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"S24 One World Ep 8 Summary: Mirror Mirror, Who's In Charge"
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kircon 3239 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Car Show Celebrity"

04-08-12, 03:53 AM (EST)
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"S24 One World Ep 8 Summary: Mirror Mirror, Who's In Charge"
LAST EDITED ON 04-09-12 AT 01:48 PM (EST)

Welcome to the wonderful world of Summaryland. I am glad you are spending some time with us. Each week one of our members volunteers their time to present us with an entertaining summary of the past weekís show. Thank you all who have given us your time and great snark.

If you need daily snark about Survivor, check out RollDdiceís weekly thread called ďBe The SurvivorĒ. This weekís thread is: ďBe The SurvivorĒ: S24 Ep08: ďThe Revolution Will Be Televised and Sponsored By The UnColaĒ

I love Survivor. I love writing. I love fairy tales. Many of my summaries have been loosely based on fairy tales. There seems to be quite a few showing up on TV and the Big Screen. I have not watched any version of these. Any similarity to any current show or movie is purely coincidental. Who has time for any of that stuff? I spend enough time keeping track of my Reality Shows. Well enough of kirconís ramblings, letís get on with the show!

Mirror Mirror, Whoís In Charge?

The king was restless last night, he wondered what was happening on his beloved island and what new turns his One World experiment was taking. He entered a dark room, walked up to a large cabinet and opened the double doors. He looked in to a full size mirror and spoke:

Mirror mirror on the wall,
I want to see my favorite show of all.

A voice emitted from deep within the mirror.

My king Burnett, whom I adore,
Ask my brother whoís at the shore.
He will catch you up, and more.

The king turns a dial beneath the Old Mirror. He speaks.

Mirror Mirror on the shore,
Catch me up, I do deplore.
Whose alliance will soon be oíer?
Whoíll be sent packing from your shore?

The mirror sizzled and sounded the familiar shell call.
You know the one; your heart skips a beat when you hear it.

My King Burnett honors me today.
You divided the teams between men and women.
And sent them on their way.
Nine Manono men against nine Salani women.

The men started strong and then the women caught up.
You threw in the Easter egg switch
Boy what a wallop!
The Greek gods against the Misfits.

Before you ask here are the tribes:
NuSalani Greek godsí tribe - Chelsea, Jay, Kat, Kim, Michael, Sabrina, Troyzan
NuManono Misfit tribe - Colton, Jonas, Alicia, Christina, Tarzan, Leif

The Misfits blindly followed Colton
Until he was med-vacíd from the game.
The remaining 12 are fighting for a million,
Surprise, the final merge has been proclaimed.

Psssst! Whispered the Mirror. Come closer to the screen, Iím tired of rhyming. Iíll give you all the dirt I know.
NuSalani kept strong and united. The Misfits were at the mercy of Colton. I think he was meaner than Russell. But, low and behold, he became very sick and had to be flown to a hospital. Kim started thinking about her options with the Greek gods or the women. The men were at each otherís throats. Tarzan threw dirty underwear into Chelseaís clean wash. I think we have a new Survivor quote; I donít even need to say it. Chelsea wants to see Tarzan gone, but thinks he would be good to take to the end. At Tribal, they voted off Jonas. I donít get it, but Iím not the one in charge you are.

The mirror straightens up and speaks.

The game is afoot and I shant go on.
Just keep watching and reading kircon.

The sun rises over Tikiano beach on day 21.
Jay and Troyzan are on their way to collect tree mail.
Jay tells Troyzan, I think a girl has to go or these girls will overpower us.
Troyzan and Jay walk into camp and hold a 7-up bottle high. They read a clue about going downhill, heart racing, winning, and relieving stress. They walk into the reward and see Jeff and a huge water slide.

Jeff quickly tells them what they will be doing. Slide down the slide, run into the ocean, pick up a puzzle crate, and bring it back to your platform. As each member slides down, they will be helped by those ahead of them. Be the first to collect all 7 crates and form them into a completed puzzle cube and you will win reward.

Want to know what you are playing for? Jeff pulls the cover off a cooler of ice cold 7-Up. You will be taken to the 7-up oasis. You will have a BBQ. Steak, burgers, pie, and as much clean, crisp, refreshing, 7-up that you can drink. Iíll give you one bottle to share right now. We will pick teams and begin. Tarzan is sitting out. Jay, Troyzan, Kat, Alicia, and Chelsea are taking on Mike, Kim, Sabrina, Christina, and Leif.
For an afternoon BBQ at the 7-up Oasis. Survivors Ready! Go!

