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"Survivor Tocantins Official RTVW Summary - Episode 6: Jobless, Clueless and No One to Love"
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04-04-09, 09:15 PM (EST)
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"Survivor Tocantins Official RTVW Summary - Episode 6: Jobless, Clueless and No One to Love"
LAST EDITED ON 04-05-09 AT 12:48 PM (EST)

The creative process for this season started when Burnett had a talk with Probst:
“The Economy is Bad” said Burnett.
“How bad is it?” asked Probst.
Burnett explained: “Millionaires are applying to do Survivor just so they can go back to living in relative luxury.
The economy is bad. It’s so bad that…
Out of work Actors and Models are tired of starving so they do Survivor to find something to eat.
It’s so bad that…
Ex-NFL stars have to send their wives to work so that they can make ends meet.
Cyclist can’t afford to buy performance enhancing drugs anymore so they try to perform in our challenges instead.
The economy is so bad that we won’t be able to pay the winner.”

Probst said: “Well, maybe we can fix it so the winner is a millionaire that isn’t playing for the money.”
Burnett was pleased: “I see that all these years of training have paid off. Yes, that’s the plan but it won’t be enough: The car curse didn’t only affect the players. The car industry is going down and dragging us along.”
- “What can we do?”
- “Well, there’s one thing we can always count on.”
- “What?”
- “Sex. Men will spend a lot of money when beautiful women are around.”
- “We’ve cast many babes before but they rarely work out.”
- “Exactly! We can use that!”
- “How?”
- “We know that, as soon as they get on Survivor, many cuties get booted. Instead of shipping them out to Loser Lodge, we open up a Bar & Grill in Brazil. Make them work for their stay! We save on the vacation expenses for those losers and the money we make on bar sales can cover our losses from the show.”
- “Why not make a good season that people would want to watch?”
- “Making a good season is much too difficult. Showing boobs always works.”

So, when the season began, Probst had a clear recruiting plan in mind. While tribes wanted to get rid of their weak players, namely Sandy and Sierra, Probst was looking at cleavage to start promoting Burnett’s Bar & Grill:

In episode #1, Jalapeno tried to get rid of Sandy but, during the challenge, Probst kept reminding them that Carolina was slowing them down. At tribal, he had all he needed to change the vote. He asked Carolina: “Don’t you think your bossy attitude is a better reason to vote you out than Sandy’s age?” Carolina and the tribe had to agree.

In Timbits, things were different. While Sierra would have made a nice looking waitress, she was sick and Burnett didn’t want to pay for sick days. Anyway, Probst couldn’t stop staring at Candace.

He knew what customers would want. All that was needed was to let Coach know that Candace wasn’t going to make out with him to get her voted out.

With the Bar business off to a good start, Probst and Burnett had a talk before episode #3.
Jeff said: “I could easily get Erinn out of Timbits and add another good looking waitress to our staff.”
Burnett had other thoughts: “We need a manager for our Bar, someone with authority who will keep our staff in line and can handle rowdy crowds. Jerry would be perfect for the job. Get him voted off.”
Jeff knew how to proceed: “They’ve got beans. That could easily make him sick. If it isn’t enough, we’ll poison his canteen.”

As soon as Jerry was voted off, he was given a cheeseburger to recover and he was sent off to manage the Bar.

By episode #4, Jiffy had a problem: “Sandy is driving me crazy” he told Burnett. He added: “She knows she can’t win the game so she keeps trying to show me that she would fit in as our next hot waitress”

“My eyes!” screamed Burnett. “Get her off my show. Anyway, we need a dishwasher in the bar.”
Jeff wasn’t sure: “I was ready to get Sydney voted off the show.”
- “Who?” asked Burnett. “Is there a Sydney on the show?”
- “She’s the “Hottest Survivor Chick” we have this season.”
- “We can always keep her for later. When our customers get tired of looking at the same girls, we’ll bring her in as the fresh face.”
So, Sandy was sent to wash glasses.

That brought us to episode #5 which seemed like it was ages ago. From what I remember, the women were trying to catch the men but the guys were playing hard-to-get:

Isn’t Taj a married woman? What will Eddie think about this?

Sierra was determined to catch her man

When it came to determine who would be voted off,

Erinn was holding on for dear life in Timbits.

But, it was Jalapeno that was sent to tribal and the vote was between:

Taj, who was trying to keep her balance in the game,

and Spenser who was spinning out of control.

In the end, Spenser left because every Bar & Grill needs a young, good-looking Bartender.

