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"S23 South Pacific ep 9 Summary: The Once, Second, Third and Future King"
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kircon 3239 desperate attention whore postings
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11-13-11, 08:22 PM (EST)
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"S23 South Pacific ep 9 Summary: The Once, Second, Third and Future King"
Once upon a time King Burnett of the land of Reality TV decided to throw a contest to see if two more princes were ready to rule his kingdom. Right now Sir Jiffy is the closest one ready to take over. The king has given me, Queen kircon, the ability to challenge him. I have set him up with a daytime talk show. For 11 years, he has survived the jungles, deserts, and island life. How well can he survive the unseen world of daytime TV? We will see. But that is not the tale for today.

The Once, Second, Third and Future King

Now is the time for Redemption for Sir Coach and Sir Oz. They both have been challenged twice before. Neither won the game. They have their third and final chance to prove to their father that they are worthy to rule the kingdom. One is a strong dragon slayer who rules the land and his brother the great lover who rules the sea. Both have great qualities. Only one can rule.

To speed them on their way, we will give them equal people to serve their cause. We will test their weakness and allow them to find their strength.

King Burnett decreed:

ďLet us send them to a deserted island deep in the south Pacific for 39 days.
They will challenge themselves and each other until one winner is declared.
If they make it to the end, they will be worthy to rule my kingdom.Ē

We need a secluded arena. Samoa seems like a good fit. So were off. Sixteen Survivors were sent to help the Princes. They have been handpicked to challenge and encourage.

A strong warrior woman was given to Sir Coach. She challenged him from the start. She told him he was a temporary player. He accepted the challenge. He would outlast her. Once again, he will hunt and kill the dragon.

Given to the other prince Sir Oz were women of great beauty. He has no problem with providing or caring for his tribe. He is the dolphin god who climbs trees. However, he must overcome his Don Juan obsession or suffer the same fate.

To catch you up on the story, I will tell you what happened previously on Survivor.
Dame Christine was cast off second and ruled Redemption Island until Sir Oz was banished there. The great warrior Dame Christine never stood a chance in a battle with the Mighty Oz. Now all the prince had to do was wait for a tribal merge.

The princeís wish came true. On day 19, the two tribes merged and Sir Oz was brought back into the fold to continue the game. The prince told us, Iím alive but itís deadlocked, a 6-6 tie. I am going to send my Jester Cochran to the other side to become a double agent. He will bring back information for me to use to defeat my brother and win a chance to become king. Nothing can fail. I think I will see what Whitney is doing.Ē

Sir Oz has found out the hard way that you do not send a jester to do a soldiers work. This is the way it worked out:

The jester had returned the immunity necklace back to his master. Sir Oz and Sister MamaDawn won immunity from being voted out that night. Sir Coach seduced Jester Cochran to join forces with his tribe. I will not treat you as a jester. I will allow you to stand up and be a man. I will call you Cochran. At Tribal, Sir Oz forgot what he was doing as he became beguiled by Whitney and gave her the necklace. She did not receive a vote. Keith did. It was a 6-6 tie as Sir Oz thought. Jester Cochran was emboldened by how honorable Sir Coach was. He forgot all his research and what happens to turncoats. Sir Ozís Jester switched votes and tribes and sent his own tribe mate Keith to Redemption Island. Sir Coach put an arm around the Jester and promised him protection. ďYou will sleep between me and my masseuse, Edna the Shadow. Donít worry, Oz might be all-seeing, but I am all-doing. To stir the pot, Sir Jiffy told the tribe as they were leaving, that was the biggest move in the game so far, but watch out, there is more game to come.

Back at Te Tunaís camp on night 21, the Jester had to face his former owner and tribe mates. Sir Oz took Jester Cochran to a remote area. He was civil and polite, trying to understand why his loyal servant would choose his brother over him. ďWhatís up man? I put myself on the line for you and you stabbed me in the back sooooo hard.

Back at camp Sir Coach was worried about the Jester. He sent his pit-bull, Brandon to sniff out where they were. Brandon the pit-bull knows his stuff and can smell fear a mile away. He quickly found the pair.

WooF! WooF! WooF!