The race is neck & neck as Jeff mentions several times. The team of Mike, Kim, Sabrina, Christina, and Leif wins. They collect their cooler of pop and head off for reward. The others head back to camp.

The winning team stuffs themselves, Kim and Sabrina lay out by the pool while the men & Christina continue to eat.

Kim looks into the pool and asks:

Mirror Mirror in the pool
Answer me and donít be cruel.
Who should my final 3 be?
Help me not to look a fool.

The mirror answered:

Look beside you, there might be.
One who could be your final three.

Kim whispers to Sabrina, come lay by me.
I can think now after that meal. Itís nice to have a brain again.

Sabrina asks how far ahead in the game Kim is thinking. She responds, very far, what do you think? Sabrina says, I would just like three there.
Kim jumps in and says; me, you, and Chelsea. It has to be all girls. We get rid of Mike by telling Troyzan Mike is trying to get rid of him and we canít let him start a revolution. That leaves us with 6 girls to 4 boys. If we vote together, we could change the game. Everyone believes we are Salani strong and then we just annihilate them.

Back at camp Jay asks:

Mirror Mirror on the tree,
Whoís the next to go?
Manono Mike or Christine of Salani
Who gets the big heave-ho?

Before he receives an answer, he hears the talk around the fire deciding who should go next. The girls believe that Mike is the Biggest Threat.
Jay is trying to quietly convince Troyzan that Michael is important to their Manono alliance, sub set alliance of Manono (Jay, Michael, Troyzan), NuSalini Greek gods alliance, and cross alliance of the Greek godís (Chelsea, Jay, Kim, Troyzan). We need to be on the same page. But he runs out of time.

Michael and Leif carry in their cooler of Un-Colas. They want to share them with the rest of the tribe. Whoops and hollers from those left behind, sounds of bottles being opened, and the final reward of ahhhhhhhhhh.

Troyzan sneaks away to the beach.

Mirror Mirror on the beach,
Did my tribe make a new plan?
Or are we being led away by a leash
By the women of this clan.

There was no answer for this man called Troyzan.

After a night of wind, rain, and little fire, the tribe of many alliances starts its day to Tarzan taking a piece of bamboo wall and chopping it up for fire. Several people talked to him about it. He hones in on Chelsea and believes she has slighted him. Iím not stupid, I didnít steal it, stop subliminally harassing me. He follows her into the jungle. Chelsea, I know why you are aggressive towards me. You had a bad experience with your plastic surgery. You hate your plastic surgeon. Donít you? You are projecting those thoughts onto me because Iím a plastic surgeon. Are you sure, there is not a deep seeded resentment toward surgeons? I have done nothing to cause this type of Ö Ö Ö

Mirror Mirror in my mind,
How can this man be so blind?
Do I take out the irritant?
Or do I take out the biggest threat?

Think with your head O Chosen One.
Look at who is the biggest threat.
Tarzan is out of favor with all,
There is no need to fret.

*Lightning strikes and booms*
A storm is brewing.

Tarzan finds the mirror and begins.

Mirror Mirror, hereís my story.
I have been unfairly maligned. I have been trained to examine faces and bodies and not their trimmings. ďIt is of the highest importance in the art of detection to be able to recognize, out of a number of facts, which are incidental and which are vital. Otherwise, your energy and attention must be dissipated instead of concentrated.Ē*

All that is coming from the mirror is a blank stare.

The man continues; I am being subliminally harassed. I donít trust that women. I donít trust the women. Women are never to be entirely trusted. What have I done to get this type of treatment?

The mirror shows an image:

A boiling pot of water with laundry in it.
A boiling pot of water with Tarzanís underwear.

Are you going to answer me? Shouts the wet hairy man.
He walks back into camp and starts shouting at his next victim, Leif.

The storm blows through.
On day 22, underneath a large rainbow, Kim and Troyzan head off for tree mail. She starts her plan into action.