So, now we are left with 11 castaways who are desperately looking for work. There are very few jobs left open in the Bar & Grill so they are using this show as a way of promoting themselves:

First we have:

Coach “I Am Legend”
Conducting a symphony
Dumb – Dumb- Dumb –Dumb…
Dumb – Dumb - Dumb - Dumb

He’s an out-of work Soccer Coach. He would like to make a living either as a Maestro or a TV weatherman but, let’s face it; he couldn’t even make it as an accountant.

2- Erinn:

She wants to be a hairstylist but what style is that?

With lines like: “Who is this guy? He’s just a Jackass!” I think she has a much better future as music critic.

3- Tyson:

The ex-cyclist dreams of finding a team that will have him as coach but he should try out as porn star…Unless that blur is much bigger than it need be.

4- Debbie: She told her school that she needed time off to be on Survivor but, because no one has seen her on the show, she will need to find another job.

She’s trying for a new career as a ballerina or a gymnast but she could soon join Sandy in the Bar’s kitchen.

5- Brendan

Now that most of the millions he’s made in the granola bar industry have evaporated, he invested his remaining savings in starting a travel agency that offers trips to an oasis overlooking the Brazilian Highlands. Not quite 5-Stars accommodations, though.

6- Sierra

Her modeling career took a nose dive when clients realized that she wasn’t even the Hottest Survivor Chick this season. She’s putting her hopes in opening the modeling agency of Reed, Synnott, Fishbach and Johnson.

7- Taj

With CD sales going down, Taj is trying to show that she’s just like Cirie. There are many openings for nurses but she didn’t show good bedside manners when Joe and JT were injured.

8- JT

The farming industry is also going through tough times. JT plans on becoming the first hockey player from Mobile Alabama to make it in the NHL. He even lost a tooth to look more like a real hockey player.

9- Stephen

No one is seeking counsel from this corporate consultant now that they saw that he is only looking out for his own interests. He’s really hoping that Taj will forget about the idol so that he can sell it on e-bay after the game.

10- Sydney

She wants to marry her boyfriend.

11- Joe

His dream is to find the unemployment line.

So, we are finally back from the 5th Tribal Council with Jeff saying that the Jalapenos were worried about losing all their momentum.
Really Jeff, who are you kidding? The Jalapenos are simply tired after walking for 3 weeks to get back to their camp and they see what’s looming in their future: Jury Duty. Who wants that? Ok! Bobby Jon, but besides him? A job in the Bar & Grill is looking pretty good right about now. It would at least pay for bus fare back to camp.

Sure enough, during Night 15 at Jalapeno Taj was saying that they lost another chance and Joe agreed that finding a job will not be getting easier.

At least JT hadn’t given up hope to go far in this game and he was looking at the numbers and thinking of the merge. “Within the tribe, we’re all united. If we lose again, it will be another tough one.”

When the sun came up, Sydney was thinking about her goal: “I may finally go home to marry my boyfriend if we lose again. Unless; do you think they would vote off Taj before me?”

Joe didn’t like hearing Sydney talk about going home. In confessional, he said: “Every time we lose, Sydney thinks she is closer to going home. I got a little thing for Syd. She’s gorgeous and I want to keep her here.”

Joe tried to say something sweet to change Sydney’s mind but the guy isn’t what you’d call smooth: “As far as I’m concerned, you got a free pass to stay in my hut.”

Sydney laughed at him, mockingly said: “Oh! I’m like so excited” and left him standing there.
Joe thought of jumping off the cliff next to the waterfalls so the producers cut the tape to show us the player introductions while they reasoned with him.

Later during Day 16 at Timbits, Coach started analyzing the situation. “Even I can see that my edit is so bad that I don’t think I’ll win any money in this game. What can I do? I know! They have a couple of waitresses, a Bartender, a dishwasher and a manager. What the Bar & Grill needs is a cook! I’ll show them my legendary river water beans.”

Brendan had prepared a pot of beans but Coach said that he hadn’t followed the game plan: “You have to cook them for the whole 60 minutes” he said. “You can’t just simmer them for one half; you need to give your 110% to every bean until the last whistle. Go sit on the bench while I show you how it’s done.”

Debbie, playing arm-chair quarterback, told us: “Today, the beans were finished but Coach wanted to run up the score for no good reason.”

Coach must have heard that because he told us: “The beans are just barely done and that’s when they eat them because they can’t just wait. The beans aren’t over until they are over. I’ll send them all on the bench and do it myself.”

From the bench, Brendan and the others were looking at Coach who was stirring the pot of beans in the rain. “Now, this will give us good ratings” he said. “No way in hell CBS shows this scene…Unless we don’t allow him back in here until he boils the beans.”
I think I heard someone add: “Or he falls into the fire.”

