Carter, that’s 4, you need to bring me your torch.

Carter, the tribe has spoken."
Carter walks off into the darkness.

"Well, You’ve made it to the final 5.
The smaller the numbers get the more difficult the game becomes.

Grab your torches and head back to camp."

Thanks for taking time to read my take on last week’s episode. We need a writer for this coming weeks episode.

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suzzee 4956 desperate attention whore postings
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12-11-12, 10:54 AM (EST)
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1. "RE: S25 Philippines Episode 12: Two boxes of Kleenex and a Snotty Shirt"
Great play by play kircon. In a classic from Abi,

Abi tells us in a confessional; “If you tell a lie long enough everyone starts to believe it. And I am convinced in my own lie. Even I am believing myself right now.”

Her most lucid statement ever and her life in a nutshell.

Coronation by Tribe

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kingfish 16088 desperate attention whore postings
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12-11-12, 09:06 PM (EST)
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2. "RE: S25 Philippines Episode 12: Two boxes of Kleenex and a Snotty Shirt"
And there it is.

Sometimes the best presentation is the most straight forward one.

Thanks Kirkie.

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MissMyth 352 desperate attention whore postings
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12-14-12, 06:49 PM (EST)
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3. "RE: S25 Philippines Episode 12: Two boxes of Kleenex and a Snotty Shirt"
Good summary! I liked your comments on the loved ones visit. I thought there were a lot of real emotions at play there.

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