Troy, I thought you should know that Mike is planting the seed in several minds that you are going to win. And like, we canít let you last that long or you will win. And Iím afraid he might pull away Alicia and Christina and if he gets one other vote, you would be gone, and then the rest of us will follow. Letís blindside him. Letís not tell him. We need to make him feel really sure that he is staying. The four of us to the end. OK? You need your game face when we get back to camp and read the tree mail.
Kim reads the tree mail, which talks about angles, balance, and concentration for the immunity challenge.

Jeff calls the castaways into the challenge. He takes back the Immunity Necklace from Troyzan. He calls: Once again, immunity is back up for grabs.
For todayís challenge, you will race across a wooden ladder bridge while moving bags of puzzle pieces along a twisting rope. The first four to cross the finish line will use the puzzle pieces to finish a complicated 60 wooden block puzzle. First, to finish wins immunity. They will be safe at tonightís vote. Guaranteed a one in ten shot at a million dollars. Losers have Tribal Council where one of you will be voted out. Weíll draw for spots.

Survivors ready! Go!

Jay, Kim, Troyzan, and Alicia move into the final leg. Jay who hates puzzles used a slow and steady method to complete the puzzle and win Immunity.

Back at camp Jay hangs his immunity necklace up. He goes into the jungle to find the mirror.

Mirror Mirror in the jungle,
What am I to do?
Do I vote with the girls?
Or keep my Manono ties at Tribal Council?

Hey, you guys, I think the Mirror is broke, itís not giving any more answers.

Kim replies, Iíll give it a try.

Mirror Mirror before me now
Is it time to keep my vow?
To the women should I be true?
Or give my allegiance to NuSalani2?

The mirror responds with a picture of Jay walking with Mike.
Kim leaves to check with the girls where Mike and Jay went.

As she walks, she calms herself.
I must not panic, I will be cool.
We cannot send a girl home.

She finds Michael and Jay collecting wood.
What are yíall thinking?
Jay starts to tell her what happened with Chelsea.
Kim blurts out; Letís vote out Christina to make everyone happy.
Alicia, Christina, Leif and Tarzan are all the same.
Michael chimes in, then weíll vote out the rest and that will keep us for four more votes. Thatís a plan.

Michael treks into the jungle to find the mirror.

Mirror Mirror dark and green,
Show me truth and not a smokescreen.
Can I relax within my alliance?
I feel safe so I need no guidance.

Michael walks away without looking at the mirror.
I guess we will never know what the mirror was showing him.

Michael joins the other 10 as they trek to the Tribal Council.
Jeff introduces a clean-shaven Jonas as the first member of the jury. He then starts to fire questions at them.

Iím looking for a truthful response. Who here is genuinely sure they are not going home. No one speaks up. I am amazed. So that means that there are several alliances and all of them feel very solid and very loyal.

Tarzan starts chuckling.
Jeff asks; do you get a kick out of the fact that no one is worried.
It means that someone is very good at deceiving. Someone is being played.

Kim, where is the confidence coming from?
Jeff, I think that there are people that think they are part of an alliance that they are not really part of. Thatís where the confusion is setting in. We all had our first alliance but then we had time to develop new relationships when we switched tribes. I think you have to keep your options open and know when to stick with a plan.

Chelsea that seems like a carefully crafted answer. What do you think?
I think that in a way, you want to be aligned with two groups, maybe even three. And see which one has more trust and keep yourself with the majority. So maybe itís good to have more options.

Alicia, how can you keep track of so many alliances?
Itís really hard because we still donít know who is aligned with who. It will take a couple more votes to see who is loyal with whom. And who is the one on top.

Tarzan raises his hand. I hate to tell you Jeff, but weíre all playing you. We know how important tonight is and to tell you more would be to revel too much, and that would ruin the whole thing. So the game is afoot and that is why we are ambiguous itís our best bet and therefore you are being played.

So Iím being played tonight? Jeff points to himself.
You bet growls Tarzan. You are being played.
The entire tribe laughs
Kat adds that Tarzanís rantics are called ďYou got TarzanídĒ
Jeff points to himself again and ask? I got Tarzaníd?
The entire tribe agrees and says it happens every night.

With that said, itís time to vote.
You cannot vote for Jay. Everybody else is fair game.
Itís time to vote.

The eleven members of the Tikiano tribe votes.

Iíll go tally the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and wants to play it, now would be the time to do so?
Once I read the votes, the decision is final. The person with the most votes will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately.