But Coach, despite all his talk, didn’t stay out there under the rain.
Brendan in confessional, said: “That was a selfish decision. The worst part is he didn’t stay out there and tend to the beans. It was another one of those “Coach’s moments.”

It finally stopped raining and Timbits went out to eat their beans. Debbie said: “They taste funny. Some of these beans are like charcoal.”

In a post-cook-out interview, Sierra told us why her team lost the beans: “Eventually, the beans burnt and stuck to the whole entire bottom. We lost a lot of beans. There’s a part of me that’s finally just had it. I’m tired of feeding his needs.”

Coach was still smiling and enjoying the beans but he sensed something was wrong. “Don’t be mad” he told Sierra.
- “I’m just frustrated” she answered, adding “as you would have been to one of us if we had done it.”
- Coach, mockingly: “And the truth shall set you free, Sierra. Go and be free. It’s always about the beans. Beans, beans, beans. It was a combination that I wanted to cook them longer and it started raining. It was just a bad combination, there’s no need to blame anybody. But I will take the full responsibility, I don’t care. I screwed up the beans, my bad; forgive me everyone, especially you Sierra who seems to have the most angst about it.”
- Sierra said: “If you want your beans cooked in a different way, maybe you should make them in a different pot.”

Coach didn’t appreciate being told how to do things. He told us: “I probably won’t make a separate pot for my beans. I can’t believe this is going on over such a trivial subject. We’re at the half way point of the season and we’re still making the same mistakes as in training camp. Screw all this stuff, it’s all meaningless.”

Brendan concluded: “With Coach, there are probably five, six situations like that where Coach has done things and we’re like: “Come on, that’s not really for the best of the team that’s for the best of just you. He does some irritating things but I totally accept it because he is a predictable player and predictable in this game is great.”

We returned to Jalapeno, where JT showed he knew how to cook beans and the tribe simply enjoys them rather than make a whole production about it. In fact, wouldn’t you say JT is pretty much the opposite of Coach? He didn’t plan on being the tribe’s leader, he just led. He didn’t boast about being a renaissance man, he just did everything well. So, I ask: How come Jalapeno is losing?

JT told us: “It’s day 16 and it’s getting strange around here. I am a country boy and it’s hard for me to be mean to people. I’ve been honest with everybody and I hope to stay that way. Hopefully, everyone’s been honest with me as well.”

Just then, we saw his closest ally, Stephen on screen, reminding us that not everyone has been honest with JT. Stephen was about to do more sneaky business as he joined Taj on the hammock.
- “I’m going to tell JT I do have the idol” said Taj.
Stephen didn’t like that idea: “So what does telling him about it accomplish? I think it might make him wary of you.”

Taj had to think about that: “After the last tribal council where Jeff hired Spenser over me, I knew I had JT in our corner.”

She asked Stephen if it would be better to give JT some clues and ask for his help in finding the idol.
Stephen had to consider this: “Taj said she wanted to tell JT about the idol. Until JT knows, I’m basically controlling the information and information is power. If they connect, I may become a less essential part of the loop. Worse, they could hand off the idol to Jeff during tribal and I wouldn’t be able to sell it.”

Taj, wanting to prove that she was a Cirie-type schemer, reminded us that she still had the four person exile alliance and that she just wanted JT on her side to make the merge.
(Taj, you have to giggle if you want to be like Cirie.)

Taj asked Stephen: “Absolutely sure you don’t want to bring JT in?”
Stephen answered “No, I’m not sure at all”.
(You know when a guilty person or a shady consultant says: “No comment”? That’s what Stephen’s answer sounded like)

Because the mailman had been fired due to cut-backs, we didn’t get our usual tree mail, missing out on an opportunity to laugh at some stupid little rhymes. We simply crossed the plains of Brazil to land at the site of the Reward Challenge:

When Pigs Fly

Jeff greeted the job applicants and revealed to Timbits that Spenser had been hired as the new bartender.
Sierra was unhappy to hear that, thinking of all the tips she could have made.
Coach smiled, thinking the job of cook was still open.
Erinn thought it was crazy to hire a 19 year old as bartender.

Jeff explained that today they would be competing in a team building exercise just like big corporations do to have an excuse for wasting money on their top executives.

He went on explaining that they would have 5 minutes to build a barricade within the other tribe’s frames. Those barricades would serve as obstacles when the other team tried to throw ceramic pigs through the frames to their waiting team mates. The team with the most flying pigs making it safely across after 10 minutes would win a reward.
Jeff asked: “Want to know what you’re playing for?”
“A top executive job at CBS” thought a drooling Brendan.
“That will happen only when real pigs fly” said Probst. “No, you’ll be competing for a walk to the nearest waterfall so that you can get washed. You stink. Since there is a barbecue involved, the person from the losing tribe sent to exile island will choose someone from the winning tribe to go along. That means we can save on the cost of 1 meal.”