Chill out man, said the quiet prince as he tried to calm the beast.
WooF! Iím just making sure no one gets aggressive with him. WooF!
The prince told the pit-bull they were just talking. ďWeíre not gangsters! Weíre just talking. Heís ok.Ē
Shew! Go home boy! Coachie has a treat for you. Go home.

The prince takes a deep breath! *pause* Why?

The jester tells his master, I did it for self preservation.
I didnít want to pick a stone out of a bag.
I didnít study for 11 years to go home now.

Self-preservation? Sir Oz laughs, Thatís how a wiener-dog plays. Thatís the easy way out.

As Sir Oz turns to leave, his dog of protection begins growling. grrrrRRRRRR! Out of the shadows creeps Jim-bo, a large German shepherd.
Youíre a poor excuse for a man. Donít ever talk to me again.
The prince shouts: Down Jim-bo! Come! The large dog follows.

The Jester now has to deal with the woman who received the Immunity necklace but did not need it. The Lovely Whitney starts lashing out. You threw us under the bus. They are now going to pick us off one by one. You *bleep* disgust me. You will never be more than a *bleep* Jester. Go to your *bleep* new tribe. We have no *bleep* use for you anymore. The lovely Whitney then leaves.

The Jester stands alone, dejected, hungry, and afraid of what will happen. He walks back to the camp. Brandon the pit-bull calls out to him, ďCome join us buddy. Are you ok?Ē
The Jester admits he is confused over what happen. He is glad he started on the path of Manhood. His mamma didnít want him to touch any sharp things. He did and he can now open a coconut with a machete. Sir Coach tells him he will help him become a man. But on the other side, he has to put up with his tribe shunning him. O woe is me!

Day 22, The sun rises on the beach at Tu Tunaís camp. There is a solitary figure leaning against the flag. The Dragon Slayer walks into the sunlight. He looks to the sky: Today is a day for celebration. It is a day to walk on the beach and say a little prayer. Our Upolu tribe stood strong against all odds. My brotherís Jester joined our side. The side of goodness and honor. I feel if I can be confident and not arrogant, if I can be humble and not weak, I have a shot to become King. It is time to grab the dragon by the throat.

Sir Coachís hand grabs something in the air and starts to tremble. The shaking becomes quite violent. Can he hold on?

The entire tribe has been called to an immunity challenge. Sir Jiffy takes back the two Immunity necklaces.

Once again, Immunity is back up for grabs.

I do not want to cause discomfort to my readers with the disgusting details. I will just tell you the highlights. Each Castaway will toss a coconut and attempt to land them in a ring. The first four to do so will move onto the final round. The winners of this round are Sister MamaDawn, The Lovely Whitney, Jim-bo the German shepherd, and Lady Sophie. Now comes the disgusting part. The final round consists of cracking coconuts with a rock. Collecting a mouthful of coconut water and then climbing through a two-story obstacle tower. They will jump or slide down a pole, run to a tube, and then spit what coconut water is still in their mouth to fill their tube. The main battle is between Jim-Bo and Lady Sophie. The Lady starts to gag allowing Jim-Bo to fill his tube and win individual immunity for the next vote.

Brandon the pit-bull is sharing the vote for the night with the rest of the Upolu tribe. Itís Sir Ozzy for tonight. How many chances do you get to vote him out of the game? Well, said the Jester, at least two times. Brandon looked at him not understanding because this was the first time for the pit-bull. After a bit of time, the pit-bull finally realized that Sir Oz had been voted out before. ďOh yah, thatís right.Ē This made the Jester laugh igniting the rest of the Upolu tribe.

In another part of the jungle, the two brothers were having a family meeting. I donít want to go. All I can offer is who I am, spoke Sir Oz. Sir Coach told his brother, I donít want you to go either. Indeed, you will be back. This contest is about us. Iím convinced of it. Iíll try, chokes the young prince. The two hug a brotherly hug and then go their separate ways.

Sir Coach writes a note to his father the King:

Sir, I have seen my younger brother grow and mature on his third journey.
He does not have the cockiness that preceded him.
There is humbleness about him. I see humility.
I am not sure if it is fake, too late or born out of desperation.
Marcus Aurelius said; Some of the greatest inspiration is born out of desperation.
There is hope Father.