Iíll read the votes.

Two votes for Christina
Two votes for Tarzan

Two votes for Mike

Michael looks worried; maybe I should not have trusted the women.
Three more votes for Michael.
Michael looks very confused. He canít believe what just happen.

Bring me your torch Michael.
Jeff snuffs the flame.
The tribe has spoken. It is time for you to go.
Michael walks out shaking his head. I knew it would become a man-woman thing, but I didnít think it would start tonight. I thought I had a good thing with the women, I guess I didnít.

Jeff tells the fractured tribe; You came in confident that you were not in danger. If three of you receiving votes doesnít shake the confidence of the group, nothing will. Grab your torches and head back to camp. Good night.

The mirror fades to black.

My dear king Burnett
You are now up to date.
This seems to be the best season yet,
See you next Wednesday, donít be late.

The great king shut the doors to the mirror and went to bed. He laid his head on his pillow. He dreamt of new ideas to test out on his beloved show and new sponsors beside.

And now my loyal reader, you will gain your reward. You will find out who the Mirror is. Not even the king knows.

Just ask the mirror this question.

Mirror Mirror on my screen
Who is the power behind you?
Unto most, are you unseen?
But kircon found out the truth about you.
My dear readers you will be pleased
To find out the man behind the mirror
Is none other than our favorite dimpled host,
Emmy award winner, Mr. Jeff Probst.

And the moral of the story:

Be careful what you tell yourself in the mirror. You never know who is standing behind it.

*Tarzan did not say this quote; I found the quote in ďThe Reigate PuzzleĒ. It sounds like something he would say and just as confusing.

Edit to add: My graphics Master is tribephyl. Thank You Sir!

Thanks for spending your time with me. Come back next week for another summary.

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 Mirror mirror in the jungle kingfish 04-08-12 2
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Aruba 1891 desperate attention whore postings
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04-08-12, 09:58 AM (EST)
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1. "RE: S24 One World Ep 8 Summary: Mirror Mirror, Who's In Charge"
One of the more original Summaries ever posted.

Can't imagine how much time it took, so major props for the effort!

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kingfish 16088 desperate attention whore postings
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04-08-12, 10:28 AM (EST)
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2. "Mirror mirror in the jungle"
LAST EDITED ON 04-08-12 AT 03:11 PM (EST)

I thoroughly enjoyed that, Kircon, you brought Storybrook to Bashers. Kudos. Perhaps the Mirror should be a BTS character. Then you could do this every week. Every day if you wanted.

"Mirror mirror in the jungle,
About whom will Tarzan grumble?

Which bloke is next for evacuation,
And will Kat catch the constipation.

Who's going to be Tarzan'd come next TC,
Maybe Kim, or Malicia, or even Chelsea?"

When you look in the mirror, what do you see?
A fool whose every bit as foolish as me.

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caseymagoo 59 desperate attention whore postings
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04-08-12, 11:31 AM (EST)
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3. "RE: S24 One World Ep 8 Summary: Mirror Mirror, Who's In Charge"
Amazing summary - really fun to read. loved this part -

Jay is trying to quietly convince Troyzan that Michael is important to their Manono alliance, sub set alliance of Manono (Jay, Michael, Troyzan), NuSalini Greek gods alliance, and cross alliance of the Greek godís (Chelsea, Jay, Kim, Troyzan). We need to be on the same page. But he runs out of time.

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MissMyth 352 desperate attention whore postings
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04-08-12, 08:17 PM (EST)
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4. "RE: S24 One World Ep 8 Summary: Mirror Mirror, Who's In Charge"
Lordymercy, they're gonna need magic mirrors and crystal balls and Tarot cards to keep up with all the alliances, side alliances, subset alliances.

Clever idea kircon, with all the fancy photo work!

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suzzee 4956 desperate attention whore postings
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04-09-12, 10:26 AM (EST)
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5. "RE: S24 One World Ep 8 Summary: Mirror Mirror, Who's In Charge"
Standing Ovation for kircon, Queen of Summaryland, totally enjoyed the tale.

Tarzan, so clueless he's Man-Kat. hilarious

Chelsea, running a close second to Man-Kat. She's going to keep spilling strategies until she gets the heave-ho.

Burnett, get over here and clean up my beach.

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