Timbits had one extra member so Brendan told Jeff that Erinn would sit out.
The teams quickly set out to build the most impenetrable barricades possible.
After 5 minutes, the teams lined up for the throwing of the pigs that had just arrived by wheelbarrow from a local village.

For Jalapeno, Taj would make the first toss to Joe who would then have to make piggy fly through the first frame to JT. Our country boy would then turn around and try to send Miss Piggy through the second frame to Sydney. If the pigskin remained intact, our woodland goddess would then have a simple toss to Stephen, waiting by the pigs’ sty.

Timbits had Debbie first kissing and then handing little piggies, one at a time, to Brendan. He would try to find a hole through the first barricade so that Miss Piggy could reach Tyson. Co-coach would try to send the pigskin to “I Am Legend”. The Renaissance man would then toss it to Sierra who, probably because she had dared stand up to Coach, had been relegated to guarding the sty.

Joe hadn’t really understood the concept because he decided to slaughter all the pigs that Taj was handing him. Brendan, Tyson and Coach had a good rhythm going so Timbits got an early lead. Finally, Joe realized what he had to do and got a few pigs to our country boy. Like Brett Favre, another country boy, JT decided to rifle some pigskins through to an unproven rookie receiver, Sydney. She wowed the crowd by being quite adept at catching the ankle high heat. As Jeff said, “those pigs hurt when they hit your body” so I wonder how Sydney felt about JT’s fastballs!
Jeff thought Sydney and JT had something good going.
Joe said: “Come on, Sydney, you’re the man, you’re the man”
After having a 3 pig lead, Timbits started to fall apart and the JT-Sydney combination managed to make a comeback. Soon, they tied the score at 8-8 and even took a two piggy lead. Joe decided once more to see if the ceramic piggies would make good bacon and started breaking one after the other. In the last minute, Coach caught a pig and, in a grand gesture accompanied with a “we got it”, he threw it over to Sierra for the winning pig.
Final score: 14-13.
(By the way, Craig is the Mole and despite smashing some pigs in celebration, Tyson didn’t find a hidden immunity inside.)

With Timbits having to decide on sending someone to exile, Taj told us: “I don’t want to go to Brendan’s resort again. Everything is in place for us. We have both idols, we have the alliance intact. All I kept thinking was send someone else.”

Brendan obliged by sending Joe to the Exile Sand Dune, probably reasoning that the guy was so dumb he would tell all his friends about the marvelous oasis.
On the rebound from Sydney, Joe decided it was time to go after another girl so he made a pass at Erinn.
Joe tried to show us that he was thinking about the game when he said: “The decision to bring Erinn with me to exile was strategic because, going into a merge, we need somebody to flip” but when he added: “She’s an attractive woman” we knew that the little head was doing the thinking.
Luckily for him, she didn’t have a choice but to pass up a trip to the waterfall.

Heading back to camp, JT told us what he thought about the day’s event: “I’m not worried about a reward, it’s just a reward but if we lose the next immunity and go down 6-4, I may be going to the jury house soon.”

The reward

Arriving at the waterfall, Brendan said: “We saw the typical American low-budget picnic. We busted our butts to make the challenge entertaining and all I got from CBS was a burger, some chips and this god-awful yellow bathrobe.”

Debbie, used to living on a teacher’s salary, found joy in the little things like stuffing her face and being thrown into the lake. She told us: “Manners went out the window. Eating as much as we could, we were like animals.”
Trust Burnett to make a point, we saw a little monkey stuffing its face at the same time as the Timbits.

Coach, being the nice guy that he is, said: “A small part of me feels guilty that Erinn is not here but, in my opinion, she’s lucky to still be in this game. These people in the tribe, these are the people that I would pick to be enjoying this.”

Brendan, trying to make the best of it, said: “All in all, there’s no bickering and it’s good to feel that momentum back, especially this late in the game.”

Exile Island
Day 16

Erinn and Joe arrived at Brendan’s pad after walking up the sand dune. As greeting, the staff had left them 2 urns but only Erinn’s contained a scroll. More budget-cuts, I guess.

If Joe thought Erinn would quickly fall for his charms, he realized that she wasn’t that much into him because she walked away with her clues to the idol. Reading the clue, Erinn said: “It’s very apparent that the idol is not here. (heard that Brendan!) It’s back at camp and, if it’s back at camp, there’s more than 1. Now, I have to figure out: Do I trust Joe, do I not trust Joe because I have no alliances out here. He would be a good ally and, if we were aligned and had two idols, that may not be a bad thing for us.”