Your son in service
Sir Coach

Sir Oz heads to his comfort, the ocean. He finds his dog Jim-bo and The Lovely Whitney are already soaking their wounds. Jim-bo is excited. I have a plan that I will share at Tribal tonight, I will give you the necklace and ask everyone to vote for the Jester. I see no reason for this not to happen. Just donít say no.
What a good friend you are Jim-bo. He pats the large dog on the head. That makes me want to cry.

Everyone leaves the beach except Sir Oz. He looks out over the calm sea. I feel like Iím dreaming. I know Jim-bo well and if he says he will give me the Immunity necklace, I know he will. He is faithful. The young prince looks up and sees a rainbow form. I will never give up as long as I live, especially on Survivor.

Prince Jiffy is holding court in the Tribal Council. He is dressed in his trademark blue shirt. As soon as the last person sits, he starts firing questions.

The theme of the last two tribalís were BIG moves.
Jester Cochran what was the reaction to your huge move?
Who on your tribe barked the loudest?
How did you deal with the actions of Jim-bo?
What are you going to do now?

Let me talk sir. I am not going to pull rocks from a bag. That happened last in season 4, I am not going to pull rocks. I have studied this game and I am not going to pull rocÖ..

Sir Jiffy interrupts and calls on the large dog, Jim-bo, who is starting to foam at the mouth. We have saved the Jester week after week. He has done a dishonorable thing. I have gotten to know the other tribe. They talk honor and would not let other people fight their battles like the Jester has. WOOF! They are taking a dishonorable Jester into their tribe.

Woof! Woof! Jeff! Woof! Woof! Jeff!
The smaller pit-bull named Brandon speaks. Last week they made fun of us for playing with honor and integrity. The proof is in the puddiní. Itís poetic justice to me. The little guy is tired of being kicked around. Weíre not going to take it anymore. The entire tribe stands behind Cochran. Period. Woof! Woof! WOOF!

Sir Jiffy sits up and takes control of the room.
So Jim-bo, you are in some position. You have immunity tonight. What are you thinking? Any big moves?

Jim-bo sits up. This is his chance to sway the vote. This is his chance to influence Sir Coach. When I won immunity, my first thought was to give it to Oz.
Coach swings his head around; everyone is looking at Jim-bo. The smaller dogís eyes have grown to the size of dinner plates.
Now is my chance.
Woof woof & woof woof, warrior. Woof woof Woof woof & woof woof honor. Woof woof & woof woof warrior. Woof woof warrior. Woof woof Ö
If we vote out the Jester, we can send a message to everyone who plays in the future, that the contest can be played with honor, and turncoats will not be tolerated.

Sir Coach is deep in thought over what Jim-bo said. Sir Jiffy asks the wise dragon slayer what he thinks.

I sit up a little straighter when I hear warrior and honor. That is all I hear. If we vote out Cochran the man tonight, it will send a signal to those future players. If you stick up for yourself, you will get screwed. I will not allow that to happen to Cochran the man or set that edict.

Sir Jiffy turns to Lady Sophie and asks; Does it matter who is voted out tonight. The wise lady responds; It doesnít matter because we are not really eliminating anyone for sure. (I say AMEN to that sister. Time for Redemption Island to make its last appearance. Now back to the tale.)

So one pressing question before we vote,
Sir Jiffy looks at the large German shepherd named Jim-bo.
Jim-bo you have the immunity necklace, as you know you can assign it to someone. You talk of honor, what are you going to do?
Everyone is looking at Jim-bo, Sir Oz believes he will receive the necklace. He is smiling. Jim-bo clears his throat, ah, umm, ah, he sinks into his seat. I am going to keep it to save myself. Woof, arf, arf, squeak squeak.

Sir Oz sits a little straighter; he is ready to face his future. Sir Coach is proud of his younger brother.

You cannot vote for Jim-bo. Everyone else is fair game.

Itís time to vote.

All the castaways make their way to the voting urn.
Sir Jiffy tallies the votes and reminds everyone that once the name is read, that person has to go to Redemption Island. Immediately! Jiffy begins reading the votes.

9th person voted out of Survivor South Pacific Again!: Sir Oz!
Bring me your torch.

