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"My recap of week 3 - just for giggles"
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ajglitch 52 desperate attention whore postings
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03-04-09, 10:11 AM (EST)
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"My recap of week 3 - just for giggles"
*Cues the Go – Go’s retro music “Head over Heels”*

The show opens with Erinn backpedalling to her tribe that has just ousted another amply blessed female, Candace, who she has spent the last few days aligning with. No one believes her of course and she spends her remaining screen time fretting over how she will be able to get back into the tribe’s good graces while Sierra realizes she can finally breath again as she is no longer target numero uno!!

Meanwhile back at Jalapao everyone is happy and trying to figure out how to further demoralize the Timbara tribe at the next challenge.

Challenge for reward! Lets call this one blind leading the blind shall we?

*Cues "Here it goes again" by Ok Go"

So, pick a tribe mate to scream out directions to other tribe mates who are tied two by two and blindfolded and trying to navigate a maze to: 1 – find buckets 2 – find the water tower 3 – fill buckets 4 re-navigate maze 5 pour water into another bucket and set off weight balance to raise a flag. If that isn’t enough there is a lovely “rinse and repeat” element to this game. Repeat 1, change 2 to “corn tower” repeat 3,4,5. The only thing that would have made this challenge more fun would have been to add a "fire" element to it in which they must prepare a corn mash with the winner getting to keep the product of their efforts.

So, lets just say that once Timbara hasn’t a clue in a carload, Debra has a screechy voice that obviously registers in a range that most of her tribe mates cannot hear and they wander aimlessly around waiting for Jalapao to win.

* Cues "Four to the Floor" by Starsailor*

Exile Island = Taj (again) and Brendan (again) nothing changes except they decide to expand their little alliance to four which would require Brendan drawing in Sierra and Taj reeling in Stephen.

*Cues "Play the Game" by Queen*

Back to the tribes, Jerry complains his stomach hurts and Erinn displays an evil grin which is her response to the faint trickle of hope that she may be safe from boot due to Jerry’s apparent ailment. Coach hates her. Coach hates everyone not Coach. Tyson encourages Jerry to be strong. Debra encourages Jerry to eat the disgusting beans. Jerry smiles and politely declines and admits to the camera that a “cheeseburger” would fix him right up.

*Cues up “Island in the Sun” Weezer*

Immunity challenge time. Big blocks, with writing on all sides, properly aligned will serve two purposes. 1- spell out the tribe name reading left to right bottom to top. 2 – provide a staircase to the winner’s victory platform. Tres simple n’est pas?

The ants go racing two by two down a football field length area to begin rolling the boxes (did I mention they are huge?”) toward the platform area. Over the line and the next ants may scurry to get another. Dusty and tiring work by the look of it. Once they get all the boxes over line the building begins and one would think that anyone who has played with building blocks as a child should be able to sort this out quickly.

Timbara has the lead on the building stage however as there are no Army Ants in the group leadership is waning quickly. Evil Erinn starts screaming “this one this one” and no one listens. Tyson looks at Coach, Coach looks at Tyson, Jerry holds his stomach, Brendan looks around, Debra looks at Erin. Jalapao continues to work like a smoothly oiled Air Force Team of ants, industrious, organized and relentless. Debra finally yells at Coach “this one this one” which was the one that Evil Erinn was chirping about and the ants begin to move once again. Alas, momentum is lost and Jalapao does a typical survivor victory dance atop the platform before Timbara realizes the jig is up and they have lost .. again! Coach’s head explodes, Erinn looks evil, Debra slumps, Brendan looks around and Jerry moans “I’m done I’m done”. (little foretelling here?”)

*Cues "Tell me Lies" by Fleetwood Mac*

Anyhow no sense going into the Timbara camp discussion because the producers edit it to make it look like it is going to be someone other than Jerry (Erinn) when in reality it's Jerry. Funny thing, Jerry was the only one who appeared to not know this but then again that is most likely editting.

Jalapao camp? They are busy little ants trying to figure out how to use a fishing net. Hmmm - so if we throw it over the fish we'll catch them? Apparently there are no commercial fishermen/women on the team but after many casts they manage to round up some bait which JT promptly puts to use and wrangles up the tribe some "whoppers" to which the hungry ants immediately pounce on. After eating they return to their discussions of how to further demoralize the Timbara team never once beginning to wonder as to the fate of their own tribe. We all know what happens when one team always loses ... tribal shakeup!!!

*Cues "Don't you want me baby" by the Human League"

The discouraged ants limp into the TC area and begin their sacrificial ritual.

Tribal council the question is asked “Who should be the leader in this tribe” and the responses are:

Coach – me
Erinn – anyone but Coach
Sierra – Brendan, cause I have a secret alliance with him and shared my idol clue with him.
Brendan – looks around
Debra – thinks about the new lake front property she bought in Ohio.
Jerry – moans and smiles
Tyson – thinks evil thoughts about crushing people’s dreams
Coach – it should be me
Erinn - exercises her eye muscles with a set of "rolling reps"

At the end, Jerry is sacrificed to the mighty ant god and leaves to get a cheeseburger some pepto to wash it down with. Erinn smiles an even eviler grin (as if it were possible) and we are left pondering Coach’s fate as the "non-acknowledged or wanted" leader of Timbara.

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Dakota 5643 desperate attention whore postings
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03-06-09, 02:10 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: My recap of week 3 - just for giggles"
>“corn tower” repeat 3,4,5. The
>only thing that would have
>made this challenge more fun
>would have been to add
>a "fire" element to it
>in which they must prepare
>a corn mash with the
>winner getting to keep the
>product of their efforts.

mmmmm, grilled polenta with tomatoes, onions, jalapenos and some melted jack cheese.

>they wander aimlessly
>around waiting for Jalapao to

>Evil Erinn starts
>screaming “this one this one”
>and no one listens. Tyson
>looks at Coach, Coach looks
>at Tyson, Jerry holds his
>stomach, Brendan looks around, Debra
>looks at Erin. Jalapao
>continues to work like a
>smoothly oiled Air Force Team
>of ants, industrious, organized and

>The discouraged ants limp into the
>TC area and begin their
>sacrificial ritual.
>Tribal council the question is asked
>“Who should be the leader
>in this tribe” and the
>responses are:
>Coach – me
>Erinn – anyone but Coach
>Sierra – Brendan, cause I have
>a secret alliance with him
>and shared my idol clue
>with him.
>Brendan – looks around
>Debra – thinks about the new
>lake front property she bought
>in Ohio.
>Jerry – moans and smiles
>Tyson – thinks evil thoughts about
>crushing people’s dreams
>Coach – it should be me
>Erinn - exercises her eye muscles
>with a set of "rolling

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