Like a lost puppy, Joe kept following Erinn around but, to his defense, Erinn may have been leading him on. One minute she had her pants on and the next she had them off, revealing a little black bikini bottom and a big blur.

Joe tried to see if Erinn had a boyfriend by asking who was her favorite over at Timbits.
Erinn answered: “I don’t know about favorites. Can you have favorites out here?” Leading him on a little more she asked: “How about you?”
Joe, hiding his thing for Sydney, said: “JT. JT’s a good dude.”
Erinn agreed, thinking she could do better than Joe.
Joe asked: “Can we get together?”
Erinn coyly said: “Maybe, I’ll let you know.”

His hopes crushed, Joe went off on his own: “I have no clue what Erinn thinks, what she wants. I don't think I can get her out of those pants. We’ll see how it goes.”

Finally, Erinn told Joe that nothing was going to happen here because all she wanted from him was the idol back in his camp.
“I’ll give you both of them” said a desperate Joe.
(In a little wink back at the Micronesia season, this was said while Joe was handling a piece of wood, a stick. Remember Eliza’s “it can’t be the immunity idol; it’s just a stick.)

Now, stripped to her bikini to turn on the charm, Erinn said: “I decided I was going to ask Joe for his idol. I’m hoping that Joe turns out to be a gullible individual.”
Hearing the clues, Joe said: “It’s at tree mail.”
Realizing that even a fool like Joe could figure out the clues, Erinn warned: “If it’s still there.”
Since Erinn smiled at him and let him hug her, Joe didn’t even want to think about that possibility. All he could think of was: “This couldn’t be any better right now. I nearly got to first base with Erinn and that could rival anything I got back at camp.”

Speaking of the Jalapeno camp, we returned there on Day 16, the day that never ends.

Stephen was talking with Taj.
He said: “When Joe comes back, he’s going to have enough clues to find the idol in thirty seconds. OK, maybe not 30 seconds because we are talking about Joe, but still…”
Taj figured that she needed to go into the Fake Idol business. That business had been reserved to men for too long so an enterprising woman should try it. That way, she could put something in the place of the idol ASAP.
Stephen liked that idea because a good fake idol could sell just as well on e-bay as a real one.
To Taj, he said: “I have some stuff. I have feathers, I have some leather straps…”
(Hey Stevie boy, are you still talking about making an idol or are you into kinky stuff. Remember, Taj is married and, from what I saw, Eddie is much bigger and runs much faster than you.)

Because she didn’t want Joe to know she had the real idol, Taj set out to make that fake idol. First, she needed to take a look at the real one to have an idea on how to make hers look authentic. She went through Stevie’s pants, which, unfortunately for him it seems, Stevie wasn’t wearing at the time and she retrieved the real idol. Stevie didn’t like seeing her take possession of the idol but what could he say?
Taj said: “Hopefully, I will be able to throw Joe off.”
Just then, we saw one of those big rodents that have been lurking around camp and that seem to have more brains than Joe. I think it was to tell us that throwing Joe off wouldn’t be too hard.

Taj showed us the finished product and I must say that it ranks second only to Bob’s fake idols. Yau Man’s coconut with the “II” written on it or Ozzy’s stick with a face, don’t compare.

After being so smart about the fake idol, Taj was dumb about the real one, hiding it in her bag which she left in camp. Right then, JT was ready to go catch some fish so he went to grab an empty bag in the shelter and he just happened to pick up Taj’s bag. Stephen saw that and he looked worried.
JT was pleased to tell us all about it: “I grabbed a bag and, sitting right on top, was the hidden immunity idol. Apparently Taj found the idol.”

He told Stephen about his find and Stephen had to do some quick thinking: “When JT found the idol, I was thinking what the heck do I say? I said I know but I don’t think I had the appropriate amount of shock on my face.”

He told his ally that Taj had just found it and had showed it to him.
JT was happy to see that the game had just changed and that they had a hidden immunity idol at camp.

Stephen told Taj that they needed to let JT know that she had the idol. “I wanted to let Taj know that JT had found the idol in her bag and that we should tell him so that way we could make it look like we are still on the same page.”
So, Taj gave JT the “news” that she had the idol, JT said he had seen it, Taj promised that JT could use the idol if he felt he needed it.
JT said: “Taj just made a promise to me that anytime I may need the immunity idol, she would give it to me. That’s a big promise. Hopefully, she’ll keep it.”
Stephen arrived just then and Taj asked that the three join hands to make a pact to the merge.
Stephen said: “To the merge? You mean to the end!”
More importantly, Stevie convinced Taj to take the idol out of her bag and put it in the back of his pants, where it belongs.
JT concluded by saying: “Taj just put herself, me and Stephen in a really tight alliance. It doesn’t make me uncomfortable that I found the idol before Taj showed it to me. It took her a little while to come around but she was honest. Stephen has been very honest with me and I feel I can trust Stephen all the way. I just hope I’m not wrong.”
(Well, JT, how can we break this to you gently?)