Sir Oz smiles and tells the tribes, You did exactly what I wanted. I will not be feeding 11 people. Just myself. I will grow in strength. I will give each of you a good meal and then win the challenge and send you on your way. I will be back. The young prince looks to his older brother, points to him, receives a wink, turns and deposits his torch before Sir Jiffy. Letís try this one more time Jeff.

Sir Oz, the tribe has spoken. He smothers the torch says; Once again, you will be able to reenter the game. Grab your torch and head out. You know the way.

The young prince turns and shouts; You better believe it.
He grabs his smoking torch and bounds down the stairs into the darkness.

In disbelief Sir Jiffy tells the remaining castaways; All I can say is Grab your torches and head back to camp.

The sun rises on day 23 over Redemption Island. We see Sir Oz in his element, water. He once again can be the dolphin god. He dives down 20 feet to catch the biggest fish he has caught. He brings breakfast, lunch, and dinner back to the camp and shares it with Keith. We will be eating well today, I wander what the tribe is eating?...

Sir Jiffy calls; Come on in. Are you ready to get to todayís Immunity Challenge. First things first! Jim hand back the immunity necklace. Jiffy hangs it back on the post.

Once again, Immunity is back up for grabs! For todayís challenge, each person will stand on a very narrow beam while balancing a ball on a wooden bow. On my say you will move further down the beam to a narrower point. If at any point, the ball drops or you fall off the beam, youíre out of the challenge. The last person left standing wins immunity and is safe from Tribal Council tonight.

But wait! For today, you can choose to dine on this. Jiffy removes a cover to show the tribe pastries and iced coffee. The tribe is excited to see the sweets.

But wait! There is a twist to the challenge. If you are so confident that you will not be voted out tonight, sit out this challenge and feast on sweets.

Jim-bo the shepherd, Sister MamaDawn and the Lovely Whitney choose to compete in the challenge. As soon as the challenge begins, the feast also begins. The six former Upolu members and Cochran the man, start to devour the sweet feast. They are enjoying the muffins and iced coffee. Sir Jiffy keeps reminding the three playing for immunity to not listen to the sounds of food being enjoyed and eaten. Donít think about the sweet tasteÖ

Jim-bo loses his balance and his ball falls to the ground. He is not a happy camper.

The pit-bull Brandon encourages Sister MamaDawn to stay focused. She promises to stay in as long as she can, so the others can enjoy the food as long as possible. "I really feel like itís one tribe right now.Ē Sir Coach replies, Sister MamaDawn has been incredible. The next round declares a winner. The Lovely Whitney was able to stay on the beam longer while successfully balancing her ball. Sir Jiffy puts the immunity necklace around her neck and tells her she is the individual immunity winner.

On the 24th day, the Jester Cochran the man walks by Sir Coachís outer garment and canít help himself. He puts on the coat and hat and falls back into his old lifestyle. The Jester struts into camp and puts on a show. Almost everyone laughs. Jim-bo believes the Jester is playing the best 3rd place game ever. But I have another idea.

The German shepherd Jim-bo finds Lady Sophie and Soon-to-be Prince Albert strategizing. Can I share my last plan with you?

Here is how I see it. Sir Coach has the loyalty of that little dog Brandon, Edna the Shadow, Invisible Cowboy Rick, and the turncoat Jester. You two are the only ones not drinking the kool-aid and not in the cult. With your two votes and our three votes, we could vote off Edna the Shadow and no one would notice. Let me know what you think.

The walk to Tribal Council was somber except for Jester Cochran. As he strutted into Tribal, the host, Sir Jiffy stifled a laugh.

Letís get to it.

Sir Coach, is it fair to assume that since the Lovely Whitney has immunity, it is Jim-bo the German shepherd or Sister MamaDawn going home tonight.
Sir Coach: Yes absolutely
Lady Sophie, who would you pick? They are both strong but I would pick Jim-bo. Every time!
Soon-to-be Prince Albert if you had to choose, do you think Sister MamaDawn is more likeable? Yes and I think she is the strongest woman this season, an opposing prescence.
Sister MamaDawn is this what your tribe Savai would have done if you were in the ruling tribe? Yes but I donít think I would have eaten today. I did see this as one tribe.