There was no time for that because we were once again sent to a challenge without any mail.

The Immunity Challenge

We are shown slingshots and towers from which bags were hanging. How much do want to bet that there are puzzle pieces in the bags?

Jeff said: “Come on in guys” and the recruits assembled in order with Erinn and Joe returning from Exile Island. After retrieving “Shorty” from Sierra and putting him back up for grabs, Jeff explained that the slingshots would serve to break a tile, releasing sand from a tower. The emptying sand will cause the next tile to be revealed and will release a bag containing… wait for it; puzzle pieces!! Once all three bags have been collected, two members of the tribe will use the pieces to solve the puzzle. Keeping up the charade, Jeff led them to believe that the members of the winning team would be guaranteed a one in ten shot at winning the million bucks. Losers would have a date at tribal council where somebody would be voted out.

Debbie, not sure if she had a shot at winning this game, decided that she wouldn’t help Timbits win the challenge.
In fact, many players sat out that challenge:
Coach, still hoping for the job of cook, did what he does best; he just stood there.
Sierra, probably not caring one way or the other, also just looked on.
Taj, thinking about her booming fake idol business, felt no need to compete.
Sydney, busy dreaming about her boyfriend, was wishing for a trip home.

That left only Tyson to use the slingshot for Timbits while Brendan and Erinn prepared for the puzzle.
JT, the man who didn’t mind sharing his boxers, didn’t want anyone else but him to use the slingshot. Stephen and Joe (Joe? Really??) were going to do the puzzle.

Tyson quickly got the first bag and continued shooting. JT soon got the proper aim and started making his comeback, getting his second bag before Tyson. His last tile was only partially revealed and he could only aim for a small portion of it. Tyson was first to get the third bag and mocked JT by offering his help.

Erinn and Brendan quickly went to work on the puzzle and never gave up their lead. Erinn jumped in Brendan’s arms while a broken-hearted Joe looked away and JT took the blame for the loss.

Interviewed by Jeff immediately after the win, Coach could have used a hundred clichés to say how it felt:
- It’s still a long season.
- They played a great game and they can still come back
- We can’t be thinking further ahead than the next game
- The next win will be even harder to get
- I’m proud of my team but our opponents haven’t said their last word
But no! Not this Coach! He boasted in front of Jalapeno: “It’s incredible. This was just so pivotal, this win, because it just gives us control of this game.”

When Jeff told them that they would be going to Tribal Council, Sydney gave us her thoughts: “I’ve been told by Joe that I am safer than Taj but, no one is safe at this point and this game sucks.”

Somebody must have turned a wheel or something because the Highland suddenly flashed-forward to Day 18.

JT was still feeling sorry for the loss but Stephen was comforting him by saying he always gives his best. Joe started to talk about the pain in his leg, probably trying to find a way to get out of this game without being called a quitter. You don’t get severance pay when you quit and CBS wouldn’t have to pay for medical.

Still trying to be like nurse Cirie, Taj looked at the wound, and gave us her “expert” opinion: “Your leg looks bad. It’s red all the way down from the knee to the ankle.”

That cut really looked more infected than Jonathan’s knee or James’ finger but, proof of hard economics times, the doctor wasn’t called in. With the vultures we’ve seen flying around, I’m thinking Burnett would let them rot out there.

Stephen asked Joe about his trip to exile with Erinn: “Did you get anything from her?”
Joe had to admit: “I tried to charm her but nothing. It was a long two days.”
Taj was biting her lips, trying not to laugh. That became harder when, saying he wanted to get some water, Joe raced over to the tree mail location.

Joe, still not realizing that it was too easy, said: “I got the idol in 10 seconds. I was stoked, it was pure relief. Now, I think I have a great shot at extra time in this game.”

Later, with Taj out of camp, Joe tried to get everyone to vote her out.
Sydney was resigned: “Tonight, they are all voting for Taj. Joe made sure they were all on the same page, that he won’t let me be free and that’s that. I think Taj knows something’s up but she is not someone to stab people behind their back or to talk crap just before leaving for Tribal Council. I don’t think I have a chance of getting out of here.”

Taj saw it differently: “I have JT and Stephen’s trust plus I have the idol. I believe everything will work out in Sydney’s favor and she will be going home tonight.”

JT was still miserable as he talked to Stephen: “It’s gonna make it really hard for us to pull anything off after the merge.”
Stephen replied: “That’s why we need Taj around.”
“So, we should send Sydney home… Joe is gonna want to know why it was Sydney and not Taj.”

Stephen knew that it would be a hard task. He waited to be in the lake with Joe to tell him: “I know you would like to be with Sydney but like, you don’t mean anything to her right now. Going into the merge, we need to make inroads over there and I think Taj is really close to Sierra and maybe she could fix you up.”

Joe told us: “JT and Stephen had this crazy look in their eyes about keeping Taj. They start talking about all these crazy plans that could happen for me but look at Sydney, standing there half naked, I just can’t let her go; I can’t be on board with this. I want Sydney to make it to the merge and I want to honor that. If they don’t give me consideration, I might give the idol to Sydney just to prove my point.”

Clouds gathered and a whole nest of spiders got disturbed. Something big was about to happen, or so Burnett wanted us to think.

JT and Stephen were still not sure what to do.
JT said: “If we try to vote Taj out tonight, she could use her idol. If we get rid of her, the idol’s gone too.”
Stephen replied: “That’s not true.”
JT realized: “She gave it to you, didn’t she?”
Stephen nodded and both guys smiled at the possibility.
“It’s technically mine” said Stephen.

JT told us: “Taj feels confident right now because she has a strong alliance. But the idol is in Steven’s and my possession already. We could vote Taj out and still have the idol. I don’t know what I’m doing; I’ll probably decide when I get there. It’s terrible, I’m going to hell.”

Tribal Council

Asked about the state of affairs at Jalapao, JT said: “If you knew how to count, you’d know that things are pretty bad for Jalapao.”
Joe “I would say the vote tonight is based on lust. I want to have somebody I can share with.
Taj was asked about spending so much time on exile island. She said: “It’s not that they don’t trust me it’s just the situations I’ve been in are distrustful. I’ve been on Exile with Sierra and Brendan so I think I could probably talk them into flipping over to our side”
Jeff noted to JT that Taj made relationships but he hadn’t.
JT “She could always fall in with them and start another alliance and we’d still be sitting ducks.”
Sydney “I definitely bring loyalty to these people”
Jeff said that Sydney was the opposite of Taj.
Sydney replied: “Well Duh!”
JT had the last word: “I got to make a decision to send someone home. It’s a terrible situation for me to be in right now.”

The tribe went to vote.
After Jeff went to collect the votes, he asked if anyone wanted to play the hidden immunity idol. Joe didn’t hand his “idol” to prove his love to Sydney and try to force her to stay.

Jeff read the votes and said: “We are tied; 2 votes Taj, 2 votes Sydney.
The sixth person voted out… Sydney. You need to bring me your torch.”

Sydney stood up, watched her torch get snuffed out and was told to report for duty to the Bar & Grill immediately. That’s why you saw her walk so slowly out of the council area.
Her real final words were: “I’m pissed. I was voted off and I thought I was going home but apparently it’s in my contract that I have to go serve drinks to slobs in a bar. I feel very unlucky.”

So, next week we merge and the Bar & Grill is fully staffed. Is JT a sitting duck? Will Timbits stick together? Will you care?

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Belle Book 3556 desperate attention whore postings
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04-05-09, 10:34 AM (EST)
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1. "RE: Survivor Tocantins Official RTVW Summary - Episode 6: Jobless, Clueless and No One to Love"
Heh! I like the Bar & Grill! Too bad Sydney had to stay to help. It might've been better for her to go home to her boyfriend. But if they need help, well she's got to stay.

Anyway, fine job Michel!

Belle Book

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suzzee 4956 desperate attention whore postings
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04-05-09, 03:50 PM (EST)
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2. "RE: Survivor Tocantins Official RTVW Summary - Episode 6: Jobless, Clueless and No One to Love"
I think you've been hacking into Burnett's email account. You seem to have all the goods on those two.

Only Coach could burn beans in a downpour, he is a legend all right.

I'm assuming that Coach was eating the beans with everyone else rather then letting his cook until they were to his liking. I'm seeing him on Hell's Kitchen next season. His specialty: Charred beans with a side of ego. yummy!

Joe said: “Come on, Sydney, you’re the man, you’re the man” Poor Joe, he's hallucinating from the infection in his leg.

Coach, being the nice guy that he is, said: “A small part of me feels guilty that Erinn is not here but, in my opinion, she’s lucky to still be in this game. These people in the tribe, these are the people that I would pick to be enjoying this.”

Can editing possibly make this guy more revolting? I hope he has a very painful elimination and soon.