Woof! Woof! Jeff! Woof! Woof! Jeff!
Sheís contradicting herself. She said she would stay as long as she could so we could eat. Woof! Woof!
It was just hard for meÖ Woof! Woof! Jeff!
She lies; this is why we are going to pick them off just as they think. They are only being nice because they have to. Woof! Woof! They would be ruthless if they had a chance.
Woof! Woof! I can promise you Jeff! None of us are going to stop until we wipe that tribe off the face of the earth. WOOf! WOOf! WOOf! WOOf!

The Lovely Whitney what do you make of all of this? I donít know why they are vilifying us. I feel we have played the game with honor. We are fighting for our lives. She starts to cry. They donít accept us as real people.

Pit-bull Brandon, doesnít it bother you to see the Lovely Whitney cry. Yes it does. Woof! I have nothing personal against anybody.
WOOf! WOOf! WOOf! *raising his arms and shouting*
But at the same time we were excluded until we got power and then vilified. Itís a no-brainer for me. WOOF!

The Lovely Whitney and Sister MamaDawn are sobbing uncontrollably. Jim-bo tries to consol them but there is too much pain.

All right, I am going to put a stop to this. Itís time to vote.
You cannot vote for the Lovely Whitney.
Sir Jiffy calls out each name and they make the walk to vote.
I will go tally the votes.
Sir Jiffy walks back and reads off the votes.

Tenth person voted of Survivor South Pacific is Jim-bo the German shepherd.
Bring me your torch. Jim-bo, the tribe has spoken. SNUFF!
You will have a chance to get back into the game from Redemption Island. Jim-bo walks into the darkness.

Well, a lot was said tonight.
We will see if anything helps the Lovely Whitney or Sister MamaDawn?
Grab your torches!
Head back to camp!
Good night!

The battle is not over. Remember we are testing two princes to see if they are ready to take over the Kingdom of Reality TV. One has to outlast and control his tribe members to reach the end. One has to defeat each voted off castaway and win a return to the game.
Will we crown one of the princesí?
Will we find a new prince or princess?
Who will be the Once, Second, Third and Future King?
Only time will tell. Meet us back her next week to continue the story.
Thanks for reading my tale.

Do you want more? Check out RollDdiceís: Be The Survivor thread. This weekís title S23 Ep09: ďLet Me Ďsplain It To You LucyĒ

Check out past the Summaries by our very talented writers.
Come back next week to read the next chapter of Survivor 23: South Pacific

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kingfish 16088 desperate attention whore postings
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11-14-11, 10:36 AM (EST)
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1. "RE: S23 South Pacific ep 9 Summary: The Once, Second, Third and Future King"
Very nice Kircon, there was a lot to cover and you did it well. Very imaginative.
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iltarion 1791 desperate attention whore postings
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11-16-11, 01:29 AM (EST)
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2. "RE: S23 South Pacific ep 9 Summary: The Once, Second, Third and Future King"

Props for a unique and enjoyable summary.


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agman 11158 desperate attention whore postings
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11-16-11, 10:44 AM (EST)
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3. "RE: S23 South Pacific ep 9 Summary: The Once, Second, Third and Future King"
Exellent Kircon, you really covered everything perfectlyribbon

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Belle Book 3556 desperate attention whore postings
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11-16-11, 11:40 AM (EST)
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4. "RE: S23 South Pacific ep 9 Summary: The Once, Second, Third and Future King"
Cool summary, Kircon! I have a feeling that Coach is more likely to be the Once, Second, Third and Future King than Ozzy, mainly because Ozzy hasn't learned to fully appreciate the strategic side of the game.

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suzzee 4956 desperate attention whore postings
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11-16-11, 04:20 PM (EST)
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5. "WooF! WooF! WooF! Excellent!"
That was really good kircon. Jim & Brandon LOL WooF! WooF! WooF!

Your Low Rent Island Getaway

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qwertypie 9721 desperate attention whore postings
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11-16-11, 05:24 PM (EST)
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6. "RE: S23 South Pacific ep 9 Summary: The Once, Second, Third and Future King"
You are a hard act to follow. Well done!
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michel 10812 desperate attention whore postings
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11-16-11, 06:44 PM (EST)
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7. "RE: S23 South Pacific ep 9 Summary: The Once, Second, Third and Future King"
Nice summary, Kircon.

We don't need a new king because we have our Queen!
Can we put a muzzle on Brandon?

Thanks Agman!

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