Made me laugh: The Taj & Steve exchange about his idol parts I have feathers, I have some leather straps…” It's much funnier then the actual show. Good one

I don't know about anyone else but when Tyson offered to help JT break the tiles I thought I'd fall off my chair laughing. Tyson is such a smart a$$ that I hope he stays awhile, he is hilarious.

And Joe is fast becoming Coach the second with this quote after he found Taj's idol Now, I think I have a great shot at extra time in this game.” I heard the death gong ring on that one. The only shot in his future is penicillin.

The smiles were wiped off my face with that shot of the huge ball of spiders, that was the single most creepy thing I've seen on Survivor, Coach included. (I really don't like spiders {{shudder}})

Sweet summary Michel, I always enjoy your work.

Grrrr It's best to play dead when sock puppets attack

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Aruba 1891 desperate attention whore postings
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04-05-09, 05:31 PM (EST)
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3. "RE: Survivor Tocantins Official RTVW Summary - Episode 6: Jobless, Clueless and No One to Love"
OK, time to take off the boxing gloves and give credit where credit is due. This has got to be one of the most thought-provoked Summaries I ever read. OUTSTANDNG JOB, Michel.

Hard to pick my favorite part but the two I really liked are Tyson's aspiriation to be a porn star (unless the blur is bigger than need be) and JT as the toothless hockey player from Alabama. LMAO!

Now I've got to put on one glove and give a quick jab...being you love to come to Erinn's defense could you PLEEEEASE tell me why in the world she would make a point of wearing her glasses when spinning on an oversized pottery wheel????

Once again, stellar job!

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PsychoKitty 678 desperate attention whore postings
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04-05-09, 07:46 PM (EST)
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4. "RE: Survivor Tocantins Official RTVW Summary - Episode 6: Jobless, Clueless and No One to Love"
Dear Michel,

Wonderful! Educational, hilarious and a LOT of hard work! Thank you for all your effort and great images, etc. – I just LOVED it! What a Great Spin with the economy and budget crisis and a need for bartenders and cute girls with boobs – oh yeah, waitresses! Downright hysterical!

And all of your dialogue was right on! Though I had to laugh that you didn’t have to ad lib at all during “the bean conversation!” Unfortunately the players gave you those exact words. . .

Stellar job! You actually made me curious enough to go to SeeBeeSSS and look up the contestants to see what their real life careers are (and you’re right – Sydney wants to marry her boyfriend!)

And a thought was provoked too I hadn’t had before. . .when JR found the idol in the fishing bag, why did he assume that, “Apparently Taj found the idol”? Stephen had been to Exile too . . and then I thought – because only Taj would have been stupid enough to store it there!!!!

And why did Stephen bring feathers and leather to Survivor? Does he have a fetish we should know about?. . . you raised ALL KINDS OF QUESTIONS!!!

An Absolute Joy, Michel!!! Thank you!

Not that I have an opinion one way or another ;)
Signature by tribephyl

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CTgirl 7073 desperate attention whore postings
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04-05-09, 10:11 PM (EST)
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5. "RE: Survivor Tocantins Official RTVW Summary - Episode 6: Jobless, Clueless and No One to Love"
Thanks for filling the TAR void tonight with such an entertaining summary!

I loved your recap story and gifs! And I cracked up every time you made fun of Joe. What material he gave you!

LOL at the Mole and Lost references too. Great job michel!

Burnett's Bar & Grill

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mindy23 1319 desperate attention whore postings
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04-06-09, 08:57 AM (EST)
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6. "RE: Survivor Tocantins Official RTVW Summary - Episode 6: Jobless, Clueless and No One to Love"
Great recap! Fun, funny, and very resourceful!! I haven't had such a good laugh in a while-thanks!

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michel 10812 desperate attention whore postings
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04-12-09, 08:46 PM (EST)
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7. "RE: Survivor Tocantins Official RTVW Summary - Episode 6: Jobless, Clueless and No One to Love"
I want to thank everyone who took the time to read my ramblings. I always enjoy writing these, combining the absurdity of the players with the absurdity that pops up watching them.

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strid333 2928 desperate attention whore postings
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04-14-09, 08:45 PM (EST)
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8. "RE: Survivor Tocantins Official RTVW Summary - Episode 6: Jobless, Clueless and No One to Love"
Very good summary!

Three is the perfect number.

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samboohoo 17075 desperate attention whore postings
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04-21-09, 02:50 PM (EST)
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9. "RE: Survivor Tocantins Official RTVW Summary - Episode 6: Jobless, Clueless and No One to Love"
Great job Michel. Loved all of the visuals. Well, loved your use of the visuals. Agrees with Burnett's eyes about Sandy.

I was totally thinking about the Mole when you got to the pigs as well.


Samboobree, brought to life by Arkie

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